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U Brands Mesh Steel Desktop Hanging File Holder, Letter Size, 12.4
Sturdy mesh steel metal desktop file construction will withstand ongoing daily useKeep your files organized on top of your desk or mount on the wall to free up space on your desk (hardware not included)Holds 8.5" x 11'' hanging file folders (not included)Mesh metal hanging file organizer measures 9.37" H, 12.2" W, 6.85" DU Brands mesh desk accessories add a modern touch to any office or home desktop
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2 Reddit comments about U Brands Mesh Steel Desktop Hanging File Holder, Letter Size, 12.4" x 9.53" x 5.5", Black - 457U00-06:

u/omgitskedwards · 2 pointsr/Teachers

I also use one of these Thirty One bags and they are amazing! I decided to buy this instead of the Thirty One insert because after awhile, the edges on the fabric one started to fold over and the hanging folders wouldn't stay. I just slid the metal organizer into the fabric one instead of tossing it to get the pen storage :P I got a lot of use out of it when I was moving classrooms last year. I never needed to worry about not having work for absent kids, having graded work, or copies for the day. I have my own classroom this year, so I'm trying out just a simple backpack, but the three days we had last week, I found myself really missing it!

u/TootsNYC · 1 pointr/organization

You can put paper or fabric (using liquid starch) on the glass to block that. You could pick a white to match the paint of the cabinets and have a single color.

you've done a pretty good job container-izing, which is one tactic to introduce visual calm. You might tackle that again, and maybe get taller ones that stretch all the way back, especially because there are items you don't use often, I bet. and if it's taller, you can stack stuff in it without it falling over.I kind of like these desktop hanging-file holders. They are tall and narrow, and you can set them end-in on the shelf. It helps you get to the stuff in the back.

And you can pile stuff in them, or they can hold tall things (like oils and vinegars)

Iris makes them in black & frosted (Target, among other places, sells them; there are 7.8" wide and 5.9" wide); there are metal mesh ones (that would let you see what's in them but sort of "haze over" the jumbled look. And clear plastic ones. And ones w/ big holes in the side.You could decide if you want to cover the ends of them with the same wallpaper, fabric, whatever, from the opposite side. And if you went with an opaque treatment (or even with mesh), you could spiff it up with labels that are all the same style.

The problem with those is that for the finished unit to look its best, you need to get a lot that are all identical. If you go w/ the Iris frosted ones, they're easy to get in a big box at Amazon.

You also don't have to set EVERYTHING in the containers you choose; you can have most stuff containerized and the most frequently used things loose on the shelf; it'll look fine.


The other thing I've done, even over my head, is to use those desktop chests of shallow plastic drawers. I find it easy enough to push in on the side of the drawer to pull the whole thing out and look in it, even when it's way up in the air. That might work for all the meds; and then you could have three layers and take advantage of some height, and lessen their footprint. (also, you might consider how to have an easy-to-push-with-your-foot stepstool in there)

Sterilite makes those kinds of desktop drawer chests.

And they can have the wallpaper/contact paper treatment to unify them.


It looks like you do most of your actual cooking under the open shelves, so I personally wouldn't switch them around, even though the food is the messier-looking stuff. I value logistical efficiency over aesthetics.

But you could switch SOME of the dishes with SOME of the ingredients. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.