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Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Page Protector for Standard Size Cards (25-Count)
25-Count Ultra PRO Silver Series Pages in Nine-Pocket style.Holds standard sized cards with 2-1/2" X 3-1/2" dimensions or smaller.Archival quality pages that are Acid-Free and no PVC. Toploading.High clarity, light-weight material, and UV Protection. Pre-punched 3-holesEach page has a Hologram quality seal on the spine. Made in the USA.
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31 Reddit comments about Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series Page Protector for Standard Size Cards (25-Count):

u/FizzyDragon · 15 pointsr/Parenting

I keep all my DS and 3DS games loose in a small box (actually it's an old Pokémon card collector tin).

Never had any game break because of this. It's ok if they rattle around a little as long as the container is clean (not dusty or full
of sand or something)

I read you have more than one kid using the games. I'd take all the cartridges out of the cases, get a binder with some of the 9-card sheet clear protectors and stick a cart in each card slot. Then they don't have to be in any particular order because kids will be able to just turn the pages and see all the labels easily.

Getting punished for this sounds ridiculous to me, my parents gave us games, back the the original gameboy days, and it was on us to keep them sorted and safe and our fault if they got lost.

Edit: mobile spelling

u/SexiasMaximus · 14 pointsr/magicTCG

Let's start with the big picture. You're going to want somewhere to keep your cards.

For the ones at home, something like this should do just fine. It keeps things mostly organized, is rather inexpensive, and will last. You can make inserts to help subdivide more if needed.

Next, you're going to want something to carry your cards in for the go. Many people just use backpacks or messenger bags, but there are [specialty bags] ( that you can purchase as well.

To keep you decks organized and protected while in the bag, [deck boxes] ( are the way to go. They make things nice and modular and will protect your cards even if you just have a normal backpack.

For your trades, if you go that route, a [binder] ( and some [sleeve pages] ( should do fine.

Finally, your decks. Sleeves! Sleeves! Sleeves! and Sleeves! The cards in your decks are going to see the most use so you're going to want to protect them the best. I've found that [Dragon Shield] ( and [Ultra Pro] ( sleeves are excellent for their value and use them on several of my decks. Cards in your deck are often your most powerful and you're going to want to keep them in the best shape possible.

Many people, myself included, will argue for getting a [Play Mat] ( so that you sleeves won't get torn up as much and will last longer, but it's not absolutely essential.

Oh! I forgot dice! My group have found that dice are the easiest way to keep track of things like life totals, counters, and about everything else you need a number for. Having your own are absolutely essential, there's always someone you can borrow from, but they're a great thing to have around.

edit One thing I want to point out is that everything there can be customized to fit your particular style, so have fun! The way you carry and present your cards says as much about you as the cards themselves!

u/daniedoo247 · 13 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'm on mobile, so forgive the utter lack of formatting. I was looking for a zipper, three ring binder, a spot of graph paper pads, and big enough pockets so I didn't have to squeeze things in and out. See below for what I got.

The portfolio: K.DESIGNS- Zippered Leather...

The sleeves:
Full page: 200-Pack Standard (Not Economy)...
Half page: BCW 2-Pocket Clear Protective...
Trading card page: Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Silver Series...

u/PWH187 · 6 pointsr/GameboyAdvance

Well it won't work for the manuals but I keep mine in a binder using the trading card sleeves. You can fit 2 per slot, or 18 per page.

Edit: You can also fit one GB/GBC cart per slot if you have any of those to store as well.

u/rememberese · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Our campaign uses these: printed on cardstock and then fitted into plastic card collector's pages. We have bought many packages of these: and fit them in 3-ring binders.

I play a bard, we have a cleric, and a ranger and they all serve really well. Sometimes the website doesn't have some of the spells, but there is a template to type up your own afaik.

u/RattyJackOLantern · 5 pointsr/rpg

If you're wanting to make a bunch you could just print them out. I like Wyloch's Method for paper minis (using binder clips for the base as OP does above) which makes them pretty durable, though probably not as durable as OP's. You can store/transport them in a binder with trading card binder pages like this

There are also a lot simpler/quicker print'n play methods you can make or buy as well but generally not as durable.

u/leiaorganza · 4 pointsr/CrossStitch

I'm a total novice but I keep my thread in baseball card holders - basically segmented page protectors [like these.] (

u/DanniDorrito · 3 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

Amazon have them but sadly the prices aren't great. I've came across the same problem as you're having too. For now I've ordered a 3-ring binder along with pocket pages and also some sleeves. The sleeves and pocket pages arrived a couple of days ago and the sleeves fit perfectly into the pocket pages. I'm still waiting on the binder but I'm looking forward to it. Least this'll keep my cards safe until I get my hands on albums.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

u/mene3381 · 3 pointsr/HotPeppers

Baseball car sleeves:


These and any old binder will do! I just germinated 3 year old seeds with a high success rate that were stored in this way. Just gotta make sure they're totally dry before storing

u/hereforthepoints · 3 pointsr/churning

I bought a binder and filled with trading card sleeves (

Wrap the receipt around the card. Just in case.

u/Jokers247 · 3 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Do you own everything?

I use the Plano tackle box, DVD case, and Card binder storage solution and it works really well.

so another user posted this except for he linked the wrong storage box. Ill link the storage box that would work for it all. If you paint minis then i would suggest possibly felt/foam lining the plano storage boxes. This really is a great way to store the game.
Pie in the sky way to store everything: For map tiles: AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Wallet (128 Capacity)
For command cards/character and imperial decks: BCW PRO 16-POCKET PAGE - TOPLOAD - (20 CT. PACK) FOR X-WING AND ARMADA UPGRADES
For agenda cards and mission cards: Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Page Protectors
Putting them in a binder lets you more easily find a specific card they fit in these sheets even with card sleeves. I bought a nice binder that has slip sleeves in it so that I can store all the rules and skirmish/mission pamphlets along with the sleeved card sheets.The CD case holds any tile 4 spaces wide I keep the larger tiles separate and was able to fit every expansion in the CD case.
For the minis and everything else: Plano Angled Tackle System 732

u/SCAposting · 2 pointsr/kpophelp

Yes! I use ultra pro pages from Amazon.

u/Tigeri102 · 2 pointsr/DnD

i would start by advising some QoL adjustments to his spell sheet - i myself, ESPECIALLY for classes like clerics which have their full spell list, like to color-code things that i can do on a bonus action and/or that take concentration, and ofc mark off anything that's domain, from a feat, from a race, etc so i don't confuse myself when prepping my shit. that on its own can clear up a lot. if i, say, use my action to toll the dead, i'll take a quick scan through my spell sheet, look for the blue dots i used to mark off bonus actions, and maybe throw out a healing word or spiritual weapon. it can also help to make an additional, filtered list of actions, bonus actions, etc that you use commonly - going through your entire spell sheet and character sheet can be overwhelming, so having a condensed list of everything you use frequently in one place can be handy.

i also went ahead and invested in spell cards and card pages to keep them in - having them as a quick reference is handy, i just keep them in the same binder i keep my sheets in and flip to them when i need to make some decisions.

i will say, the main thing that keeps my cleric so busy in combat is his personality. he's VERY protective, always concerned about his party members, so when i play him in combat, i'm usually trying frantically to make the most of my turn to that effect. i'll use sanctuary on the utility-focused bard and use my movement to get in front of everyone to take hits, or healing word the barbarian while using my action to pry the monk out of a monster's grip, to use some examples from my last session. obviously that kind of thing is gonna differ from character to character, but he could try, if he hasn't already, thinking about what specifically his character wants to accomplish in the average combat, and from there, think every turn about how to best use the tools available to achieve that goal.

u/Zaccea · 2 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

I currently have mine in a Nyan Cat deck box that I picked up years ago during a Friday Night Magic. Of course, I have more cards than the box can hold now lol! So I ordered a customized binder and I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail this week!

Once it gets here I'm planning on using the Ultra Pro binder pages and sorting them.. somehow! I was thinking of doing it numerically, but it would be easier to find a specific card if they were sorted alphabetically.

It's too bad I'm not interested in the Welcome Amiibo series because the sideways cards would fit my side loading deck box perfectly..

u/BigBoss928 · 2 pointsr/XWingTMG

I have been having the same issue trying to figure out how I want to store all my dials and tiles. I have noticed that if you want to do binders that the small base tiles fit into the old 1.0 Mini upgrade card sized pages, the medium fit into the Normal card sized pages and the large bases fit into the 4 Slot sheets. In terms of dials I have been reading that people have been using These sheets. I have been on the fence about using binders for these, but I already have a box of 100 mini upgrade sheets from 1.0 that I still have like 80% of because I bought it before 2.0 was announced thinking I would need them. I was considering doing card and coin boxes for them. I know Coin boxes are popular as well for dials and small bases, but for the medium and large I don't really have a solution to those right now. I know I can fit the large into Card boxes, but I don't know if there is a better solution for medium bases.

u/JoshGiff · 2 pointsr/ImperialAssaultTMG

Mixing all the cards together isn't an issue the core cards have the stormtrooper annotation on the bottom right of the card. Shouldn't matter mixing them in. Just make sure you don't mix them in mid campaign (unless everyone is cool with that).

Pie in the sky way to store everything: For map tiles: AmazonBasics Nylon CD/DVD Wallet (128 Capacity)

For command cards/character and imperial decks: BCW PRO 16-POCKET PAGE - TOPLOAD - (20 CT. PACK) FOR X-WING AND ARMADA UPGRADES

For agenda cards and mission cards: Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Page Protectors

Putting them in a binder lets you more easily find a specific card they fit in these sheets even with card sleeves. The CD case holds any tile 4 spaces wide I keep the larger tiles separate and was able to fit every expansion in the CD case.

For the minis and everything else: Plano Angled Tackle System
Fits everything that has come out except for the AT-STs and Rancor. I bought pluck foam and made an insert for the core box to store them separately.

u/cstansbury · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

> I'm wondering how I should organize, store, and use my cards.

For me, I went with BCW boxes for commons and uncommons, sorted by set, then color. UltraPro page protectors for 3 ring binder for my rares, foils, and mythics.

The Professor has a video on how to store your M:tG cards.

u/ChromeEagle · 2 pointsr/dndnext
u/kbergstr · 2 pointsr/bladesinthedark

Use sports card album pages like these- just staple them on

u/sgol · 1 pointr/boardgames

I’ve had success with these , fitting up to 13 in a single slot, sleeved.

Needed two of these to carry them all.

u/tallsmartman · 1 pointr/DnD

As a wizard player, I use this and a 3 ring binder. I have my cantrips on the first page, and my prepared spells on the next 2. It's super convenient.

u/asdjklghty · 1 pointr/pkmntcg

Here is a post I made earlier about getting into the game.

>To give you an idea on deck building, here are some information that you will find helpful.



>Now, I will also give you some important information what stuff you need to play your deck.

>Purchasing cards

>For purchasing cards, I recommend buying a booster box and an elite trainer box for each new set that comes out then purchase singles. An elite trainer box also gives 5 of each Energy type and burn and poison markers as well as nice dice! One for flipping and the others for keeping track of damage They're made of acrylic, not cheaper cardboard that come with preconstructed decks.


>Also, I can't stress this enough but, you need sleeves. I recommend Ultra Pro Matte Sleeves. You would need 66mmx91 mm ones to fit Pokemon cards.


>You can never have enough sleeves. Extras are used to replace ones that look worn out. If you play with worn sleeves (marked) you can get in trouble.


>Another important thing is a play mat. I really don't like seeing players struggle to scoop up cards on the table instead of a mat; damaging their sleeves in the process!


>Deck Boxes

>Get a couple deck boxes. I prefer boxes that match the colour of my sleeves. These tower ones are the ones I use. They store a lot of cards and you don't need dice bags to store your dice!



>Lastly, you need dice. They are used in place of damage counters and coin flipping. For coin flipping die (in competitive play we use them instead of coins), you need a clear one. The rules state you need to.



>Storing cards

>I store cards in a mix of binders and boxes. For binders, you either can use these or try to save some money and get these and these

>For boxes to store non-EXs, secret rares and Trainers, I use [these[(

>You also can use cardboard boxes for cheap here but I don't like them because they aren't secure.

>You can always check out other sites for the same or similar items.

u/itsok_imapirate · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfPolish

Using trading card sheets, I was finally able to organize my stamping plates. They hold the small standard round plates with room to spare, they will even hold some of my larger plates! I found that buying these and sticking them in a binder was way more cost effective than buying those little Pueen holders.

Edit: these are the card holders I used

u/AbysmalVixen · 1 pointr/dndnext

I’d say a folder for the ones that will fit. For the smaller ones you could do some [Binder Pocket Protectors] ( and have them easily accessed and separated in a binder. For the ones that are huge, I have no idea as I’m sure you don’t want to fold them up

u/AmiiboPuff · 1 pointr/amiibo

If you don't care about the outside design, any basic binder should work with your basic trading/collectible card binder sheets. Like these for example.

Any retailer or hobby shop that carry Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh!/Pokemon/MLP or Baseball cards should have them in stock as well.

u/Keokothelesser · 1 pointr/FinalFantasyTCG

I just use a 4 or 3 ringed binder and use these

I back to back cards, so you get essentially 6 different cards per insert. I also use the ultra pro soft sleeves when in folder.

I just have them in serial order. 1 folder for Opus 1, 1 folder for Opus 2 etc

u/motionmatrix · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

I use this binder. It has pockets that can handle all the paperwork, manuals, character sheets, etc.

I use these for the small map pieces They go in the binder.

I use these for larger map pieces. They also go in the binder.

All dice, tokens, and cards go in this box.

I ordered the box inserts for all the boxes from these guys. That covers all the minis except for the largest stuff (AT-STs), which got a case from them instead.

u/floralcode · 1 pointr/AnimalCrossing

I... just have them all in a pile that I move around. Right now it's on my nightstand! Can't you just get a sleeve like this and put it in a binder? You could even get dividers to organize the series/etc. I kind of want to do this, but I don't want to give myself an excuse to buy more amiibo cards!

u/Laterallus · 1 pointr/DnD

I use the spell cards, plus a binder that contains these card sheets. They are in order of the spell level, then alphabetized.

In the front of said binder, I keep another few pages with my cantrips, spells given to me by the Domain, and the spells I've chosen for the day. These pages are separated by a page divider for easy flipping.

On a separate sheet of paper, in or out of the binder, contains my play session's notes. in these notes will be tallies of how many times I've used my CD, spells slots, and other abilities. It sounds like a lot, but once you're done setting up you'll never really lose track of your spell counts, etc., so long as you aren't too drunk.