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u/kennyminot · 1 pointr/Fitness

Totally agreed. There are some tricks, though - skipping breakfast is a bad plan (it decreases your metabolism throughout the day), eating protein and "good" fats keeps you more satisfied at the end of a meal, and so on. If you're interested in nutrition, you should get a good book that will teach you the basics. I have a soft spot for [Ultraprevention] (, but there's lots of other good ones on the market. You can probably figure calories out through trial and error. 1600-1800 calories/week is probably a good starting point. Keep in mind that you're growing, so you might need a little more than us old folk. If within a couple weeks, you're still not seeing results, just push it downwards. If, on the other hand, you're still feeling lethargic and nasty, you might consider nudging it upwards. There isn't any magic method for figuring out how many calories you need to lose weight. Some people need less than average people, and some need more. It depends on your muscle mass, body fat, metabolism, and a host of other factors.

u/Life-in-Death · 1 pointr/medical

Hey, it is obvious you have systemic issues of inflammation, possibly autoimmune.

Do everything your doctors say, but ALSO, you can do TONS with diet.

Of course do the natural anti-inflammatories: turmeric (with black pepper), Omega-3 oils (I use flax like melted butter and get algae oil-- that is where fish get their omega-3s), low on saturated fats, animal proteins, fried foods, refined grains and sugar.

If you can swing it I would do a four week trial diet.

Some amazing resources are: (This is pretty extreme but use it as a "aspirational guide" (There is a chapter on inflammation)

I would definitely watch the Forks over Knives movie!

Basically a whole foods, plant-based diet is what you are aspiring for. See how you feel on it.

I have been on the diet for 15 years, completely recovered from an "incurable" illness. And am about to enjoy delicious "mac and cheese" made from cauliflower over whole grain pasta.