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Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil, Gun Metallic (M510171P.43)
Lead rotating technology Mechanical pen, Kuru TogaRoulette M510171P.43For 0.5mm leadGun Metallic body
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43 Reddit comments about Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil, Gun Metallic (M510171P.43):

u/G33Kinator · 28 pointsr/AskEngineers

Oh man, nobody's mentioned the rOtring 600 yet?! It's the love of my life. I had a Uni Kuru Toga 0.5mm for a little over a year beforehand and it was awesome, too. My only complaint about it was the compliance in the tip made it annoying to precisely predict how tiny lines would end up (I write very small). The 0.5mm rOtring doesn't spin the lead or anything fancy like the Kuru Toga, but it is so heavy, so well balanced, and the tolerances are just awesome. I've tried the rOtring 800 with the retractable tip, but the tolerance stackup of the moving parts just made it feel of lower quality than the 600.

u/Flonkers · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I don't think you are going to get a matched set that combines an excellent pen and an excellent pencil.
I can help you with the mechanical pencil as I'm nuts about the stupid things. As far as the pen goes, if I used one regularly I'd get one from brad over at Tactical Keychains You can get one to suit your preferred refill type.

It would be good to know what size mechanical pencil leads you prefer but I'd go with the [Uni Kuru Toga] ( Avaiable as a 0.3 or 0.5 in metal and 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 as a plastic body. I love these things.
Anyway, here's [Dave's Top 10 Mechanical Pencils] (
(I have a set of Ohto Super Pro Mechas and while they are great for me you might want to use them as pencils and I wouldn't say they are great at that)

u/SWIMMlNG · 7 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Pencil shown is a Uni Kuru Toga M510171P.43, ordered from

u/Jlocke98 · 7 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

they have it on amazon for cheaper. kuru toga roulette: accept no substitutes.

u/Autolycus25 · 6 pointsr/Atlanta

You should seriously consider swapping that drafting pencil for a Uni-ball Kuru Toga. Auto lead rotation really does help.

u/dumbnotdumber · 5 pointsr/pencils

I've heard if you want to write with the pencil more than you're drawing with it, you want to go with the rotring 500. I believe it's made with more plastic and less brass so it's lighter, and you can write longer.

Might also want to look into a Kuru Toga, they rotate the led so you dont have to readjust the pencil and he led stays sharp. I would recommend the Roulette or the Pipe Slide. As long as you don't lose them they'll last you years.

u/Battler14 · 5 pointsr/Journaling

I usually use a pilot metropolitan fountain pen, but of late I have been really enjoying my Uni KuruToga pencil. It rotates the lead every time you press the pencil to paper, and I enjoy the hell out of that for whatever reason.

*edit to add that I am left-handed as well, so I understand your pains.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Get a kick-ass mechanical pencil. Or a couple of them.

u/gor_gor · 4 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

I've been trying to justify one of these, myself.

u/Rofl2themao · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Paper doesn't matter much to me I just like off-white paper. However, I do like to have a nicer pencil. The one I currently like is this one most people might see it as pricey for a pencil though. Like all supplies it is a preference. Try things out find what you like but, do not think too hard about it. You'll have a much better time thinking about other things like reading a chapter from your textbooks so lecture isn't your first exposure. Coming from someone who use to obsess over things like this vs my actual course work.

u/InboxZero · 3 pointsr/EDC

The Kuro Toga is my favorite. the tip auto rotates as your write to always keep a sharp point.

u/Xtinguish · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I'm actually talking about this one

u/Bro_Sam · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

I use a pencil that rotates the tip as it writes so that you get a conical shape at the tip of the lead. It helps prevent breaking. The most common cause for lead breaking I think is when you use just one side so it becomes a triangle wedge and when you spin it around to even it out it breaks. See Amazon link here. Keep in mind I've been able to find some at local stores for about $5 per pencil. I also don't lose mine, so that justifies the higher price imo.

u/mkestrada · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Some good writing implements will be useful, you'll be doing a lot of writing in the next four year.

some of my favorites are:

Kuru-Toga Roulette

Pentel GraphGear 1000

or, If you want to kill 5 birds with one stone, the Uni-Jestream 4&1 is a solid choice.

u/extants · 3 pointsr/engineering

A nice set of calipers, or micrometers could be a gift that would last decades, but a quality set will run you at least a few hundred.

If this engineer does a lot of CAD work, you might consider a 3D mouse? $115 for this guy , but man I cant imagine doing design work without it now.

A nice Kuru Toga mechanical pencil is also great for drafting and pretty inexpensive.

u/RiteInTheRain_NB · 3 pointsr/notebooks

/u/Grep2grok's point about the speed of lectures is certainly worth considering. I'd parrot his pencil recommendation. For a premium pencil, I'd recommend any of the following:

u/GreenBasil · 2 pointsr/EDC

If you want the auto-rotating lead and the metallic lower body with the knurled grip, then you should definitely go for it. It's currently $8.11 on Amazon with free shipping.

I must say, I feel like it breaks less often than any other lead pencils I've ever owned.

u/egzwygart · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Rotring, the Pentel mentioned by everyone, or for something different, this:

Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model, Gun Metallic, 0.5 mm (M510171P.43)

It's got a cool mechanism that rotates the lead and always maintains a sharp point. I've used mine daily for several years (sine 2012) with not noticeable wear on the mechanics. Still works like new.

u/j1154s0057 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Anyone here will vouch for the kuru toga, awesome pencil for the price

Also the kuru toga .5 HB pencil lead is excellent, writes really smooth and breaks less. Will work nicely with any pencil you choose. The TWSBI precision is on my list too but I'm waiting for black to be in stock again!

u/yaobikuni1001 · 2 pointsr/LearnJapanese

Since no one else has jumped in, surprisingly, let me go ham with suggestions. I also have incredibly small writing so I know the need to have the proper supplies.

This is the best pencil on the market for languages that use characters like Kanji. The main selling point is how it sharpens the tip every time so you don't get those blurry lines when the tip goes dull. I have it in a 0.5, and I'm able to write incredibly small still. I would suggest getting the recommended lead with diamond tips if you have the tendency to break lead. I'v been on the same pack for 3 years and have only replaced the lead 2 times even with constant writing.

Uni-ball Signo UM-151
This is my go to pen for everything. It's the most amazing thing and a total workhorse. Even though it's 0.38, I still find it easy to write tiny without any problems. You have to try to see why everybody loves and recommends them.

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
I use these when I feel like making my notes more colorful. They are amazing although some people complain about the scratchiness on paper. I use a 下敷き or pencil board so I don't feel as much. Again, if you are a heavy handed writer, I suggest doing the same because those tips are quite sharp.

Copic Multiliners
This is a bit of an expensive pen, but the main draw of these is that the nibs, and etc. are replaceable so they are eco friendly. The other selling point is the ink which does not bleed even when you use highlighters. The pens mentioned above will so you'll have to pre-highlight or underline. With this pen, you can just write and then highlight without worrying about smudging. I have the 0.5,0.3,and 0.1 because I use these for inking so choose the size you feel most comfortable with.

Zebra Mildliners
I know you didn't ask about highlighters, but if you're going down this rabbit hole, I might as well take you all the way. These are my favorite highlighters as they're so very soothing to the eye. I always feel that they add an extra level of class and sophistication, not to mention whimsy, to even the most basic lecture notes.

I hope this was helpful. I have more suggestions for writing supplies, but I'll comment again if you want to hear about those. I will warn you that they are pricey although I can't imagine my life without. Good luck and cheers!

u/Dischucker · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

No no, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Kuru Toga .5mm:



Been using mine for 3 years now.

u/yomikins · 2 pointsr/math

Many of my favorites have been discontinued or changed.

The Koh-i-Noor Rapidomatic was my primary pencil for my first 4 college years. I even bought a red and blue colored versions to put red and blue lead in, which was nice for graphs or occasional emphasis. Lovely pencils made in Japan. However, looking at the Amazon reviews they no longer make these, but instead something with the same name and general look, but using all new parts and process in China. You can taste the sadness in the reviews. It looks like people are happy with the Alvin Draftmatic which looks exactly like the Rapidomatic.

The Pilot Vanishing Point has been discontinued. Sad. My favorite pencil, made in Japan. See reviews on Amazon. I introduced a number of people to this, and many of them started using it as their primary pencil. My manager even questioned why I had spent $200 on pencils, when I explained I was ordering a couple of these for myself, asked around, and 10 others in the office said they wanted one or two as well (after trying mine). No drafting grip, and shorter, but really good weight, good feel, quality, and I could write well with them.

The Uni Kuru Toga is nice, but too lightweight and plastic for my taste. The price is hard to argue with. I wonder if the Roulette model would be better as it sounds like it might weigh more.

Dave's review site recommends the Staedtler 925-25. I've tried the 925-05 which is ok (my 11yo uses it) but not the 925-25.

If you have more money, the Rotring 600 and 800+ come highly recommended (lots of metal, high quality, made in Japan). I have never tried one, but I'll buy a 600 sometime soon.

For erasers, I use Staedtler Mars Plastic. They last forever -- I still have one from 1985 with more than half remaining and it works fine. I only bought more so the family can each have one of their own. My tips are (1) don't get oil on them or the paper, and get it off if you do. This means don't run your finger along the eraser part. It causes smearing. (2) erase flat if you can, to save sharp edges for fine work. If you always use the edges, then you won't have a sharp edge to change φ' to φ in the middle of an equation.

u/Zxvy · 2 pointsr/pencils

Only saw this now.

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 0.5mm on the left.

Uni Kurutoga Roulette 0.5mm on the right.

u/bombodail · 2 pointsr/UofT

Kuru togas are the best pencils you can get. Your best bet to get a really good kuru toga is to become bros with a Japanese dude, and ask him to buy you a couple when he goes back.

u/HighEnergyMagic · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Congratulations! I noticed after getting mine that there's two different models out, the plastic body one like yours and a metal body one that seems to be Japan-only. This is the one I got and I really like the feel and look of it. How is the plastic one?

u/Josh_Rivera · 1 pointr/EDC

I really like the Kuru Toga Roulette

u/TwistXJ · 1 pointr/notebooks

I personally use Clairefontaine with a Uni-ball Kuru Toga. I'm not normally a fan of 0.5mm led (prefer 0.7) but these two have been a perfect combination for me for both work and school. If you're looking for full size notebooks, I recommend anything that is Dotted/Grid.

u/tkbisign · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

What makes this better than my current pencil?

u/-SUBW00FER- · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

Kuru Togas are the shit! I use this one sadly they dont sell these metal ones in the US and you have to get them imported from Japan but they feel really nice and the Gunmetal Gray color looks super nice.

u/philics · 1 pointr/italy

Ci sono diverse scuole di pensiero e molto dipende dalla persona. C'è chi preferisce la scorrevolezza delle stilografiche, chi si accontenta delle penne a sfera tipo bic, chi va sulle punte a sfera con inchiostro gel.

Io personalmente preferisco prendere appunti con la matita, usando una micromina da 0.5 in un porta micromine della Kurutoga che ruota la punta ogni volta che si stacca la punta dal foglio (

Recentemente mi hanno fatto provare delle penne gel cancellabili Pilot Kleer che scorrono molto bene e si cancellano senza lasciare traccia e di cui si è innamorata mia moglie (

Quando uso la penna, sono devoto totalmente alle Pilot G-Tec-C4 che a molti non piacciono perchè grattano un po' il foglio ma che io adoro per la punta ultrafine. In più hanno lo svantaggio di costare uno sproposito (

u/EngineeringStudentt · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I've got both the Uni Kurutoga Roulette and the Pentel Graph Gear 1000. Both are great buys, but I prefer the 1000 because the Kurutoga has a little bit of bounce to it when you press it down. Couple either of them with diamond infused led and you wont have to worry about breaking while writing.

u/Z4KJ0N3S · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Do you have one of the nicer Kuru Togas with quite a bit of metal, or is it one of the cheaper ones that's almost entirely plastic?

I rotate my rOtring 600 as I write to keep an even tip.

u/SamuelDerpyson · 1 pointr/slavelabour

> 4518

I'm an idiot. You do have the colours of ink I was looking for. Although the bottles are bigger than the ones I wanted. Would it be possible to get a picture of the 15ml bottles, and their pricing, you can see them on the right hand side of the ink picture, if their pricing is fairly decent, then I would probably prefer to buy it off them :P Along with that, I saw the store stocks the kuru toga pencil. Would they happen to have the metallic version of it linked below, there is a preference for black, but silver is also fine; Linked below.

if you could do that, that would be absolutely amazing, and sorry about all the questions :(

u/I_Love_Computers · 1 pointr/pencils

Thank you so much!!!

I've realized that I made a mistake- this whole time what I was actually talking about is apparently called the [Kurutoga Roulette Model] ( I've read a couple comments and apparently they aren't too different in performance though. I think I'm going to order all the stuff you linked, except with a rOtring 500 over the Kurutoga and maybe a different pack of Ain Stein leads to try out HB (Although now that I've read up a little on lead, I feel like 2B and 3B are perfect for me so I might not even bother with HB)

Thanks again! :D Mind if I ask what you're studying or working on that causes you to record a lot of formulas and notes on designs? MechE or something similar? I'm currently in my second year of Computer Science so not too much writing over here but I still want a nice pencil to use :)

u/umibozu · 1 pointr/geek

Depending on his style, Star wars themed cufflinks... I have a few and are great conversation starters. Bought in etsy.

Also, mechanical pencils. Spend some money on a good quality one from Rötring (like this) or a Kuru Toga (look those up, they're awesome and SUPER geeky) or both.

Top it off with a fancy notepad (squared or ruled paper, we're not artsy types) like this and he'll remember you fondly every day.

Do not buy electronics or gadgets. He'll likely have what he wants and likes.

u/Aeronaut21 · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

Uni Mechanical Pencil, Kuru Toga Roulette Model 0.5mm, Gun Metallic (M510171P.43)

FYI it's under $8 on amazon. I'm not sure if you think the quality is different but I really liked the one I had. I lost it, so now this bad boy is on my Christmas list.

u/yayagomo · 0 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Birthday! Sorry I cant buy you anything, I reserved the last of my money for the contest im holding... :( but Happy birthday! Thanks for holding the contest, and itll be great if you can get me this