Reddit Reddit reviews UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"

We found 6 Reddit comments about UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7". Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2
High Tech Durable Aluminum ConstructionClever Dual Mounting - Picatinny Mount and Swivel Stud MountUnique Posi-lock to Prevent TippingTactical Low Profile for Versatile ApplicationsRubberized Comfort Stand
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6 Reddit comments about UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7":

u/For_lurking · 3 pointsr/ar15

Patches, clp, bore brushes, snap caps or you could get this cheap bipod:

u/corvettee01 · 3 pointsr/ar15

I've seen good reviews for the UTG bipod. Nutnfancy did a review and had good things to say, and for $20 it looks like a good deal.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/22lr

Here's my Savage MK-II FV with my setup.

Rings are 1'' AccuShot from Amazon.

Scope is a Nikon Rimfire Prostaff 3X9X40 from Cabella's, I got it for $119 on sale.

Bipod is a UTG small adjustable from Amazon.

This rifle mainly is my target .22lr for punching paper, but I've taken it out small game hunting as well (without the bipod) and it's awesome in the field. Hell I have a target model 10/22 (wood lam stock) and I never even shoot that, I shoot this Savage way more.

u/greenboxer · 2 pointsr/ar15

If anyone has this they might be familiar with the legendary smell that comes with it. And never goes away.

Edit: This guy:

u/justarandomshooter · 2 pointsr/1022

I'm a fan of the bipod, personally. I currently have THIS CRAPTASTIC ONE on my target build. It was super cheap and is a temporary solution. It has a little QD bolt adapter and is reasonably stable for $20.

I plan to get a better one, but that's a few notches down the list for now. When I do get a better one it'll be a lot more stable and have a swivel mount. Probably something like this.

I don't use the legs all the time when I shoot. Sometimes I'll use sand bags or even my shooting bag. I like to keep it practical and stay in the habit of shooting under various conditions with different equipment.

Finally, bipods are super hand for generally handing and laying the rifle down.

u/ThatWhichSmashs · 1 pointr/guns

This one here - UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod, Rubber Feet, Height 6.2"-6.7"