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Utilitarianism and Other Essays
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u/Tangurena · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Utilitarianism says that the best action is one that increases the overall good. Rioting reduces "good" for lots of people (especially those who have their stuff destroyed or stolen) by reducing the overall "good" in society.

Some basic reading:
Utilitarianism and Other Essays.
On Liberty and Other Essays.
A Theory of Justice.

Utilitarianism is one of the major philosophies behind human/animal rights and abolition (of slavery). John Stuart Mill's writings have had a large impact on various political philosphies as well as science.

u/nixyboy · -3 pointsr/gamegrumps

Consequences change based on circumstance. Unless you don't think theres a "fanaticism problem" in deontogy or whatever frameworks you have credence in.

Holly not being depressed --> getting trashed online for being a whore = fine whatever

Holly being depressed --> getting trashed online and then killing herself = not the same calculation.

Morality is a tug of war. Get read on some ethical theory, you adorable philistine. 😎

-Sincerely, me