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Vallejo Amer Civil War Paint Set #11, 17ml
Model color has been formulated with permanent pigments for fine arts; all colors are completely lightfast and opaqueThe consistency of Model color allows for an extremely smooth and uniform paint film, with no trace of brushstrokesThe water based formula of Model color has been specifically developed for adherence on difficult surfaces such as metal and plastic
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2 Reddit comments about Vallejo Amer Civil War Paint Set #11, 17ml:

u/redpiano · 5 pointsr/minipainting

Glue you can use zap a gap super glue for anything. Plastic, if it's the right type of plastic you can use plastic cement, but it has to be the right kind of plastic, PVC plastic for example doesn't bond with plastic cement, only with PVC glue.

You want acrylic paint, Vallejo, Reaper MSP are two good brands. Vallejo sells small paint sets that include military colors, in fact, here's a civil war paint set.

For paint brushes, you generally want a good quality paint brush, you can get a cheaper end sable brush from Rosemary Co. or you can get a brush that'll last you years from Raphael or Winsor and Newton Series 7. Personally, I like having a #1 and #2/0 paint brush for most work on figures. Winsor and Newton and Raphael brushes will run you about 15-20$ a piece, you pretty much only need two brushes, or you can get by with just a single 2/0 or 1 size, I did for a long time.

Grass you can get in little canisters, it's called static grass, gale force 9 and army painter both have a variety of static grass you can buy, it's fairly cheap and you get enough to last a long time. Army painter also sells grass tufts, think tall grass in little clumps to add more detail to the base.