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Valterra 020106 RV Stabilizer
Folds for easy storageUsing two--front and rear or on both sides--makes RV rock solidSets up in minutes, no tools neededFits frames 14"H to 28"H
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u/mammalian · 4 pointsr/GoRVing

Most trailers have rear stabilizers, did you use them? Larger trailers have them in the front as well. You can also buy separate stabilizers. They make small ones to place under the step. I bought a larger one to add to the stability under the side bed in mine.

u/learntorv · 0 pointsr/GoRVing

Two options are:

  1. Valterra RV Stabilizer
  2. Camco Aluminum Stabilizer

    Tuck either one up under the frame of the camper. You might try different spots to see where they work best. Usually the corners are what get stablized in travel trailers.