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Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, SwissChamp Pocket Knife, Red, 91 mm (1.6795)
READY FOR WHATEVER, WHENEVER. Features (33) functions including: 2.45" blade, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver, pliers and a corkscrew – this multi-tool can be used whether you're deep in the wilderness or working around the house.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Swiss Made stainless steel construction encased in our traditional polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability.COMPACT CARRY. Be prepared for whatever your adventures bring - With a tool for nearly every task, the SwissChamp pocket knife is like having a tool box in your pocket.KNIFE DIMENSIONS. Length: 3.6” (91mm), Height: 1.3”, Weight: 6.5 oz.TRUSTED QUALITY. Made in Switzerland; Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy.Sport Type: Camping & Hiking
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8 Reddit comments about Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, SwissChamp Pocket Knife, Red, 91 mm (1.6795):

u/kickingturkies · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Personally I recommend Buck or Victorinox, but be sure to check on your laws to do with possession of and carrying knives on your person before you order anything!

Other companies to note are Spyderco, CRKT, Ontario, and Kershaw - but I've only heard good things about them. I don't own any of them.

Edit: My two personal favourites are the SwissChamp by Victorinox and the 119 Special Hunting Knife by Buck.

Please note you'll probably be able to find better deals by looking around on Amazon or Ebay a little deeper.

u/fondots · 1 pointr/knives

MSRP is $130, but with a little shopping around (by which I mean punching it into amazon) it's more like a $70 knife, or a $50 for the non-hardwood version.

u/aa223 · 1 pointr/hearthstone

The following I recommend:

I think she would love this. She can use this to help her in the outdoors and it will make her feel like she will have more utility. I have had success with the swiss army knife from cutting ropes to helping my dad repair the bathroom.

For tasty food why not surprise her by making sushi with these products. Not only will you show your skill to her but also she will love you even more:

All you need to do is find the sushi recipes online not to mention you can youtube it:


For cleaning why not surprise her and make your own safe cleaning products. Hell do some research on how to make cleaning products. Nothing says I love you like making her gifts especially ones that can help her clean and be safe.

That is all I got.

u/jordanwilson23 · 1 pointr/FulfillmentByAmazon

This is a very good example but what if the example was you buy Sony controllers from a distributor and you sell on the listing. You buy 50K of controllers to sell on the listing and you are then blocked from the listing. Your product is legit but Amazon decides that since you are selling at 39.99 and they are selling at 44.99 they don't want you on the listing so they gate you. Doesn't that also seem like BS? We have had similar situations happen to us where we are then stuck with inventory. We don't even get notifications when we are gated anymore. I of course have pivoted and am doing more of our own branded items but that seems like BS. Take this listing for example. We sent 100 units into FBA and sold them all good at 60 USD. We went back and purchased 200 more units to send in and we got gated. The reason being "Their had been reports of counterfeits". Did we have a single return on 100 sales? Nope. Were our items legit with invoices provided from distributors? Yes. So why were we gated? Because we undercut Amazon pricing. This is where the issue is. Amazon is choosing who to gate not because of authenticity issues but because of undercutting their price on items they also sell. This is just anti competitive. My example is different than yours but I do understand where you are coming from in your situation.

u/RidingElephants · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply! I thought I wasn't going to get any response at this point.

  • I'm definitely going to look into those hammock choices! I've been resistant to changing out gear I already have, but a 43oz shelter that's not even spacious is so unnecessary...

  • That's the plan with the pack choice. Once I purchase all my gear I'm going to bring it to REI and possibly LLBean too if they have a different selection, and try packing it in different packs. I'm eyeballing the ULA Circuit too, but nervous about buying anything without trying it on first. And at this point I don't even know how big my pack will need to be. My current "pack" is the book bag I used in college, haha.

  • I've never seen DIY pots before! I thought the Stanco was as light and cheap as it got. Definitely going to look into them!

  • AT has lots of water (although 2017 may be affected by El Niña). The 3L Camelbak is one of the few pieces of gear I already owned, so I included it without much thought. I highly doubt I'd regularly need to fill the whole 3L. 200g is significant enough weight savings I definitely need to consider other methods.

  • I haven't used sock liners myself, but they're for blister prevention, not temperature regulation. The idea is the friction will occur between the two sock layers instead of the sock and your foot. The first time I heard of sock liners I was nearly offended, "Socks for your socks!?" But they keep popping up in my research as one of those little things that make a big difference. I don't even get blisters, but the AT is a rather unprecedented amount of walking for me.

  • It's not marked in my lighter pack, but both merino wool base layers are intended as sleep clothes, so I'm not planning to hike in them unless I'm feeling particularly lazy/chilled in the early morning. The two synthetic shirts are meant for actual hiking base layers (I see how this isn't explained in my list). At any rate, I think you're still right about the long sleeve synthetic being unnecessary, particularly now that I've added a fleece (this is a recent addition).

  • Oh man. I completely understand the logic behind trail runners, but I just love my boots. I wear them everywhere because they're the comfiest shoes I own. I also suspect they're durable to last a whole thru-hike if my feet don't swell. They might just be a mistake I'll have to make, or maybe I'll come to my senses before 2017.

  • I've gone through my med kit piece by piece, and I'm first aid certified (and getting WFA before next year!) (y)

  • I'm dorky fond of having a bajillion tools in my one knife.

  • Thank you for understanding my need to buy a selfie stick ;P

    Thanks again for your suggestions! I had been staring at my lighterpack blankly for a long time and now I feel like there's much more wiggle room I can work with.
u/getpoked · 1 pointr/knives

Cool general outdoor use. I think you should look at solving your problem with two separate tools. Once for heavier use and one for lighter use and fish/food prep.

Food prep is best handled by something with a longer blade or something fixed blade. It is not so good to have a knife where food can get caught in say the pivot, then get bacteria and then make you sick next time you slice an apple with it. For this part of your kit I would suggest something like this its fixed, its small so it should not be a problem legally. They sell it with several different blade shapes. I'd suggest anything but the tanto. I own a CRKT folding knife albeit not this one and they are good. Not top end but really good quality for the money. PS buy it on amazon its about $20 US

For wood processing I'd suggest a multitool. It is far more expensive to get a knife rugged enough to be battoned through wood, but a midling priced multitool will have a saw. For this I'd suggest going a bit above budget and getting a leatherman or swisstool spirit. I own a swisstool spirit. You can find them for $80 US on amazon. They are built like tanks, the steel is easy to sharpen and as a multitool are not really menacing. I would check out with another UK member first though. Technically the tools on it including the small blade do lock.

If the locking is a no go look into a or

Most importantly make sure you read up on how to sharpen your new toy and secondly have fun.

u/RandomAnnie84 · 1 pointr/secretsanta

How about a swiss army knife with everything on it?
then add some astronaut icecream or something for 'camping' food to be humorous

u/itsanrnotau · 1 pointr/Liverpool

Thanks mate. I ended up going to Ellis Brigham and Cotswolds but ended up getting a "champ" from amazon for what seems cheap compared to the ones in store