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Viofo A119 Version 2 Car dashcam 1440p@30 FPS, 1080P@60 FPS Dashboard Video Recorder w/Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording
Perfect for forward-facing surveillance | Withstands extreme temperatures (capacitor).Captures clear video of vehicles on the road (1440p HD) | Logs driving locations and speeds.Automatically turns on and off | Never miss anything important with loop recording.Automatically captures impact events (with G-sensor) | Change camera settings with LCD screen.Easily attach to windshield using adhesive mount | Stores 7 hours of HD video (with 64GB memory card).
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52 Reddit comments about Viofo A119 Version 2 Car dashcam [email protected] FPS, [email protected] FPS Dashboard Video Recorder w/Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording:

u/PM-ME-D_CK-PICS · 26 pointsr/Dashcam

I know some people in this sub will call me a shill, but the A119 should be the standard for a good dash cam under $100.

It has everything you need from a dashcam.

  • Good Camera quality.

  • Capacitor, so it does well in HOT or COLD climates.

  • Good Alerts of malfunction in camera.

  • Good shape/size for discretion.

    Honestly, if I were you and I had the $$ I'd get everyone the same package of a A119 and a Transcend High Endurance microSD card.

    For more info, you can visit (not affiliated) I used that website a lot when doing research for a dashcam. Watched a lot of their videos, and made the decision to buy an A119.

    I've purchased those two items I linked 3 separate times for 3 different family members and they've worked flawlessly. I've seen some issues of cameras arriving defective, but they have a good warranty as well so it's not like you'd be completely out on your ass if you got a defective unit.

    To add to this: You'll see A LOT of dashcams for $50 or less, and I'd be really hesitant to purchase them with confidence. I've owned a AUSDOM dashcam that failed after 3 months, it would continually reboot or just die and not record. That's when I started looking into the dashcams more seriously and came across the A119.

    Edit1: Fixed link. Thanks /u/moneytroy
u/random12356622 · 15 pointsr/Dashcam

Discreet: A119 ($99.95 USD) + Hard wire kit Mini USB & Fuse Kit ($12.95 USD)

Has a small screen, doesn't have wifi, runs on a loop, and is discreet. It's wedge shaped most people confuse for a rain sensor. It's motion detection mode is lack luster (must be enabled when parked and disabled when driving.) Forward Collision Warning System - is annoying don't use. Lane Departure Warning System - is annoying don't use. Wide Dynamic Range - useful for night/morning/dusk driving. It is a good camera

Spytec is noted for their excellent customer support. Review of the A119


Versatile: Mobius ($79.99 USD) + Adhesive Mount ($7.99 USD) + Hard wire kit Mini USB & Fuse Kit ($12.95 USD) +

Optional Super Capacitor ($9.95 USD) - Capacitor extends the life of a dash cam, lithium ions have a habit of leaking in extreme heat. (Requires some disassembly) - Instructions

To be honest this is the one I would recommend for you. It doesn't look like a dash cam, it doesn't have a screen, or doesn't have wifi. Runs loop. Hard wire kit hides the cord. Video/audio is excellent. Parking mode does exist, but I am not sure how well it functions. It is also quiet modifiable Assembling a hidden dash-cam from a Mobius Camera and some accessories. Spytec has excellent customer support/service, and the only flaw I have ever found with them is the hard wire kit was 1 inch too short, so I had to move my dash cam slightly (was an adhesive mount.)

Mobius - review

u/captaincrunch00 · 11 pointsr/preppers

There's a whole sub dedicated to Dashcams. /r/dashcam

There is a sidebar link that is slightly old, but gives "buy this if you want the cheapest or buy this one for quality"

That one !(or the newer generation of it) is what I use. It's great.

u/Spacewall · 8 pointsr/houston
Here is my front dashcam setup. I don't have a picture of the back right now.

u/hiscout · 8 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

The new recommended one at /r/dashcam is the A119 I think. I bought the Black Box G1W-C before the A119 came out, and it was only $40 on Amazon, and runs perfectly. Only downside, is it's made by a Chinese company, and although the menu is in english, it's about as intuitive of a menu as you can expect from a Chinese company.

Link to the A119

Honestly, I almost have enough saved clips to make a video of stupid shit. So I'll post that eventually.

Edit: Also, it has been suggested, that if you get into an accident, and the other person starts lying to the cops, let them. Then pull out the footage and show them, get them caught in a lie, and bam, case closed.

u/Jenkins26 · 7 pointsr/IdiotsInCars

I like the A119 clones. The picture quality is decent and it doesn’t have a battery inside. It has a capacitor to gracefully shut the camera off when you turn the car off. Batteries can fail in extreme cold or hot weather.

I got mine on Amazon:

u/login_local · 7 pointsr/nova

Sorry to hear about your hit and run. Dashcam or any witnesses?

If you don't already have a dashcam, one of the relatively inexpensive and popular models SpyTec A119 is currently $71.96 on Amazon w/ Prime. You sacrifice a cigarette lighter port for peace of mind and possible evidence for police/insurance!

Even having a dashcam makes you a safer driver, because you subconsciously know that your driving is being recorded so you're less likely to speed or make aggressive lane changes.

u/Bananapepper89 · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

Spy Tec A119 is what I use. Had it about 6 months now and really like it. Daytime quality is excellent, night time I would say is a little above average, and I love how discreet it is.

u/whaaatanasshole · 5 pointsr/orangecounty
u/Tangent_ · 4 pointsr/cars

The 2 biggest considerations are price and if you want a single cam or 2 to cover front and rear.

If you're looking for one around $100, the A119 is a popular choice. If you want one with more features like front and rear cams, I have the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH ($360) that I'm really happy with.

For whichever cam you get I highly recommend hardwiring it and using a Power Magic Pro

Audio is personal preference but I read a good point that somebody made about it that you can use that to record the license plate of somebody that hits you just in case the cam doesn't capture it and they take off. Just read it out loud to capture it.

u/ixloc · 3 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I bought this one for my Renegade I got the recommendation from r/dashcam hope this helps some!

u/mandudebreh · 3 pointsr/dashcams

As with their other electronics, Aukey cams are fair quality and usually well priced, but they are very basic. For example, this one is very low priced, but it lacks a lot of the features that other cameras have.

For only a little more, you can get a 1440p A119. They are about the same build quality.

u/Redraider1994 · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

It looks like a Spytech A119 dashcam. I looked at the number on the bottom right. Video records at 1440p.

u/Fauropitotto · 3 pointsr/watchpeopledie

What are you waiting for?

I have the A118C installed, and it's more than adequate for protecting my ass in situations like this. More than that, it's discrete, so a person walking by is unlikely to spot it at first glance.

u/wabbit983 · 3 pointsr/houston

Spy Tec A119 1440p Car Dash Camera

This was recommended by /r/dashcam

u/muldoonaz · 2 pointsr/phoenix

Some quick googling led me to this:

u/TexasWhiskey_ · 2 pointsr/CFB

This one. It's not the fanciest, but it's got a solid camera for both day and night and it's 1440 resolution.

Front facing only. I figured if I get rear ended, or side swiped from the back, simply having the video that shows my direction/speed/etc is enough to cover me.

My wife had a guy who scraped into her car as he merged into her lane. His was ending in a turn-only, and I guess didn't look. He reported to the cops & insurance that she turned into him. As a result, they had to share fault for the accident. Had she had a dashcam at the time (she did a week later) it wouldn't have been a question of who caused the contact, even if the car isn't in view.

u/ChefJoe98136 · 2 pointsr/SeattleWA

It seems like swerving to either the left lane or the right breakdown lane would have been a better choice, but maybe they've been meaning to try/training for an e-brake maneuver for a long time. I always imagined that I'd try to do something like that and the e-brake cables would snap.

Is it this camera ? How do you like it ?

u/ohlookahipster · 2 pointsr/bayarea

This one is pretty popular over at /r/cars:

u/pelucula · 2 pointsr/Dallas

thanks! currently sold out in amazon. will keep an eye out for it.

u/uplink1 · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

I'm using the SpyTec A119. Decent quality for the price. Would probably use the same in the rear.

u/Qlanger · 2 pointsr/nova

The A119 is a great buy that runs at 1440p resolution. Just buy a 64gb or at least a 32gb card and it will autowrite over the old video as needed.

u/Gravey9 · 2 pointsr/halifax

This is the one I have:

SpyTec A119 1440p Car Dash Camera

Was highly recommend on reddit when I bought it in 2017. Image is really good as well including in low light situations. You may be able to find it under $100, but it's worth the cost and is very easy to install.

u/Shorshack · 2 pointsr/Dashcam

A119 says it supports up to 64gb. Wonder if the card size is the problem?
> MicroSD Card Slot Storage Up to 64GB MicroSD Card - Product Description

u/xProlesx · 2 pointsr/Dashcam
u/random_driver_guy · 2 pointsr/TalesFromThePizzaGuy

A119 w/o GPS

That unit has the best imaging sensor for night you can get under $100. There are lots of units that will work well enough during the day, but at night, they pretty much become a useless potato camera. GPS model is only $10 more, but if you frequently drive above the speed limit, maybe that is not the best idea.

I've had mine since mid July when it first became available. So far, so good, despite many thousands of on / off cycles, and a subwoofer that is often shaking it a bit. That sorta ruined my last cam in less than a year...but bass, I guess.

You'll also need a microSD card ($10 for 32GB, $20 for 64GB), and if you don't want a power wire dangling somewhere, a hardwire kit to power it from your fusebox.

u/SasquatchSC · 1 pointr/Subaru_Outback

I ordered one of these SpyTec A119 cameras. It is super low-profile. I mounted the camera right at the top of the windshield above the steering wheel. I tucked the wiring in underneath the headliner and then ran it behind the a-pillar cover down to the interior fuse box. It doesn't interfere with the EyeSight, or with my actual line of sight. It is not in the center of the windshield, but the footage it captures is essentially the same thing the driver sees.

u/wdgiles · 1 pointr/Dallas

It is a Viofo A119 from SpyTec on Amazon. I also bought the $10 GPS antenna mount so it gets coordinate and speed date overlayed on the bottom of the frame.

u/supaiderman · 1 pointr/Dashcam

Yeah of course.

I have this hardwired into my car.

u/always1putt · 1 pointr/videos

I got this one. It's the same model as in the video but without the GPS attachment. You can get that too for 30 bucks more or so. Like I said, super easy to set up. My car has the auto start/stop at stop lights so I had to get a multi safer too, which wasn't hard to figure out (probably made the job easier actually).

u/doctorchile · 1 pointr/HoustonDashCams

I've had this one for 2 years. No issues so far.

Make sure you get one that uses a capacitor as a power source. Do not get battery operated ones.

u/Itkovan · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I believe the G1Ws give out because they use batteries for very short term power and the batteries can't stand the high heat. There is a capacitor edition but I upgraded to an A119.

u/ibumpbeats · 1 pointr/ft86

Check out the A119

It records at 1440p (not 1080p). A quick YouTube search shows some night time videos. I don't have one yet but it's what I'm recommending to my brother and what I'll get if I upgrade any time soon.

u/Todarodes_Pacificus · 1 pointr/dashcams

From the Community Info, the A119 V2 is your best bet for under $100. Although it doesn't have a dual cam mode being able to record well in low light areas would be very beneficial.

u/ahecht · 1 pointr/Dashcam

If you don't need the parking mode (or your car's battery can't handle parking mode), the A119 is in the same price range as the F50 and has much better video quality (it records and double the bit rate).

I think the ideal budget setup is an A119 in the front (where high quality video is important for capturing moving license plates) and an F50 in the rear (for catching incidents while parked, which most often will occur to the rear of the car).

u/Al_Tilly_the_Bum · 1 pointr/FocusST

I have an A119. Good picture quality and a decent price. Street Gaurdian has some of the best night vision around. Blackvue is one of the most discrete.

Don't get the Rexing. It is a clone of the A118 and they bought their way to Amazon's best sellers. It is not a terrible cam, but the A119 is better, cheaper, and is not a knockoff with fake Amazon ratings.

u/hitlersrighttesticle · 1 pointr/dashcams

The A119 is super popular. Good combo of quality and price.

u/TrendingCommenterBot · 1 pointr/TrendingReddits


Best cam recommendations


Cheapest: G1W-C(B) ($56 USD)

Best value: Xiaomi Yi Dashcam ($70 USD)

Discreet: A119 ($90 USD)

Versatile: Mobius ($75 USD)

Budget Dual Cam: BlackSys CF-100 ($95 USD)

Discrete Dual Cam: Blackvue DR650GW-2CH ($355 USD)

Night vision: Street Guardian SG9665GC ($209.95 USD)

Taxi/Uber Cam: Transcend DP520 ($195 USD)



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u/Why_Is_This_NSFW · 1 pointr/Roadcam

How do you provide power to it? Do you just run a USB and slam it in the door or is it self powered? If you're looking into a dashcam I gotta recommend the A119. Relatively cheap nowadays and records 60FPS video with a plum. Most people suggest a high endurance card to go with it, but when I got my A119 my local microcenter didn't have one so I ended up using a 64GB Samsung Evo and it's been fucking perfect. If you have any questions head on over to /r/dashcam or you can just ask me.

u/Trophlin · 1 pointr/Dashcam

Yes, definitely don't take Amazon's reviews to heart. They are known to be unreliable. Do your due diligence so you can filter out the unnecessary noise. In this price range I would get the VIOFO A119. Or if you want to spend a little more the A119 Pro and A119S are good options.

u/Sheilamainbattletank · 1 pointr/dashcams

I have the A119 and honestly I don’t notice the cam unless I am looking for it. It kind of blends into the rear view mirror because they are both black and it’s mounted high and tight.

u/_driveslow · 1 pointr/Dashcam

cam from Amazon spytech

SD card from Amazon

I could try and find another card idk if I have one though.

Also the cam records fine after cancelling the formatting process. It's just that if someone elsedrives my car it won't automatically record until they follow my process and that defeats the purpose sorta.

u/JJROKCZ · 1 pointr/Dashcam

Looking at this one from the discreet link on the sidebar, looks like it might have a long enough cable to be able to be hid?

u/TeddyDaBear · 0 pointsr/Roadcam

You need a better potato. I bought an A119 a couple years ago and the quality is MUCH better. I saw your other reply about only spending $40 on it and remember you get what you pay for.

u/Jamaican16 · -1 pointsr/LifeProTips

Viofo A119 Version 2 Car dashcam [email protected] FPS, [email protected] FPS Dashboard Video Recorder w/Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording