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VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
【UL Certified】Lighting SAFETY is just as important as EFFICIENCY. The V300 as a whole is UL Certified. It meets UL rigorous testings and safety standards to ensure safe operation. Fire-Resistant reflectors strengthens the light penetration, NO DANGER! VIPARSPECTRA is a trusted brand in the lighting industry by providing the best customer care with quality and safe products.【Optimal Spectrum】The secret to VIPARSPECTRA’s success is optimal full spectrum lighting which provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight. This results in bigger buds and higher yield all while saving you on energy costs.【Outstanding Design】Sturdy durable construction with fire-resistant iron housing. Suitable for each growing phase. Upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and advanced high speed quiet fans are great for heat dissipation. Daisy chain feature assists growers to connect multiple lights together with fewer outlets.【Coverage Area】Comparable to traditional 250W HPS/MH while consuming only 130W! Perfect for a 2’x2’ vegetative coverage at 24” and 1.5x1.5’ flowering coverage at 18”.【Worry-free 3 Years US warranty】We are a professional manufacturer which specialized in LED grow light for many years. Products' quality and professional customer service are always our Top concerned. We offer 3 Years local warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you professional guidance to help you and your plants grow better.
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95 Reddit comments about VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower:

u/LittleElectric · 12 pointsr/succulents

I have her under this light, about a foot away. :)

u/agoristbastard · 7 pointsr/microgrowery

Hey, I JUST came off building a setup and it cost me $750 total. We have 3 plants in there right now. I have the entire list with amazon links or store suggestions.

Item| Price | Where To Buy
Tent| $95| We bought this one, I don't know if it's worth spending a lot on anything more expensive. For a smaller option I just got a second with good reviews but can't vouch for it yet.
Lights/Hood/Ballast| $140| I got the 600W set, but 400W would make cooling MUCH easier and still get a big yield. For LEDs at similar price, Viparspectra 300W x2 or a single 600W eliminates need for extra cooling potentially (not included here, we used fans from around the house)
ph Test+Control Kit | $25| GET THIS. The water must be pH'd properly for your babies' health.
Cloth Pots| $20 | These are better for aeration, water flow, training, etc. Cheap and reusable too.
Nutrients | $50 | I got the Fox Farms Trio, but there are many good options out there.
Fan + Filter | $150 | This is huge and might be overkill for you. Make sure whatever you get fits your tent vents (This one fits the Apollo tent above with 6" vents).
Ducting | $20 | Connect fan to filter, to tent, to wherever. Might want multiple sizes, check tent vent sizes.
Foil Tape, Metallic | $10 | Here. Metal Duct tape is best duct tape.
Fan Speed Controller | $20 | Useful for if you do get a fan that is slightly overkill!
Fox Farms Ocean Forest | $15 - $40 | You can buy it online and I did for my first 3 bags....then I found it in a local store for $15. There is some controversy with FF lately, it's not organic FYI. There are tutorials on making your own soil if you care, but I like this because I didn't have to use nutes for 3-4 weeks.
Humidifier | $30 | This is the exact one I have. We're in winter so I need it to keep humidity up, you may not.
Dehumidifier | $40 | There are plenty for this much. You may not need this either.
Cal-Mag | $20 | I haven't needed it yet but it's best to have on hand if you do!
Seeds | $75 | I bought from Attitude, chose stealth, and bought like 15 seeds?, so it was expensive. You can get seeds for less.
Jiffy Pellets | $10 | Used to start seeds. There are other options.
Total | $745 | If you buy all this stuff, you have potentially even more than you need to get started, with room for 3-4x more plants than these boxes, and with nutrients to last you for a long long time!

Hope this helps! I'd hate to see you drop so much on it when you don't need to at all.

u/__Ratatoskr__ · 6 pointsr/microgrowery

I've been wanting to try and LED grow for a while now. The biggest issue I came across was getting enough true watts at an affordable price.

I think the best bang for buck right now is to build your own DIY COB light setup, but I was lazy and wanted something tangible quickly.

Hunted around on Craigslist and different forums till I found enough new and used LEDs to set up my tent. All LEDs together cost me a total of $320

(Everything but the King Plus LED was used in the tent. I had the 1200w King Plus LED (~250w true) in the veg chamber, but it was burning my current mother plant).

Flower chamber has 3 LEDs running:

The left and right LEDs are:
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W (200w true) LEDs

And the middle LED is made by Morsen:
1200w (340w true) Morsen 200x6w LED

The seedling / clone chamber houses 2:

100w BlackStar UFO's

The veg / mother plant chamber runs 2:

Roleadro 300w (~125w true) LEDs

u/thisismadeofwood · 5 pointsr/microgrowery

VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 2'x4'

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This light is good for 2 plants but you’ll eventually want to add a second for your tent. You definitely can’t fill the tent with just this light, but it’ll get you started.

iPower 2-Pack 1/8 Inch 8-Feet Long Adjustable Heavy Duty Rope Clip Hanger, Reinforced Metal Internal Gears,150lb Capacity

Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer - Dual Outlet (Indoor)

Comfort Zone CZ6C 6-Inch 2-Speed Clip-On Fan (White, 2 Fans)

247Garden 5-Pack 3 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles (Black)

These are great nutrients and basically foolproof. This free sample kit will get you through 4 plants full grows. I love these nutrients and even now use them in a reservoir (which people claim you can’t do but works great).

Dr.meter 0.1pH PH002 High Accuracy pH Meter/pH Pen Tester with ATC LCD 0-14 pH Measurement Range (PH002 pH Meter for Water)

That will get you started on your first grow or two. I recommend auto blue mystic from nirvana for your first run. They are very low smell while growing so you can get by without a carbon filter. They’re autos so you can leave the light on 24/7, and they finish fast. Also turns out a great finished product.

Less than $40 for 5 seeds and very discrete shipping.

When you have a bit more $ you can add on additional items. Eventually you’ll want to upgrade to PFD sun boards or quantum boards, but you’ll probably want to get a fan and filter first:

6" Inline Fan - 395 CFM Exhaust Duct Fan, Built-In Speed Controller, ETL Listed, Pre-Wired 6 FT Grounded Cord - Great Use In Grow Tent With Carbon Filters, Light Fixtures, Intake. Fits 6 Inch Ducts.

Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter 6" x 16", Up to 400 CFM, Premium Grow Tent Odor Scrubber, 1.8" Extra Thick Layer of Top Grade Activated Australian Virgin Charcoal-Great for Hydroponics and Growing

Maybe you can upgrade to a 2x4 tray with reservoir so you can automate feeding.

If you don’t want autoflowers you can just do 12/12 from seed for faster harvest.

But I really recommend doing the auto blue mystic for your first round or two.

u/_Prrr · 5 pointsr/succulents

Some 2 foot t5s from Amazon. With all the money I've spent buying single bulb ones I should have invested in one of the big fancy 4 bulb ones, or the big colorful LED lights like this. . :/ I have other succulents under the red/blue/purple LED light bulbs (like this ) and it's making their coloring so pretty. My previously all green succulents are getting more pink and purple coloring.

u/Panama__Red · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

If you're talking about something like this, note it it's actual current draw is 128W. As a beginner you should be able to achieve .25-.5g/watt with a blurple light. They aren't nearly as efficient as the HLG light I linked, so expect quite a bit more heat.

u/tbest3 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery


Few packages of these to hang lights and filter:

Extension cords
Plenty of options


Fabric pots:

Air control


Outlet timer:


Carbon filter

4 inch duct
Can find anywhere

Jewelers loop (super important)

To dry your buds

Surge protectors and ext cords
Find anywhere

Inline fans

Soil probe

A few other things I got locally from grow shops. Quality seeds are important. is always having bomb sales, ship from Colorado, and are top quality. Soil from local grow shops but can also buy from online. I went cheaper on light, but I wouldn't do that again. Get good quality lights.

u/rleech77 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Hey dude - I'm in the middle of flower on my first grow and think I can help out a bit here.

Not sure if you're already on this site but is an incredible free resource

You could easily do one plant in a tent like this or go bigger and do a 48" x 24"

As for LED's in that range, most people seem to like either the mars hydro or viparspectra (I'm currently using an mh/HPS light)


u/Astrali3 · 3 pointsr/succulents

You may like the science of light post, also accessible via the sidebar.

Also, no, lumens will not always help you. More is typically better, but they're not what we use to help people find a grow light.

Firstly, i will assume that your sempervivums are definitely etiolating; let you tell you straight out that these are typically outdoor plants and that even under a grow light, unless it is strong, they will become leggy and flared out. If the grow light is good enough, they'll close back up and produce webs(if its an arachnodeium). However, lights these strong tend to be a bit more expensive.


I have been told that the Feit bulbs available via Amazon work well as grow lights. You'd need a gooseneck lamp or something else to hold them. I've never used said bulbs, so if you purchase them and find them lacking, please let me know so i can stop suggesting them. I use this, but you said you're looking for a supplemental light, not an exclusive light source(Note that this is more then enough for sempervivums and they're happy under it).

Some people use T5 or T8 fluorescent bulbs - if you decide to do this, purchase HO(High Output) bulbs, with a color temperature around 6500K. Typically, you want 3-4 bulbs, and they need to be /somewhat/ close to the succs. This is typically for a rack of multiple succulents. Lastly, try to avoid purchasing the $20 two/three armed grow lights on Amazon - they are typically VERY weak(not strong enough to prevent echeveria etiolation) and are prone to failure. I'm aware this probably doesn't answer all your questions, but i feel like this post is getting a bit long - if you need further help, feel free to reply and i or someone else can answer!


EDIT: I'm just gonna add a little bit as i just noticed your bit on spectrums. I find that 'spectrum' lights tend to perform better then led lights which only use red and blue(blurple). I'm not sure if plants utilize infared light, but i have seen that lights which bother to include it typically perform much better - of course, these lights also include multiple other types of LEDs, and so i'm not quite sure.

u/Camelbak44 · 3 pointsr/Autoflowers
u/WRipper · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Two of these

MarsHydro Mars300 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum ETL Certification Lighting for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Garden Plants Growing 132W True Watt Panel

Or two of these

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/chocolatemilkmurder · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Ok I just finished reading. The tent will make your life easier if you can disguise it well enough. The doors on that cabinet are going to be near impossible to air and light proof. You would probably need to wood glue the two doors together and only bolt the hinges in on one side.

As far as the light, that website you linked is price gouging. Those epistar chips don't have the best reputation. You can get lights on amazon with the same chips for half the price.
Galaxyhydro and Mars are the same company.

Heres another one different company but same chips

Either of those lights will get you the yield you wanted growing 2 plants in a cabinet. It will take about 4-5 months from seeds, but you could easily pull 3-4 ounces per plant.

u/DreadNephromancer · 3 pointsr/HotPeppers

A lot of LED grow lights are purple. I don't know why offhand but I assume it's because plants reflect green and yellow, so they focus on the wavelengths that actually get absorbed.

u/twootherdanny · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

youre going to want more light for flowering. I made this mistake my first grow (on the second grow now).

I had a "150w" LED that was not actually that strong, then once told me how to calculate light strength, i picked up 3 75w cfl's in combo with the LED. It did okay, I think it would have been better had I not neglected the plant for a few weeks because I thought it was dead.

Now on my second grow I picked up this: - from what ive found 300w will be good for a 2x2x4' grow tent that im running now.

u/FadedMountain · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

oh and heres the lights I would recommend for smaller setup like what we have:

and finally, if you're poor as shit like a lot of us are then buy the quantum board first. you can still produce very nice flowers with just that.

u/magnetic_couch · 2 pointsr/succulents

This is the exact one I own:

I've had it running for about 6 months, running about 12 hours a day. The fan on it is a bit noisy, but not any louder than an AC is. It's advertised as being able to cover a 3'x3' area at 2' height, which it seems to have proven (it covers a 3'x1' shelf at 1.5' height in my current setup).

It uses 5W LEDs which is great for high luminosity; most LED grow lights I've seen use a higher number of lower wattage LEDs (3W or 2W) which seems to be lower overall luminosity.

u/DirtyQuad525 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I would imagine that your LED light would be fine. I have used on two plants in about the same size tent and everything was fine. I just made sure to rotate my plants every couple of days to make sure they were getting decent exposure all around. I now run two of these lights in my tent.

u/Samrojas0 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Haré SCROG, sin embargo mi luz es de 300W, la siguiente:

Puede que quede fallo y tenga que usar también una de sodio es lo que me temo :/

u/SCP239 · 2 pointsr/SavageGarden

I have this and it produces about 50k lux 10" away from emitters. I use it to light my 2x4 grow tent instead of a handful of less powerful lights.

And different carnivorous plants have different light and temp preferences. My light is too bright for direct use on my Nepenthes, but I bet Fly Traps or Sarracenia would love it being only ~6" away.

u/noideawhatimdoing8 · 2 pointsr/gardening
u/Zombiesmakemewet · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Has Daisy Chain Function

I have 2 of these. But take into consideration the amount of space you have.

u/Arcticflux · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

That tent is fine. The lights aren't great. I recommend ViparSpectra

That grow space could support 2 of these 300wViparSpectra lights. I would get two of them and place them inside that tent. Even if you don't want to go with the ViparSpectras, then go with a Mars Hydro. Works just fine. Just remember that lighting has a lot to do with Yield. So with this tent and set up, you can expect 2-5 oz total with 2 of these lights running together.

u/THCgrown · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I'd go with this if anything for a single
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/UsogosU · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Thanks! I thought the same thing when i saw those leaves develop!
The younger ones "wriggle" so much as they're growing in, it's awesome to look at.

I'm using 2 of these lights they were cheap but had pretty great reviews. so far so good.

Standard Fox Farm Nutes with Cal mag too.

Soil is just organic stuff from amazon

I went pretty cheap on the supplies, but so far so good.

edit: just adding quantity of lights.

u/Gun5linger67 · 2 pointsr/IndoorGarden

How big is your area? How many plants do you have? I grow Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano on a 2'x2'x3' tent with a 300 watt LED like this one They are in 6" pots and take up about half of the space. I use the other half for starting seedlings.

u/Smartass_Man · 2 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

This is the one I got off Amazon

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/vinney1369 · 2 pointsr/Hydroponics

You mentioned that you were thinking of having three 5 gallon pails of tomatoes and peppers, and if that is the case this light isn't gonna cut it. Without looking up the item, it looks like something you could use on seedlings or small young plants, but tomato plants get big, and its not likely this light would support them long term. It should be fine for lettuce assuming your plants aren't really spread out.

Honestly I would find something in the 300w range for three plants, such as this if you want to go LED. If you are looking to save money on the fixture, I would suggested some full spectrum CFL bulbs instead. Bar or coil bulbs should be fine either way, but you'll need a couple of them for good light disbursement.

(For the record, I did try to look this up but was unable to find it.)

u/bellboy2088 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Apologies for leaving that out - here's the light I used:
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Edit: Ok my bad apparently that version isn't sold anymore but here is the link to the 450W version :

u/the413 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Snagged these for $89 yesterday on Amazon. Seemed like a steal. Maybe they'll be back on sale tomorrow.

edit: the 600w version of that light is on sale still

u/BigOlBucket · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I was actually looking at this specific light

I am also looking at some led strips for the sides

u/ThenWind · 2 pointsr/druggardening

garbage. would be better off buying LED lightbulbs which run in the 10-14 Watt range and are much cheaper than this. These would work good for seedlings but that is about it.

also for the same price you could get something like this instead. which is more than double the watts of the 4 lights that you posted.. but a lot of people hate on these sort of lights as well. lots of options out there.

u/hodlorfeed69 · 2 pointsr/plants

I use this and it’s an absolute beast.

u/absolutelystoopid · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

just want to chime in here, I was in the same boat as you. Starting out as just an experiment seeing if I could actually sprout a seed, turned into a dedicated project :p But I can tell you I didn't have any idea with like lights, tents, air filters etc. So first thing I bought was this LED , but a better option would be this Viparspectra (the one I bought though has been just fine) and just hung it in my closet with the plant, and that's it. veg'ed it for 4 weeks just like that with the light on a timer and my closet door closed. (get a little desk fan to to move some air over the leaves) Then I figured I'd switch to flower, and was kinda on the edge about investing in a tent and carbon filter. but every thread I read about smell, veterans would always say "It's gonna smell a lot!" So I bit the bullet and got a 2x2x4 tent and this carbon filter and fan . You can probably use your DIY carbon filter just fine. Anyway, long story short, I started to flower and literally two days later I walk into my house after work and the smell just hits me. And this is just one plant. So definitely invest in that stuff. But as for the PC fan, unfortunately it's not going to have enough static pressure to force air through a carbon filter. You don't have to go with the one I got, like brotha said the duct boosters will work too. If you have any question let me know cause I relate very well to your situation, except I've now been halfway through the process lol. pm me if you want

u/legalpothead · 2 pointsr/trees


Jorge Cervantes.

Grow tent for 2 plants.

Light for 2 plants.

Herbie's Seeds; stealth shipping, reliable.

Your first grow will be a learning experience. If you yield 1 oz of cured bud per plant, you're doing great. For your second crop, you should be able to yield more than 2 oz per plant. You can easily produce three crops per year.

u/CallMeParagon · 2 pointsr/succulents

This is the light I use - it emits a small amount of heat that is perfect. Keeps my succulents around 75 degrees. I have them on a three-tier wire cart that I wrapped in foil to insulate until I can get real reflective padding.

Can't recommend this light enough - everything is doing so well now, I have a lithops blooming, some sedum, baby toes, one lace aloe, a haworthia turgida, and more.

u/Ianredding · 2 pointsr/Hydroponics

Here is what I'm running. Couldn't recommend it more.

Have two of them and one larger size. One unit only runs at about 150W actually so better on the power bill. :) Ive grown all the herbs you mentioned under it with great success. I like it more than the pure red/blue lights. Less weird looking light color and all.

u/throwaway783846392 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Thanks! Something closer to this? Should we have the light on 24/7 until it starts flowering then switch to 12 on 12 off? That’s what we’ve read

u/mbxz7LWB · 2 pointsr/microgrowery
u/TheMadFlyentist · 2 pointsr/gardening

Are you concerned with aesthetics? If not, you can easily get away with some florescent shop lights such as these. You would want to get some full-spectrum bulbs, or some that are in the sunlight spectrum at least. Depending on the plants, you may be able to get away with some standard 6500K blue/white bulbs.

If you really want to be super efficient/cool looking and you don't care about price then you could go with an LED setup like this, but you'd likely need several to keep many plants going and the cost adds up quick.

You could also get one large metal halide fixture such as this but they generate a lot of heat and look very industrial.

Please note that I'm not recommending any of these brands in particular, I'm just using these as examples. Were it me, I'd probably just pick up two fluorescent fixtures from your local box store and designate a corner of a room to overwinter the plants. They may or may not grow a lot under the lights, but they will survive and you won't break the bank.

u/shuddles08 · 2 pointsr/SavageGarden

Wow, if you really want to make those heliamphora happy inside, you've got quite a project ahead of you. Get these things: an aquarium tank 30 inches long x 12 inches tall x about 12 or 15 inches wide. The first two measurements are the important ones. Get two of these to mount on each side of your tank:

Go led for best light:

Now get this for humidity:

wrap the tank in a reflective material, put your helis in, and they'll do fine.

u/DarthStem · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I got one of these to help with air flow but also got one of these which allows me to control the humidity really well.

I got one of these lights, a little less money than the one you had in your cart. Although I will be buying one more for my next grow.

u/Rekov · 1 pointr/SavageGarden

The LED is this one:

There are a few similar ones at similar prices. I'll just quote the advice I was given on LEDs, here:
> The main thing to look for in LEDs is the actual wattage drawn (~130 Watts on both). In terms of raw lumen per watt output MH, HPS, fluoro, and LED are all in the ballpark of 90-100 lumens per watt.
> At this point, the advantage that LED leverages is that bulbs can be engineered to emit specific wavelengths of light that hit the most photosynthetically active regions of the spectrum. This is why there are no green bulbs (chlorophyll reflects green light), and why the spectrum you will see from these lights are kind of a bizarre fuchsia. So, whereas the lumens (visible light) per watt (electrical energy consumed) of LEDs is not much different than the other high output lighting choices, the light that is produced by LEDs is all useful, whereas other choices produce light in the green region of the spectrum that is essentially wasted.
> That said, while the fuchsia LEDs are great for growing, I think they make for really ugly presentation. If you want to max out growth per watt, then LED is probably the way to go, but if you are wanting to have something nice to look at every day, I would still suggest a fixture with T8 flouro tubes. Another thought is to grow under LED, and then just have a different light to turn on when you want to display your plants.
> The scammy thing to look out for is LEDs with a low actual wattage drawn. If it's a fixture that is only pulling like 20 watts or something, it's a waste of money. Over 100 Watts and you're looking at a grow light for serious people.

u/ktrcoyote · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Four plants in a 36”x20”x62” tent. I don't know the strain. (three sativa and an indica I believe. Got the clones from a friend. I should ask)

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light about 24" inches from canopy.

They're in gallon pots in organic potting soil. I did a nute cleanse last Tuesday and that didn't make much of a difference. The soil PH is around 6.0-6.3.

u/scarsandstories · 1 pointr/microgrowery

you’re right. the superiority complex is definitely the internet in general. i have met a couple super nice people. someone even sent me the break down of how to DIY my own light system. my girlfriend bought me this light for christmas. (only fair since i’m growing for her, ha. i can’t even smoke because of work.) the way my closet is set up there’s a shelf so, it’ll be perfect and easy to hang the right distance away. the PPFD graphic is which? the circular one? wait those say PAR value.

i have seen the posts and also on amazon while i was looking at lights. a lot of them said “newer model available” and just had 2 larger white bulbs. they were also two and three times the price. i figured one light should be okay for 2-3 plants. this way i can use the smaller 75W CFL for tiny clones/seedlings. i was reading reviews to see how it works for other plants, too. obviously since it’s nearly winter i had to bring in all my catnip. plus, i have a garden in the spring so it’ll also be great for my veggies, too.

marijuana is one of the few things that’s fun to learn about because in the end you have a pretty decent reward. well, growing anything in general is. it’s a lot of fun. i also had no idea growweedeasy was put together by a woman. that’s awesome. that’s my go-to site right now. that and this. i’ve spent hours upon hours just reading. with legalization and technology it’s constantly changing and there’s always something new to learn.

u/sfsellin · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Hey - thanks for responding. The lights are about 16'' above the plants, and I'm running 2 300w LED's, here they are: . I'll back off on watering to every 36hrs and see how that goes. What do you think about the height of the lights, and those lights specifically? They were wonderful on my first harvest (blue dream last December).

Edit: 300w, not 200w.

u/irvininirvine · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I picked it cuz it has a lot of reviews saying it's lasted pretty long, plus being UL certified gives me peace of mind. Not really a 300W, but 130W of LED for $70 shipped is pretty good compared to what I find in my grow shops / Home Depot / Lowes

u/Enigma6 · 1 pointr/hydro

Here's the light. No management of nutrient temp. I didn't actually know that was a concern.

u/attacksushi · 1 pointr/succulents

This is the one I bought, it's 300W. I'll try lowering the light thought, right now its about 12" above the top shelf.

u/robotsautom8 · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

I just picked up this guy. I have my succulents on my top shelf, and my seedlings 2 shelves down. So far I've seen really good results (which makes sense given how damn bright it is)

u/GrowieMcGrowerson · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Not going to lie. 2 600w led's is alittle out of my price range currently. Would I be able to do 2 300w led's without the concern of decreased yield or anything like that.. I'm also plan on running auto flowers so would that be a problem? Would 2 of these work.

u/NterceptingFist · 1 pointr/Peppers

I have a few different things going on. The one listed below is my favorite (and my plants' favorite).

Inexpensive upfront cost, 300W output, consumes less than half that. Very quiet.

LED grow light

u/Fraulein_Buzzkill · 1 pointr/succulents
u/hopicide · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

Every time I see a post about lights and wattage, I say this Check if the value is true or equivalent wattage!. This vendor in particular is something else:

> Question:
> What does it mean that it as 15 / 45 w?
> Answer:
> LED power is 45 Watts. Consumption is 15 Watts.
> By Osunby SELLER on March 1, 2018

WTF? LED power is not 45 Watts, LED power is 15 Watts, which is equivalent to 45W of incandescent bulb.

That's 24$/15W = 1.6$/W. Checking for example this one (I'm by no means recommending it), which although has the same presenting equivalent instead of true, you get 0.44$/W with the current deal, or 0.56$/W with the old price. This is a factor of 3!! Granted, you might not need such power for a small setup, but there are others out there with lower power rating.

BTW, I'm not trying to "own" you or anything. I just want to spread the message so that people don't buy something on false information/assumptions, especially when someone says "Oh, you need X watts for that area or that amount of plants"

u/Strel0k · 1 pointr/gardening

Supplemental lighting. Something like this - don’t buy any light less than $70.

u/pabloe168 · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

I see your point. I like the option but here is a question..

Say I buy this:

Like you are saying its $150. and its supposed to be as effective as a 300w cfl.

It consumes the same amount of energy as say this:

Which is also supposed to be as effective as a 300w lamp...

Whats the reason behind spending double if I am not gaining anything on performance or efficiency? The one advantage I see is no pink light.

u/yadlla · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I have a few led lamps and am planning to buy a tent that will hold both lamps.

lamp 1

lamp 2.

I am planning to start with two clones. Veg for 1.5-2 months. Flowering for 2.5-3 months and end with a final weight of 1LB dry.

I would use the scrog technique and use floranova grow/bloom in FF soil.

Would a tent this size and lamps I will use yield me 1LBS dry??

u/Vew · 1 pointr/SavageGarden

Ooh, that explains my question. This is the one I use. Seems to work pretty well.

u/easy0906 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/zaipsoi · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Hmm I didn't know that. Is there anywhere to see the exact spectrum? Maybe getting one Vivaspectra and one Roleando would be good? I know the vivaspectra is pretty heavy on blue.

Though, I'd probably get this with it instead. No idea how much blue on it.

u/Gormak · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Yes veg and flower, do you have limited space to grow? You might try one of these:

I use those in a little grow cabinet and they are great, super cheap and efficient. I did have an issue with one farting out on me after a year though.

u/dylanm19 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Here are the respective links to the lights I was talking about. although I have no experience with grow lights, so I might be looking at bullshit, you'll have to let me know👍🏼.

COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 300W, CF GROW Indoor LED Plant Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Greenhouse Plant All Stage Growth Lighting Replace UFO Growing Lamp, High PAR Output

VIVOSUN 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flowering

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W(10W LEDs 60Pcs)

LED Plant Grow Lights, KINGBO 600W High Power Grow Lamp with Optical Lens, Double Chip/Three Chip, 12-Band Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (Daisy Chain Function)

u/Closetmedicinegrow · 1 pointr/microgrowery

This is where I'm sourcing the true wattage

Kind of a bummer, and a surprise to me as well but I can't speak for LEDs as I'm totally inexperienced with them - it's weird seeing lights like this listed at $90 for 136w of true watt, obviously would be cheaper to go this route just not as efficient of space as the single larger one, dunno.

u/lewdite · 1 pointr/Peppers


And I'm pleasantly surprised... when I was growing pot years ago LEDs were terrible but this thing has exceeded expectation. I also recommend a heating pad to keep the root zone warm! 😉

u/hotpeppers5656 · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

I'm doing it now, look at my posts to see my setup. You could get a small setup going for <$200 for everything to grow 4 decent sized plants, or you could spend a lot more on things like more efficient lights that aren't pink/purple, a tent to enclose it, or just a bigger setup for more plants.

Cheapest and easiest way to start with 4 plants is to use a LED like this from Amazon and put it like 2 feet over the plants. Get some 3 gallon pots, I like fabric pots because they drain well and dry fast like peppers like. Get some decent potting soil and some trays to sit the pots on. Humidity will probably be an issue though, and dehumidifiers aren't cheap.

You can use CFL or LED light bulbs, I started like that, but once I did the math on how many bulbs I needed and how much they and the sockets and everything for them were, I decided to go the LED grow light route. But then I didn't like the purple light color and wanted to make shelves, so I DIY'd some LED strips.

u/blokie07 · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana

Most LEDs marketing toward growing list the wattage based on the output equivalent of traditional grow lights. Obviously traditional grow lights put off a lot more heat and are much less efficient. For instance this viparspectra lists 300W but if you read the fine print it only pulls 130W. Mars and most grow lights market this way. I only ask because I am building an LED setup with 300 actual watts.

u/TheyWillEatTheRich · 1 pointr/nyc

Lights such as this. Good for supplementing the little bit of light people get in their windows in the city.

u/toeknee32 · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/Pureness304 · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

There are plenty of options on amazon. Lots of small LED set ups. The cheap Chinese lights really aren’t too bad either. A 300W will definitely do the job of you have room. Biggest concern with keeping things stealthy is the smell. You’ll need a carbon filter. During flowering things start to really reek!

This is the light I use currently.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series...

It works well. Definitely not the best on the market but it does the job!

u/hoarybat · 1 pointr/succulents

I'm shopping for an office setup for a couple of specimens of Stapelia: S. hirsuta and S.grandifola. Thanks to those who provided some early feedback on what I'd need.

Specifically, I'm going to be buying a grow-light for my office. I anticipate having a total of 3 succulents, each in 6" or 8" clay pots. Substrate will be Bonsai Jack Succulent Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111 -- the relative high cost of this soil is OK since I won't need much, and I'm hoping for a good setup.

I'm having difficulty picking a grow light. For several reasons, I want to go with LED grow lights, and not fluorescent tubes. What I need help with is the wattage of lighting that I'll need; I want sufficient light, but don't want to fry the plants.

I'm thinking about this 100W grow LED bulb, which I'll mount over the plants. Is this a good wattage, or should I be looking at something like this 300W enclosed LED kit?

Thanks! -- Dan

u/Potarazzi · 1 pointr/microgrowery

A 1x1 would not take much Rule of thumb is no less than 30w a square foot. A simple 90w (true watt, not the fake advertising watts) UFO style would be fine. Amazon is a good place to check

u/maseffect · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Get either a mars hydro or viparspectra v300 . Either one will be more then enough to get you through your grow . Get some Mylar and cover the interior of your box and you’re ready to start growing . Mount light at 18” from plant and have fun 😉
Oh here’s the link for the light I use : VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/Tyler_the_Tank- · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Thank you!
Got a light off Amazon that was on sale

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series...

Edit: Words

u/Henry_Haberdasher · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

Ok, if you want LED and wallet is no problem check out these. I've not used them myself (obviously) but i've seen grow diaries of them and they are amazing.

If you want more bottom end of the scale then you want something like this. This will grow you one, maybe 2 plants very nicely.

u/lopjae · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Sorry for the late reply, its this light I found on Amazon, I was told it could do the job though it's not a great light by any means.

Also as far as soil I was going to go to use soil from the outdoors, and use 5gal buckets or milk crates with garbage bags as pots -- you're saying if I use a organic soil I could get away with not monitoring pH? Are there any brands you can recommend that won't break the bank for about 4 plants?

u/AreasonableAmerican · 1 pointr/trees

I have 5 of these for my 6 plants, grown with bubble buckets in a happily legal state. Started with 3 lights, but the autoflowers didn't get super thick buds before the pistols were 75% orange. With the 5, they are getting enormous. Power for the 5 is about $70/mo at my rates.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

u/dalegrizzle1 · 1 pointr/gardening

I looked at these the first thing when I wanted an indoor garden myself, and honestly, he's right, and he's trying to help. They are v low wattage, like 20-30 each, if that. Simplest setup i would say, if you can spend 70$ and replace those heads and put up a nice blurple 300w like viparspectra, your money would go a longer ways. I did this and had some mylar survival blankets wrapping the whole thing, strung up with tape, for a long time. The mylar blankets are 7$ and they have more than enough to make a makeshift "grow tent" of sorts.


edited grammar

u/intldrugsmuggler · 1 pointr/microgrowery

hehe god speed son! seriously though you'll need at least something like this before you're going to get anywhere. not trying to be harsh at all but the desk lamp will really get you no where.

u/kratos_1812 · 1 pointr/KratomGarden

I have several different types of lights but really like these. In my opinion they've been the best so far. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified...

u/_Zhitan · 1 pointr/succulents

Are those all stretched as well? And I have one of those LED clamp strips, but I use them on props and baby succulents. My mature plants stretched when I used those. I personally don't find them strong enough and would stay away from that specific lamp.

The red blue LEDS are still worth looking into, but something more like this:

Or T5 High Output (HO) 6500k bulbs. Comes in 2ft and 4ft lengths. It provides more than adequate lumens (2000lm +). Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe's are good for those.

LED saves you money in the long run. But initially the cheapest option would be CFL bulbs (6500k 60watt) in aluminum lamps!

u/SpellDog · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Bought the 300 watter (136 watts draw) for $99 for my 2' x 1.5' x 5' newly constructed flower box. Working great on 1 plant so far. Check back in a month and a half.

u/bowhunter3 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I'm about to order this for basically a fridge or small closet type area. Do you think it will do the trick? I came to this one after reading a book and reviews. What do you think?

u/NikIsAnAssHole · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I have a different LED but maybe this can help.

This is my current grow: (The second picture in the album shows the hook)

and this is the 300 watt light that I have:

Our hooks might be different but maybe this will give you an idea on how to hang it

Also these may be the hooks you are looking for:

u/chlorobot · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

If you're serious about LED lighting consider one of these - one of the highest rated grow LED brands. Great warranty, solid spectrum and a full product line of different wattage and sizing.

I'm using this very model for my project

u/famaskillr · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You sure it's not this one

u/Nikusha123 · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

Will this VIPARSPECTRA light + my current LED be enough for 4-5 plants?

u/haloofsin · 1 pointr/Hydroponics

>the usable photons hitting the canopy. Instead of watta

Just to prove my point, see the coverage maps below under product description:(

It was the first light that popped up on Amazon. I do note the umol/m2/sec unit of measurement but notice it says "PAR Value".


EDIT: Provided link as I am unable to paste pictures.

u/_marv_ · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Thanks for the help! How far away should the light be in this stage? I using this light