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Vol. 1-Hot Pinball Rock
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u/chunkyblow · 2 pointsr/pinball

If you want to hear more music with a focus on pinball, try to find a few recordings by Extra Ball Records from Multiball Magazine. Hot Pinball Rock (Vol. 1) – featuring rare singles from the White Stripes and the Dirtbombs – is available from Amazon or at Slabtown (in Portland).

u/sleaziep · 1 pointr/pinball

Ha, well you'll discover within a year or two that every mainstream TV news segment or print article about pinball will reference this song when they discuss pinball. Non-pinheads that find out you are into pinball will jokingly call you Tommy and get a shit eating grin on their face like they are comedic geniuses. It gets old real fast.

I'm listen to a lot of music, and it is pretty pathetic how weak the music culture surrounding pinball is. We have The Who and Barenaked Ladies. Makes me want to ram a plunger rod into my ears.

There is this garage rock compilation album about pinball that isn't too bad -

u/ruxxell · 1 pointr/pinball

This CD came with one of the last issues of Multiball Magazine in 2000.