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Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet with Bonus Software, 7.9
Graphics tablet to use in any software for digital art, photo editing and animation 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and 2540 lipConnect this digital drawing tablet to your computer via USB cable to your Mac or PC to easily write, edit or convey ideas to students or colleagues when web-conferencingSlim design and compact sized art tablet with a large drawing area (6.0 inches x 3.7 inches); Perfect for limited desktop areas and gives more room to createEasy setup, for both left and right handed use; The pen doesn't need to be charged so you can start creating immediately; 4 customizable express keys put your favorite shortcuts at your fingertipsBonus: Register your Intuos to receive Clip Studio Paint Pro (2-yr license), and try out Corel Painter Essentials 7 & Corel AfterShot Pro 3 (90-day trial); Must register to receive software; Offer only available for customers located in the AmericasSystem requirements: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (excluding Windows 10 S; Latest service pack/build), macOS X 10.11 or later (latest update)
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26 Reddit comments about Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet with Bonus Software, 7.9" X 6.3", Black (CTL4100):

u/RMutha · 4 pointsr/AdobeIllustrator

Wacom is always the way to go.
This is the tablet I use at work and home. So far the best small tablet Wacom has made. Very affordable. Small but great.

u/Criina-mancer · 3 pointsr/ffxiv

Absolutely! I always recommend Wacom as a very reliable brand. Their tablets last a loooong time and it's a fan favorite. I've been using them for years and I always point people towards their starter tablets.
This is the newest model of their "beginner" tablet in size small. It's their cheapest option for someone looking to break into digital art. It's also the same type I used when I first started freelancing (2017 model Intuos Draw Small) before changing to a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium.

u/WacomSupport · 3 pointsr/wacom

Thanks for the question. The Wacom Intuos (CTL4100) would be a great tablet to start with. Its the tablet many people will choose to learn how to use a tablet and to get started with editing.

u/Jay444111 · 2 pointsr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

Sorry for bugging ya again. But is this a decent tablet for just starting out?

It is a wacom Bamboo so I was wondering if this is something good to get.

Also, is it possible to get kitra on it? I don't want to pay a monthly subscription for programs if possible.

Or should I get this one as it comes with some free programs?

u/foxtain · 2 pointsr/ArtFundamentals

No one really has "talent". It's a matter of working hard and putting in the time and effort to developing a skill.

That Huion would be perfectly acceptable though! You also have the option of a Wacom Intuos, which is a similar price.

The difference between these two brands is ultimately a preference, so you can go with either and get fairly similar results. I'd honestly go with whichever one of these is cheaper for you.

u/ThisIsBa · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

I’ve heard that pen tablets are excellent for fighting repetitive strain injury. They’re a bit pricey but CGP Grey swears by them for podcast and video editing. Depending on your screen size, Wacom has some decently priced options. Be sure to use it in 1:1 mode

u/TBoastful · 2 pointsr/osugame

Gaomon s620 is so good actually, I would recommend watching some reviews on it. In fact, there's a fork of hawku drivers for it too, super nice.

edit: for reference Ive used the shit huion garbage with the giant pen, and also the xp pen star g430s which is actually pretty good except for the slippery cheap pen, but the s620 is better than both of these.


However, if you want to splurge and never have to buy a tablet again, This wacom tablet is incredible. Pen is super light, rubber covers the majority of it so it wont slip at all, and you can get better drivers for it. But again, more expensive


hope this helps

u/liasun22 · 2 pointsr/osugame

I'm interested in moving over to tablet after almost a year of mouse play. I know on the FAQ it says that the osu!tablet, Huion H420, Wacom Bamboo CTL and Wacom Intuos Pen are the most common tablets to purchase for osu. I found the Wacom Intuos CTL4100 at 43% off and was wondering if this is the same as the Wacom Intuos Pen? Also, would I be able to edit the playing areas and such with this purchase?

u/Lady_Vis · 2 pointsr/ffxiv

This isn't the exact one (I'm using and older version) but it should be pretty similar. And to be fair, it's not a bad tablet if you're just getting started, but crap relatively speaking to the one I just ordered.

u/BigHonkerDonkers · 2 pointsr/wacom

The laptop being slow will dictate on what programs he can use for art, not the tablet itself if that is what you are asking. Can you get the make and model of the computer? I will be able to tell you which ones that would work. What version of Windows is he running?

But for now, I can list off some free ones.

Mediabang: It's completely free. It is designed for comic artists, but honestly it work for any type of art project you are doing.

Fire Alpaca: Free. it's a very light art program, so I doubt there will be lag at all.

Krita: Free. It has more of a professional look. I say it looks like one of the newest Photoshop layouts.

I suggest getting this one:

It's cheap, good for beginners, and the Intuos line of Wacom tablets are very good. It comes with three different art programs, but I do believe they are trial only.

u/ZeAthenA714 · 2 pointsr/photography

Anyone uses pen tablet for photo retouching?

I'm starting to dig a little bit more into photoshop for stuff like dodge & burn, frequency separation etc... and using the mouse isn't really optimal. So I'd like to buy a pen tablet that I won't use for anything else than photo retouching. Is a cheap Wacom enough for that? Is there any point in going for bigger/more expensive tablets?

u/shadyedit · 1 pointr/ArtFundamentals

Well there’s a Wacom intuous tablet that’s about $80 (and this one comes with software apparently which is a bonus) . Wacom is a big company and even though they can have incredibly annoying glitches, I’ve been pretty impressed with the customer service on the whole. I had an issue with a charging jack on my last Wacom tablet and they repaired it free of charge as the issue was a manufacturing problem.

For a strict under 70 budget there’s also something called the Ugee . I have zero personal experience but I’ve read the name on a couple “top ten tablets for less $$$” lists.

u/SheCalledMePaul · 1 pointr/DigitalPainting

What would you think is better a semi used intuos 3, or this

u/nickstatus · 1 pointr/pics

Get a cheap Wacom tablet like this. I got one for my kids, best purchase ever.

u/EvocativeEnigma · 1 pointr/wacom

I found a review for that tablet.... it does say that it needs the Bluetooth connector, but IMO, if you have to save up that much just for the connector for a tablet that might not work, it might be better just to save up for a better tablet either new or actually refurbished rather than hoping the one from Goodwill does work, as there are issues brought up in the video that would make me not want the Bluetooth version in the first place.

The Wacom One for example, would actually be cheaper than buying the connector for a tablet you might not be able to work still?

If you go up a bit more, the Wacom Intuos Graphics comes with good set of programs as well as the tablet, too.

u/Tapatch · 1 pointr/osugame

Here's the Wacom site link:

Here's an Amazon link: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet, with Free Creative Software Download, 7.9"x 6.3", Black (CTL4100)

u/microlost · 1 pointr/linuxquestions

Thanks. been using Krita for a while for animation. It works great. I was looking at this one,pretty sure it is the newer version of the draw, not sure.

u/Lucy-N · 1 pointr/wacom

I bought the Wacom Intuos S (wireless) as my first drawing tablet. It was only 75€ I absolutely love this tablet and I highly recommendit to you! Altough I don't use it wirelessly anymore because I noticed some lag. While using it with the USB cable there is no lag at all. I haven't figured it out the reason behind it yet, but to be honest I'm also too lazy to fix it lol and the cable doesnt even bother me, it's never in the way. Also it's a "small" sized tablet but I find it more than enough for me.

u/PowderPuffGirls · 1 pointr/tablets

I see. To be honest at this price point I would recommend a drawing tablet without screen. Something like this

This is what digital artist have been using for the longest time and often still use. There's a slight learning curve involved but it is much easier than you'd think.

u/billFoldDog · 1 pointr/tablets

You aren't going to save money doing this.

I really think you should just bite the bullet and buy a tablet to plug into your computer that is built for that purpose.

I know people like to draw on-screen, but it isn't that hard to get used to drawing on a blank drawing tablet like this one

u/whizbangpow · 1 pointr/stylus

I recently misplaced my CTL-480 pen and was wondering the same thing. I do most of my drawing on an iPad but kept the small Bamboo for the odd bit of retouching. I'll either give Astropad a shot or for the same-ish price grab an XP tablet.

Edit: going by @digitizerstylus link, this this would work, but at $65 for a refurb, you're better off just getting a new Intuos Small.

u/karate-dad · 1 pointr/photography

This one right here is a nice one for beginners.

I use an older model that is no longer available. I use it like you said for brushes in photoshop or lightroom or for anything that requires very detailed work. The pen is in most cases superior to the mouse. Plus you can program the so-called express buttons on the tablet for each programs favourite shortcuts. That is a real time saver.

More expensive models are larger, wireless and have more express buttons. So it’s up to your own needs (and budget) which one you choose.

u/IvaldiClan · 1 pointr/blender

I second a Wacom. I've had each of mine for ten years apiece before they would finally bite the dust. I don't use tablets for sculpting, though. There is a definite advantage because you can use pressure when sculpting, but my workflow goes a lot faster just using a mouse. Wacom Intuos is a good starter if you want to give it a shot. Or, if you don't mind refurbished, try searching around for something in the Wacom Bamboo series. They're built like bricks and can take a ton of abuse, so I wouldn't be too concerned about one not working properly.

u/goofandgaff · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet with 3 Bonus Software included, 7.9"x 6.3", Black (CTL4100) this is a commonly agreed upon "good starter drawing pad" and includes some software