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Warhammer Tau Empire Pathfinder Team 40,000
Contains all the pieces to build a Tau Empire Pathfinder TeamFeatures 3 different drones and various leg posesIncludes a variety of weaponry including pulse carbines, rail rifles & moreTools, paints, and glue sold separatelyDesigned and manufactured by Games Workshop
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3 Reddit comments about Warhammer Tau Empire Pathfinder Team 40,000:

u/jasonalwaysready · 3 pointsr/killteam

For Tau, the current meta is pathfinder gunners with rail guns and stealth suits. you can pick up a box of both for about $50 total.

the start collecting box is good value with lots of drones, the ethereal, and crisis suits. The troops can be breachers or fire warriors, but not pathfinders.

check out this video for other entry factions.

u/lilyvess · 2 pointsr/anime

Well I had a couple friends who were already interested in it, but just didn't have the motivation all by themselves. I had some extra cash lying around and told them I'd be a third part of their trinity.

I started by buying the $70 Tau Start Collecting box. This is just a good efficient purchase to get me a few units to play around with.

My friends, to encourage me, spent $100 to buy me paints, special scissors, file, glue and brushes.

This was all the starting. Since while that Start Collecting box was no where near enough.

so far I've bought

Rapid Insertion Cadre - $170

Broadside - $42

Pathfinders - $30

Fire Warriors - $42

this is not counting the additional paints and brushes I've had to buy. In total I've spent near $400 on this game

and I'd say I've got close to a good early collection looks like. I'm almost ready for a 1k game, which is basically a small game of 40k.

oh, btw, that's just the figures. We haven't even made a place to play on yet. So we've begun investing in making terrain. Which is even more money and time.

u/AFKennedy · 1 pointr/killteam

You can get the AdMech alone for $33 - . If you want to supplement them, you can also pick up a box of Sicarians, but those are more expensive.

For Astartes, I’d recommend picking up a box of cheap sniper scouts ( ) or Intercessors ( ) or both to supplement your Reivers. That will give you a lot more flexibility to deal with other teams.

For Tau, I would consider, depending on budget: a box of Stealth Suits ( ) and a box of pathfinders ( ). And maybe a few packs of tactical drones: .