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u/uehmik · 17 pointsr/asoiaf

As far as I know, there is no way to buy digital copies of these yet. The only way I was able to find them was via the fantasy compilations:
Legends I,
Legends II,
Warriors I

Btw, I have no affiliation with Amazon, it was just easy to find on their site.

I almost enjoyed them more than asoiaf because there's there's no shifting POV characters for all 3 "novellas." Everything is always from the POV of Ser Duncan the Tall.

u/nowonmai666 · 12 pointsr/asoiaf

It's the graphic novel of The Hedge Knight that sells for stupid prices.
The actual novella is available in this book or this one. (Kindle edition).

The Sworn Sword is in Legends II. Alternatively, it's in this book which only contains part of the original Legends II anthology.

The Mystery Knight is in Warriors, or in paperback, this volume.

This is discussed pretty much weekly in this subreddit and really ought to be in the sidebar. For anyone from the future who is reading this thread, all the deleted comments are below were links to pirated versions of the books.

u/A_Polite_Noise · 11 pointsr/gameofthrones

They haven't been released individually but rather as parts of short story collections that Martin edits or has some other part in.

  • The first "Dunk & Egg" tale ("The Hedge Knight") is in the collection "Legends: Stories by the Masters of Modern Fantasy" (AMAZON LINK) as well as the more recent collection "Dreamsongs: Volume II" (AMAZON LINK)

  • The second Dunk & Egg tale ("The Sworn Sword") is in the collection "LEGENDS II: DRAGONS, SWORDS AND KINGS" (AMAZON LINK)

  • The third "Dunk & Egg" tale ("The Mystery Knight" is in the collection "Warriors 1" (AMAZON LINK)

  • The first and second "Dunk & Egg" tales ("The Hedge Knight" and "The Sworn Sword") were also adapted into graphic novels which are now sadly out of print; you will spend over $50 for them used, or up to $250+ for new copies. This is how I was introduced to "Dunk & Egg" and if you can get your hand on copies, I can't recommend them highly enough. The art is incredible, depicting Martin's world before HBO did, and the action is spot on; the dialogue and voice-overs and descriptions are all taken directly from the page...Martin's wording nearly perfectly transposed. (AMAZON LINK for THE HEDGE KNIGHT and ANOTHER EDITION and AMAZON LINK for THE SWORN SWORD and ANOTHER EDITION)
u/PeppermintDinosaur · 10 pointsr/Fantasy

No, you're probably seeing the out-of-print graphic novels (EDIT: Which I might add are going to be coming back into print along with a new graphic novel of The Mystery Knight in the near future).

The three novellas can be found in the Legends (contains the first story, The Hedge Knight), Legends II (contains the second story, The Sworn Sword), and Warriors I (contains the third story, The Mystery Knight) anthologies for pretty cheap - I got all three brand new for around thirty bucks.

u/preggit · 9 pointsr/asoiaf

All of his Dunk & Egg short stories are published as part of a set of short stories by several fantasy writers combined into one book. The one you linked is so expensive because the stories were never officially published as standalone books. I wouldn't pay more than a couple bucks for each (book 3 is new so it's a little more expensive). Here they are on amazon:

Book 1 - The Hedge Knight

Book 2 - The Sworn Sword

Book 3 - The Mystery Knight

u/shiftyb · 7 pointsr/gameofthrones

They can also be bought here, here, aaanndd here.

u/_Moon_ · 7 pointsr/asoiaf
u/Ron735 · 6 pointsr/asoiaf

These are the ones I bought. They are all paperback not hardcover. Legends is the most expensive since its a bigger book than the rest of them and the other two are mass produced paperback. I don't know if there is a mass produced paperback version of Legends 1 or not.

Legends 1: ~$15

Legends 2: ~$7

Warriors 1: ~$7

Total: ~$30 plus shipping on amazon

u/PrivateMajor · 6 pointsr/asoiaf

They are cheap to buy online.

Sword Sword

Mystery Knight

And it's cool because they are only part of the bigger anthology, so if you buy these, you get a whole bunch of cool stories!

u/Jen_Snow · 6 pointsr/asoiaf

No they aren't free. They're short stories among other short stories in three anthology sets.

u/GRVrush2112 · 6 pointsr/asoiaf

The stories are in separate Anthologies, search for "Legends Anthology" which contains "The Hedge Knight".. "Legends II" which contains "The Sworn Sword", and finally "Warriors Anthology" which has "The Mystery Knight"

additionally the "Dangerous Women" anthology contains "The Princess and the Queen".. not part of Dunk and Egg, but another novella taking place in the World of Ice and Fire.

I can't think of any reasons you shouldn't be able to get these in the UK.

EDIT: Logged onto the U.K amazon... here are the links to purchase...., The links will show the anthology the novellas are in, they are not available individually.

The Hedge Knight

The Sworn Sword

The Mystery Knight

The Princess and the Queen

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

I don't think they are standalone novels, you have to buy them along with other stories. Here are the 3 parts.

u/alyeong · 5 pointsr/asoiaf

They're kind of hard to come across because well, they're always included in collections. The Mystery Knight is in a collection called Warriors. I've read all the Novellas since the Hedge Knight was originally published in the first Legends collection. Luckily there is a paperback available for Legends 1 but I think it's out of print. Also to be more confusing, the paperback it's contained in is called Legends 2 because it's the second part of the hardcover or something? But Legends II collection is where you get the Sworn Sword. Well here's a handy list though some might not be in stock (PB = Paperback/HC = Hardcover):

  • The Hedge Knight - Legends 1 PB HC
  • The Hedge Knight - Graphic Novel PB HC
  • The Sworn Sword - Legends II PB HC
  • The Sworn Sword - Graphic Novel - PB HC
  • The Mystery Knight - Warriors I PB HC
u/thedarkwolf · 5 pointsr/asoiafreread

The Hedge Knight

The Sworn Sword

The Mystery Knight

For those that are interested or having trouble finding them, these are the anthologies where each individual story is contained.

u/spigatwork · 3 pointsr/asoiaf

These are what I just bought. The later two are the cheap smaller paperback, but they work.

u/tsukari · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

You can actually buy Legends 1, Legends 2, and Warriors 1 on Amazon which contain the Dunk and Egg stories :) For reference the titles are The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight.

Both Legends have Kindle versions. Hope this helps!

u/Ginnerben · 3 pointsr/asoiaf

They're not currently released as stand-alones, apart from an illustrated edition, IIRC.

Your best bet to find them is in the collections they were published in:

Here, here, and here (Links taken from the sidebar).

u/Institutionlzd4114 · 3 pointsr/asoiaf

Warriors I is the anthology that has the story. The link is for Amazon. If you're outside the U.S., I can't really help you.

u/tcgeralt · 2 pointsr/Fantasy

There is both a comic/graphic novel and short stories.

u/lunarblossoms · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

The first three are contained in separate collections of short stories, and there are also the graphic novels, which are expensive. I got books on Amazon for around $30 total US.

Warriors I
Legends II

u/ApertureLabia · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

Here's the bad news about D&E.. Each book of D&E is in a separate anthology, so you need to buy 3 different books to read them. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us download the PDFs with the intention on buying the D&Es when they get released as a single book (which will happen after the 4th story is released).

Here's the books you'd need to buy to read the three released D&E stories:

Legends, Legends 2, and Warriors.

I couldn't find the first one... I think that's the first one.

more info here:

u/FinAdartse · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

Dunno if you can buy the individually as an e-book, but I read 'em in different anthologies.

The Hedge Knight was in Legends.

The Sworn Sword was in Legends II.

The Mystery Knight was in Warriors

u/rwolfe · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

Just so you know, the Dunk and Egg stories are available really cheap online in various anthologies; the latest one I bought at Barnes and Noble.

EDIT: Here are amazon links to the said anthologies

The Hedge Knight

The Sworn Sword

The Mystery Knight

u/atrophied462 · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

Some of them were re-released individually as graphic novels, but other than that they're only available as part of collections:

The Hedge Knight -

The Sworn Sword -

The Mystery Knight -

u/GyantSpyder · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

My girlfriend actually tracked down all three of the anthologies they originally appeared in and got them for me off Amazon as a Christmas present. She ended up putting a fair amount of work into getting them (we watch the show together, but she's never read the books, and this was a surprise, so piecing them together and differentiating them from The Rogue Prince and the Princess and the Queen and whatnot was tough, but she nailed it), and I was super psyched.

Here are the three anthologies on Amazon. Each has one Dunk & Egg tale:

u/roguetue · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

The Hedge Knight in Legends 1 paperback - 13.59 and less
The Sworn Sword in Legends 2 paperback - 7.99
The Mystery Knight in Warriors 1 paperback - 7.99

I have posted these before. Can we get a mod to add these to the sidebar so we can end these questions and people's links to torrents and PDFs. Also, these are available as graphic novels/comics as well, but I think they are pretty limited in quantity and quite expensive.

This may seem unreasonable for a couple of novellas, but they are actually good collections. Some of the stories are really good. If its really too much, they are generally available at your local library.

EDIT: If you really love ASOIAF, please buy these. More money will hopefully encourage GRRM to keep writing!

u/willwill78 · 1 pointr/asoiaf

You can buy them as a part of compendiums

The Hedge Night can be ound here -

The Sworn Sword can be found here -

And The Mystery Night can be found here -

You can get all 3 for about $30 and free shipping. You can also check your local library since each is only about 100 or so pages.

u/oh_bother · 1 pointr/asoiaf

I have to comment on this, just to stress it further.

I know reading is difficult, so I'll go ahead and relink them here here and here

TL;DR: LINK 1... LINK 2... LINK 3

still TL;DR?! 1... 2... 3

there is a compilation being released with the next tale though, soon (it was sent to the publisher a few months ago) so I'd wait.

u/harryarei · 1 pointr/gameofthrones

When you searched for the novellas did you happen to search by the specific titles (The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight? If you did then I can see why you would think they'd be too expensive. The stories are part of three separate collections of short stories that are pretty cheap. They are Legends, Legends II, and Warriors. You can pick up all three on Amazon for like $30 total.

u/1mmunity · 1 pointr/asoiaf

you might be looking at the graphic novel version of the hedgeknight and thats why its so expensive look them up in the anthology forms and you might have more success:
Legends 1 (contains the Hedgeknight) Legends 2 (contains The Sworn Sword), and Warriors 1 (Contains the Mystery Knight)

u/Dwayne_J_Murderden · 1 pointr/asoiaf

Dunk & Egg is entirely told from the point of view of Ser Duncan the Tall, a young knight out for adventure in Westeros, and since they're short stories they're far more action packed than any book of ASoIaF.

The first three Dunk & Egg tales are only available in anthologies.

The Hedge Knight

The Sworn Sword

The Mystery Knight

Combined they would cost more than ADwD, regardless of what format you buy it in. I would definitely recommend reading them at some point (and they provide at least 2 big reveals in ASoIaF), they are not necessary to read before Dance. There will be a second Warriors anthology coming out in the fall/winter I believe, containing the fourth Dunk & Egg story. Shortly after that release all 4 stories will be released in a volume together. That said, there are other great short stories in these anthologies, so you may find it worth it to get them.

u/ungoogleable · 1 pointr/asoiaf

What are you talking about? The current Amazon prices are $13.59, $7.99, and $7.99, with free shipping if you buy them together. Used is even cheaper.

u/paul938 · 1 pointr/asoiaf

This question is ask a lot but I'll answer it anyway, the Dunk & Eggs novella are available in 3 different anthologies: The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight