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WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set w/ a Green Roll Up Vinyl Board, Plastic Pieces & Bag
COMPLETE SET: Crafted with intention. Each set includes 34 plastic, Staunton style chess pieces (2 extra Queens) with a 3.75 inch King. Every piece is complete with green felt bottoms. Includes a flexible green vinyl chess mat that is easy to wipe clean and has rounded edges. Comes with a detailed instruction booklet, great for players who are just starting out.TOURNAMENT READY: This set meets the World Chess Federation's (FIDE) height weight and proportions for tournament play. Our roll up board is equipped with algebraic notation on the perimeter for game analysis. Includes a set of equalizer dice to level the playing field between beginner and experienced players.ON THE GO: The perfect travel set! These vinyl chess mats measure 19.75 inches with 2.25 in squares but can roll up, great for your busy lifestyle. Comes with a black zippered storage bag. The bottom of the bag has a carrying loop to store the rolled board.GOOD FOR YOU: The benefits of chess are enormous. Children who partake in chess boost their critical thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness and socialization skills, making it a great addition to any classroom or household.WE GAMES: Making the world’s best traditional game since 1977. Our games are crafted with high quality sustainable materials with attention to fine details. WE Games donates time and resources to the Toy Foundation to help children in need who are facing many of life’s most difficult challenges
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8 Reddit comments about WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set w/ a Green Roll Up Vinyl Board, Plastic Pieces & Bag:

u/P343 · 9 pointsr/chess

Don't buy that. That looks like the worst most annoying board ever.

If you want a board you can take to tournaments try this (amazon).

The wooden boards I saw on amazon were really not impressive. Most of the 12x12 and 15x15 ones are rather annoying to play on just from experience.

u/Reditor_in_Chief · 1 pointr/chess

I use this board with these pieces for table play and home practice, and I use this board for out-and-about games.

As for what I'd most like to own, I think I'd ultimately wish to have a large lifesize board in my yard someday, but they're a pretty penny.

u/QueenofChess · 1 pointr/sanantonio

I suggest buying online. The sets are better priced and more durable for your kid. I used to teach chess for k-12. 5 is a good age to start just having fun with chess. Don't push it too hard or he'll just end up disliking chess (I saw a lot of parents push too hard and their kids got burnt out by 9).
There is a good chess club here in SA but I think it meets a bit too late for your kid, plus it is a bunch of old men and college guys.

This is a good board/set to start with. Easy to clean, hard to break, easy to transport and store (the board won't wrinkle that easily):

Or something similar.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need help. Good luck!

u/blackferne · 1 pointr/chess

A lot of choosing a chess board will depend on his sense of style. If you want a portable one, the leather worries me in case it goes to a bar and somebody spilled a drink on it. A typical [vinyl board] ( ) would be something that even if a party foul happened, it would be such a big deal.

As for the rest of them, they are very nice boards. Options 3 and 4 appeal to my tastes personally, but you know your boyfriend's style better. 5 and 7 have their appeal for sure. I am not a fan of Option 6. Non standard pieces annoy me personally.

u/dubov · 1 pointr/chess

I'd recommend one of these Staunton tournament boards. Easy to play on and good looking too

Go for size 6 instead if you prefer

I will say that if you use wooden pieces they are likely to get damaged sooner or later. This is the type of thing a lot of players use to play on with weighted plastic pieces, it's not as pretty as wood but it is functional and hard to damage

u/Arm-the-homeless · 1 pointr/chess

If it's a budget board you're after and not some showpiece just get yourself one of those vinyl tournament mats.

This is the one I have. Big squares, big pieces, two queens per side, and it tucks away nicely in a drawer or fits in a backpack to take to a friend's house. And it's cheap.

If you want something better on a budget, I'd still recommend a vinyl mat, but getting a nice set of weighted wooden chessmen to go with it.

u/UnMasterAlex · 1 pointr/chess

I use one of these, but if you're interested, some chess publishers (Everyman Chess comes to mind) have their own apps that let you purchase their books on, and they let you play through the pgns on a board as you read. I do recommend my first suggestion though since it's a more active method of engaging with your reading material (better retention). I'm not aware of anything that would let you use OCR to just import a starting position.