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White Noise Sound Machine | Portable Sleep Therapy for Home , Office , Baby & Travel | 6 Relaxing & Soothing Nature Sounds , Battery or Adapter Charging Options , Auto-Off Timer | HoMedics Sound Spa
6 Soothing Sounds: Choose from 6 digitally recorded relaxing Sounds: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook; The Soundspa's Sounds are Designed to mimic the natural environment to provide the most relaxing Experience possibleCompact & Portable FOR Travel: Don’t worry about Not Sleeping while you Travel, the Homedics Sleep Sound Machine is Small and Lightweight; It easily fits into Your purse, Bag or suitcase making it Easy to bring Your Sleep Sounds with you wherever you goHelps Your Baby Sleep : Add the Soundspa's rhythmic nature noises to your baby's Sleep routine to help them fall aSleep faster and stay aSleep longer; The stylish, dark blue color looks great in any room including your child's nursery;The nature sounds will help lull your baby to Sleep whether it's nap Time or night Time; A Sleeping baby means more Sleep for the Whole familyAuto Off Timer : The Homedics Sound Machine’s therapeutic Sounds can be used for relaxation, Sleep, work, Travel, study or meditation; You can choose to Play the relaxation Sounds continuously, or choose from the auto off Timer. The Timer Features 3 Options: 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It can be plugged into a wall outlet with the adapter (Included) or Powered by 4 ‘AA’ batteries (Not Included)WHAT’S Included: Homedics Soundspa White Noise Sleep Machine; Wall outlet adapter; 30 day money back Guarantee; Caution keep cord away from heated surfaces; To reduce the risk of burns, fire and electric shock use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual; Do Not use attachments Not Recommended by Homedics specifically any attachments Not provided with the unit ; Natural Sounds help you relax while you read, work, study or Sleep
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33 Reddit comments about White Noise Sound Machine | Portable Sleep Therapy for Home , Office , Baby & Travel | 6 Relaxing & Soothing Nature Sounds , Battery or Adapter Charging Options , Auto-Off Timer | HoMedics Sound Spa:

u/r00tyt00ty · 8 pointsr/Austin

Honest question here, have you looked into a white noise machine? or running a fan? is what I use, have it set to White Noise, roomie has theirs set to Ocean and it sounds like the beach.

u/BranWafr · 5 pointsr/Parenting

This is the model we've had for almost 2 decades. Got it when my now High School age daughter was a baby and still use it. Has multiple settings (Rain, ocean, jungle, etc...) and has a simple timer if you don't want it on all night. I highly recommend it.

u/exces6 · 4 pointsr/financialindependence

I use a basic Homedics white noise machine ($20 on Amazon), and it works great. I grew up on white noise machines, and they definitely help me sleep more rested. My wife feels the same way, and she never used one before meeting me.

If you want to try it for a night or two, check out the app White Noise Free. The brown noise setting is the closest thing to my white noise machine, and the app is great to bring on trips.

u/beachie841 · 3 pointsr/acupuncture

A sound machine for white noise. I’ve been using this one for close to 10 years! (I’m partial to using this on “Ocean” in addition to a second music source. It really helps to mask sound from other treatment rooms and helps patients relax.)

White Noise Machine | Sleep Therapy | HoMedics

u/gallie_frayed · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Here's the one we got. We used an old iphone hooked up to a speaker for the first year, that worked well too... until the iphone kicked the bucket.

u/ExactPanda · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump
u/jellyrollo · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

White noise machine. You can get one on Amazon for about $20. You can also get a free app like Relax Melodies, but the speakers aren't quite as good and I find having the sound coming from my phone inconvenient at times.

Turn up the water setting loud enough and you won't hear any distant sounds like barking, horns or sirens, or really anything short of someone hammering on your front door. But you'll still hear your alarm because it's close to you.

The white noise will seem loud at first, but your brain filters it out after a few minutes so you don't even notice it. I live in a canyon with frequent insane car crashes that happen in the middle of the night and I don't even hear them anymore. It's a huge relief.

u/rootbeeryum · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

if white noise helps and you want a sound machine in the future--this one's affordable and great. I esp like it bc according to precious little sleep you need to keep the sleep environment consistent so you'd need the white noise on all night. HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver

u/bderenzi · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like to listen to white noise or soothing sounds when I relax, which is why I have a white noise machine on my wishlist. It has ocean noises! Without the sea gulls! So niiiicceeee.

P.S. I like talking. =)

u/kk6590 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

This one doesn’t have a remote but it’s worked great for us it’s cheap too!

ETA they advertise it to look like it’s timer-based but you can leave it on all the time as well.

u/Sheilasheshe · 2 pointsr/Mommit
I have used this machine for 2 years. Taken it on every vacation and bought one for grandma and grandpas house. We alternate the sounds every night and it works like a charm. OUr kitchen is located right outside the baby's room and she has never peeped, even when doing dishes. It is located on the shelf of her changing table across the room from the crib. I can not say enough good things about it. AND ITS CHEAP!

u/lmvz91 · 2 pointsr/DIY

I have this one HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver and really like it. Really hope it works out for you.

u/StillNotMyName · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump
u/kittenmommy · 2 pointsr/raisedbyborderlines

> Thank you so much! And yeah, my fiancé says I don't know how to do anything in moderation 😂

Yeah, my husband is the same way. He has only one setting: Eleven! 😹

> I will definitely report back after all is said and done!

Please do!

> Ooooh, sounds like I should really look into one!

Definitely do! I have this one.

u/Ducky312 · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

This is the one I have I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with one of their millions of coupons. I really like the rain and the white noise options.

u/GherkinJerkin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Tried it, hated it. I'm very petite and skinny and I tried a juice fast for less than 2 whole days and had to stop. I was dizzy, couldn't function, was crazy tired, and more than once afraid I may pass out. My bosses wife just tried one and lost 14 pounds.... because whatever was in the drink made her vomit for two days straight. They are dangerous! And honestly, drinking THAT few calories for an extended period of time may lead to weight loss in the short-term but as soon as you go back to eating regularly you gain it all back quickly because your metabolism is all jacked from not eating enough.
This noise machine rocks has a white noise setting that roooocks

u/DaPinkKnight · 2 pointsr/simpleliving

I live in a small apartment and can relate. Baby's room is our closet.

Diapers I choose cloth because it saves over 1,000 dollars a year. They have cloth diaper services that clean and drop off, you can buy used or just do disposible.

Toy library allows you to rent toys versus storing them and honestly my kid could care a less about toys till she was 5/6months

Library for books they just outgrow them and you can trade out frequently.

Bouncer is usefull for soothing and sitting upright for 20 mins after feedings which helps with spitup.

Muchkins bath was a lifesaver went through 3 before i found it. It can hang on the back of a door.

Pack and play with a diaper changer station and some even have built in drawers which makes life easy.

Doona carseat expensive but stroller and carseat in one. Is amazing for airport, road trips. And grocery trips. Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base - Night (Black) - US Version

This sitting saucer and also a carseat and turns into a booster seat

Jumper the graco one with the bumpers is the best packs up for travel.

Pacifiers and bottles as every kid has a diffrent prefrence dont go ham until you see if you kid likes it. I had massive success for dr.brown bottles and pacifiers. Only had gas 3 times.

Bibs 2 silicone for when on real food (just wash with soap and water in sink). I recomment cloth bibs for formula or milk and drool as it adsorbs better. Get one with buttons all velcroa die within 2 or 3 washes.

I use ikea diah drying rack for all diahes no need to buy a bottle specific one.

I reccomend a rack for bottles mine is an under the counter and holds bottles, bibs and paper towel.

Swaddles 1 halo and 1 swaddle me one with the arms. Every baby is diffrent and some wake up if they get the arms out of the halo. Once you find on just get 2 so if spit up gets on it you have a back up.

Clothes. Skip pjs no need for them when they are in a swaddle.

Portable noise machine: White Noise Sound Machine | Portable Sleep Therapy for Home, Office, Baby & Travel | 6 Relaxing & Soothing Nature Sounds, Battery or Adapter Charging Options, Auto-Off Timer | HoMedics Sound Spa

Oh and baby meds and a humidifer i reccomend the babyfrida one it is easy to clean and helps a ton when she had a cold.

Baby swing will save your sanity for those hard nights. i reccomend the fisher price it swings both left/right and front to back.

Eddie bauer diaper bag. It holds everything.

If you have a very needy baby the infantio baby carrier is amazing and when they get big you use it as a backpack carrier for them.

Skip everything else they grow out of it or just dont use it.

u/Trevmiester · 1 pointr/Music

This is the one I use. Comes with the original white noise, but also has others such as ocean, rain, thunderstorm, brook, and night time (crickets and such sounds).

It works really well if you live with roomates/family for sleep too. My mom got me hooked. Not only do i seem to sleep better, it blocks out noises from other parts of the house such as roomates cooking/listening to music/talking. Definitely worth the 20 bucks

u/danieljay691 · 1 pointr/NewParents

This is the one we use now, it's been great. We use the white noise for over night and the rain sound for nap times. It works wonders for us.

We got one as a gift, it was munchkin brand and had a little projector. We thought it was great. After 6 months it capped out so we bought another at Walmart, that one died that same night. So we exchanged it for another of the same kind and the new one died 3 days later.. so we gave up on that one

u/sooziesunshine · 1 pointr/infj

I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping and going about one night a week without any sleep wasn't unusual, especially when I was stressed. The four things that helped me the most were:

  1. This wonderful device
  2. Writing or reading before bed
  3. Getting into a normal routine with school and work
  4. Sleeping with a SO
u/baconj22 · 1 pointr/ADHD

I use this one:

It's easy to travel with and it's not too expensive, and you can using batteries or plug it in

u/septicidal · 1 pointr/InfertilityBabies

Right now I'm just using the Simply Noise app on either my phone or iPad, set to pink noise (supposedly better for sleep) and fairly loud (80-90% of full volume on the iPad). I have charging cords near both the bassinet and in the nursery so it works well in either space and didn't cost me anything. We will likely get an actual white noise machine down the line; Moms On Call recommends this one (and it's also the model my therapist uses in the waiting area):

I like that it can be powered by battery or adapter, so if we travel we could easily take it with us.

u/Faptastic88 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you'll like this and if not you can always use this to keep you warm. perpetually angst-ridden ass fucks xx

u/ckiros · 1 pointr/LawSchool

I've used that youtube video before. Sometimes I use earplugs or listen to repetitive music on headphones.

I have this at home -

It has a white noise option.

u/The_Advocating_Nanny · 1 pointr/sleeptrain

I’m a sleep consultant and always have my clients use real white noise for their baby’s to help them stay asleep.

It’s also a positive sleep cue. This is the one I use.

HoMedics, White Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds and Timer, Spa Relaxation, Sleep Therapy for Home, Office and Travel, SS-2000G/F-AMZ Silver

u/bedlamunicorn · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We did our first trip when my son was 8 months old. Full disclosure: it was super stressful. I vented online that I was on vacation but it did not feel like a vacation at all. It took an older mom friend to tell me “That’s because you are on a family trip, not a vacation.” That stuck with me a lot and helped shift my perspective. In hindsight, he probably did really well given the circumstances, but it was much harder for me (more night wake-ups, I’d nurse him to get him to go back to sleep, which meant another night feeding I had to work to eliminate once we got home. However, right now we’re on a trip with our now 20-month-old and it’s going amazingly.

Tips: we bought a portable sound machine this one I think, and some travel blackout curtains, these ones. That’s helped mimic the sleeping conditions he has at home, which has helped a ton. For us, that also means bringing a sheet from home and books and keeping the bedtime routine as close to home as possible. We’ve been pretty rigid with our routines at home for so long that I honestly think that’s why this trip is going well and it’s allowed us some flexibility in a weird way.

Make a couple stops on the drive. Aside from sitting in the backseat, there is not much you can do to keep him from falling asleep. Maybe plan the stops for when his normal “wake” times would be and hopefully that can help have the sleep be during his normal “nap” times. I know they aren’t always recommended, but I like having a backseat mirror to have a rough idea of awake/sleep time. You can also bring some small, soft toys to introduce and periodic points during the drive (with the disclaimer that, like the mirror and anything else loose in your car, there is the risk of them being projectiles in the event of a crash).

u/Ophelia42 · 1 pointr/Parenting

For my big kids, we only did it for naps when they were younger - we actually started it at night for them when #3 came along (I didn't want them waking up to her crying).

...somewhere along the line WE got addicted to the white noise, now we all have white noise machines in use for nighttime and naps. I love them, I know I sleep much better with it.

(We have two of these (It's almost identical to the one posted by /u/smittypants below, just slightly different sounds). We will eventually get a 3rd. When the big kids were little, and now for the baby, we have a super old 13" TV that plays static which works well enough.

u/browneyedgirl79 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Living in that kind of neighborhood has to be hard, especially for sleep. Have you ever thought about getting one of these to try and drown out the sounds of the kids if your ear plugs don't work? My husband and I used one before we had our kids. We are thinking about getting another one. They are pretty cool.