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Whitmor 4 Tier Chrome Supreme 4 Tier Adjustable Shelves and Leveling Feet-350 lb. Capacity per Shelf, 4-TIER
Whitmor supreme shelf holds up to 350 pounds per shelf (evenly distributed)Durable steel construction that is NSF CertifiedLeveling feet & grid wire shelves that adjust in 1" incrementsAssembled dimensions: 14.0 x 36.0 x 54.0 inchesEasy assembly, no tools requiredProvides storage for kitchens, attics, office, dorms, basements & garages10 year limited warranty
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8 Reddit comments about Whitmor 4 Tier Chrome Supreme 4 Tier Adjustable Shelves and Leveling Feet-350 lb. Capacity per Shelf, 4-TIER:

u/batshelter · 69 pointsr/guns

I just thought I would share my gunroom converted from an extra bedroom for anyone out there looking for some inspiration. I’ll try to provide a full breakdown for anybody that needs some more things to put on their Christmas list this year.

The Sturdy Safe was the best and most budget-friendly safe option I could find. It’s not the prettiest but it doesn’t need to be for my purposes. This is the 1148-6 model without fire liner and the #2 standard rack that fits 60 long guns.

You definitely will want some sort of lighting system for your safe. I rigged up some LED strip lights from Amazon ( and used a staple gun to secure them to the underside of the shelves. It could be done a lot neater if you want to cut and solder the LEDs but this way still looks fine when you’re looking at it from standing height. The precut hole in the back of the safe is not very big so I bought a electric outlet, box and wire from the hardware store and rigged up an electric outlet inside the safe. Some type of switch for the lights would be nice but as of right now I just plug and unplug it from the wall.

I keep an extra gun cabinet next to the safe with a couple shotguns that are beyond repair and some cheap air guns. I figure a “smash-and-grab” type thief might go for the easiest target so it creates a little diversion. A Foscam IP camera and a dedicated motion-sensor connected to the alarm give me additional peace of mind.

The work-bench is just an old IKEA desk I was no longer using. It’s not the most sturdy but it does the job.

If you’re looking for ammo storage I’ve been very happy with these Whitmor shelves from Amazon ( Each shelf holds up to 350 pounds, it was easy to set up, and they seem to be very sturdy.

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

We have several shelves like these. They are adjustable and strong. We generally have Rubbermaid bins down at the bottom (I like the clear ones because then you can see what's in them). Apartment kitchens are terrible, so we put one in the dining area (it runs right up next to the counter) and put our pots and pans and appliances there (blender, microwave, etc.). It doesn't look great, but it frees up counter space.

All the closets have large bins at the bottom for storage. I think you could store toys, out-of-season clothes, and such in those.

Near the door, there's a shoe rack/shelf for all our shoes. There's also a small wire shelving unit for miscellaneous things, like mail that needs to be sorted and dog walking stuff. You could probably get a sturdier one based on your family's needs (like if you wanted to put the kids school stuff there) but the goal would be to keep all of the similar things in the same spot.

Underneath the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, there are organizational shelves. Ours were built in but something like this or this might help out.

u/mr_richichi · 3 pointsr/Baking

I got some pretty good baking swag this year.

First up was a Kopykake. I will be making disgusting amounts of cookies over the next year putting this thing to the test.

A KitchenAid Architect was shocked to see it was the full set as these are stupid expensive.

Possibly my favorite gift for kitchen stuff this year was DrawerDecor which has finally made my drawers a non clusterfuck.

Steel prep table similar to this but not this model. Got it before Christmas but was told it was an early xmas gift.

Wire Shelving similar to this, but again not this model. Its 4' wide and each shelf can take 600. It freed up SO much room for me. I highly recommend more shelving for any of you guys/gals who have the room for it.

18" Magnetic Knife Strip, again more stuff out of shelves, off of counter tops etc.

Glass mixing bowls

Last but certainly not least, I finally got this cookie sheet from chicago metallic. Such a nice piece.

Now I think it is worth noting that I bake for a living, and that most people don't actually want a prep table or a 3' tall projector in their kitchen but damnit I love it! :)

The main theme for this xmas seems to be helping me get my kitchen to the OCD level needed in a professional kitchen. Not sure the missus loves the strict flow of kitchen as much as I do but man, it feels good and looks great.

u/mrsaturnboing · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I store my pans using hooks on a metal rack:

The hooks are the ones I use... but I got my rack from Costco. Gives a nice place to put up pans out of the way when you're done with them.

u/tmntman · 1 pointr/transformers

They look like standard industrial shelving. They are used often in restaurants. Amazon has it as well. If you have a restaurant supply store in your area, check there.

u/Rezamatix · 1 pointr/GuitarAmps

I use these: Whitmor Supreme 4-Tier Shelving with Adjustable Shelves and Leveling Feet Chrome

u/kromyt · 1 pointr/randomactsofamazon

A shelving unit like that or the rubbermaid ones.

I know it seems weird, but hear me out. We live in a smallish apartment, two adults and a kid. We have an outdoor storage closet and a living room closet. Well, we live in Florida, not a lot of need for lots of coats. So we got a metal shelving unit that fits into our living room closet and it has become a pantry since we have a TINY kitchen with almost no space.

The outdoor storage closet on our patio was useless as is, but with the rubbermaid shelves, we have SO MUCH STUFF in there that we use, but can't store inside. My husband's tools, my gardening stuff for my few flowers, and the like are all in there along with some gaming stuff of my husband's for miniature painting that he wants to get back into.

Apartments suck on storage, the shelves have been a godsend!

My stepson and I would have fun with these