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Wild Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask Kit with Earplugs and Carry Pouch (Black), Gift Set
SUPERB LIGHT BLOCK | Fall asleep by reducing unwanted light. Using this sleep mask to blockout light lets your body produce melatonin, a natural hormone which signals the body to prepare for sleep.DEEP EYE CAVITIES | Rest easy with no pressure or fabric on your eyes. Breathable cotton rests gently against your face. The cavities leave a space for your eyes.FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAP | Sleep in comfort, adjust the strap, with a slider (no hook & fuzzy in this version) to get the perfect fit for you. Fits most size heads.BONUS CARRY POUCH AND EAR PLUGS | Take your sleep mask anywhere using the silky taffeta drawstring pouch, and use the ear plugs with your sleep mask to truly escape your surroundings.WASHABLE | Keep your sleep mask hygienic, designed for regular washing, keep it fresh while you travel.
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7 Reddit comments about Wild Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask Kit with Earplugs and Carry Pouch (Black), Gift Set:

u/phantom_panties · 41 pointsr/audiobooks

I’ve worked midnights for a decade. Charles Dickens is my last resort. When I put that on, I have Great Expectations that I’ll be asleep soon. It was free on audible a little while ago but you can get potato quality recordings on livrvox for free.

Here’s my sleep aide list I give to new employees on the shift.
Not that you asked.

Melatonin. Try different brands. I like strawberry chewy one. I found one brand that just doesn’t work for me and another brand that lead to chronic nightmares. Switch it up if the first kind doesn’t do it for you.

Get a sleep mask ( I like this one. The large eye cavity and lip at the bottom are essential. The lip keeps out the light. The large space in the eye balls keeps the headaches away.

Get soft ear plugs (LaserLite, they’re pink and yellow). Don’t use the hard foam cheap bullshit. Fuck that noise. They don’t even stay in your ears. The pink and yellow are like, the soft caress of a spring breeze in a field with gentle rolling hills as you notice a fawn nibbling on grass at the edge of a mysterious wood.

Download the ambiance app. There’s a couple thousand sounds and you can customize your loop so you can do like, thunderstorm and waves crash plus a heart beat if that’s your sleepy time jam.

Experiment with sounds. For a 4 month period 3 years ago, i discovered a loop of a group of Spanish people conversing in a room that put me out. Some of the sounds on the app are fucking wild. Fire fight in Iraq? Check. Old man weeping? Check. Prison fight? Check. Ford assembly plant? Check. They have normal sounds too but I’m saying you’d be surprised what will help you sleep. If your an insomniac you’re at the edge of your rope anyway so just try something that may seem counterintuitive.

Take a bath. Really step up your bath game with lavender bath salts and candles. Am I a middle age lady treating myself or a manic depressive shift worker trying to catch some z’s? Why not both?

Google sleep aide tea. I like the chamomile but you do you.

Get a heating pad and place it on your stomach or neck. I don’t know, it’s soothing.

In terms of diet, I don’t drink caffeine or sugary soda 3-5 hours before bed. Alcohol tends to interrupt my sleep so it’ll initially put me out but I’ll wake up earlier and won’t feel as rested. So I don’t really drink much during the week anymore. So consider what you’re putting in your body that could be effecting your sleep.

The guy who narrates forensic files makes me super sleepy but my brother thinks that’s creepy. I don’t know why a murder show makes me tired. I don’t ask questions, I just appreciate the sleep.

Anyway, hope that helps.

u/zemeron · 2 pointsr/bdsm

Do it before she arrives. It is more difficult to set them yourself but once you have them in place you can hide the straps easy. And I don't recommend leaving the room, but I do recommend a blindfold. I've listed below some cheap starter equipment if you are looking for more tools to play with. Generally I will start slow and work up to something be it an orgasm, or paingasm and then start the cooldown.

So start slow, build up, climax of some sort, then aftercare. Remember the aftercare. Seriously, aftercare. I generally will take some virgin coconut oil and give my sub a massage after we play.

  • Blindfold - Cheap version ($10 Expensive nice version (
  • Cuffs - Neoprene with velcro ($14 are the easiest but alot of people like handcuffs ($10 but the metal is really taxing on a sub. Leather ones are the best IMO but not cheap (
  • Forced orgasms/orgasm denial - The hitachi magic wand is best for this ($47 It's expensive but worth it. Plus you can buy attachment heads for it down the road.
  • Rope play (Shibari) - You can grab some soft rope for bedroom play ($13 and visit for some instructional videos. For serious rope work you might want to invest in hemp ropes from twistedmonk and sissors for cutting free (
  • Sensation play - feathers ($7, tickling, pinwheels ($10, ice (free, check your freezer)
  • Spanking/slapping - Using a hand and staying in roughly the safe areas (ass, tits) till you know limits and interest levels
  • Nipple clamps - Get some aligator nipple clamps that are adjustible so you can start out light and work your way up to harder ($10 If you like you can add weights to them down the road
  • Wax play - You will want to buy special paraffin candles that melt at lower temp for dripping melted wax on your partner ($10 per candle
  • Floggers - You can make a call on this based on your experience with spanking ($40 and up

    These toys should give you a good baseline on what you like and what you don't. From there I would look around at places like or and find out what interests you. has some of the best selection but is expensive.

    Best of luck.

    *Edit fixed some links
u/Bigbullyx · 2 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

This one is great. Super comfortable. Great quality, blocks ALL the light, cant even lift the head and sneak a peek out the bottom (trust me). $20.

u/ta94039 · 1 pointr/selfimprovement

For some reason your 2nd comment isn't showing up

This is a good suggestion, thank you

I'm looking at this, it looks mostly good apart from some comments on discomfort when side sleeping:
Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Travel and Sleep Mask

What do you think?

u/j4390jamie · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Earplugs, Eye-mask. Best investment ever.

Get this eyemask- not some cheap one, it will break and wont do the job.
These earplugs, cut the blue stems down link

u/malama61 · 1 pointr/Nightshift

If the blacked out curtains don't work, due to light leaking in and such. I suggest buying a sleep mask. It'll take a few days to get use to, but i love wearing it now.

u/servernode · 1 pointr/nba