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Wildlife World Interactive Mason Bee Management System House
Fully Removable Inspection Trays For Easy ViewingConstructed From FSC Certified Sustainable TimberSupplied To Top Wildlife Conservation OrganizationsDesigned to attract Mason bees (bees not included)Constructed From Naturally Durable Timber
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u/elinordash · 46 pointsr/worldnews

If you want to save bees and other pollinators.....

  1. Stop spraying your yard with pesticides. Most suburban yards don't need them. If you use a lawn service, tell them you don't want any pesticides or herbicides. Lawn companies almost always spray your yard unless you tell them not to.

  2. Plant a range of flowers, bushes and trees native to your area. Redditors love to brag about letting things go wild, but that isn't necessarily a good idea as some weeds are invasive (you need to check on stuff after you stop spray). The Pollinator Partnership has planting guides for the US and Canada.

  3. Consider getting a solitary bee house like this or build your own. Honeybees are only one type of bees. Solitary bees need support too (and they require far less effort).

  4. Consider putting up a bird house for an at risk species in your area or get a solar bird birth (a solar bird bath left in full sun will constantly move the water which will stop mosquitoes from breeding).
u/-LordFabulous- · 13 pointsr/vegancirclejerk

Housing bees is still a great idea! but you wanna really gear it towards the natives

Have a look into 'bee boxes', native solitary bees will live in them (like bumblebees)

You won't have honey, but you'll have a bunch of fat and fuzzy friends to watch in the garden and they do a better job pollinating too <3

Here's an example, but they're quite easy to make if you do any carpentry

Bee boxes are really good for providing homes for the bees in your neighbourhood, it's like a little apartment complex

Good luck if you decide to get one!

u/DrUsual · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Was it the question about searching on Amazon? It looks like Welliver Bees makes a lot of good choices, and though I don't see them on Amazon, Crown Bees has quite a few as well. This one is pretty cool, though they could have gotten a bit more nesting space compared to the total space that the house takes up, I think. Here's a good, basic choice -- they key is that the tubes can be removed to allow harvesting of the cocoons. (The bees will have a much better chance of surviving if you harvest the cocoons and protect them over the winter.) And another good one.