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Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works
Heavy Duty 24 Gauge Galvanized SteelAluminum Back Draft Damper4 Inch Round Exhaust Duct Outlet For Easy Venting (fits standard dryer vent)One Year WarrantyMade In The USA By Vent Works
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11 Reddit comments about Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works:

u/SpareiChan · 10 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

Ah the good-ole-duct trick.

> I'm so tempted to try and break 4.6GHz, but my apartment simply gets hot too fast if I go crazy with overclocking.

I know people who do this with their main outs, forces the hot air outside, mounting can be tricky but can work well.

u/ICA_Agent47 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Don't bother with the smart pot brand pots, just find a good fabric grow bag with handles. I use these. I'd also get a different pH tester, or go the analog route with some of this, it's kind of annoying to do but it works. Blue Lab makes very reliable meters, they are worth the extra money if you decide to buy a meter. A lot of problems are caused by improper pH, you definitely don't want to cheap out on a meter (unless you wanna buy new ones all the time). Analog is just as reliable although you can't be as precise with your measurements as you can with digital. This hasn't been a problem for me.

To address some of your questions: Your plan for ventilation sounds fine, you may want to get a window dryer vent to assure the air doesn't flow back through your window. This also makes it a little more stealth.

Nutrients won't be necessary for about 30 days in FFOF because it's a hot soil. In fact if you feed them anything you'll probably burn them. Some seedlings will burn in FFOF regardless of whether or not you feed them nutes, some people recommend their happy frog soil for starting seedlings, then transplanting into FFOF after the roots have developed. Usually you'll be fine in FFOF so I wouldn't worry as long as you're feeding plain water for the first 25-30 days.

You should also get a hygrometer to monitor temps and humidity, it's very helpful in diagnosing potential problems. Other than that and some liquid nutes you've got what you need on that list.

Also, you should definitely start in a smaller container than 5 gal for your seedlings. Get some of those red solo cups, oversized if you can find them. You can establish the plant in those and transplant them right into the 5 gallon.

u/jds580s · 3 pointsr/ChineseLaserCutters

You could use that along with some aluminum tape to seal it to the back of the cutter.

I use this blower:
attwood Quiet Blower Water Resistant (White, 4-Inch)

Along with this vent hose:
White Flexible Pvc Vinyl Vent Duct Hose, 4 in. x 20 ft.

These clamps:
Cambridge Tension Clamps, 2 Pk, Zinc Plated Steel

And this quick disconnect:
Dryer Dock Dryer Vent 6" for 4" Tubes, White

If you put the blower near the window it will keep negative pressure upstream which helps put less smoke into the room.

I don’t exhaust out a window, but something like this might do the trick for you:
Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works
Though there may be cheaper or better DIY options for that part.

u/Would_u_lookatthat · 2 pointsr/DIY

Window Dryer Vent (Adjusts 24 Inch Through 36 Inch) by Vent Works

Could that fit in the top if it slides down? Nothing unsafe about just throwing it out but if the heats on forget trying to keep it in with that window open.

The ones with the condenser take a significantly longer time to dry. And lots more parts = less long term reliability

u/BackyardAndNoMule · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

you can get a window duct and duct it out that way... that way you aren't recycling humidity into the room.

Also, clean your room. A clean space is a clean mind.

u/rilech18 · 1 pointr/homelab

Exactly my plan. Found a good and quite fan designed for AV racks and a special vent designed for windows:

The vent:

The fan:

And a standard dryer hose and a custom “box” to fit to the back of the rack and have a 4” hole in the top (to benefit hot air rising) that goes to the fan then the vent.

u/Plo99 · 1 pointr/trees

I use a Sploofy so it probably wouldn’t get covered in tar fast, especially if I use some sort of pre filter(perhaps a premium one if it is offered). I need the carbon filter to clean the air not just blow it away and leave a lingering oder behind. Any advice for relatively cheap, powerful and quiet in-line fan(6in. and high cfm)? I am Considering making a smoke room out of a thick and relatively large grow tent wit a carbon filter and in-line fan ducting out to a 6 in. Dryer Duct Window Mount with some sort of insulation, possibly poster board. Will also look into getting ona gel to put near the start and finish of the ducting (outside the tent, to account for leakage). I know it’s overkill, but I would like the remainder of the room to not have any odor.

u/Keebie81 · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

How about a window dryer vent setup? The vent has a flap so only air out as long as flow is good.

u/Refrigeration1 · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/6trees1pot · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/GasBomb4 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Amazon Vent

This is what I use. Easy to install and hook a hose.