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Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (65 Miles+, Digital, 4K Ultra High-Def Ready)
Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna - The Winegard HD8200U outdoor HD TV antenna receives both Low-VHF High-VHF and UHF digital TV signals Features high gain on both VHF and UHF frequencies for uninterrupted digital TV Steel hardware is zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance65+ Mile Range - VHF and UHF directional TV antenna delivers 65+ mile range Mount outside for maximum range and clearest signal For additional range and signal reliability amplify your antenna with the Winegard Boost XT LNA-200 75ohm downlead coupler simply snaps into place for fast easy assemblyFree TV Programming - Free ota programming has more options and more channels than ever before Watch local news and weather live sports and all the top-rated shows for free with digital TV antenna Pair the TV antenna with a streaming device for maximum programmingUltra HD and ATSC 3 0 Ready - Digital antenna capable of receiving 4K Ultra-HD signals where available Be ready for the ATSC 3 0 transition which will add even more features and content such as 3D television and higher frame rates Winegard Antenna Experts - Leading US designer and manufacturer of quality TV antenna and signal reception equipment since 1954 Designed and built in the U S AVertical height 33"Power source type: Corded Electric
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12 Reddit comments about Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (65 Miles+, Digital, 4K Ultra High-Def Ready):

u/sturmey · 15 pointsr/cordcutters

pretty much any old set of rabbit ears from the local junk shop will get you most of the channels you're looking for. You're really close to a lot of channels, so they will come in with a paper clip stuck in the back of the TV.

For NBC however, you're 70 miles away and listed as wht they call "2edge" which means get the best antenna you can and put it on the longest stick you can.

Consider something like this

u/Blog_Pope · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

Right, but antennas are tuned to specific frequencies, an antenna meant to pick up FM radio is going to be piss poor at picking up VHF and UHF frequencies that HDTV broadcasts in. Hence, an HDTV Antenna" is one that has been tuned to pick up HDTV frequencies.

I'm not defending Mohu's antenna's, the only antenna brand I know is Wineguard

u/agent_of_entropy · 2 pointsr/Homesteading

I use this antenna and get phenomenal reception. I live south of Gainesville, FL and get Atlanta, GA stations with it. Put a rotor on it if you have a bunch of broadcast towers in different directions.

u/Lordsteven · 2 pointsr/Bozeman

I live out by sourdough and I've got this [beast] ( It is probably overkill, but I get NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, MeTV, Grit TV, SWX Sports, and 5 different PBS stations. All come in clear on a good day, but bad weather definitely gives some of the channels issues.

u/eck- · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

> I was wondering if I could put an antenna in my attic or on the roof and connect it in a way the signal would be going to the three coax ports behind the three Tvs in my house.

Yes, but it depends where the coax outlets are ran from. If they come from the attic, you wouldn't have to do much aside from connect your antenna to them. But if they come from the basement, you would need to re-run the coax cables from your attic. You would also need to use a splitter to convert 1 coax from the antenna into 3+ for your rooms.

> Also what are the pros and cons of attic vs roof mounted antennas.

An antenna on the roof will have better reception, but that may not be necessary depending on how far away you are from the broadcasting stations. You can use TVfool to generate a report and try to figure out what kind of antenna you need based on 1) how far away the stations are, and 2) what kind of signal they use. If you get a large antenna, mounting on the roof may be overkill. But if the signals are weak, you may have to mount on the roof.

I have a 14' Winegard antenna like this one in my attic and I get great reception ~45 miles away from the broadcasting stations. I didn't want to mount it on my roof because it wouldn't have looked great, wasn't necessary, and would have been more work than putting it in my attic.

u/MGFusion · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

None of those antennas suggested would work in a purely Philly setup due to the presence of WPVI (ABC) and KJWP (MeTV). In this situation, I would recommend a Winegard HD8200U ( paired with a Winegard LNA-200 preamp ( Be warned, though, it's quite a large antenna-- but it's a real powerhouse!

I'm not too concerned about any of the UHF channels from Phila. Your weakest target station, WPPX-DT (5.7dB) would come in with a NM of 18.4dB, more than enough for a watchable signal, stronger stations like KYW and WCAU coming in at 30dB or so.

The problem here really lies with WPVI. Low VHF (and high VHF to a lesser extent) deals with the issue of manmade interference. Putting in 15dB of interference loss, and accounting for gains and losses, you're left with 9.3dB noise margin-- which, certainly is viewable but slightly less than the 10dB recommended minimum to account for dropouts.

If you were to get a separate antenna for WABC instead of WPVI, the HD7694P or a 91XG/UHF only antenna with decent gain would definitely be enough for Philadelphia's stations. Then, I would get a VHF high antenna (send link if you have one) and use a diplexer to combine the signals. That way, you're only losing 0.5dB insertion rather than 3.5dB. In the case you go with the HD7694P, you would lose WHYY (PBS) from Philadelphia due to it being on VHF high, but at the same time you would get WNET (PBS) from NYC due to it also being on VHF high. Finally, after the diplexer, I would again put in a LNA-200.

u/ZippyTheChicken · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

upofadown is pretty much on this

I might also suggest the Winegard HD8200U platinum series as it has a bit more vhf gain but it is a big antenna and wind will be a factor if its outside .. its a few dollars over your budget but probably worth it.

u/NeetSnoh · 1 pointr/Cleveland
u/jhofker · 1 pointr/fargo

These are the channels I get (all HD where available). (South Fargo, antenna similar to this but smaller and 30% of that price from Menard's, mounted on garage roof).

That hooks into a 4-way splitter/amplifier connected to HD Homerun duals.

u/tvtoo · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Besides the problems mentioned by /u/topcat5 , a big problem for you is WTLV (NBC Jacksonville 12.1) which broadcasts in VHF (real channel 13).

NBC has rights to a lot of games (although many are also broadcast on Twitter and

VHF antennas for such long-range viewing are huge and need to go on the roof, like the:

  • CM-3020
  • Winegard HD8200U

    Then you lose some signal combining it with your local feed.

    Have you considered or an NFL Game Pass instead -- especially at the discounted rates we speak about in this sub and on SlickDeals?
u/spriggig · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Throw up one of these mofos, point it east-northeast and don't look back.