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25 Reddit comments about Worthless: The Young Person's Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major:

u/Harcerz1 · 26 pointsr/JordanPeterson

The title is badly misleading - Aaron Clarey (aka Captain Capitalism) is as a "CEO" as Jessica Yaniv is a cis woman.

He's a controversial and opinionated author, has been blogging since 2004 and currently earns as much as $131 monthly doing so.

Much of his content is just "reeeeeeee leftists!" but maybe his book "Worthless" be of some value to young people interested in college. (TL;DR Major in STEM everything else is worthless liberal bullshit - for more balanced perspective one may listen to Lindsay Shepherd on her experience)

u/TempestTcup · 17 pointsr/RedPillWomen

Read Worthless by Aaron Clary. Instead of getting in debt for grad school, why don't you find a husband and have your family? Grad school will always be there after the kids are older. Each year you put off having kids will decrease the likelihood of it.

u/FRedington · 16 pointsr/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

> office admin

Cleary, "Worthless: The Young Persons Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major"

If your degree ends in "A" (Arts: BA, MA) it is worthless.
If your degree ends in "S" (Science: BS, MS) it is valuable. Likely pays $$$ well.

u/StingrayVC · 9 pointsr/RedPillWomen

I recommend that you read this and also begin to read his blog. A college education is nothing like it used to be. Many, many young people are graduating with huge amounts of debt and no job prospects to pay it off. If they can get a job it is in a wholly unrelated field and it all goes to pay off debt in a degree they cannot use. Do some serious research on any degree you are considering. What kind of debt will you have to go into? What are the job prospects like upon graduation? What do you have to give up to obtain this?

People will tell you that an education is the be all end all. They will equate this education with college only. That is absolutely not the case. Some of the least educated people in the world have many college degrees while some of the most educated never set foot on campus. Don't let people fool you into thinking that college=education. You can learn far more about anything you choose if you have the drive to learn it on your own. You will not have that piece of paper, but today, there is a good chance it won't do anything for you anyway. You young and if you want a family, now is the time to focus on it. Once you're too old, you're simply too old. One can get educated any time in life.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/TheRedPill
  • Stop concerning yourself with other peoples feelings and focus on being a skilled, productive person
  • Keep lifting, start running, learn and master a martial art
  • Improve on your guitar and conversation skills
  • Get a copy of Aaron Clarey's books specifically Worthless and Bachelor Pad Economics
  • Look to join a fraternity that imparts upon its members high personal standards and doesn't just party
  • As you're in a small town, go to Church. No, seriously.
  • Maintain discipline regarding your virility, the last thing you need is to stick your wick in crazy.
  • Focus your education into the sciences. The arts must remain a hobby until someone pays you.
u/dr_warlock · 8 pointsr/asktrp

The whole entrepeneur from armchair-sitting and pondering ideas million dollar business from nothing fantasy is bullshit. Ideas and creativity dont pop out of thin air (usually), they come from experience. Most people that start businesses have a skill they've practiced in the field or even as a hobby for years. Unfortunately, the past generation has been sitting idle in the daycare-prison for 12years and comes out with no skills whatsoever. No apprenticeships, no internships, no self-teaching or family social circle to mentor them.


Im gonna guess you're in highschool. This means you know nothing about the real world, have no capital, and have no skill set. Get the skills first, then worry about a business. Do you need a university degree to do this? Absolutely not. Can university help you? Absolutely, but you gotta know how to navigate it academically and financially.


Go read Aaron Clarey's book "Worthless" and check out videos on his youtube channel regarding school, degrees (liberal arts, business management), and academia for more information. Mandatory.

u/littlerustle · 8 pointsr/marriedredpill

First off. Congratulations on some things.

  1. Introspection. Not enough people are able to step outside of their circumstances and make assements.
  2. Declaration of dissatisfaction. Many times people have a "bad taste" in their mouth about their life, but cannot see enough to say "This is bad, it must be fixed."
  3. Finding this sub. I have found that there are a number of good places on the Internet where people can find help. I believe this sub is one of them.
  4. Choosing to do something. Even posting here is doing something. That's great. Keep on doing.

    Now, things are going to get hard for you. Very hard. Or rather, very difficult. All of the things that you did or did not do in the past will pay dividends today. (For example: Did you learn your multiplication tables in the third grade? Good, that pays off today. Did you get a good career by going to college in a field which has a high degree of demand? Bad, that pays off today.

    This is a long post. Don't be offended at how long it is. Take it in pieces if you would like.

    > Brief background: Married: 1 year

    > Me: 23, bread winner.

    > Wife: 24, stay at home mom

    > Daughter: 3, special needs.

    What is the real breakdown of $$$, as a percentage, and who is it coming from?

    You are not the 100% breadwinner, as some of it is coming in via the SSI and child support.

    > My issues arose when I lost almost half my hours at work

    I'd suggest they arose well before that. This hour cutting is just the part that caused you to sit up and take notice.

    What is your degree? How has it left you in the hole WRT needing to have an hourly job?

    > for about 5 months (february to june). Cut from 30 hours to 18 a week.

    Some people would say, "Woo hoo, I went from having 30 hours available for my night classes per week to now having 42 hours available. I think from the rest of your post that you might not have done that.

    > Our daughters social security is what kept us afloat.

    Well, the SSI and the child support, right?

    > I lost all pride, all drive, and all feelings of adequacy.

    I'd like to know what your budget was prior to this hour cut that allowed you to have pride, drive, and feelings of adequacy.

    > So i picked up another job and did any and everything I could to keep my wife happy at the cost of my own happiness.

    Good. Have you read "No More Mr. Nice Guy" ?

    > Lost SSI due to missing paperwork and havent made time to get it fixed so it's just been me making it happen.

    Be clear here, with yourself first, and your wife second. The two of you equally failed to perform the "Fill out the paperwork" task. Do not take 100% of the blame for this (unless your wife is illiterate, and you have to be the one to take that task all on your own).

    > The past month: She's been going out every other night or having people over every other day and of course I started feeling jealous.

    Some observations.

  5. She's been going out. (Therefore you have surplus $$$ in your budget. Are you putting 10% in your retirement? Are you giving 10% to charity?)
  6. She's been having people over. (Therefore she has extra time in her day. Therefore she isn't worried about $$$, or she'd be working on bettering herself via a better degree)
  7. You living life via the feels, not the data. ("I started feeling jealous" WTF?)
  8. You still not seeing the real problem. ("Of course" I started feeling jealous. There is no "of course" to it. Only those who are ruled by their emotions allow something external to them to move them. What should you have felt? Jealousy? If so, then fine, be jealous. Not jealousy? Then fine, don't be jealous. But there is no of course to it. You choose your actions. No one else.

    > I've been telling her that I want to hang out with her and spend time with her. But it never happened, either lack of time or money.

    Be clear with yourself. It never happened for one of two reasons.

  9. You didn't want it to happen.
  10. She didn't want it to happen.

    Consider that. Those are the only two reasons. There can be no other reasons. Then reflect on each of them, for 5 minutes each, separately. Write them on separate pieces of paper. "Why didn't I want to hang out with my wife?" "Why didn't my wife want to hang out with me?" Go for a walk in the back yard, put some "thinking music" on (I like Vivaldi), and consider those two questions. You will come up with answers that you don't like. That's OK.

    > Today: I wake up to a quiet home. In a zombie-like fashion I scan the bed for my phone to check the time and it is 2:27pm. I have work at 3. I noticed a text notification from my wife that says "I went out to eat. Didn't want to wake you. Have a good day."

    That was kind of her. (Take it at face value. Even if it was passive aggressive, and even if you don't like it, at face value, she did you a favor.)

    > To the typical man, that is a blessing. But for me, being a beta bitch, i got upset. Without any form of rational thinking or reason, i sent back "U serious?". She calls and we begin to talk. I started with my "Id like to hang out with you too" blah blah blah. I work 2 jobs. 14 hours when working both in a day so "im tired" is always at the helm whenever i don't feel like putting any effort towards anything.

    I don't think I believe you when you say "I'd like to hang out with you, too." Why? Words whisper, actions shout. Your words are saying, "I want to hang out." But your actions shout "I find other things more important than hanging out with you." Don't claim that I am saying something that I am not. I am not saying that you are choosing sleep over hanging out, and that this is bad. Again, I am not saying that. The only thing that I am saying is that your actions and your words do not match up.

    Take this moment to ask yourself, "Well, self, what do I really want, then? I would suggest that maybe you want someone to say "Oh, poor baby, your life is so hard, I'll gladly hang out with you and wipe your brow and make things better." But that's just a guess.

    > But at the end of that clearly one-sided argument she said "If you want to hang out with me, then make it happen. But dont you dare get mad when i get up and go without you because all you do is sleep". And i said "Fine".

    Awesome. Look at what just happened there. I think it's good that someone in your life is willing to honor you enough that they will tell you to see things as they are. You should thank her for not sugar coating that.

    > So I leave for work, clearly in a pissy mood,

    "Clearly", only if you are living via emotions. Don't do that.

    > when her words start to echo. It hit me that I need to get my shit together. I am way too dependant on her company, affection, and validation.

    That is great. I'm happy for you that you were able to come to a conclusion that things need to be changed.

    > She then texts me: "You didn't have money last night right? Why the hell would you get upset about today knowing you didn't have money today? You slept up till it was time to go to work? So why get get pissed about not doing stuff with me?"

    It almost sounds like she is the rational one here.

    > (Our group of friends went out to olive garden last night. I didnt have the money so I stayed home and she went with them)

    That's interesting. I'll explain more below.

    > And that just reiterated my previous thoughts. I had a clear moment of weakness that lasted damn near a year. But never again.


    > No more weakness, no more beta, no more of this pity party bullshit, no more jealousy or insecurities. Swallowing the red pill.


    Now that we have that out of the way...

  11. What does your budget look like?

    I suspect that the answer to that question is "We don't have one." Get one. Number one. You must have one. This is not an option. I have friends who use YNAB, , Mint, , Google sheets (search for templates), and envelopes. Yes, just envelopes, with just cash. It works. Do it. You and your wife will continue to have problems with your relationship and you won't be able to put a finger on it until your money is under control. At some point you mentioned that your wife gets to spend the extra $$$ that is left over for the child support. This is insane. Are you married, or Roommates With Benefits? I realize that this is not a budgeting subreddit, so get to one. You and your wife together. If she refuses to partner up with you with respect to the budgeting thing, then you have an MRP problem. Until then, you have a money problem. I suspect that she will refuse, since she likes to live beyond her means, and go out with her friends.

  12. What does your family income look like?

    I suspect you have a crappy job, since you talked about having your hours cut. What are you doing to fix this? If (and I reiterate, if) you are able to afford a stay at home mom (SAHM) situation, then you have to earn the appropriate amount for your family. I suspect your wife needs to get a job as well. You simply cannot afford a SAHM situation. Face it.

  13. What does your education look like?

    I suspect you don't have a college degree in a field with high desirability. Why not? Lack of effort? Lack of focus? Put all of that behind you, and figure something out. You might have 6-8 years of suck ahead of you, while you take night classes and earn a degree that will pay well. Too bad.

    None of these things are hard to do. "The only thing hard around here is your head" (said a random Drill Sergeant).

    Make a plan. Find a close friend to help you stick to it.

    You can do this. Many have before you.
u/kempff · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

Did you catch her username? GDP stands for Girls Do Porn, the name of the company that raped - raped! - her. Interesting how she embraces her rapist when she presents an online identity. This will be important later.

> Before GDP, I was a normal college freshman.

Setup for a tall tale. Liars and high school kids writing creative fiction often begin their stories with unnecessary setups such as "It was a normal day at the office", or "It was a day like any other", when of course it wasn't. I'm putting my money on her never having been "a normal college freshman", whatever that means. She desperately wants us to think she is an innocent victim of circumstance. Knowing that she's lying makes the rest of her garbage that much easier to sift through.

> Going to art school...

St. Aaron Clarey pray for us. Shameless plug:

> I never wanted to be a model...

"I never said that!" ... "I never hit her!" ... "I never go there!" Liars often talk about what they don't do, what they've never done, what they don't want, and so on. Truth-tellers talk about what they do.

> One day,...

When a story begins with Once Upon a Time you automatically know it's fiction.

> I was lied to repeatedly...

(1) Use of the passive voice indicates lack of agency, but we all knew that. (2) She knew she was being lied to and wants us to think she didn't know. Notice she does not say "They lied to me" - and I'm not going to say it for her.

> They don’t have to convince you to shoot an adult film, they just have to convince you to fly to California and they’ve already won. They email you plane tickets and hotel reservations worth over a $1000, and then they get you excited to be in California (I’d never been) and to be on the beach, and go shopping, and you don’t even stop to think that maybe this isn’t just a modeling gig after all. And once you get there, you’re done. He’ll convince you that no one will ever see it, it’s for Australia/foreign markets only, it’s only released on DVDs, etc.

You ... you ... you ... no I/me. Whatever she is talking about, it didn't happen to her. Remember Charlie Rogers, the lesbian who faked her own hate crime? She didn't talk about herself, she talked about you, you, you. "Being a victim in a situation like this or a survivor ah and then having your ah, integrity questioned".

> “Do you know what a facial is?” I didn’t.

Wait wait - I thought she was a normal college freshman.

> I remember getting ready to go to a concert one night. I got out of the shower and ...

Sexually abused people and sexual abusers often include unnecessary washings in their stories. Reading between the lines here it sounds like she whored herself out - probably in a desperate ploy for attention - and now regrets it after the fact.

> I would have never consented to having a video of me on pornhub, ever.

There she goes again telling us what she "would have never" done.

> I was in a small program, and reputation was everything. The stress of knowing people know, wondering who doesn’t know, and hiding piled up and eventually everything fell apart.

Social shaming is the most powerful weapon against women. Women will put men in jail for life only to deflect being called a slut.

> I was blackmailed into staying in an abusive relationship because my ex threatened to send the link to my family and siblings if I ever left him. And when I finally did find the strength to leave, he actually did it. He would wake my mom up at 3, 4, 5 AM with screenshots. He sent them to my 17 year old step brother.

Notice her messed up family situation. A mom, a step brother, and no mention of a father or step-father. Again in the words of Captain Capitalism (no, I'm not his shill), "The father was not available for comment".

> I’ve gone on several dates just to be left when I told them the truth.

The manosphere is replete with advice about women who are up front on the first date about their sexual histories. Of course in her case it's obviously not her fault that men run away for no good reason at all just because she is truthful - truthful I say!

> I get spooked easily because I’m so terrified of men now.

Oh wait - strike that last comment. She is so afraid of men that she repeatedly goes on dates with them. (Is your brain hurting?)

> Some people have told me I’m one of the strongest people they know.

Women who abuse or even kill their own children often say things like, "I'm a good mother".

I'm glad the comments include some serious bullshit-calling. I have other things to do today.

u/TA_2985_A6E1_9FC3 · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

For future aspirants to a BA in whatever, may I recommend:

Cleary, "Worthless"

That should save your waste of time studying useless shit.

u/LoonyPlatypus · 3 pointsr/IWantOut

I sure will, thanks.

I can't find the book anywhere though. Maybe this is the book you were referring to?

u/vicious_armbar · 3 pointsr/asktrp

Electrical or Mechanical engineering for a 4 year degree. Law school, dental school, or medical school if you don't mind being in school for longer. You should read the book worthless by Aaron Clarey.

u/bsutansalt · 3 pointsr/lostgeneration

If you know any high school graduates, I strongly recommend getting them a copy of this book before they head off to college.

u/xfLyFPS · 3 pointsr/DebateFascism

People with liberal arts degrees aren't becoming authors or poets anymore, they're becoming secretaries and McJobs workers.

Worthless, by Aaron Clarey.

u/REDPILL_CIS_SHITLORD · 3 pointsr/4chan

It's /pol/ack, not /pol/tard. The -tard suffix is reserved for /b/.
Also faggit OP needs to read Worthless.
Most degrees are for vanity. If OP did it right, he'd be in and out of any college in just 2 years with a 4 year degree and with 1/4 the amount owed compared to his peers if you don't include financial aid.

u/long-lostfriend · 2 pointsr/asktrp

Student loan debt hanging over your head is comparable to divorce rape.

Most university degrees these days are worthless.

Unless your chosen career path absolutely requires it, learn the skills somewhere cheaper and get to work sooner.

u/Stubb · 2 pointsr/AskMenOver30

> Is a philisophy degree just stupid though?

Yes, I'd like fries with my order.

Get and read Worthless immediately if not sooner. Don't piss away your parents' money on a worthless degree.

If you can't hack engineering, medicine, etc., learn a skilled trade (welder, electrician, etc.) or join the military.

Then do philosophy as a hobby.

u/Zillo7 · 1 pointr/internetparents

Don't listen to everyone who says to stay in college for the sake of college.

You have to look at college as an investment. Can you expect to be employed if you graduate? Did you pick a useful major? If you picked something that's useless, not only are you going to be stressing yourself out, you're going to put yourself into debt to buy garbage.

Also, don't go (or not go) to college for anyone other than yourself. You'll ultimately take the consequences of the choice you make, so don't let anyone else make this choice for you.
At the same time if you choose not to go to college, what's your plan? How are you going to make yourself useful to others to remain competitive in the labor market? A good first step is to figure out why you enjoy your retail job. Once you've found why you like retail, develop skills that go with what you enjoy. Before you know it, you'll have a skillset that you'll be able to use to get a job that pays well.

u/Nemester · 1 pointr/DarkEnlightenment

You just need to evaluate the market and make sure that whatever major you pick gives you good job security and high enough income. A rule of thumb I have heard is make sure the salary you are likely to get will pay off your student loans in ten years assuming you divert 10% of your income to that. If you want to be a very wealthy man, I suggest you pick petroleum engineering. Easily the best cost/benefit of just a Bachelors.

This book might also be useful to you in helping you pick which majors to avoid.

Now perhaps you have an interest in 17th century french literature or some such thing. That is fine, read to your hearts content as a hobby. Audit some classes being paid for by morons at your university. But don't waste your time getting certified in something useless.

u/soil_nerd · 1 pointr/dataisbeautiful

I have a masters degree in environmental science from a top school known for its forestry.

Jobs are hard to to find and generally don't pay great (<$50k). I work in the environmental sector dealing with regulatory compliance and industrial waste; I was unemployed for 9 months, and have been looking for a new job for a bit under a year now, nationally.

I've heard the book Worthless comes to a similar conclusion as my story has illustrated, for environmental science and engineering as well as most sciences:

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/INTP

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Description | We can end this in a month. Share, like, and forward. Worthless: Reconnaissance Man:
Length | 0:07:10


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u/IsNormalBuddeh · 1 pointr/AskMenOver30

There's a book called Worthless. It may not be totally applicable to your situation since the cost of tuition is so small, but it might help to take a look.