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WubbaNub Brown Monkey Pacifier
WubbaNub Brand- The Original Pacifier/Plush Animal combinationDurable one piece construction is both functional and stylish. Patented design makes it easy for baby to graspMade with medical-grade silicone pacifier. Latex free, BPA, PVC and Phthalate freeRecommended for newborns through six months. (Not suggested for babies with teeth or in teething stage)
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u/UnicornToots · 3 pointsr/sleeptrain

> My daughter is about a week shy of 4 months. Over the last week or two her sleep has turned to complete crap. She went from 1 or 2 wakeups per 12 hour night to waking every hour or two and needing a lot of help to go back to sleep.

Look up "4 month sleep regression". What you're talking about sounds like this very common sleep regression, although the pacifier is likely exasperating it. It will pass, though!

> She wants it to fall asleep but can't keep it in her mouth so she freaks if she wakes up and it's gone.

Also common. Most pacifier babies go through this; they just have to learn. You may want to look into getting a Wubbanub (or, if you don't use the Soothie brand of pacifiers, look up the Nookums Paciplushie, which is like the Wubbanub but is compatible with all pacifier styles). It helps with learning how to keep the pacifier in their mouths, and makes it easy to find if they lose it, etc.

> What should I do about the rolling? When I lay her on her back she immediately rolls over. I'm hoping that if she's drowsy enough she won't but what if she wakes up and rolls.

Leave her! If she can roll to her belly, she has lost the SIDS risk of belly-sleeping. Just be sure to put her on her back when you put her down to sleep, but leave her if she rolls. Read the seventh FAQ here for the official SIDS "safe to sleep" group about this. Just make sure you stop swaddling now that she can roll.

> If we're doing Ferber and she ends up on her belly do we leave her there to cry? Roll her back every check? Do we need to wait until she can roll back to start sleep training (oh god, say it ain't so).

We used Ferber when transitioning out of the swaddle at 4 months, for the same exact reason you're considering it. Like your daughter, mine uses pacifiers to fall asleep and, like yours, would flip onto her belly and start crying... or lose her pacifier and start crying. When we Ferberized, we would leave her on her belly after she flipped their on her own, but put her pacifier back in during the checks.

> Should I get some kind of sleep sack that leaves her arms free?

Yep. We used the Halo brand, but pick whichever works for you. When we transitioned, we actually used a regular swaddle but kept her arms free (so, just swaddled from torso down), then switched to the sleep sacks when she got used to having her arms free. Some, however, swear by the Zipadee Zip, so you may want to check that out.

> She sucks on her hands and I want her to do that and self-soothe since we're dropping the pacifier.

Just out of curiosity - why are you dropping the pacifier? She will eventually learn to put the pacifier back in - believe me. I've been exactly where you are. She will figure it out, don't worry. Also, it is much easier to have a toddler quit a pacifier than have a toddler quit sucking their hand/fingers/thumbs. I was a finger-sucker until I was 12 (seriously) and my husband was a thumb-sucker until he was 10. You can't take away a kids' fingers! And, with the Zipadee Zip, they can still use their hands a bit to hold onto pacifiers - my friends' kids do it! But, the same company also makes a "flying squirrel", which is the same as the zipadee zip, but the hands and feet aren't covered.

u/annalatrina · 1 pointr/Mommit

If you're not ready to ween him off them, Wabanub pacifiers are harder throw and loose. You can make your own with beanie babies

u/AutumnTheDestroyer · 1 pointr/daddit

Have you tried a wubbanub, it's like a soothie pacifier but with a cute little animal on the end. The weight of the animal lies on the chest and helps keep the paci in. Also some babies just don't keep pacis in their mouths even though they want to suckle :/ Hope it all works out for you.