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u/Gravity_Queen ยท 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

This would be unexpected to most people who know me, and it is going back in time a tad, but being perfectly honest, Disney's Alice in Wonderland isn't exactly my favorite. The AiW book is my favorite book full-stop. It's witty, it's funny, the writing style is unlike anything else I've ever seen, and even though it quite literally invented the nonsensical genre, it's always clear how she gets from point A to B to C. Disney took a different approach, and by that I mean they threw the last thing out the window. The result is a jumbled up mess of both books with little coherency. It's basically just a series of scenes that aren't particularly related to one another. Alice doesn't really noticeably change or grow as a character, so at the end of the movie you just kind of feel, I just watched nothing for the past hour.

It's still Alice, so I'll keep going back to it from time to time anyway, and I still collect Alice things from Disney (there isn't exactly a ton of collectibles out there for old Carroll...), but that's only because I'm that much of a sucker for anything Alice. Poor girl gets a little screwed in the mainstream.

Apologies for the whiplash, but the other thing I thought of was Theory of a Deadman's newest album. I briefly mentioned it in the music post. I mean...I get it. Hard rock bands nowadays need to include some softer stuff. It sucks, but I get it, and I enjoy plenty of those songs for what they are. But Wake Up Call just feels like it's one of those songs right after another. There are like three "hard" songs on the entire thing, and two of them are the first two songs on the album. Unlike almost every one of their albums since Scars and Souveniers, I never really push play and listen to it all the way through, because I'm usually too bored halfway in. And then you have just bizarre songs, even for Theory, like Po Mouth, and it's just a really odd album to me.

Oh, another thing is that I'm not a giant fan of what they did to X-23. I need to keep myself in check here because I don't have a ton of context, but I got this which made me get this and I loved it all. Naturally, when I discovered she was going to get her own comic series, I was pretty stoked, but things happened and I never ended up getting any issues from it until I went to a small comic book convention. I picked a couple up there and they just...weren't interesting. Granted they weren't the first two issues, so again, I'm missing context, but I can't really imagine enjoying them much more even if I had it.

I don't follow comics closely, so there's probably a lot I'm missing, so I'll stop there.

...but seriously, get those X-23 collections, they're really good.