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Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card
Compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.Experience unrivaled multiplayer gaming, with smarter matchmaking that?s ready when you areWatch HD movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports; enjoy premier entertainment apps, Skype and Internet ExplorerExtend access to Xbox Live Gold benefits on your Xbox One to anyone in your home
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u/MiniPenguino · 82 pointsr/Games

Xbox Live Gold One Year Subscription Right Now;

  • Microsoft: $59.99
  • Amazon: $46.98


    Playstation Plus One Year Subscription Right Now:

  • Sony: $49.99
  • Amazon: $49.99


    Both Amazon sources show a picture of the actual card when the price is in the top right as directed by the respective company.

    Conclusion: Microsoft's Xbox Live is more expensive than Playstation Plus when buying directly from the company, but is less expensive when buying from Amazon and waiting for a sale.
u/-CdG-Luck · 40 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

If you're going to jerk about consoles, at least get your fucking information right.

Consoles are NOT $400 anymore. At most, $350 for a new one. PS4 $349 [Xbox One S $299]( Wii U $299

5 games will cost $300 if you don't have GCU or Amazon Prime and buy new releases, shit. I could pre-order 5 games now on Amazon and it'll be less than $250.

What the fuck kind of accessories are you buying that'll equal $100 - 200? I bought a fucking stand and another controller and a usb extension cable. Under $100. Double digits motherfucker.

Yep. Uh huh. 1 year is totally $150.

u/nanowerx · 25 pointsr/gaming

It is funny you say that because for a long time now; Xbox Live Gold codes from Amazon have been ~$3-$4 cheaper than PS+ codes.

And on average, amazon also tends to discount Xbox Live Gold to $35-$40 at least once every month. Also there is account sharing with the X1, so no more paying for multiple Gold subscriptions for a single console...which is why they ended the Gold Family packs a few months ago.

u/learningcomputer · 21 pointsr/Games

Honestly I think the anger at paying for PS+/XBL Gold is overblown. Compared to the other bills I pay, less than $4/month (or $4.17 for PS+) is practically nothing. If somebody can afford a $300-500 entertainment device, they can afford to pay 1% of that cost once a month.
Sure, it's a cash-grabbing move on the part of MS/Sony, but I want the gaming industry to be profitable for them because I want them to stay in it. I want their investors to look favorably upon Playstation/Xbox and prioritize them. I can afford it, I receive good service in return for my money, and we get new features like "free" games and dedicated cloud servers to keep the paid premium enticing.

u/GhostofAce · 9 pointsr/xboxone

But you can afford a $500 Xbox One? Amazon has live for $46 right now. You'll be saving $74 or 7 months worth of live by just paying once. Even if you skip every other month you're still saving money. Specially if you're paying with a credit card, it makes no sense not to do this.

u/SaltTheSnail · 8 pointsr/Games

You can easily find them for cheaper.

u/JustLookWhoItIs · 7 pointsr/Games

A quick google search links to Amazon. Shows up as $47.19 for me. Free shipping, too. If you want the instant online code instead of a shipped card, it's $49.79. It's not hard to find them for less than $60.

u/fanboy_killer · 6 pointsr/gaming

Wtf is this?!

  • You make netflix sound free on the PS3. If you just want to say it's available on it, you must make it available on the other 3 machines in the list.
  • Wii's online service was originally 5 dollars a month?! Where did you get that?
  • Xbox Live Gold is 14 dollars a month? Dude, you're just making shit up
u/DR_JIM_RUSTLES · 6 pointsr/gaming

Pretty sure Microsoft announced at E3 that they'll be giving away 2 free 360 titles away each month (to start with, may be Xbox One game(s) when it's released)...

Also, PSN+ is ~$5 a month or ~$60 a year (not sure about exact prices, but that's what this article said), whereas you can get a 12 month Xbox Live subscription for $47.19 on Amazon.

u/EuropaShower · 5 pointsr/xbox360

$50 on Amazon is probably the cheapest. You can either get the card mailed to you or you can get the online game code instantly, both are the same price.

u/FeltRaptor · 5 pointsr/gaming

Where on Earth are you buying Live where you pay over $150 per year?

With all the deals/specials they have on it you could easily get 6 year of it for under $250 by timing your purchases correctly. It makes your point look pretty weak when you have to exaggerate it by a factor of three.

u/Chippy569 · 5 pointsr/Games
u/RedDelibird · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


12 months of gold

Thanks for the contest! :D

u/Banda7 · 4 pointsr/gaming
u/iRawrz · 3 pointsr/Games

Yeah but look at that compared to this.

The last time it was $39.99 was almost 2 years ago. Where as the average of live on amazon is about $46 after 4 years of being tracked. It also shows that live has gone lower than $39.99 many times.

u/kvnmahan · 3 pointsr/xbox

That's always where I look first. Here's the best offer i could find in under 12 seconds :-)

u/BeastKiller450 · 3 pointsr/Games

This has been the price on Amazon for quite some time.

u/astroot · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Yeah, you're doing it wrong.

Buy something like this which is about $4 a month. You might even be able to find it cheaper on other sites if you look hard enough. Check or

u/InDeepWaters · 3 pointsr/xbox360

I had to renew my subscription the other day, and I went to Amazon and got this. Cheaper than getting it in store, and since I did the "Online Game Code" option I got to redeem it immediately and not pay shipping.

u/YellowSharkMT · 3 pointsr/reactiongifs

Respectfully, I disagree: XBone is priced at $499, and the XBL subscription is what... $50/yr? Seems pretty darn comparable to a decent gaming rig (even considering the fact that such a thing would cost closer to $850-1000), especially after you consider OP's point w/r/t the price of console games.

It doesn't stop there, though: my PC helps me earn a living as a programmer; it's a recording studio (stock soundcard, nothing fancy); it's a torrent machine; it runs virtual linux boxes for whatever geek fun I'm into that day; it hosts audio/video for streaming to other devices in my house... it's so much more than a gaming console, and for basically the same price. And that's not even scratching the surface of customizing & repairing it (good luck fixing that RROD).

u/vagrantwade · 3 pointsr/xboxone

Yes they are transferable. And you can get 12 month cards for like 40-50 dollars.

You could even wait until Black Friday and get them for like 30-35.

u/Davos181 · 2 pointsr/gaming

The lowest I've seen Xbox Gold is $29.99(It currently is $47.19, discounted from $59.99) I just checked for PS Plus and I guess it dipped to $39.99 once, but there is less price history there (on (Currently $49.99, no discount). I would be surprised if either goes on sale for much below retail after this week, but who knows what crazy magic Amazon works?

u/Steelersgirl20 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

First of all thank you for hosting this contest!

This would be my cheapest. My xbox live card and this is the best thing I could possibly get

u/fossa_ovalis · 2 pointsr/firstworldanarchists

Actually works out to $3.91/mo. from this link, ordering a card. If you just buy the code instantly online, it's about $4.10/mo.

And is Xbox Live required to use the Netflix app? I apologize, I genuinely don't know. If it is I could definitely see your frustration.

u/greentoof · 2 pointsr/gaming

An upvote to you as well good sir. I see your point. I personally can't get over the fact that I am paying extra to get 100% of my game. I buy a full retail game for $60 and have to pay that extra fee to experience the whole game. Lets give an example of halo. If i buy an xbox an just halo at full price i can only play singleplayer. The least i can pay for online is $8.24. So now to play my game, i have been charged the full price + 8.24. This is about the equivalent of buying an Online pass for a game. If i want to play at a friends house, i have to take my hardrive, but i can't just go over there with the disc if he doesn't have live. This was the same problem with online passes. Lets say you have 3 games for your Xbox, You have to pay an additional $15.58 For each of those games a year for there online gamemodes ( based off a Year subscription) It turns out really the MORE games you own the more Xbox live seems worth it, but back when i with the Xbox original, my poor ass couldn't afford many games, There wasn't that much, And the price of Xbox live was taking away exactly 1 game per year from me. I imagine you can see why that seems unappealing and expensive to some people.

Edit: Better example, 6 games is a reasonable amount for a user, That still means $7.79 extra on every game you've purchased

u/candiedwhiskey · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Why would you ever pay $60 a year? This link might be useful for you then, save a few bucks. The Tracktor plugin shows the price hitting $39.99 somewhat regularly, and the lowest price in the last 3 (and 6) months as $34.99.

u/amdrag20 · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Or, if you prefer/want your code instantaneously, Amazon is offering a $20 gift credit if you buy the online code for 12 months from them but it has to be the online code and it has to be sold by amazon, none of their third party sellers. Here is the link if you're interested.

u/rebel6784231 · 2 pointsr/gaming

If you buy from microsoft thats true. I just renewed my yearly subscription by buying from amazon and I only paid 46$ with free shipping


u/godcent · 2 pointsr/gaming

$45 on Amazon

If you really look around the net you can sometimes find a card for a little under $40 :/

u/Gashnor · 2 pointsr/xboxone

XBL 12 month online code for $48 on Amazon, or an XBL 12 month card to be shipped out for $45. $3 more for instant access, or save the $3 for a few days wait.

u/calmdrive · 2 pointsr/xbox

If you are planning on playing online at all, Xbox LIVE Gold is only $35 on amazon for a year right now (usually $60)

Along with that- please read the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. If there are other players that are spoiling a game, or have inappropriate content in their profiles or gamertags, please use the complaint feature on the Dashboard.

Having a harddrive is nice because you can load games onto it so the CD doesn't have to spin the whole time you are playing, as well as downloading digital copies of certain games from the marketplace.

Definitely get the Play and Charge kit, using AA batteries is a pain and it is hard to tell when they are dying, and it starts to affect gameplay.

u/IsABot · 2 pointsr/gaming

Depends on where you buy it from. If eBay, you can usually ask the seller to email you the code from the card. If you buy it off a retail site, such as, you just need to select the option for online game code. Not every place has the option to select it, but you can usually call customer service to ask, if you don't see it. They will usually do it because it saves them the hassle of having to ship it out.

u/Gobizku · 2 pointsr/PS3

$48 for 12 months

Free is still better, but there are ALWAYS ways to save money on this as long as these prepaid cards exist.

u/Hookunder · 2 pointsr/gaming

Nope Xbox constantly does deals on gold on websites like amazon and whatnot, you just have to look.

u/bingostar826 · 2 pointsr/gaming

If true then I suppose the place I saw that had misinformation. My bad.

edit: except that im not wrong. the xbox amazon prices you are talking about are on sale. sure things are cheaper on sale. but the actual price is certainly more than PS+.

Edit 2: finally found the prices on the actual websites.

Xbox Live

Playstation Plus

so yes, PS+ is cheaper.

u/ak474000 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

About 60~ USD for 12 months Sometimes a bit cheaper.

If you use the monthly cards, I can imagine it is much more expensive as subscriptions services lower the total yearly cost if you pay for more months at once.

EDIT: I did the math and it is about 96~ USD a year for the 1 month cards. (8 bucks a piece with tax times 12 months for a year) So not as big as 300 bucks although MMO sub services on PC can creep that high I spent and ass load on EVE Online with Pilot licenses and ISK trading ughhhh.

u/kiki_strumm3r · 1 pointr/xbox360

Usually if you go on Amazon, the non-Amazon merchants have it pretty cheap. Like here is a listing of 1 year Xbox Live cards that start at $39.99+$3.99 shipping. Then just use your best judgement on whether or not something looks legit (like the $39.99 merchant just launched, but the next least expensive merchant has 98% positive feedback).

Other than that, there's /r/GameDeals, which does a great job of letting you know when/where stuff is on sale.

u/secpone · 1 pointr/gaming

$44 for 12 mos. $3.58 per mos.

u/DTMaster · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I'm interested in a deal for xbox live gold again. On Amazon it's about a little less than $50. But I heard someone said it's about $33 last month at one point or something.

u/twodayslate · 1 pointr/yardsale

You can get it on amazon right now for $38...

u/diddlyumpcious4 · 1 pointr/gaming

Just quickly glancing at amazon it is $47


If you look around on google you can probably find it cheaper somewhere else.

u/Thunder-Run · 1 pointr/gaming

You can actually buy a 12 month card on Amazon for $46.90 with free shipping right now. I agree that there is no need to be upset. People complain way too much about a service that is relatively inexpensive compared to other entertainment sources. And for such a low cost the customer service is really not that bad. This kind of complaint is exactly why all the negative comments about Microsoft and the Xbox One are so ridiculous. People have complained so much saying "the focus should be on games," but it becomes obvious from posts like this that consumers will choose consoles based on other factors like customer service, etc.

u/RoadDoggFL · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

$48 on Amazon right now, drops to $35 all the time.

u/Haploid_Cell · 1 pointr/gaming

If money's tight, you might want to rethink your spending priorities. That said, you can buy 1 yr membership cards off Amazon for $50.

u/ClintHammer · 1 pointr/gaming

You have to look out. 179 is the price for a no strings box. If you buy the 99 dollar boxes you have to pay for xbox live monthly, at the rate of 14 dollars a month for 2 years . That's 336 dollars. For comparison I buy the 1 year family pack and sell one to a friend so I get three accounts 1 for my wife and one that goes unused, for 99 dollars, so I end up getting a year of live for two of us for 69 dollars, which is less than half of that

you can get a year for one person on amazon for 46.40

So it's a lot cheaper in the long run to just pay for the machine

u/LittleBlarg · 1 pointr/ucf

That's with 2 years XBL at $15/mo. That's not $99, that's $460.

As a matter of fact, they're massively overcharging for the XBL membership to make up for the kinect, which really doesn't have enough (quality) games out to make it worth purchasing. Check this out.

24 mo from gamestop = $360

24 mo from Amazon = $100.

If one were to buy a Kinect separately after taking my offer, they'd still be saving money.

u/XeroPeace · 1 pointr/gaming

If he recovers his gamertag, he may be able to redownload any Arcade games he had. Other than that, I'm unsure. Try looking for his stuff on craigslist and ebay.


u/agarciamog · 1 pointr/Games

Sorry, dude. You got ripped off. Last week they were on sale for $35. Also about the hardware, no one knows the real world difference, yet, and to be honest if hardware was that important to you, why would you get a console? I just finished building a beast of a PC rig and it puts your specs to shame. PC Master Race signing out.

EDIT: Grammar

u/ExcitableCarpet · 1 pointr/xboxone

I realize my post sounds more hostile than I meant it, my point was that things only cost what you pay for them. Suggested retail prices ($60 for Xbox Live Gold) don't mean shit and you shouldn't have pointed to it as some sort of universal truth of Xbox Live Gold being that expensive.

Here's Xbox Live Gold 12 month for $47. I encourage you to try and find out the cheapest price for PS+ (at a respectable store ofc, not from a scam-site) and see how big the difference is.

u/jbigboote · 1 pointr/xbox360

I would get the 4GB and add a hard drive later, if/when you need it. right now, for example, Newegg has the 320GB hard drive for $95 delivered, and it comes with a code for a free download of Lego Star Wars III. And then you get an Xbox 360 with a 4GB internal memory unit AND a 320GB hard drive. this translates into one extra save slot, which might be handy for GTA IV (I compulsively saved all the time in that game). You should also note you can use USB flash drives for game saves and DLC as well. You can format up to 16GB per drive, and you can use two concurrently. but you can have more than two, and just swap them as needed.

there have been some really good 360 deals recently. both the GoW3 and MW3 themed 360s have been on sale for $280. each one comes with two controllers and the game for which they are themed. right now I don't see any deals that good.

You can routinely find twelve month Live Gold subs for <$40. right now Amazon has them for $36.

get and HDMI cable. like russizm says, monoprice is great. amazon has some decent deals on them too. no need to spend more than $10 on one.

u/bubbameister33 · 1 pointr/truegaming

Don't use your credit card to purchase Live but look on sites like Amazon and Newegg that have the 12 month gold cards cheaper.

u/saffir · 1 pointr/gaming

It was never $60. For the majority of the time, it had a retail price of $40 and easily found for $30 online. Less than a year ago the price went up to $50, easily found for $45, with a sale price of $40.

And regarding performance, my 360 plays BF3 just as good as my computer - that I recently spent $500 upgrading (except for my graphics card) - does

u/marishtar · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Invo_RT · 1 pointr/truegaming

I certainly agree that at present, Sony has more perks through PS+ and it sounds like a really good deal as long as you keep the subscription up!

I just would like to point out that PS+ is $5 and will only be optional for the current gen. $5 per month is $60 a year which is the same price as XBL currently. It does look like you can get a year of PS+ for $49.99 which sounds more economical, but you can get XBL cheaper if you shop around a bit.

u/dga711 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/samantha_pants · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Once when I was an (even more) awkward middle school student some guy said "I'll give you a nickle to sign my pickle " and I had no clue how to react. Actually, I think I was so shocked, I didn't react.


u/tastywatermelon · 1 pointr/Games

Not sure where you are getting the $15/mo price from

The MSRP is $60 for a 12 month membership and even if you buy in 1 month intervals (which who does....) it's $10.

I agree that PS+ atm will provide more features in terms of gaming, but it's not cheaper.

u/IdeaPowered · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'm just going to answer you because it seems the best one to answer.

I don't know a single person who pays $60 for Xbox Live for 12 months. That's silly.

Even Amazon has it at $46.

You can get it discounted pretty often. Paying $60 for Xbox Live is like buying your components at Best Buy.

u/nmezib · 1 pointr/Games

Just to be clear, the "Less than $5" per month is most likely taking into account buying a full-years subscription at ~$50, instead of paying month-to-month.

You can get an Xbox Live subscription for exactly $5 per month if you buy a 12-month pass for $60. You can get it cheaper in other places too, like here for under $4/month

u/aimeenew · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


this would save me so much money :) Xbox Live Accounts arent cheap if paying month to month :(

Girlsplaywow is a jerk


u/leesfer · 1 pointr/gaming

Xbox Live is $5 a month if your purchase a year Source from their website, bottom of the page

PS+ is $4 if you purchase a year, or $6 if you pay 3 months at a time Source from their website


Alternatively you can purchase either on Amazon:

Xbox Live 1 year: $47

PS+ 1 year: $49

u/Whumples · 1 pointr/Games
u/PhilthyRedbeard · 1 pointr/Games

You do realise that the xbox live gold is on a sale and that it's normal retail price is $59.99.

The PS+ however is $10 chaper, providing similar features plus the "Exclusive discounts of 10% - 75% on the PlayStation®Store", "12 Hit games for the PlayStation®3 system and 6 for the PS Vita system" and "New games added to your collection every month". I belive this makes the PS+ more affordable.

Source #1 Source #2

u/OswaldBoelcke · 1 pointr/gaming
u/standard_user · 1 pointr/xboxone

You can easily get Gold for around $45

Less than $4 a month

And many times it's down to $34.99 for a limited time

u/silurian87 · 0 pointsr/videos

Actually playstation plus costs more on Amazon. It's only cheaper if you buy straight from the companies.

Playstation plus--49.99.

Xbox live--46.88

Not to mention for the next 6 months they will be giving out two free games a month on Xbox for game discounts, there are sales on Xbox live for gold members every week.

u/heartbraden · 0 pointsr/playstation

If you pay the full price you are crazy.

Buy it anywhere else, even the official MS store on Amazon... $46 a month, 2 less than I said. Thanks for making me look it up and prove my point even further.

u/zeug666 · -1 pointsr/gaming

Amazon: $46.49

There are a variety of other stores that also sell them for about the same price.

u/Eazii · -2 pointsr/xboxone

here. Without tax makes it ~ 3.75 a month. This deal is almost always available. Just buy a card every 11 or so months any you are good!

u/FragMeNot · -2 pointsr/gaming
u/shajee123 · -2 pointsr/gaming

Xbox live is 47$ not 60. Also, it, like plus, offers things like discounts and free games. Also, from my personal experience, I found the quality of Xbox live online multiplayer way better than psn online multiplayer.

u/cirreus · -3 pointsr/Games

Inconsequential, XBL can be easily found cheaper than $60 USD.

Realistically though you just need to hold out till the end of the month, maybe just pick up a 3 month card instead until most of the juicy E3 details are laid out between Sony & MSFT in June.

Besides the "will it blend?", "can it play games?" questions, the main point of query will be exactly the type of question you asked (trying to justify paying).

Only speculative guesstimates at the moment, but MSFT will likely continue with the subscription model into the next generation (at worst they'll convert MS Points & cancelled subs into Windows Store money for purchase on something else).

u/Mrcandleguy · -3 pointsr/xboxone

Even IF you buy it when it's not on special its $5. Oh woe is you! That extra $1 must hurt. But currently it's $15 off. That's a pretty good deal actually.

u/AadeeMoien · -4 pointsr/gaming
u/RazoRReeseR · -5 pointsr/xbox

Please do some research before you follow the hive mind...

Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card

And it regularly goes on sale for cheaper than that, I buy it from best buy or Fred Myers when it goes below $40.