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Xbox Wireless Controller - White
Compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One and Windows 10Includes Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tabletsStay on target with textured gripGet upto twice the wireless range compared to previous Xbox One controllers (tested using the Xbox One S console)Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the new Xbox wireless controllerCompatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10
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u/Kinaestheticsz · 37 pointsr/buildapcsales

Link @ Amazon for $49.99, with Prime 1-day shipping (unlike this Newegg Flash deal that is standard 5-7 day shipping, not including fulfillment time).

u/Recon0212 · 34 pointsr/buildapcsales

Also, the white is $32

EDIT: Black is sold out but White isn't.

u/roosevelvet · 25 pointsr/GameDeals

Looks like the white controller is also listed at this price now too.

EDIT: Appears only the white controller is on sale now.

u/hopelessly_positive · 13 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is the Xbox One S controller, which comes with Bluetooth. No giant Xbox One wireless adapter required.

Currently $44 on Amazon for the white version.

u/weebae · 11 pointsr/xboxone

Available in Black for $29.99 or White for $32.95.

  • Discount applies at checkout
  • Make sure you're buying the item that is shipped and sold by Amazon

    Promotion below:

    > Save $10 on select Xbox Controllers and Stereo Headsets. Here's how (restrictions apply)
u/tielknight · 10 pointsr/buildapcsales

$4 cheaper from Warehouse deals for one with sdinged-up packaging :

It's gone

u/PeterFlinstone · 9 pointsr/buildapcsales

This is the One S controller that has been in deals at multiple sources recently.

It's also on Amazon at 1 dollar less, but it charges shipping if you don't have prime.

u/rkido · 9 pointsr/ValveIndex

That's fair and understandable, but real customer data matters a lot more than impressions or reviews. It has 73% positive (out 7,800 reviews) on Steam and 4/5 stars (out of 2,700 reviews) on Amazon, the latter of which is almost identical to the Amazon review stats for the black Xbone controller and not far from the white one either. This suggests it's liked by the majority of people who decide to buy it, because unlike most "professional" games journalists, the people buying it are actual gamers who use it for more than a few hours.

The purpose of the controller's existence is to bring KBM games to the couch / living room. So after taking into account the generally positive feedback from users, the simplest explanation for why it hasn't been more commercially successful is that many PC gamers — I would guess the overwhelming majority — still play at their desks. Now some games absolutely require a controller regardless of whether you're at a desk or couch, but the nature of those games is such that they are already well-optimized for the Xbox controller, so buying a second controller has no value proposition for these cases.

u/Funnydunny10 · 8 pointsr/RivalsOfAether

Xbox One White -

The Xbox One controllers are pretty comfortable and they're plug and play with a micro usb so that's another win. Another option is if you have an old gamecube controller that isn't like, falling apart, an adapter is like 15 or so bucks. Personally I use a wireless 360 controller, but that's only because that's what I had when I started playing and I didn't think I needed a different controller. You could always take the path less traveled and play with keyboard, like Windows, who is a top player.

Hope this helps!

u/x77aca77x · 7 pointsr/xboxone

Amazon has the controller releasing on august 31st .

u/togamans · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

the new xb1 wireless does if you're on win10 anniversary

u/DntMessWitRohan · 6 pointsr/sffpc

Just thought I'd point out that the newer Xbox One controllers work directly over bluetooth and don't need a special adapter to work (as long as your PC has bluetooth functionality). It's actually a very easy pairing process (takes 15s or less) and works brilliantly although it can chew through batteries fairly quickly (you can always use a long micro USB cable if you want to use it wired of course).



u/cloroxbb · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Xbone : List Price: $59.99

PS4: List Price $59.99

Moral of the story: Don't condescendingly call people a "noob" when you yourself are wrong.

u/pb7280 · 5 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Might as well get the Microsoft-made wireless controller for $65 -

Has Bluetooth as well and works wired with any standard micro-USB cable

u/TheBeardedMann · 4 pointsr/GearVR
u/used2bgood · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

I don't know about this guy

Something seems fishy

u/social_gamer · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

Isn't this the model where you need the adapter? The newer one just has a headphone jack

This is the new one =)
$50 on Amazon if you're interested in the charity/AmazonSmile route

u/subsequent · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I presume these two are the newest ones?



Am I correct?

u/Vicrooloo · 3 pointsr/pcgaming

Its 3 reviews for a very common product

Here's 1,919 reviews:

u/buckdeluxe · 2 pointsr/GreatXboxDeals had them for $39.99 last night and I grabbed one. The deal seems to be over now, but if you have prime you can snag one for 44.99 which is still a pretty good deal. It will show up as $49.99 until you sign in with an active prime membership.

u/Heaney555 · 2 pointsr/oculus

Yes, as long as you pair a compatible bluetooth gamepad (eg. the Xbox One S gamepad).

Just check the Amazon page of the gamepad you use/want for "bluetooth".


u/motionglitch · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Get the Xbox One S Controller, it has bluetooth. You also need Windows 10.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Xbox One S controller and Xbox wireless adapter is the best "xbox like" controller you can get. Or an older Xbox360 wireless controller and the adapter, it wtill works fine. It works out of the box with all games. I think the Xbox One S controller requires Windows 10 though.

u/KevinDurden · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

Controller in question can be found here on Amazon.

u/kaz61 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

> I never can find enough working controllers for the PC

How HARD is it lol

u/rodzghost · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

FYI, your controller will only work on Windows 10 if you have the wireless dongle. I made the same mistake when I purchased mine.

Only the controllers that have the logo as part of the faceplate (ie no lines like on your's) work with Windows 10 "out of the box."

[](Link to controller that works without the wireless dongle.)

EDIT: It'll work on windows if you have a micro USB cable as well, but if you want wireless, then you'll need the dongle. Also, trying to fix formatting since it displayed weird the first time.

u/_mindless_sheep · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Steam has Big Picture Mode, which is a console-like UI designed to be used with a controller. It's pretty good, in my experience. The Steam Boxes aren't that great, though – they didn't perform great and, more significantly, there are far fewer games for SteamOS than there are for Windows.

The simplest way to do it would be to just buy or build a gaming PC and hook it up to your TV with HDMI and then get something like this to control everything but Steam.

Alternatively, you could get a Steam Link and stream games from your PC to it over your LAN. You might get increased latency, though, so if you're just going to use this computer for games then I'd recommend just using HDMI.

You can actually use PS4 controllers with Windows using a program called, well, DS4Windows. The new Xbox One S controllers are a bit easier to get working in my experience, but YMMV.

What kind of budget would you be looking at in terms of hardware? You could get a great experience starting around $500, but if you have some extra money to spend, there are some upgrades I would suggest.

edit: Oh, if you have a 4K TV you're going to need to spend a lot more money to get a decent framerate.

u/greyghostvol1 · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I use this controller and this Bluetooth dongle and I've had no problems with latency, and have had the exact opposite problem that lots of people here are having, so IDK, maybe inconsistency?

u/G-Ziss · 1 pointr/OculusGo

Thanks. Would these controllers work with the Go?

Edit: Apparently these won't work with the Go since these are not Xbox One S controllers specifically, but I can't seem to find any S controllers for sale.

Also, probably a dumb question, but how would I charge them if I don't own an Xbox One?

u/PraiseDannyWoodhead · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I also got confirmation that the only two items I wanted were both disqualified for eligibility, which is bullshit. The promotional terms state video games are ineligible, but it's actually ANY ITEM LISTED IN A VIDEO GAME CATEGORY.

Initial Question: Inquiring about the 'BIGTHANKS' promotional code item eligibility.
>03:13 PM PST Pratik(Amazon): Hello, my name is Pratik. I'm here to help you today. Thank you for being a Prime member. NIce to meet you!


>03:13 PM PST Me: Hello
>03:14 PM PST Me: I noticed that today, there is a promotional code BIGTHANKS that should remove $8.62 from a $50+ order, however it does not seem to work on the items I am attempting to buy?

>03:14 PM PST Pratik: For the promotions all the items should be sold by Amazon. Here are the terms and conditions of the promotion :


>03:14 PM PST Me: Both of these items are sold by LLC

>03:15 PM PST Pratik: May I know if they are video games?

>03:15 PM PST Me: They are not video games - one is a controller and the other a Steam Link

>03:16 PM PST Me:


>03:16 PM PST Pratik: Thank you for the link. I am sorry to say that Offer does not apply to digital content, video games, or Amazon Gift Cards.

>Please read our terms and conditions and you will be able to see it.


>03:16 PM PST Me: But these items do not qualify under those categories

>03:17 PM PST Pratik: The steam link comes underthe digital content. Please read the terms and conditions :

>03:18 PM PST Me: I have read the terms and conditions, however the steam link is NOT a digital item and neither of these two physical items are VIDEO GAMES. As such, why are they not eligible for the promo code to be applied?

>03:20 PM PST Pratik: Please check the items one more time. The items comes under the video games category.

>03:21 PM PST Me: They may be in the video game category, however they are not themselves video games. The terms and conditions specifically says "video games" no?


>03:21 PM PST Pratik: Please try to understand that if the items comes under the Video games category then the promotion will not be applied.

u/sirgippy · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Here's the link to the new controller on amazon without the customization. Looks like $60.

u/FarS1GHT · 1 pointr/AlienwareAlpha

Actually your incorrect. The new xbox one s controller does indeed come with Bluetooth. It was a huge ordeal during E3. Perhaps you missed it. Anyways, you can order here

u/kkjdroid · 1 pointr/pcgamingtechsupport

This one is the only model on Amazon with BT support. You can also get this adapter to connect up to eight Xbone controllers of any type.

u/mrnose20 · 1 pointr/xboxone

Based on what you've said there are a lot of good ideas that I've seen (I'm not reading all 200+ comments) but here are my thoughts while trying to stay in your budget.

  1. System, Forza Horizon 3, 12 months gold ~ $400

  2. 3 extra controlers ~ $135

  3. Game Pass, EA Access ~ $150/year

  4. 8TB Seagate Drive Hub External HDD ~ $200

    This leaves you about $115 (depending on sales tax) in your budget for other games like Rocket League or Beach Buggy Racing or any game that you desire.

    And before I get trashed about the External HDD I chose that because with the Vault and Games Pass downloading games directly to your system, you will want a lot of storage so you are not constantly uninstalling and reinstalling games and the system can support up to 2 of those drives at once.
u/juiceyuh · 1 pointr/EmulationOnAndroid

Huh, which controller do you have? I got this one. Installed the update through my Windows 10 PC, and now it works fine on different devices every day.

Have you connected other BT devices to your Android TV? The Shield has built in BT I don't think all TVs with built in Android TV do, if any

u/forgeflow · 1 pointr/gaming

XBox One controller with bluetooth is white-themed. The other XBox One controller is black-themed and has a rather sizable dongle you have to plug into a USB port.

u/taftera · 1 pointr/FIFA

Has anyone tried the XBOX One S controller, somehow is cheaper than any other...

u/____gray_________ · 1 pointr/Steam_Link

different dongle needed: this

unless it supports bluetooth, like this one does, then it can be handled natively.

but from what I can tell, it doesn't.

u/Jim777PS3 · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Wired / Bluetooth

Wireless via USB Dongle


The Xbox Controller is your go to. It fits nicer in the hand, it works right out of the box with Windows and any game that supports pad, and most games are going to feed you Xbox button prompts.

u/jaydoubleyoutee · 1 pointr/PS4

Xbox Controller - $43.95

Dualshock 4 - $45.89

Pro Controller - $65.95

Sure, the Joy-Con can be bought for $50 but it's basically half a controller. I can't see myself playing Mario Kart or ARMS on something like that and having a good time. To get two Joy-Cons and a (non-charging) Grip would cost nearly $100.

u/007bister · 1 pointr/fireTV

The Xbox One Controller Adapter only Works with Windows 10 you want one of the Newer White ones that come with the Xbox One S Because they Have Built in Bluetooth and you can Sync it to your FireTv Thru Bluetooth


u/Neirn_ · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

>Even normal console controllers these days are $80 of $90 bucks

What are you on about? Normal console controllers are $60 at full price and frequently go on sale below that price, sometimes even as low as $30 but more commonly $40-$50.

As of me writing this comment, the Xbox One controller is $43.49 on Amazon and the PS4 controller is $45.95.

u/jagr200 · 1 pointr/Steam

This is the Xbox controller with Bluetooth.

All PS4 controllers are Bluetooth. I’ve never tried using mine on my PC though.

And all the Xbox controllers use the WiFi as well. It’s only for connecting to Xbox consoles so it won’t connect to your PC. Unless you buy the adapter for your PC but that wouldn’t be worth it if you buy the controller with Bluetooth.

u/CptLocke · 1 pointr/RocketLeague

I had the problem the problem that my lb/rb buttons gave up on my last controllers.
(Well, i bought two of them used, so maybe thats why :D)


But then i bought this one new, quite some time ago.
I know it says it´s wireless but if you connect it with a usb cable it works perfectly fine!

It´s living longer than any of my controllers! And its "only" 50-60$/€. But you´ll get some quality with that ;)

u/etharis · 1 pointr/gaming


Look for this in the description

Play your favorite games on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones with Bluetooth technology

u/Gargenville · 1 pointr/gaming

No that's a slightly older model, Xbone S controller doesn't have that 'cutaway' part near the top. This is the one.

u/earbroccoli · 1 pointr/answers

I just plug it into a USB port and it works by default on nearly every Steam game I've ever come across.

I use this one:

u/DexterBP · 1 pointr/pcgamingtechsupport

thanks for the detailed reply!

i may as well get another xbox controller as it’s pretty much the same price as the adapter, this one seem good?

edit: i’d get the used very good one from rock30games or do you think i should just get a new one (they’re like 94% positive and have 25k seller reviews and it’s “very good” condition)

u/shadeobrady · 1 pointr/buildapc

Just make sure you either get the old 360 wired ones or the new “Xbox Wireless Controller” (aka the Xbox one S controller). I was reading you need a wireless receiver to hookup to your PC for the last version (Xbox one regular) to work. The new one works with a cord or by Bluetooth and apparently works super well with steam link. Here it is:

Xbox Wireless Controller - White

u/boxsterguy · 1 pointr/xbox

Why not just buy an XInput controller? Through the magic of XInput, you can actually use a cheap Xbox 360 controller in the Xbox app, allowing you to play Xbox One games with an Xbox 360 controller.

Or, you know, just buy an Xbone controller. Because they're quite nice. And the new S ones (available through the Design Lab right now, and should be available for general release August 2) support Bluetooth so you don't even need to buy a separate wireless dongle.

u/noodlz05 · 1 pointr/xboxone
u/obi5683 · 1 pointr/ffxiv

I use the new XBox One S controller through Bluetooth. Vibration works for fishing and I can use the D-Pad while running. I have tried the DS4 and it works well, but I can't reach the D-Pad while moving as well and vibration hasn't worked for me without using third-party software. I had some issues with the XBox controller not reacting to input. This is often enough and long enough to notice but not enough to have me looking for a new controller. The DS4 never had this issue, but being able to use skills mapped to the D-Pad while moving is important enough to me to not use this controller. I used the DS4 through bluetooth and USB.

u/Cub3h · 1 pointr/Games

First hit when you search "PS4 controller": $47 on Amazon. Same for XB1, $49.

And that's without even looking for a sale price.

u/HeartBeat328 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

The number one reason, at least in my opinion is 60 FPS... Even my shitty laptop (you can check my flair) is able to do 60fps, granted everything on low and at lower resolutions, and generally indie games only for games released in 2016. Personally I would sacrifice resolution any day to get 60fps, but that may be a niche, at least so my friend believes.

You save a lot of money (in the long run). Lets say you buy a console. Its 300$ (ignoring the current discount) and includes a controller and 1 game. Lets say you want another game with that. Add 60$. If you want your buddy to come over and play and he doesn't have his own controller, thats another 60$, again ignoring the current discount. And now you want to play online and you want to do so for an entire year. Pay up mate, another 60$. Congratulations your xbox has now effectively cost you 480$.
What could you do for a pc of that price? This is one I quickly threw together in pcpartpicker. I am no expert in computer building, and I'm positive someone else can come up with something better or something that costs less, and sure its not gonna be some sort of god pc, but nontheless will outperform consoles and then some. Total of ~520$. For 40$ more you get:

  1. Backwards compatibility
  2. 60FPS
  3. Higher resolution than console
  4. Ability to emulate if you choose to do so
  5. Free online play
  6. Various abilities console doesn't give you: coding, rendering, a convinient way to google answers to your homework, etc.

    This Build should last you 2-3 years, but you could do better ofcourse. If you were to pay a but more you could build a pc that should easily outlast a console generation, again others will probably be able to provide better value for your money than I could. But let's not kid ourselves. The price barrier to entry is higher on a PC. Yes you will be paying more initially, but over the years you will definitely save money, especially concerning online. My uncle plays on console exclusively, thats where his friends play, but he has paid a total of 600$ for xbox live alone. Probably more even, given the regional pricing we have here. You will also inevitably save a lot of money on buying your games if you make use of storefronts like steam and GOG. The average price I've paid for tripple a games is probably around 30$. Half the price you would normally pay for on console.

    With the PC you aren't constrained to what Sony or Microsoft says you can or cannot have. Sony's stance on EA access comes to mind. Who are they to say whats a good value for you? If I say EA access is 20$ a month worth to me, then its 20$ worth to me, it might only be worth 5$ a month to you, but thats irrelavent, it's always about what its worth to you.

    Another good reason for getting a PC is that it is your own. You build it the way you like it. If you want a Titan Pascal in there, you can do that. You can game at true 4k if you want to invest the money.

    With pc you aren't constrained by your input device, or output device either. If you want to game on a Television you can go ahead and do so, you can even game on the couch with tools such as the lapdog, though such devices can be pricey. You aren't limited to a monitor, as some people seem to believe.

    You can also use the input device of choice. I've heard retards blither about how keyboards can give you "dyslexia" or that they cause cramps. Sure it may not be for everyone, but you can plug in a controller and play. Heck, steam even lets you customise the layout for the controller, a feature missing on consoles where they are limited to using controllers.

    If listwars are important to you then PC is a no-brainer. The pc has by far the largest selection of games out there. Sure theres a lot of shovel-ware that comes through, but there are also a lot of high quality PC only releases that exist, if exclusive games means that much to you. Here is a list of some pc exclusive games.

    If co-op games are your thing, then pc is really the place to be. According to co-optimus; PC has 973 co-op games, Xbox1 has 222 and PS4 has 244. Obviously this doesn't say much of their quality, but chances are that with a larger selection you'll be more likely to find good quality games.

    Lastly, if you do not like windows why not try linux? Sure it can be a headache to get into if you know absolutely nothing, but nothing is stopping you from learning. I jumped in headfirst with this one and started with arch linux. It gave me headaches to figure it out, but now its my daily driver on my laptop.

    This is just some of the reasons I've managed to come up with, and I'm sure there are plenty more reasons as to why you would want a PC over a console.

    TL;DR in no particular order, except for FPS:

  7. 60FPS
  8. Higher Resolution
  9. Backwards compatibility
  10. Emulation
  11. Whatever input device you want
  12. Free online play
  13. Workstation use
  14. More games
u/Dzadominate · 1 pointr/cemu

I'm going to buy this one :

Bluetooth so i don't need the wireless adaptater for PC right ?

u/ImNotATexan · 0 pointsr/gaming
  1. Steam Controller - might be able to maintain some continuity in letting you play mouse-needed games from a controller, but otherwise is a pretty good hybrid that will work for everything and has robust support through Steam, and totally customizable configurations on a per game basis. Also if you have a modern Samsung UHD tv, the Steam Link beta is free (works wonderfully) and the Steam Controller is one of the two controller types it currently supports. $49.99, includes everything needed.

  2. Xbox 360 Controller - Will work on basically every game, but some games - even those with 360 pad support - will be retarded and not recognize it, like Dead Rising 2 Off the Record. Not much to say, it's a great controller. You have to buy the wireless dongle separately, it's usually like $30 for the dongle and at this point I'd say $30 or $40 for the controller.

  3. Xbox One Controller - better than the 360 controller, but, despite natively having drivers in Windows 8 and 10, it has a lot of driver related problems. Does not include accessories - if you have an S type or newer controller, they have Bluetooth support. You can only pair one XB1 controller via Blue Tooth at a time to your PC. Wireless adapter accessory is somewhat unreliable - it may not ever work for you, period, might work fine. Controller - $40 if lucky to $70+. I have 3, got one for free, one with console, paid $60 or so for my Gears 4 limited ed version. Also the battery life is kind of terrible, I'd say 30 hours if you're lucky.

  4. Dual Shock 4 - I have no experience whatsoever with this controller on PC but it does require a separate adapter for wireless. Personally I don't like the feel of it, it's too lightweight when I have used it and the sensor bar seems pointless. It seems like it's probably solid though.

  5. Logitech F310 - Wired but absolutely solid controller, no input delay. The layout is PS2 Dual Shock 2, with Xbox face buttons and PS2 style sticks, but the actual thumbgrips are more like XB360 if I remember right. D-pad is one solid piece like the 360 controller. It will work with literally everything, flawlessly, except games that have hardcoded controls like KOF98 / 2000 etc. The only annoying thing is the xinput/directinput switch is in the place where you would expect the Select button to be on a Dual Shock 2, and the select / start are above that. This can often lead to you changing the input on accident, which will basically screw you in any third person game because both camera and character control will stop working. Also the back of the controller is more angled than the DualShock 2. You should be able to grab one for cheap - they've been around for at least 6 years. Despite the 1 piece d-pad I actually think it does fairly well for fighting games, too. It's well made and can survive a lot of abuse. I've dropped mine, stood on it, dropped it, tossed it, thrown it, yanked it from the USB port on purpose and on accident, and it's in perfect shape still 6 years later.

  6. Logitech F710 - everything above but wireless, maybe a slight input delay, and it also has a vibration switch across from the input select. Different color, 2.4ghz band. $50

    I personally would recommend the F310, if near the PC but the cord is not very long, so more likely the F710, or the 360 controller. I like the XB1 controller but it's battery life is simply unacceptable, and I don't use it enough that I'm willing to consider the sync problems acceptable when I do.
u/VicisSubsisto · 0 pointsr/Animemes

If you don't mind doing things in a not-so-legal manner, you can get a PS4 or Xbox One for free! Checkmate theists.

Or you could get a refurbished One X for $419, no illegal activity (or assembly or OS installation time) required.

You're also missing one important and not-free accessory which is included in the console purchase.

u/EHendrix · -1 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Xbox One Controller

PS4 Controller

We all love the Switch here but why let Nintendo get away with this pricing because they are Nintendo.

u/HighSpeed556 · -51 pointsr/xboxone

You know what else works?

Xbox Wireless Controller - White