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XSPC Radiator Mounting Bracket Set (6-32 UNC)
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3 Reddit comments about XSPC Radiator Mounting Bracket Set (6-32 UNC):

u/thoughtfix · 2 pointsr/Corsair

This is a better idea than trying to top mount it with offset bracket. Think of it this way: A normal air powered heat sink takes in case air and uses it to wick away CPU heat (moving the heat into the case,) which hopefully gets exhausted by fans. So a front mounted radiator would take in fresh air from outside the case and use it to wick away CPU heat (also moving heat into the case) which is also exhausted by case fans.

If you already have a filter in the front of the case, you're saving yourself the tedious task of cleaning your radiator all the time too.

If you still want to consider fan offsets, that might work. Those little things look like they'll move the whole assembly down and away by a couple CM. It breaks the "seal" on the top though, allowing some hot air to recycle back in if the exhaust pressure is too low. I'd try to follow /u/xDougiie's advice.

u/Aimbot69 · 2 pointsr/watercooling

XSPC Radiator Mounting Bracket Set


XSPC Universal Radstand V2

Or go buy some 6-32 screws about 2-3 inches long, and 8x 6-32 nuts and 4 flat washers to fit. run the screws through the rear 120mm fan housing, then put a nut on and back it almost to the head of the screw, then screw another nut on just a bit, then screw the screws into the radiator just past the surface and back the nut onto it to tighten it, then tighten the 1st nut to the case and boom you have a mount. (if this is to hard to follow, It is probably because I am bad at explaining things like this.)