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Yesterday's Gone: Season One
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4 Reddit comments about Yesterday's Gone: Season One:

u/zyonkerz · 5 pointsr/TheLeftovers

I agree completely. The departed didn't depart...the leftovers got left. I also think that somewhere on the flip-side there's a world 98% depopulated with 2% wondering where the fuck everyone in the entire world went. Sort of like this series

u/aussiekinga · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

Check out Part 1 of Yesterday's Gone as it is free. If you like it you could get the rest.

I haven't listened past the free part 1 yet but it seems like it would fit your request.

Also, the kindle book is free meaning you can get the whole "Season 1" for $3.

u/veritasae · 1 pointr/writing

I like it - but I feel like at this point we've strayed to something far different form a novel. Not bad, mind you, but different.

What you are saying I think can work well. I follow these guys: Yesterday's Gone Who seem to have gotten the serialized story down to a science. But like I said above, this is something different. This is no longer a novel, these are serialized episodes that look like they sit at about 25k words/75 pages.

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