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Your Baby Week by Week: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your New Baby
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Yes! This is the Amazon US link. I’m in the UK and it’s very polular here (4,5 stars on Amazon UK and 1,5 on Amazon US lol. I guess US readers find the tone very pedantic).

This is the bit about night feeding for week 13 (and at 17 weeks she suggests to drop one more night feed)

“If you’re breastfeeding, you may notice around now that your baby begins to be less interested in feeding during the day but seems increasingly hungry at night. This happens for a number of reasons–perhaps you’re very busy in the day, particularly if you have other children. The result could be you don’t spend as much time feeding your baby as he’d like, his feeds get interrupted by siblings wanting your attention, and his milk times may even get a bit delayed if you’re very busy. But at night your baby has you all to himself and can have long, undisturbed feeds.
Another reason for daytime feeding to decline is that your baby is distracted by what’s going on around him and is less interested in snuggling down for long feeds than he used to be. Again, night-time is when he catches up by drinking extra milk when there are no distractions.
Also, if you’re out and about more these days this can delay feeds, and if you’re feeding in cafés or when you’re with friends, you may feel a bit self-conscious and cut the feed short. If you recognise this pattern developing, try to stop it now because if you let it go on, you’ll find your baby’s appetite decreases drastically during the day and he’s ravenous during the night.

Reversing the night-time ravenous pattern

The easiest way to change the pattern is to make sure you’re feeding your baby enough during the day, then he should stop being quite so hungry at night. So watch the clock, feed him regularly and also take the time to have quiet private feeds with no distractions. If this doesn’t seem to have much effect, you’ll have to cut back on your baby’s night feeds to no more than once every four hours to increase his daytime hunger. It may take a few nights for this new feeding regime to have an impact on your baby’s daytime appetite, and it will be tough as he screams for food while you watch the clock and wait for the hours to pass (you or your partner can cuddle him while you wait). But this will get results and reverse his day–night feeding patterns. This problem may occur again when you start your baby on solids at around six months.”