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Zassenhaus 041064 Panama Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Mill
Stainless steel/acrylic hand manual coffee mill;Modern, contemporary designEasy adjustment changes grind from coarse to fineLong handle provides leverage for easy grindingMeasures 1.7 inch diameter, 4.9 Inch high
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3 Reddit comments about Zassenhaus 041064 Panama Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Mill:

u/Lord_Unseen · 3 pointsr/coffeestations

Absolutely. The grinder is the Zassenhaus Panama. I've had good luck with mine, but I've heard not so great things about their QA, so proceed with caution. Also, that thing is small. I'm talking like 20g capacity, maybe.

The pour over cone is a Bialetti Pour Over. I don't know how it compares to, say, the V60, but it's got the large central hole like one so. Mine's plastic and I only got it because a grocery store near me had them on sale for $3.

The blue and white thing in front is a Handpresso. I talked about that one above, so I'll save it here.
There's also a standard Bodum Brazil french press and a bag of Pennant Six Two Zero blend. That one's a microroaster local to McPherson, Kansas and it doesn't look like they're selling online yet.

u/nicbrown · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I have the GSI Java Drip, which is a collapsable silicone cone that takes Melita style filters. It works just fine, and takes up next to no space. Melita filters are available everywhere that I have travelled recently (Including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos...).

My only complaint is that the cone is completely round, so the paper filters don't sit as neatly as they could. There is another brand on Amazon called Cuissential, that is a lot closer in shape to the rigid Melita style cones, and I would probably buy that brand if I started over. The upside of the GSI is that you can pack a half dozen filters under the rigid lid. The GSI only has one outlet hole, so brew time is a bit longer than with a true Melita pour over. You could tweak the grind a bit though on a Melita system.

Weight wise, silicone drippers are about the same as the cheap rigid plastic versions, but they are a lot more packable. I travel a lot, so the trade of of moving from a Hario/Chemex system to Melita is worth it. You could always run Chemex filters in a plastic Hario dripper. I like the taste of my 'road coffee' though.

GSI make an interesting new travel grinder too. It is around the same weight as the Porlex Mini, but it has a much better handle interface, and uses the same type of sealed bearing system as the $100 Zassenhaus Panama. It is very new though, so I am waiting on reviews.

u/jja619 · 1 pointr/Coffee

Most of their grinders look more like things you'll see as decorations in coffee shops, but this model seems a bit more modern.

Lido (Orphan Espresso)/Comandante/Helor/Kinu/Knock are brands that are more geared towards the specialty coffee scene, so they're more embraced by this community.