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Zig-Zag Premium Cigarette Roller - 78mm
OPTIMAL SOLUTION: The Zig Zag original cigarette roller is a quick and easy way to roll a cigarette without wasting any product. Practical, lightweight, and easy to use, this cigarette rolling device is a must-have for smokers.PRACTICAL DESIGN: All you have to do to get the perfect cigarette is pack the grinded tobacco across the sleeve, move the lower roller up to close, and roll towards you to form the tobacco core. Insert a Zig-Zag cigarette paper with the gummed edge at the top and roll it partially into the slot. Lick the gummed edge and roll the paper all the way in. Lastly, just open the roller and enjoy a perfectly-rolled cigarette like no other!TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Our 2-way roller machine is lightweight and compact, so it will easily fit into your pocket. This way, you can enjoy a perfectly-rolled cigarette at home or on the go!MADE TO LAST: The tobacco roller is made with top-quality materials that will pass the test of time. It is durable, sturdy, and lightweight, which makes it a perfect accessory for real smokers who love hand-rolled cigarettes.PREVENTS WASTE: One of the best parts about our roller machine is that it allows you to hand-roll perfect cigarettes without wasting any product. Everything is easy, quick, and fun, so you get to relax with your smoke.
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34 Reddit comments about Zig-Zag Premium Cigarette Roller - 78mm:

u/josh0223 · 12 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Just get one of these. It's way less complicated and definitely cheaper

u/dongsy-normus · 8 pointsr/trees
u/parkmeeae · 6 pointsr/StonerProTips

Basic info:

Ask your friend if they can hook you up with the person they buy from. The quantities you can buy from smallest to largest: 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, 1 ounce. Some dealers will sell by the gram, too, but I haven't bought from anybody who deals in amounts that small in a long time. In a lot of cases your friend will end up becoming your middle man because a lot of dealers only like to do business with people they know they can trust. I've been smoking regularly for about 4 years now and I've only ever dealt with one dealer directly because he was dating my friend.

If you still live with your parents a pipe will probably be the easiest vessel to smoke out of. They are easy to conceal, but more effective than joints or blunts. Hit up any local smoke shop or head shop, but there is a little bit of etiquette required at these places. Never refer to what you're buying as a bowl or a bong (if that's what you're going for). Call it a pipe or a water pipe and do not mention marijuana at all. They know what it's for, but they won't say it either. I have seen kids get kicked out of headshops on the spot for making this mistake. If it is a legit shop they can't sell to you if you give them the impression that you are going to use their items for illegal things. Law enforcement routinely tests these places to make sure they aren't violating any laws.

Learning how to roll is a great skill, but not everybody is good at it. I personally suck at rolling so I bought a cigarette roller and it gets the job done.

u/squibbs47 · 5 pointsr/trees

I had the same problem until I discovered this. I know I know...I'm a disgrace to the joint rolling world...but seriously, works like a charm and you end up having perfectly rolled joints to enjoy! And for under $5, you can't beat it.

u/smokebudsmoke · 3 pointsr/trees

Not bad, looks a bit 'bumpy' though..

Did you break it down more than what you have left in your hand there?

Also, if you're going to use the 'dollar trick', might as well get you a cigarette roller, roll perfect joints every time and fast.

Takes away from the 'hand rolling' I guess, but it's quite efficient. I usually only use mine for actually rolling cigs, don't smoke many joints any more really.

u/chiatar · 3 pointsr/trees

You can prolly find them around town. Look for a 'smokers choice', or any tobacco shop. A head shop might have them too. They are considered a legitimate smoke accessory, they might be behind the counter at Rite-aid/Walgreens.


u/G0DatWork · 3 pointsr/AskEngineers

It's partially the non uniformity but also it's because there aren't the fillers that normally cigarette add to give better burning properties. You'll never be able to replicate a cigarette with weed because they burn at very different rates

The way to fix it is get one of these.
Basically you want all the material to be uniformly compressed a lot bit.

u/FormerlyFuckSwag435 · 2 pointsr/nfl

Not everyone can just roll blunts or joints. Pretty much a make shift Zig Zag roller like these:

u/Guerzilla · 2 pointsr/trees
u/MarbhDamhsa · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Mine's: ($3.89)

Which I don't need, but I'm lazy.

Apparently it's a 'health and personal care' item?

Close second is a used copy of Eyeless in Gaza ($4.65)

u/ChildishBonVonnegut · 2 pointsr/trees

you can get these at a lot of convenience stores.

u/signedup2comment · 2 pointsr/trees

Or head to your local C-store spend less than 5 dollars on a cigarette roller.

Perfect joint everytime.

Zig zag brand:

u/ameoba · 2 pointsr/saplings

If you want perfect cigarette-sized joints, get a roller. They're cheap & produce consistent, reliable results.

u/TGSureal · 2 pointsr/Tobacco

I have not tried the unfiltered tubes, I would suggest just getting the regular papers and rolling them by hand the old fashioned way or with this, if you really want unfiltered smokes. More Info. But if you do want the unfiltered tubes, I also could only find the Athey tubes. Some sites to get them are Amazon-perbox, Amazon-5boxes,Bec's,Loose Tobacco. If you do get the Athey tubes, you will need an injector type machine. I use the Mikromatic. I know the tobacco store I regular will order stuff for me if I ask. Try going in and asking them to order them for you. They might just do it, and you can save on shipping and the risk is nonexistent.

u/durtduhdurr · 2 pointsr/trees

Just buy this and never worry about it again. Rolls perfect every single time.

u/R59 · 1 pointr/trees

$2.14 + $1.99 shipping: Zig Zag 1.25 78mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

$3.29 + $2.49 shipping: Zig Zag Orange Rolling Papers 1 1/4 - 3 Pack

That's a lot of papers + a rolling machine for less than $10 shipped.

u/blank_dota2 · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Go for rolling papers and $5 roller wheel like this one.

It's a far better value than buying an injector and tubes.

I speak from experience.

The only benefit those tubes have, is you won't burn your fingers nearly as much as rolling your own with Element Rice Papers or paper rolling papers.

Taste is much better on unfiltered, but if you are a newer smoker, start with a mild/gold tobacco or Turkish, as unfiltered is stronger than filtered.

You can buy filters for rolling papers btw, a bag of 200 is usually $3-$5 at amazon.

This is the roller I use.

I bought one of those injectors, the Powermatic Mini, but seriously it sucks. It spits out tobacco on sides all the time, other times it's really noisy, it stinks like a tire (didn't bother me but did bother others).

Biggest flaw of the PM, is definitely when it doesn't fill the center/tip as thickly as the rest of the cig. Then when you go to tap your cig on an ashtray, it will bend the tube.

Really unpleasant experience. Don't even get me started on how much of a joke the PM is at filling 100mm tubes. It basically fails.

If your going the tube and injector route, just get an electric tube injector, as then it won't suck.

I honestly wish I could return my white Powermatic Mini, but I can't because Amazon won't let me.

Learn from my mistakes:

  1. Don't use pipe tobacco to roll cigarettes unless you want a harsh, BBQ tasting cig, that is prone to making your lungs feel really heavy when you inhale, especially unfiltered.

  2. Make sure you get a decent rolling tobacco, I really love Peter Stokkebye Turkish, Danish, Stockholm for when I want a kick ;), and I've heard Bali Shag and Drum are good as well.

  3. Buy from a good site, or a nice tobacco store. and are legit, safe, and trusted (had great experiences with both, but I prefer SJCigars). One warning about Lilbrown is they tell you to be 19 or older to order, but then tell UPS to require signature on 'Adults 21 years of age or older', even if your state allows tobacco sale at 18 or 19. It's obviously annoying. UPS is business day only movement btw, so I recommend sjcigars over them, as sj uses USPS (Post Office).

    PS: I wish this could be put in the damn wiki!
u/Harddaysnight1990 · 1 pointr/trees

Honestly, they're all the same at first. But then after you use it for a few months, the canvas starts to stretch. I had a TOP roller that lasted me 4 months before the canvas snapped, a JOB one that lasted 6, and my latest, a Zig-Zag roller, just snapped after 15 months of use. And before you ask, no it is not practical to just restick the canvas after its glue finally snaps. It might last you a couple of joints until you can get a new one, but it's not worth it for the long-term.

BT-dubs, this is the roller that I use, the one that lasted 15 months.

u/theforce34 · 1 pointr/trees
  1. most of the time frost=THC more the better
  2. not really many side effects from bud, any smoking has the potential to cause issues if you have an chronic lung issues, so vaping or eating edibles is suggested
  3. glass and acrylic is based on your opinion, glass taste better and I don't think that heating and inhaling plastic is good, glass all day.
  4. grinders are cheap and make packing/loading pieces faster, but not necessary, sometimes its fun to break up sticky bud for the texture.
  5. to properly roll a blunt or joint just buy one of these at your local shop, some hand roll, most hand roll blunts most of the time and tons of youtube clips how to do it lol

    Good luck, be safe, stay smart, and don't drive while blazed. :) toke on
u/vently · 1 pointr/trees

I love to roll them! I got an MFLB so I don't smoke much anymore. It feels like I'm wasting it if I smoke it alone. It's so fun to roll them. I'm not very good but when it comes out nice, I'm content. There's also those rollers that help you out and cheap too. I've never used it but like I said, rolling is fun.

Here's a link to the "rolling machine"

u/eMeLDi · 1 pointr/eldertrees

I suggest using a ZigZag roller. You end up with an evenly packed mj cig every time. Slow, even burn with very little hassle.

My secret santa got me one, this year and I love it.

u/sk8ingnakedhurtz · 1 pointr/trees

Or just get one of these at a store, its probably the best $5 smoking investment I've made.

u/Z3R0C001 · 1 pointr/trees

Although I would recoment a 110mm, this is a good one.

u/Belatorius · 1 pointr/trees

Could always get one of those zig zag rollers.

u/Woopwoopdrugs · 1 pointr/trees

I always use these crappy rollers, and buy new ones when I need them.

u/purdster83 · 1 pointr/trees

Get a cigarette roller. They're something around 2-3 dollars at any smoke shop.

Be sure to get one that's made of vinyl, slick plastic sucks and is harder to use (so I've found).

u/murf43143 · 1 pointr/trees

I rolled by hand for years... until this bad boy.