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u/gnarlyhose · 199 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Winton Model 21. Not a Model A at all. Besides, this would have been the era of the Ford Model T (1908-1927). The Ford Model A (1927-1931) was a completely different car.

u/sirbiglew · 7 pointsr/whatsthisworth

It appears to be a 1934 model. Here is an ad for it in French. And this one looks like it's the same model, but in better (or restored) condition.

u/Neurorational · 5 pointsr/rance
u/jizzbucketicecream · 4 pointsr/HailCorporate

That reminds me of the old '40s ads where people would write articles about their products. I remember reading one for a gas company that, due to their incredible gasoline, could make it so that bombers could carry two extra bombs aboard their planes to drop on the Japanese. It was ridiculous then and it's ridiculous now, just nowhere near as entertaining.

Edit: I found the ad. I have the exact same thing framed and it used to be in my bedroom. Little did I know it was going for ten bucks on Amazon TM, I guess I may as well get to selling :P

u/liveinsociety · 3 pointsr/TheWayWeWere

For the wagon, probably enough big and strong to support the weight of a kid? I found this The Wonder Driving Horse in those years. Not the same product, but close enough? The horse don't look the same, here in this image the horse looks more ''real''.

u/Thameus · 3 pointsr/whiskey

Does the label look like this one? That seems to be blended, not single malt, i.e. "Whiskey, A Blend".

u/DrKenNoisewaterMD · 2 pointsr/namethatcar

The photo caption is odd. I think $10k is too much for whatever this is and $1k is too little. Do you know where Thomas lived or any other details or clues?

With nothing else to go on, I'd put this right around 1910-1913. My best guesses would be...

1911 Babcock Model H

1911 Mercer Model 30

u/ArcadeStashHen · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Original post got removed so reposting again

The Hotel is out of business somewhere in 70's and the building got demolished in 1991.

Edit: Found more about the name Neil R Messick the manager. He have several ads and hangers print on his name.

Saw a link in ebay offering similar hanger but the listing ended.

Link to Amazon for the paper ad

1941 Ad Hotel Nicollet Travel Minneapolis Vacation Lodging Neil R. Messick - Original Print Ad