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u/whubbard · 10 pointsr/guns

From elsewhere on the intewebs:

>the Crown over "D" is an inspectors mark. The Choke 18.4 is the indication of a choke and the bore diameter of 18.4 mm (0.724" or a tight 12 gauge, not uncommon in European guns. "PV" stamped under the rampant Belgian Lion would indicate a Nitro Proof.

>In spite of the markings to the contrary and the apparent Nitro Proof, Damascus Steel barrels are not considered safe with modern ammunition by most knowledgeable shotgun experts.

>The wood appears to be walnut finished with a reddish hue, but seeing more of the stock could change that opinion.

>You have a finely appointed shotgun, obviously by a talented maker.

>My Best Guess is that in a well attended auction of high grade double guns, your specimen would probably command a bid in the range of $1000 to possibly $2000.

But I'm guessing you're friend is aware of that, not sure he passed it along.

This book appears to have some information on these Belgian side by sides with Damascus steel, but I doubt you would find anything about value.

Here is a list of all the proof marks. This gun in question has 'The Perron' mark among others. Here is a decent collection of more marks, including maker marks.

I could fine two (1 & 2) Belgian Damascus side by sides for sale, but they bear little resemblance to your firearm.


Can you get some better photos of all the proof marks? I feel we can find the maker if we get clear photos.


Edit: Also, you're a twat for not making a self post.

u/Uncle_Erik · 9 pointsr/vintageaudio

A few things:

  1. Old radios don't usually run on as high a voltage as tube amps do. Most of the time, old radios don't have a power transformer and the filament voltages of all the tubes add up to somewhere between 110V-120V, so they don't need a transformer. High end radios sometimes have transformers, but not this one.

  2. Yes, the capacitors are likely bad and you're right, those silver square things are capacitors. However, those are air capacitors for tuning the circuit and they don't go bad. The big black cylinder marked Zenith is the electrolytic capacitor used for filtering the AC, and it most likely is bad. That's a multistage cap with two or three sections inside, so you'll need two or three capacitors to replace it. There will be 8-12 other caps in the chassis, too.

  3. Replace the cord, but also think about replacing it with a three wire cord so it'll be grounded. You should ground earth to chassis in case something shorts.

  4. Don't just replace the old tubes. Most of the time, the capacitors are just bad in old radios. I've restored a bunch of sets like this and the tubes tend to be fine. Don't replace anything unless you're sure it's bad.

  5. Get the old resistors out of there, too. They're all carbon comp and in all the years I've worked on electronics (since '98), I have yet to find an old carbon comp resistor that was still in spec. Plus they change value when they heat up. Go with metal film or wirewound, if possible. Those are much better.

    Check out some radio restoration books, like this one and you might want to pull some of the old Navy NEETS guides that cover tubes. Those are around the Internet and usually in free PDFs. A good place to buy parts is Antique Electronic Supply. I like to use Orange Drops as replacement capacitors, which they have. Also, you can order from the usual suspects, Newark, Mouser and Digikey.

    If you want a subreddit that solders, drop by /r/diyaudio. It's mostly hi-fi, but the tube fiends there love old radios, too.
u/Bored_guy_in_dc · 8 pointsr/coins

I will work on a write-up on my progress, and the resources I am using. To give you a heads-up, these are the books I own on them:



At the moment, I am focused on the Catholic Kings, specifically Ferdinand and Isabella 1474-1504 time period. However, I am always on the look out for any nicely struck, fully dated, silver cob that I can find.

On top of that, I have a small collection of milled 8 reales from the early 1700s-1800s.

u/pdb1975 · 7 pointsr/guns

What gun?

If you're looking at doing bolt action rifles, Pat Sweeney's book on Rifle Gunsmithing has an entire section on adjusting the triggers on different hunting rifles.

1911s, get Saint Kuhnhausen's books. Volume 1 and vol. 2.

ARs, generally there's no 'smithing' involved, you just replace the trigger parts. Stoning and polishing GI trigger groups is highly not recommended, as you can easily file away the surface hardening and soon have a dangerous and possibly illegal situation.

u/RenegadeMoose · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

reaches for the Atlas of Atlases

Edit Up to page 39. Lots of faces blowing clouds and line drawings of Galleons, but no monsters so far...

Edit p.50 has a map with some, but they're so small they're difficult to make out.

Edit p.59 has a whale with a scowling face, 60 has a dragon, but too small. p88 might be worth scanning (map of "The Heavens" with lots of fanciful creatures overlaid on top of constellations, albeit poor contrast).

Hmpph. If this book is any example, I think you're going to have a hard time with this :(

If I can dig my ole scanner out of the garage tonight I'll have a go at scanning p.88 and post a link here. But ya, otherwise, skip this book, it's not much help here.

u/BenSharps · 3 pointsr/guns

There are literally books written on this subject. What exactly do you want to do with your rifle? If you could narrow it down to something a little more specific you'll probably get more help.

u/a_little_motel · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Try to get ahold of this book, maybe at the library:

Campbell's Soup Collectibles: A Price & Identification Guide

u/TheGoldenCaulk · 2 pointsr/guns

This will be your best bet. Get it used, paperback for the best value.

u/antiquarian_bookworm · 2 pointsr/AncientCoins

I haven't read that. Looks like it has good reviews. For $12 I suppose I should buy it.


u/WigglestonTheFourth · 2 pointsr/mtgfinance

I honestly haven't seen a big increase in Pokemon collections hitting the market. Pokemon has been cyclical their entire lifespan. Pokemon was dead in the water following the release of Team Rocket and the Gym sets. You could buy boxes from Base 2 (and Jungle) through Gym at $10-12 all day long and every dollar store had a plethora of product in stock. Then Neo launched.

The Neo sets completely revitalized the game and resurrected it from the grave. Until it died again shortly after Expedition. From there it goes up and down steadily up to the point of Black/White and it explodes again.

No Pokemon rise has come close to the levels of Sports Cards, Comics, or Beanie Babies. While the current market has given new life to old cards, it still hasn't hit levels that would flush out every collection. If you (or anyone else reading this) wants a good read that delves into the card collection explosion check out House of Cards. Great read for seeing the levels of popularity it takes to reach the sleeping collections.

> Maybe if the Magic movie does become a thing that may cause people to drag out there binders.

You hit the nail on the head. I don't have high hopes that the movie will see the light of day after the Warcraft movie disappointed. However, if a MTG movie were to be made, and it did well, the resulting impact on the game would be enormous.

u/Super901 · 1 pointr/whatsthisworth

I don't know too much about decoy ducks specifically, but I do know that there is a vibrant collector's market for them, especially handmade "folk art" ducks. Some are very valuable.

You should contact a specialist in this area and get a realistic idea.

[Check out the number of books on Amazon about duck decoys.] (https://www.amazon.com/Collectors-Guide-Decoys-WALLACE-HOMESTEAD-COLLECTORS/dp/0870695800)

u/Bounty1Berry · 1 pointr/papermoney

You might consider getting him a reference book-- something like https://www.amazon.com/Paper-United-States-Arthur-Friedberg/dp/0871845202

In most cases, "lastr year's version" is pretty good, and half the price. The differences are usually that the prices are updated and more absurdly unrealistic, and there might be a little more detail on very new or relatiively obscure issues.

Another choice might be a small uncut sheet section-- four $2 notes or four or five $1s might be in your budget window.

u/FagOfTheAncients · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I don't plan on, but after some digging, you can buy a paperback copy here

u/born_lever_puller · 1 pointr/coins

I'm really hoping it is an original. I have no reason at all to think that it's fake, but I don't know if the US Mint did any restrikes of these in later years.

The first part of the quoted text above - "Baker 155A" (also "B 155A"), is the catalog number from W. S. Baker who cataloged a bunch of medals of George Washington in 1885.


This information was used in a new catalog by Russel Rulau & George Fuld - "Medallic Portraits of Washington 2nd Revised Edition", a used copy of which is available from Amazon for ten bucks. A new copy is $20. Abe Books also has used copies, some at lower prices.


https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/medallic-portraits-washington/book/ (Avoid the PDF ebook versions of the public domain Baker catalog)

PCGS and NGC will authenticate and grade medals, if you want to go that route.




Best of luck to you!

u/Independent · 1 pointr/bullcity

Very cool. I've got a reprint of a Sears 1908 catalog and it's fascinating to look at Sears as the Amazon of it's day. They had everything and Sears played a major role in racial equality since minorities could mail order things from Sears that local white owned businesses might not offer them.

u/d_husker3 · 1 pointr/PKA
u/InboxZero · 1 pointr/guns

Is this the book you're talking about?