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u/newmexicali · 20 pointsr/ElectricScooters

Onvian Wireless Anti-Theft Motorcycle Bike Alarm with Remote, Waterproof Bicycle Security Alarm Vibration Sensor, 113dB Loud
by Onvian
Learn more:

I just have it attached on the steer tube. Another cool feature (at least I thought) it has a fall detect when it is off, so if I end up running off the side of the road maybe someone will hear the alarm and come get my body.

u/abqnm666 · 9 pointsr/videos

Trailer or box truck? If it's a box truck, the truck itself or the vehicle towing the trailer might be a bigger worry than the lock you put on the back. Most any good shrouded padlock (Abus Diskus 20/70 is good) will deter opening on site, plus unloading stuff from a uhaul takes time and stands out a bit.

If it's a trailer, make sure you have a good lock on the tongue of the trailer and hitch pin as well, since those are all points where it could be easily disconnected and moved to another vehicle in a matter of a minute or so.

More generally, and unfortunately though, the thieves just steal the whole vehicle if it's not too much trouble (and uhaul tends to have not always the newest fleet, so that can be fairly easy). So whether it's a box truck or towing a trailer, make an extra effort to secure the vehicle itself. If it's a rented truck, disconnect the battery. It won't stop someone, but it will slow things down, hopefully enough for someone to notice. You can also use a portable vibration alarm like this to alert you to tampering since you can't install your own security system. And get a room where you can park right out front.

u/KirstyAustin · 5 pointsr/LegalAdviceUK

If it’s the same car that’s parking there don’t put a cone there. Put a fake parking fine ticket on his windshield with a bell attached to it.

Or one of those wireless bike alarms.

When you hear it go out and record yourself telling the guy it’s YOUR space.


I’m an idiot. It’s easier to put a bell inside a cone and a wireless [bike alarm.]

Have a note on the cone and the windshield saying the space belongs to (address) and come outside to confront the guy.

u/dnorm00 · 3 pointsr/boostedscooters

for those concerned with locking it up outside...a few pro tips:

  1. Use a kryptonite New York U lock. Decent amount of choices in that line...I use this one: extra long heavy duty u lock
  2. For extra protection also use a disc brake lock, the one i use is here: Kryptonite Disc Brake Lock
  3. Strap a loud ass alarm to it. I have this one, and can tell you it will deter someone from trying to mess with the above two heavy duty locks...It's absurdly loud, even by busy NYC street standards: absurdly loud, remote lockable alarm
  4. Lock it in areas with consistent street traffic and doubly confirm the structure you are locking to is firmly in place
u/BasherSquared · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

If you want something cheap and easy, I just got one of these.

Less than $15, no wiring required, motion activated and


u/mfcimmg · 2 pointsr/mazda3

Prayers and good insurance? Keep the car super clean so there isn't anything appealing inside.

Maybe toss one of these on the dash?

u/Street_Rossi · 2 pointsr/hondagrom

This has a 190 motor in it and a different wiring harness. The alarm/remote start was plug and play. There is an aux port on the wiring harness these alarms plug into (this isn't the exact one but most are the same). You just need to run one wire to a ground.

I've since removed the ignition switch and dropped in a USB quick charger and replaced the stock fenders with some 2017's.

There' still a couple of bugs to work out but it's getting there.

u/dimartin47 · 2 pointsr/Super73

I bought an anti-theft motorcycle alarm, it's triggered by any vibration or movement. I lock it up with some heavy duty chain and an "impenetrable" lock. I live in Chicago and it's worked pretty well for me thus far.


Anti-Theft alarm:


Heavy Duty Chain:


Steel Padlock:

u/jfourkicks · 2 pointsr/moped

Went with this, and real satisfied with its sensitivity/noise level.

u/DragonOChaos · 2 pointsr/motorcycles
u/Quak89 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

For no install needed: Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof Security Cycling Bike Alarm with Remote

For minor-major wiring/soldering needed: BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System Anti-Hijacking Cutting Off Remote Engine Start Arming Disarming

I tried the alarmed disc lock route and hated it. Separate is much better, just a button press and done. Still have a regular disk lock for sketch areas too.

The 2nd link is meant to hook up to your battery. I never noticed any battery drain with it, but I only hooked up the brain/sound. Didn’t want to spend the time to have my lights flash or the kill switch worked in.

u/FranticKoala · 2 pointsr/Frugal

The car needs to be equipted with keyless entery.

If it doesn't not already have keyless entery then you can install one, but it will take some work since you would have to install not only the computer for it but the lock actuators to actualy unlock the doors.

EDIT: If at one point it did but you don't have the keys then you could install a cheep after market one like this or get programed keys from the dealer. You might have to sell a kidney or 2 for the dealer to do it though.

u/CalZeta · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

If you're looking for a good theft deterrent, get a bigass sticker that says, "It's only a Grom, not an R6!!"


Seriously though, I like my Xena XX-6.

u/Bura510 · 1 pointr/scooters

Above is the wiring diagram I was able to find for my scooter (a buddy 50) and this is the alarm system I purchased: BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System Anti-Hijacking Cutting Off Remote Engine Start Arming Disarming

I want to attempt to install it this evening, without ruining my scooter/not being able to use my scooter. I use it to get to and from work and it's not exactly a walkable distance, 12 miles, so I need the scooter to be functional. I purchased the system a few months ago because I was a bit paranoid that someone was attempting to get my grip lock off my bike as mirrors were somehow getting loosened and would move when I drove. Well this morning I'm pretty sure my grip lock bit the dust and I will have no other way to secure my scooter. Any advice, hints, tips, tricks or good ideas on installing it for a newb? Much appreciated!

u/Omanjarrez · 1 pointr/Ruckus

It's this

And it's pretty loud. But yeah after I added the trickle charger cables I must of not tightened the bolt well enough and it came loose. I got a slightly longer bolt and now it all works fine now.

What a rookie mistake to make.

u/AeroSpartacus · 1 pointr/motorcycles

As someone else said, if you have to keep it there, I would at least get a disc lock alarm (I have a Xena and it works well) and a cover. There's also an adapter for the disc lock I have that adds a cable for extra security. Either way, it's always safer if you can keep it inside somewhere.

u/reddog093 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

FYI - I got it from Amazon for about $80.

u/doommoose · 1 pointr/Harley

I've been using a Xena XX-14 for the couple of months that I've owned my bike, and I'm pretty happy with it. It will definitely go off if the bike is bumped, and when it does, it's loud.

u/00worms00 · 1 pointr/scooters

I reccomend this

as well as a lojack gps type thing. These will be more of a deterrent/save your ass in theft wheres any chain no matter how big a thief will be able to get through it.

You park a scooter on the city street at night? yikes. The way a thief thinks, if they know that 2500 dollars is just sitting out there on the street every night they will be willing to plan for weeks and invest hundreds to pull off the job. Think about it. people commit armed robbery or B&E with less of a guarantee of profit.

good thing getting theft/vandalism insurance. They gave me a 50 dollar discount off of mine for adding the lojack thingy as well as added it to the total cost of the scooter in claim.