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u/gordonjames62 · 1 pointr/solar

this device generates its own electricity when you lace it on a hot wood stove. Can you think of a way to use that?

there are also these ones designed for cars.

u/TheShadowCat · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

My thoughts on the list:

  1. Neat idea, but I would imagine many people will lie about how much of a loud mouth they are.

  2. Yes, please.

  3. Can't you pretty much see where it will be with one of these.

  4. Don't really care.

  5. I fear if this were put into place, assholes would deactivate other people's buttons so they could get to their floor faster.

  6. Pretty sure the onboard sensors would do a better job than this app could ever do. What we need are better and more accessible readouts from the car's computer.

  7. Not sure if this would be feasible.

  8. You can always put a waterproof timer into your shower.

  9. I would rather have them hit with a pie.

  10. They do have solar powered fans.

  11. A decent dress shop can probably provide this.

  12. Would be great, but good luck getting an elected official to enact it.
u/Pingupin · 0 pointsr/wien

Ich glaube er meint sowas. In den 15 Minuten hat man dann Zeit um zur Trafik zu laufen.

--> Seine Aussage, kann ich nicht bestätigen und durch googeln hab ich auch nichts gefunden.