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u/br0sidan · 182 pointsr/subaru

Here's what I did:

  1. Watch this YouTube video
  2. Buy a kit with the stuff he uses. (I bought this kit by Meguiars)
  3. Follow the instructions carefully and watch the video.

    If you're patient and careful, it'll turn out great.
u/Trisomic · 145 pointsr/DIY

Total cost: $31.70

Time: ~30 minutes.
Tools required: Hand drill

Now that it gets dark so damn early, I've been using my headlights a lot more, and I noticed that they weren't as bright as they used to be. So, on the advice of a coworker, I picked up THIS headlight restoration kit from amazon, as well as THIS sealer and THIS masking tape (to protect the paint around the lens). The directions were clear and concise and the whole process took about 30 minutes and was extremely easy. It comes with an attachment for your hand drill to which a variety of sanding/buffing discs mount. You start with a coarse grit sandpaper disc to remove the oxidation and then you use progressively finer grit discs to smooth out the surface. Finally you buff and seal the lens.

I couldn't be happier with the results. The lenses look brand new and there are enough sanding discs left over to do at least one or two more cars.

u/FlickeringLCD · 32 pointsr/LifeProTips

Toothpaste has abrasive qualities which lends it to secondary uses as a polishing compound. They sell commercial kits that do similar things. It'd probably take half a tube of toothpaste, and a lot of elbow grease to get these results.

u/spike_africa · 30 pointsr/Cartalk

This seems like an obvious answer.

But it's because one headlight is much newer then the other. The old one is fogged over from sun damage and need to be sanded and buffed.

Use this kit with a home power drill to make it like new. I'd suggest going over the other one too a bit just to make them both match.

u/cobalt_mcg · 19 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/GonadsOfWrath · 19 pointsr/AutoDetailing

> it will be driven 25k per years, so road wear and tear may be more significant than UV in this case.

No, road wear and tear is barely a factor. UV and heat/IR exposure are by and far the biggest factors in lens deterioration.

>I've done a decent bit of reading on here and recently tried Meguiar's Keep Clear ( However, I thought it gave a bit of a cloudy appearance, so I removed it with isopropyl alcohol. After removing it, I realized it might just be that the headlights have a slight cloudy appearance when viewed from really oblique angles with the lights on.

Right, don't fix what aint broke. The only thing that product is good for is:

a) keeping your wallet from getting too heavy

b) temporarily protecting severely degraded headlamps that have been restored

>I don't really want to go the Opti-Lens route, as I'm worried I would make a mistake and it can only be removed with abrasives. Some options I'm considering:

Opti-Lens is the same deal: it's something you don't use until you have no other choice, no matter how much the guy who made it tries to convince you to buy it and help his bank account.

>I recently bought a 2019 Forester, and the difference between the LEDs and the halogens on my old car are significant. I want to try to keep the headlights looking as new as possible.

You have LEDs. They run cool. The lens will appreciate that significantly. Your main enemy is UV exposure, not road salt/grime/debris. Just wipe off the headlamps with a gentle solution of soap and water every now and then if you are so concerned about road debris. Maybe stick with the no-solvent routes like Optimum No-Rinse instead of using something like a spray wash+wax, since waxes are usually carried in an organic solvent.

UV exposure is by and far the #1 enemy, but in your case, since you have LEDs, it won't be as bad as UV + IR from hot-running halogen bulbs. To combat UV exposure, I would:

a) Park in the shade whenever possible

b) You said it will be parked outside 24/7, so look into maybe a removable set of headlamp covers (keyword: removable) or consider covering them with a damp microfiber cloth whenever possible. A damp cloth will tend to stick to the car and not get blown away like a dry cloth, and it will block UV, and whenever you're ready to drive they are easily removed. Covers should be removed each time you go driving.

>Simple car wax every few weeks.

This probably won't hurt, but I wouldn't overdo the waxing. Waxes contain hydrocarbon solvents, and although the polycarbonate hardcoats are tested against common hydrocarbon solvents (gasoline) I wouldn't want to you know, test the limits of durability.

>Nothing, and do a real restore in 3-4 years.

More like do a real restore in 6-7+ years. Like I said, there's not much to worry about with all-LED headlamps. They run cool, so you've removed IR degradation from the equation. UV remains a killer.

u/zenautodetailing · 11 pointsr/AutoDetailing

They are not dirty but oxidized. Look into a headlight restoration kit. I recommend this 3M kit. You will need a drill.

u/nahman3m · 9 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

Nah man just get that 3M kit for 20 bucks. Cleaned up my headlights like new and it has a protection wax so the issue hopefully doesn't reoccur for a while. You get a polishing drill bit too so no elbow grease required. I believe there are three different grits of sandpaper used and a sealing compound at the end. (including the MAGIC trizack disc!) its a wet sand.

theres enough stuff in that kit to do at least 2 cars.

the most time consuming part is taping off the lights so that you dont scratch the paint with the sandpaper.

u/pbs094 · 9 pointsr/AutoDetailing

The "fog" on the other light is really the plastic breaking down from years of exposure to UV rays after the clear coat wore off. It's actually quite easy to restore headlights with a kit like this. Do a search for headlight on this sub and you can see some pretty spectacular before and after pics. Good luck!

Edit: Forgot to mention...after you restore the headlights you should seal them or else they will just get yellowed again.

u/Holmberg-Baugher · 9 pointsr/Miata

Cibie 82440 Light Unit

HELLA HLA-H83140101 H4 12V 60/55W...

Headlight Auto Shut-off Module from moss Miata

u/MikeINOPKS · 9 pointsr/GoRVing

Here are the rock light I used under the center. They seem pretty solid upon install and the initial use. I did run them through a hard rainstorm while plugged in and had no issues. I used two per side.

SuiTech SUI White Black LED

Here are the reverse lights. I have these on my boat and they have survived two years of dunking without any trouble. They make life SO much easier for pulling the boat.

Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 18w

u/Lobotomite430 · 8 pointsr/Lexus

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

I've personally used this kit on a dozen headlights and love the results.

u/brock_lee · 8 pointsr/cars

I got the Turtle Wax one, and it works surprisingly well.

However, I would also suggest getting one you use a drill with for the buffing. The one I used was great, but my arms were tired afterwards.

u/founcingfoobies · 8 pointsr/CalamariRaceTeam

I have a drz with a mirror in the same spot. What you do is buy THESE. Take the bar end piece out and you have a mirror that can be mounted on the skinny part of your bars. Honestly the view from them is pretty shit and you cant really adjust em much, but I did it mainly for the look and its still good enough to see if there is something behind you

u/ekib · 8 pointsr/cars

Just stick with halogens. Sylvania Silverstar Ultra bulbs are bright as hell. Should be able to get them on Amazon or at any auto parts store.

But more importantly, are your head light lenses all cloudy and yellow? Because that dims the light output a lot. You can polish them yourself with a kit like this (, or any body shop should be able to do it for you.

u/ketsujin · 8 pointsr/cars
u/homerpalooza101 · 8 pointsr/cars

Picking up one of these kits was easily worth the money. My headlights were completely fogged over, so I used the toothpaste trick. Cleared it up a fair amount, but it was back to bad in about a month. Used that kit, took about an hour and some elbow grease, and they looked literally brand new when I was finished. 7 months later, they still look absolutely great.

u/jLid97 · 8 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

They're DOT/SAE approved as well. Has a nice cut off line as well, doesn't blind oncoming traffic.

u/feckinmik · 7 pointsr/civic

I just put these in my 2018. No word on longevity as they've only been in there two days but they look nice and weren't expensive.

High Beam

Low Beam

u/lindseyhatake · 7 pointsr/Honda
u/motoo344 · 6 pointsr/AutoDetailing

You did half of the work required to get your desired results. In order to remove the 2000 grit sanding marks you need to polish them out. You are basically using a liquid that has abrasives in it, think of it as liquid sand paper. You put some compound on the orange foam pad and then polish it out with a machine polisher. Like sandpaper, compound leaves scratches, although they are very fine. You need to use a less abrasive polish on a less abrasive pad, the white one. This brings back the clarity and then you can clear coat them. You can keep it simple and buy something like this which will attach to a power drill.

u/imjustincognito · 6 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

Spent the afternoon plastidipping my grill and adding a bar and lights. Shocked I managed to not fuck anything up.




Here are a few videos that did a great job walking me through the grill removal and the harness wiring:



The only step that I took that the video didnt was taking a dremel to my dash plate to make the switch fit. Not as scary as it sounds!

u/kdawgud · 6 pointsr/volt
  1. Ugh I hate the weather alerts. I read they are part of the Sirius XM free subscription and that you can't permanently disable them. They allegedly go away when your subscription lapses.

  2. Unsure.

  3. I had to play with adjustments on mine for a while, but yes I've sat in better seats. Nothing specific I can recommend unfortunately.

  4. I saw some people on the facebook volt owner's group talking about some LEDs you can install. I think these are the ones people were using (check the size, though):

    Just curious, what is everyone's beef with the stock headlights? I haven't noticed anything particular about them.

u/Noo_Worries_ · 6 pointsr/fordfusion

Nether out of the 5 LED headlights I’ve experimented with have an error code. The “BeamTech LED’s” are literally the cheapest durable LED bulbs you can buy which gives a decent beam pattern👇

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

The “Hikari LED’s” are premium LED bulbs with a premium price that are bright as hell with a perfect beam pattern👇

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11 (H8,H9),Philips Lumileds 12000lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

u/Limotinted · 6 pointsr/WranglerYJ

I used these


They put out good light, aren't blinding when you drive towards me, and aren't goofy looking.

u/bob_smithey · 5 pointsr/hondafit

Well, you have two options. You can buff the head lights clear. Either with sand paper or aluminum polish and a buffer. Then you'll have to reseal. What I used and it worked great. But only after you've buffed. Most of the kits are gonna be the same. Just make sure they have a sealant afterwards, or it'll be hazy in weeks.

Or, you can dab a little ATF (automatic transmission fluid) every few weeks and it'll be clear-ish. Just make sure you don't get any of that stuff on your paint.

I think this sort of damage is from those automatic car washes. Didn't have a problem, for years, until I started going to one for a bit.

u/joshcb7 · 5 pointsr/prius

I purchased these a few months ago. I'd say their output is similar to halogen, maybe a touch more. Definitely no where near their advertised 8000lm - which is ideal for me. Simply install and adjust your headlights vertically down a turn or two and golden. Cut off is great, don't blind oncoming drivers, and looks good, too!

u/JohnRedcornXL · 5 pointsr/WranglerYJ

Definitely an upgrade over the crap halogens.

2017 New 5''x7'' 6''x7'' 85w Osram High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes DRL (Black Pair)

u/Crack_a_toe_a · 5 pointsr/NewOrleans
u/RossFMX · 5 pointsr/Jeep

Picked up these universal motorcycle mirrors from Amazon for $10. With a longer bolt or modification of the mirror bracket they bolt right on. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is looking for some affordable mirrors.

u/Travels4Work · 5 pointsr/Jeep

Very nice.
This will make the headlights look brand new if you take about 30-45 minutes on each one, and you'll get a lot more light out of them as well. See videos on youtube showing how-tos.

u/imakeyourday · 5 pointsr/vegaslocals

I just did my headlight myself using a kit I got off Amazon. Worked amazing. Took me 1 hour.

Here is the kit if you are interested.

SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration Kit - 3 Easy Steps

Edit: $20 bucks for this kit.

u/Highfive_Machine · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips
u/cleeder · 5 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Look like TruckLite (Not sure if that's the proper light for our Jeeps - was just a quick amazon search). Sure light up the road, but be warned that they're useless if you live somewhere with a good amount snow.

u/squisheystick · 4 pointsr/subaru

if you have a power drill, get the 3m restoration kit. it looks like this.

i mean you dont have to have a drill, but it would make it easier.

this is what mine looks like before and after. haha

u/trainspotting2 · 4 pointsr/Volkswagen

Kinda. Not really. You're better off spending the $13 on a restoration kit.

u/jeffj95 · 4 pointsr/Lexus

This seems like a decent product.

u/Seeker80 · 4 pointsr/cars

You can either try a a restoration kit, or spend more on all-new lenses.

It depends on how much of a $/improvement ratio you're looking for.

u/nalydnalydnalyd · 4 pointsr/jetta

it’s essentially a micro abrasive compound, which is used to buff out scratches, hazing and whatnot. it needs to be used after wet sanding to get rid of the hazing left behind from the 3000 grit. then you polish after the compound to get an extremely clean, haze-free result. it’s best to use a buffer to apply them but can also be done by simply rubbing with a microfiber pad.

basically you can get all of these products in a simple 3m headlight restoration kit instead of buying a bigger amounts of each separately. if you only need to hit the two spots left from removing your mudguards, i’d suggest just getting a kit instead:

u/a6mzero · 4 pointsr/Shitty_Car_Mods

I was gonna say this but that works too

u/Banana4scales · 4 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Buy one of these. I used it on my headlights and they came out looking band new.

u/NeedsSleepy · 4 pointsr/Jeep

Rust-preventative coating. I like the light oil varieties like Fluid Film and Krown. Mist the insides of the tailgate, doors, and rocker panels too.

Weathertech mats everywhere.

High quality LED lights all around. Don’t cheap out on the headlights, or you’ll blind everyone on the road. These are decent.

u/kwkouki · 4 pointsr/4Runner

Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs White 6000k...

Yorkim 31mm LED Bulbs White Super...

u/BoredDellTechnician · 4 pointsr/Miata

Congratulations on getting an ND. If you are getting one with a manual transmission don't look at anything other than the Club or Club Brembo trim levels, as those are the only ones that come with a limited slip differential.


If you are going to be buying a used ND, be sure to read over the threads pertaining to roof and transmission issues on the early model cars. The TSB's put out by Mazda also give good guidelines as to what to look for. You should be okay buying a early year used car as long as you look over the known wear points on the roof and check the build date on the transmission.


The following is a good basic list of items that any ND owner could install that would be enjoyable upgrades as stand alone upgrades or as a starting point for further modifications dependent on intended use.


3M Invisible Bra for the front bumper. Can't stress this enough, this car eats rocks to the face like crazy...

Stubby Antenna, stock one looks like a RC car antenna

Interior dome light and trunk light LEDs

Reverse light LEDs

Side marker and license plate light LEDs

Wheel Spacers if you intend to keep the stock wheels, Stock wheels are very sunk into the wheel well and look strange from the factory.

Sway bars, the stock bars are very thin and allow LOTS of body roll. Of all the parts that I listed, only the front sway bar has a high degree of difficulty to install assuming you have basic mechanical skills.


Stock exhaust is very anemic, recommend some muffler choices based on if you are looking for a more refined but quiet exhaust or something louder and more exotic. Don't bother with midpipe unless you are looking at headers as well. Cold air intakes for the ND have been proven to do absolutely nothing via dyno testing.


HKS Legamax Premium. More on the quiet side, gets louder with a great refined sound as it breaks in.


Roadster Sport Race. Loudest exhaust but still okay to daily drive. Has an exotic sound.


Also, I Just had the Innovated Dynamics spoiler in your picture delivered. FYI, Jose the guy that makes these is known for long delays and not answering emails /phone calls. If you order one of these spoilers don't expect to see it for 4 to 6 weeks. I'll post up some pictures once it is painted and mounted.


I have more upgrades done to my 16' Jet Black Mica ND with more planned for the future. DM me if you want to see pictures of my car on IG or if you would like an additional opinion on parts I have not covered in this post.

u/bballstar36 · 4 pointsr/XTerra

It’s a nilight 20 inch light bar, i have had no problems with it at all after running it for a year in florida by the ocean constantly and also in the mountains with snow and salt, still performs amazingNilight light bar amazon link

u/jayemo · 4 pointsr/civic

Just realized how vague my reply was.

Weather mats - I was able to get "free" Honda ones from the dealer with my vehicle purchase. They're nice and fit well. I've heard great things about weather tech too. And don't forget one for the trunk too. Mine earned it's keep the first time a milk jug leaked. Super easy cleanup compared to carpet cleaning.

Interior leds - I used these plus this trim removal kit. Trim kit is a nice to have, you probably have something around the house to improvise with. For the actual install hit up you tube for "tenth gen Civic interior lights". It's a very easy job.

Also this was my first time having a car with a nice key fob so I got some of these to keep it from getting beat up. With auto lock, unlock, and push button start, it only leaves my pocket when I'm home anyway.

u/greyson618 · 4 pointsr/4Runner

Low Beams:
Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs...

High Beams:
CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs...

Fog Lights:
Alla Lighting H11 LED Fog Light...

u/tafunast · 4 pointsr/subaru

Got this one. Totally recommend.

u/illestvillains · 4 pointsr/e39

Polishing them will last much longer if you use a UV resistant spray on the lenses after you polish.

u/AlastorX50 · 4 pointsr/prius

I purchased these and they have worked great.

u/Howry · 4 pointsr/Elantra

I was in the same boat you were. So many options and so many reviews its hard to tell what is real and whats not.

I ended up going with these for my 2015 Elantra.

I have been very pleased with them. My wife works nights and she wasnt happy with the stock ones. She has been very happy with them.

They have been installed for about 4 months with zero problems.

A couple of notes however, at least on the 2015 Elantra, the dust caps will not fit with these in. You will either need to buy aftermarket caps which are available for cheap on amazon or go without any. I don't have any currently and haven't had an issue with dust or water etc getting into my housings.

The tend to mess with your AM radio signal if you are trying to listen to a weak station. Stronger AM stations don't seem to have an issue. No issue listening to FM or Sirius, Cd etc.

u/TheSplendiferousSpy · 3 pointsr/Miata

Refinish the headlights.

I have tried a bunch of different solutions, the best one is to sand the headlights, from 800 grit > 1600 grit > 2000 grit > 3000 grit, something along those lines. Finish up with a plastic headlight polish like PlastX, then mask the surrounding paint with a cut plastic bag + tape (use painters tape around the headlights during sanding, or even better take them off to sand and paint them), and finish it up by spraying Meguairs Headlight Coat on it, wait 5 minutes, and give it a second coat. Should come out close to perfect, and will last at least a year. Using just PlastX polish will last for maybe a few weeks before fogging again. I tried mixing spar urethane with mineral spirits, 50/50 and that only lasted a few months before fogging up, it dried yellowish as well.

I used this kit for the sanding pads, you can use the powerplastic polish instead of the plastx stuff.

I would heavily recommend a cordless drill for the sanding and polishing

This is the headlight spray

u/bmac92 · 3 pointsr/Miata

I used this 3M kit to restore them (which I bought when it jumped to $15 for 2 days instead of the average $10 :/) and Meguiar's Keep Clear coating.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably go with this Meguiar's kit that includes the keep clear. I say this because my wireless drill cannot hold a charge and to do both headlights it took me a long time.

u/nj2fl · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

These two things and some tape are all you need for beautiful headlights. You go through the levels from coarse to fine sanding in alternating directions, vertical with one pad then horizontal with the next. You only need to use 4 or 5 pads, I went through the whole set the first time and found the last couple to be too fine to do much. Clear coat after they're sanded and dry and your good to go for years to come.

2 inch by 2 inch Micro Mesh Soft Touch Sanding Pads

Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

u/Lastdispatch · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I know at least 10 guys with these. They’re plug and play. And they’re briiiiiiiiiiiight

u/drunklebo · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ these are them. Have had em for around 5 months now and they have been great. They are bright. But not blinding to other drivers.

u/giantshadytree · 3 pointsr/Jeep

I got these, they aren’t the best headlights out there but they’re a HUGE upgrade over my stock ones

u/MP9 · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I bought these for my 96 Sport. Very bright and clean white. Had them since March and no issues. Had to bend one of the blades a little wider for better contact as one headlight didn’t want to stay on during installation but it is plug and play. Very happy and highly recommended.

(Pair) 5''x7'' 6''x7'' High Low Beam...

The difference from stock is night and day

u/Nordicprince · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/bdawg252 · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Yep (Pair) 5''x7'' 6''x7'' High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes DRL (Black 105w Osram Chips)

u/Apotropaic_Sphinx · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/griffon666 · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

[Dude, buy these.] ( SAE/DOT approved for LED on Xjs is tricky to come by. These lights are amazing.

u/WJ_Amber · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Truck lite or truck lite knockoffs. The legit shit ones go for like $400. I got these for $95, couldn't be happier. Very bright and light up a whole 3 lane interstate from median to shoulder, would buy again.

u/Joe_Hanks · 3 pointsr/WranglerYJ
I don't have these, but bleepinjeep did a review of them and they aren't the best LED headlights but they are incredibly cheap.

u/bbango88 · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/pet_the_puppy · 3 pointsr/cars

3Ms kit is amazing. It works wonders. The one "with protectant" isn't worth the $10 premium, they just include a packet of wax that you might as well just buy a whole bottle of separately.

u/NewbieTwo · 3 pointsr/Miata

If you're talking about the headlights, the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit works wonders and has never failed me.

u/tampon_whistle · 3 pointsr/scion

this is a great kit, used it on my truck and my brothers corolla

u/JaredTizzle · 3 pointsr/BMW

Restored my headlights about 6 months ago using this 3M Headlight Restoration System (Works GREAT)

These Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes w/ Remote angel eyes from umnitza (Would NOT recommend them! However the angel eyes are awesome)

Clear Corners (Clean fit and no problems)

Stealth Bulbs (A big pricey however they look AMAZING)

Have clear side signals on the way, along with some Langka blob removal for some touchups.

u/nycska · 3 pointsr/Integra

The quickest and easiest temporary solution is to grab some Plast-X from a local auto store. Rub it in and wipe it off with a microfiber. It will help, but they won't look new and it won't last very long.

The more permanent solution is to sand the lights, 500 then 800,1500,2000,3000 etc. Then compound and polish with Meguiar's 105/205 or similar. Then you'll have to apply sealant (not wax, but something like Meguiar's M21) to protect from UV rays. This will bring them closer to new than any other method or product. If the lens isn't cracked and you spend enough time on each sanding step, they'll be near perfect.

3M also makes a nice little kit for a drill that you can find on amazon. If you don't already have a DA polisher, the kit is the way to go. It comes with an aggressive little pad, sanding discs, and polish. I found that 105/205 worked better than the single stage 3M polish, but it did work. The kit is nice as well because the orange polish pad it comes with is reusable, and with the right products (105/205) can be great for spot corrections on little scratches and swirls in the paint.

If you choose to sand, consider pulling the bumper off first. Our lights are tough because they are sunk in there so deeply.

u/Onlinealias · 3 pointsr/cars

Go get this. Use as directed and your headlights will be as clear and shiny as new.

BTW, don't get any other brand. I've used them and they all pretty much suck. The 3m stuff I linked to is like freekin magic.

u/hansmoman · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

If the exterior surface has become yellowed or foggy, forget the toothpaste. High grit sandpaper (600,1000,1500) + polish. There are many premade kits available such as the ubiquitous 3M headlight restoration kit. There is another version that you can use that's done by hand if you don't have a drill, or you can just buy the sandpaper and polish separately. The process & products are the same as for polishing paint.

Edit: Here is a video showing how it works:

u/epyon22 · 3 pointsr/subaru

I used the 3m kit. Works really well, it's fairly involved but is the correct way to do it. You also will have to put some sealant or cover on it to prevent it happening again. I got the xpel kit. Ammonyc has a good guide.

XPEL H3804C Clear Headlamp and Fog Lamp Protection Kit

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/asterysk · 3 pointsr/Cartalk

I actually restored my headlights on my own not too long a go. After reading reviews for several online, I decided on 3M's. Benefit to the 3M kit is you don't kill your wrist since you're doing all the sanding with a drill instead of by hand. Just be sure to apply the tape (not included) LIBERALLY, especially around sharp corners so you don't scratch your paint.

u/Quravin · 3 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

3M's headlight cleaner on Amazon.

All you need is a regular ol' drill.

u/geekywalrus · 3 pointsr/GrandCherokee

I used this 3M kit on my WJ when I still had it, and it came out looking fantastic. If I spent a little more time and was less nervous on doing it, they would have been 100% clear, but they were probably 90% there anyway. Here's a comparison!

I know it's a little hard to tell, but the headlight on the left of the picture was done with the kit, and the other hadn't been done yet. It definitely was a big difference (for both appearance and brightness during night driving) and I'd recommend using it if you have the time, patience, and cordless drill for it!

u/theseareyourpants · 3 pointsr/BMWE36

The yellowing was pretty significant so I decided to go with a kit with the sanding attachments to get it clear again: 3M Restoration Kit

Took roughly an hour once i had the headlights out, its super straight forward and all you'll need is a drill. The ones with the wipes or sandpaper sheets were priced the same at the auto part stores around me but decided to go with that one(~$10-20).

u/crackadeluxe · 3 pointsr/howto

Amen, although there are cheaper and better kits IMO.

u/ChrisW41182 · 3 pointsr/BmwTech

I'm with /u/pina_koala on this. It looks like surface damage of some sort. You could try this. It's pretty cheap and easy to try it out. It is also available at most part stores.

u/nvrmissashot · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these. They work pretty well, and look pretty good for the price, but what you need to do is take some thin rubber tubing and rap it around the core before you put them on the bike. This gets rid of most of the handlebar vibration making them very usable. You get anti-vibration mirrors for ~20 bucks when you will spend well over 50 if you buy "good" one out the packaging.

u/grumpy_lump · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

It is an '82 XS400 special. It ran from 77 to 82. I have drag bars, but left all the cables the original length. The horn bracket got flipped upside down so I could access it/install a new one. I made a bracket that attaches to the bar running down in front of the engine to hold to LED fog lights, run by an auxiliary switch. Painted and wrapped the headers and have emgo shorty mufflers. Emgo pod filters, and a puck-style filter for the breather tube nipple. Led tails, led indicator lights, Upgraded headlight. Point of note on the headlight, mine was a sealed beam halogen. So to add a new bulb you have to buy an aftermarket reflector housing from candlepower.

EDIT: Also forgot Oury grips, cafe mirrors, new fuel lines, fuel filter and vacuum tube.

u/DangerInTheMiddle · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I think about where a car might lurk if it were stalking me. Then I point the mirrors there. I put on these cheap bar end convex mirrors, the field of view is ridiculous.

u/Motocid · 3 pointsr/CalamariRaceTeam

Best bang for the buck? Cheap Amazon bar ends for $10. Here. Same exact ones that they sell at my local bike shop for $90. I mount them under my bars like this.

This particular pair takes a little while to ship, so I usually order two because I break/lose them a lot. Cheapo is the way to go.

u/huzzaboot · 3 pointsr/supermoto

They'll mount below the bars, just take out the bar end adapters.

u/ironsights · 3 pointsr/350z

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit

Just used this kit with great results. Just follow the instructions or the video on YouTube.

u/rugger62 · 3 pointsr/howto

You can use baking soda toothpaste and polish them, or just buy a polish kit made especially for this purpose.

u/2004r32 · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I have an 2004 R32 and did the same thing on my headlights last year.

I used this kit: (Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit) which was pretty inexpensive ($17 USD)

I spent about an hour on the restore total and was skeptical until I applied the clear coat. Both sides came out near perfect.


Didn't get before/after pics of the same headlight but they were both similarly rough shape prior. Made it through the winter and still are looking/feeling really clear/smooth.

u/taiwanesekid05 · 3 pointsr/Honda

I've heard that 3M's kit works pretty well. You'll want the one with the protectant otherwise you'll find yourself with foggy lights after a few weeks. I haven't tried the kit myself but others online and on r/autodetailing seem to like it.

u/orlheadlights · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Also, take a look at restoring your headlights. It will make them look new again instead of yellow and oxidized.

For an over the counter solution, the 3M 39045 Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant (drill version) is my most recommended solution. It comes with a sealant but remember it will need to be re-applied to prevent oxidation from coming back.

I would suggest you reapply a sealant or wax to your headlights every time you wax/sealant your car.

u/mrdotkom · 3 pointsr/cars

Toothpaste if you feel like spending almost nothing, but unless you apply a protectant it'll oxidize pretty quickly.

this is what I use along with a wax every few months and headlights don't oxidize anywhere near as quickly

u/raul777him · 3 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I used:

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit

It cost me pretty much the same price at Wal-Mart and bought a pack of 8 micro-fiber towels with it for an additional 5$.

You can kind of tell the right headlight came out a bit better, and well they didn't come out as good as I expected. I also did it by hand and did not use any powertools.

BUT WOW! The improvement is massive, You can really tell the difference when you're driving at night.

(You can tell by the seventh picture.)

u/Mr_Face · 3 pointsr/subaru

I used Meguires headlight kit on my previous car and it worked perfectly.


u/wordstrappedinmyhead · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

My .02 worth for ya..... Go in this order instead of jumping right into a set of LED headlamps.

1 - Upgrade the wiring harness.

I installed a Putco harness in 2013 when I first got the XJ and it was a definitely improvement.
Putco 230004HW Premium Automotive Lighting H4 100W Heavy Duty Wiring Harness and Relay

Other folks have gone the eBay route, and I bought one of these on a whim (because it was stupid cheap) just to see if the quality was worth it.

Ended up not installing it because I had other things to work on instead of replacing the Putco harness that was working fine. Overall though, the quality was surprisingly good and I would have used it if I didn't already have the Putco harness.

For all the negative comments people have about the Putco upgrade harness, it's still working fine a little over 3yrs later. Knock on wood, of course.

2 - Get a set of H4 housings. I bought these off Amazon, but there are other reputable brands out there which work just fine.

GENSSI DOT H6054 7x6 Inch 200mm Headlights Pair with Bulbs Non-Sealed H6014/H6052/H6054

These came with some crappy OCONUS-made no-name bulbs that sucked balls and were immediately thrown in the garbage.

I went to my local PepBoys and grabbed a set of Sylvania SilverStar "Ultra Halogen" H4 bulbs and threw those in the housings.

Holy shit, #1 & #2 were an incredible upgrade to the shit stock XJ headlights.

If you're looking to stay right at or a hair under $100 that's the way to go.

Last year, I came into some $$$ and got it into my head that I wanted LED headlights. Went this route: Truck-Lite (27450C) Headlamp


Significant difference from the H4 bulbs + wiring harness upgrade but I'm honestly glad I did the H4 bulbs + wiring harness upgrade first.

Now that said... In hindsight, the LEDs weren't absolutely necessary and I could have put the $$$ into a SYE or something else.

But hey, ya learn as ya go. Right?

u/emptyminded42 · 3 pointsr/Miata

Cibie 82440 Light Unit

You can use H4 or 9003 bulbs, they're interchangeable. 9003 are usually cheaper in the US, H4 is a European standard. Don't use uprated/brighter lights. Just a standard 9003. You don't need to worry about harnesses or anything, they are plug and play.

u/Kolocol · 3 pointsr/Miata

I got some of these

Cibie 82440 Light Unit

And I'm happy with them

u/ErectricCars · 3 pointsr/ebikes

this is the headlight I Attached it using duct bracketing and the rear light with this switch all running through this DC converter

Once you have a DC converter picked, you can basically just get 12v whatever you want from ATV, car, motorcycle etc. This is just the stuff I used.

u/in8studios · 3 pointsr/civic

I picked up a 2017 EX-T in December and the very first thing I did was upgrade the lights to LED.

Headlights: H11 bulbs, 6000k to match the DRL

SiriusLED Extremely Bright COB LED Chip 8000 Lumens Headlights Fog Lights Bulb Conversion Kit H11 H8 6000K Xenon White

Fog lights: H8 bulbs, 6000k to match

SiriusLED H8 Size DRL Fog Light LED 30W 6000k Super Bright White Projection Bulb Pack of 2

Highbeams: 9005 bulbs, 6000k to match

SiriusLED X2 Extremely Bright COB LED Chip 8000 Lumens Headlights Fog Lights Bulb Conversion Kit 9005 HB3 6000K Xenon White

Interior lights: 194 LED bulbs, bright white

194 LED Light bulb, Yorkim 2015 Newest, 5th Generation, Interior Lights for W5W 194 168 2825 T10 Wedge 5-smd 5050, Replacement and Reverse T10 White Bulbs (Pack of 10)- White

The results have been amazing, I'm very pleased and haven't had any issues. You will need to reverse the polarity of the plugs though.

u/thaiphoonST · 3 pointsr/FiestaST


194 LED Light bulb, Yorkim® 2015 Newest, 5th Generation, Interior Lights for W5W 194 168 2825 T10 Wedge 5-smd 5050, Replacement and Reverse T10 White Bulbs, Used For Signal Lights, Trunk Lights, Dashboard Lights, Parking Lights, With Great Brightness and Longer Life(Pack of 10)

u/raycv93 · 3 pointsr/WRX
u/reesea17 · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I used THESE ones. Amazon Prime for $9.99.

Very bright, but word for the wise, Do not replace your brights indicator with one of these. I did and it nearly blinded me with blue light when I used the brights. Ended up switching it back out for one of the original bulbs. They are nice in the turn signals however as they're nice and bright, keeping from being an idiot that lets them just run after a turn.

These lights also fit into the shifting plate and the 4WD plate of you've got it. Just enough to do them all vice the brights.

EDIT: I also did a little modification while I painted my instrument cluster of putting aluminum tape around the backside of the tac and speedo to try and reflect the light a little better. It seems to have worked a little but not much.

u/amekimo · 3 pointsr/Kawasaki

I use this LED light:

It works very well and it’s super bright. If you do change out your bulb, switch the two corner running lights to LED as well. I used these:

Installation was a breeze. You can find install videos on YouTube.

u/basikly · 3 pointsr/rav4club

Some tips from my 2015 RAV4:

Replace the internal bulbs whenever you get a chance. It's a very simple job, and makes a huge difference in my opinion. I couldn't see anything at night with the stock done/cabin lights. I can't find exactly what I used, but here's something similar:

All weather floor mats are a great idea, mine came installed already and are Lifesavers. I love camping, hiking, and biking, and I can only imagine what my trunk would look like without my mats.

A hitch (can be $$$) is also a great addition. If that's something you're interested in, try to take into consideration what you'd like to use it for. If youre hoping to haul something or fit two+ adult bikes on it, you'll want a 2" hitch receiver. If you think you'll only need it for smaller things, you'd be fine with a 1.25". You'll definitely want some help installing this, not to mention you'll want a torque wrench (auto stores might be able to loan or rent one out to you).

Side rails + cross rails (typically expensive). If you're going to be taking trips up to the snow, but still want to load up the trunk with your other cargo, you definitely need to look into getting some rails for the top of your car. I bought to lowest trim RAV since I knew I could buy after market stuff like this that comes on the higher end trims, but at a fraction of the cost. Again I can't speak for your RAV, but installing this on a 2015 was easy.

As others have been saying, if you're driving an AWD model, try to get familiar with how Toyotas AWD system works. If you're going to be driving in snow conditions, 2WD w/ snow tires can beat an AWD w/ normal tires any day of the week, so be careful :)

Congrats on the purchase and the baby!

u/bluebr65 · 3 pointsr/mitsubishi
u/machu505 · 3 pointsr/fixit

Headlight cover polishing/cleaning kit. Uses 2 progressively finer sandpapers (2000 & 3000?) to wet sand out the scratches, then a buffing compound to polish back to clear. Works great. This is what I used.

u/tquiring · 2 pointsr/Acura

This is the one i bought and used, took about an hour for each headlight, you will need an electric drill and a roll of painters tape.
Pro Tip: Put lots of tape around each headlight at least 3 layers thick (because you WILL hit it with the sandpaper)

I was skeptical before i tried doing this, but it actually worked really really well. Best of Luck.

u/xHaZxMaTx · 2 pointsr/automotivetraining

Seriously, $14 and less than an hour. Though sealing the lens in a little more expensive. I just did mine this past weekend: before and after. Sealed them with Optilens which is pretty expensive, but supposed to last the life of the car.

u/gedden8co · 2 pointsr/vintageaudio

That is also basically what I just used from 3M to restore my headlights. It was 2 sandpaper steps, a trizact pad, then polish.
This is the kit
Edit: And the headlights

u/SupaZT · 2 pointsr/LAlist

Yeah I researched this at one point but never got around to it. All I saw was Toothpaste + Baking Soda.. and sand paper.. but never a UV blocker. Prob is i'm 20 miles away haha. My car is 8 years old though and they are starting to fade.
I bookmarked these at one point but never got around to buying them


u/gear9242 · 2 pointsr/MyLittleMotorhead

With this! The reviews are pretty darn accurate. From my experience, be very liberal when you apply the masking tape around the lights, and you might have to break out the old elbow grease for some corners.

Otherwise, shit works like a charm.

u/ucfierocharger · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I've used this on multiple tables. It works wonders, but be sure to put some masking tape over that little technics logo in the center. Plus you can shine up your headlights afterwards!

u/dsteele713 · 2 pointsr/cars

Assuming you have a drill, $13 for a 3M Headlight kit. I drive a 2001 Honda and just did mine, and the difference was quite noticeable. The headlights are much brighter now since it's not being absorbed and redirected by those cloudy-ass lenses.

I'd spend $15 on an OBDII Bluetooth adapter and ~$6 on the premium version of the Torque app so you can read fault codes and real-time engine data.

We're at $34 right now. I'd buy a bottle of rain-x, some microfiber towels, and some cleaning products for my car (glass cleaner, soap, wheel cleaner, etc.), and that might come to another $30, though you could easily spend more if you don't have any cleaning supplies or decide to get all the goodies. I would then spend a few hours and go to town on your car. The few hours I spent were totally worth it when I consider how much more I enjoy driving my car now.

Finally, I'd buy a nice cabin air filter for $15 or so and replace the old one that is probably long overdue (when I replaced mine I found it had never been replaced in the car's 185k service). That will increase the quality of the air coming in quite noticeably.

We're at $79 so far. I would go on your car's forum to see if there are any cheap fixes or improvement you can make to the car. I had a problem where sometime when the car would go over bumps or take a hard turn I would hear this squeaking noise. Turns out that the front suspension bushing can rub against the bare metal surrounding them when they get old, and a few bucks worth of lithium grease will quiet them down to where you can't hear them. Simple, cheap fix that made me love the car more. See if you can find something like that for your accord.

I also think minerdeity's Aux to bluetooth adapter would be great if you have an old car that doesn't have bluetooth.

u/brimstn · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

First, you’re going to need a drill with a chuck instead of a 1/4” bit holder. This is a good start:

If you don’t have a good drill, there’s this one but you’re in for some elbow grease:

u/Preact5 · 2 pointsr/Integra

Thank you! I think they look 90% as good as new!!

I used the 3m restoration kit

3M 39008 Headlight Lens...

And this Sylvania restoration and UV coating

SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration...

u/dgtlgk · 2 pointsr/vegaslocals

I second the idea of just doing it yourself. The sylvania kit the other commenter posted will work just fine if you’re doing it by hand. If you have a powered drill then I’d recommend this 3M one instead. Worked great for me on two separate vehicles.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System $11.04

u/govtwtchdog · 2 pointsr/SubaruForester
u/tabatchoy · 2 pointsr/Trucks

I wouldn't do that since the toothpaste method is just a band-aid solution. I recommend a headlight restoration kit.

Shameless plug to /r/AutoDetailing

u/ICA2015 · 2 pointsr/rav4club

This is the one I got for mine: 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/LagCommander · 2 pointsr/cars

I use the 3m kit plus this sealant and it has personally worked out pretty well for me, but I'm a pretty amateur detailer.

I also have done a decent amount of side work with it and prefer to do the lower grits by hand and use a drill/polisher for the 2000 grit sand + polish.

Edit: I'll add it's probably not a permanent solution, but on my previous vehicle I had a lot of trouble with cheaper "headlight protectants" and it would slowly start to yellow after 4 months. Not major, but enough for a detailers' eye to notice. With the meguiars I never noticed it again.

u/Mako18 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I finally got around to fixing the cloudy lenses on my 2001 VW Passat.

I used:

  • 3M headlight restoration kit
  • 3M Green Masking Tape
  • DeWalt corded power drill
  • Microfiber cloth

    A couple notes for anyone considering doing the same:

  • Definitely use at least two layers of tape anywhere the sanding disk might make contact with the body. Keep a close eye on the tape to make sure you're not wearing through. The shape of your headlights and front-end may make it easier or harder to avoid hitting the masked areas. Remember: tape: $7/roll, fixing a spot that you sanded through on your bumper: more than $7
  • My drill had a max RPM of 2600, directions call for a max of 1600 RPM, so I was careful to avoid going "full throttle". Going too fast can cause things to get too hot when sanding, and cause more harm than good.
  • Don't be stingy with your sanding disks. You'll probably have extra, but making a couple extra passes is much better than a couple too few, because if you don't take off enough material at any stage, it will be difficult to compensate later.
u/i0nicx · 2 pointsr/RX8

I picked up a 3M kit, here's the link

u/I_Kick_Boxes · 2 pointsr/G35

Just used the 3M headlight restoration kit (with rotary/drill attachment) and also used this Meguiar's headlight coating
to seal it in a little. Been over a year and still lookin fresh!

u/ratamack · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Use the 3M headlight restoring kit or order new assemblies on ebay.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/PancakeZ33 · 2 pointsr/350z

You could also try using the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit.

u/couchst · 2 pointsr/Portland


u/showmethestudy · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

3M Headlight Cleaner System

Works amazingly well. I love it. Really cheap too.

u/fripletister · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

If you have a drill, get a 3M headlight restoration kit. Comes with all the sandpaper pads, compounds, etc that you need, and it's easy. $15 well spent, IMO - took me a couple of hours to do both headlights because I took my time, but they turned out like new.

u/gh0stmach1ne · 2 pointsr/civic

Sure did! I used this and then this to seal it

u/throwaway7n3xp0 · 2 pointsr/GrandCherokee

I highly recommend this 3m headlight restoration kit.

It worked great on the one WJ headlight I did. It did all I could ask for, but the pitting in places was too deep. I bought a set of new ones on ebay for $80.

The quality is not OEM, but for the money they're spectacular and you would think they're OEM looking at the face.

The only issue is regular 9006 headlights won't go into the low beam housing. You need to use 9006xs bulbs which are a straight piece instead of having the 90 degree bend for the plug.

u/SkeletorTheSpook · 2 pointsr/XTerra

If your headlights were as bad as mine, I can completely recommend the 3M headlight restoration kit.

It worked insanely good and made the process easy, plus it was only $11. Just follow the instructions and it'll go well, plus a lot of people recommend clear-coating. I can't really do that because the humidity pretty much stays above 80% down here, but the kit has enough material and polish that it could be used a couple more times to do maintenance.

u/mag0802 · 2 pointsr/Mustang

There's a $5 rebate on it too. You need a drill to attach the pads to, some painters tape, a microfiber towel, and a spray bottle. But it worked flawlessly.

u/Daamus · 2 pointsr/infiniti

This is the exact one i bought, and it turned out really nice, as long as you take your time and do each step thoroughly you will be in good shape.

u/ForHumans · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen
u/jermvirus · 2 pointsr/BmwTech

Let me start by saying i think i over did it, but I am happy with the results

Let's start with what I purchased:

  1. Turtle Wax 50764 Drill-Based Headlight Restorer
  2. 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System
  3. Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant - 9 oz

    Then this is the process I used:

  4. Start dry sanding with 3M #1 and then #2 Disc
  5. Wet sand with Turtle wax #1 > #2 and finally 3M #3 disc
  6. Buff with Turtle Wax compound, repeat this step until i was happy
  7. Apply clear coat from TurtleWax kit
  8. Apply sealant from TurtleWax kit

    I plan to touch up with the TurleWax sealant every 8 weeks.

u/ZZZ_123 · 2 pointsr/lepin

Also, I have this kit at home and going to try and first polish it this way, before spending any money. I'll report back about this first.

u/hawkweasel · 2 pointsr/Acura

Sure thing!

Caution: I'm an idiot and got a little overzealous when I first started. Though I placed tape on the paint around the headlights, I pressed a little too hard at one point and the sandpaper went through the tape and scuffed up my paint just a little. Be gentle and careful and you'll be fine. Use multiple layers of tape too.

u/powersaucebar · 2 pointsr/Honda

The easiest way is to buy a headlight polishing kit. 3M sell one.

u/DubstepMeGusta · 2 pointsr/Toyota

Turtle was headlight restorer. I bought it at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks, not a single bit of regret.

u/almightywhacko · 2 pointsr/pebble

Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer might work on larger scratches. I would start with the finest sanding pad and then finish off with the polish and a cloth and then do a coat of hard wax.

u/lobuzz311 · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

This stuff works wonders, and it's less than $10.

u/MOONGOONER · 2 pointsr/vinyl

You can probably fix that cloudy dust cover by getting some headlight cleaning fluid. You can find it pretty much anywhere you buy car parts, takes like 2 minutes and looks much better

something like this

u/odd_affiliate_link · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Same concept, better product. Be prepared to spend some time to do it right (~1 hour). However, the final effect was worth it for me.

u/pinkflowers · 2 pointsr/Cartalk

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I very highly recommend this kit- The reviews speak for themselves. My headlights were total shit and were becoming a hazard, because I could barely see at night. I picked this kit up from walmart for $9, so you should be able to find it at walmart for around the same price.

u/random0munky · 2 pointsr/SVRiders

Not sure if this post is dead but I just installed these bar end mirrors and they are working out beautifully:
Amazon Link
Youtube video I watched to install them

u/byron690 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

i have a cheaper version that works just fine

these things are allll over ebay and amazon for 5-15$

u/JHammy123 · 2 pointsr/supermoto they are bar end mirrors but all you do is take that part out and you can clamp them around your bars.

u/downhillcarver · 2 pointsr/bikesgonewild

$12 on Amazon. They work great, you're not looking at your shoulder or elbow all day long, they don't vibrate much, they're easy to install, and cheap as heck.

Be warned, they look good, they work great, but the quality control may be lacking. My bike came with just one of the mirrors on it. I ordered another pair. One of the mirrors I ordered rattled loose because 2 fasteners were not torqued correctly from the factory. I'd fix it, but it's the fasteners inside the mirror.

For $12, these mirrors are amazing. I'd say they're worth $20. They also function as bar end sliders I discovered, now I need to order a new pair.

u/nutterbird · 2 pointsr/motorcycles
u/LMoeh · 2 pointsr/CafeRacer
u/DoesntFearZeus · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I'm using some $12 amazon specials and they work OK, but I'm probably upgrading to CRG Lane Splitters.

u/vicaphit · 2 pointsr/HondaCB

I went cheap once ($12) and they immediately broke while adjusting them.

I have bought these 3 times for 3 different bikes.

Never buy these. It looks like the arm attaches to mirror with bolts, but it's actually just glued on. If you tighten them up properly it's very easy to break them while adjusting them.

u/a4410 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Just unscrew the bar end insert from it, and then you can mount it to the bar instead. It's cheap, but I haven't had any issues so far.

u/V8titanpwr · 2 pointsr/bikesgonewild

You have to make a few tweaks to them but it sure beats paying $80 for some.

u/pmdino · 2 pointsr/bikesgonewild

Nothing special
Had them for a year with no problems

u/bowie-in-space · 2 pointsr/SVRiders

> What rearview mirrors are those? How do you like them?

Honestly, just these. They get the job done and I can more or less see everything going on behind me:

> Do you notice a big difference after installing the aTRE?

I can't say, I haven't ridden it yet : (

> What happened? Sorry to hear :S

Some idiot kid pulled his bike out in front of me at the absolute very last possible second and gave me nowhere to go. I went over the bars and straight into the ground and it seems my fibula broke my fall. Needless to say I've invested some good money in race-spec boots this time around.

u/ihit18today · 2 pointsr/G35

SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration...

I used to work in a shop and we used to have the gs guys do these.100% beginner friendly just follow the instructions.Everything is done by hand.

u/wdiesch1 · 2 pointsr/hondafit

This is the best:

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

I have used it in two cars just as bad as your Fit and they both had perfectly shiny lenses for over a year.

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit Amazon

u/RanchCornNutsYes · 2 pointsr/Acura_RSX

I used this kit with excellent results.

  1. Wash the headlights by hand

  2. Wet send it in order from lowest grit to highest

  3. Use a polishing compound to polish out the fine scratches made by the highest grit sandpaper

  4. Use a soft buffing pad to give it a final touch

  5. Clean and apply a new layer of sealant

  6. Done

    If you're open to it, projector headlights are pretty cheap now. Mine (halo style) were $280 and came with an HID kit.

    Edit- I should mention that the quality of your result will 100% depend on how much work you put in to the wet sanding steps and how well you evenly sanded the entire surface.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

I used the 3M headlight restoration kit on my MKIV, but this one is better rated AND comes with a sealant to keep the results. One of the biggest issues with restoring is that sometimes they become cloudy if you don't use sealant. (

Depending on how deep the scratches are you may be able to lightly sand down down the clear coat and buff it, unless its completely through the clear coat and through the paint and/or metal. Looking at those, they look pretty deep. I would suggest using OEM paint pens, blobbing paint on the scratches, and letting them set for a week. Then you sand down with 2000 or 3000 grit sand paper, buff, and repeat until satisfied. Then apply a clear coat, lightly sand down, and buff to a shine. Letting the paint set is pretty important. You could also look into Dr. Colorship, but thats really not for scratches and more for chips on the front hood, which I'm pretty certain you have (the hood pretty much asks for it on these cars).

As far as the mirror, I'd see if any junk yards around you have a mirror on a junked car. If a different color, plasti-dip both mirrors black.

u/imnotstas · 2 pointsr/Stance

My only advice to you..

Look into this..

Beautiful car man.

u/SiffLawd · 2 pointsr/mazda

Mine were a lot worse than this and I've tried just about everything on the market. About a month ago I was at Pep Boys and found a new one from Sylvania. It is the best thing I have ever used, I really wish I would have done a before and after. Amazon link

u/3rdtimes · 2 pointsr/mazda

I'm not sure what he used, but I have a 07 Mazda 6 and I used this headlight restoring kit from Sylvania, and it did an amazing job! It has a lifetime warranty and it has lasted over a year so far. It took about an hour to do both headlights and I got mine at an Advance Auto store if that helps.

u/BallsDeepInJesus · 2 pointsr/projectcar
u/dr2fish · 2 pointsr/GrandCherokee

Cool! It looks great. I picked mine up last year for a little over a grand and have been working on bringing it up to mechanical speed - mostly deferred maintenance stuff - but now I kind of love it and want to start upgrading.

For the headlights, I've had great luck with the 3M kit on amazon. There are a couple variants, all the same basic thing - sand down the worn plastic, put on a protective coating, looks good as new. Don't bother with stuff like PlastX unless you feel like reapplying every few weeks.

u/The_Evil_Potatoe · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Here's my opinion

Shampoo- good choice, make sure you're using a washing mitt and not any kitchen sponge, something like will be fine

Towel- while you can dry with any microfiber towel, it will be best to use one specifically made for drying so you don't have to wring out the towel after every wipe. Also, using a low quality microfiber has the possibility of scratching the paint. My recommendation would be

Wax- I have no idea how much you want to spend, but if you're going to be applying it by hand you generally want to go with a carnuba wax as they are easier to apply and wipe off. My personal favorite is pinnacle souveran liquid wax. Probably out of the price range for a beginner, but it's super easy to apply/wipe off, and it produces amazing results and lasts a lot longer than other carnuba waxes. If you want something on the cheaper end and can be purchased in auto stores, go with Meguiar's gold class liquid wax.

Applicators- If you're applying wax, go with a foam applicator pad like these lake country applicator pads(make sure they're the red color) with this palm grip

Headlights- If you have a power drill, I recommend this kit as it attaches right to the drill and works very well.

u/insomniaticnotw · 2 pointsr/Miata

Meguiar's G3000 is the kit that I used on my car before I put Lamin-X over them. Takes about 10-15 minutes (depending on how detailed you want to be) to clean up each headlight. It really makes the car look brand new, totally worth it.

u/Geno350z · 2 pointsr/350z

Get this, you can get it from walmart or whatever. follow instructions = nice headlights

u/WhollyJeans · 2 pointsr/auto

Harbor Freight ...that says it all. You get what you pay for. Invariably the kit is made in China ....

Buy a decent kit from the likes of Meguires:

u/prophecy623 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

What makes you so sure it is in the inside? It might appear to be but it usually isn't. I have used Meguiar's G3000 Heavy duty kit and worked great for me. Link

u/Klexicon · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I used this one about a month ago on my 2005 Jaguar S-Type that had some pretty bad yellowing and oxidation and it worked pretty well.

I'm about to go redo it with a 3M kit though because I'm starting to see yellowing again and there is still some slight oxidation.

Mine were pretty bad, and yours don't sound as bad as mine, so the Meguiars will work fine if you don't mind putting in some muscle work. The 3M kits have pretty good reviews and tend to use drills. So I would use either one, depending on what you want to spend, or if you have a drill or not.

u/HamWallet · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I just did my wife's car with this kit and the results were pretty amazing.

u/I-Suck-At-Games · 2 pointsr/subaru
u/engwish · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

Are you sure you used the kit correctly? I restored my beater's headlights with Megiuar's G3000 kit and the turnout was pretty good. The thing is, the entire process took me about 30 minutes of sanding per headlight (I was a bit timid with it at first).

Additionally, headlights need to have UV protection on them or the hazing will come back. The gel stuff that comes with the kit will only last about 1 month before you need to re-apply it. Your best bet is to apply a longer lasting product like Opti-Lens to ensure permanant protection.

u/ultradanknugz · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Thanks for the info! Got any pics of them lighting up the road?

Found em on Amazon for $180 a piece:

u/playerofdayz · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

What is your budget?

One other option you might want to look at is LED headlamps but you need to buy ones that have a distinct cuttoff for on-road use. I recently bought these cheapos that do not have a cut off hoping that I could make due but really I found you should never use those on the road since they are basically just an ultra bright flood lamp so I removed them.

As far as updating to better bulbs and a new housing I don't have experience there but I think you also have to factor in an upgraded harness too...

u/IV0lV_Alfa · 2 pointsr/ToyotaPickup

Nothing factory can really match a light bar, or a portable sun as I like to call them. But LED sealed beam replacements, especially if you are willing to pay like $300 for a set of these, are really damn bright.

u/Digipatd · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

They are the LED headlights from Truck-Lite. Here's the Amazon link:

Edit: Just realized you weren't asking what the headlights were. Well, here's the link for anyone who wanted to know anyway...

u/Qurtys_Lyn · 2 pointsr/cars

I put these in my Jeep. They're awesome. And this is the LED bar I have.

u/RocketGrouch · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

If you really want the classic vintage-ish look, you could replace the reflector itself with something more modern. The old bike reflectors (and even many more modern bike reflectors) are cheap crap, which seriously hampers the normal halogen bulb from performing.

A Hella Vision Plus or Cibie reflector would improve the light output quite a lot compared to the crap that's already on there. And that would look pretty darn retro.

A Truck-lite Phase 7 7-inch LED reflector looks fairly retro, it's a normal looking light but with a bar across it. It's not jarringly non-retro, anyway. And they output tons of light and are very cheap now, some of the cheaper DOT approved LED you can find and with great performance to boot. - here is the same thing on Kuryakyns site with better pics. - ignore the halos and stuff, those are all add-ons.

Don't go with LED "bulbs" in a Halogen reflector. It's illegal, and LED's don't work well in such a reflector - a halogen reflector is made to have a very specific size filament in a very specific point in space inside the headlight, and the more you deviate from that the more you'll spray light in any and all directions. HID, same thing, total crap solution and you can be ticketed for either.

u/bp_spets · 2 pointsr/Miata

There are a few optioins besides the GE Nighthawks. I run these in my Miata:

There are also these:

Yes only the top half lights up, but how often are you looking back at your lights? THe cutoff is great, does not not blind oncoming traffic. I am a big fan.

u/Jonibrasco · 2 pointsr/Harley

I run a truck-lite

And these cheap foglights

I have a real hard time driving my car at night. I cant see crap unless I have my high beams on.

Honestly I wasnt impressed with the headlight at first, but once it was aimed properly Im quite happy. The fogs are almost to bright. Being a new rider I was very apprehensive about driving at night. Last night I had no choice and I will now say that ill take my bike over my car in the dark every time. I was able to see everything much better than the high beams on my car. This was running the low beam and fogs.

On a side note, I am now being told I have to lead if im in a group because my lights are so bright.

u/Godly1n · 2 pointsr/Miata
u/wilmsas · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

I am not a fan of LED headlights by any means. Most people do not know how to aim them correctly, thus blinding everyone they come across.

If you have your heart set on LED lights, I highly suggest looking at this website:

The guy's name is Daniel Stern and he is THE guru on lights. He gives an extremely detailed how-to on aiming LED lights. He also gives tutorials on how to correctly aim normal bulb headlights. They are extremely detailed, but rest assured, he will give the best advice

Alternatively, you can go the route I took and purchase Cibie (pronounced cee-BEE-ay). It is a brand made in France or Belgium, I believe and are european code lights. I have run them in my RX-7s, Miatas, and other cars to which I have received no complaints from cops or anyone else. They give an amazing light pattern, and give plenty of light (feathering) on the sides of the road which really come in handy when deer and the like are out.

The link to them are here from Amazon:

Make sure to buy the bulbs (DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS WHEN INSTALLING!). I purchased the 60/55W bulbs, also at this link:

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

u/COOKIEEE · 2 pointsr/Miata

> Cibie E code

Searching for this takes me to Valeo 082440 on (am Canadian).

Is that what I want?

u/tenpairsofsocks · 2 pointsr/370z

194 LED Light bulb, Yorkim® 2015 Newest, 5th Generation, Interior Lights for W5W 194 168 2825 T10 Wedge 5-smd 5050, Replacement and Reverse T10 White Bulbs (Pack of 10)- White

I have these and they're great.

u/Carlos-Lopez · 2 pointsr/Camry

I used these lights, they work for most of the lights you will encounter in a Camry, no dead ones, been working great for a year so far: 194 LED Light bulb, Yorkim 2017...

Use this for the reverse:
AUXITO 912 921 LED Backup Light...

I use Sylvania Silver Star Ultra for headlights

I also replaced my assembly with this:
Anzo USA 121181 Toyota Camry Projector with Halo/Black Clear with Amber Reflectors Headlight Assembly - (Sold in Pairs)

u/tobyarch · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Headlights (you only need one pair. the cutoff is outstanding)

Map lights, license plate lights, running tail lights, and side marker lights

Reverse lights

Front turn signals (accessible from under the vehicle - pin remover and 10mm socket needed)

Rear turn signals (requires tail light disassembly)

Turn signal resistors (required to prevent hyperflashing; soldering is recommended)

Brake lights (requires tail light disassembly)

Daytime-running lights (pliers needed)

Trunk light and dome light

u/iTzinmyblood · 2 pointsr/FZ07

I installed an LED headlight. It added a lot more visibility at night. Took 10 minutes or less to do.

Also added white LED run lights so the entire front is bright white


I watched these two videos for any help.

u/DJaeger · 2 pointsr/FZ07

God I hope this formats correctly - I am a neophyte.

Exhaust -

Super deep and loud sound - videos online don't do it justice, its unbelievably loud when the baffles are out. Had to have the cat cut out of it. Be aware they have a cat in the V section before the end of the pipe.

Removed the snorkel covering the airbox - I was told its basically blocks airflow.

ECU Flash / Dyno by 2wheelDynoWorks -

Nels himself worked on my bike - super stoked (shout out to Nate too) They have the best customer service.

Active Tune -

Tune as you go

Bike side harness -

For tuning later

Windscreen -

I got light smoke, I think it goes better with the bike and pushes wind over my shoulders even at 80+ mph

Protection -

Basically got everything from this except the bar ends

Bar Ends -

Super easy to replace mirrors etc with these - and they add protection

Throttle tube -

90 to 60 degree conversion - its amazing for the price

Dash Screen Protector -

Mirror stem deletes -

Current Mirrors -

Mirrors in photo -

I like the CRG Mirrors but they get bumped and are hard to readjust - the cheap ebay/amazon mirrors work great

Headlight replacement -

Signal replacement LED bulbs -

Super bright replacements for stock bulbs - used the original housings, they plug right in

Running light LED replacements -

For inside the headlight housing

Tail Tidy -

Flasher Relay for LEDs -

Levers -

Passenger peg deletes -

I removed the passenger pegs, needed a bracket to hold the brake fluid reservoir - also cleaned up the pegs

Havent done the brakes yet - going to replace the lines etc with steel braid.

Also want to do a sprocket / chain swap for acceleration

I used a quadlock phone mount for a little bit - but took it off because I was playing with my phone too much.

u/Agamoruso · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

It's a 20" cheap light bar from Amazon. I mounted it by drilling one hole in each bumper support (bottom inside the bumper cover and supports the front bottom lip. Two plastic pieces that stick out.) perfect height and enough added light.

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Y

u/MustyCarACSmell · 2 pointsr/nissanfrontier

Nilight from Amazon.

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty

u/Knight0186 · 2 pointsr/fordranger

R&L Racing Black Heavyduty Bull Bar Brush Push Bumper Grill Grille Guard 98-11 for Ford Ranger

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty

u/MrRiski · 2 pointsr/Battlecars

LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar Off Road Lights Driving Lights Led Fog Light Jeep Lights Boat Lighting ,2 Years Warranty

Probably smaller than. You want on a battle car but I have one on my '15 focus st a d I love it. Works great and I could totally use just it and no headlights.

288W 50" LED Light Bar Combo Beam for Off-Road ATV UTV SUV RV Truck Pick-up (pack of 1)

Also got this one for my fiance's jeep and it's incredibly bright.

u/Kuiiper · 2 pointsr/SubaruForester

Oh the limits are nearly in the tens or maybe hundreds! You could get a new head unit, speakers, led light bars roof basket a lift may be just a smidge over $100.

u/Lothsahn_ · 2 pointsr/leaf

The default incandescent map light bulbs are ~3000K (soft white) in my 2011. I really like Bright white bulbs (3500-4100K) and use them for my house. Unfortunately, the only LEDs I can find for map lights are either soft white or daylight (6100K) --with most of the bright ones being daylight. If they say "Xenon white", they're daylight.

There are packs of them on Amazon for cheap:

u/DrBarnabyFulton · 2 pointsr/infiniti

Put these in my 2008, any cheap leds that fit will be better/brighter.

u/GB_CySec · 2 pointsr/subaruimpreza

Dome lights -

License plate lights -

Pictures will be a couple of hours. For the dome lights I did have to bend the metal tab just a little bit once I did that they worked just fine. I would say it’s like bending it about 1-2mm.

u/liquidCarbon · 2 pointsr/civic

I bought these for my '17 EX

They are fantastic and work perfectly. Also got the T10 cabin lights as a combo purchase for less than a $1. Couldn't be happier with them. The beam pattern isn't to high that it blinds other drivers and they look a hell of a lot better and light up the road a lot more. I've had them for about a month now and drive mostly at night.

u/redline19 · 2 pointsr/chevycolorado

Any LEDs for reverse light that fit a 921 bulb size. Bed lights are same size. Headlights are

Both are easy install.

u/Azcatraz · 2 pointsr/civic

I got a pair of LED H11 bulbs, these, to replace my low beams, and they match the running lights very well. They also seem to be a good brightness where I can see far ahead without blinding other drivers.

u/chevyguy54 · 2 pointsr/Pontiac

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs...

Just off amazon didn’t know much about them the brights make it look like day time at night. And the day time running are bright as well

u/dannygb27 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

This is all the bulbs and stuff mentioned. As a bonus I also pasted some LED license plate lights which look much better than the yellow ish ones that come stock and they’re insanely easy to install. The fogs are a little bit of a pain mainly just to get the cover off. In my case my fingers were all chewed up from trying to pull off the cover but I used a pry tool to pull it off. As for the H7 headlights, one side will be a little harder to get to due to the lack of space but it’s nothing crazy. Enjoy!

u/Goaldenarms216 · 2 pointsr/ToyotaTacoma

I use Cougar LED for both. Not too expensive and work great.

CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 (H8, H9) -7,200Lm 6000K Cool White CREE - 3 Year Warranty

u/BrewMaiden · 2 pointsr/genesiscoupe

Fog Lights, Switchback LEDs, and the Headlight bulbs a got from a local stereo place. like I stated before, most LEDs run at 6000k so it is likely safe to assume any kind you buy will match the rest of the set up

u/Entrical · 2 pointsr/Toyota

That won't be a covered repair. I would get this

u/bro_some · 2 pointsr/Acura_RSX

Try the Meguiar's heavy duty headlight kit Worked really well for me on my CRV's really faded lights.

Started with 600 grit, then followed the directions on the box, just changing sanding directions (up/down vs left/right) after every step in grit. Go slow, and use a lot of water, takes about 30-40 minutes per light to get it lookin right but its worth it. Before and After results with said kit.

u/isittooearlyforbeer · 2 pointsr/BMW

Yes it does. Four steps total; 1000 grit sanding, 3000 grit sanding, plastic cleaner w/ drill operated buffing wheel, then sealer.

edit: Amazon link to the product I used

u/tubetraveller · 2 pointsr/genesiscoupe

I've never used it, but Meguiars makes a headlight coating that is supposed to provide UV protection.

I've been looking at getting those same headlights.

u/JacobeyWitness · 2 pointsr/370z

I used Mothers NuLens to restore and remove oxidation and then finished with Meguiars Headlight Coating to prevent more oxidation. Only time will tell how well the coating worked but the headlight restore process was no big deal if I have to do it again in a year or so.

u/LarsAlereon · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You can fix this long-term (but not completely permanently) with two steps: First, thoroughly clean the headlights using Meguiar's PlastX, which will restore them to brand new shine. Next, apply a layer of Meguiar's Keep Clear Coating, which will keep the headlights from fogging again for up to one year. You can probably use a different brand of coating, but I haven't found anything else that works as well as PlastX.

u/beengel · 2 pointsr/RangeRover

I recommend applying this product after the polish. I have done two sets, the first one I left bare and it yellowed in just a year. The second time i used something like thisand it has been 18 months and looks great still

u/BrotherAliMazda · 2 pointsr/mazda3

My headlights were MUCH worse (long story). I used this (since its out of stock just get a similar kit on amazon):

and this (plan to reapply this every year or so, heard about it on scotty kilmer youtube channel):

It was really easy and worked amazingly. IMO dont even waste your time or money buying sandpaper and doing it by hand, this is basically the same cost or so and much easier

EDIT: This on amazon should work well

u/SeaDegree · 2 pointsr/mazda3

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

I just bought these and they seem pretty good so far. Better output than the halogen bulbs, plug &a play, and still have a really sharp cutoff in the stock projectors.

u/Itz_A_Me_Wario · 2 pointsr/mazda3

Straight swap. It’s also pretty easy to change the bulbs without tearing the entire front end apart. You just need to loosen the under hood fuse box and swing it a couple inches aside to fit your hand in there. The bulbs also have a positive/negative connection that isn’t marked, so if you put them in and they don’t work- just flip the plug. They look fantastic.

u/ChicagoAdmin · 2 pointsr/cars

If your headlights are in projector housings, you can get away with using *just* the right LED bulbs. The big concern is where, vertically, the cutoff is, so it doesn't blind other drivers (nor look like trash). I've had great luck with Beamtech's bulbs on Amazon [ LINK ] depending on the car I put them in. Again, gotta' have projector housings (which I think your car has, for DRL's), but these bulbs are oriented with the LED's at 3 & 9 o'clock when mounted, and cutoff at just the right height.

u/realrube · 2 pointsr/mazda6

I just looked back through my history, this is what I ordered..
but it's no longer available in H11 (on the .CA site) but on .COM this seems to be available:

What I liked about these is that they were fan-less. They've been running for a year so far without issues or decrease in brightness.

u/hellfire1394 · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Not a mechanic. I've heard mixed opinions. Some say never convert to LED, some say projector housings are fine but not reflector housings. I don't even know what exactly is the conversion kit on top of the bulb itself.

I got this from Amazon on my 17 Mazda 3, they work great so far. My car may not have compatible bulb detection.

update: Please read the whole thread before making a decision.

u/thefinessekev · 2 pointsr/civic

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit I got these LEDs for my hatch and they work perfect.

u/Reeftor22 · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

It is a 14, got these for fogs,

and these are the low beams,

Also put Diode Dynamics LEDs on the inside and license plate, plus have them for the C-lights just waiting till it's nicer out to install them.

u/Masterleon · 2 pointsr/cars

I got these from Amazon and they are plug and play and work SO much better than the stock halogens. I've had them for about 2 years now and haven't had any issues, and there was no aiming required it was perfect when I installed them.

u/Ellenberg88 · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/mrtravis2772 · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/MattSparx · 2 pointsr/Jeep

Check these out: (Pair) 5''x7'' 6''x7'' High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes DRL (Black 105w Osram Chips)

u/Sureshotsniping · 2 pointsr/Toyota

I got them off Amazon, they're a little spendy but they're a projector type and the low beam has a cut off so they are dot approved.
(Pair) 5''x7'' 6''x7'' High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes DRL (Black 105w Osram Chips)

u/PurduePaul · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ
u/Ash0324 · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

He posted amazon link:
above, looks like 100 bucks for the pair.

u/iehova · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

Do you have sealed beam or compound?

I put these in my 94' C3500 and they are brighter than the headlights on my 2018 honda clarity

EDIT: They are DOT certified and have a proper cutoff specifically to prevent "blinding people". It takes less than half an hour to aim them properly with the screw adjustment on every single vehicle ever made.

u/theorder20 · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

Some Chinese brand but they have worked great for 4-5 months for me. They are about the same as the fancy halogen lights that you see in new cars like Lexus and Mercedes in terms of blinding people. But they are DOT certified. These just plugged right into the same plug on my 01 XJ, didn't have to change anything and installed in 5 minutes.

u/c141clay2 · 2 pointsr/4Runner

This was a year ago and I’ve done a few upgrades since then. This is a write-up with some links for those interested in it. Hopefully this wall of info might be useful to someone looking to do what I’ve done. It is a headache and a half along with hours of time just trying to find straightforward info for modding these trucks.

Full specs: 2018 TRD ORP w/ KDSS. Bilstein 6112 2.4” lift (5/5 clip settings for KDSS) & 5160 rear shocks. Eibach ProLift rear springs 1”(note: the KDSS models sit about a .5”-1” lower up front in stock.) Super bump kit. OME rear Right 10mm trim packer for lean correction. 275/70/17 KO2 tires. Stock OR Rims. JBA high caster UCAs. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20148 side steps (for the little wife, to mitigate the tires flinging rocks at the paint and they also help with parking lot door dings)

Lights: The LEDs are Nineo Gen2 for H11 and 9005. It was around $100 total from amazon. They are identical to the Supernova v.4. So if you’re thinking of those, save your money with these.

The DRLs do work fine, believe it or not, and the flicker when in DRL mode is BARELY noticeable and looks kinda cool imo, it’s $50 vs $180 for xenon depots, and I don’t think XDs are $130 better imo. They also do dim. I’ll post more pics and a video of the flicker later when I get the headlights adjusted. If you still can’t stand the flicker the XD LEDs with the DRL driver is the way to go or you can just shut off the DRL mode completely without messing with other lighting functions, this is also a warranty safe and non-permanent solution as you can just push the wire back in if you decide to change your mind. (

Xenon Depot 9005 LED kit w/ DRL module:

Nineo GEN2 9005:

Katana H11(the Nineo looks sold out, but these are the other identical brand):

Fog Lights, Yellow LED, installing today along with a yellow film, will post pics later:

Lamin-x Yellow Film:

Rubbing, death wobble and suspension: The only rubbing I have is on the front mudflaps at full lock, might modify or just remove flaps completely. No rub on UCAs or body mount.

For grease I use Valvoline VV615, if you go JBA, I highly recommend this 90 degree grease adapter. No mess and super easy.

Or you could replace the straight zerk fittings with 45-90 degree zerk fittings.

The rear right OME trim packer that corrected the lean also fixed the steering wheel death wobble some may experience after a lift. So for this particular case I’ll attribute it to a suspension geometry problem. If you still experience the wobble after lean correction there is a bushing to replace the spider bearing in the front left differential, made by ECGS. it’s about $170 for the full install kit with a new cv axle seal. I highly recommend either of these if you’re are finding yourself getting your wheels balanced way more than you should be.

OME 10mm Trim Packer:

ECGS bushing kit:

Bilstein 6112 Front Assembly with standard coilovers:

Bilstein 5160 rear shocks with oil reservoir:

JBA STD High Caster UCAs:

Super Bump Kit:

DIY lift info that helped me:

If you want to lift your KDSS 5th gen 4Runner:

How to install new UCAs on your 4Runner:

Information pit #1:

Information pit #2:

Other useful sites:,, site, decent tutorials)

u/midwesthunchback · 2 pointsr/ToyotaTacoma

Recently picked up Katana H11's

Only running them on low beams right now as I start to swap out the rest. Based my information off of Bulb Facts -> the projector recommendations

I've heard great things about the Supernova V4's


EDIT: FWIW, Amazon has a lightning deal on Hikari H11 Bulbs right now.

u/DracoDragonite · 2 pointsr/cars

I threw LEDs into my Fiesta’s projectors and they blow the stock halogens out of the water, get quality LEDs that mimic the position of the halogen filament and you’re good

Here’s the ones that I have in my car that will fit your 4Runner, I am probably the pickiest person ever when it comes to this stuff, I have returned 10+ pairs of shitty bulbs and these have been the best so far

u/Salamandastron · 2 pointsr/genesiscoupe

I would think those would be ok. Maybe they're defective, or just don't work well in a projector housing. If you don't end up figuring out the problem I do really recommend the Katanas for your lowbeams.

u/BURN51D3 · 2 pointsr/veloster

I bought Katana's off of Amazon.

They look great and have lasted about 8 months. Everything fits in the light housing (no open dust caps). The velosters have H11B's. The plugs are a little different between these and the standard H11s. There's adapters out there, or just get a little creative in how to plug stuff in.

u/Firby03 · 2 pointsr/civic


KATANA is the brand I went with. Cheap, stupid easy to install, and seems good quality. Have had them for about 6 months now and they are such a massive difference you can't even really compare them to the stock ones. I also drive a Sport and it is so much better driving it at night now. Looks very nice as well.


Part of my job has me drive the perimeter of the building at night before going home to double check for any safety issues or unsecured power equipment, etc etc. I made sure to get a dozen opinions from other workers to make sure I wasn't that dickhead throwing aftermarket LEDs in and blinding oncoming traffic, but nobody has said anything besides the fact that they look much nicer.

u/I_Love_McRibs · 1 pointr/Acura

I also recommend the 3M kit. It took about 90 minutes of work for both headlights, but they turned out great. I sprayed a Meguiar's Headlight Coating after I was done. I restored it only 3 weeks ago, so I don't know how long the coating holds up. They UV coating spray was only $9, so I gave it a shot.

u/Tical79 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Which one did you use? They have been all over the place with their kits lately. Here is the one I was referencing. It's not in a kit, just the spray. Very tight nozzle action.

u/hashtaghamza · 1 pointr/Honda

I used to own a 9th gen sport and wanted to do the same upgrade as you. If you're willing to splice wires then you can purchase the touring headlights from college hills honda and do that for yourself. however, I'd recommend bulb swaps to all LED and keep the housing, any aftermarket housing imo looks cheap and ruins the aesthetic.


these are bulbs i'd recommend

u/xKingNothingx · 1 pointr/fordfusion

People are gonna warn you about LEDs in projector housings (or maybe I'm getting that confused with HIDs) but I think someone on here posted about switching to these

u/Whosa_Whatsit · 1 pointr/Motorrad

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Motorrad

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


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u/redbaren5 · 1 pointr/mazda

You can change the halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. I am not sure what lightbulbs the Mazda 2 has. I just purchased these headlights for my Mazda 3: LED Conversion Kit

I am sure you can find the right bulbs for your car. All it takes is a bit of research.

u/s0n1c7 · 1 pointr/mazda3

Same here but the buzzing noise bothered me a lot so I end up getting these.

u/ali693 · 1 pointr/mazda3

Yes they are plug and play. Never heard of the brand but I got them quick and they have good reviews.

u/alphaAlbert · 1 pointr/mazda3

These Bulbs are very good
Shark_and_kaya linked them above

u/butforbutfor · 1 pointr/projectcar

(Pair) 5''x7'' 6''x7'' High Low...

SAMLIGHT Led Light Bar 2 PCS...

MICTUNING MIC-B1002 LED Light Bar...
Wiring harness for the fog lamps

u/tehmobius · 1 pointr/ToyotaPickup

I personally hate most of the ridiculous looking replacement lights, but I don't think these look cheesy at all in person. Performance wise it is 100% worth it. The amount of light these new LEDs put out is fantastic.

Just be aware that due to the way the wiring is set up on our trucks, you will probably have to get an adapter wiring harness. Overall it was about $100 for everything.

Harness Link


Here's a picture from u/carriemcbride628

If you want any more info or pictures let me know.

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They're angel eye lights that I honestly bought off of Amazon. I love them to death:

u/10before15 · 1 pointr/Jeep

Check this out at
2017 New 5''x7'' 6''x7'' 85w Osram High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes D

u/masterkarl · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

Did you get these exact ones? They're sitting in my Amazon cart until I'm ready to spend the cash:

u/prerunner1982 · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

I have these and have no RFI issues and I run multiple ham radios covering a multitude of frequencies. I was worried that they would wipe everything out but it was not an issue.

u/iamspro · 1 pointr/Ducati
u/bcabano312 · 1 pointr/Jeep These are them, about 10x brighter than the stock halogens. I haven't wired up the DRL's yet but the halos are on when the low beams are it looks really nice. Super easy to install as well, took me like 20 minutes to get em in.

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I have a pair of LEDs with cut-off I got from Amazon. Really nice for that I paid, but if you have the budget get the real trucklite LEDs.

u/akfgfan · 1 pointr/civic

Couple of other people have mentioned that these are good lights

u/long_meats · 1 pointr/civic

OP just get these

They are largely regarded as the best LED headlight option you can get without spending >$100 and they're not even $50.

u/Makky-Kat · 1 pointr/mazda3 are the ones I have (in the H11 bulb), but I got a lot of the information from and if you want to look for some other recommended options.

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I have a 2008 Lexus Es 350 with projector headlights. I installed these bad boys and they commit a wonderful job at lighting up the road and I've gotten compliments from friends on how ridiculous it lights up the road.

Install them, adjust the leds to 9 by 3 like a clock and you'll be good to go. You might need to buy a new inverted dust cap, I had to get one for my Lexus. These LEDs appear pure 5000k white.

You will not blind oncoming traffic as long as your headlights are properly adjusted. Any questions I'll be happy to answer.

My baby.

Update :: Oops. Didn't see you already purchased new bulbs, sorry 🤷‍♂️

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I have these from amazon: They’re really good headlights, i love the look and function of them!

u/TurntBoast · 1 pointr/FordBronco

I have these generic led headlamps installed. I havent used them much yet (the bronco is a driving project) but they seem to be pretty good. They are very bright but have a decent cutoff so you can align them to not blind oncoming traffic. The cheaper led sets are often more like floods that are bright but just awful for road use. If you want to spend more and get higher quality, there are brand names like Truck-Lite that have great reviews; personally I couldn't justify the expense when I have a lot of other projects on the truck.

2018 New Osram Chips 110W 5x7 Led...

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You need a plastic polishing solution, either a DIY like toothpaste and finer polishing pastes, or an off the shelf deal like a headlight restoration kit

u/ThoR294 · 1 pointr/pics

They also sell kits for headlight restoration. 3M one is amazing. I've done about 3 so far and they are flawless. This one requires a cordless drill, and it makes it super super easy and less stress on your arm lol.

Also, for your rust spot, it's not coming through the back right? I know subaru's they like to rot behind, so maybe get behind there with some undercoating spray to make sure it doesn't come back!

u/MyDogIsJack · 1 pointr/subaru

Basically the 3M kit which works amazingly well.

u/Diaggen · 1 pointr/Eugene

Try the toothpaste method mentioned in this article (Method 3 at the bottom). If that doesn't work well enough, 3M makes products like this one on Amazon that work.

I've personally used both methods, I always try toothpaste first as it is always the cheapest.

u/Bananaz · 1 pointr/S2000

If you have a cordless drill purchase the 3M lens cleaner:

There are more than enough pads in there for 2 headlights. Take off your front bumper and put up your hood, this will make the task so much easier. Triple painters tape the paint around top and sides. Get a squirt bottle from Autozone, Homedepot, etc and fill it with water. Take your time, it should take around 45 minutes to do both.

Also do them at the same time, each step. Don't complete one and move to the other.

Afterwords protect and clean with:

u/achenx75 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Like VibeRaider said, use this.

It works great and remember to use a sealant after you're done or your hard work will be thrown away.

u/jvb93 · 1 pointr/BMW
u/TheOtherMagician · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

This is the product I used I followed their instructions exactly. There were 3 different sanding pads that came with the kit:

First I used the 500 grit dry and lightly went over the entire light.

I wiped away excess dust and switched to the 800 grit dry and went over the entire light.

I wiped away that dust and then wet the light and 3000 grit pad.
I went over the entire light 4 times with the wet 3000 grit.

Afterwards I used the 3M polishing compound and the foam head to polish the light.

I used the wax that came in the kit to finish up.

Here is a pdf of the instructions that came with my kit

u/unknownsoldierx · 1 pointr/DIY

There's two 3M kits. The $14 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System and the $16 3M Lens Renewal Kit. Looks like the more expensive kit is a 4-step process rather than 3-step and you get maybe some different pads and some masking tape.

u/IzttzI · 1 pointr/MINI

Is the kit I used and it works perfectly well and actually had enough to do my other car too.

u/thataryanitalianguy · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Was this kit the kind that attaches to a drill? I've used the 3m kit and the results look straight outta the factory.

u/Balki_Bartokumos · 1 pointr/Cartalk

Try this:

I've used it before, and it worked pretty well. However, make sure to tape around the borders of the headlights

u/zimraph · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

What did you use? 3M 39008 ?

u/TrekkingForward · 1 pointr/Wellthatsucks

For the headlights, use a restoration kit. Looks like they could use a shining anyways.

Best one I’ve used

u/mckulty · 1 pointr/Birmingham

The last kit we bought worked pretty much like we do surfacing lenses for eyeglasses.. coarse grit, fine grit, polish. Pretty sure it's the same high-impact polycarbonate.

Just saying, if you follow the instructions and apply proper elbow grease, the 3M kit worked great for us. I recommend a kit you use with your cordless drill.

u/BalrogAndRoll · 1 pointr/BMW

This one is very highly recommended.

Check out /r/AutoDetailing

u/k_ba · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

3m kit - 14 bucks on amazon. It has a final rubbing compound after the sanding. Then seal it once again, and you are good.

I took some terrible forester headlights to perfectly clear and beautiful with it. AND it allows you to use your drill to polish. Which makes it WAY better.

u/iamsaver · 1 pointr/prius

I've done the same using the 3m kit, which includes a drill attachment. Super easy and effective. Hardest part was masking the painted areas first. Most people recommend putting some sort of wax, so I picked a wipe on product too.

Headlight restoration kit

Clear coat

u/FlyingButtresses · 1 pointr/BMW

My dad had this for awhile and I decided to use it. But if I had the choice I definitely would have gone with this only because it's much easier. If you do end up going with the 3M one make sure you have some type of UV Protectant or sealant to coat the lights with afterwards so they don't get foggy again too quickly. The one I had included the sealant and the instructions were pretty straightfoward on the box.

u/patbak13 · 1 pointr/BMWE36

I used this 3M Headlight restoration kit! It worked very well. After this picture was taken, I waxed the lights with plastic compounds.

u/SplitMyPants · 1 pointr/subaru

It doesn't make you sound dumb, I'd rather see something unique and cool instead of the same mods that are done over and over again.

If you're looking into RallyX have you thought about swapping over to Forester suspension to raise it up a bit?

I'd go the Cobb AccessPort route instead of tactrix because of the simplicity and now that the V3 has come out, the V2 is around $100 cheaper I think. But if you're comfortable doing it that way do it.

I'm not sure if it's just the picture but the headlights look a bit foggy. I used this on my first car a few years ago and it worked great. Most of the other headlight restoration kits are bullshit. You could also bake them open and paint the plastic pieces black to spice things up.

If yellow foglights are your thing I used this on my Subaru and I love it. Just takes around 5 light coats on the outside of the fog lights and you're good to go. Much better than any of the tint overlays or light bulbs.

Here's some information on it. Daniel Stern is pretty well known as the lighting expert.

Another thing you could consider if you want to mix things up is plastidipping your car. DipYourCar has some wild colors, Sunset Orange and Tiffany Blue are my personal favorites. I'd stay away from the normal black though, it normally makes cars look pretty trashy.

Hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm telling you what to do with the car, just giving suggestions. Good luck!

u/cheapngood · 1 pointr/scooters

You can buy headlight polishing kits at any auto parts store. It's a long process, sanding with finer and finer sandpaper and a drill.

Much easier to just order a new visor. Most helmet brands sell them. You can also buy visors with anti-fog coatings.

u/AKADriver · 1 pointr/funny

It works only on lights which are so worn that the hard coating over the polycarbonate hasn't just gotten hazy, it's worn off. Also it doesn't work on glass headlights. At any rate it's the wrong product.

At any auto parts store they sell a little bottle of plastic polish for this purpose. Sometimes it comes as a kit with a foam polisher ball that you put in an electric drill and a can of clearcoat to protect the new polished surface. Doing it by hand with toothpaste just to save ten bucks is tiring and stupid.

u/Rlight · 1 pointr/Cartalk

I was reading the reviews on that, and it looked really good. Was this the one you were thinking of?

u/Linuxxx · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

My headlights were much more hazy than that, so I spent a few bucks on this. Worked like a champ!

u/g0ldendomer · 1 pointr/Lubbock

Have you just tried the toothpaste/compounds?

You need to actually sand them down progressively with something like this. Then hit it with a polishing compound, and then a UV protective coating.

u/Logan_Weapon_X · 1 pointr/Camry

It looks like you need to get a headlight sanding/buffing kit. I had the same issue on my 2002 Camry and while the low beams are still not good they improved a lot. It took me about 2 hours to do this with an electric drill. I would say this should be significantly cheaper than buying new lights.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 1 pointr/Justrolledintotheshop

Used this kit on my last car, took the lights from a yellow haze you couldn't see through, to a clear lens on one size, and slightly distorted but clear on the other (let it get too hot while sanding). I'd resisted using it, but afterwards felt it was well worth the purchase.

u/fishpuddle · 1 pointr/howto

The best method I've found is the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System. It's easy and the results I achieved with it amazed me. I was able to do both headlights on my 17 year old cherokee in about 30 minutes or so and I only had to use one sanding disc of each grit for the entire thing. I even had plenty of polishing compound left. Just be sure to follow the instructions closely.

u/ryguy44 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing
u/ItsSoFluffyyy · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing
u/keytarin · 1 pointr/cars

I can also really recommend the kit /u/schwartzd used. The kit includes sandpaper pads and a foam buffer that you can attach to a power drill. It was a long and kinda tedious process but the more time and care you take the better it will appear. Results also hold up spectacularly as well- previously I had used a Turtle Wax brand hand polishing kit that while did clear up the lens, the hazing was back in as little as three months. I used the 3M kit on my lenses last June and today they are still as clear as the day I bought them.

I've seen the kits go for around ~$30 at auto stores but you can get them much cheaper off Amazon.

u/PoetryfortheHunt · 1 pointr/Acura

This 3M kit is positively reviewed overall. You just need a power drill to use the attachment. If you are doing it with the headlights still in car, make sure you use painters tape to cover any painted surfaces around the edges of the headlights to avoid accidental damage during the sanding process.

u/TiePilot · 1 pointr/DIY
u/brokendown · 1 pointr/subaru

I'm not sure exactly what grit it was, but I had gotten a little Turtle Wax kit to restore my headlights that game with 4 different levels of sandpaper, polish and a finishing wax. I ended up having to do it twice since the first time I didn't do enough sanding, but it took my very fogged up lights and cleared them up. During the process it'll look worse before it gets better, but it was the sanding that really did the trick.

The kit I used

u/N0_ThisIsPATRICK · 1 pointr/Volkswagen

I've never bought a set of wheels for a car. I've only had to replace one rim in a set when my sister drove the family minivan into a curb and broke a chunk out of one of the alloy wheels.
I still have the OEM Alloys on my Passat. If you are looking for a set of OEM Alloys you could check eBay, Craigslist, or a local junkyard and you may be able to get a decent set of used wheels without setting you back too much money. If you'd rather go aftermarket, I don't really know the best places to shop for rims but I'm sure many other people on this sub can help with that.

As far as the headlights go, i have used the Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit and it works pretty decently. Just a little elbow grease and about an hour of your time and your headlights will look much much better.
You can also choose to just replace the headlight. A quick google search should give you plenty of options whether you want to keep the OEM look or go for something a little different.

Hope this helps!

u/cascalonginess · 1 pointr/prius

After trying to find it on the Home Depot site I realized it wasn’t 3M, it was the Turtle Wax kit. The four little pads looked pretty hokey, and they’re not the kind you can use with a drill, have to do it by hand, but it really didn’t take much to get through all four steps before applying the last two wipes.

That said, watch the video for the McGuire’s protectant someone linked further down in the comments, sounds like a more sustainable approach.

Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

u/Akhalyndra · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Turtle Wax Restoration

Worked great on my car, and I had enough left over to have two other people use it with the same results. Just be sure to read the directions carefully, and do it in the shade on a day that's not so hot.

Edit: Also, don't rub it into or let it sit on the paint.

u/KuKuMacadoo · 1 pointr/S2000

Same issue but I have a 2001. I replaced mine with these and they look fantastic, the difference is insane.

Also, while you're at it, I'd recommend you polish your headlamp cover up if it looked anything like mine. Had phenomenal results with this kit.

u/When_Doves_Cry · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Nah, this was the one where you get little square pads that you have to use by hand. This is why I'm thinking it might be a matter of agitation rather than what chemicals I am or am not using.

u/aking14 · 1 pointr/Honda

It has sandpaper and polish and sealant and stuff in it. Link

u/xMaji23x · 1 pointr/motorcycles

These ones:

Simple to install. You just screw it in and the 2 metal sleeves will expand and press against the inside of the hand grips. That's what should keep them in.

My friend gave me a pair as a gift and I bought another pair after I lost the right one he gave to me during one of my rides.

u/vince_dom · 1 pointr/supermoto

I used these on my duke and on my Supermoto. Easy to modify by just using a larger screw. On the supermoto i have it upside down so i can look under my arm.

u/ratbiker18 · 1 pointr/SVRiders

I hated these because... ugly. But worse is they are too convex, almost fisheye. Very difficult to gauge distance.

These however are perfect and look waaaay better Fantastic visibility and angle of view. The only complaint, as listed in the reviews, is that they may be loose in the actual mirrors ball joint and move in the wind. I cleaned mine up with alcohol and a swab and then hit the back of the mirror with some hot glue and it's perfect. It's still moveable but not locked in place.

u/taters_n_gravy · 1 pointr/SVRiders

Not sure how I feel about the shape of those. I currently have some bar end mirrors that are round. The only complaint I have about them is that one of the mirrors frame is loose from the neck piece that holds it. It sounds like similar issues to what people have with these.

Maybe I'll try some glue or something. I just would like some solid bar end mirrors. I don't care if I have to pay more for them as long as they work well.

u/blumpkinowski · 1 pointr/Triumph

I bought those exact ones and I hated them honestly. The mirrors were not convex enough and were hard to adjust perfectly. I traded them back in and got these .
Cheap and they work great

u/AFlockofTurtles · 1 pointr/FZ07

I've bought the below ones for the other motorcycle. They worked great but for the fz07 I bumped up to the arrow.

KAWELL Rear View Side Mirror Round Bar End Convex

u/c0nstant · 1 pointr/motorcycles

My bar ends spin very easily but loosening the screw was impossible.

I got these:

Love the look and functionality of the new. Previously the mirrors were the highest point on the bike so the bar ends make it look more streetfighter. Also I would have to lean to look around my shoulder but that's not a problem with these.

I plan on finding the size of the bolt to fit in the old holes and adding accessories like a phone mount or cup holder.

u/Jdcampbell · 1 pointr/Triumph

When I did it I unscrewed the caps at the end of the stock handle bard and put these on with screw of the same treading and some washers. Really easy to install and inexpensive. $16 Bar End Mirror

Plus a photo of them on my bike for reference. Had them for about a year.

u/array_multisort · 1 pointr/motobe

Oh cool, if i'd had known we could have done some duo v7 riding :) Maybe if the weather clears up again.

I used the stocks for about 2 rides before i replaced them, i didn't like them much. I'm more for a clear view. The bar ends are convex, so i see a lot in them, practically no dead corners. I bought them cheap in some motoshop in Aalst when i saw them on display. I just wanted to try if it would work. They are very cheap and are found all over the internet. Just search for bar end mirrors There are more expensive options, but i imagine these things are the first to break off... You have to take in account that the bars for the V7 are threaded at the ends (god, why?). So you either have to use the screw of the bar end weight, or use another M6 bolt to fit them on.

About the veering to the right, do you have it at all speeds and how hard? For me it's quite hard, i let go and immediately it veers to the right and within 3 seconds i have to take hold again, otherwise i'll just ride of the road.

Didn't know about the plate rule; will follow it next time, thanks for the heads up.

u/red93093 · 1 pointr/FZ07

This is what I got. Requires a spacer to use with stock bars.

u/Rezenate · 1 pointr/DRZ400

Its these bar ends:

You can take the clamp off of the bar end portion and clamp them directly to your handle bars.

u/apowel34 · 1 pointr/supermoto

Amazon. I had some trouble getting them in the right spot. Half of the mirror is blocked by my stomach, I can't find a good angle but it works. One on each side. These are the ones I got from Amazon

u/boatsss · 1 pointr/CalamariRaceTeam
u/jdgsr · 1 pointr/Triumph

These are the ones I'm using, they come with the right sized screw that goes right into the end of the bar without any adapters or weird stuff.
Bar End Mirrors

EvoTech Tail Tidy

u/yeahthatguyagain · 1 pointr/SVRiders

So you might not remember but you gave me a bunch of info and stuff on SV's when I was choosing what kind of bike to get and ended up napping a dope deal on an 07 SV650. The first thing I did was order those exact same bar ends from OP's post. They are pretty fuckin fantastic. Cheap enough that even if they break I don't really care but well made enough that they don't move when I ride. The installation should be really easy but without any instructions it has the potential to be a pain in the ass, youtube fixes that problem.

the bar ends are like a solid 8/10. So worth the ten bucks you can nab them for here.

u/justabackup805 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I bought these. I used some rubber at the end to stabilize/fit better. Cheap but works well

edit: buddies duke with something close to the style:

u/AlecW81 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

re: Headlights - Just get a kit that includes the varying grades of sandpaper, polish, and sealant.


Soap: DO NOT USE DISH SOAP! Ever! It doesn't strip wax, but it does leave behind a film. If you want to be cheap, just get Megs Gold Class.


There's no reason to rinse after claying. Use either a detailing spray or a mix of Megs Gold Class shampoo and water, and dry after you finish a section.


There's also no reason to rinse after polishing. Just do an IPA wipe.

u/BatsAndButtercups · 1 pointr/S2000

If you're going to do DIY, I highly recommend Sylvania's restoration kit. I have used it on my daily and some of my family's vehicles as well. A headlight restoration kit is a huge waste of work if it doesn't include a clear coat! Here's the Amazon link to the product:

u/Super_Satchel · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

Headlight polish might work for this. Something similar to this.

It's only a guess, but I would imagine the damage is similar in nature and this is a product specifically designed to correct it.

u/Crimson-Pig · 1 pointr/crv

It's almost always better to go with OEM replacement headlight units if you can. This will ensure the best fitment as well as ensure that the unit meets safety standards. This however, is expensive and takes a little bit of time. It's an easier route to restore your headlight unit if it has not been damaged other than weathering and oxidization on the surface.

I've used Sylvania's cleaning kit to great effect on my friend's 2007 CR-V. This was 3-4 years ago and the last time I saw him a few months back, the headlights have barely started to show any signs of aging.

u/JakeFortune · 1 pointr/ToyotaTacoma

I recently used this kit:

Worked great, and most importantly, it includes a bottle of the new UV protectant to put on the headlights after polishing. They look brand new now.

u/RobAtSGH · 1 pointr/Volkswagen

Yes, the Wipe New kits are useless. They're essentially a Magic Eraser and some wax.

I would recommend the 3M restoration kit. It's a two-stage wet-sanding kit with disks and a pad that fits onto a standard drill motor. Comes with protectant polish and masking tape. Definitely more effective than the Rustoleum garbage.

u/hborkowski · 1 pointr/Miata

Its this kit here. Oreillys was getting rid of it and had a sale. I got it for $6, versus their price of $32. It works great!

u/holyschmidt · 1 pointr/subaru

Used Meguiar's G3000 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

u/trapspeed3000 · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

Amazon listing w/ specs in description. Anything in particular I could test, see real world results?

u/Delta-Echo-Bravo · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

Those would be my Truck-Lite LEDs.

Truck-Lite (27450C) Headlamp

u/Cncpcion · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

I pretty recently switched to Truck-Lite LED headlamps, which are complete units that are super energy efficient, bright as hell, pretty heavy duty, and are wired for our headlight plugs. They're pretty pricey, but I pulled the trigger on them on Amazon knowing I could return them if they weren't worth it. So far, they've been the most useful day-to-day upgrade I've done. They make driving at night actually pleasant. They're really incredible, though no photos online do them justice.

Here's an album with some photos of my front end:

And here's a link to the truck lites on Amazon, which are currently for sale for cheaper than I scored them.

Let me know if you've got any questions about them :)

u/knucklebone · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

funny, i usually recommend these...

i find the truck-lite ones are pretty good, D.O.T. Approved, and have a warranty tht they will actually go good for.

also, check your grounds, and make sure they aren't screwed up or backfeeding. i've seen it happen too many times with LED lights

u/cr0ft · 1 pointr/Triumph

Looking good.

Although why you didn't upgrade to a LED reflector while doing it eludes me. You may actually see less light output with that than with dual 5.75 inch (or bug eyes).

Personally, I kind of like the older type with two 5.75 inch round ones. Put two JW Speaker adaptive LED reflectors in those and you'd have godly levels of light on the road. Also, a huge hole in your wallet, but just going with something like a pair of Vision X would be a huge upgrade.

Since that looks like a 7 inch bucket, you should really consider LED. If you don't like the look of the JW Speaker ones (multiple lenses) even though I think the black reflector variant of those looks killer and would suit your bike awesomely with all that black on there already:

...consider a cheap Truck-lite Phase 7. They look almost like a normal light but give out way more lumens. It's not the best but it's good and cheap.

u/flourandbutter · 1 pointr/motorcycles

If you're up for some tinkering, I've seen a few SV650s with the headlight swapped for a Truck Lite 7" LED headlight:

u/grem75 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Yes they do, but they aren't cheap:

u/skidude9678 · 1 pointr/Buell

This is a direct plug and play fit. Here is how it looks on my 2000 M2.

u/RowdyRan · 1 pointr/Miata

i LOVE them. i got the truck-lites. nice and bright and have a nice clean beam, which made aiming them super easy.

u/Snibbs28 · 1 pointr/Miata

I was looking at doing the Cibie lights from Amazon. Sounded like they were going to be the best bang for the buck.

Cibie 82440 Light Unit

u/hydraloo · 1 pointr/Miata

2 of these
and a set of these

H4 is simply the size of the bulb, cibie e codes are some high quality headlight standards from europe. Worth every penny for me, it feels like I am in a rally car at night,

Edit: You could also try doing an LED upgrade instead of the plug and play bulbs I linked. It requires marginally more effort, but I don't know good LEDs off the top of my head. Would require some research.

u/Bageeka · 1 pointr/Wrangler

I think KC, Hella, and Rampage are the most common ones. I've heard rampage ones are cheap so it'll be safer to go with the other brands

I bought these cibies which have great reviews on the Jeep fourms and amazon. You just have to buy the bulbs later

u/Mallanaga · 1 pointr/Jeep

Cibie lamps and some quality LEDs. It was the first thing I upgraded on my LJ. The jw speaker and truck lite LEDs are single units, which I didn’t like.

This route, your lamp stays consistent, and you can swap out the bulb when needed easily.

u/Mayhall · 1 pointr/Miata

tl;dr:USD$42.26 + free shipping

Anyone done these headlight swaps before with good instructions? Is it pretty straightforward? Also is that price for the pair?

u/jpsulisz · 1 pointr/Saturn_Cars
u/Maverick524 · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Get some Nilights off Amazon. Think I paid like $20 USD for my cube floods. Build quality seems really nice too for the price.


u/Aedelmann · 1 pointr/motocamping

here is a generic pair I found on amazon searching, "12v LED light". They look to have solid reviews and be pretty identical to what I have. You're going to have to figure out your own custom mounting points.

u/TH3_Captn · 1 pointr/AmazonTopRated

For some smaller led lights I'd suggest either these, which are a bit bigger than you expect but good quality or these which come highly recommended with almost 3k reviews and are at an excellent price point. On the 12" bar I don't have much experience but I've heard good things about "eyourlife" on amazon which is just a rebranding of the Chinese light bars but they're cheaper

u/Boonice · 1 pointr/klr650

they’re LED flood lights. Really good for night time trail riding. They mount right to the gen 1 front plastics/windshield factory screws without modification. I wired them to an aux switch and they only draw 36 Watts. One of my previous posts features a front view. Link below for the lights.

u/igroplants · 1 pointr/ebikes

There is defiantly more than enough power to use automotive lighting. Let me phrase it like this. If you think about the typical power consumption of a tail light (mine is 40W at 12V), even with the addition of my headlights which are 18W a piece (supposedly) you’re only up to a total of 76W for the entire system. If we assume an inefficient driver we can round that up to 80W of additional power from your battery or a little over 1.5 A at 48V. Compare that to a 1000W motor running at half power (500W/48V= 10.4 A) so you’re adding a super small amount of constant draw (like 1/10 the normal drain) to have all you’re lights on all the time. Here are the parts I used:

Taillight: Greenclick 40W Motorcycle Tail...

Headlights: Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 18W 4"...

Converter: Kohree DC/DC Converter Regulator...

Blinker relay: AUDEW 2-Pin Electronic Turn...

u/K1K3ST31N · 1 pointr/Dualsport
u/augustella · 1 pointr/prius

I used these. the same bulbs are the same as the front interior lights and the front door lights.

u/HeartBorne7thSeeker · 1 pointr/crv

These and these should cover all of our interior lights. Don't be scared by the made in china brand, I have used these in my Rav4, CRV and Ridgeline with great success!

EDIT: also the 194's replace your parking lights up front, and those look great with LED's

u/tcc9mpl · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

For my 96 xj (full cluster with tach) my dash took 8 194 LEDs. Then 2 194's, for the transfer case and trans shifters. Then I replaced 2 74 LED's. One for the key insert ring and one for the hvac. There are a few more 74 slots behind the switches to the left and right of your wheel.

You have to unscrew the steering wheel plastic shroud. It takes a torx 15 I believe, you need a long torx screwdriver for this, a bit won't fit up there. Then you pull the dash panel off, then four screws around the instrument panel, another 1-2 screws near the warning lights area on the left side. Pull out the instrument panel a bit and you will have to disconnect two plugs in the back, one behind the warning lights and one in the middle of the cluster. Push in and pull up on the middle plug to get it out. Then pull the instrument panel and untwist the 8 ports for the 194 lights, then put it all back.

You can replace the warning lights if you want with 74's as well but that's a lot of LEDs, maybe 8 or so.
The hvac light port is on the upper right side when you unscrew the four screws and pull it out a bit.

For the 194's I got these Yorkim LEDs off Amazon, cheaper than superbright and seem to be great quality. I love them so far.

These are the 74's I bought. You might be able to find cheaper.

u/freezeman1 · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

This is the light bar. I chose to mount the brackets 14 inches apart, but you can slide them both the full length of the body of the bar, so they could be from 0" to 17 or 18 inches apart if you so desire. Was the cheapest I could find on Amazon with good reviews. It puts off more light than my high beams and has a bright spot in the center with a fair amount of throw to the sides. Obviously not as bright as the 50" bar on my roof, but I wanted something between my headlights and 50" in terms of brightness, so I'm pretty happy with it so far.

u/bridgesm14 · 1 pointr/4x4

Hey, I'm hoping you can help me out! I bout this a while back
because it fit my dimensions good but the light is very lacking, I really want something with some distance!! Height is not a factor but it can only be about 24 inches long max and I really need it to mount like how that one done, not the side mounts. Budget is like 200 bucks but would like to spend less obviously, any ideas?

u/RuthlessGravy · 1 pointr/battlewagon

My total investment in it was $26 for the [light bar] ( and $12 for the [wiring harness] ( It took about an hour to install not knowing quite what I was doing. You can assign the value of looks & functionality/use. I agree it looks great, and I use it semi-often on gravel roads and off road situations.

u/mrse0515 · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Had to dig them out of my order history... here you go! (-:

Headlights-got a set for MIL's 2010 Forster and FIL's 2006 Forester...

Turn signals for the front...(Aurora)

These are the resisters for the turn signals so they don't blink fast...(both cars)...

License plate lights and marker lights (I think he used these for both)...

Fog lights for the Aurora, they can be yellow or blue, just have to turn the switch off and back on...

Headlights in the Aurora, can be a white/blue or yellow, switch off and on...

Tail lights/brake lights for the Aurora...

Sorry all the links are Amazon, hubby works there, so he gets a discount...the rear fog light bulbs must have come from somewhere else though, that's the only thing I can't find in our order history... unless it's the same bulbs as the brakes, there are two on that order...

u/51patsfan · 1 pointr/infiniti

I bought these for my coupe

u/Ballaholic09 · 1 pointr/MotorcyclePorn

LED headlight bracket

LED Headlights

Auxillary Light LED

Integrated Tail Light

Bar End Mirrors

Radiator Guard

Rear Swingarm Spools

Mirror Mount Block off

Frame Sliders
This company sells a larger set of spools & sliders that is great!

CS Escapamentos Exhaust

Wind Screen


Block off plate substitute this is for when you get a full exhaust, youtube "block off plates z900" for more info
The prices all vary and there's PLENTY of options elsewhere. I just happened to get these over time. I also bought an engine guard/cage on Amazon but never could get it to fit properly.

u/Franku_ · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

Used for the marker lights, license plate lights and rear trunk light.

u/Hotshot77 · 1 pointr/Lexus

I got mine from Amazon, they are nice and bright. It fits all the interior lights as well as the puddle lights beneath the exterior side mirrors.

Here's the link

u/iFizzgig · 1 pointr/Jeep

I got these from Amazon.

u/_M_100 · 1 pointr/f150

Put these in mine. Didn’t have to modify and was able to replace the third brake light bulbs with them, too.

u/ULTRAViOLET_PiRATE · 1 pointr/genesiscoupe

I have a BK2 and replaced the low beams and marker lights with LEDs and the turn signals with switchback LEDs.

I used these H7 bulbs for the lows: Cougar Motor H7 LED Headlight Bulbs, CREE All-in-One Conversion Kit - 7,200Lm 6000K Cool White

And these adapters: GZXY H7 LED Headlight Car Bulb Adapter Holder Socket for KIA K3 K4 K5 Sorento SportageR Coupe Grand Santa Fe Hyundai Sonata9 Coupe Veloster 2pcs

These for the side markers: SiriusLED Extremely Bright 3030 Chipset LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights Compact Wedge T10 168 194 2825 Xenon White Pack of 10

And these switchbacks:

I ended up glueing the adapters onto the existing adapter already on the LED with Loctite. The hardest part was stuffing the low beam pig tail into the housing. It takes a bit k, but it is doable. I uses a 1 1/4" spade bit to drill a hole in each low beam cap for the LED fans to vent. A holesaw bit may work better. Everything else was plug and play. I still need to swap out the turn signal flasher to fix the switchback's hyperblink. I wasn't able to do the high beams because there wasn't enough space to tuck the LED pigtail in there. Any ideas for that?

Anyways it is super bright! Way brighter than the Sylvania zXe halogens I was using before. Fog lights are next then tails.

u/memebuster · 1 pointr/VWMK7

I recently bought these for a different make car but I'm pretty sure they are all the same. They are BRIGHT, like daylight at night and I love them.

SiriusLED Extremely Bright 3030 Chipset LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights Compact Wedge T10 168 194 2825 Xenon White Pack of 10

u/goldenyoshi · 1 pointr/civic

HID works best on the new Civics. I have tried LED for the low beam and they are bright, but don't shine very far. I tried them in a 2017 Accord and it works better in the Accord than the Civic. HIDs shine further and give your more visibility.

I believe most others used 6000k bulbs and have said it matched their fog lights.

These LED work perfectly for me. I changed all the interior lights with these.

u/DanielHeth · 1 pointr/DodgeDakota

I'm not so sure... I looked up the 192 bulb and appears to be the same as a 168...
But this bulb in the center console is so much tinier than this.

u/thewildwill68 · 1 pointr/FocusST

I bought these, Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs...
You can turn them in the holders and I turned them so the LEDs face to the left and right.
Awesome light production, haven't had any flickering issues, and no one has flashed me saying they are to bright.

u/hartman442 · 1 pointr/cruze

The headlights are 9005 and the fogs are h11. Bow ties are the GM ones.

u/pcserenity · 1 pointr/Nissan

Post back if you do this. I'm about to take the plunge as well. I ordered these just now:

2,500 SOLID reviews.

I'm a bit confused about the low beam/high beam bit. I guess we need FOUR bulbs for our headlights to cover low and high? I'm used to bulbs that provide both. Plus the fog lights for me, so that's six of these.

u/slicinsam757 · 1 pointr/civic

Thanks, I was thinking these ones

Not bottom of the barrel price but not top end either.. what'd you go with if you recall

u/rawsiefilnredom · 1 pointr/nissanfrontier

Headlight and fog-light set up came with the truck when I bought it is used a few years back.

As far as bulbs are concerned: head and fog.

u/Madblood · 1 pointr/Chevy

I use the Meguiar's Headlight Restoration Kit It does need to be redone about every 6 months or so, but it only takes 15-20 minutes to pop out the headlight assemblies, do the restoration, and reinstall them.
BTW, is that a 2004? Looks a lot like my front end, except I have a bug deflector.

u/YaFeelZ · 1 pointr/370z

You can buy a 20$ kit from any car part store usually has different levels of sand paper grit and a polish and takes around an hour and your headlight will look like brand new once done.. just did mine. I used this one

u/AsianInvasion00 · 1 pointr/Honda

Meguiar's G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

u/mB_Roundhouse · 1 pointr/Cartalk

To build on my post: I've used this restoration kit with really good results. Your headlights may need some extra elbow grease to get rid of that outer crusty layer. But I noticed that my headlights were yellowing again within a few months, so I bought a pre-cut Lamin-X film kit. It is kind of expensive (roughly 50 bucks) but it was cut to my car's headlights exactly and sealed everything up perfectly.

In your quest to paint the car, I recommend checking out this build thread I read a while back. A guy on a forum I use completely repainted his car in John Deere yellow for pretty cheap and he documented the entire process with pictures. One of the most helpful things I have read when it comes to DIY automotive painting.

u/NE-Phil · 1 pointr/prius
u/RheaTheTall · 0 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting
u/FuckFoxNews · 0 pointsr/motorcycles

If that doesn't work would you could always try bar end mirrors.

These look decent