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u/ljanelle · 20 pointsr/rheumatoid

Not a parent, but I'm a neonatologist with RA, so I spend a lot of time with newborns and have a couple of ideas! First, register for baby clothes that don't have tons of snaps! Those cute little outfits with a million snaps are impossible when my hands are flaring. I find the onesies with zippers (like this) much easier. I'm also a big fan of sleep sacks because they make it super easy to get newborns snug and swaddled, and I've never met a newborn who doesn't like them. Also, I don't have personal experience with them, but I have friends who've used a co-sleeper as a safe way to have a newborn within reach while sleeping but still in a safe sleep environment, and I would think it would be really helpful for still being able to care for a baby when just getting out of bed is hard. Good luck!!

u/searedscallops · 11 pointsr/AskWomen

To me, these are onesies. I'm annoyed that the world calls footie pajamas "onesies".

u/sweet_primitive · 9 pointsr/beyondthebump

I loved these because they have little mittens on the sleeves to keep baby from scratching herself.

As far as practical gifts, my favorite was a gift card to a Walgreen's type store (I don't live in the States) because it allowed me to buy diapers and formula and dozens of other things the baby needed even after the first few weeks.

u/guinnessmom · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

I bought sock ons and my baby cant get her socks off.

u/demsmyfeet · 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

Found it!

Rosie Pope Baby Girls 5 Pack Bodysuits (More Colors Available), Space/Stars, 0-3 Months

u/aleii1 · 4 pointsr/Parenting

Kimono style clothes are amazing for newborns! They button up in such a way that you can lay the onesie down, put the baby on top, and button it up. No need to maneuver it over baby's floppy head! It really is fantastic. Once I figured this out, my newborn wore nothing else until he gained head control.

u/SailorTits · 3 pointsr/clothdiaps

Mine are knit cotton and feel warm but my house rarely dips below 67 even in the winter. I’m sure you could find wool ones if you live in a colder climate. As for socks, these things are pretty cool

u/Emmmmmmmmmm · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

I love these.

Sock Ons Clever Little Things That Keep Baby Socks On! 3 Pack Boys 0 - 6 Months

u/carolinexbrookes · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps


I've been eyeing them, they're so cute!

u/tinapop · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

Warning - lots of text below! My baby is about 6 weeks now and I'm exclusively breastfeeding. My Medela Harmony manual pump has been fine for building a stash - I pump 1-2 times a day for the freezer and occasional bottle feedings from Dad. I think it's pretty convenient, but I'll be using a double electric pump when I go back to work (waiting to see what Tricare will cover in 2015!).

Whatever you decide to use for diapering, I'd strongly recommend getting some prefolds (I got Osocozy unbleached). They're great for burp cloths, catching milk from your other boob during letdown, etc and they're also way cheaper and more absorbent than fancy burp cloths. Personally I love prefolds and covers for diapering, but don't buy too much into any one system or brand until you know what works for you. My husband hates prefolds so now I'm having to add pockets and AIOs to appease him.

I'd get some swaddlers (at least 2; my favorite is from Nuroo but that was a gift and they're pricey, the summer infant SwaddleMe wraps are good now that she's bigger but didn't fit well until about 10 lbs). My girl lives in footed pajamas and I love the Gerber zipped ones, we found tons at goodwill for $1.50 each but if you can't find them used, they're on Amazon for $10 for a 2 pack. You're right that other people will buy clothes, but they'll pick cutesy stuff and you need some practical choices too.

Nursing pillow - I had an unexpected C section and this has been so necessary. I love the Luna Lullaby since it's big and I had a big baby.

Some kind of baby carrier, I got a Moby wrap while she's small and it's amazing for running errands (I put it on before getting in the car and pop her in before going in the store, WAY easier than a carseat and stroller).

We were gifted a used swing and it is a freaking godsend. It's the only way I get chores done since I can pop her in there and cook, do laundry, clean, etc without her crying. YMMV, some babies hate them, but buy used and you won't be out too much cash.

Wubbanub pacifier is easy to keep track of and super cute.

Pack n Play with a mattress for cosleeping (recommended to reduce SIDS risk for the first 6 months). At least 2 mini crib sheets.

Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter is amazing for the first couple weeks.

QuickZip crib sheets will be amazing once you use the crib.

Simba baby safety nail cutter - no bleeding!

Finally, the Itzbeen pocket nanny timer is so helpful for keeping track of feedings and diaper changes, especially in the first few weeks.

Hope this wasn't too overwhelming. Good luck!

*Edited to add links to products.

u/IveCreatedAMuenster · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Several people have recommended side-snap baby shirts for while the cord stump is still attached, so I have ordered a few. I can see how they wouldn't tug against the stump like a onesie would, but I also see lots of people dress their newborns in whatever, so I don't think it's totally necessary either. I plan to use the side-snap shirts and gowns for the first few weeks.

These are the ones I ordered.

u/ember4212 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

You can. We also used kimono tops because I hated the idea of pulling a onesie over his head. (He had a big hematoma on top of his head, so we were extra careful, but even so I probably would have been intimidated!)

u/Fatica · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Here are a few things I have on my list that I don't see on yours. I put Amazon links just as examples even though you'll be going to stores.

  • dimmable light for nighttime feedings (you can buy a dimmer switch to plug into an existing lamp, just has to have a dimmable bulb)
  • socks are hard to keep on babies, might want to try a pair of booties
  • A couple shirts (non-onesies) for the first week before the umbilical cord stump falls off
  • warm hat for winter, sun hat for summer
  • hooded towel
  • sleep sack / wearable blanket for when they are too old to be swaddled but too young to sleep with a blanket
  • car mirror so you can see baby when in the rear-facing carseat
  • diaper bag and portable changing mat
  • burp cloths (cloth diapers make great burp cloths)
  • baby spoons and bibs for solids
  • baby carrier
  • thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, baby toothbrush, teether
  • child size hangers
  • diaper caddy/organizer
  • rattles/toys
u/ernieball · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Mom of a long skinny dude here - I love the skinny jeans from Children's Place. I've bought these in 6-9, 9-12, and now 12-18. They've all fit better than any other jeans I've tried so far. Same with these Simple Joys by Carters - I literally just keep buying the same pants in a bigger size every time he outgrows them by length.

u/LindyLove · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

My son is almost 4 weeks old. We probably go through anywhere between 3-8 outfits a day. But we have TOO many newborn clothes. I kept getting reassured that he'd probably be a small baby (I only gained 15 pounds), so we picked up some more NB sizes. Boy came out 8 lbs 2 oz! There are outfits he never wore. I really wish I had more 3 month sizes because I think they can stretch out for longer periods.

Also, I hate onesies. Dealing with putting anything over his head is a pain in my ass, and makes him fussy. My favorite outfits are the side snapped ones. MORE of those! When he's a newborn and still dealing with his umbilical, I'd really plan on putting him only in those side snap tees.


He needs something to allow his umbilical cord to breath so it dries out. Onesies are not a good idea that first week.

So whenever you see side snaps, buy them!

Also, footed pajamas. More of those! We probably go through 2 or 3 of those a night. Zippers are easier than snaps with a squirming baby.

u/chickenfuz · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

A couple things you might want to consider but your list looks good! And like you and others have said you'll probably get other clothes because people love to buy tiny adorable clothes. If you get items that aren't practical or duplicates you might think about returning and using the funds later to fill in any gaps in baby's wardrobe. Unless of course the items are sentimental or the gift giver will take it poorly...

Ok my things to consider:

  • Because baby might be long you might want to try and find sleepers that don't have feet so they last a bit longer. Hanna Anderson has them but they can be pricey. Then you can do socks (if they stay on) or booties (Zutanos makes ones that stay on, we loved them!)

  • You can get a few onesie extenders to maximize the life of your onesies

    Edits- formatting
u/truestory8 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I really like the L'ovedbaby brand with my first. They're expensive but really high quality, organic cotton, and super soft. I'm hey come with short sleeves too, as well as a footed variety.

u/Ninja_Platypus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi person I don't know! I'd like to know you!

Itty bitty bebe clothes. Squee!

You may not know this about me, but I am a ninja and also a platypus. I know who would have guessed amirite? I have the powers of a ninja combined with the awesomeness and adorableness of a platypus. I'm a special snowflake damnit!

:D Lack of coffee and pregnancy hormones are making me even odder than normal...

u/bien-fait · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

My 3 week old daughter likes to have her arms out of the swaddle sometimes at night and we have this same problem. I've been putting her in these under the swaddle and flipping the cuffs down to cover her hands. Works great.

u/MsPeepers4316 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump


The make both onsies and two piece sets(without feet). Our favorite pjs by far.

And the two piece sets last for ages. My 4 year old still wears hers we got her at 18 months.

u/TheTripleLindy · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

These are wonderful::

Once my son hit 6 months we couldn't find footie pj's to fit him because they were all those slim fit ones that were soooooo long and sooooo tight.

These fit like infant pj's but you can get them in larger sizes. He's been wearing them for months and they hold up great. They're not wonderful for walking in as the feet aren't super snug and they tend to slide around but they're great for sleeping.

u/telepathetic_monkey · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I don't have

  2. Onesies @ $12.99 (baby stuff WL) and a ring @ $0.38 (Under $5 WL). Two ain't so bad!

  3. Have to go will edit later
u/fille_du_nord · 1 pointr/Parenting

H&M had a brand that had 18m sizes. Also, if you have a china town or Asian shopping mall near you the import clothing brands are usually sized much smaller than clothes intended for "western" markets.

If you want to order online Gerber has underwear on Amazon in tiny sizes

u/greenskygirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to have a baby girl to dress in stuff like this.

u/yeswearedelusional · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

We've gotten several of these:

They're a pretty universal fit and the sleeves work as mittens. Plus the bottom is convenient for quick diaper changes since you don't have to zip/unzip.

u/Bmorehon · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I also have a bunch of stuff on my registry that is inexpensive ($10-$25) for friends and if my coworkers decide to do a shower here which they have done for other new moms in the past. Here are some of the things I have on mine
Sleeping gowns so you don't have to unsnap the onesie for midnight changes

A baby tub

Tub Thermometer

Baby thermometer

Nose Frieda which others have mentioned

preferred bath/care products

Cloth diaps which make fantastic burp cloths/cleanup

Nursing pillow also good for tummy time

Plus some other odds and ends. People will also buy stuff that they like, so you'll probably get stuff that was not on your list and that is ok. You can also request to have a "diapers n wipes" shower which a friend did since she was on her 4th child, and she probably got 2 months worth of diapers and wipes out of it if not more. Also, make sure you get multiple covers for your changing pad, it'll be nice to have more than 1 when it needs washing! Congratulations!

u/lampbowlspoon · 1 pointr/breakingmom

Sock Ons! Seriously, they're pretty goofy looking, but they keep socks on all day. I'm not big on unnecessary baby gadgetry, but they are awesome.

u/tercerero · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Our girl wore newborn size clothes for the first 6 weeks. She was born 7#2.

It would be good to have maybe 3-5 newborn onesies on hand. Won't break the bank...

u/cutiebug63 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I hope you have a wonderfully prosperous C-A-K-E day!

u/Wruine · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I Love This dress with This hat and These shoes!


u/kerida1 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Graco lounger ( pretty much Graco version on rock and play) this was one of those items i held off on but man is it amazing and glad i got it.

At home i used my moby daily until LO was about 4 months after than my favorite thing was my Ergo 360.

I really liked having a bassinet near my bed but LO only liked this for a few weeks and once i finally got him to like his crib ( about 2.5 mths ) we moved the crib to by my bed until he was 6 mths or so.

My best and most treasured item after he was out the newborn stage was the zipadeezip, this thing saved my sanity and finally got my kiddo sleeping long stretches and in his crib. Kiddo hated swaddles.

Halo swaddles are nice for the start and i used these a lot in his first month but then he refused to be in them.

This Socks on allows me to use any socks and not loose them - Sock Ons Clever Little Things That Keep Baby Socks On! 3 Pack Boys 0 - 6 Months

Getting a few lingerie bags to wash socks in will also be helpful - i keep 1 at the laundry hamper and put socks and mittens in then when out the wash i just put it away in the bag, really haven't lost any socks or mittens using this method combined with the socks on

Outfits that allow you to fold the cuffs over will help with newborn talons that they always slash themselves with even thou you cut them every few days.

I love the bathtub we went with, he used it as a newborn and still does at 17 mths -Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

If in the US look at target (cartwheel too) for amazing deals they usually have formula and diapers with giftcards back. I have walked out with $70 in giftcards.
They usually can have buy 2-3 giant diaper packs get $30/$20 back, buy 3 cans of formula get $20 back and spend $150 get $20 back so if you get those all together it is awesome.

Oballs really last a lifetime.

Some sort of playmat, mine could lay on his for so long kicking around.

Gratz on your little one and good luck, you are going to be an amazing mom.

Edit to add: love my diaper genie ( LO now tosses his diapers away for me it is adorable) and also Love Dr. Brown bottles (lots of parts but love the bottle) the Dr. Brown sanitizer and warmer were also used a lot.

u/shrevid · 1 pointr/AskDad

Mitten Cuffs, bro. We used them on our little dude, it didn't stop the scratching all together but it reduced it nonetheless.

u/zuggyziggah · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Sock Ons!

I haven't tried them yet - I think it's too cold for bare feet too (we're in MN) but I keep losing the battle of socks so I figure I'll give these a shot this winter.

u/veronicas_closet · 1 pointr/December2019bumpers

This is what I think I'll do! I'll get a onesie like this (below) and show my parents and say "Hey look at this cute onesie I found for <sister's name>" I'm hoping it will make them scratch their heads for a minute! Thanks for the great idea :)

u/daintyladyfingers · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

You can buy/ make some extenders for the onesies, like this

Also I've had good luck with h&m baby clothes fitting over the bulky butt.

u/4thatreasonimout · 1 pointr/January2020bumpers

Guogo Newborn Baby Boys Girls Bodysuit I May Be Little But I'm Going To Be A Big Cousin Bodysuit Onesies Baby Romper (White, 0-6M)

I found this onesie I want to get for my niece who will be 12 mo ! I’ll send it to them right around my 12 week mark to surprise my brother and his wife , then We have a big family outing on July 4th that she could wear it to to surprise everyone then!

u/Etimodnar · 1 pointr/camping

On the clothing issue, a few all-in-one outfits have a fold over bit at the end of the sleeve to tuck fingers in. Please excuse my bad linking to an example:

u/enigmaticjoy · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Probably fine but if you're worried about it, or maybe if their hands are cold out at the store or something, you could use socks or get the onesies with "caps" on the ends of the sleeves. My son quickly outgrew his mitts too.

u/klarky7 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I had a lot of Gerber brand ones that I got on Amazon in the beginning, here's a random listing for one set: gerber zippered sleep n plays
I had a bunch of different designs, and probably had about 7-10 just to have plenty so that I wasn't doing laundry constantly.
I also got a lot of Carter's ones. Not as many when she was a newborn, but once she grew out of newborn size I only got them from carter's. Here's a listing of one they're selling now:
Carter's zip up
Carter's has a lot of good sales on and off, and always discount coupons too.
I would avoid snap up, buttoned ones at all costs. They are a pain in the butt. Especially at 3am when you're pretty exhausted and just trying to do a quick diaper change in the semi dark! Onesies too were just a pain. Buttons in general are a deal breaker for me. These zippered ones for those first few months are just sooo easy. It's survival mode at that point. Lo will nap on and off a lot, you'll want your baby comfy and decently warm..and in something you can quickly change diapers from, or unzip and get off easily if there is a blowout. We were lucky and had really only one blow out (she's 1 now!) and it was so easy and contained with these jammies. Really, they are the best things I had on hand when she was born. I have a bag of about 30 onesies that she has never worn. I stocked up several sizes, she wore the one for a whole day and I said well I'm over those. Plus her legs were cold, so you had to deal with pants too and that's just one more layer + buttons on the onesie to deal with. Never put her in another one after that, except to wear a quick holiday outfit for pics and back out of it. She wears regular little tshirts and pants/capris/shorts depending on the season.