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u/is45toooldforreddit · 7 pointsr/Bass

Looks like a BB2024X.

If you want one that looks just as cool for a lot less money, Amazon has the BB424X on sale for $499. Better hurry, though ;-)

u/BetterOffLeftBehind · 5 pointsr/rocksmith

Here is what I use - The action was super high (still is a bit) but a couple of 1/4 turns on the truss rod solved that problem. Works fine. I also bought a Yamaha for the kid because this is heavy, it has better electronics but it also has jumbo frets which results in a lot of clanking noises if you're not gentle with it. It also didn't come with an amp or anything.

I also use this to split to the amp When playing bass I turn the in-game instrument down and listen to the amp. The game will give you credit for a lot of "clunkers" and sloppy play. Guitar seems to come out of the stereo speakers my PS4 is hooked up to fine, but it really helps to split to the amp with the bass. It also helps to preserve the real-tone game cable as I never really touch it, it stays plugged into the pedal.

u/BRNZ42 · 3 pointsr/Bass

Squier basses are a good place for most beginners to start. I'm not a fan, personally, but it's a good starter bass for its price-point. However, for 13-year-old girl, you might consider a 30" scale. Some beginner friendly options

  • Squier Bronco
  • Flea Bass Junior
  • Gretch Junior
  • Stagg Junior
  • Any epiphone that is 30" (there are some cool ones that are cheaper copies of more expensive gibson basses. Look at the EB-0, for example)

    I have never played Flea Bass stuff, it's pretty new. I'm told it's like a cheap musicman. I actually kind of like the gretch stuff, and don't know anything about stagg.

    What I like about the epiphone basses, for your needs, is that they are not miniature versions of 34" basses, but are off-brand versions of basses that are always 30". Gibson bass guitars are shorter scale, and epiphone is gibson's discount brand. Because of that, these basses seem to play better than their other short-scale cousins, because they are not the "kid" version of a grown-up bass, just a grown-up bass that happens to be shorter.
u/ChuckEye · 3 pointsr/Bass

A jack is a $5 part that is easy to fix.

And no, in the 30 years I've been playing bass I've never heard of Sawtooth as a bass brand. I would avoid it simply because there are other, more well known brands that make inexpensive models.

If $200 is your budget, I'd go for one of these…

u/hometheaterpc · 3 pointsr/Bass

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V, Crimson Red Transparent

I own this and love it. Learned how to set it up and had to file the frets on the sides of the fretboard (they were cutting my fingers) but since I've finished, it's been glorious.

Oops, I linked the 5-string. I own the 4-string.

u/ILikeFlannels · 2 pointsr/Bass

I highly recommend getting this

If you don't want a J bass for whatever reason (they sound better imo), there are similar sets around for similar prices. I feel like this one is a pretty decent deal, though. My dad bought me this bundle when I started playing bass.

u/zerzig · 2 pointsr/Bass

The Mustang PJ bass as alot of good reviews and is near your price:

Premier Guitar Review

I've had a Mustang Mikey Way Signature bass for several years and I like it. I got a blem for $225 (can't find the blemish, though). I'm not a big MCR fan, but it had good reviews and I wanted a short scale. I'd like to try the PJ, but I don't play enough to justify it.

u/ProgHog231 · 2 pointsr/Bass

I think you'd definitely want to play a five string to see if you like it. With a standard five, you are essentially getting five lower notes (B - D#). Advantages are: those lower notes for heavier styles and easier access to notes in certain patterns. Coming from guitar, you may find that a five string has some disadvantages: the bottom string is a big gauge (often 0.130+), the neck can be pretty wide, scale length is often 35 inches, and it will be somewhat heavier than the equivalent four-string. And price is usually higher.

If your random noodling is Alex Webster basslines, then you definitely want one. For everything else, you'll need to decide whether you want/need those extra notes. Of course, you could string the bass higher, too.

Or there is the Fender/Squier Bass VI. Short scale (30"), six-string, tuned like a guitar, around $450.

u/Jonue · 1 pointr/Bass

unfortunately not, is this bass any good for the price?

u/NorswegianFrog · 1 pointr/Bass

If you're only starting out on bass and haven't played before, you'd be better off getting into a lower price range model, like an Ibanez GSR200 or one of its many equivalents, a Silvertone, a Fender, or a Dean, just as some examples.

I also recommend a lower priced model to start because of your concerns about blistering. Unless you're dedicating 4 or more hours a day every day of the week to practicing and playing, it's unlikely you'll encounter blistering at all, let alone need a mid-range priced model to start playing on.

A stretch of several hours with no prior experience might give you blisters, but playing and practicing in moderation will result in your fingers building calluses more gradually, without blisters.

Whatever you choose to do, best of luck!

u/funkengruven88 · 1 pointr/Bass

The Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass is the nicest one I've found for the money. It's $150 new, has electronics and a nice pickup, 24 frets, sounds great, and stays in tune. I recommend getting at least a gig bag for it (another $30-40 or so), but it's a fantastic deal either way.

If you don't want the Dean, I am sure there are other instrument options within your range, just be sure to play it and/or read reviews FIRST!

u/LobsterMan11 · 1 pointr/BassGuitar

well do you know how to tell the difference between an active and passive bass guitar just by looking at it because I dont want to buy a bass for something I didnt want , you know what I mean?

and are these two active or not (sorry to be a pain lol)

u/Purplecauw · 1 pointr/MildlyStartledCats

This one.

It's a decent, entry-level acoustic bass.

u/metalfan2680 · 1 pointr/Bass

I have this one and I'm super happy with it. It's great for cleans but it's even better for rock since the pickup is super sharp and punchy. Plus it looks great. :)

u/PaperJesus · 1 pointr/Guitar

I recently finished my Saga Fretless Bass which was a very fun project to work on. I ended up basically spending up to $200 on it because spray paints are expensive as well as new bass strings.

The most difficult part was the spray painting to be honest because I had never done such a big spray painting job before and I screwed it up a couple of times.

I think I would have gotten a better bass if I had bought one for the same price, but I enjoyed the experience. If you want, I can send you my journal that I kept for the project as part of an assignment for one of my classes.

u/CLOWNDEACAN · 1 pointr/Bass

A quick search yielded these:

Kind of pricy, but I like both MIJ Fenders and Warwicks. The Fender is even a medium scale J/J, and the Warwick will tend to lean towards sounding more modern. Note that I spent very little effort in this search, so you may even find better options =). Good luck!

u/daysex · 1 pointr/Bass

You could look around the Ibanez Soundgear (SR) models. I would also recommend getting and learning on a 5-string. It does everything a 4 string does, the string spacing is slightly smaller (good for beginners or smaller handed people), and it opens up opportunities for you if a band wants a 5-string bassist. (GIO) (GIO)

I threw some cheap GIOs in there as well, but I wouldn't recommend them as much. They are very cheap, but more intended for absolute beginners.

u/stevietwoslice · 1 pointr/Bass

Thank you.

My question then becomes:
Should I go with the Vintage Modified Precision which I can strangely only find on Amazon.

Or opt for the versatility of the Precision PJ? For an extra $20 does it make sense to get the extra set of pickups? Are the Precision pickups equivalent on both of them?

Like I said, I'd only use it for recording - indie pop type music.

Thanks again.

u/Rockit666 · 0 pointsr/BassGuitar
u/Onkel_Adolf · 0 pointsr/Bass

Well, I have owned one for a few years, but what do I know?

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/teenagers

[This] ( is my first bass and I love her. Plus, I've gotten really great feedback from polished musicians so I would highly recommend it