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u/mdbx · 27 pointsr/cycling

That pile of trash is the exact same price as:

u/Aurane1 · 20 pointsr/croatia

Kupio sam si svemirski bicikl sa lancem debljine onog za krave. Svaki put se nasmijem kada si zamislim kako se s ovim netko jebe i pokušava prepiliti. Najbolje potrošenih 100 dolara ikada :D

u/Autsin · 11 pointsr/bicycling

Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

But you also need to think about how much weight you are willing to carry...

u/Bluenosedcoop · 11 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

You want a good reliable bikelock that doesn't have gimmicky garbage and is actually secure This is recommended by one of the best lock oriented youtuber out there the LockPickingLawyer

u/barackstar · 11 pointsr/onewheel

at the store, just put it in your shopping cart.

if it will be out of your sight for any length of time, the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit has been recommended here.

if you only need to prevent a regular pick-up-and-walk-off theft, a regular cable bike lock should be enough -- but anyone with a little time or tools can get through those rather quickly.

u/thedeadlantern · 11 pointsr/onewheel

Just barely fits...but it fits!! This is a beefy lock and I’m very happy with it. 8/10 security rating and a $3000 Anti-theft offer (whatever that means) Gold rated bike lock. The rubberized coating makes it a little tricky to get it to fit. I needed to push it down through the wheel while rotating it so it would slide down passed.

I will only be using this lock to lock it up in my office while I’m working. Don’t leave your Onewheel unattended in an area that isn’t somewhat secured. If you’re looking for a beefy lock that actually fits the Onewheel Pint

u/Projectile_Setback · 10 pointsr/philadelphia

The Evolution mini U from Krypto just aren't that strong. I've seen people leverage them off, once with a hockey stick and once with a piece of rebar. They're really meant as a delaying action for messengers that aren't leaving their bike unsupervised for 8+ hours.

The one I specified is a big, burly bastard of a lock. Som'bitch weighs like 5 pounds. 18mm diameter hasp, forget leveraging it off, pain in the ass to cut through with a torch or grinder and too big to get bolt cutters on. Hasp is too small to get a scissor jack into. Simply too thick to leverage. Double-roll tumbler lock with negative pinning so you can't bump it. Boron Steel that's doped with cutting-wheel fouling polymers. Independent locking bars on the hasps so you need to make two cuts to get it through.

It can be cut, but you're going to need a acetylene rig or a lot of time with a serious battery powered angle grinder to get through it. If anything, it's just a big, TPB style "Fuck Off" to people looking opportunistically. Nothing is going to save you from a complex attack if you're one of those idiots that locks up your $4,500 carbon frame outside overnight.

If you're locking someplace as visible as the MF Station for extended periods of time with a bike that has a value over $1,500, I recommend both the Chain and ULock versions of this line at the same time, as that necessitates two sets of tools for each job. Run that U through the rear triangle and wheel, the chain through the front wheel and main portion of the frame.

u/badgrafxghost · 9 pointsr/baltimore

I've owned and ridden motorcycles and scooters in Baltimore City for over 15 years now, here's my quickie advice:

GLOVES! Always always always wear good motorcycle gloves no matter how hot it is outside... Imagine sprinting flat out as fast as you can possibly go and throwing yourself to the ground hands first... now picture that at 5-10 times the speed. Goodbye skin, ouch. It shocks me how often people neglect this. Wear good gloves!

With that out of the way, I also recommend getting a snell approved full face helmet as well. Its a lot more expensive and more of an inconvenience than wearing a half or open-face helmet and a lot of people don't bother if they're riding a moped or scooter, but the curb is no softer and cars and trucks are no slower just because you're on a smaller bike. Honestly an inexperienced rider on a smaller, less visible bike, with less power is more likely to get into an accident and should therefore have more protection.

Regarding security for the bike, get one of these and one of these. Borrow a hammer drill from the Tool Library
and mount the anchor in the parking pad behind your building with the bits and hardware that come with it. It can be done relatively quickly and as long as you don't put it somewhere terribly obnoxious its likely no one will even notice its there. Use the lock to chain the bike to the anchor every single time you're not riding it, take it with you wherever you ride, and use it to lock up wherever you go.

An unlocked moped or scooter will be stolen immediately and you'll never see it again. Trust me on that one, I've had 3 bikes stolen over the years and each time it was because I didn't lock it up when I was just making a quick stop somewhere or was just running into the house for a minute...

A good helmet, gloves, lock, and anchor are going to be expensive up front but in the end will be well worth it to keep yourself and your property safe.

As long as the engine size of the bike you get is 49cc or under you can ride it in MD anywhere that isn't a highway with just your normal driver's license and a moped permit sticker on the back.
(you can order the sticker on MVA's website, it'll come in a week).
Any bike 50cc and up is considered a motorcycle in the eyes of the state and requires a motorcycle license (or class M endorsement), insurance, tag, and registration just like a car.

u/natermer · 9 pointsr/ebikes

Hardened security chain with hardened security lock.

Generally speaking these are industrial chains originally designed for overhead lifts (if the chain brakes and workers have high chance of injury/death) and wheel chains on mining equipment. To prevent the chain from wearing from years of daily use they feature significant surface hardening.

This surface hardening means that the chain is as strong and hard as jaws used in bolt cutters. If you try to use heavy duty bolt cutters to cut these chains it will just end up ruining the jaws in them. These chains cannot be cut by anything less then a angle grinder or cutting torch.

This is different then the big chain you can get at a hardware store, which are made of relatively soft welded links.

Then you need a lock to match the security chain. something that can't be hammered, drilled, picked, or pried apart.

Then when you chain it up you want to chain high up on the bike and you want to 'fill' the chain or u-lock as much as possible so it's not really slack. You don't want the attacker to be able to get tools in or get locks and such things on the ground where they can use their body weight for leverage.

Generally speaking the bike should be locked through the rear triangle and go around the rear tire and seat tube.

You can buy this stuff pre-made:

Or buy chains and locks from places like Westech riggers supply

There are very heavy duty U-Locks that are more convenient and almost as tough. But there is a lot of garbage u-locks out there.

The trick then is to secure the stuff attached to your bike. Seats, front wheel, handle bars, racks, etc.

Getting rid of quick releases and using security bolts/nuts that require specially 'keyed' tools to remove is usually a good approach. But you can run cables or chains through them and stuff like that.

u/generationfourth · 9 pointsr/MTB

I don't F around

Here in So Cal there are thieves following cyclists and ripping off bikes in broad daylight with power tools. I still keep a watchful eye if I'm grabbing something to eat, going into a store, etc. I also use it to keep the bike locked in the garage as that is a common place for opportunists to look.

u/i_hate_robo_calls · 8 pointsr/motorcycles

The goal for a thief is to not get caught. The harder you make your bike to steal, the longer it’ll take them, the less likely it will be for them to take it. Prior to getting a place with a garage here’s what I used:

Bike cover: Universal Waterproof Dust Sun proof Indoor Outdoor Motorcycle Motorbike Cover for Harley Davison, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawazaki Etc, Package Bag Include (Black/Silver, XXL)

Bully Alarm Lock with Pager: Bully Alarm Lock with Pager - One Size

ABUS disc lock: Abus Detecto 7000 RS1 pixel yellow - Motorcycle brake disc lock - 3D Position Detection, Security level 13

Kryptonite chain and lock: Kryptonite 999522 Black 12mm x 66" (1217) New York Chain and Evolution Series-4 Orange 14mm Disc Lock (when you install it make sure there is little to no slack and that it’s not laying or close to laying on the ground! If you go through a tire use the back tire!)

It was a PAIN IN THE ASS to add and remove all of this every time I wanted to go out but every time I came out my bike was there. I had a bike stolen before that and I was determined not to have that happen again. Remember, however, that it can be stolen anywhere at anytime of a thief believes there’s a good chance they’ll get away with it.

Whenever I rode I rode. I didn’t stop anywhere that I couldn’t keep a constant eye on it. But for some that’s not always possible and, in the end, you just have to hope you won’t fall victim but if you do have insurance on it. It won’t make you whole but it’ll make getting a replacement a little easier.

I really like the bully lock and pager though because it’s a U-Lock that goes on the front tire. It’s pretty sensitive. Also you can put it on and remove it pretty easily and it’s transportable. I’ve seen videos and I haven’t seen anyone be able to cut through or remove it without triggering the alarm and it’ll prevent someone from riding off with your bike.

u/longgoodknight · 8 pointsr/JusticePorn

Like bloodypalace said, the heavy chain (it weighs 10+ lbs) is a bit much for most people to carry around and at $120 it's a significant investment as well.

The U-lock can be beat with a car jack. The thief sticks one of these inside and expands the jack until the lock fails like this
...or if it's a cheapy lock the thief just uses a ball point pen.

u/vhalros · 8 pointsr/bikecommuting

Hmm, in that case I'd get the best lock you can (something like this since I am guess weight doesn't matter as much on an e-bike). I'd also check if your renters or homeowners insurance policy covers the bicycle; they often do even if it is not stolen from your home.

Also, if you are going to be somewhere a while, you can take the battery with you, since that is one of the more expensive components and they are usually removable.

Honestly, if I had an e-bike like that, I'd probably still ride it every where.

u/annhogeggplant · 8 pointsr/Hoboken

Not trying to be a dick, but a couple tips to prevent this happening to you in the future and to others:

  1. Don't lock your bike in Hoboken (or any urban area or college campus) with a single $30 bike lock. A lock like that could be used for locking your tire to the frame, but even then I'd be hesitant. The reason is that the only person you are dissuading from stealing your bike with that lock is someone who would take an unlocked bike, but otherwise has no plans to steal a bike. Your bike was probably specifically targeted because of your lock.

  2. Don't lock your bike with all the other bikes right by the PATH station entrance (or anywhere there are a large number of bikes locked up). Locking up your bike for an extended period is not a "safety in numbers" type situation. Lock your bike up a block or 2 away. Somewhere that still has heavy foot traffic but that isn't so crazy (and with so many bikes) that no one will notice someone messing with it.

    Personally, I use two Kryptonite chain locks. In my opinion, a more expensive lock is worth it in comparison to a bike that is worth several hundred dollars. Even if you do opt for a cheap one, I think the brand-recognition even on the ones that are easier to cut might deter thieves from even attempting. I use one for my frame and one tire, and the other to lock the other tire to the frame. When I take my bike down by the PATH station, I lock it up around the corner in front of the TD Bank.

    At any rate, I hope your bike turns up. Make sure you file a report with the police and, as other have mentioned, keep an eye on CL and other P2P sales platforms.
u/WhirledNews · 8 pointsr/Atlanta

If you want a more secure chain/lock, check out the Kryptonite 14mm x 39" New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock. That thing is huge and really really tough, it would take them a very long time or a ridiculous amount of force to get through it.

u/kykin · 7 pointsr/Hawaii

I've been an Oahu biker since I moved here from Maui in 2008. I attended UH and two years had gone by before I needed a car. Beyond the infrequent trips into town that require a car to haul back things from the mall or walmart, I've always been able to get around just fine with my bike, theBus, or a combination of the two.

The campus is very bike-friendly, and if you have any experience riding with cars on the roads, you shouldn't have a problem adapting.

However, it always seems that Hawaii drivers haven't had any experience riding with bikes on the roads, so you'll need to be extra careful. Drivers don't know what they're doing sometimes, or what to watch out for, which means you'll need to watch out for them. Imagine all the cars don't have brakes; that's how I ride.

Most of the major roads have bike lanes, but I prefer the sidewalk when I ride.

But beyond needing to bike defensively, you don't have much to worry about. Exercise good defensive bike security (lock it up well when you walk away) so invest in a really good lock. Personally, I have one of these and one of these for when I lock up my ride outside overnight.

Expect lots of hills. The island is just one big hill, so you'll be fighting several inclines at some point in the day. Because of our humidity, its really easy to work up a decent sweat when riding. I keep an extra shirt with me to change into so I look at least decent in between rides.

Since you're going to be a student, most of your rides will be between campus, your apartment (if you live off-campus), and the mall. Occasionally downtown. The rides in between these are relatively easy, done in about 15 minutes in any direction. The biggest of the climb (<500ft over 2.5 miles) being from town/the mall to campus.

If you're into long-distance riding for exercise, there is a long stretch of flat road that people ride all the time. It has a bike lane and wide right-shoulder (mostly used by buses). It should take you about 30-40 minutes to ride if you're an experienced rider.

Check out your routes on google maps (and street view. It helps) to get an idea of how long and where you'll be riding. Happy riding and hope this was helpful.

u/Pembar · 5 pointsr/belgium

I do 10km (one way) home-office-home daily on

I was super paranoid about getting it stolen so I bought

and another U-lock. I think it's overkill since in both my home and office we have a secure area to store bicycles.

Company offered a company car but I did the math and realised that taking the cash instead would be worth about 5k euros net per year. I figured I don't need a car at the moment and extra cash is always nice.

u/BasementOfficeWorker · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

My steering lock was previously broken by someone. I now put a heavy chain and lock through the rear wheel, like a Kryptonite lock. Two strong dudes could probably still pick it up and haul it away. The alarm idea sounds good. Another idea is to buy a cheap clapped out utility van, park it in your parking garage, and just keep the bike in there.

u/TsMini · 5 pointsr/RideitNYC

Get comprehensive insurance. There is not a lock that will stop anyone determined.

There are large chains available... I believe one is called fuhgettaboutit? Use that on something equally unmoving plus an alarmed disk lock.

Edit: Chain

u/kraze1994 · 5 pointsr/Sacramento

Sucks about your bike. I hope you get you back!

However, you should definitely invest in a better lock.

u/bikemancs · 5 pointsr/army

If the link goes away: Kryptonite 5ft. Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

u/I-Am-McLovin · 5 pointsr/Eugene

Nothing can escape theft during long-term outdoor storage, but with this lock, I've literally seen bike thieves leave my bike alone (park your bike at Meiji and watch through the window). Should be enough for short term:

I'd spend around $100-$120. Thieves are getting good at breaking the larger, cheaper U-locks.

u/CamelCavalry · 4 pointsr/lifehacks

/r/bicycling will be very happy to help you with this if you decide you want information. Here's the short version:

Locks aren't guarantees, they are deterrents. You just have to make your bike not worth stealing. Whenever possible, lock your bike in an area with plenty of pedestrian traffic, and where other bikes are locked.

Cable locks (example) are weak. They are for keeping somebody from walking away with your bike. If a thief has come to steal bikes, the thief will get this one, no sweat.

If you need something long like that, you can get a lock and chain (example) but be sure it's intended for use as a bike lock. Ordinary chain from a hardware store is too easily cut. This method is heavy and bulky, but it works.

My recommendation, to keep things affordable, simple, and convenient, is to buy a good U-lock (example). Kryptonite and On-Guard are popular, reliable brands, but there are others.

Most importantly, make sure you lock your frame to the bike rack. If you don't lock the frame, the battle is lost. Wheels are easily stolen, so lock these up as much as possible. If I'm being quick about it, I pass the U-Lock through the frame and rear wheel as well as the bike rack (the rear wheel is more valuable), but the front wheel can be detached to lock with the frame and rear wheel using the same lock.

You can look into locking skewers and such to protect your wheels and seat, but the priority is to use a good, strong lock to lock your frame and rear wheel to a highly visible bike rack. Also, keep a photo and detailed description of your bike WITH YOUR SERIAL NUMBER so that if anything happens, you can file a police report.

u/BBorNot · 4 pointsr/boostedscooters

The New York Noose is some serious lock!

u/hitman3333 · 4 pointsr/boostedscooters

I use this:

Which is also the lock that LickPickingLawyer uses:

I park for a few hours at a time during daylight on busy streets in nyc.

u/BinaryMn · 4 pointsr/Rochester

A decent chain lock works just as well as a U-lock, and it's more portable. I wear mine like a belt and there's no problem.

u/HammerTimeHTFU · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I use this to lock the frame and front wheel to whatever I'm locking my bike to and this to secure my back wheel to my frame. I also fun a wire through the second one to secure my saddle.

Locking your bike up is all about deterrence. A determined and knowledgeable thief can get through any lock. The best way to deter a thief is to make sure other bikes are more attractive targets. A good thief could get through both the locks I listed - and any other lock - with an angle grinder, but the trouble of getting through one very heavy duty lock as well as secondary one will make a thief think twice when 90% of the bikes locked up are going to be easier to steal.

As far as other tips: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BIKE OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT! Bring it up to your apartment or dorm. This isn't always possible but the chances of a bike getting stolen go up tremendously if a bike is left out all night in the dark. When your out and about during the day, try to lock it in a well trafficked area and if possible somewhere where there are other bikes which - as I said - will hopefully be easier targets for theft. Better them than you bro.

u/redditor1255 · 3 pointsr/BikingATX

So this guy reviewed some locks and recommended this lock.

You can also register a bike with the city of austin using this webform.

If you are looking to replace this bike, and you are poor, a good way to do that would be to either visit austin yellow bike or to visit the annual university bike auction. You can contact them and ask them to add you to the mailing list. The auction is usually in August.

u/kindastonedguy · 3 pointsr/cycling

this is my thought process

  • go cheap, go used. you might not like it. might find one you LOVE a few months later. might decide you like hybrids more.

  • expect $100 or more in after bike purchases. GOOD lights (at least $30 for each). so many people go cheap on lights. its way cheaper to get a $50 light than a trip to the ER cause you didnt see that crack, hole, bottle or someone driving/riding didnt see you. also, helmet. and might i recommend gloves! they really help me. extra padding, super gripy even when you sweat. also, if u go used might need a new tire or two. maybe $50 ish on a tune up at the local bike shop. practically a requirement in some peoples opinions.

  • if you're commuting you'll need some kind of storage system. many people love panniers (side bags). i prefer backpacks.

  • u lock. get one. if you suddenly find a bunch of money get this.
u/bourbonben · 3 pointsr/ebikes

Bringing it inside mostly...

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated...

This isn't the most secure lock, but it beats a cable lock and I don't have to lock up anywhere particularly high risk. Lowe's might be the most sketchy, but they've got a nice sturdy bike rack.

u/nucksauce · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I think you would be remiss to give up a bike you truly enjoy because youre afraid of losing it. I would recommend keeping the U-lock and getting something like this in tandem to lock up your bike. Also change over your skewers and seat post to non-quick release, if applicable. There's strength in numbers: lock your bike up at a rack or where there are a lot of others parked and hopefully in an area with a lot of foot traffic.

u/justshowmethecarsnax · 3 pointsr/Denver

If you're like me your bike frame might not fit a u lock like that. I've heard good things about this type of lock:

u/Uvula_Fetish · 3 pointsr/milwaukee

Anything mid-range is fine. Ultimately, unless you want to lug a 20lb chain around, any sort of U-Lock or mid-range chain lock is sufficient for temporary lock-ups.

I've used both of the above at places like Bradford Beach, restaurants downtown, and Bay View on pretty nice bikes without ever having a problem. Make sure you lock up your front wheel as well, I see a ton of pretty average bikes sitting there without front wheels cuz somebody just used the quick-release and walked off with it.

u/AspiringVoiceOver · 3 pointsr/Portland

You can't get better than this.

It weighs a ton, and takes about 45 minutes to sawzall through.

The lock is a disc tumbler lock, so it can't be picked or screwdrivered. No non hydraulic bolt cutters can cut through it.

u/kcorda · 3 pointsr/uwaterloo


this one is better, can't cut it and the average thief is definitely not gonna be able to pick it

u/JClocale · 3 pointsr/Wellthatsucks

That lock could be broken off in maybe 10 seconds. This is a much better option.

u/tngdiablo · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I've got this behemoth and sure it's big and heavy, but I just wrap it around my waist when I'm on the bike. I leave my bike at a train station for as much as 12 hours, so I need something that will make thieves move to the next bike.

u/aaabballo · 3 pointsr/MTB

My insurance is called the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit

It definitely insures me it won't get stolen :D

u/SillyCubensis · 3 pointsr/MTB

Kryptonite Keeper. Realistically a thief can cut through ANY lock in a few seconds with a battery powered grinder and a cutoff wheel. The keeper is tough enough to keep someone from grabbing and running and light enough to carry.

u/nkya · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

Bike's not going anywhere unless they got a serious angle grinder (which some do, but probably not worth the risk of ruining the grinder trying to get an older bike)

u/MotorcycleLover800 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use this for my scooter and motorcycle. Bought it when I bought the scooter.

u/WA1996 · 2 pointsr/UBC

This is the lock I have

87 reviews not a single one complained about bike being stolen, so IDK

u/IronColumn · 2 pointsr/bicycling

You're best off buying one of these

and learning how to use it.

It's not unstealable against someone with an angle grinder and some time to kill, but it's damn near not worth the effort.

u/4waystreet · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Hey, sorry about the bike, looked awesome! I'm originally from Detroit and I learned the hard way to carry the toughest lock/highest rated available. This is what I always commute w/

Never had an issue. Though I'm sure even this could be sliced open. Second thing: ride something nice but make it look dirty grungy (rattle can , homemade fender..) keep it fast but unattractive, not meaning to preach and hope you recover it

u/MilkTheFrog · 2 pointsr/whichbike

Will get the locks out of the way first, if you want to keep a nice bike outside for pretty much any period of time - eg. to get groceries or w/e, you're going to want a decent U lock. You can get one of these for £20-25, but it's pretty much the only thing a thief can't just cut through in seconds with some large bolt cutters. Still a good idea to try to minimise the time your bike is left alone though, and especially if you're using it to commute it's best to find somewhere like a secure bike shed or indoor area to keep it. Eg;

And this guide explains the best way to use one, securing both wheels and the frame:

In terms of bikes, no, I wouldn't say you want a mountain bike. It'll be a lot heavier and less efficient than other types of bike, so not the best option for general town riding or exploring. Even for gravel trails, poor road surfaces or uneven terrain (all things you're likely to run into at some point on the national cycle network), the best thing for it is just wider tyres.

I'd say you have three options, really. You could get a hybrid, with a straight fork and fairly wide tyres, with flat bars. These sorts of bikes make solid commuters and such for regular, short distance rides but the flat bars can get a bit tiring on the wrists over longer durations and the single riding position isn't the fastest. They are quite cheap though, for example you could get something like this:

With a 9 speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, which would be very nice in wet weather. Or you could get a normal road bike, something with Shimano Claris or Sora probably. Something like that would be fast on the road, comfortable even on multi-hour rides, often still have the option to fit racks and mudguards for utility and can still cope well with some dry dirt trails, especially if they can take 28c tyres or wider. Eg;

Or you could get a gravel/adventure bike, which is a bit of a mix of both. Drop bars and similar riding position to a road bike, but wide tyres and disc brakes which make it very capable off road too. Generally a bit more expensive for a similar spec, but you might find some entry level options around this sort of budget;

Both of those are only available in one size, you'd have to run through this guide to get an idea of if they might fit you:

or there's;

u/roguecp101 · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Something I think you should know before throwing a bunch of money at security: If a bike thief wants our bike or something off your bike, they're going to get it.The best you can do is to make your bike more of a hassle to take so that they move on to the one next to it. I had a friend who had his seatpost and pedals taken even though he looks up with a couple of u-locks. Also, even when signed up for registries, there is very little chance your bike will be found and returned. Don't mean to be a total downer, just giving it to you straight.

That said, making your bike that much harder to get is still a good thing. If weight (and price) isn't an issue, then the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Loc wld be what you are looking for. As for how to lock up, most people praise the Sheldon Brown method. Sheldon's site also has an article worth reading on bike security.

To ensure that things like seatposts or wheels aren't stolen, remove any quickrelease skewers and install security ones instead. These are usually just a skewer that you have to use an Allen key to loosen. Again, there is nothing stopping a thief from just bringing along a set of Allen wrenches and taking them off, but that's more work to do on your bike where they could grab two others in that time instead.

A final word: I don't know what kind of bike you have, but if you have to lock it up for a lengthy time outside in an urban area, a flash, expensive bike isn't a good idea. For me, I have "stealthed" my bike. It is an old, beat up steel frame but I've put some modern, relatively good components on it. It doesn't look the part, but it rides really nice. Here's another article that looks at theft from the bike theif's perspective. Don't mean to put you down with this kind of info, just want you to know how bike theft really works.

So good luck and stay safe!

u/thirdxeye · 2 pointsr/bicycling

A thick chain with a sealed lock that can't be broken by ice spray. Something like this:

In German, but here's a picture of a customer in this Amazon review. Someone wanted to steal his bike over night but has given up.

Or a Kryptonite New York Lock 2 + combined with one of the flex cables they make.

u/Where_You_Want_To_Be · 2 pointsr/hondagrom

I had my GSXR600 stolen a few years ago, luckily I put GPS on it and I was able to recover it. I left it unlocked at my old apartment complex (used to chain it to a post with a huge Kryptonite MC chain/lock) for less than 6 hours, ONE TIME, and it was gone.

Besides using a disc brake lock, I also bought one of these:

D-yun Fake CAR Motor Alarm No Wiring Only Led Flash

It’s just a flashing LED, and I velcro’d the battery box to the frame underneath a fairing, so I can still switch it on and off easily, and change out the batteries. Then, I put the LED kind of near the triple clamp so that you can see it blinking if you were to sit on the bike, or look near the gauges. I use Lithium batteries and the thing lasts for 4 months or so, sometimes I even forget to turn the LED off for weeks, and it still doesn’t die. I would say this is absolutely worth the $10 on amazon.

Most bike thefts are just crimes of opportunity, and if someone sees a little light blinking down near your gauges, the best you can hope for is that they move on to someone else’s bike.

I recommend a disk brake lock, but with Groms, the things are so light that it’s not really hard to just pick it up and put it in the back of a truck and drive off. So don’t rely solely on the disk lock. Locking it to a post with a serious chain is much better than just a disk brake lock, but then you have to bring a chain with you in your backpack. I used to use this one at my apartment complex, but there's no way you could carry it around in a backpack, the thing weighs like 20 pounds. (Also, you can see in the reviews plenty of people still cut through these. A battery-powered angle grinder will pretty much get you through most locks/chains. Which is why the goal is just to make your bike harder to steal than all the other bikes around it.)

The thing with bikes is, if someone wants it bad enough, they will take it. Whether that means using a cutoff wheel to cut your chain in 15 seconds, or picking it up and putting it in the bed of their truck, etc. The best thing you can do is make your bike harder to steal, so they are less inclined to steal it.

If you want full protection, I highly recommend buying a GPS unit, I have two SpotTrace units that I bought on Amazon, you pay monthly but there is a promo code rn for 50% off of an annual subscription, so I think I got a whole year of service for $100. Their app works pretty well too, and if you use Energizer Lithium batteries, they last for several months. The ONLY reason I was able to recover my GSXR was because it had GPS. If it weren’t for that, I’d have never seen it again. There are other GPS units on Amazon too, SpyTech (I think?) makes one that uses 4G data, so if you live somewhere with good cell coverage, that's a good choice too. I think SpotTrace uses satellite data, so it's good for Boats, hot air balloons, etc (things that travel far outside of cell coverage) but it has also always worked well for me on my cars and bikes.

EDIT: The only reason I don’t like disk brakes with alarms is that some of them are so sensitive that they start going off every time the wind blows. You don’t wanna be the guy in your neighborhood whose alarm is going off every 15 minutes while you’re not home. Also, I’ve seen people pretty much “silence” those alarms with chewing gum.

EDIT 2: Also, know that the handlebar lock (the one you engage with your key) is a joke. Most bikes handlebars can be unlocked by sitting on the seat, leaning back, and kicking the bars using your legs and leverage. Sure, it will break the lock mechanism, but the thief doesn't care.

u/idknythin · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Its pretty decent looking bike and it'll probably be locked up for a day at most so do you think it would worth upgrading to

Or this

u/dr3 · 2 pointsr/Austin

$150 for two locks. A nice U-Lock and a nice cable lock presumably. She probably overpaid, but maybe something like this and this.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/scooters

I recommend a chain lock

u/stolenbikesdc · 2 pointsr/Rochester

Cable locks keep honest people honest. Consider something like this or this.

u/_McAngryPants_ · 2 pointsr/Portland

It really comes down to comfort. I leave a Kryptonite Chain Lock at work so I don't have to lug a serious lock w/ me every day on my commute. For popping into the store on my way home, I carry a Palmy aluminum u-lock which is by no means safe, but it IS very light. Otherwise, I carry the Kryptonite mini u-lock

BUT...all this being said, if a thief wants a bike, they're going to get it. The only thing you can do is to deter them.

u/perennialExhaustion · 2 pointsr/SBU

Kryptonite Evolution Series-4 1016 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock Bike Lock (5.25")

u/CSM3000 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Everything is cuttable. An angle grinder can cut through 1 inch of cable in less than a minute.

2 locks does tend to discourage them especially if one of them is this.

I recommend a thick chain lock for the other lock.

A little pricey, but should last a very long time.

About 2 decades without a theft using this system myself.

u/lilfunky1 · 2 pointsr/askTO

Pick up something like this to chain the e-bike up with:

Kryptonite 999492 14mm x 60-Inch, 1415 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock (Black)

u/fucknozzle · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I use one of these

It's not particularly light, but it is physically quite small. The downside is it doesn't reach very far, but I can actually fold it into the almost non existent space under the seat of my MT07.

I also use the disk lock part of the Abus suggested by /u/jonnogibbo , which I just lock through the passenger footpeg guard when not in use.

u/mjd199 · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I have been trying to choose a lock for the last week, but it really depends on your situation. I wanted something flexible/longer so I can lock my bike to irregular things where there is no bike rack. The town I live in doesn't have bicycle theft problems. Weight was also a concern since I will be carrying it with me. All of this in mind I decided to purchase the Kryptonite 785 Keeper Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock.

u/d_e_r_e_k · 2 pointsr/aggies

There's no 100% theft-proof method which sucks but it is just the reality. But you *can* make it damn hard. Here's what I did b/c I was in the same situation as you.

  1. Invest in a good fuckin chain. Any chain can be cut with enough time but a thief won't waste time on a bike with a heavy chain when there are plenty of bikes/scooters/etc. in Cstat up for grabs. I bought a used one of these:
  2. Always lock your steering when parking
  3. Best place to park would be a house garage. But if you're like me and live at an apartment, park in a highly visible area with foot traffic and preferably with other bikes/scooters (strength in numbers, yo). And *make sure* there's a steel beam/pole or some shit you'll be able to chain your bike up to. Bonus points if there are cameras too.
  4. Having a bike cover would help too but I don't personally use one.

    The key in all of this is to make your bike the biggest pain in the ass to steal. You don't have to do all of this, just be better than the other guy who parks his bike in the area.

u/ZyrxilToo · 2 pointsr/legaladvice
u/sstidman · 2 pointsr/ebikes

I use the Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 to lock up my Juiced CrossCurrent S. The lock is quite heavy but manageable. And it is a bit on the short side but long enough to get the job done. I also got the Kryptonite Anti-Theft Protection Offer. It cost $25 for 5 years of bike theft insurance.

I also got the GPS option when I bought the bike. It’s not super accurate but is generally good enough so that I’ll get a warning if the bike moves out of the geofence and can give a rough idea on where the bike is located

While writing this it just dawned on me that I have not received the geofence alert in a very long time. I checked and found that the GPS has not updated its location in months!! I need to figure out what is going on. I see some posts out there that the Trackimo devices were based on 2G mobile equipment which the carriers have apparently turned off. And it seems Juiced may be helping folks with that. I’m very glad you posted or I could have found myself in a position where the bike was stolen and the GPS didn’t work. Assuming the 2G thing is correct, I’m a bit disappointed that Juiced did not notify me.

u/Van-van · 2 pointsr/TinyHouses

This very cut resistant chain: Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

Paired with this movement alarm: XENA XX15-SS Stainless Steel Disc Alarm

And yea.

u/ddrt · 2 pointsr/bicycling

After reading all of the bike stealing threads, bike stolen videos etc. I purchased:
and this
and this

I think I'll be good.

u/kopsis · 2 pointsr/cycling

Having the correct size is important, and with bike size "numbers" being about as consistent as those on women's clothing, it's not easy. The bike should allow you to raise the saddle high enough that if you put your heel on the pedal, your leg will be fully extended. Optimal saddle height will probably be just a bit below that.

If you measure your cycling inseam (stand back to the wall, put a book between your legs and raise it as high as it can go without crushing important things, mark the height on the wall and then measure that distance to the floor), you can guesstimate the correct frame size. For a bike with a horizontal top tube, subtract 11" and that's about the seat tube length you want. For a sloping top tube MTB, subtract about 16" and you'll be in the ballpark.

Note that this is way over-simplified and generalized. Use these guidelines to narrow down Craigslist options, but don't buy without a test ride. Don't use these guidlines to buy online -- you need to be much more thorough for something you can't test ride.

As for the lock, the one you posted is pretty easily defeated with a large pry-bar. For U-locks, you really want to move up to Kryptonite's New York series to get a decent level of protection. You might also consider a heavy chain lock ( as those are a little harder to defeat without power tools. If the thief has an angle grinder, all bets are off. The only thing that will save you is if your bike doesn't look like it's worth the effort.

u/eobanb · 2 pointsr/moped

A heavy chain, probably. A regular Master Lock, no way. It's trivial to cut a padlock using boltcutters. We're talking 10 seconds or less.

Many riders I know swear by Kryptonite's New York series. Here's one that should pretty well for locking to a bike rack, parking meter, etc.

u/vowelqueue · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

In addition to the threat of being stolen, the weather may cause certain components like the chain to rust more, especially if you don't use the bike that often.

If you must leave your bike parked outside, you should get a high-quality bike chain to lock it up. They are heavy but more secure than a u-lock. Something like this:

u/Sophrosynic · 2 pointsr/vancouver

Make an insurance claim.

For future reference, use an insurance provider that doesn't cap the value of bikes at an unreasonable level (I use TD). Also, that lock is pure garbage. Get a heavy duty hardened steel chain, and a very small and expensive U lock. Eg:

u/Mr_Ected · 2 pointsr/bicycling

You'll pay in weight and cost, but this is probably about as secure as you'll get.

u/elpierce · 2 pointsr/Austin

Sorry, dude. That sucks.

Consider getting one of these for your next bike.

U-Locks and cables are famously easy to bypass. Chains are much, much more difficult to bypass. Bummer nobody told you that when you bought the U-Lock. :-(

u/evanm978 · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

i have a friend who got her leader 725 stolen in a very similar way in sf... i always care this around this monster... ...i never have any problems.

you you want to find your or just buy other peoples stolen parts ..

go to the laney flea market in oakland

or the coliseum swap meet

u/BenedictKenny · 2 pointsr/chicago

You'll only need one set for the rest of your life and this will never happen again, trust me. That one's actually on special, so you should do it.


u/biscuitsarefodunking · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

My observation from a Uni where pushbikes regularly got stolen, is that even really phat cable locks get cut with bolt cutters. I'd have more faith in this style, tho to be fair, I've not got a clue what I'm talking about....

u/sutiibu · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

After my third bike was stolen, I started using one of these. Over the past 2 years, I've gotten a lot of compliments but no visible molestation of the lock itself.

u/ctemplen · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Yup, it is this lock

u/manicbassman · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I got this for myself to replace the Kryptonite series 2 I was using...
'On-Guard 8005 Pitbull'

Apparently SoldSecure Gold rated...

u/kachunga · 2 pointsr/bicycling

That's a good idea, I've got one of these with another one on the way.

u/JustWinBabyy · 2 pointsr/cycling

What do you mean lock proof? Just get one of these. I rock this in the city in LA with no problems.

u/NeptuNeo · 1 pointr/BikeLA

some good options to consider are these:

1: [Alarm Disc Lock] ( even though it says 'for motorcycles' it will work on a bike,

2: and this mega [heavy duty chain] (

3: and this lock, which I don't have experience with, has the highest rating from a recent review of the top locks [Abus Granit Extreme 59 U-Lock, 10"/16mm] (

u/BristolBomber · 1 pointr/bristol

Yep that is solid!
If you didnt want to carry a cable, locking skewers are always an option if you have quick release wheels.

These 2 are also solid options aswell and cheaper.
I use an Onguard pitbull.

If you already have a cable (or dont want to cary one)
OnGuard Brute

If you don't have a cable
Onguard Pitbull

u/8_pgh_3 · 1 pointr/fatbike

On Guard locks are fine. I have two. Depending on where your from and if you’re leaving your bike outside for more than an hour or two I’d buy a Kryptonite chain in addition.

u/aznfury · 1 pointr/ElectricScooters

I'm currently using's nice and strong. Echoing what others said..used for quick in and out situations. Never for over night or hours.

Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 Bicycle Chain Bike Lock with Evolution Series-4 Disc Lock

u/wheelfoot · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I love my Foldylock Compact. Just as highly rated (solidsecure silver) as the mid-range Krypto U I used to use, but much more compact, quieter, and easy to use. I also use a cable to leash my front tire.

u/mellofello808 · 1 pointr/cycling

Get away from U locks

If you come back to the same place every night then invest in a kryptonite chain, vs a U lock. Even with a angle grinder it is much harder to find a static place to cut on these chains, vs a U lock.

I actually stopped using U locks entirely, after seeing how easy it is to pop them. Thieves in cities are experts at just using leverage to pop them in seconds. It is much heavier to lug the chan but small price to pay for security.

I also use this for my front wheel if I am planning on leaving my bike for a extended period

So far my overkill locking method has prevented anyone from even attempting to mess with my bike.

u/thehumble_1 · 1 pointr/scooters

I really like the On Guard line of locks. Both the disc and chain locks are designed for motorcycles but they have everything for bicycles too so the line covers all aspects. I'd suggest this, tough nothing's good enough overnight, outside IMO. Disc locks are overcome by just picking the scooter up and putting it in a truck. Chains can be cut (though not easily).

OnGuard 8019L Mastiff 6' x 3/8" Quad Chain Lock

u/itsmekai · 1 pointr/Albuquerque

Disk lock is pretty hard to beat for the price. Downside is thieves will just lift bikes into trucks, especially if they're in the open. Only takes a couple guys to lift a bike.

I'd also recommend chaining it to something stationary, if possible, using something like this.

u/clarkclark · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

i use one of these. lock it through the frame and front wheel. with the chain you can lock onto prettymuch anything you want to. for worse areas i throw an evolution mini through the back wheel and seat tube and run a cable from that for my saddle.

u/exdiggtwit · 1 pointr/bicycling

Why buy/build a super light bike where you then must carry around a 15.4Lb (7kg) chain?

u/Quak89 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

This 5 foot chain is long enough to wrap around a light post and go through your back tire.

u/S0noPritch · 1 pointr/scooters

I bought a New York Noose to chain up my scoot only to find out that my town frowns very strongly on chaining to any kind of city property including bike racks (wtf?). As with most scooters my bike is also light enough to be picked up by a couple guys and thrown in the back of a truck. What I do since I can't actually lock my scoot to anything is I try and tangle the scoot up as much as I can to make it look like a pain in the ass to undo. I put the noose through the rear wheel and then stretch the other end down and around the center stand locking the U-lock where it is welded to the frame. This way the wheel can't spin and the center stand can't be turned up without both cutting the chain and the U-lock with a torch (supposedly that is what is required to cut this lock). The chain is also tight enough to the bike that to try and cut it with a torch is going to destroy any part of the bike near your cut. All of this and a post lock would at the very least make it an annoying bike to take.

u/makeinstall · 1 pointr/cycling

I have a 'Fagettaboutit' lock and this lock and chain but I rarely, if ever leave my bike out on the street.

u/SoManyWatts · 1 pointr/ebikes

I bought this kryptonite chain lock (kryptonite evolution series-4 1016 integrated chain bicycle lock bike lock (5.25") because it had a good rating, lifetime warranty, looked good, has a program to sign up for your key where they mail you a new one if lost, and I think covers your bike in the event it actually does get stolen for up to 3k.

The thing is it's pretty massive. It's much thicker and longer than it looks in the picture. I doubt anyone could cut threw this chain without a decent amount of time and heavy power tools. I believe it's intended use is for locking it up overnight. so It's sorta overkill for me because of the weight and the fact I probably won't ever lock it up overnight. it is 5 feet long so I can go threw the rear rim, the frame, and even the rear rack my battery is bolted too.

I might return it and get 2 of the locks that look like big handcuffs.

u/zerocoldx911 · 1 pointr/cycling

I had a similar problem with my onguard brute LS, however I had a rear rack for it.

If your area is high theft, I'd get a chain lock instead like the Kryptonite Series 4 integrated chainlock

u/Ultimaniacx4 · 1 pointr/ebikes

Something like this or this.

All locks are more deterrents than anything. If someone wants your stuff badly enough, they'll try and take it. But just about anything is better than a cable lock that can be cut in no time with a cheap pair of wire cutters.

u/GreatMalbenego · 1 pointr/Ducati

Yeah man, just moved into a place with no garage or cover and was agonizing over how to keep my Monster from being an easy target. Found an article by a guy who used to steal bikes for a living. Said those disc locks are toys, the built in steering lock just takes a few firm kicks, and if nothing else two big dudes can just pick a bike up. He recommended the lock below, and make sure its through the FRAME (not swingarm, tire comes off quick) and anchored to something truly stuck in the ground. I've got mine on a big utility pole. Keep the outside of the cover dirty, but feel free to brush out/rinse the inside every once in awhile. If you can, find a place out of view of the main road but under lighting, or consider installing an outdoor solar powered/motion activated light (can be found for like $10-$15)

Kryptonite Chain and Lock:

Motorcycle Cover:

Also interesting to note, this once-thief said don't bother with GPS trackers. Apparently very few idiots steal and keep a bike. For the most part they'll find the tracker during teardown or damage the bike so badly you don't want it back anyway.


u/therealw00zy · 1 pointr/MTB

You can carry a super beefy security chain and a good lock in your trunk and lock it around your hitch frame.

u/wheelssss · 1 pointr/toronto

The 2-foot version of the New York Noose chain has an excellent balance between weight and security. IMO, it's much more convenient to carry around and use compared to the regular New York chains:

The noose style enables the user to lock up the bike with half the length of a normal chain:

u/RWMaverick · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Question on bike security! I'm moving to Oakland and want to get some additional opinions on the setup I'm planning. I know that if a thief really wants my bike, they'll find a way to steal it, but my thinking is that if I can make my bike look especially hard to steal, very few people will bother trying.

First off, the bike will be in a gated garage under my apartment building. I'm going to place it on one of those Harbor Freight motorcycle dollies so I can position it between the wall and my roommate's car. The bike will be covered when I'm not using it.

For security, I have one of those Kryptonite locks I'll be using on the front disc. No alarm, though I'm thinking one with an alarm might be a good investment. I'm also going to make an anchor out of a 5 gallon bucket filled with quikrete, which I estimate will be about 100 lbs. I'm going to cast a thick U-bolt into it with a base plate to prevent pullout, then chain that to my bike's back wheel with this bad boy, which (according to some guy on YouTube) is resistant to anything short of the power tools or his best set of hardened bolt cutters.

I'm guessing the U-bolt would be the weak point here. The security chain is flattened so bolt cutters can't create a huge pressure point, whereas the U-bolt has a rounded cross section. If it doesn't stick out too far above the concrete, I'm guessing it would be hard to get good leverage on with bolt cutters, so that might help. I could use a coffee can as formwork to recess the bolt into the concrete, requiring the bolt cutters to be straight up and down in order to reach it and keeping a thief from gaining leverage on it.

Artist's rendition. Thanks in advance for any advice!

u/KASibson · 1 pointr/bayarea

Depends on the chain lock :)

If I have to leave my bike for more than 15 or 20 minutes, I use this chain lock.

u/deedeebee · 1 pointr/moped

is this the lock you were talking about?
Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock Chain Bike Lock, 33.5-Inch, Black

u/O365Finally · 1 pointr/Calgary

2 of these

Even has the bike insurance incase someone has a grinder and the time to go through 2 of these.

u/gbakermatson · 1 pointr/cycling

I have one of those absurdly bulky Kryptonite chains like this for the front wheel.

u/v3ra1ynn · 1 pointr/jerseycity

Make sure you get yourself a pretty heavy duty chain and lock it up to something that can't be cut easily. Something like this. It may seem like overkill but if its parked outside without something like this its only a matter of time before it gets lifted.

u/day1patch · 1 pointr/bicycling

Just regular gear, cleats likely only make your life worse as you have to walk quite a bit. A lock you can open quickly would be much better, I suggest a chain lock like this.

u/heartbeats · 1 pointr/chicago

For what it's worth, this is the same price (cheaper, even) and provides significantly better security than the Hiplok. 14mm hardened manganese steel chain can withstand 16 tons of cut force... it's heavy, sure, but it'll keep your bicycle safe.

u/lottonumber · 1 pointr/bicycling

Any lock can be broken given time, more secure locks take more time. There are various opinions and you can look at various tests people have done (Men's Journal/Gizmodo). However I tend to recommend a u-lock, the chains are very secure but heavy.

Example of a Chain

The Lock I Have

Every brand has various security levels, so you can research and see where your cost to security ratio is, but a cheap lock will be cheap and easier to get through.

u/Zombie-Blade · 1 pointr/Wet_Shavers

I am thinking of ordering 2 of these. Amazon Link I have heard good things about these locks and I can get one red and one black. Do you know anything about them?

u/sucmyleftnut · 1 pointr/CarletonU

I've never biked to school here. But in the GTA I had my bike stolen. Now if I'm going to leave my bike anywhere I use one of these extra large chains:

Anything smaller can be easily cut or removed. I don't know how bad bike theft is here. If it's anything like the GTA then I'd invest in a good lock if your bike is worth anything.

u/Tipps · 1 pointr/UBC

A bike and the bus pass included with tuition is enough to get you anywhere in the city. As it's been pointed out, UBC is on a high hill so take that into consideration when leaving campus by bike. Note that all buses have bike racks on them, so if you just can't make it up the hill, you can hop on a bus to make it the rest of the way.

The only thing I would suggest beg you to do is to invest in a very, very good bike lock or two. UBC is polluted with bike thieves who will pluck a bike from a rack in broad daylight. A good U-Lock, properly attached, may deter most thieves - but pairing it with a heavy duty chain lock (like this) will be much more secure - especially if you are on campus late at night. It may seem like overkill, but overkill is better than leaving class to realize your only mode of transportation was stolen out from under you.

If you use a cable lock, your bike won't last a month.

u/w00dw0rk3r · 1 pointr/bicycling

I am OCD when it comes to that. I have my bikes (including my carbon road bike) all attached to the shelf in my garage with a huge kryptonite chain. again, not theft proof but i want to make it as tough as possible for them to steal anything.

moving on, do you or your neighbors? nest or ring cams? maybe something was caught on those if you provide them with a day and ballpark time the bike was stolen...


edit - this is the chain that i use. its like 30 pounds and absolutely overkill but it gives me piece of mind -

u/Skyline8888 · 1 pointr/cycling

Sorry to hear about your stolen bike. I've just gotten back into riding after 30 years and got a Cannondale Treadwell 2. It's a hybrid/fitness bike, but I love it.

Consider getting a chain lock. This one should be pretty hard to cut.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated 10mm Chain Bicycle Lock

u/ProdigalSonReturned · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Skip the cloakd bag, sounds like a gimmick.

My situation is similar. I recommend you get:

  1. Locking skewers for each wheel (make your wheels harder to steal)
  2. A small chain lock to lock your seat to your frame (make your saddle harder to steal);
  3. A heavy chain lock, like the Fuhgetaboutit chain lock from Kryptonite (make your frame and bike generally harder to steal);
  4. A rear rack for your bike (to make hauling things easier);
  5. Ortlieb backroller panniers (same reason; also waterproof; also bulletproof; get two so you can balance loads on both sides);
  6. Fenders (to help stay dry in lighter rain and after heavy rains).

    If you intend to bike commute when it's actively raining, then you'll also eventually want decent rain gear. Shop REI, or if you have the cash, get the good stuff from Showers Pass.
u/thinkythought · 1 pointr/bicycling

i have one of these

there's a huge problem with it actually. it's way too goddamn heavy

seriously, the fucking thing weighs like as much as a fishtank full of water.

i've heard you literally cannot cut the thing in any reasonable amount of time, and only if you have a plasma torch. i tried a composite angle grinder on a u lock made out of the same material and had absolutely no luck.

u/wdappio · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

A better one would be anything but that cable lock. Use either this or this. Definitely don't use a cable to lock up your bike.

u/Ben_FTW · 1 pointr/MTB

If you don't mind me asking what kinda lock did you have? I have this and I've never had any trouble. It weighs 20lbs but it's worth the hassle for the peace of mind.

u/JohnnyTurbine · 1 pointr/UofT

I was also thinking some kind of lock with a built-in audible alarm (like a Detex device) could be an effective deterrent. Not sure where you'd get one though...

This is the kind of lock I was referring to. For some reason the "related items" section includes back braces, lifting belts and chainmail lol

As a bonus, this model of lock can also be a deterrent against muggings!

u/snow_big_deal · 1 pointr/ottawa

I have one of these, pretty indestructible. Can't pry them like a U lock, can't cut with bolt cutters either : Kryptonite Evolution 4 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

u/Hadhely · 1 pointr/RideitNYC

I have and use a Kryptonite 5ft. Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock. It's very heavy, when I can't anchor it to something I wrap it twice around and through the rim, also have a disk lock in the front and I use a really awful dirty on the outside cover.

Thing to remember with thieves and locks is that it is not so much that you are trying to stop them from stealing your property or entering your home, you are making it as difficult as possible for them so that they move onto an easier option. Most theft is opportunity and a small window of time. Increase the window of time needed for the theft and it works in your favor.

u/JDSportster · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I like Kryptonite chain:

Not sure if they have that on the euro amazon or not, but make sure the chain you're getting is a security type from a well made company. It takes no time at all to zip through those if it's a knockoff or even just a sub-par material.

u/duquesne419 · 1 pointr/scooters

When you say chain, you mean something like this kryptonite lock, not something like this cable lock?

Cheers for the thorough response, I wouldn't have known about the cover holes.

Random follow-up: when do I need to be concerned about the kickstand? Is it only really hot days and fresh tar? I've just been using the center stand so far.

u/gpurkins · 1 pointr/scooters

Passable for roll away type stealing, but easy to pick up by several dudes and huck in a truck. Better to lock to something nonmoving with something like:

The noose type gives you a longer reach to loop around things, and the lock will usually fit the front fork in some way. Your mileage may vary, so be sure to get something that fits your scoot.

u/estimatetime · 1 pointr/BikeCammers

Thanks guys.

I too have have Kryptonite NY, Pinhead skewers and other anti-theft measures (Hexlox, Bordo 6500, Kryptonite Evolution chain). I've managed to get my lights themselves secure (see my post above) so was hoping I'd find something similar for the cameras.

I like the Cycliq in general, but it's the antithesis of the effort I've put into finding and securing lights I don't have to think twice about. Using the Cycliq as my lights also means I need to remember them each time, whereas I've addressed that already with my current lights+lock setup.

For now, I'll buy the cameras and play along with removing them each time (although 90%+ of my journeys are home<->work) and if I come across my ideal solution, I'll post it here. The best idea I've had since is an ugly encasement of plastic to deter bolt cutters.

My front-light is a Sinewave Cycles Beacon which I just got, and intended to leave on the whole time. Ye have reminded me how quick a snip it would be for anyone to steal, although it isn't overtly expensive ($350).

There was a murder on my commuting route this past Friday, so I'm more eager to get cameras now.

u/santlaurentdon · 1 pointr/torontobiking

Yeah, I don't mind buying a couple locks. I was looking into these locks:

Kryptonite 999485 Black 14mm x 39-Inch, 1410 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock
Kryptonite New-U New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
Kryptonite New-U New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Abus Granit XPlus 540, U-Lock, Key - USH, 160x230mm, 6.3''x9'', Thickness in mm: 13mm, Black

Probably gonna get the NY chain, and one of these U-locks. Tough decision between the three u-locks. I don't know if the mini Fahgettaboudit will be versatile enough. I like the mounting bracket that comes with the Abus, but the 13mm shackle is putting me off. However, my research tells me that the Abus is the most pick-proof.

Feel free to chip in if u have any suggestions. I had no idea that UofT was that rampant of an area for bike thieves, damn!

I also have a cheap $20 supercycle u-lock from Canadian Tire from when I was a kid, so I'll probably use that as a THIRD lock as well LMAO.


Another question I have though, is this: Will having 2-4 locks (2-3 on the frame/wheels and a small Abus $15 4mm chain for the seat) on a bike make it MORE susceptible to it being stolen as it'll certainly catch the eye of a thief?

u/MixMasterHusker · 1 pointr/lincoln

With enough time anyone can steal a bike regardless of the lock used. You want to make your bike harder to get compared to the bike next to yours.
There are many videos online discussing this topic but it comes down to quality U-lock or heavy-duty chain and proper lock technique.

Like you, I got an e-bike so I didn't get sweaty on my commute to work. I got 2 locks. A destination lock that I left on the bike rack at work. And a U-Lock I kept in my bag for when I ran errands. I extra-long U shape allowed some flexibility locking to various racks.

As for an e-bike I suggest getting one from a local store that has experience working on e-bikes. I don't know if Speedy Pete's repairs/maintenance but I would imagine they would. Many of the repair shops around are hesitant to work on my e-bike.

If you can, get a bike with a mid-drive motor. I had many problems with my hub-drive.

u/zork824 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Yeah I think I'm going for this. The one you linked I can only find in Amazon EUR for 100 euros. It IS cheaper and with a bigger diameter, but it's incredibly heavy (7kg jesus christ) and shorter, so I think I'll buy the 130 euros one and have much more room (70cm more) while having much less weight

u/guba807 · 1 pointr/CargoBike

Check out this gallery of my lock setup.
I had forgotted how I did the front U-lock in my last post but you can see it is hooked to the steering arm. The chain is 5' long so that I can get to any staple even if I can't put the bike close to it. This is also handy when I ride with the family and we just lock all our bikes together if we can't find something solid. this is the chain I use.

u/livevitcelfer · 0 pointsr/boostedscooters

Lock: FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Black | Extreme Bike Lock - Heavy Duty Bicycle Security Chain Lock Steel Bars| Carrying Case Included| Unfolds to 85cm / 3

Motion sensor: Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof Security Cycling Bike Alarm with Remote

u/PerplexD · 0 pointsr/toronto

No I'm suggesting you look up retailers in the area and buy it from them. They cost about 100~200 CAD.

Edit because I'm sure you won't bother searching.

And there's much more if you put some effort into searching. What you see on their page isn't the retail price but the anti theft protection and up to how much they're reimbursing should a bike lock get cut or stolen with that bike lock in place. You should really do some research into what you're claiming. Prevents you from looking silly like thinking that the bike lock costs $4000. There's a nice tag before it that states ANTI THEFT PROTECTION with a hyperlinked url to a FAQ page explaining their reimbursement policies. <- Maximum payout vs Insurance Prices per year/renewal

Some more info just because I'm a nice person.

tl;dr Read you twat. It isn't a four thousand dollar lock. It's insured up to that amount. No where on the page does it say the cost of the lock is that much. States right before these supposed prices "ANTI THEFT PROTECTION : (INSERT PRICES) ".

u/JarRules · 0 pointsr/motorcycles

I just got a CBR 500r and after reading the AMA I purchased this chain and this disc brake lock. Im still paranoid it will get stolen but the good thing is there are 3 other bikes near mine that are much more expensive and not locked. Im more worried about the caltrian parking lot.

u/BillinghamJ · -5 pointsr/ElectricScooters

There are absolutely locks which realistically cannot be cut with any remotely portable equipment

Edit: as requested, these are the two I use: