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u/mrvile · 55 pointsr/bicycling

Yup, see: Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit lock, the thing costs $100 and the opening is like 6" x 3.5".

But if you live in NYC, no matter what kind of lock you use, if you leave a nice bike locked up outside overnight, there's a 50% chance it won't be there the next day.

u/Logan_Chicago · 31 pointsr/chicago

I've been riding in the city for 10 years so here goes:

  • Legally you're considered a "toy vehicle" and you have to obey all the same rules a car does. Most cars do not know this and will act as though you are somehow screwing up.
  • You can get in trouble for riding a bike drunk (edit: not a DUI though as I previously said, law changed in '95), but I've never been pulled over.
  • Riding on the sidewalk is illegal.
  • You are legally entitled to an entire lane if no bike lane is present. Good luck trying that one.
  • When cars pass you and you pass them you/they must give a 3' minimum of clear space on each side.
  • Legally you need a white front light and a red rear reflector, but get two lights and wear a helmet. Wear a helmet.
  • Give enough room so you can't get doored. Cars may get upset but you won't die. 1/3 of bike deaths are from doorings. If someone doors you they are in the wrong. Call the cops.
  • Don't post on reddit about how you run stop signs or red lights even when you look both ways, are aware that you have more to lose in the situation, and make sure not to impinge on anyone's right-of-way - they will down vote you to hell.
  • Cars turning right at the last minute and oncoming cars turning left are your biggest dangers.
  • Only lock to things that can't move and get a decent u-lock. The small orange Kryptonite ones have always been popular and are pretty good. No lock will stop a portable angle grinder.
  • Specialized Armadillos (not sold online) are your friend (my bias, others like Gatorskins, etc.); as are floor pumps.

    Cars are getting better at dealing with bikes as they become more popular, but overall the city isn't well designed for bikes. Thus, it is understandable that both bikes and car users will get frustrated with eachother from time to time. Nature of the beast for the time being.

    4 AM rides are great. As is drunk Lake Shore Path riding.
u/Burned_it_down · 27 pointsr/bicycling
u/mdbx · 27 pointsr/cycling

That pile of trash is the exact same price as:

u/[deleted] · 17 pointsr/bikecommuting
  • Get a helmet, lights, and either wear bright clothing when cycling or get a high viz jacket.

  • Obey the rules of the road and don't fulfill the cyclist stereotype that we're "pedestrians or drivers depending on which suits us". Stick to cycle paths and roads, signal with an outstretched arm, stop at stop signs and red lights, looking before overtaking, don't lose focus, etc. If you must use the footpath, dismount and use your feet.

  • Buy a u-lock or equivalent. Try to avoid using cable locks where at all possible. Learn how and where to lock your bike.

  • Learn basic bike maintenance such as how to change and repair a punctured tube and how to maintain your chain and gears.

  • Don't get overly psyched about long distance commutes. So many people think you have to be an Olympic athlete and find out it's actually very doable once you try it.

  • Have fun, best of luck, and don't hesitate to ask more questions or for clarification. :-)

    Edited to add a point.
u/tkari · 12 pointsr/UCDavis

I recommend getting a U-Lock along with an extension cable. You want to put the U-Lock somewhere through the rear triangle like this.
This locks the rear wheel and the frame. Then you want to loop the extension cable through the U-Lock and put it through your front tire so it is also secure. Kryptonite, Abus, and On Guard are all good lock brands. Something like this lock would work fine, but there are more expensive options if you want to be more secure. I personally use this lock. All locks are about buying time because an angle grinder can cut through any lock in a few minutes. I suggest parking it to something secure, something public, and well-lit. Also, make sure to register your bike through TAPS because if someone steals your bike or puts a lock on it, they won't be able to help you. Good luck!

u/BlackDebbie · 11 pointsr/bicycling

The smallest, hardest, thickest lock from a reputable manufacturer which works for your bike and where you lock it up.

is widely considered to be a good compromise lock for those of us who don't live in high-crime areas. It has a very hard to pick cylinder, is too small to break with a car jack (if used properly), is too hard and thick to cut with anything but super-duper long bolt cutters, hacksawing it is possible but tough, and will actually resist the Uber angle-grinder attack for a (little) while.

u/Autsin · 11 pointsr/bicycling

Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

But you also need to think about how much weight you are willing to carry...

u/barackstar · 11 pointsr/onewheel

at the store, just put it in your shopping cart.

if it will be out of your sight for any length of time, the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit has been recommended here.

if you only need to prevent a regular pick-up-and-walk-off theft, a regular cable bike lock should be enough -- but anyone with a little time or tools can get through those rather quickly.

u/grendel_x86 · 11 pointsr/chibike

I have a Ulock and looped flex-cable. Chains are heavy, and easier to break.

For ulocks, you want to get the smallest one possible that will still let you lock to a pole. That extra space is what lets thiefs get a jack in there to pop it.

My ususal three links I give out to people on theft prevention:

Chicago Bike Blog article


Chicago Ambasador's PDF

Also, remember to keep you bike locked someplace safe overnight like in your apartment, or in your buildings storage unit, especially until you have a good feel about how safe your area is at night for your bike.

u/baby_kitty_go_meow · 11 pointsr/UWMadison

Just lock it properly. Sturdy u-lock and a cable. The goal is to make it not worth a thief's time. So a more expensive bike requires more sophisticated deterrents.

Priorities when locking:

  1. U-lock through frame, one wheel, and rack; cable through other wheel
  2. U-lock through frame and rack; cable through wheels
  3. Worst case scenario: cable through frame and wheels; u-lock to rack


    An example of the lock/cable setup can be found here: amazon

    Personally, I use a slim u-lock like this because it's lighter, but it has the draw back of being more difficult to find the right fit for some racks.

    If you would like to know more on the topic this video is a great resource.
u/Bluenosedcoop · 11 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

You want a good reliable bikelock that doesn't have gimmicky garbage and is actually secure This is recommended by one of the best lock oriented youtuber out there the LockPickingLawyer

u/scoofy · 10 pointsr/sanfrancisco

Hey everyone, you may have seen me raging or telling people to be nice around the subreddit now and then, but you may not know that i am a mod on /r/bicycling and started /r/nycbike.

So this is a decent article about locking, but again... like always, it misses several critical aspects of bike locking.

  • U-Locks: Smaller is better, buy quality, buy quality!!!

    Why is smaller better? Because the way you break a u-lock is with a jack, and if you can't get the jack into the lock, you can't break the lock.

  • Cable locks are garbage!!! They are fucking garbage, do not buy them... do not buy a cable lock! They are worthless and you can break them with a simple pipe without making any noise.

    >The front wheel will always be easier to take off then the rear, so knowing how to lock it is a valuable skill.

    This is wrong. Back wheels come off just a easily as front, and cost more to replace, and i want to punch every writer that says to lock your front wheel because it's "safer" cause it's fucking not and never has been, ever!

    Which reminds me, the sheldon brown method doesn't work, btw.

    >Using two locks is the most secure method.

    No, well maybe, but no, not really. The most secure method is to lock with 300 individual locks in your apartment, and never leave the house. Any intellectually honest person will tell you that you need to be smart, and prepare yourself for when you are lazy, and want to leave your bike out for "just one second" and don't want to bother to lock it, and that's when it gets stolen.

    This is a psychological problem. The solution is locking skewers.

  • Buy locking skewers. Please for the love of god, buy a small u-lock, a tiny seat cable, and locking fucking skewers. Please, i'm begging you.

    This is the method i use, because i'm lazy, and if i have to do anything that makes me do real work (like carry around a bunch of u-locks, or a bullshit cable lock), then i just very well may act stupid and not properly lock up my bike, as it stands, it takes me 2 seconds to lock my bike perfectly securely.

    tl;dr: Ideally, you want a small, quality u-lock. This locks your frame and will also lock your seat if you buy a seat cable. Just remember to make a slipknot through the seat's rails (nobody really want's to steal your crappy seat anyway). Next, buy locking skewers!!!. If your front wheel is bolt on, then just wait and see if it ever gets stolen (it probably won't unless you're unlucky), then buy a new front wheel with a skewer, and add a locking skewer. If your back wheel is bolt on, buy a longer u-lock and lock through the rear triangle and rear wheel together. Now, if you really give a shit about your bike, buy a locking top cap. This will save your fork if you come across any jerks that want your sweet, vintage, peugeot chrome fork.

    Also, never leave your bike outside over night, ever!
u/Projectile_Setback · 10 pointsr/philadelphia

The Evolution mini U from Krypto just aren't that strong. I've seen people leverage them off, once with a hockey stick and once with a piece of rebar. They're really meant as a delaying action for messengers that aren't leaving their bike unsupervised for 8+ hours.

The one I specified is a big, burly bastard of a lock. Som'bitch weighs like 5 pounds. 18mm diameter hasp, forget leveraging it off, pain in the ass to cut through with a torch or grinder and too big to get bolt cutters on. Hasp is too small to get a scissor jack into. Simply too thick to leverage. Double-roll tumbler lock with negative pinning so you can't bump it. Boron Steel that's doped with cutting-wheel fouling polymers. Independent locking bars on the hasps so you need to make two cuts to get it through.

It can be cut, but you're going to need a acetylene rig or a lot of time with a serious battery powered angle grinder to get through it. If anything, it's just a big, TPB style "Fuck Off" to people looking opportunistically. Nothing is going to save you from a complex attack if you're one of those idiots that locks up your $4,500 carbon frame outside overnight.

If you're locking someplace as visible as the MF Station for extended periods of time with a bike that has a value over $1,500, I recommend both the Chain and ULock versions of this line at the same time, as that necessitates two sets of tools for each job. Run that U through the rear triangle and wheel, the chain through the front wheel and main portion of the frame.

u/mship · 10 pointsr/bicycling

Im going to agree with everyone else. Get a U-lock. I When I first got my Trek 7.3 in 2008 I the bike cost me $600, I got a lock that cost me $95 because I was using it as a commuter and I was in New York. I am of the mind that the cost of your locks should be able 10% of the cost of you bike. This works out well because the locks will last just about forever. The look that I bought 6 years ago is still in use, it was a heavy duty chain lock and I leave it locked in the gargae at my job so I dont have to carry it with me everyday.
I recently bought a new bike and I got the New York fahgettaboudit it lock, it a small ulock that isnt heavy but provides good locking.

I dont know where you live, but your bike looks new enough, especially being chainless, to catch some eyes and not just people who will give you complaints.

u/badgrafxghost · 9 pointsr/baltimore

I've owned and ridden motorcycles and scooters in Baltimore City for over 15 years now, here's my quickie advice:

GLOVES! Always always always wear good motorcycle gloves no matter how hot it is outside... Imagine sprinting flat out as fast as you can possibly go and throwing yourself to the ground hands first... now picture that at 5-10 times the speed. Goodbye skin, ouch. It shocks me how often people neglect this. Wear good gloves!

With that out of the way, I also recommend getting a snell approved full face helmet as well. Its a lot more expensive and more of an inconvenience than wearing a half or open-face helmet and a lot of people don't bother if they're riding a moped or scooter, but the curb is no softer and cars and trucks are no slower just because you're on a smaller bike. Honestly an inexperienced rider on a smaller, less visible bike, with less power is more likely to get into an accident and should therefore have more protection.

Regarding security for the bike, get one of these and one of these. Borrow a hammer drill from the Tool Library
and mount the anchor in the parking pad behind your building with the bits and hardware that come with it. It can be done relatively quickly and as long as you don't put it somewhere terribly obnoxious its likely no one will even notice its there. Use the lock to chain the bike to the anchor every single time you're not riding it, take it with you wherever you ride, and use it to lock up wherever you go.

An unlocked moped or scooter will be stolen immediately and you'll never see it again. Trust me on that one, I've had 3 bikes stolen over the years and each time it was because I didn't lock it up when I was just making a quick stop somewhere or was just running into the house for a minute...

A good helmet, gloves, lock, and anchor are going to be expensive up front but in the end will be well worth it to keep yourself and your property safe.

As long as the engine size of the bike you get is 49cc or under you can ride it in MD anywhere that isn't a highway with just your normal driver's license and a moped permit sticker on the back.
(you can order the sticker on MVA's website, it'll come in a week).
Any bike 50cc and up is considered a motorcycle in the eyes of the state and requires a motorcycle license (or class M endorsement), insurance, tag, and registration just like a car.

u/generationfourth · 9 pointsr/MTB

I don't F around

Here in So Cal there are thieves following cyclists and ripping off bikes in broad daylight with power tools. I still keep a watchful eye if I'm grabbing something to eat, going into a store, etc. I also use it to keep the bike locked in the garage as that is a common place for opportunists to look.

u/cerealz · 9 pointsr/toronto

Kryptonite or bust.

Local shops have crazzzy prices for locks. If they were a few bucks more than amazon, I'd buy them locally but they are $30+ more expensive.

Currently using this...

u/natermer · 9 pointsr/ebikes

Hardened security chain with hardened security lock.

Generally speaking these are industrial chains originally designed for overhead lifts (if the chain brakes and workers have high chance of injury/death) and wheel chains on mining equipment. To prevent the chain from wearing from years of daily use they feature significant surface hardening.

This surface hardening means that the chain is as strong and hard as jaws used in bolt cutters. If you try to use heavy duty bolt cutters to cut these chains it will just end up ruining the jaws in them. These chains cannot be cut by anything less then a angle grinder or cutting torch.

This is different then the big chain you can get at a hardware store, which are made of relatively soft welded links.

Then you need a lock to match the security chain. something that can't be hammered, drilled, picked, or pried apart.

Then when you chain it up you want to chain high up on the bike and you want to 'fill' the chain or u-lock as much as possible so it's not really slack. You don't want the attacker to be able to get tools in or get locks and such things on the ground where they can use their body weight for leverage.

Generally speaking the bike should be locked through the rear triangle and go around the rear tire and seat tube.

You can buy this stuff pre-made:

Or buy chains and locks from places like Westech riggers supply

There are very heavy duty U-Locks that are more convenient and almost as tough. But there is a lot of garbage u-locks out there.

The trick then is to secure the stuff attached to your bike. Seats, front wheel, handle bars, racks, etc.

Getting rid of quick releases and using security bolts/nuts that require specially 'keyed' tools to remove is usually a good approach. But you can run cables or chains through them and stuff like that.

u/InValensName · 9 pointsr/VictoriaBC

This video by the LockPickingLaywer on the Kryptonite lock is useful to watch

Those New York models are 150ish on Amazon.

I went with the cheaper Canadian Tire option after my cable lock was cut in James Bay 48 hours after moving back downtown from Saanich.

So clearly it can be picked if you have the fancy tool, I'm hoping our local thieves just have more general tools and only cutting resistance is really your friend in that situation.

u/Low_Alch · 9 pointsr/ElectricScooters

Hey OP. Friendly neighborhood lockpicker here. I pick locks as a hobby and keep up with the security of a lot of the locks that are released. I also recently got a ninebot and therefore wanted a U-lock for it as well. The kryptonite lock you suggested here is actually a good one. I'd avoid the master lock cuffs posted above, master locks are notoriously shit and those cuffs are actually one of the better ones from them, but they're still shit. And I'd never get the last one you posted, I've never even heard of it and you'd likely be paying $20 to get your scooter stolen. As a general rule of thumb, if you care about something, you should care about spending the money for a good lock for it. That being said, here's the lock I decided on for my scooter: I'd suggest that one or one of the other similar ones in that line. The kryptonite one you posted is likely still good, but I know that kryptonite used plastic covers over the lock body of some of their bike locks that could be destroyed with a heat gun or blow torch to easily open the lock. The one I suggested is all metal. Good luck with your lock needs.

u/WhirledNews · 8 pointsr/Atlanta

If you want a more secure chain/lock, check out the Kryptonite 14mm x 39" New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock. That thing is huge and really really tough, it would take them a very long time or a ridiculous amount of force to get through it.

u/Rehd · 8 pointsr/bicycling

Enjoy the FX! I'm rocking the 7.5 and I am completely in love with cycling. Here's a few words of advice:

Ditch that cable lock. I can walk up to a bike with a cable with a five dollar tool and have it for myself in 10-20 seconds. Get a U-Lock and rope. The correct answer for how many locks or what kind of locks to use is how many you are willing to carry. This will depend on your location as well. U-Locks + ropes typically require an individual to have a hacksaw, grinder, etc. I live in a smaller college town and mostly just have to worry about drunk assholes so that works perfect. In other areas more heavy duty and smaller U-Locks are more necessary. This will probably work fine and is cheap unless you're in Detroit or something.

Fenders. I feel like that should be your next investment unless you bike a lot at night. I bike a ton at night and decided to invest in great lights after almost being hit by both cars and bikes several times. The first time you have somewhere to be and go through a puddle, the fenders pay for themselves. These are what I rock and I go through puddles / lakes which I probably shouldn't. I stay nice and dry while my friends breeze through them and get completely soaked.

Racks and bungies are great for the FX series. Like others mentioned, this is just a fun bike. I use it for recreation, commuting, bar hopping, exercise, you name it! A rack and a bungie net makes it awesome and Ortlieb panniers are an even better addition.

Besides fenders however... the seat and pedals (maybe) are the next things I'd recommend to look at. The pedals look metal in that picture, but if there's plastic, toss them. Well, I guess you can use them. It depends on the rider, but there's a pretty good track record of the FX series stock pedals only lasting roughly 500 miles before they completely break. Obviously this will vary by user. These are my favorite commuter pedals because I can go clipless later or I can commute at the same time without switching out. These are cheaper and better for commuting just because of the pricing.

As for the seat, your ass will never get more comfy than sitting on a brooks.

Enjoy the FX, it's a wonderful machine and I cherish mine. I was biking to work for the first time in a month (been on vacation) and I forgot I had to go to work. I accidentally biked a few extra miles down the bike path before I remembered I was commuting and not going for an enjoyable bike ride. Careful, it becomes an addiction.

And here's a shameless plug for my pride and joy. It still had the old pedals, saddle, fenders and needs an updated snapshot.

u/annhogeggplant · 8 pointsr/Hoboken

Not trying to be a dick, but a couple tips to prevent this happening to you in the future and to others:

  1. Don't lock your bike in Hoboken (or any urban area or college campus) with a single $30 bike lock. A lock like that could be used for locking your tire to the frame, but even then I'd be hesitant. The reason is that the only person you are dissuading from stealing your bike with that lock is someone who would take an unlocked bike, but otherwise has no plans to steal a bike. Your bike was probably specifically targeted because of your lock.

  2. Don't lock your bike with all the other bikes right by the PATH station entrance (or anywhere there are a large number of bikes locked up). Locking up your bike for an extended period is not a "safety in numbers" type situation. Lock your bike up a block or 2 away. Somewhere that still has heavy foot traffic but that isn't so crazy (and with so many bikes) that no one will notice someone messing with it.

    Personally, I use two Kryptonite chain locks. In my opinion, a more expensive lock is worth it in comparison to a bike that is worth several hundred dollars. Even if you do opt for a cheap one, I think the brand-recognition even on the ones that are easier to cut might deter thieves from even attempting. I use one for my frame and one tire, and the other to lock the other tire to the frame. When I take my bike down by the PATH station, I lock it up around the corner in front of the TD Bank.

    At any rate, I hope your bike turns up. Make sure you file a report with the police and, as other have mentioned, keep an eye on CL and other P2P sales platforms.
u/darkotwist · 7 pointsr/geegees

The general rule is to not be frugal with your bike lock.

I think a $20 lock would be okay, since someone is more likely to steal a bike without any locks than one that has a lock.

But, consider that a $20 lock will be much easier to break than other locks. Abus and Kryptonite are great locks. I know that in the US, Kryptonite will reimburse you if the lock is broken and your bike is stolen - might be the same in Canada but idk.

Along with a lock, get a bike cable (the Kryptonite I linked below is great).

Kryptonite 720018210610 KryptoFlex 3/8-Inch x 7-Feet 1007 Double Loop Security Cable

Edit: Abus not Arbus

u/jigginsmcgee · 7 pointsr/VictoriaBC

The cables are cheap! Doesn't need to be a full on lock. The u-lock should connect your back wheel, frame, and the thing you're locking to. The cable is just to connect your front tire if it has a quick release. Something as simple as this should work (and not break the bank!).

A visualization, just in case.

u/kykin · 7 pointsr/Hawaii

I've been an Oahu biker since I moved here from Maui in 2008. I attended UH and two years had gone by before I needed a car. Beyond the infrequent trips into town that require a car to haul back things from the mall or walmart, I've always been able to get around just fine with my bike, theBus, or a combination of the two.

The campus is very bike-friendly, and if you have any experience riding with cars on the roads, you shouldn't have a problem adapting.

However, it always seems that Hawaii drivers haven't had any experience riding with bikes on the roads, so you'll need to be extra careful. Drivers don't know what they're doing sometimes, or what to watch out for, which means you'll need to watch out for them. Imagine all the cars don't have brakes; that's how I ride.

Most of the major roads have bike lanes, but I prefer the sidewalk when I ride.

But beyond needing to bike defensively, you don't have much to worry about. Exercise good defensive bike security (lock it up well when you walk away) so invest in a really good lock. Personally, I have one of these and one of these for when I lock up my ride outside overnight.

Expect lots of hills. The island is just one big hill, so you'll be fighting several inclines at some point in the day. Because of our humidity, its really easy to work up a decent sweat when riding. I keep an extra shirt with me to change into so I look at least decent in between rides.

Since you're going to be a student, most of your rides will be between campus, your apartment (if you live off-campus), and the mall. Occasionally downtown. The rides in between these are relatively easy, done in about 15 minutes in any direction. The biggest of the climb (<500ft over 2.5 miles) being from town/the mall to campus.

If you're into long-distance riding for exercise, there is a long stretch of flat road that people ride all the time. It has a bike lane and wide right-shoulder (mostly used by buses). It should take you about 30-40 minutes to ride if you're an experienced rider.

Check out your routes on google maps (and street view. It helps) to get an idea of how long and where you'll be riding. Happy riding and hope this was helpful.

u/sql_big_result · 6 pointsr/bicycling

Alternatively you can get a cable and run it through the seat and your bike lock

u/EugeneLawyer · 6 pointsr/Eugene

I've got Kryptonite 997986 Black 18mm New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock ( I bought it for $72 )

Tougher steel, thicker, stubby, and locks on both sides of the U. Because it locks on both sides the thief would need to cut the lock twice.
The lock still can be cut with a battery powered angle grinder, but it will take longer.

All u-locks are not equal. Cheaper u-locks can be cut with bolt cutters.

u/vhalros · 6 pointsr/bicycling

The downside is that they are dramatically heavier than just a u-lock, and more cumbersome to carry. The ones with a noose (exmaple: are somewhat lighter for the usable length, but still really heavy.

u/robbyking · 6 pointsr/bicycling

I use this:

Kryptonite Evo Mini-7 with 4-Foot Flex Lock

I like the frame and back wheel with the U Lock, and then my front tire with the cable. When I lived in SF, I took my seat with me, too, but while I'm in Athens, GA while my GF is in grad school, I leave my seat.

u/ItsToka · 6 pointsr/bicycling

So you're going to buy something regardless, isn't spending an extra $50 once, worth the headache of replacing a bike, trying to deal with insurance etc...

I literally just bought this one for $40.

u/Chawp · 6 pointsr/UCDavis

I'd suggest using a good U Lock like this:

Lock the frame/front wheel to the bike rack and loop the cable around your back tire. This should be enough deterrence to safely leave your bike outside.

That said, if the professional thieves want your bike, there's no lock you can get to stop them. I wouldn't lock up a $2000 road bike outside, but your bike should be fine I'd imagine.

u/Mikuro · 6 pointsr/astoria

A few bits of advice:

  1. Don't lock it outside overnight. Keep it in your apartment.
  2. Buy used. I don't know where the hell you can find a bike of any quality for $15, but you can get some for less than $100. Look on Craigslist, beware scammers, and please don't buy a bike from a bike thief.
  3. Get a decent U-lock. This one is pretty good. Use the included cable to loop around your front wheel. The cable is a bit short, but it's long enough to get the wheel. Unfortunately it is NOT long enough to get both the wheel and seatpost, at least not on my bike. If you're worried about that, get a 7' cable instead. All locks are breakable, of course, but a decent U-lock will thwart casual thieves and encourage the pros to move on to the next bike that's less secured.
  4. Don't ride drunk. Combined with #1, that means don't ride it anywhere if you plan on drinking.

    I've been riding an old mountain bike I got for $70 off Craigslist for a few years. It looks its age but it rides like a champ. Yes, it's silly that my locks cost nearly as much as my bike, but I don't care. I'm a little paranoid.

I started out using a bike to get around campus, but quickly figured out that my classes weren't far enough apart to warrant moving it around throughout the day.

I'm a commuter student, so the best system for me was to park my car up on 4th Street, ride it down, lock it up somewhere highly visible (like outside the 18th Ave Library) only with a metal-bar lock, never with a crappy chain one... and go back for it at the end of the day.

Now after a few semesters, I'm 100% walking everywhere. Burns more calories, tones up the butt, makes playing Pokémon GO easier, etc.

There are some great reasons to bring a bike to Columbus, like the Olentangy Trail, and also avoiding parking nightmares during events like during Red, White, and Boom -- but as far as on-campus travel goes, you're not going to get as much utility out of it as you think.

u/firewally · 6 pointsr/bicycling

I'd say plan ahead for your move back to Cambridge now and get a proper bike lock like the Kryptonite Evolution Series. No bike lock is 100% secure, but that one does a good job balancing weight, security, and price. It will deter casual thieves with simple tools (like a hacksaw or crowbar), which is about the best you can hope for and should be totally fine for your grocery trips.

The link I posted goes to a package with a U-lock and cable. This GIF shows you how to use the two of them together to make sure that the frame and both wheels are securely locked up. U lock goes around the seat stays (or rear wheel inside the triangle) and the bike rack, cable wraps the front wheel, downtube, and U lock.

u/GeneralJustice · 5 pointsr/bicycling

Get it professionally fit, or at least research how to fit yourself.

That spacer tower is probably fairly comfortable on your lower back right now. With improved fitness, consider flipping the stem and reducing the spacers to get a more aggressive stance. After you find a good fit with reduced spacers, have your local bike shop trim the steer tube (or do it yourself). A spacer tower above the stem is a sternum cracker if left unchecked.

After 100 miles or so, get the cables checked. With a new bike and brand new cables, the cables are bound to stretch over time, especially when brand new. You'll need a tune up to keep everything working properly.

If the saddle doesn't work out and becomes uncomfortable after 10-20 mile ride, don't blame the bicycle. Blame the saddle. Many introductory level bikes really skimp on the saddle. Get a shop to help you find one that conforms well to your undercarriage.

Routinely check tire pressure. About every other day the tires will likely need to be refilled, if not every day. To make this easier, there is no good reason to keep the plastic caps or the retaining nut on the tube valves. Those are used for packaging of the tube. Inspect the tire for wear.

If you live in an area with any notable crime, that U-lock alone will not be enough security for commuting. Consider getting locking skewers (though they make tube/tire changes more difficult), an additional U-lock, or a chain or cable lock. The point here is for redundancy. At the very least, get a cable loop so that you can lock your wheels. The U-lock should be used on the seat tube of the frame so that it can lock both the frame and the rear wheel. The loop is for some protection of the front wheel.

u/VRFour · 5 pointsr/bicycling

The only downside to the Sheldon Brown method is if people mimic the way he has his bike locked up in the image on his page - u-locking the bike to a rack through the rear wheel and nothing else.

Brown actually recommends using the u-lock to lock the rear wheel and seat tube to a sturdy object and using a cable lock to lock the front wheel to the frame; this uses the u-lock to protect the two most expensive parts of your bike - the frame and the rear wheel.

I personally use an OnGuard Bulldog Mini U-Lock and a Kryptonite Kryptoflex braided cable lock. The mini u lock leaves no space for a would-be thief to put a jack in lock and pop it open.

It should be noted, however, that there are professional thieves who are brazen enough to actually use an angle grinder, acetylene torch, or some other power tool to defeat a u-lock. There is not a lock or locking method invented that can stop a determined professional thief. You have to decide the acceptable risk you're willing to take when leaving your bike in a public space.

u/kd5vmo · 5 pointsr/Hawaii

If you like your bike, bring it inside. Locking your bike up outside is pretty much asking for it to get stolen.

I lent a friend a tri bike, told him very specifically to keep it inside. what does he do? locks it up out side and it gets stolen. That was $1000 down the drain.

Also, learn how to lock a bike properly and get a decent lock.

u/TsMini · 5 pointsr/RideitNYC

Get comprehensive insurance. There is not a lock that will stop anyone determined.

There are large chains available... I believe one is called fuhgettaboutit? Use that on something equally unmoving plus an alarmed disk lock.

Edit: Chain

u/I-Am-McLovin · 5 pointsr/Eugene

Nothing can escape theft during long-term outdoor storage, but with this lock, I've literally seen bike thieves leave my bike alone (park your bike at Meiji and watch through the window). Should be enough for short term:

I'd spend around $100-$120. Thieves are getting good at breaking the larger, cheaper U-locks.

u/Pembar · 5 pointsr/belgium

I do 10km (one way) home-office-home daily on

I was super paranoid about getting it stolen so I bought

and another U-lock. I think it's overkill since in both my home and office we have a secure area to store bicycles.

Company offered a company car but I did the math and realised that taking the cash instead would be worth about 5k euros net per year. I figured I don't need a car at the moment and extra cash is always nice.

u/BasementOfficeWorker · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

My steering lock was previously broken by someone. I now put a heavy chain and lock through the rear wheel, like a Kryptonite lock. Two strong dudes could probably still pick it up and haul it away. The alarm idea sounds good. Another idea is to buy a cheap clapped out utility van, park it in your parking garage, and just keep the bike in there.

u/luckynumber3 · 5 pointsr/unt

Basically what everyone else said, go to class. Yeah I get sometimes you're tired but really you'll do way better if you go. 9 times out of 10 you are not that person who can only show up for tests and get an A (or even a B). If you hate waking up in the morning either a: go to bed on time and/or b: avoid taking morning classes.

A bike is a good investment but you really don't need an expensive one (in fact I'd recommend against getting an expensive one, bike thefts are really high around the beginning of the school year). And if you do get a bike, and I can't stress this enough, get a U lock. They're super hard to cut and make a lot of noise in the process so most bike thieves won't bother with them but make sure to loop it through the front tire and frame. Worst case scenario, they'll steal your back tire but its better than your whole bike.

Someone mentioned that you should avoid apartments and go for housing. Honestly apartments are fine as long as they're not student living apartments. Avoid student living like the plague. They seem tempting at first, furniture and utilities included plus separate leases, but you're generally stuck with shitty cable/internet and the furniture is basically low end IKEA stuff. Yeah it'll be a bit more expensive getting furniture at first but you can find decent stuff for cheap on craigslist. And you'll save a lot more if you have people paying for single rent then individual leases.

I'd assume many of you will be looking for jobs. If you're trying to support yourself on a single fast food job you're going to have a bad time. They generally give you basic minimum wage and don't give you many hours to begin with. When I was working at TC I was making $70 per week max. My roommate who works at JJ makes about the same. Really the only way to get decent money doing fast food is delivery. Go for retail/grocery store jobs. They suck too but you'll get decent hours at least.

And last try to avoid spending too much time in your dorm/apartment/house/etc. It's okay to be introverted (but as cliche as this sounds) meeting new people is part of the college experience. If you live in a dorm, try hanging out in the lounge. If you're in the other living spaces, eat at the dorm cafeterias (terrible food but you'll meet people). And joining clubs is not a bad idea. There's generally something for everyone.

u/oO0-__-0Oo · 5 pointsr/CCW

Depending on your location and school, having a gun in your dorm may not be illegal, but merely against the university rules.

If you are going to leave the firearm in your car, I suggest you disassemble it and take the complete upper (slide, barrel and recoil spring assembly) with you. Those components are not considered a firearm, and it leaves the receiver in your vehicle much less valuable a target for theft.

As for securing it in your vehicle, cheapest and most effective option is running a quality U-lock through the mag well and attaching it to a car seat frame (leave it underneath the seat).

This is a good U-lock:

u/Sheol · 5 pointsr/bicycling

I biked through Wichita Falls this summer on a cross country trip! Biking from Wichita Falls to Lawton, OK was one of my favorite days of the entire trip. Might not be the prettiest city, but some of the countryside north of there is great. (Also you guys have the Hotter Than Hell 100!)

For accessories you definitely want to get a hefty U-lock (this is a good one) and learn how to lock it up correctly. If you are going to be biking at night, get a front and rear light. If you are sticking to roads with street lights you need a "be seen" front light, if you are going to be biking in the real dark you'll need a higher powered "seeing" front light.

u/zerostyle · 5 pointsr/cycling

Here are the must-haves for anyone:

  1. A helmet that fits

  2. A portable pump like this Lezyne pump in case you get a flat

  3. Backup tire tubes / patch kit / tire levers for the same reason as above

  4. A good bike lock - I like this Kryptonie Series 2 kit

    Optional but nice to have:

  5. Water bottle cage & water bottle

  6. Bike shorts or bib

    Depending on riding conditions:

  7. Bike lights/reflectors

  8. Cold weather riding gear (pants/etc)

  9. For commuters, panniers/etc

  10. Or a small backpack
u/harpuajim25 · 5 pointsr/NYCbike

Reminder to people that a cable lock is about as secure as a piece of rope in this City.

If/when your sibling finds their bike or gets a new one please purchase this for them as a gift.

u/Ginger5nap · 5 pointsr/bikecommuting

Even though U-locks are a nuisance, I'd stay with it. They're generally the most secure type of lock and if you get it through your frame and rear wheel, that's two sections of your bike you don't need to worry about. I always put my U-lock through my belt so when I'm on the bike, I don't notice it. I've got this lock and it's tiny. It came with a frame mount as well.

u/McBashed · 5 pointsr/bikecommuting

Bike thieves are the worst. I'm sorry, it's shitty.

Do yourself a favor and invest $40-50 in a kryptonite bike lock... check this one out on amazon

Lots of people don't know but Kryptonite offers a program that if you register your bike with them after buying a lock, they guarantee it's safety. And by that I mean they will offer a value $$ if your bike gets stolen and you can produce the cut lock back to them.

Worth looking into, don't trust purely cable locks especially a hardware store brand. You really get what you pay for.

Edit: Also, if you register your keys online and somehow lose both of the ones you get, they can send you new keys to get your bike back :)

u/TheTreeMan · 4 pointsr/OSU

A 2,500 dollar bike is a bit much, but if you really want to bring an expensive bike on campus, get a nice U-Lock!

This is the best one I've ever used. I have a pretty nice bike, and somebody tried to cut through this lock to get to it once. They only got through the few mm thick outer rubber layer, and then gave up. It's a bitch to cut through this thing.

u/CamelCavalry · 4 pointsr/lifehacks

/r/bicycling will be very happy to help you with this if you decide you want information. Here's the short version:

Locks aren't guarantees, they are deterrents. You just have to make your bike not worth stealing. Whenever possible, lock your bike in an area with plenty of pedestrian traffic, and where other bikes are locked.

Cable locks (example) are weak. They are for keeping somebody from walking away with your bike. If a thief has come to steal bikes, the thief will get this one, no sweat.

If you need something long like that, you can get a lock and chain (example) but be sure it's intended for use as a bike lock. Ordinary chain from a hardware store is too easily cut. This method is heavy and bulky, but it works.

My recommendation, to keep things affordable, simple, and convenient, is to buy a good U-lock (example). Kryptonite and On-Guard are popular, reliable brands, but there are others.

Most importantly, make sure you lock your frame to the bike rack. If you don't lock the frame, the battle is lost. Wheels are easily stolen, so lock these up as much as possible. If I'm being quick about it, I pass the U-Lock through the frame and rear wheel as well as the bike rack (the rear wheel is more valuable), but the front wheel can be detached to lock with the frame and rear wheel using the same lock.

You can look into locking skewers and such to protect your wheels and seat, but the priority is to use a good, strong lock to lock your frame and rear wheel to a highly visible bike rack. Also, keep a photo and detailed description of your bike WITH YOUR SERIAL NUMBER so that if anything happens, you can file a police report.

u/zedmartinez · 4 pointsr/bicycling

If you aren't in a city with notoriously high and advanced bike theft, and aren't leaving it out overnight, try this:

The long shackle is technically less secure, because it's easier to leverage open, but in a place without a lot of racks it's a blessing to have, because you can fairly easily find /something/ in short walking distance that'll go around, unlike the smaller Ulocks that mostly only work with racks (or, I've found, bikes without big bags and wide upright handlebars). It's a good medium security lock, and both sides of the shackle lock. Downsides, it's heavy, because big, but not as heavy as a chain which is your next smart option (don't get cable locks, they can be cut soooo easily), and the mounting bracket is OK, but I've had two of them fail. I just carry mine in a bag now. This is a little lower security lock, but still a mighty fine one in an area with mostly thefts of opportunity. The included cable is for passing through your wheels for a secondary bit of safety. It's the best selling option at the good local bike shop out where I am (Indianapolis).

As for using them, this is the classic guide: His method is routinely the best, but without racks it can be hard to lock through the wheel and not the frame. If you can't lock through the wheel, make sure the shackle goes through one of the triangles. And, no matter what, lock to something securely attached to the ground and don't lock to anything the bike can be lifted off and over. Be sure and try lifting any cheap racks you do come across, you'll be surprised how many aren't bolted down right... or at all.

u/Aperture_Kubi · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

> -If you ride a bike around your campus: get a u-lock and a u-lock only.

And use it right. Through at least the the frame and bike rack, front tire if you can, and if it came with an extra chain/cable, loop that through the back tire.

This kind of lock set is what I mean.

u/aggieotis · 4 pointsr/bicycling

Here is an excellent run-down of the topic:

Best take-away quote from the article:

>What does it mean that a “decent” lock takes 63 seconds to breach with an angle grinder whereas the “best” takes 117 seconds? Exactly what it sounds like: almost nothing.

Therefore get the Kryptonite Series 2 lock with a cable for attaching your wheel.

Also how you lock your bike, what you attach it to, how long you leave it there, and where you leave it have much more of an affect on your bikes overall safety than the difference between withstanding an angle grinder for 1 minute or 2 minutes.

u/dangerousdave2244 · 4 pointsr/washingtondc

Im so sorry this happened to you. I cant give any better advice than has been given, however, I have advice on how to prevent your next bike from being stolen.

I REALLY hope that cable lock in the picture isnt the lock you used. Using a cheap $20 lock to protect what I'm guessing is a $600 or more bike is asking for trouble. For your next bike, get locking skewers to protect your wheels. They make it practically impossible to remove your wheels when used right. Then get a U-lock, and use it anywhere on the frame. If you only protect your frame and not your wheels (aka if you dont get the locking skewers, or use a cable lock for your wheels), then you're looking at paying around $200 per wheel in aftermarket parts.

Locking Skewers:

or the best:

For U-locks, any is pretty good, but the higher-end you go, the better, and DEFINITELY sign up for the insurance the lock comes with! Here are two of the best:

u/juggerthunk · 4 pointsr/bicycling

I'd buy this one instead.

I've personally been using that lock for the past year or so when I lock my bike at the train station.

edit: Fixed backward link syntax.

u/hitman3333 · 4 pointsr/boostedscooters

I use this:

Which is also the lock that LickPickingLawyer uses:

I park for a few hours at a time during daylight on busy streets in nyc.

u/BinaryMn · 4 pointsr/Rochester

A decent chain lock works just as well as a U-lock, and it's more portable. I wear mine like a belt and there's no problem.

u/Shaunosaurus · 4 pointsr/unt

How much you willing to spend? The best money can buy is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit but it's pricey.

What I use is the ABUS one. Used it ever since freshman year and still have my bike.

u/CrossXhunteR · 4 pointsr/Atlanta

I got this one which of course has gone down in price by like $10 since I ordered it two days ago.

u/AnteaterToAggie · 4 pointsr/UCDavis

If you buy "cheap", chances are that you're either buying something that's built to be a temporary toy or buying stolen (thus increasing demand for stolen bikes). What you need to do is ask, "Where can I get the cheapest price for an unstolen bike that will last me four years?"

The ASUCD Bike Barn's Aggie Bike Buy option is an incredibly good deal that few bike shops can match. The guy who runs the shop (Robert) is ultra-sensitive about the cost of bikes but since he and his team has to fix the bikes, he's always looking for the best value. An 8-speed Biria ($475) will be enough bike for most riders. Coupled with their 4-year unlimited labor plan ($175), you will have a bike that will work well for 4 years. (Just make sure to put the plan to use! If something doesn't feel or sound right, take your bike in for a check-up!)

But you also have to keep that bike secure, so you NEED to purchase at LEAST one great lock and at LEAST an supplemental cable. My favorite setup is the Kryptonite Evo4 standard size U-lock and cable. It comes with an anti-theft guarantee of $1,500 (as long as you register the lock, use it correctly, and file a police report if the bike is stolen)!

That's probably more money than you want to spend, right? $475+$175+$60 = $710 (plus tax). But that will get you:

A non-stolen bike you want to ride, will be rideable for 4+ years, and that will likely not be stolen (if you actually use the lock correctly). If you purchase a "cheap bike" (Walmart, Target, Costco, Big5, etc.), you'd be lucky if it lasts the year. And if your bike doesn't work, then you've just wasted your money.

u/s0rce · 4 pointsr/cycling
u/utopianfiat · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

Honestly, if you live in an area that's urban enough to commute by bike, you either need a mini-lock for your front wheel, a nice long chain lock, or buck up and secure your bolts.

u/nickpickles · 3 pointsr/evergreen

First off: spring for a ulock. Might I suggest this one. Don't get one too long, this size (7 inches) is about the max you want to go, and unless you have a beefy mtn bike will clear the rear triangle/wheel with room to put to a pole. This will secure your bike very well and give little traction for people to put a pry bar into it. The Kryptonite Evo series is a good balance between weight and strength, but remember that with time and force anything can be broken into.

With the rear of your frame and tire secured connect a thick wire to the lock (the one included will work and is lightweight) and loop it through your front tire. It won't take very long with good bolt cutters to chop this, but it will thwart anyone looking to quick disconnect your front tire and run with it.

As for the light: does it have a quick disconnect to it? If not, look into acquiring one, or building one. A lot of bike thievery is on accessories/front tires/seats/crappily locked-up bikes. If you have an expensive seat, put a thin wire around it and connect it to your ulock and/or get hex or other bolts for your seatpost. They make security bolts which require a special head for seatposts/tires/etc.

Spend a little bit to save your investment/transportation. If you lock it up well it will be less of a target.

When on-campus also check out the Evergreen Bike Shop which is a volunteer-ran (I volunteer during the school year so come say hi) free bike area for you to work on your stuff in. Check the sxhedule to see when it's open and call ahead to make sure someone is there. All the tools are free to sue and there are free parts bins all over. Tubes and other items can be purchased for a great price, as well. They don't do the work for you but can teach you how to maintain your cycle if you lack knowledge in this area.

Have fun!

u/nimblerabit · 3 pointsr/bicycling

The kryptonite mini is $35, but is an absolutely fantastic lock if you want to go up that high:

I'm sure there are lots of other good U-Lock options on amazon and other retailers though, just take a look around.

u/dcgi · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Yeah it's a Kryptonite evolution mini, a good strong lock, that doesn't weight much (compared to say the very secure fahgettaboudit, although you will have to be a little bit more picky about where you lock it up to get it through your back wheel/frame/non-movable object.

u/racergr · 3 pointsr/Edinburgh

It was locked in the staircase (inside of the main door) with this. The lock is also missing so I have no way of knowing if it was picked or cut (I presume picked). I also had this as an extension but that is still intact and left there. It was stolen between 22:00 on Thursday 22/08 and 09:20 the next morning.

It was only the second time the bike was locked there and it was only a few times that I came in/out of the building with it (therefore not very seen in the street). Also, there was no evidence of breaking-in on the main door. These make me think it may be an inside job.

And the really disappointing bit: I used to be pessimistic and not celebrate my birthdays very much. But things have become better in my life and I thought it's time to do a proper birthday with presents, party etc. I've worked overtime to afford it and on the day of the birthday I discovered it's stollen.

u/raceman95 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Water bottle cage:

Water bottle:


Optional cable:

Helmet: there's a lot out there, you really don't need to spend a ton, but don't buy used.

Just because this is what I use doesn't mean you have to. Look around and buy what you think is best for you

u/melvinrdrgz · 3 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

It was a quick in-n-out. I usually have a cable lock with me for the front wheel, but forgot to grab it. Also, these BLB King hubs use 8mm allen bolts opposed to traditional wheel nuts.

u/Jacob_The_Duck · 3 pointsr/bicycling

There is nothing cheap or shitty about this lock and even the less intense locks are pretty damn solid and could easily be compared to locks twice their price.

u/captain_ramshackle · 3 pointsr/bicycling
u/Kazyole · 3 pointsr/bicycling

How big of a lock would you need?

I'm a fan of the Kryptonite New York series personally. They're super heavy duty...I can't imagine cutting through one...There's a 4x8 and a 4x10.25

I use the 4x8 to lock my frame and back wheel, and one of these bad boys to lock my front wheel to the frame.

It's overkill...I know...but I'm in New York.

Amazon is actually very reasonably priced on all of those by the way...if you're looking to order online.

u/phototheory · 3 pointsr/UTAustin

As someone who has gotten a bike stolen I cannot recommend this u-lock strong enough. I have a pretty expensive road bike, and using two of these has keep me safe ALL this semester. HIGHLY recommend. The only con is that these u locks are heavy--they're built like bricks though. Don't skimp out on the locks--you'll regret it. Also, remember to lock your wheel and frame to the bike stand, and to lock your back wheel to the frame. Sometimes they'll simply take your wheel so don't risk it!

u/jbcorny · 3 pointsr/bicycling

good questions. this mini u-lock combined with a cable [to secure front wheel, too] is what is now used by most who are serious about securing their ride.

and these two rack designs are typically preferred in the u.s.:

new york city rack - nyc is making this their "city approved" rack after a thorough design contest. bikes can lean against it to be stable; can lock the front, rear, and frame easily; and it looks very clean from a design standpoint

typical "u" tube: these are found a lot and function very similar to the nyc rack. aesthetically they're not as nice but a lot cheaper and good function. you can see how the yellow bike can secure both wheels and the frame.

btw - what country?

u/ikarios · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Look into the Kryptonite Evo Mini or Fahgettaboutit mini U-locks. They're about as small and light as they come without compromising security or getting a lock designed for a chain.

u/walrus0 · 3 pointsr/vancouver

In that case, nothing less than this:

If it's a really nice bike people -will- strip the parts off it, in five minutes with some hex keys your shifters, rear derailleur, etc can be gone. In a Shimano component world I wouldn't lock any new model bike with better than Deore (MTB) or 105 (Road) components in public. For SRAM, not better than X7...

u/150DudeandStillYoung · 3 pointsr/bicycling


Moved from a suburb (where I could have left the bike unlocked in the back of a truck for 2 hours without a worry in the world) to a city for work. Brought the Giant Escape 2 my Dad had given to me, but only had a cheap cable lock and hadn't been given access to my work's bike cage yet.

3rd day of training, my start group and I were headed to happy hour. I walked outside and the bike was gone from the rack outside the office.

I was able to look at the security footage; some dude literally walked up, cut the lock discreetly, and walked away like it was his.

Filed a police report, and went to happy hour. Then I bought the Escape 3 and a Kryptonite U-lock and didn't bring the bike to work until I had bike cage access.

u/warpzero · 3 pointsr/toronto

I went all out and got the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit:

This lock is small, but JUST the right size to lock your bike, with no room for anything to get in to pry it. It's a very solid lock.

u/imjusthereforab · 3 pointsr/bicycling

It's worth noting here that all kryptonite locks are not made equal. this $75 mini is going to be far more secure.

u/AwkwardCow · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

Let's be real here....locks are only deterrents for honest people. If someone wants your bike, they'll find a way...

But to OP...if you want to make it a damn tough job to get your bike, invest in one of these...

Your lock is only as strong as the weakest link so don't skimp on anything else if you're going to get this..I've held it in person it is pretty heavy...I'd say a good 4 or 5 pounds even though Amazon says's definitely not only a pound. But there's no way you're going to cut that off with boltcutters, you'd need an angle grinder. Keep that in mind if you're going to get it.

u/RacerX3888 · 3 pointsr/longisland

New York Fahgettaboudit, This is the bike lock I use, its expensive but its pretty much the only lock you'll ever need. Just the look of it alone is enough to make robbers look the other way.

u/redaroodle · 3 pointsr/CargoBike

Here's what I do for my Bullitt: One Kryptonite Fuhgeddaboudit (small as you can get), and a set of Pinhead lock set (locking skewers for wheels and locking seat post collar). A slim Tile under the cargo deck sealed with 3M Heavy Duty Packing tape.

With the pinhead lock set, you only need to lock the frame with the Fuhgeddaboudit U-lock (typically I lock at one of the lateral vertical braces parallel to the head tube, or if I have the big cargo box for the kids on the front, will lock around one of the rear seat stays).

Kryptonite Lock:

Pinhead lock set:

u/AAjax · 3 pointsr/ebikes

I have a kryptonite fagetaboutit mini for the primary and employ two folding locks on the front a rear to cover the wheels. Usually a multiple lock approach means that many more cuts and will make your bike that much more unattractive to pilfer.
Stay away from any cable solution, they are worthless.

u/annoyingbeggar · 3 pointsr/CFB

You need this. Register your bike with them and they will replace it up to $1500 if it's stolen.

u/grantrules · 3 pointsr/bicycling

This one is the minimum kryptonite I recommend to people in NYC. Even that I think is a little weak if you're going to be locking up all day during work/school or whatever. For all day or overnight, I usually recommend the Krypto Evolution Mini and a wheel locking system like Pinheads.

u/kindastonedguy · 3 pointsr/cycling

this is my thought process

  • go cheap, go used. you might not like it. might find one you LOVE a few months later. might decide you like hybrids more.

  • expect $100 or more in after bike purchases. GOOD lights (at least $30 for each). so many people go cheap on lights. its way cheaper to get a $50 light than a trip to the ER cause you didnt see that crack, hole, bottle or someone driving/riding didnt see you. also, helmet. and might i recommend gloves! they really help me. extra padding, super gripy even when you sweat. also, if u go used might need a new tire or two. maybe $50 ish on a tune up at the local bike shop. practically a requirement in some peoples opinions.

  • if you're commuting you'll need some kind of storage system. many people love panniers (side bags). i prefer backpacks.

  • u lock. get one. if you suddenly find a bunch of money get this.
u/tngdiablo · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I've got this behemoth and sure it's big and heavy, but I just wrap it around my waist when I'm on the bike. I leave my bike at a train station for as much as 12 hours, so I need something that will make thieves move to the next bike.

u/aaabballo · 3 pointsr/MTB

My insurance is called the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit

It definitely insures me it won't get stolen :D

u/justshowmethecarsnax · 3 pointsr/Denver

If you're like me your bike frame might not fit a u lock like that. I've heard good things about this type of lock:

u/AspiringVoiceOver · 3 pointsr/Portland

You can't get better than this.

It weighs a ton, and takes about 45 minutes to sawzall through.

The lock is a disc tumbler lock, so it can't be picked or screwdrivered. No non hydraulic bolt cutters can cut through it.

u/nkya · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

Bike's not going anywhere unless they got a serious angle grinder (which some do, but probably not worth the risk of ruining the grinder trying to get an older bike)

u/bourbonben · 3 pointsr/ebikes

Bringing it inside mostly...

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated...

This isn't the most secure lock, but it beats a cable lock and I don't have to lock up anywhere particularly high risk. Lowe's might be the most sketchy, but they've got a nice sturdy bike rack.

u/Doctor__Butts · 3 pointsr/lockpicking
u/SillyCubensis · 3 pointsr/MTB

Kryptonite Keeper. Realistically a thief can cut through ANY lock in a few seconds with a battery powered grinder and a cutoff wheel. The keeper is tough enough to keep someone from grabbing and running and light enough to carry.

u/Call_Me_Salamander · 3 pointsr/UCDavis

When it comes to books, you should always wait until the first day of class so the professor goes over what you will need for the course. For some classes you might not even need a book at all! You will not be using the book very much if at all the first week of the quarter so you will be perfectly fine waiting until the first day or two to order your books! I recommend avoiding the bookstore because it tends to be overpriced. Amazon has much better deals if you want a new book. For used books, join the Textbooks for Sale Facebook page, which is part of the UC Davis groups on Facebook. Also, many people obtain their books in PDF format online or through others who have taken the course. While this is not legal, it does provide for a very cheap alternative to buying your books (but again, it is illegal in most cases unless the publisher has explicitly released the book online in PDF format free of charge!)

I live in West Village as well actually! If you are in a furnished apartment you will get a bed, desk, nightstand and dresser to yourself. You also get a TV stand, living room table, dining table, and a sofa included that you will share. I recommend coordinating with your housemates on what to bring. That is what I did and it is way better than bringing 4 sets of silverware, plates, etc. Is there anything specific you'd like to know about that you should bring? The bare minimum (computer, clothes, kitchen utensils) is what I brought and I am doing just fine!

As for bikes, I recommend a single speed or standard road bike for commuting. The commute from West Village to the middle of campus on bike is 5-7 minutes depending on how fast you biking.

If you are looking to spend under $300 then buy a nice, used road bike when you get to Davis. There is a Bikes for Sale page for UC Davis on Facebook that is regularly updated! Craigslist works fine too. If you are looking to spend $300 or more, ($300 to $500 can get you a good quality bike that will last you throughout college) I recommend checking out this website:

I personally ride a Single Speed and I love it! It has no gears so you don't need to worry about shifting. It is lightweight, fast, and reliable. I have the Windsor The Hour from BikesDirect (it was $300 when I got it). I recommend the Mercier Kilo TT if they have it in stock (it is extremely popular so it is hard to find in stock). Otherwise the Dawes SST AL and Windsor TheHour/Clockwork are great too!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Edit: I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me /u/nTranced. A good U-lock is a must in Davis. Bike theft isn't extremely common but it does happen from time to time. If you have a nice bike make sure it is locked up with a U-lock. I personally recommend this lock as it is a good combination of price and effectiveness:

u/littlep2000 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I bought this set as good decent lights, not the brightest, but enough to see in city/town conditions in the dead of night, probably okay if you are very rural;

As for helmets, more cost generally means lighter/more ventilation, depending on how much either of these means to you.

On locks, I'd suggest a set like this;

it will allow you to lock the frame/rear wheel with the U, and the front wheel with the cable. It terms of safeguarding your bike, it's more like defensive driving; how, where, time of day, amount of people around, prevalence of bike theft, are bigger factors than the size of the lock.

u/PointsIsHere · 3 pointsr/cycling

I have a Monster cable lock now and just read the reviews on the brand for the first time. Definitely need to upgrade. I am thinking about something like this. U-locks are supposed to be great, and the cable would help keep the wheels safe.

u/alc6379 · 3 pointsr/chicago

Speaking of limited means, people will steal a bike that's only worth $100. $100 can be a lot to someone with limited means. If they lose their bike and have trouble getting into work, they're out even more.

That sounds obvious, but I'm getting somewhere with it. The argument of "they should protect their stuff better" falls flat when you start talking about people of limited means. A "decent" lock runs about $35-40. That's a lock you're going to be able to break quickly if you have an angle grinder, or even just a long enough pry bar. To get really good (note: not impenetrable) security, you're looking at about $100. And that lock doesn't even include a cable like the $40 one did, so you're spending even more to make sure you don't get a wheel stolen.

So suddenly the person on the $100 used bike has to spend somewhere between an additional $40-100 to have a hope that their means of transportation won't get stolen. That puts an even greater burden on people with limited means.

u/Uvula_Fetish · 3 pointsr/milwaukee

Anything mid-range is fine. Ultimately, unless you want to lug a 20lb chain around, any sort of U-Lock or mid-range chain lock is sufficient for temporary lock-ups.

I've used both of the above at places like Bradford Beach, restaurants downtown, and Bay View on pretty nice bikes without ever having a problem. Make sure you lock up your front wheel as well, I see a ton of pretty average bikes sitting there without front wheels cuz somebody just used the quick-release and walked off with it.

u/PM_ME_FURRY_PICS · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Hence why you by a U-lock. Expensive as locks go, but cheaper than a new bike.

u/Just_AnotherRobot · 3 pointsr/UCI

I'll keep my eye out. That being said, might as well brush up on the bare minimums for keeping a bike safe.

Register your bikes. Multiple online services offer free registration and stickers. UCIPD and IPD both offer registration services. When bike thieves are busted, they could be in possession of your bike. If your bike isn't registered, then the cops aren't going to be able to contact you. Your bike will then be auctioned off by the cops. I think the proceeds go right back into the department. so i guess if you really like cops.. don't register your bike.

Keep your bike indoors whenever possible. Even hundred dollar U-locks can be sawed through eventually. A lock is ONLY a deterrent.

When it is not possible to put your bike inside, opt for a heavy chain lock OR a U-lock (Even better: a combination of the 2). Most cable locks are sold as accessory locks. If your lock was bought for less than 20 bucks, it's only for show. ex. 35 bucks. Onguard is also a pretty okay brand.

even though irvine is a low crime area, because of uci, irvine's going to always be a target for bike thieves. Combine life inexperience with laziness, and you'll get sitting ducks like 200+ dollar bikes being locked up with what functionally amounts to pieces of string.

u/Katapesh_Express · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I would return what you bought and buy this instead.

It's the same price for a better lock combo.

u/KittyKatB99 · 3 pointsr/oxforduni

Tbh I got a set of cheap silicone lights from China off Amazon. If you forget to take them off and they get nicked, it’s not the end of the world. I got three pairs IIRC. Something like this:

For a lock, I bought this because it comes with a cable so you can also secure the front wheel of the bike (seen so many bikes with quick release wheels have had the front one nicked):

u/LMMontalbano · 3 pointsr/NYCbike

Thanks! Any tips for where to sit/how to hold the bike on mass transit? I was successfully able to hold it out a little bit so that 2 people could sit on either side of me and nobody licked the flood trying to walk around the bike.

I read how to correctly lock up a bike, and bought this: It has good reviews so hopefully it'll work out.

u/HammerTimeHTFU · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I use this to lock the frame and front wheel to whatever I'm locking my bike to and this to secure my back wheel to my frame. I also fun a wire through the second one to secure my saddle.

Locking your bike up is all about deterrence. A determined and knowledgeable thief can get through any lock. The best way to deter a thief is to make sure other bikes are more attractive targets. A good thief could get through both the locks I listed - and any other lock - with an angle grinder, but the trouble of getting through one very heavy duty lock as well as secondary one will make a thief think twice when 90% of the bikes locked up are going to be easier to steal.

As far as other tips: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BIKE OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT! Bring it up to your apartment or dorm. This isn't always possible but the chances of a bike getting stolen go up tremendously if a bike is left out all night in the dark. When your out and about during the day, try to lock it in a well trafficked area and if possible somewhere where there are other bikes which - as I said - will hopefully be easier targets for theft. Better them than you bro.

u/descafeinado · 3 pointsr/cycling

your best bet is probably to find a reputable used bike shop and talk to them about your needs and what you're looking for. bike slug on bedford av. in brooklyn is an excellent place to go for that, as is frank's on grand street in manhattan. it'll cost more than getting a bike on craigslist, but you can also be sure that everything works correctly. the other reason i would suggest a used bike is that it's much, much less likely to get stolen in NYC. BUY A GOOD LOCK AND USE IT.

as far as bike type, the classic bikes for riding around the city are: (1) rigid mountain bikes like this one, because they're cheap, strongly built, and they're very fast if you replace the off-road tires with road tires. (2) road bikes from the 70s and 80s, which are similar: fast, cheap, and you can still get replacement parts if something breaks. it's pretty common to replace the drop handlebars with upright bars, which give you better visibility. (3) you could consider a single-speed, which is simple to maintain and easy to ride, but it'll be kind of a bitch climbing up the bridges.

those kinds of bikes will be perfectly fine for any ride under 10 miles. (that's basically the distance from chelsea, uptown to columbia, and back-- or the distance from prospect park to coney island.)

u/gwhilts · 3 pointsr/cycling

I use a Kryptonite Mini Evolution and find that it fits perfectly in the back pocket of a pair of jeans.

u/onlyamatterofthyme · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Budget's too low to buy a quality lock. Just browsing and the cheapest one I would recommend is this one.

There are some OnGuard ones too for less, but the reviews were mixed and some said that the locks freeze in the winter. You could check those out if you want but read the reviews because they do some sneaky things like making the U part thinner to save on weight (but it actually just makes it a easier lock to break).

u/khasiv · 3 pointsr/BikingATX

As far as a lock goes, your best bet is a U-Lock with cable (similar to this - try to buy it locally!) AND to take it up to your apartment when you're home. There is absolutely no reason to leave your bike outside your apartment, even on the balcony. If you can fit it into your apartment that will be the best way to prevent it from getting stolen, and also keep the components from corroding from the humidity.

u/pronto185 · 3 pointsr/bicycling is what i have, for when you do get a better lock i recommend that

u/JeronimoColon · 3 pointsr/boostedscooters

According to the WireCutter’s testing KRYPTONITE is the best - but keep their assessment in context - the best only affords a couple of minutes security given aggressive lock cutting. You can read the analysis here: Best Bike Lock

I personally own: Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini 18mm U-Lock Bicycle Lock

Hope that helps.

u/MilwaukeeCitizen · 3 pointsr/bicycling
u/lastfire · 3 pointsr/uwaterloo

That's just the way people are .. people will steal whatever they can get your hands on.

Do you have the serial number of the bike? You might be able to go to the police and report the theft and hope someone gets back to you.

Unfortunately this might be one of those times where you learn a lesson and move on since bike theft is pretty common in Waterloo (just do a quick google search and you'll find multiple instances of this happening)

Some tips for next time:

make sure to buy a decent U-Lock with a cable it's going to be bulky and expensive but worth it since thieves go for the easiest bike they can get their hands on. That means any bike locked with a cable lock can easily be cut in a matter of seconds with a pair of decent bolt cutters without much work. While we're on that point make sure to lock your bike securely. People generally recommend the Sheldon Brown Bike Lock method since it locks the frame and back wheel to the post making it more difficult to cut.

Second is to never let your bike unattended overnight especially if it is a public area like the garage of 333 Lester. Even if the building has a controlled entry secured bike room its always best to keep it in your own suite.

Yes it does suck having it stolen, you might have some luck if you browse kijiji/craiglist/fb buy and sell forums and see if you can find a bike that looks like that. Then if possible meet up in a secure location (police station) and examine the bike serial number/identifying features. Just know that a lot of the time it is very difficult to trace down theives and you might just have to take the loss.

u/artandmath · 3 pointsr/motocamping

I do the same thing at parks and forest roads. I don't have the budget, or want for hard locking panniers, so I just lock my gear to the bike.

I bring a small bike U lock that comes with a cable lock. The cable I put through everything I can, helmet, jacket arm, pant leg and loops on my soft panniers (I just stash my boots on the other side of the bike). The U-lock I put through the wheel to secure the bike. This is the one I use, but you can probably get a cheaper one

u/_McAngryPants_ · 2 pointsr/Portland

It really comes down to comfort. I leave a Kryptonite Chain Lock at work so I don't have to lug a serious lock w/ me every day on my commute. For popping into the store on my way home, I carry a Palmy aluminum u-lock which is by no means safe, but it IS very light. Otherwise, I carry the Kryptonite mini u-lock

BUT...all this being said, if a thief wants a bike, they're going to get it. The only thing you can do is to deter them.

u/ddrt · 2 pointsr/bicycling

After reading all of the bike stealing threads, bike stolen videos etc. I purchased:
and this
and this

I think I'll be good.

u/oasispaw · 2 pointsr/bicycling

i used a kryptonite evolution lock. it's small, so i keep a cable coiled around my seat post for when i can't find anything thin enough to lock my bike to.
i like it:

u/Lieutenant_Crunch · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

I wouldn't get a brooks. They are pricey because they become super comfortable after some use, but the downside is that they are theft magnets. If you get one, lock your saddle with a cable, or take it in with you, but these things go missing on my campus all the time. I'd just ride the stock for a while, when you want to upgrade, go into your LBS and nab one from them.

As for locks, U-lock+Cable in conjunction will be best. If you pick one, do a u-lock. Kryptonite is well-recommended. They have a few models:

The New York is the big boy, nigh indestructible lock. But probably not necessary for a windsor the hour.

Here's what I use, but I sort of regret it. It feels cheaper (because it was cheaper) than other kryptonite locks I've used. The lock itself is fine, but I have trouble with my key after a few months of use (have to jiggle it around for a bit for it to disengage). If you're on a campus or in a smaller town, it'd be fine.

Just ordered this. My buddy has one and it's brilliant. Super light and small (smallness is actually a benefit as far as security). Can fit in your back pocket.


u/jaw0012 · 2 pointsr/Denton

Bike commuter and UNT grad student here. I don't hear that it's a problem on campus during school hours. You don't say whether or not it will be outside during the night or not.

If you have the money for a nice bike, you have thhe money for a good lock. I use this lock and recommend it heartily. Comes with three keys and is a little harder than others to break since it's smaller and harder to get the tools that thieves use around it. It comes with a handy little mount to for the frame. Like others have said, if you lock just the wheel, you're gonna have a bad time.

u/GretaX · 2 pointsr/Eugene

You're welcome! They send you a bright blue non-removable sticker to put on your bike, identifying it as registered with the police. Could be an additional deterrent, who knows.

Locking: Sturdy U-Lock (like the New York Fahgettaboudit) through the frame & rack, sturdy cable lock (I have this one) through the wheels and secured to your U-lock. Locks are still only a deterrent, but that and locking in a highly visible location could be enough. At least, I've had luck with it. Knocks on wood

u/Broken_S_Key · 2 pointsr/bicycling

sorry, I was only awake for about 45 seconds when I made my initial reply this morning.

Get a U lock from someone like Kryptonite or On Guard. generally the more expensive ones are safer. avoid cables. all locks will only buy you time. any lock can be cut with an angle grinder.

the goal is to make your bike harder to steal than the ones around you so in a city environment you want to really protect your investment.

the safest way to lock your bike up is by the rear wheel like this. personally I also lock the frame and rear wheel like this but Sheldon Brown and the site I got the images from argue that theyre the same. I lock the frame in part for its adding stability (my lock is a little long).

The rear wheel is more expensive than the front, so its not going to hurt as much to lose the rear wheel. however, if you want to lock the front wheel up too (maybe because its a quick release) you can lock the wheel to a post or to the frame using a U lock OR you can loop a cable trough the wheel and then slide one of the loop ends through your lock. this should only be a secondary defense for your front wheel and should not be used to lock your whole bike.

if you live in an area where a pencil thin coil cable lock is enough then just lock up the rear wheel with a U lock. you bike will be much more secure than the ones around you within a huge radius and you wont ever have to worry.

I have an on guard pitbull with the loop cable (I dont use it but its nice to have in-case I know my bike is going to be locked at night for a few hours in the city. thats the only time ill have it with me).

u/codewired · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I got a Ziotek Chassis lock to prevent people from opening the case, to quickly steal the GPU. Yes, anyone can bypass these lock, but it would be more challenging than just having thumb screws.

I plan on, within a few weeks, drill a small hole at the back of the chassis, enough to fit one of these padlock using this security cable , tied down to either the bed or desk.

  • edit: nvm, I don't think you can do this to your rosewill challenger. I can with my R4 because it has a side panel hand scoop thingy(don't know the technical term) where I can drill a hole Like this
u/otacon · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Long cable,Great padlock.

This is what I use.

With the thickness of that cable, it makes the padlock latch disappear.

No problems.

u/kelsoATX · 2 pointsr/Austin

Man that sucks.

I use this heavy ass lock. A hacksaw can still cut through it, but it takes more time.

I also use this cable to secure my quick-release front wheel.

There's no sure way to secure your bike, all you can do is use good locking stratagy. Lock it to something solid in a well lit place where people are more likely to notice a theif with a saw or bolt cutters.

u/inky_bright · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Instead of trying to get a U-lock around a crappy bike rack, pick up one of these double loop cables and keep it in your bag. It's just a short cable with a loop on each end. Put the U-lock around the seat tube and through the rear wheel (making the bike unrideable), then loop the cable around the rack and lock it to the U-lock. This technique also allows you to lock up to trees, lampposts, etc.

Edit: words

u/ood_lambda · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

The chain...maybe.

> Hexagon shaped, triple heat treated chain withstands 11 tons of cutting force.

That's a meaningless description without knowing the alloy and link diameter, but it looks fairly beefy in the picture.

The weak point is the small U-lock that it also uses. It's 1/2" (12-13mm), which is the same as regular Bike U-locks. At that point I'd rather have the one designed for bikes, is significantly lighter, and can be frame mounted easily.

The only potential upside I see is "security through obscurity". It may be different enough from other bike locks that thieves skip it because they don't know how to attack it quickly.

The absolute best thing you can do is just get renter's insurance. Mine is $10 a month and covers everything I own, including my bike.

You can also upgrade to the "New York" Strength Kryptonite lock, which is far stronger, at the cost of being massive and hard to carry. Just ignore the Kryptonite warranty, it's pretty useless. It costs quite a bit for a low level of coverage and requires sending back the broken lock which usually gets taken with the bike.

u/jeffpluspinatas · 2 pointsr/toronto

Kryptonite locks. The prices on Amazon are cheaper but $134 is the price you would pay in a bike shop.

u/soil_nerd · 2 pointsr/bicycletouring

Maybe call the local police station and describe your situation to them and see if they can help? Or find a local hardware store and buy the tools to get your bike back. OR, buy a higher end bike lock. After having my bike stolen I got a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit (2 years ago) and use it everyday in all sorts of weather conditions, it hasn't given me any problems yet. I think carrying bolt cutters is a little overkill, but I haven't done much bike touring, so really don't know.

u/yourenotmydad · 2 pointsr/Frugal

that is a little better than using a giant u-lock but i'd hate to ride all over town with a giant chain. ideally a smaller u lock for normal use, and then carry a chain for when you think you might have issues locking it up or leave that somewhere you will be locking it frequently. the onguard beast chain seems to be the go to and comes with a lock as well, and as far as i know the kryponite NYFU is still the best lock on the market though it is expensive.

honestly just get as good of a u-lock you can afford if you have reasonable access to bike racks, or get the chain setup if you are wrapping around posts or trees. anything is defeatable, your best bet is to make yours harder than someone else's lock and hope for the best.

u/stolenbikesdc · 2 pointsr/Rochester

Cable locks keep honest people honest. Consider something like this or this.

u/OriginalSyn · 2 pointsr/Calgary

Locally The Bike Shop has them for $119.99 (Bow Cycle also has them for $129.99) has them for $100.95 (I have Amazon Prime so 2 day shipping is free for me, I don't know what it would be normally)

u/CindyMcHinklehanky · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I had a bike that was 8 years old and in perfect condition. After a bad biking accident, I had stored it away for several years. It held a lot of memories of times that I had spent with my father; we rode bikes together almost every day for years before my parents divorced.

I finally got it back out, thinking riding to and from campus would be a great way to ease back into cycling. I got a cable lock and parked it in a patrolled deck. I rode it 3 times to campus, and on the 3rd time, it was stolen. I was totally, completely heartbroken. The cops who were supposed to be patrolling the deck were all huddled up BSing with each other. One came to take a report from me. He scoffed at me when I told him I had a cable lock, not a U-lock and told me I'd never see my bike again.

It's a shitty lesson, and it still bums me out pretty fucking badly that someone stole something so special to me. I know it was my own fault for not securing my bike properly, but I didn't realize how rampant bike theft is, especially in the city.

So, I feel your pain. It sucks to have something stolen and I'm sorry that you had to experience this. I immediately went out and bought this lock and am looking into some other locks for my wheels and seat.

If your landlord agrees to you storing your bike inside, I'd recommend this for storage. It's a real space saver in an apartment.

Good luck!

u/runningQ · 2 pointsr/longbeach

Can only be broke for the hacksaw in a very long time or an angle grinder. We could save it leaves never have angle grinders, but really only professionals do. And they are you really going after cheap bikes.

u/kheltar · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I'd recommend 2 locks. That way a thief has to have a way to beat both.

I have the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini u-lock and abus granit steel-o-flex.

For when my bike is at home I have this bastard. I'm aware it's overkill (10kg for chain and lock) the links are as big as my hand...

u/thisismycle · 2 pointsr/Cleveland

I have two bikes, one I bought from Century Cycles, and another I got off craigslist for super cheap. The one from craigslist is my favorite, and there were a ton more on there that I loved. The one I got on craigslist goes for around $700 brand new, but I got it from the guy for I think around $280ish.

I also live in an apartment, and I bought one of these: holds both bikes just fine, and they are both large sizes (for someone around my height - 6' 2")

EDIT: also get yourself a nice bike lock:

u/electricheat · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

Yeah, even better together. Though I see a slightly different combo used by the truly maniacal riders:


u/soundman1024 · 2 pointsr/Denver

That's why I have one of these guys.

u/scriggities · 2 pointsr/chicago

Not all uLocks are created equal. You should definitely make sure to be using one that is highly rated.

For exmaple, the New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock

u/2bluesc · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

This morning my Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock that secures my motorcycle decided to not unlock. The key enters the lock cylinder smoothly, and turns very lightly (too lightly?).

Pics of the setup

YT video of attempt to unlock

Any ideas? This is the heaviest U-lock I could find (18 mm hardened shackle). I'm at a loss for how to defeat it short of an angle grinder and I fear it'll just eat grinding wheels.

I've emailed Kryptonite after reading their support site but don't expect a response. It appears that this is a fairly common occurrence after Googling around.

Anyone stolen their own bike before and have ideas of how to liberate mine?

u/vaporizor · 2 pointsr/bicycling
u/CubsFan1060 · 2 pointsr/FortCollins

I don't think that's totally fair. This is a great bike, but you're talking like it's a $10,000 bike.

I hate to say it, but your bike is probably not going to be found. So lets focus on the next one.

Best precaution: get a good bike lock. Lots of places review them, here's one:

They are expensive, but not as expensive as losing your bike.

This seems to get good reviews:

And comes with a $1500 guarantee (as, with most guarantees, it's a bit of a pain to collect, but at least it's something)

u/Adirael · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

A bicycle one I bought while living on London, someone tried to break through it and they couldn't, so I suppose it's good enough.

It's a Series 2 IIRC, like this one. I use it in combination with my disc lock.

u/CarlinT · 2 pointsr/bicycling

>Is there a specific type or brand that you know of? And where would I get this, a bike shop?

If it's a little, use clear coat nail polish, if it's a bit more... maybe spray can from like walmart. I'm not 100% on this.

>The lever feels normal when I brake, I just feel like the actually brake pads aren't gripping the wheel well so it's kind of slipping.

The pads are cheap <$10, but take in your old ones to the store so they can match it up right.

THis is the lock I use... I bought it a few months ago when it wasl ike $35.... u lock for the frame and backwheel + cable for the front wheel.

u/d_e_r_e_k · 2 pointsr/aggies

There's no 100% theft-proof method which sucks but it is just the reality. But you *can* make it damn hard. Here's what I did b/c I was in the same situation as you.

  1. Invest in a good fuckin chain. Any chain can be cut with enough time but a thief won't waste time on a bike with a heavy chain when there are plenty of bikes/scooters/etc. in Cstat up for grabs. I bought a used one of these:
  2. Always lock your steering when parking
  3. Best place to park would be a house garage. But if you're like me and live at an apartment, park in a highly visible area with foot traffic and preferably with other bikes/scooters (strength in numbers, yo). And *make sure* there's a steel beam/pole or some shit you'll be able to chain your bike up to. Bonus points if there are cameras too.
  4. Having a bike cover would help too but I don't personally use one.

    The key in all of this is to make your bike the biggest pain in the ass to steal. You don't have to do all of this, just be better than the other guy who parks his bike in the area.

u/vowelqueue · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

In addition to the threat of being stolen, the weather may cause certain components like the chain to rust more, especially if you don't use the bike that often.

If you must leave your bike parked outside, you should get a high-quality bike chain to lock it up. They are heavy but more secure than a u-lock. Something like this:

u/Sophrosynic · 2 pointsr/vancouver

Make an insurance claim.

For future reference, use an insurance provider that doesn't cap the value of bikes at an unreasonable level (I use TD). Also, that lock is pure garbage. Get a heavy duty hardened steel chain, and a very small and expensive U lock. Eg:

u/elpierce · 2 pointsr/Austin

Sorry, dude. That sucks.

Consider getting one of these for your next bike.

U-Locks and cables are famously easy to bypass. Chains are much, much more difficult to bypass. Bummer nobody told you that when you bought the U-Lock. :-(

u/sutiibu · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

After my third bike was stolen, I started using one of these. Over the past 2 years, I've gotten a lot of compliments but no visible molestation of the lock itself.

u/BenedictKenny · 2 pointsr/chicago

You'll only need one set for the rest of your life and this will never happen again, trust me. That one's actually on special, so you should do it.


u/biscuitsarefodunking · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

My observation from a Uni where pushbikes regularly got stolen, is that even really phat cable locks get cut with bolt cutters. I'd have more faith in this style, tho to be fair, I've not got a clue what I'm talking about....

u/JustWinBabyy · 2 pointsr/cycling

What do you mean lock proof? Just get one of these. I rock this in the city in LA with no problems.

u/idknythin · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Its pretty decent looking bike and it'll probably be locked up for a day at most so do you think it would worth upgrading to

Or this

u/pacofvf · 2 pointsr/mexico
u/sstidman · 2 pointsr/ebikes

I use the Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 to lock up my Juiced CrossCurrent S. The lock is quite heavy but manageable. And it is a bit on the short side but long enough to get the job done. I also got the Kryptonite Anti-Theft Protection Offer. It cost $25 for 5 years of bike theft insurance.

I also got the GPS option when I bought the bike. It’s not super accurate but is generally good enough so that I’ll get a warning if the bike moves out of the geofence and can give a rough idea on where the bike is located

While writing this it just dawned on me that I have not received the geofence alert in a very long time. I checked and found that the GPS has not updated its location in months!! I need to figure out what is going on. I see some posts out there that the Trackimo devices were based on 2G mobile equipment which the carriers have apparently turned off. And it seems Juiced may be helping folks with that. I’m very glad you posted or I could have found myself in a position where the bike was stolen and the GPS didn’t work. Assuming the 2G thing is correct, I’m a bit disappointed that Juiced did not notify me.

u/eobanb · 2 pointsr/moped

A heavy chain, probably. A regular Master Lock, no way. It's trivial to cut a padlock using boltcutters. We're talking 10 seconds or less.

Many riders I know swear by Kryptonite's New York series. Here's one that should pretty well for locking to a bike rack, parking meter, etc.

u/MotorcycleLover800 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use this for my scooter and motorcycle. Bought it when I bought the scooter.

u/Where_You_Want_To_Be · 2 pointsr/hondagrom

I had my GSXR600 stolen a few years ago, luckily I put GPS on it and I was able to recover it. I left it unlocked at my old apartment complex (used to chain it to a post with a huge Kryptonite MC chain/lock) for less than 6 hours, ONE TIME, and it was gone.

Besides using a disc brake lock, I also bought one of these:

D-yun Fake CAR Motor Alarm No Wiring Only Led Flash

It’s just a flashing LED, and I velcro’d the battery box to the frame underneath a fairing, so I can still switch it on and off easily, and change out the batteries. Then, I put the LED kind of near the triple clamp so that you can see it blinking if you were to sit on the bike, or look near the gauges. I use Lithium batteries and the thing lasts for 4 months or so, sometimes I even forget to turn the LED off for weeks, and it still doesn’t die. I would say this is absolutely worth the $10 on amazon.

Most bike thefts are just crimes of opportunity, and if someone sees a little light blinking down near your gauges, the best you can hope for is that they move on to someone else’s bike.

I recommend a disk brake lock, but with Groms, the things are so light that it’s not really hard to just pick it up and put it in the back of a truck and drive off. So don’t rely solely on the disk lock. Locking it to a post with a serious chain is much better than just a disk brake lock, but then you have to bring a chain with you in your backpack. I used to use this one at my apartment complex, but there's no way you could carry it around in a backpack, the thing weighs like 20 pounds. (Also, you can see in the reviews plenty of people still cut through these. A battery-powered angle grinder will pretty much get you through most locks/chains. Which is why the goal is just to make your bike harder to steal than all the other bikes around it.)

The thing with bikes is, if someone wants it bad enough, they will take it. Whether that means using a cutoff wheel to cut your chain in 15 seconds, or picking it up and putting it in the bed of their truck, etc. The best thing you can do is make your bike harder to steal, so they are less inclined to steal it.

If you want full protection, I highly recommend buying a GPS unit, I have two SpotTrace units that I bought on Amazon, you pay monthly but there is a promo code rn for 50% off of an annual subscription, so I think I got a whole year of service for $100. Their app works pretty well too, and if you use Energizer Lithium batteries, they last for several months. The ONLY reason I was able to recover my GSXR was because it had GPS. If it weren’t for that, I’d have never seen it again. There are other GPS units on Amazon too, SpyTech (I think?) makes one that uses 4G data, so if you live somewhere with good cell coverage, that's a good choice too. I think SpotTrace uses satellite data, so it's good for Boats, hot air balloons, etc (things that travel far outside of cell coverage) but it has also always worked well for me on my cars and bikes.

EDIT: The only reason I don’t like disk brakes with alarms is that some of them are so sensitive that they start going off every time the wind blows. You don’t wanna be the guy in your neighborhood whose alarm is going off every 15 minutes while you’re not home. Also, I’ve seen people pretty much “silence” those alarms with chewing gum.

EDIT 2: Also, know that the handlebar lock (the one you engage with your key) is a joke. Most bikes handlebars can be unlocked by sitting on the seat, leaning back, and kicking the bars using your legs and leverage. Sure, it will break the lock mechanism, but the thief doesn't care.

u/lilfunky1 · 2 pointsr/askTO

Pick up something like this to chain the e-bike up with:

Kryptonite 999492 14mm x 60-Inch, 1415 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock (Black)

u/Van-van · 2 pointsr/TinyHouses

This very cut resistant chain: Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

Paired with this movement alarm: XENA XX15-SS Stainless Steel Disc Alarm

And yea.

u/Mr_Ected · 2 pointsr/bicycling

You'll pay in weight and cost, but this is probably about as secure as you'll get.

u/protiotype · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Both and yes it's not much harder to carry than just a cable lock if you coil your cable like this.

This is what I use: (but the comment on the mounting bracket are valid - you can work around it or buy a replacement one).

Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with this product apart from owning it myself, nor do I have anything to gain other than reddit karma - in fact, if everybody started using locks like these in my city, I might have to start looking to something better...

u/sebwiers · 2 pointsr/bicycling

The Evo 7 mini is a more secure and not quite as heavy for not much more cash. But the one you linked is fine as well.

u/WA1996 · 2 pointsr/UBC

This is the lock I have

87 reviews not a single one complained about bike being stolen, so IDK

u/dr3 · 2 pointsr/Austin

$150 for two locks. A nice U-Lock and a nice cable lock presumably. She probably overpaid, but maybe something like this and this.

u/CSM3000 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Everything is cuttable. An angle grinder can cut through 1 inch of cable in less than a minute.

2 locks does tend to discourage them especially if one of them is this.

I recommend a thick chain lock for the other lock.

A little pricey, but should last a very long time.

About 2 decades without a theft using this system myself.

u/beard-maketh-the-man · 2 pointsr/Leeds

Hope you manage to find it.

Keep an eye out on gumtree / ebay. But there's local markets too, although it'll probably be sold to a mate for a few quid :(

Was it locked up with just the cable lock seen in the photo? If it was, sadly you've learnt the hard way about how poor they are (you can cut them quickly with a simple hand tool).

This is a good enough combo for £20:

u/flalak · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I got this from my lbs for about 50 and I would recommend something similar. A u lock to go through the frame, front wheel and bike rack and a cable to go through the rear wheel. Maybe something like this from amazon. The keys are nice too cause I can just keep one on my keyring.

u/powerpants · 2 pointsr/MTB

The shape of the frame seems like it could be a complication, not just for locking it up with a u-lock, but also with attaching a bracket to carry the lock while riding. For example, this lock comes with a mounting bracket that seems designed for road bikes.

u/albertogonzalex · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

Buy a U-lock for around $50 (Krypotnite or Abus)

The most importan thing when locking - make sure one wheel and the frame (not the fork) of the bike are inside the U-lock. Ideally, whatever you're locking to is also inside the U-lock. However, sometimes this is not possible. The cable is used to attach the other wheel to the u-lock as well. In the situation where your frame, wheel, and object you're locking to cannot fit inside the U-lock - use the cable to lock around the tree/pole, etc. and keep the u-lock on your bike/wheel.

u/Attunement · 2 pointsr/EDC

I purchased this one from Amazon, I've only needed to use it a couple of times but it has some really solid reviews.

u/MurderJunkie · 2 pointsr/riddeit

To answer your first question in terms of areas where bike theft happens more, I'd just say avoid areas that are hidden or away from every day pedestrian traffic. Don't lock it up in an alleyway that people never go down.

I have a bike that is about the same price as yours. I've been commuting all over Columbus for five years now and I've never had my bicycle stolen.

I would HIGHLY suggest that you get a good u-lock. That's all you really need. If you're concerned about someone running off with your wheels you can also get one of the u-locks that also have the cable for your wheels. Here is the U-Lock that I bought I've had that lock the entire time and I've had no issues with it.

Also, make sure you lock it to something sturdy. Preferably a good bike rack that you can get your bike lock through the frame of your bike. I prefer to lock it through the back wheel and the and the top bar that goes from the seat post to the back wheel.

Also final word of advice is definitely do not leave your bicycle out over night.

Additional stuff. If you have any stuff on your bicycle, like a light (you should probably get one if you plan on riding at night, and get a nice 550 lumen one), make sure you take them off when you've locked your bike up.

u/benryves · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I'd opt for a combination of a D-lock and a cable lock, such as this Kryptonite set. The D-lock is passed through the frame, rear wheel and bike rack, and the cable is looped through the front wheel and connected to the D-lock.

u/physhhgdd · 2 pointsr/bicyclehawaii

I use a Kryptonite lock series 2 lock (*Version*=1&*entries*=0) . Using anything other than u-lock is just asking for your bike to be stolen. Any sort of cable lock is /very/ easily cut with bolt-cutters. If you'd like, you can come to the co-op, Cycle Manoa, and we can show you how easy cable locks are cut. Even if you order the poorest quality u-lock you can find, you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of cable locks. The general rule for bikes, is to spend at least 10% of what the bike costs(replacement value) on a lock. For a $100 bike, that's generally ~$10, but most locks under $30 aren't worth buying.

The most important thing with bikes is to be the best secured bike that's in the general area. When possible, lock your bike up next to bikes that are less well-secured than yours. If you have a nicer bike with a u-lock, next to a shit bike with a cable lock, they're far more likely to steal the bike with the cable lock than yours.

You're very accurate in thinking cable locks are easily cut though. They only deter the extremely casual thief, most cable locks can be defeated with simple diagonal cutters, and absolutely all cable locks will fall to bolt cutters.

u/gnopgnip · 2 pointsr/cycling

You can get a good u lock and cable for about $40 in the US. If you are not in a high theft area like New York City I would go with this lock and cable. Or this one. Lock the back wheel and frame with the u lock and the front wheel with the cable. The onguard locks are also a good deal. The higher security ones are relatively cheap compared to abus and kyrptonite, but they are heavy and probably overkill unless you are in a high theft area.

If you are in NY, SF, DC and you plan on locking it up unattended I would get two onguard brute locks, or two other locks that have to be cut twice. The locks are thick enough that an angle grinder or very large boltcutters are needed to break the lock. It would require a thief to use an angle grinder and cut at least 4 times to steal the bike. It is hard to get the right positioning to cut that many times and no one is going to that much trouble for a cheap hybrid bike when there are much easier and more valuable targets.

u/smartfon · 2 pointsr/sanfrancisco

>Ask me how I know.


Must be an intern if they gave you the shitty job?

I use a Kryptonite U-lock for the frame/backwheel and a ~10mm cable that runs inside both wheels and the seat column. I'll look into buying one of those heavyass chains to add it to the u-lock. Thanks for the tips.

cc: /u/matt_the_hat

u/Ghetto_Ghepetto · 2 pointsr/cycling
u/JiForce · 2 pointsr/berkeley
  1. Lights yes. Drivers here suck. Pedestrians here suck. Hell, most of the other cyclists on campus and around Berkeley suck too if I'm going to be honest... You want everyone to see you, and you also want to be able to see, especially the potholes and pedestrians.

    It's winter so lights are a super worthy investment, especially because they last a long time and you'll be able to use them for years before you run into battery/durability issues.

    You don't really need the lock posted in the comment you replied to. I mean I have one myself and all, but I don't carry it normally because the value of my campus commuter isn't worth the weight of the lock (that bitch is heavy.) I only use it if I happen to want to ride one of my nicer bikes around, or if I'm going to be parking my bike at the BART station or downtown for a whole day- that kind of thing.

    IMO the Evolution Series 2 U-lock plus the cable is going to be fine for most on campus usage as long as you're not leaving the bike unattended for a whole day, or overnight. Biggest thing when locking up is doing it properly. Make sure the u-lock gets the frame and your rear wheel both, and use your cable for the front.

  2. It's a pretty meh choice. A popular bikesdirect road bike is the Windsor Wellington, but I wouldn't recommend it either. The money you save on the bike itself is not worth the frustration from riding a poorly assembled and adjusted bike. You'd pay $100 at any of the local shops to have them assemble and adjust it anyway, and riding an improperly adjusted bike is an un-fun PITA. Doing the assembling and adjusting yourself is "easy" but doing it right takes some tools you may not have, and some finesse that takes a while to learn. That being said, the cheapest road bike from one of the LBSs (Local Bike Shops) here will run you at least upper 600s IIRC, so take your pick.

    If you think you'll be riding regularly though, as transportation and recommendation, I highly recommend you go with an LBS option because people who know what they're talking about will guide you through your choices.
u/kelny · 2 pointsr/cycling

IIRC Target does not sell any good locks. Buy one online or at your LBS. I have a Kryptonite 2 and it has saved my bike at least a couple times. Maybe later I will post the picture of someones failed attempt to hacksaw through it.

With proper locking technique you shouldn't have to worry during a 30 minute errand, especially if you locked the bike in a place that is well traffic'd and well lit, though I never leave my bike outside overnight if I can help it.

u/zzx4n · 2 pointsr/cycling

i think im gonna follow ur suggestions, ty.

u think this is a fine lock for a relatively cheap bike ?

also, i have a bike right now, i bought it for like $50 a few years back, but it seems too small. like, the frame is too small and the seat is too low down, so its really difficult for me to ride. the times ive ridden it to the gym it was the worst leg day of my life because i get so sore riding it, and i'm pretty sure it shouldn't be like that. i need a bigger frame and higher seat, no?


u/shmrg · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I agree with /u/kidsafe on almost all counts. Abus is also a solid brand, I just have more personal experience with Kryptonite. [Here]( keywords=kryptonite+bike+lock) is my recommendation, and what I personally use

u/pixel_nut · 2 pointsr/MTB

Personally, I'd say stick with a reputable u-lock and pair it with a cable lock for the wheels. A good u-lock oughta require electric rotary tools to get through, and make a ton of noise and take some time. Remember with security locks, it's not a matter of can it be broken but how long it takes.

I like this set: Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (4-inch x 9-inch) with 4-Foot Flex Cable

u/ummmbacon · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Here are some links:

The sweethome recommends the Kryptonite Series 2 package deal which you can get for $32+S&H (also note students can get Amazon prime free for six months).

The second video is a guy from NYC rating people's locking of their bikes. Which is really worth watching, a lot of the time it is more that people don't lock their bikes properly than having a bad lock.

But as Sweethome says if your bike is less than $1K then just use the Kryptonite Series 2.

If it is >$1K then they reccomend the NYC Kryptonite Series. Which is $75 at amazon.

u/BeeVoltage · 2 pointsr/Portland

I ride fulltime and find that so long as it's a stable bar to lock to (shake it to make sure it's connected at the base on both ends), and you have a cable and u-lock (don't skimp, get a Kryptonite) then you should be in great shape in most parts of the city. The only times I've been nervous, I've been able to find a lock spot within eyeshot of the place I'm going to. I do not lock up my bike for more than about 3-4 hrs in one spot.

When in doubt, ask the business if there's better options for your bike. I once went to lock up outside of Cooper's Hall, and a business owner neighbor let me know Cooper's had bike parking inside because that area is especially prone people stealing things.

DO make sure your bike serial number and pictures are on your phone and with the registry in the horrible case that it does walk off!
Edit: commas, added advice

u/RoyGilbertBiv · 2 pointsr/bicycling

This method is probably the best all-round:

I don't live in a particularly high crime area so I don't carry my cable usually, just a long shackle U-lock since I also don't live in an area with particularly great bike racks.

u/cupcakegiraffe · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For quasi-anonymity, would it be possible to not state where I go to school?

If so, I'm on my second year as a transfer student in animal science. I love animals and I love caring for and spending time with them, so this degree will allow me to be paid for doing what I love. Some possible career options would allow me to be able to work with animals and people, helping them to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

I walk every day to school because my bike lock rusted out and I don't trust that my lockless bike on campus would be there when I returned. I would enter for a lock for my bike so I can have either a few more minutes of study or sleep, depending on the day. Thank you for the contest. =)

u/Aeacus- · 2 pointsr/bicycling

It's a not very good ulock but I'd take the first one over the cable lock. This is the basic entry level lock I recommend. The problem with cable locks is small wire cutters (pliers sized) can nibble through them in a short time frame. Or bolt cutters can instantly cut them. I wouldn't bet that the ulock you posted above would stand up to small to medium bolt cutters either.

The kryptonite ulock I linked will stand up to most bolt cutters (I think I've seen a video of some one getting through one with a pair of 4 foot bolt cutters). Thats big enough to be obvious and uncommon in my area.

u/tuckermacleod · 2 pointsr/cycling

my hub dyno lights are integrated, so I'll skip past those

u/gavvvy · 2 pointsr/bicycling

A bit cheaper online for sure, but usually when I need a new lock, I need it now.

I'm talking about the Evolution Mini 5 at minimum, $44 or so on Amazon (plus shipping since I'm in Canada and Canadian Prime doesn't have it)

u/danosaurusrex13 · 2 pointsr/whichbike

To save a bit of weight, you can get one of the smaller U-locks like the Kryptonite Mini 5 and then lock it to the rear wheel, through the rear triangle.

u/haploid-20 · 2 pointsr/bicycling

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Product 1: Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (3.25-Inch x 5.5-Inch) (B005YPK9C0)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|


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u/KEN_JAMES_bitch · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Does she have a U lock? The nice and thick U locks can be somewhat expensive so I think it'd be a good gift.

Also a nice multitool is crucial for serious cyclists to fix stuff on the go and to just have an all in one tool for working on the bike at home.

u/greenbud1 · 2 pointsr/ireland

This is a top lock and what I think is a very fair price:

If not that, try to find a tested and approved lock such as a Sold Secure Gold rated lock:

Lastly, consider the Sheldon Brown method or using 2 different types of lock (U-lock + chain. Nearly all cable locks, no matter how thick, are useless). The theory is different locks require different tools to break. However most thieves only carry tools for 1 type of lock and will move on.

u/krostybat · 2 pointsr/france

Si tu prends ça tu devrais pouvoir résoudre le problème du vol (Pour un vélo normal, pas un truc à 2 000€) .

u/Gatecrasher3 · 2 pointsr/toronto

Thank you everyone, this was super helpful!

Went with this after seeing some of the prices on my way home from work:

u/thtd · 2 pointsr/glasgow

yes the kryptonite locks come with a long cable to loop through your wheels for for quick releases. I use this one:

If you register the lock too they will give you money towarda a new bike should the lock be broken and the bike stolen. Double check the terms etc but im sure thats correct. Ive had my lock for about 2 years now!

u/JordanTheBrobot · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Fixed your link

I hope I didn't jump the gun, but you got your link syntax backward! Don't worry bro, I fixed it, have an upvote!

u/random19 · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

awesome, thanks man.

I went ahead and got this

So now i have a reg ulock, mini ulock, and the cable. As well as the pinhead nuts in the saddle/front wheel/steering.

Hopefully my bike will now at least be super inconvenient to steal.

u/fucknozzle · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I use one of these

It's not particularly light, but it is physically quite small. The downside is it doesn't reach very far, but I can actually fold it into the almost non existent space under the seat of my MT07.

I also use the disk lock part of the Abus suggested by /u/jonnogibbo , which I just lock through the passenger footpeg guard when not in use.

u/perennialExhaustion · 2 pointsr/SBU

Kryptonite Evolution Series-4 1016 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock Bike Lock (5.25")

u/albiorix_ · 2 pointsr/RadPowerBikes
u/Jandishhulk · 2 pointsr/vancouver

Not trying to give you a hard time here, but rather give people the best chance to avoid having their bike stolen.

Angle grinders will cut through absolutely anything. Your only defense for a nice bike is to have the greatest amount of hardened steel to cut through to access that bike.

While the 4 series Krytonite is a good lock, it's still only a 14mm hardened shackle. There is significantly less material in a 14mm shackle compared to say a 17mm or 18mm shackle found in the OnGuard Brute series ( ), or the Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit ( ). The 4 series, as well as these larger lockers are double bolted, meaning you'd need to cut through both legs to access the bike.

Keeping your bike an a public area where multiple people will always be in view of the bike means that a thief will have to stand there for 5+ minutes or potentially more (a battery operated grinder is likely to die before going through both legs of one of the larger ulocks, requiring a battery switch), creating an extreme amount of noise and sparks in the process.

Having used angle grinders regularly in my industry, I can assure you that they are not likely to go unnoticed by literally everyone in the area while being used. It's not at all like a set of bolt cutters.

u/jaydengreenwood · 2 pointsr/Winnipeg

If your bike is worth keeping: - like every security measure it can be cut but it takes time. There will likely be lots of much easier bikes to steal around you so no one will bother.

u/ItsaSnareDrum · 2 pointsr/onewheel
u/Galtego · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

>Is 1 U-lock and a cable enough

This can heavily depend on the brand. No lock/chain/cable will 100% protect your bike, the goal is to either make it too much work, too much time, (edit: too obvious in public,) or not worth the time. You should be asking yourself how much is your bike worth and how much are you willing to invest in protecting it, both money wise but also time wise (how long do you want to spend locking and unlocking your bike every time you park?)

Edit: This would be my general recommendation if you have a bike worth protecting but are still on a budget, here's a video of a locksmith breaking it down

Edit 2: For comparison this is a lock that would make thieves' mouths water, you could break it surrounded by a hundred people without even looking like youre stealing a bike

u/oezm · 2 pointsr/pedale

Monsieur Cycles. You'll get an affordable and good-looking tank. Then, wire it to the national database (here), get yourself a robust U-lock and you'll be fine. Your initial budget (400€) will do for the ensemble.

u/Aww_Shucks · 1 pointr/bicycling

I'm having a hard time deciding between the Evolution Mini and the New York Fahgettaboutit Mini (need to carry the lock in my backpack on my way to classes)...


u/pentium4borg · 1 pointr/Frugal

/r/bicycling and /r/whichbike should be able to help.

Don't buy a department store bike unless you want it to fall apart in 3 weeks.

Get a good bike lock for your next bike. Cable locks can all be cut with bolt cutters in 5 seconds. You need a U-lock; something like this at minimum, this is better, and I have this which is one of the best locks available. Learn how to use your bike lock properly.

u/runningscared · 1 pointr/bicycling

I like my Kryptonite Mini with a cable to lock up the front wheel. Also, once I got everything dialed in and I knew I wouldnt be making anymore adjustments, I superglued a bb into all the hex key heads so people couldnt steal my saddle and other bits. Its a bit of a pain to dig the glue out to repair stuff but at least I know my bike and bits will be waiting for me when I return.

u/rideyourbikela · 1 pointr/BikeLA
u/scottbruin · 1 pointr/bicycling

I second Sheldon Brown's locking strategy. I have a Kryptonite Evolution Mini which I got from a company through Amazon (cheaper than in stores). U-locks are most commonly defeated with a jack (like a car jack) but this is small enough that there won't be left over space to fit a jack in.

I use the Sheldon Brown method as described in another comment. This is perfect for parking meters and street signs in an urban area.

Also, don't buy a super expensive bike = less to worry about. And, don't park it in the same place for a long while (friend's bike got stolen because he left it on campus for 3 days) or same place every day on the street (e.g. if you commute) as the experienced thieves will look for targets.

P.S. What city are you in?

u/wondertwins · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

Do you think this lock will be big enough to lock like that?

u/percypersimmon · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

I use the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit through my front wheel and frame, then loop this cable into itself through my saddle and back wheel and lock the end up in the U-Lock.

~$70 for a bigger piece of mind.

u/farineziq · 1 pointr/cycling

Your story saddens me. If you live in a big city, bike stealing is a real problem. However, bike is way to fun and good for you to give up. To avoid being stolen in the future, here are my suggestions.

Have the best lock you can find. Even the most expensive lock kit is still probably cheaper than buying a new bike. Also, make sure you watch a couple youtube tutorials on how to lock your bike, just to be sure you're making the best out of it. Also, you can choose a more modest bike, or simply make it look modest. Maybe don't clean it too often, etc, be creative!

If you live in a big city, you will most likely lock it close to many other bicycles. If yours has the thoughest lock and doesn't look like the best deal they can come up with, shitty bike stealers won't choose yours.

That said, go back to the camera guys and the police. They can't all be dicks. Seriously, do it!

Personally, I lock my bike with this U-Lock around the back wheel and the body and this for the front wheel. I also keep easy to remove valuable stuff in my backpack.

u/xampl9 · 1 pointr/guns

You should get a padlock with the gun -- all the manufacturers are shipping with them now to comply with state laws. So all you need then is a piece of heavy furniture (like your bed) and one of these

u/GOTO_Velociraptor · 1 pointr/boulder

It was basically one of these with a simple padlock locking it together.

I don't know if they cut the cable or smashed the lock, there wasn't any debris left to tell how they got through it.

u/SirTwitchALot · 1 pointr/bicycling

Use the U lock to secure a rigid part of the bike to something. The less airspace, the better (to prevent leverage attacks.) If you want to secure your wheels or other parts of your bike, get a cable to go with your lock, something like this. In a pinch you can even use the cable with your lock to attach to something really large like a tree trunk (though it won't be as secure obviously.)

u/FailFastandDieYoung · 1 pointr/cycling

It depends how far you're willing to go. I have a beater bike I ride to run errands that I've designed to be unappealing to thieves.

-Fixed gear (high gearing)

-Frame wrapped in Skittles duct tape

-Pink handlebars

-Rainbow colored chain

-Rips in saddle

-Kyptonite Fuhgettaboutit New York U-Lock

All the components are as cheap as possible. 99% of the time I lock it next to a nicer bike that has a crappier lock.

u/jack_porter · 1 pointr/edmontoncycling

This is the lock that I have and it's considered the most robust. It's quite heavy though.

u/gingeryid · 1 pointr/chibike

Also, why is this lock so cheap?

u/XL-ent · 1 pointr/AskSF

> I probably won't buy a bike until I have the spare cash to get a nice one

Bike theft (and parts stripping) is a huge problem. "nice" bikes are at greater risk too.

As a bare minimum figure on a solid thick "U-lock" about $100 and a full set of antitheft skewers/seatpost/headset bolts for about $80.

u/justaquickaccount1 · 1 pointr/bicycling

If weight is not an issue, you should get the Kryptonite New York Lock. I have it and have never had an issue with it. It's pretty much as secure as you'll get with a bike lock, without resorting to incredibly huge, heavy, unwieldy solutions. I live in Philly too, which has a ton of bike theft.

This looks to be even thicker and more secure, but I can't tell from the picture how large it actually is.

For the most security, the lock should be small, but big enough to put through the frame and back wheel, while still having room to accommodate the front wheel (which you should take off and lock with the back wheel and frame, provided it's a quick-release wheel- if it's not a quick release, then get one of the cables or an extra, tiny u-lock to lock the front wheel to the frame).

Take some time to look up the most secure ways to lock a bike. It doesn't matter how long you've been riding for- if you're unfamiliar with how to securely lock up a bike, having a better lock won't mean much. How you lock it up, where you lock it up, and what you lock it to are all important considerations.

And just know that there's no perfect solution. If somebody comes along with an angle-grinder, your bike is getting stolen no matter how many locks you have on it. Exercise good judgement in how long you keep it locked up in one place (as in, don't just leave it out overnight in a high-theft area if you can avoid it). And even having a great lock won't prevent somebody from taking your seat, handlebars, headlight, reflectors, fender/mud guard, water bottle, or anything else that might be on your bike but not chained down.

u/chef_baboon · 1 pointr/cycling

I was considering this one like you mentioned, but the bike has front and rear quick wheel connects. I want to prevent someone from stealing the rear wheel+hub motor for example without needing 2 locks (like you have).

u/aldraek · 1 pointr/WTF

I've heard this one in particular is pretty fantastic.

u/GoatBased · 1 pointr/funny

The Fahgettaboudit U-Lock is pretty damn good. You can't use a scissor jack because it's too small and it would take forever to saw it off. It can be removed, but not without considerable effort and time.

u/nomnomno · 1 pointr/Seattle

Definitely get some sort of U-lock and preferably don't have quick release skewers on your wheels. Personally I use this lock, but you don't have to spend that much. One thing to note about U-locks is that smaller is better because it makes it harder to use leverage to pop the thing open.

u/Fake_Reddit_Username · 1 pointr/regina

When my bikes have been stolen the U-lock was cut with good bolt cutters. I have had them stolen from the university in the middle of the day even (granted in summer when there's less traffic). But they came and stole my and everyone elses bikes, there was a line of chains and locks on the ground.

Either you get a bike only worth 100$ and get a 25$ lock and accept it will get stolen at some point. Or if you have a 500$ bike you need to get something like:

Honestly my last bike that was stolen, the back tire was dented, the brakes were shot, and honestly the lock I had was worth more than the bike was when it got taken.

u/atetuna · 1 pointr/ebikes

My concern was how you'd transport it because bike racks often have issues with fat tires and non standard wheelbases. It could be a problem if you take the bus or catch a ride with a friend. It bugs me because it means my hitch can only be used for my fat tire ebike, or for cargo, not both. If I had built my ebike around a conventional mtb, then I could use this thing. The two bikes you're looking at also look incompatible with most racks that attach to a hatch. If you're always riding, then it's not a problem.

From watching the lockinglawyer and bosnianbill, I'd go with a ulock like the Uguard Brute or Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit. Their advantage is a shackle thicker than bolt cutters can handle right now. Get insurance though. There's no 100% foolproof way to stop thieves, so prepare yourself so the impact of a theft can be dealt with when it happens. I keep seeing pop up when it comes to ebike insurance. You might have renters insurance or something like that, but chances are they are against insuring motorized vehicles, which includes ebikes.

u/the_brizzler · 1 pointr/cycling

Just get the New York fahgettaboutit lock (should work for Boston!). They tested it by locking a bike up for 30 days and nights in one of the worst parts of New York City...the bike was eventually stripped all the way down but thieves were unable to cut through the lock and steal the frame. So tell thieves, "forget about it" (fahgettaboutit) with this lock,

u/ZotFietser · 1 pointr/cycling

Just remember that the best lock is one that looks better than the one next to it - it's a deterrent first and foremost (though the fuhgeddaboudit lock has a good track record).
And of course, if you can, try to keep your bike indoors or in a lockup if you're not on it!

If you know of any cycling clubs (or are already a member) you'll be able to get insurance cheaper through them usually. Ask your LBS - they'll know the ins and outs.

Pob lwc!

u/AWildMichigander · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Not the cheap ones. This would be my go to. The only way through is with an angle grinder, if you're using that to get a bike I'm sure it'll raise some questions with any passersby.

u/rocketwidget · 1 pointr/bikeboston

It depends on the u-lock. This one would be trouble for bolt cutters:

That said, no lock will stop an angle grinder ☹

Here's a great article:

u/hyperphoenix19 · 1 pointr/NYCbike

Try twisting my New York Fahgettaboudit mini-U you'll destroy the bike in the attempt.

u/ryan924 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I'm going to assume Philadelphia is a lot like NYC ( where I live) when it comes to bike theft, so I will give you the same advice I give people that move here. Get a Kryptonite u lock. This one is the absolute cheapest that you can go with, but you'd be mush safer going with this. Lock thought the front wheel and frame. I would suggest getting at least a cable lock for the back wheel. Anything quick release will be stolen unless locked down. Best to replace anything that is quick release. No locking method is 100%. Whatever lock you have, there is a tool that can break it. The only thing you can do is not make it worth the effort. So don't go locking up a super nice bike. Lock it whenever you're out of arms length. If someone jumps on it and goes, you'll never catch it.

u/Avocado_OverDose · 1 pointr/motorcycles
u/Birdoftruth · 1 pointr/Aberdeen

all that was very helpful, thank you. And that's sad that people are even stealing a wheel. Wouldn't have expected that so thanks for the heads up as well. Is this lock over kill?

u/mreastvillage · 1 pointr/ebikes
u/Devlinukr · 1 pointr/bicycling

High price:

Lower price:

The Kryptonite is very possibly #1-2 highest rated U-lock, the other highest rated would more than likely be even more expensive in the US so I wouldn't bother posting it.

The OnGuard is similar to the krytonite but not quite as hardcore.

u/CaptainScrummy · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

Same. Most days I lock up with a Kryptonite Evo Mini. If I need more security, I use a Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit Mini.

u/HenryJonesJunior · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Just as with any security, the point isn't to make it impossible to steal, it's to make it not worth stealing. If you have a good U-Lock, it's not worth it to try to steal the bike, especially if it's next to some guy with a lesser lock.

u/madstar · 1 pointr/vancouver

Spend money on a real lock, no cheapo $30 MEC shit. I use a Kryptonite U-Lock and a thick chain. Nobody is getting through this without some serious hardware. It's fucking heavy, but it's worth it.

u/SandtheB · 1 pointr/whichbike

Buy a nice quality U-lock, the price of the u-lock depends on the area you live.

In NYC where bike theft is very high, you need need need this lock Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 18mm U-Lock

Here are some good videos about how to lock up your bikes:

Hal Ruzal Grades Your Bike Locking (1 of 3)

Hal Ruzal Grades Your Bike Locking (2 of 3)

Hal Ruzal Grades Your Bike Locking (3 of 3)

Hal Grades Your Bike Locking 2014 (Part IV)

Edit: added additional videos.

u/jesusfapped · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Buy one of these,

Go to a pro engraver and have them engrave your name and number underneath the frame.

Get some spraypaint and make it look crazy and unique.

Don't park your bike outside and overnight anywhere.

Don't be stupid.

u/will5404 · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

The insurance can kind of be a scam if you read the details of it, but if you get a lock like:

It's very unlikely someone would cut it. It would likely take 5-6 minutes with an angle grinder....

u/mootpoint · 1 pointr/ireland

Get the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U Lock.
It's pricey but reliable.

or Cycle Inn in Tallaght sell them.

u/MJBrune · 1 pointr/PacificNorthwest

I feel for you. I'm sorry your bike got stolen. It's likely to not be returned. By some chance it is it will probably not be a condition you want it.

next time get this bike lock: and put it through the frame, front or back wheel and of course whatever you are locking it to. Worse case you might lose a seat if you don't take that with you and your other tire but at that point people would just move on. It being a high school though I would expect the seat to be slashed because kids are mean people.

u/onique · 1 pointr/nyc

He will never see his bike again. Pays to have renters insurance and register his bike at his local precent.

How about you do him a favor and buy him a real lock to prevent this from happening in the future.

u/NewYorkCityGent · 1 pointr/tall

FYI you can pick those Ulocks with a pen....may I recommend this one if you really want to keep your bike

Edit: Some of those old U-locks

u/TundraWolf_ · 1 pointr/bicycling

Damn. What maintenance crew has something laying around that cuts through hardened steel? I haven't commuted in a week or two (been sick :( ), I'll check mine after work and make sure it is still there.

edit: also good advice since he's going to be leaving it on campus. i'm sure they deal with abandoned bikes etc quite a bit and may have cutters. It really sucks carrying a heavy u-lock (mine is 5 lbs)

u/Wisey · 1 pointr/ukbike

I have that exact bike. It's a great entry level road bike! Done around 2,500km on it and it's still going strong. I've used it as a commuter with some security quick release skewers (so your wheels don't get stolen easily) and a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini (possibly the strongest U-lock you can buy, other Kryptonite locks are worth a look too though, for less money).

I have this rack for it. As long you're physically able to climb the hill then the bike will. ;-)

u/TheGhostyBear · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

Get two Ulocks and Bike thieves will avoid your bike most 9/10 times unless they are really desperate. I'd recommend this Kryptonite: link.

u/girKip · 1 pointr/whichbike

I'm looking into getting this lock. I've read that I should get those mini u-locks instead because there's less leverage a thief can use on it, but I also heard that they're sometimes too small to lock up onto things, so what do you think? I'l also probably get a dual cable lock from kryptonite also or maybe their new york chain.

u/God_Liver_Oil · 1 pointr/bicycling

Thanks for the advice! check out the link!

series two for half the price and free shipping

u/everynameistakenfuck · 1 pointr/videos

I work at a bike shop and my advice is get a U bar lock with cable. Put bar lock around rear wheel and frame and run cable through object you are locking the bike to and back to the U lock.

u/NeonRedHerring · 1 pointr/FIU

There is a bike in the middle of the forest across from the stadium. It doesn't match your description, but hey, maybe you want a free bike. Bring a deadbolt, this lock is still on the front tire.

u/Ihaveablackcat · 1 pointr/bicycling

So this would be appropriate I assume?

u/rtaylo · 1 pointr/bicycling

I was checking out some customer reviews on Amazon and they said the lock gets jammed, just wondering what's your experience with that?

u/RWMaverick · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Question on bike security! I'm moving to Oakland and want to get some additional opinions on the setup I'm planning. I know that if a thief really wants my bike, they'll find a way to steal it, but my thinking is that if I can make my bike look especially hard to steal, very few people will bother trying.

First off, the bike will be in a gated garage under my apartment building. I'm going to place it on one of those Harbor Freight motorcycle dollies so I can position it between the wall and my roommate's car. The bike will be covered when I'm not using it.

For security, I have one of those Kryptonite locks I'll be using on the front disc. No alarm, though I'm thinking one with an alarm might be a good investment. I'm also going to make an anchor out of a 5 gallon bucket filled with quikrete, which I estimate will be about 100 lbs. I'm going to cast a thick U-bolt into it with a base plate to prevent pullout, then chain that to my bike's back wheel with this bad boy, which (according to some guy on YouTube) is resistant to anything short of the power tools or his best set of hardened bolt cutters.

I'm guessing the U-bolt would be the weak point here. The security chain is flattened so bolt cutters can't create a huge pressure point, whereas the U-bolt has a rounded cross section. If it doesn't stick out too far above the concrete, I'm guessing it would be hard to get good leverage on with bolt cutters, so that might help. I could use a coffee can as formwork to recess the bolt into the concrete, requiring the bolt cutters to be straight up and down in order to reach it and keeping a thief from gaining leverage on it.

Artist's rendition. Thanks in advance for any advice!

u/KASibson · 1 pointr/bayarea

Depends on the chain lock :)

If I have to leave my bike for more than 15 or 20 minutes, I use this chain lock.

u/heartbeats · 1 pointr/chicago

For what it's worth, this is the same price (cheaper, even) and provides significantly better security than the Hiplok. 14mm hardened manganese steel chain can withstand 16 tons of cut force... it's heavy, sure, but it'll keep your bicycle safe.

u/ProdigalSonReturned · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Skip the cloakd bag, sounds like a gimmick.

My situation is similar. I recommend you get:

  1. Locking skewers for each wheel (make your wheels harder to steal)
  2. A small chain lock to lock your seat to your frame (make your saddle harder to steal);
  3. A heavy chain lock, like the Fuhgetaboutit chain lock from Kryptonite (make your frame and bike generally harder to steal);
  4. A rear rack for your bike (to make hauling things easier);
  5. Ortlieb backroller panniers (same reason; also waterproof; also bulletproof; get two so you can balance loads on both sides);
  6. Fenders (to help stay dry in lighter rain and after heavy rains).

    If you intend to bike commute when it's actively raining, then you'll also eventually want decent rain gear. Shop REI, or if you have the cash, get the good stuff from Showers Pass.
u/santlaurentdon · 1 pointr/torontobiking

Yeah, I don't mind buying a couple locks. I was looking into these locks:

Kryptonite 999485 Black 14mm x 39-Inch, 1410 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock
Kryptonite New-U New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
Kryptonite New-U New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Abus Granit XPlus 540, U-Lock, Key - USH, 160x230mm, 6.3''x9'', Thickness in mm: 13mm, Black

Probably gonna get the NY chain, and one of these U-locks. Tough decision between the three u-locks. I don't know if the mini Fahgettaboudit will be versatile enough. I like the mounting bracket that comes with the Abus, but the 13mm shackle is putting me off. However, my research tells me that the Abus is the most pick-proof.

Feel free to chip in if u have any suggestions. I had no idea that UofT was that rampant of an area for bike thieves, damn!

I also have a cheap $20 supercycle u-lock from Canadian Tire from when I was a kid, so I'll probably use that as a THIRD lock as well LMAO.


Another question I have though, is this: Will having 2-4 locks (2-3 on the frame/wheels and a small Abus $15 4mm chain for the seat) on a bike make it MORE susceptible to it being stolen as it'll certainly catch the eye of a thief?

u/NeptuNeo · 1 pointr/BikeLA

some good options to consider are these:

1: [Alarm Disc Lock] ( even though it says 'for motorcycles' it will work on a bike,

2: and this mega [heavy duty chain] (

3: and this lock, which I don't have experience with, has the highest rating from a recent review of the top locks [Abus Granit Extreme 59 U-Lock, 10"/16mm] (

u/itsmekai · 1 pointr/Albuquerque

Disk lock is pretty hard to beat for the price. Downside is thieves will just lift bikes into trucks, especially if they're in the open. Only takes a couple guys to lift a bike.

I'd also recommend chaining it to something stationary, if possible, using something like this.

u/makeinstall · 1 pointr/cycling

I have a 'Fagettaboutit' lock and this lock and chain but I rarely, if ever leave my bike out on the street.

u/thinkythought · 1 pointr/bicycling

i have one of these

there's a huge problem with it actually. it's way too goddamn heavy

seriously, the fucking thing weighs like as much as a fishtank full of water.

i've heard you literally cannot cut the thing in any reasonable amount of time, and only if you have a plasma torch. i tried a composite angle grinder on a u lock made out of the same material and had absolutely no luck.

u/aznfury · 1 pointr/ElectricScooters

I'm currently using's nice and strong. Echoing what others said..used for quick in and out situations. Never for over night or hours.

Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 Bicycle Chain Bike Lock with Evolution Series-4 Disc Lock

u/wheelssss · 1 pointr/toronto

The 2-foot version of the New York Noose chain has an excellent balance between weight and security. IMO, it's much more convenient to carry around and use compared to the regular New York chains:

The noose style enables the user to lock up the bike with half the length of a normal chain:

u/Tipps · 1 pointr/UBC

A bike and the bus pass included with tuition is enough to get you anywhere in the city. As it's been pointed out, UBC is on a high hill so take that into consideration when leaving campus by bike. Note that all buses have bike racks on them, so if you just can't make it up the hill, you can hop on a bus to make it the rest of the way.

The only thing I would suggest beg you to do is to invest in a very, very good bike lock or two. UBC is polluted with bike thieves who will pluck a bike from a rack in broad daylight. A good U-Lock, properly attached, may deter most thieves - but pairing it with a heavy duty chain lock (like this) will be much more secure - especially if you are on campus late at night. It may seem like overkill, but overkill is better than leaving class to realize your only mode of transportation was stolen out from under you.

If you use a cable lock, your bike won't last a month.

u/clarkclark · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

i use one of these. lock it through the frame and front wheel. with the chain you can lock onto prettymuch anything you want to. for worse areas i throw an evolution mini through the back wheel and seat tube and run a cable from that for my saddle.

u/exdiggtwit · 1 pointr/bicycling

Why buy/build a super light bike where you then must carry around a 15.4Lb (7kg) chain?

u/Quak89 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Kryptonite 999492 Black 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock

This 5 foot chain is long enough to wrap around a light post and go through your back tire.

u/Krankor · 1 pointr/PennStateUniversity
u/GreatMalbenego · 1 pointr/Ducati

Yeah man, just moved into a place with no garage or cover and was agonizing over how to keep my Monster from being an easy target. Found an article by a guy who used to steal bikes for a living. Said those disc locks are toys, the built in steering lock just takes a few firm kicks, and if nothing else two big dudes can just pick a bike up. He recommended the lock below, and make sure its through the FRAME (not swingarm, tire comes off quick) and anchored to something truly stuck in the ground. I've got mine on a big utility pole. Keep the outside of the cover dirty, but feel free to brush out/rinse the inside every once in awhile. If you can, find a place out of view of the main road but under lighting, or consider installing an outdoor solar powered/motion activated light (can be found for like $10-$15)

Kryptonite Chain and Lock:

Motorcycle Cover:

Also interesting to note, this once-thief said don't bother with GPS trackers. Apparently very few idiots steal and keep a bike. For the most part they'll find the tracker during teardown or damage the bike so badly you don't want it back anyway.


u/O365Finally · 1 pointr/Calgary

2 of these

Even has the bike insurance incase someone has a grinder and the time to go through 2 of these.

u/v3ra1ynn · 1 pointr/jerseycity

Make sure you get yourself a pretty heavy duty chain and lock it up to something that can't be cut easily. Something like this. It may seem like overkill but if its parked outside without something like this its only a matter of time before it gets lifted.

u/aaj213 · 1 pointr/LosAngeles
u/lottonumber · 1 pointr/bicycling

Any lock can be broken given time, more secure locks take more time. There are various opinions and you can look at various tests people have done (Men's Journal/Gizmodo). However I tend to recommend a u-lock, the chains are very secure but heavy.

Example of a Chain

The Lock I Have

Every brand has various security levels, so you can research and see where your cost to security ratio is, but a cheap lock will be cheap and easier to get through.

u/sucmyleftnut · 1 pointr/CarletonU

I've never biked to school here. But in the GTA I had my bike stolen. Now if I'm going to leave my bike anywhere I use one of these extra large chains:

Anything smaller can be easily cut or removed. I don't know how bad bike theft is here. If it's anything like the GTA then I'd invest in a good lock if your bike is worth anything.

u/JDSportster · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Also, they do make an even heavier duty version:

It's a bit pricier than you were originally talking, but it's some tough shit and can be bought in a 5 ft (1.52m) length.

u/guba807 · 1 pointr/CargoBike

Check out this gallery of my lock setup.
I had forgotted how I did the front U-lock in my last post but you can see it is hooked to the steering arm. The chain is 5' long so that I can get to any staple even if I can't put the bike close to it. This is also handy when I ride with the family and we just lock all our bikes together if we can't find something solid. this is the chain I use.

u/daddiaz · 1 pointr/NYCbike

I've got This lock set and i'm very happy with it. I Don't use the cable all that often, but i'm glad to have that option if needed.

u/legoing · 1 pointr/bicycling

Do you think the kryptonite mini 7 or mini 5 is better? I was reading that smaller is better in terms of having less maneuvering space for the thief. This combo doesn't seem like a bad deal.

u/havestronaut · 1 pointr/philadelphia

There are very good bike paths on Pine (East) and Spruce (West) as well as 13th (North) and 10th (South). These help quite a bit with the transition to riding in a city and connect with a few more that will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go. You just have to ride defensively and it's not bad at all.

As for theft protection, I ride with a good U-Lock and cable lock the bottom of frame to a solid pole, and weave the cable through my rear wheel and saddle. My apartment has a bike storage area in the basement. If yours doesn't, keeping it in a corner in your apartment is your best bet.

u/white_butterfly1 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Not my bike, but I've one of those locks before and yeah, super easy to cut. I highly recommend the locks I have and

u/Ultimaniacx4 · 1 pointr/ebikes

Something like this or this.

All locks are more deterrents than anything. If someone wants your stuff badly enough, they'll try and take it. But just about anything is better than a cable lock that can be cut in no time with a cheap pair of wire cutters.

u/deedeebee · 1 pointr/moped

is this the lock you were talking about?
Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock Chain Bike Lock, 33.5-Inch, Black

u/gbakermatson · 1 pointr/cycling

I have one of those absurdly bulky Kryptonite chains like this for the front wheel.

u/Zombie-Blade · 1 pointr/Wet_Shavers

I am thinking of ordering 2 of these. Amazon Link I have heard good things about these locks and I can get one red and one black. Do you know anything about them?

u/duquesne419 · 1 pointr/scooters

When you say chain, you mean something like this kryptonite lock, not something like this cable lock?

Cheers for the thorough response, I wouldn't have known about the cover holes.

Random follow-up: when do I need to be concerned about the kickstand? Is it only really hot days and fresh tar? I've just been using the center stand so far.

u/saxmanpi · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey there! I wish you the best of luck in your training and thanks for the contest!

My item is a bike lock. I'm going to be needing a one come Fall when I start school.

u/mania4conquest · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle
u/centurionotsoprotour · 1 pointr/whichbike

If you're not averse to heading across to Kirkland, this one is a solid option for $50: - 17" should be right for 5'6" and at that price you can add $20 fenders, a $20 rack, $20 in lights (front and rear!) and $40 on a u lock with auxiliary cable - bike theft is pretty rampant in Seattle and campuses are often hit. If everyone around you has sad cable locks and you've got the bother of a u-lock and a cable, your chances of the bike making it through the year in your possession increase greatly. (Hot tips on how to actually lock up once you have said lock - )

Alternate options: - up in shoreline and $155 but this Specialized Hardrock should be a good fit at 16" and still has a bit in the budget for a rack/fenders/lock/lights. Plus it looks to be in good shape.

u/leoberto · 1 pointr/bicycling

Road bikes are great lighter the easier it is to ride, it might be worth getting slime tyres to stop punctures, I have a triangle bag that goes inside the frame that I put a small pump and a multi tool in + my lunch on a weekday.

I would recommend two thick D locks to use when parking, I thread the 'D' through the bag buckles and keep the keys and lock in the Bag.

for weather gear you need a rain layer warm layer and sweat layer to keep out the cold. waterproof gloves, goggles or eye protection.

Fenders would be a good choice as well to stop mud flicking up.

Don't get a mountain bike, really not very easy to ride and heavy. Also lights

u/artemislight · 1 pointr/vancouver

Yeah, they're definitely more 'theft deterrence' than theft proof. Basically whatever makes your bike less appealing to steal than the cable locked one next to it. Generally Kryptonite locks are well regarded, but the price reflects that. They'll have different ratings for 'medium theft' and 'high theft' areas. Vancouver's generally 'high'. This isn't their highest $100+ style lock but it's nice because it comes with a cable you can use to secure the wheels if they're quick release - For reference, because locks are only useful if used correctly, this is a handy guide:

u/artoonie · 1 pointr/berkeley
u/gravity_wins · 1 pointr/cycling

> u think this is a fine lock for a relatively cheap bike ?
> tyvm

My girlfriend has this lock, the biggest flaw in it is that the lock only engages on one side, that means only one cut is required to remove the lock. Compared to the Kryptonite New York which engages on both sides, which means a thief would need to cut both sides of the shackle to remove the lock.

u/manicbassman · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I use the cryptoflex cables in conjunction with the D-lock...

I have a 4 foot one for securing my front wheel and saddle and a 9 foot one (kept in my trailer) for securing my cargo trailer when out and about with it...

u/dexcel · 1 pointr/londoncycling

Happened to me two weeks ago. Brooks saddle gone by green Park. So I've now got a third lock for my bike just for my seat. This lock

All in all a general pain

u/exceptyourewrong · 1 pointr/vegaslocals

I'm pretty sure Kazoo is making a joke about stealing my new bike, lol. So I'm not giving you that info.

But this is the lock I used: Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with 4ft Flex Bike Cable

I'm sure there are better locks, but it seemed to make the bikes next to mine look more attractive to thieves than mine was (when I used it!). I always put the front wheel, frame, and whatever I was locking to through the U and then ran the cable through my rear wheel.

u/Drum_Stick_Ninja · 1 pointr/gaming
u/outsidetheboxthinkin · 1 pointr/bicycling

I just got the most reviewd one on amazon:

My bike is a $800 Century 1 --- so not TOP tier but still enough to definitely be worried about...

u/deviantsource · 1 pointr/bicycling

This Kryptonite lock is what we had for both bikes. Note: They pulled the metal brackets the lock was attached to out of the wall to get the bikes. There is another bike wheel secured with the same lock hanging from one of the brackets - but the cable securing the frame was cut and the bike is gone.

So while I'll be the first to acknowledge that no lock will keep thieves away, in this case, the lock was enough of a deterrent that they felt it easier to physically rip off the the structure of the building it was attached to.

u/ababcock1 · 1 pointr/bikecommuting
u/bluesatin · 1 pointr/bicycling

After quite a lot of research, I've taken the plunge on buying a road bike for general use after not riding a bike in like a decade... Decided to splurge on a B'Twin Triban 500SE (shop link that'll probably inevitably break), rather than deal with the hassle of trying to find a second hand bike locally and deal with potential repairs etc. And of course for my own personal vanity of liking minimalist designs, the bike's look is perfect for me, I'm not the biggest fan of the more traditionally bright decals etc.

It'll be the first nice bike I've had as well, I had a massive mountain bike thing when I was a teenager but never used it off-road, considering I'm a slender fellow it weighed a tonne and wasn't much fun to use. It'll be interesting to see what a light road bike will be like. Can't wait for it to arrive! :D

I've been trying to make sure I don't forget any of the essential accessories I'll be needing. So far I've ordered these:

  • Multi-tool
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Mini-pump
  • D-Lock with a cable loop
  • Helmet

    Things I need to look at:

  • Lights Bought a NiteRider Solas and Lezyne Super Drive XL for lights.
  • Oil
  • Cover (since there's barely any room in my flat, might have to sort something out if I'm not using the bike often in Winter or something).

    Is there any other essentials I'm missing? I imagine there might be a lot of tiny things that I'm missing, stuff like reflectors.

    Also recommendations for the stuff I'm missing will be appreciated, I just bought some good rated stuff off Amazon, no idea if the reviews are completely wrong, I know they can be for some products I'm more versed in.

    Also any tips for someone's first ride in a while, and especially first time on drop handles? I've done some basic research on how to hold the bars and use the Microshift gear levers, but I'm sure there's little tips that might help.
u/day1patch · 1 pointr/bicycling

A very good lock (the one I use daily) is the Kryptonite Mini. It is a bit short, you won't lock your bicycle around lamp posts with this, only a bit thinner. However that gives the lock more strength and makes it a bit harder for thieves to wedge tools inside.

If you want a larger lock Kryptonite makes A variety of others, I would recommend This one, a friend of mine rides with that, but it is a bit on the heavy side.

u/Lostox · 1 pointr/SaltLakeCity

For years I used this lock in the high theft areas of SLC with my 1000$ road bike. Zero issues or problems. I'm fairly sure that after the BIC pen hack on older model Kryptonite these became the gold standard. Ive seen people that can crack them with a good car jack or grinder but i think the meth heads look for easier targets and lack that equipment.

u/flifthyawesome · 1 pointr/toronto

Should i get a multi-gear or fixed gear if i'm only going to use for commuting?

what's a good lock? is this a good one?

Sorry, but i really am a noob when it comes to bicycles.

u/coffeecache · 1 pointr/bicycling

As a college student at an extremely bicycle friendly university, this is the U-lock that I use.

u/ilipah · 1 pointr/MTB

I was just reading this review on Amazon and it looks like that lock can be cut with bolt cutters. I'd go for the higher end kryptonite locks, like this one

u/boomliftcertified · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.21 gigawatts

Ill be spending my weekend with my girlfriend looking at the apartment we'll be moving in together in

u/josgros · 1 pointr/ottawa

I just bought this kryptonite u-lock and cable from amazon. I feel comfortable leaving my bike alone. It's not an expensive bike ($200 bike from kijiji) but I love it and I mostly lock it up downtown. The only thing I don't love about it, is it's heavy/awkward to carry. I keep it in my backpack, but if it slides to a side, my whole backpack slides too. But I really don't mind since it's probably that weight that makes it so secure

u/_Imma_Fuken_Shelby_ · 1 pointr/bicycling

Is this bike lock too big?

I live in Chicago and just got a bike.

Size: (4-Inch x 11.5-Inch) U-Lock

u/oehokie · 1 pointr/bikedc

Not true

Or you can spend $42 and get the one with the cable too.

u/KnotHanSolo · 1 pointr/bikecommuting
u/pulwitzer · 1 pointr/bicycling

It is a >$1k bike but I was thinking maybe the NYC Kryptonite Series might not be needed. Could I get away with the Kryptonite Series 2 lock around the rear wheel + frame with the cable around the front wheel. I feel like that should deter most thieves. However, what lock should I get for the saddle? I'm thinking another cable around the saddle and onto the same lock might work but that seems a bit easy to steal. Would I need a chain lock to do the job?

Or should I opt for the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock and purchase a cable seperately? Is it large enough to lock both the rear wheel and frame?

u/alburroni · 1 pointr/bicycling

I would go with this. I live in Boston and a lot of people I know have this lock. Never had a problem. You might want a cable for your wheels if you're leaving it outside overnight though.

u/pirateneedsparrot · 1 pointr/berlin

guess it's this one? Still 1.1kg and quite small? However, seess like the best one so far...

u/edheler · 1 pointr/preppers

The spam filter removed your post because it thinks your Amazon url's are affiliate links. If you shorten them like below, Reddit won't filter them out.

u/JaseTheAce · 1 pointr/NYCbike

Its this one

u/epicpoop · 1 pointr/geneva

> secure your bike properly, because it will get stolen

This. You'll also need to buy a real and good lock, I heard the most effective and cheapest are these kind of bike locks.

u/saviorknights · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Yeah, basically always lock your back wheel and frame with a U-lock to a sturdy, stationary object (There are plenty of bike parking racks. NEVER lock your bike to just itself or another bike). That's bare minimum. That's usually sufficient if you're going to just be in class for an hour or two.

In Davis, cable locks are just a visual deterrent. They're essentially useless, especially if you have a nice bike.

If you have quick-release, either swap them out for regular wheels or be very vigilant about locking both wheels with U-locks.

If you have a nice bike, never park it outside at night on campus. Also, try not to leave your bike outside if you're going to be away (going home for the weekend, winter break, etc.). There are people who go hunting for bikes and bike parts at night and especially during breaks when nobody is around.

It's also a good idea to take a short chain/cable and thread it through your frame and bike seat, just so that's secure too.

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better when it comes to U-locks. You want the thickest, fattest, smallest U-lock possible that fits your bike. For example, this mini U-lock would probably do better than this standard U-lock. The idea is, the longer the U-lock, the more space it gives thieves to use for leverage to pry open your lock. I'm not sure if you buy into that, but mechanically it makes sense, and the smaller ones also happen to be cheaper too. Some of my friends with really nice bikes (think $500+) have two small, fat U-locks and they do their job well.

I've also heard that you do want two different types of locks (U-lock and a thick cable, for instance), because that means thieves have to carry two different tools to break the two different locks. This is up to you, and I still think two U-locks are fine.

You can call any bike shop and they'll help! It's worth a try at least. Good luck!

u/ULTRASTEEVE · 1 pointr/MTB

I went all out and got one of these W/ the 4ft. extension cable as well. Obviously I won't be leaving it anywhere out of sight for more than a few minutes because bike theft in Whistler is SO bad.

u/IAmZeDoctor · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Yeah, definitely go with a solid U-lock. Cable locks can be cut in less than 30 seconds. I recommend the Kryptonite Mini-7 w/ cable or the Kryptonite New York u-locks. They both come with theft insurance (provided you register the locks and the bikes they'll be locking within 15 days of purchase).

Edit: or check out the gear Wiki

u/pretenderist · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

You can see most of the letters on the picture.

Kryptonite New York Lock

u/freestylekyle314 · 1 pointr/whichbike

Definitely would not buy it with out the lock, since you half to buy a lock. And that 40 bucks won't buy anything close to it. Plus the lock really makes this a good deal.

Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (4-Inch x 8-Inch)

u/aaron_lmao · 1 pointr/uofmn

Get a thicc U-lock (like this) and a thicc flex cable (like this)

When you lock your bike outside, lock the frame with the U-lock, and string the flex cable through both wheels and the seat if you can. Never had my bike stolen. If you have a nice bike, you need to get just as nice security for it.

Other tips:

  • Lock your bike in high-traffic areas
  • Make your locking configuration as complex as you can
  • If you bike in the winter/rain, get chain grease, your chain WILL get rusty af and break if you don't.
u/MferOrnstein · 1 pointr/portugal

Recomendas qual? Estava a ponderar este que só prende uma roda ou este que já tem um cabo para prender o selim da bicicleta ou roda da frente

u/Flooopo · 1 pointr/astoria

Yeah I really like it, it's single speed though (but not fixed gear) which may turn some people off. But it's easier to take care of myself than a geared bike is.

In most cases you'll be fine leaving it outside during the day for a few hours. If you have lights, you'll probably want to get in the habit of taking them with you though when you lock it up.

When you do lock up, you're gonna want one of these Kryptonite locks to lock the frame to the post and the bendy chain thing to wrap around the wheel and the U-lock. You could also get these Pinhead locks to lock your tires in a set it and forget it sort of way. You can get these at most bike shops.

I don't know anything about bike alarms. The key to not getting your bike stolen is don't be lazy about it.

u/StarfishHitler · 1 pointr/bristol

Would something like this suffice?

u/pedroah · 1 pointr/bicycling

I use this Kryptonite lock in SF, but 75% of the time I don't have the cable with me. I do have security skewers though. The lock is smaller but will secure the back wheel to parking meters and leaves minimal space.

u/SaloonLeaguer · 1 pointr/vancouver

I agree and I disagree. There's two kinds of bikes that get stolen. Really expensive ones and everything else. If you have an expensive one and someone wants it, there isn't a u lock in the world (or at least available retail) that will save it from 15 minutes out on the streets. But most people don't own that kind of bike.

You're talking about making your bike less appealing to steal and part of that is making it less appealing than other bikes. Everything else being equal, I bet the bike thief would start cutting at the cheap Canadian Tire lock than the kryptonite (This is what I use). Of course, if it's only your bike out there and no one else is around, they might grab it easily enough. I'd probably bus if I knew I'd be in that situation and if I also expect high traffic from bike thieves.

I would recommend going with kryptonite, but it's also important to know that that's only half of not getting your bike stolen.

u/buzzking00 · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

Good point. I'll save for some saddle and wheels. My current Kilo TT seat looks brand new so I'm planning on replacing it when it wears out. I got a helmet, front brakes, and grip yesterday so I'm thinking I should get a lock first before I buy more parts haha.

I'm looking at this one right now!

Do you use a lock? Which do you use?

u/8_pgh_3 · 1 pointr/fatbike

On Guard locks are fine. I have two. Depending on where your from and if you’re leaving your bike outside for more than an hour or two I’d buy a Kryptonite chain in addition.

u/mellofello808 · 1 pointr/cycling

Get away from U locks

If you come back to the same place every night then invest in a kryptonite chain, vs a U lock. Even with a angle grinder it is much harder to find a static place to cut on these chains, vs a U lock.

I actually stopped using U locks entirely, after seeing how easy it is to pop them. Thieves in cities are experts at just using leverage to pop them in seconds. It is much heavier to lug the chan but small price to pay for security.

I also use this for my front wheel if I am planning on leaving my bike for a extended period

So far my overkill locking method has prevented anyone from even attempting to mess with my bike.

u/Skyline8888 · 1 pointr/cycling

Sorry to hear about your stolen bike. I've just gotten back into riding after 30 years and got a Cannondale Treadwell 2. It's a hybrid/fitness bike, but I love it.

Consider getting a chain lock. This one should be pretty hard to cut.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated 10mm Chain Bicycle Lock

u/snow_big_deal · 1 pointr/ottawa

I have one of these, pretty indestructible. Can't pry them like a U lock, can't cut with bolt cutters either : Kryptonite Evolution 4 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

u/SoManyWatts · 1 pointr/ebikes

I bought this kryptonite chain lock (kryptonite evolution series-4 1016 integrated chain bicycle lock bike lock (5.25") because it had a good rating, lifetime warranty, looked good, has a program to sign up for your key where they mail you a new one if lost, and I think covers your bike in the event it actually does get stolen for up to 3k.

The thing is it's pretty massive. It's much thicker and longer than it looks in the picture. I doubt anyone could cut threw this chain without a decent amount of time and heavy power tools. I believe it's intended use is for locking it up overnight. so It's sorta overkill for me because of the weight and the fact I probably won't ever lock it up overnight. it is 5 feet long so I can go threw the rear rim, the frame, and even the rear rack my battery is bolted too.

I might return it and get 2 of the locks that look like big handcuffs.

u/w00dw0rk3r · 1 pointr/bicycling

I am OCD when it comes to that. I have my bikes (including my carbon road bike) all attached to the shelf in my garage with a huge kryptonite chain. again, not theft proof but i want to make it as tough as possible for them to steal anything.

moving on, do you or your neighbors? nest or ring cams? maybe something was caught on those if you provide them with a day and ballpark time the bike was stolen...


edit - this is the chain that i use. its like 30 pounds and absolutely overkill but it gives me piece of mind -

u/JohnnyTurbine · 1 pointr/UofT

I was also thinking some kind of lock with a built-in audible alarm (like a Detex device) could be an effective deterrent. Not sure where you'd get one though...

This is the kind of lock I was referring to. For some reason the "related items" section includes back braces, lifting belts and chainmail lol

As a bonus, this model of lock can also be a deterrent against muggings!

u/kenzanboo · 1 pointr/boostedboards

It’s this exact one, bought it just for this scooter.

Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini 18mm U-Lock Bicycle Lock

u/wdappio · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

A better one would be anything but that cable lock. Use either this or this. Definitely don't use a cable to lock up your bike.

u/Pongoose2 · 1 pointr/ElectricScooters
u/querceton · 1 pointr/torontobiking

I would avoid riding at dark but I could see myself doing it a few times a month.

Basically this MEC helmet should keep me safe ?

Will probably go for a lock like this : Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini-7 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with 4' KryptoFlex Double Loop Bike Cable

Should be good?

I thankfully already have a bell so don’t have to buy one of those. Also got myself a mini tire pump.

u/mini4x · 1 pointr/bicycling

My bikes are in my front hall. The number of bikes i hear of stolen off peoples porches, basements, yard, etc, makes me feel like this is the only safe place.

I have this, am I good?

u/Adamsavage79 · 1 pointr/ottawa

I'm moving to Waterloo though, and will be close to a University. I was thinking maybe this:


u/mamaflux · 0 pointsr/bicycling

You mean one of these cables?

I'm really new to all this...

u/petersellers · 0 pointsr/cycling

I forgot that there were different models of "new york" kryptonite locks. The one I was referring to is this one (just a U-lock, no chain):

It's kind of small which is a downside but the upside is that its really hard for anyone to get themselves in any sort of position to get a really good angle on it with bolt cutters. In that video the guy demonstrated with the chain lying flat on the ground, which is of course a lot easier to cut like that. I have my doubts that he'd be able to do that with the u-lock above when it is locked securely to a bike frame. Not to mention that the lock above is 18mm thick, not sure how thick the chain was that was cut in the video.

u/trecool · 0 pointsr/FIU

Im truly sorry for your loss however if you do findyour bike and i will look around when im there on campus you need to use a u lock and a secondary lock for your front wheel something like this or utilize the sheldon brown locking method again im sorry this happened but hopefully you can prevent this from ever happening again make sure you contact campus police the actual police and keep checking all the popular bike racks at fiu generally bike thievery is a crime of convenience and you need to make your bike look more defended than the rest so they will steal the poorly locked ones instead of yours

u/PerplexD · 0 pointsr/toronto

No I'm suggesting you look up retailers in the area and buy it from them. They cost about 100~200 CAD.

Edit because I'm sure you won't bother searching.

And there's much more if you put some effort into searching. What you see on their page isn't the retail price but the anti theft protection and up to how much they're reimbursing should a bike lock get cut or stolen with that bike lock in place. You should really do some research into what you're claiming. Prevents you from looking silly like thinking that the bike lock costs $4000. There's a nice tag before it that states ANTI THEFT PROTECTION with a hyperlinked url to a FAQ page explaining their reimbursement policies. <- Maximum payout vs Insurance Prices per year/renewal

Some more info just because I'm a nice person.

tl;dr Read you twat. It isn't a four thousand dollar lock. It's insured up to that amount. No where on the page does it say the cost of the lock is that much. States right before these supposed prices "ANTI THEFT PROTECTION : (INSERT PRICES) ".

u/JarRules · 0 pointsr/motorcycles

I just got a CBR 500r and after reading the AMA I purchased this chain and this disc brake lock. Im still paranoid it will get stolen but the good thing is there are 3 other bikes near mine that are much more expensive and not locked. Im more worried about the caltrian parking lot.

u/pucklermuskau · 0 pointsr/bicycling

2 locks is all well and good, but very often overkill. Use non-quick release wheels and seat (just carry a wrench), then use small, tough u-lock like this one

lock it through the back wheel, you dont need to actually lock the frame, as long as the back wheel is secured through the rear triangle of the frame. Cutting a wheel rim is impractical.

u/mpzwart · 0 pointsr/NYCbike
u/spamky23 · -1 pointsr/Denver

Looks like you need one of these

Edit: really dumbass? If you're so butthurt that you cant consider a lock that would keep both of your tires in your possession then you deserved to walk home.

u/meerkatmreow · -2 pointsr/boulder

I figured as much, just wanted to highlight that "military grade" is more of a marketing gimmick than an actual indicator of quality. /u/JustTehFactsJack posted a good looking guide though for lock recommendations

Specifically mentions "military grade":

No mention of "military grade":


Edit: Ok then, buy your "military grade" locks if you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

u/the_koob · -3 pointsr/chicago

> never lock your bike outside unless you check every 5 mins or use divvy.

This is complete nonsense. I've locked all 4 of my bikes up across the city in various places over night and not had so much as a strapped on light stolen.

I use a single Kryptonite Evolution lock through the bike rack - front wheel and frame - and then a cable that goes through the rear wheel/ frame and into the bike lock:

I've left my bike in some of the 'roughest' (as it concerns to bike thefts) parts of town with nothing missing or damaged.

KHS Flite 100

Trek 3700

Fuji Cross 2.0

Fuji Roubaix 1.0

I see tons of stories that 'oh it was locked up' or 'I had a u-lock' but many times it was locked with something like this:

That you can practically twist off if you pull hard enough. Heck - I've helped someone remove a rusted u-lock off of their bike by simply spraying it with liquid wrench and prying it off with a pair of channel lock pliers.

A bike is an investment - protect it with quality products. I'm not saying this will stop every bike theft in the city - but the harder you make it for them (bike thieves know which locks are easy to defeat and which are a pain) the safer your bike is.

u/003366 · -8 pointsr/UCDavis

Shorten the url next time. It looks hideous: