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u/localgyro · 14 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

It's a rap musical, with all of the traditional colonial roles played by people of color. So it's a very non-traditional musical. If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream the soundtrack for free.

u/AquatikJustice · 8 pointsr/amazonecho

Quick search answered my question, and yours as well.

I give you "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" on Music Unlimited...

u/orejo · 7 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

There is no way in hell you should get me this Sweeney Todd Soundtrack. If you do, I may listen to it enough times to not only learn the words but actually learn how to make meat pies with bloodletting assistance from my local barber. I would be forced by this new knowledge to open my own meat pie shop and begin making delicious treats from local community members. This will go on for nearly a decade before, on his deathbed, the barber gives up the gig to clear his conscience. Running from the law, I am forced to move to a remote area in Montana where I meet a nice young gentleman with the nickname of "unibomber" and we begin to have a hot and torrid affair. After a few months I realize he is too strange, even for me, and I head off into Canada where I am apprehended by a squadron of mounties. I am shipped off to Guantanamo with a life sentence, only to find that the staff there wants to put my culinary skills to use in disposing of their "oops, I over waterboarded that one" bodies. The pies are a hit in Cuba and Fidel Castro (robotic version - back from the dead) decides to arrange for my escape (not knowing the pie contents of course) to become his personal chef. I live out the rest of my days cooking for him using freshly slaughtered cows - with him always complaining the they just don't measure up to the pies I had made previously.

So, please....for the love of god do not get me that soundtrack.

u/ajaxfetish · 6 pointsr/exmormon

Come on now: everyone do your part.

u/mmatessa · 5 pointsr/history

The soundtrack is great and available for free if you have Amazon Prime.

u/raddit-bot · 3 pointsr/listentothis

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u/Arqueete · 3 pointsr/Favors

Just like, random recommendations?

For a fresh twist on some songs you might already know, how about some college a cappella groups? Their albums are like compilations of a wide variety of interesting covers. I'm no expert on the genre, but I've been enjoying some albums from a random assortment of all-male groups lately, like Vanderbilt Melodores' 'Encore', Dear Abbeys' 'Proclamation', or Dartmouth Aires' 'Black Tie Affaire'. For something non-collegiate with more original songs and less of a studio sound, Street Corner Symphony's 'Unpractice Makes Perfect.' For an entirely live album and a lot of bang for your buck, Hyannis Sound's 'Annual Bootleg, Vol 10'.

u/ebonythunder · 3 pointsr/badMovies

A couple years ago, I went to New York City with Ryan Francis (Darren the Nerd, ThanksKilling) to watch the musical adaptation of the first ThanksKilling movie. It was a stupid amount of fun and now they're bringing it home, to where the original movie was filmed, Columbus, OH.

If you're anywhere near Columbus, OH, I highly recommend going to see this show.

If you're unable to attend, the Original Cast Recording is available on Amazon.

u/burnerfown · 2 pointsr/amazonecho

Bingo. This is the first result for "Cool Considerate Men":

u/Kissing13 · 2 pointsr/southpark

For free..? No. I purchased San Diego on Amazon (it was $1.29 but it was totally worth it). I also got the soundtrack for Bigger Longer and Uncut there. You can also get Mr. Hankey's Christmas album on Amazon.

Not sure if it's taboo to mention it here but you can also get the soundtracks for the Book of Mormon Original Broadway Cast Recording and Cannibal the Musical both of which have great songs.

u/euphomptus · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

So I listened to it on a long car trip by myself. Having the lyrics on hand helped me out a lot (long empty highways, I was safe). It's on Prime Music at the moment if you have that subscription.

u/NorbertDupner · 1 pointr/musicals

Here. If you have Prime, the two best songs of the show are free.

u/nightshifter · 1 pointr/walmart

here you go or there's ways to "borrow" audio from youtube videos

u/MrGryphian · 1 pointr/tf2

Seems they've since taken it down and instead made it available for purchase. At various locations.

I haven't kept up with u/brentcopeland lately but you can credit Wes Wilson, Eric Fullerton and Brent Copeland with this masterpiece and leaving a mark on the tf2 community forever with their brilliant Control Point podcast (long since over with now)

u/greenvelvetcake · 1 pointr/Music

Ghost Train by the Dear Abbeys and C'mon, Sea Legs by Immaculate Machine.

u/HeadlessBob17 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you for the contest. Here is the mp3 I'd love if I win.

Steph is the apple of my eye!

u/juliet1484 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/swing-time · 1 pointr/CastRecordings

Even if you don't have it, listen to these samples:

u/NotSuzyHomemaker · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/onlycatfud · -1 pointsr/Bakersfield

Looks like if you have an Amazon Prime account you can download it for offline listening.

Otherwise it's 16.99 to buy and download.