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u/MyKettleExploded · 16 pointsr/AskAcademia

LaTex is pretty easy to start using. Overleaf is good if you want something web-based and Texpad is the best I've found if you're on Mac.

This explains how to organise a lit review with a spreadsheet. I actually found it quite difficult to draw the different research `threads' together using a spreadsheet so resorted to note cards but YMMV.

Day-to-day I found it almost impossible to get stuff done until I found a day planner that worked for me. There are more complicated reasons for this beyond just being a lazy bastard so don't be afraid to ask someone for help if you find yourself stuck in that sort of situation.

u/jiyounglife · 14 pointsr/abdiscussion

Broken dishwasher, broken washing machine, broken dryer. Dishwasher now fixed but we don't have a dryer at all and our washing machince just buzzes and doesnt wash. Ended up going to the local laundromat to do all of my laundry and sheets. Still not sure if we're renewing the lease. Maybe I should just find another place to live >(

I bought project highrise during the summer steam sale. That was a lot of fun. Oxygen not included is hard for me. I can't get the whole filteration system working (air and water)

Bought a game called Mint works. SUPER FUN! EVEN IN SOLO MODE! I'm going to go play some more of it right now. Can't wait to try playing it with other people. I do have a few other board games coming from amazon: Pandemic, Treasure Hunter Game, Gloom Second Edition: Unhappy Home expansion, Dairyman, monopoly deal, and i preordered splatoon 2

I finally was honest to myself and worked on my budget and student loan repayment plan. Budget looks kinda ugly. I'm terrified. There's never going to be enough money in this world... Also, I've been overspending like crazy. I'm really good at budgeting when I see the numbers. I was just in denial for the longest time because I wanted to treat myself. I didn't have the "college experience" so i went out a lot, ate out a lot, and overall threw money at crafts and animals. I'll have to be more findful now.

I wanted to get another hobonichi, but realized that they won't have them for 2017 anymore. I started looked at other notebooks. I do have a midori, but I don't really want to use it for bullet journaling. It gets quite expensive because I want to use that and keep that more as a notetaker/jot it down. I bought this STALOGY which looks pretty good. I'll be keeping an expense log, bullet journaling, and random notetaking in it.

I bought a vintage sewing machine recently. The singer slant-o-matic. I used them as a middleschooler in home economics and it's 100% BOMB. I was thinking about getting a more modern machine, but went Nah. The set I bought also came with a bunch of extra bobbins.

Last week I was at a fair and saw some people doing pillow lace/bobbin lace. It looks so awesome. I want to try it! It's a bit costly to get started though... I'm going to hold off on it for a while and use nontraditional materials to make some lace.

Since I'm really struggling with making friends and DOING SOMETHING that's not gaming, redditing, animals, and cleaning... I figured I could go take some community college classes (interior design, fashion, flower arrangement, etc), cello lessons, piano lessons, modern dance/ballet/jazz/hip hop lessons, sewing lessons, or something like that to get me out of the house.

On Wednesday, I went bouldering for the first time. I'm a bosssssss. JK. I haven't worked out in ages. My arms basically fell off when I woke up thursday morning. Couldnt even flush the toilet, open the fridge, or open the door. They even felt swollen. My legs were fine though. Normally with swimming, I get soreness in my core and legs. This is definitely a new muscle group I'm not used to have pain in. I've been taking some tylenol to help with my pain. Not sure if I like this enough to go back. I stopped going to the gym because I specifically didn't want large shoulders. IDK why when I work out, my shoulders just get bigger and bigger. My torso is a XS/S but my shoulders are an M. I'm absolute terrified of heights as well... So...maybe this isnt the sport for me. It's fun though! I'd go again, just wouldn't get a gym membership for it.

u/jottermeow · 9 pointsr/productivity

I am mildly addicted to planners. What got me started in the beginning was a weekly planner that had seven days on the left side, and plain lined notes page on the right side. Something like this. I fine this format most practical and simple for general purposes. You can plan your week on the left side, and throughout the week, make notes and to-do lists on the right. Whenever you have something you need to do at a later time but not a fixed deadline, write it down in the notes page, and cross it out when done. At the end of the week, migrate any outstanding items to the next week.

I also use Outlook for scheduling to some extent, but I prefer analog system than digital. Just try different things and see what you like. If you decide to go paper route, I recommend starting with simple weekly format (monthlies don't allow much space for free notes and dailies can be too fine-grained and overwhelming.) One thing to remember, planners are only as good as how often you look at them. Unless you remember to review at the end of the day or start of the day, etc, it's useless. So, choose a method that's convenient for you to carry and review.

u/Volgistical · 8 pointsr/productivity

The productivity planner helps with organizing and distributing tasks, although it puts a lot of emphasis on pomodoros as well and I still need a separate list to dump all of my tasks before prioritizing them in the planner.

u/MsNPants · 7 pointsr/bulletjournal

Amazon has a great option that's a lot less expensive than Moleskine, and IMO has a lot less bleed through. I've only been using it for a few weeks, but I like it so much more than all the Moleskines I've had.

Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal

u/drunkenAmoeba · 7 pointsr/notebooks

You could give the Nanami Paper Seven Seas Crossfield a look. It's going to be a little more expensive than a Leuchtterm or Rhodia, but it's got 480 pages. That's 2.5x as many as the Rhodia Webnotebook (192) and 1.92x as many as the Leuchtterm (250). The paper is the incredibly thin Tomoe-river paper though. Many people love it, some hate it. You'll spend more per journal but ultimately need far fewer journals. One option.

Otherwise, if you simply search for Leuchtterm 1917 or A5 journal on Amazon you'll see a bunch of cheaper options. Can't speak to the quality of any of them - but if you're filling them up within a couple of months I'm guessing the ability to withstand years of abuse in a bag isn't a huge deal.

u/SallyAmazeballs · 7 pointsr/notebooks

I've been using a Tekukor A5 for my bullet journal, and it's awesome. The paper is heavier than the Leuchtturm I used last year, and the only thing I've had bleed through is a really wide and wet fountain pen.

Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal

I've also heard good things about Scribbles That Matter, which uses 100 GSM paper. Dingbats journals also use 100 GSM paper, as does the Tekukor journal I linked. That seems to be the key for better paper.

I'm not sure what the Canadian prices will be, but they are all less than a Leuchtturm for me in the US.

u/Sallybeescomb · 6 pointsr/bujo

This is the one I have right now, works so well for me!

u/perfextiiion · 6 pointsr/stationery

Have some stuff Muji coming in as well but decided to post now :)

List of items - Uni Kuru Toga Roulette:

Tombow Mono Graph:

Arch Eraser:

Shitajiki Writing Board:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica:

Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Pen:

Mono Eraser:

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper:

Stalogy A6 Editors Notebook:

Kokuyo Campus Notebook Set:

Rotring 600:

Kiki’s Delivery Service Kuru Toga Pencil:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

u/namesandfaces · 6 pointsr/notebooks

It doesn't fit all your specifications, but...

u/KrozFan · 5 pointsr/getdisciplined

I don't do this as regularly as I should but in theory this is my system:

I use a physical goal tracker/planner that I fill out every night. I used to use the one put out by Zig Ziglar but this year I'm using Panda Planner. So every night I'd fill out the planner for the day and I'd also journal. I wouldn't do anything too special with journaling I would just write down stuff that happened that day.

Every Sunday night is a weekly review. This is part of my Getting Things Done routine and has more to do with that than anything else. I'd also take some time to decide which goals I wanted to focus on during the next week and put them in my goal planner.

The first Sunday of every month I do a monthly review. This is mostly geared towards goals. I would pull out my list of the goals for the year and write down progress I made.

I also did an annual review two years ago where I went over a bunch of my journal entries and a deeper goals review. I didn't do one last year because I was on vacation and just didn't do it when I got back. The last month has been crazy for me so I haven't done one this year either.

The daily goal tracking doesn't take very long. If I remember correctly the people at Ziglar says the average person spends eight minutes in their planner per day. Journaling changes wildly from day to day. Some days nothing happens, some days a lot happens. For my weekly review I block off an hour but I would say it never takes me that long. Part of that is because I really try to keep up to date on my GTD stuff throughout the week. It's probably the same with my monthly review.

u/milkcommittee · 5 pointsr/bujo

scribbles that matter on amazon is only $20! the pages are white and 160gsm. It's the same thickness as archer and olive, but there's free shipping through prime and $10 cheaper! highly recommend, i love mine. if you get it from a different website, make sure you get the pro version, since that's the one with the thick pages

u/Ecnot · 5 pointsr/bulletjournal

I can definitely recommend Scribbles That Matter! They ghost a little bit too, but not as bad as the Leuchtturm. I love the cover with doodles on it, but they have plain covers too :)

u/SatanSoKawaii · 5 pointsr/EDC
u/Pertinacious · 4 pointsr/santashelpers
  • Flint Shoelaces
  • Power Bank (I've got this one and I'm happy with it)
  • Dashcam. Not typically considered a 'tactical' object but boy can they come in handy. Probably above your price point though. Ask around on /r/dashcam if the idea seems promising.
  • Something like this to organize all the prepper stuff he already has.
  • Compact keyholder
  • Ballistic-grade Sunglasses
  • Freeze dried food?
u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

Hope this helps!

The Leuchtturm1917-
Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Black) - 249 Numbered Pages

Scribbles that Matter-
A5 Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter - Bullet Dot Grid Notebook - No Bleed Thick Fountain Pens Friendly Paper - Hardcover with Large Inner Pocket - Pro Version - Teal

Archer and Olive-

u/internal_fatal_error · 4 pointsr/OkCupid

I started using The Five Minute Journal fairly consistently about a month ago, and it has helped me go to bed more easily. I dwell on negative thoughts less. It's nice. I'm thankful to the dude that recommended it, even though I only saw him a couple of times.

u/jonathan_bart · 3 pointsr/Meditation

One thing that I've been doing for the last five months is the 5-minute journal. Its a very short journal I keep first thing in the morning and last thing at night and it's about practicing gratitude. You can buy it but I just put it in a Google Drive doc. Has worked wonders to reframe negativity!

*The morning prompts are:

I am grateful for:

    1. 3)

      What would make today great:
    1. 3)

      (here I added metta to the format, sending love to people I'll be interacting with that day)

      Daily affirmations. I am...

      *The evening prompts are:

      3 amazing things that happened today:
u/glasshearthymn · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I tried, but I’m too much of a perfectionist. The last time I tried to BuJo I messed up the formatting and got so frustrated I threw away the notebook lol. I’ve been using a Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner for the last 5 or so years and it really works for me, so I figure why stray from a good thing. I can log my daily activities and what not on the left, and the right side of each page has notebook lines for whatever else I need to write.

u/senorbiloba · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I really like the Scribbles That Matter brand on amazon, the kind without dumb glyphs embossed on the cover. Roughly $20, good paper thickness, nice colors, pen holder.

I tried the Leuchturm once, but found the pages to be too thin, and missed the pen loop.

u/supernova383844 · 3 pointsr/EDC

Wallet: Remington 12 GA wallet

Knife: Leatherman rebar

Watch: Casio F91W

pen: Fisher space pen

Notebook: you already know

Notebook case:

Headphones: some cheap Skullcandy ones

Sunglasses: optic nerve one mashup #18014

u/oh__hi · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Okay, I bought a blank bullet journal (just dotted) and that was a fail. BUT THEN I bought this one that has pretty printed non-dated week and month pages and it's awesome! I love it. Sorry for formatting I'm on my phone.

u/HeartofMarshmallow · 3 pointsr/xxketo

Organize harder! More compartments! More containers! Put a compartment into a container!

(This is something that I said to my mom when she was drooling over a Container Store catalog one day.) :D

/u/jahinfrance, there are a few good planners out there that aren't just "To Do Lists" and dates. I haven't used this one, but I've heard good things from others. Not sure what motivates you, but there are a bunch of different types of the same concept. (Not sure if this particular brand is too cheesy for your tastes, but I like that they have different inserts for different goals.)

u/AuroraEndante · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

I want to see this too!!

My own ring is a smidge too big, and I'm almost afraid to get it resized since it's white topaz and not a fancy cut diamond. I bought a pack of ring adjusters - basically a plastic mini-slinky to loop around the ring. They've been a huge help!

u/itsyrdestiny · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I really like this idea. I actually just purchased a Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner because I've found that I have less time to spend on my bullet journal lately. It's still open ended in terms of designing pages and decorating spreads, just with a bit more structure, and I'm really excited to see how it works out!

u/CrimsonBalloons · 3 pointsr/EDC

Amazon. I'll see if I can find a link

Thought it would take me longer, here you go -

Leather Journal Cover for Field Notes, Moleskine Cahier Cover, Handmade Vintage Leather Cover for 3.5" x 5.5" Notebooks, Coffee

u/sotefikja · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

Scribbles That Matter. $19 on amazon, amazing quality: No bleeding, very little ghosting, fountain pen and watercolor friendly. Pre-numbered, included index and key. And the paper is actually 115g now (the description says 100).

u/mimafo · 3 pointsr/notebooks

There's the Nitoms Stalogy which has similarly thin paper. From what I've heard from others in this sub, it's not as awesome as TR but still pretty decent.

Edit: Added link.

u/jillybean31814 · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

My go-to journal! It is inexpensive and has thick pages! I’ve tried several journals (nothing crazy expensive so I don’t have a comparison to some of the popular brands people use) but I LOVE this journal and always come back to it. I have no urge to try any other journal after finding this one.

u/anthonygrimes · 3 pointsr/notebooks

I am a big fan of the Nitoms STALOGY 365Days. They use Tomoe River paper, or a close variant. They have a faint grid pattern, and day/month/week can be easily ignored if you so choose. Similar look and feel to the Hobonichi, with out any of the features.

u/WarSport223 · 2 pointsr/preppers

I think your best bet is to get whatever bag you want and then fill it with smaller pouches & organizers.

This in particular looks amazing & I’m going to get it for a new bag I just got:

Hynes Eagle Universal Backpack Insert Organizer Travel Bag Slip Gadget Organization Kit Military Green

As for organizers & pouches, Maxpedition is one of my favorite brands:
Maxpedition Gear Beefy Pocket Organizer, Black

Overall, I think you’ll find it much easier to carry multiple little pouches / bags / organizers inside of your main bag.

That way it gives you the ability to do what you want, which is carry whatever bag you want but still be organized.

u/ChevySmallBlock350 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Here's the one I got. Got a couple holders for cards and could def store some cash. It also has a little loop that fits the space pen great. Fits in all my back pockets pretty well.

Quality is pretty great considering the price, I'd say. The cover of mine has a bit of wear, but I sit on it and toss it around all the time. I'd def recommend this one.

u/Destins_Destiny · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Stalogy365 editors series in A5 is, to me, the closest you can get with a reasonable price, but it's very minimalist and not really dated. It has all twelve months in a line, numbers 1-31 on a line and days of the week on a line, very small and light in the top corner of each page where you can highlight or circle the info.

Edit for link

u/armchairracer · 2 pointsr/VEDC

Maybe a Maxpedition pocket organizer. They have a lot of internal loops and straps for organizing the small stuff. MX266B-BRK Beefy Pocket

u/lovelillov · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

Sounds like then she doesn't need anything too thick. Anything from 80 gsm to 100 gsm should be fine.

I'd recommend this dotted journal: Scribbles That Matter.

u/Verun · 2 pointsr/pens

Diy field notes in this.

I use 24lb copy paper and cardstock or recycled kraft paper. I print my own dot grid paper, cut jt to size, punch some holes and shove staples in or saddle stitch my own notebook. Pen usually sticks in the middle gap of the leather, and I carry a little template for straight edges. Eventually I plan on moving my bullet journal to this setup after I finish my current pocket leuchtturm.

u/Hinkdogg · 2 pointsr/GetMotivated

If you need a little boost getting goals accomplished, I recommend: "The Five Minute Journal"


u/pekalicious · 2 pointsr/bujo

For what it's worth, I think the LT1917 has become a standard because the original Bullet Journal web page sells them under their brand.

As mentioned here, LT1917 is 80gsm, which is relatively thin and makes a lot of pens bleed through and ghost. For more information about bleeding, ghosting, and general comparison between notebooks I recommend watching Which Notebook is the Best for Bullet Journaling?! (skip to 11:00 to see the comparison chart). I prefer Scribbles That Matter which is thicker (100gsm) and feels smoother to write on. My next purchase will probably be a Midori with 120gsm or a Rhodia to try them out.

One of the core principals of Bullet Journalism is that there are no hard rules. While it comes with some guidelines, you are free to use it however you see fit. Which means that there are no predefined pages. So for the most part you are going to be drawing the layouts. And this is why a Dotted paper helps because you can use the dots to draw your own layouts. You can checkout Pinterest for inspiration. The community uses the term "spreads" to signify two-page layouts used for all sorts of things.

As for pens, many recommend the Sakura Pigma Micron for good reason. While I use them for more "serious" work, when it comes to EDC I would highly recommend the Muji 0.38mm Fine Point Gel Pens. Unlike the Microns, they are not felt tip (which is why I wouldn't use them for EDC) but very sharp ball point pen with great consistency. A lot of people swear by the Pilot G2 0.38mm Ultra Fine Point but personally I wasn't pleased with them.

Finally, regarding the things you want to track, as I mentioned earlier, you can simply define the layouts of each page and track whatever you wish. A lot of the spreads you see from the community are really intricate. You can find a variety of them from very crazy daily layouts to minimal ones. It's all up to you.

Having said that, if drawing your own layouts daily seems like a lot of work (a lot of people actually spend a few hours planning them beforehand), then you might want to consider a more traditional Planner instead. As mentioned ITT, the Nomadic Planner has good paper (125gsm), weekly and monthly pages as well as lined and blanks for notes and the rest.

There is a whole universe of things to consider (and I'm more than happy to geek out about it), but I'd say just start with whatever. Don't think about it too much. Most of the negatives are personal, so while LT1917 doesn't work for some, it might for you. You'll figure things out as you go.

u/Tamagu_ · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Dingbats sells 100gsm paper with page numbers which are fountain pen friendly!
Scribbles that Matter also have 100gsm, fountain pen friendly paper that also have page numbers. Scribbles that Matters has different cover types, which range from your generic solid colours to “creative” ones with little doodles imprinted into the covers as well.

u/_lordgrey · 2 pointsr/getdisciplined

Fellow speed freak checking in. I relate to this issue so much! I've developed many different methods for dealing with this, I'm not sure which will help you the most, so I'll just leave them here, for your review.

1.) Wake up early. This is key for me, because if I sleep until the world is awake, I get dragged along with the frantic momentum of a city full of people trying to get things done. This, in turn, makes me more frantic and rushed. Waking up early is an art, not a science. You have to be tired enough to go to sleep early, and you have to eat light, or not at all after sunset to release the energy drain from digestion. Ask anyone who's into fasting or intermittent fasting, they'll tell you: if you have 4-6 hours of not eating before you get in bed, your need for sleep will be practically cut in half. YMMV, but I just got back from a trip to Japan, I started eating a sushi meal in the late afternoon, and nothing afterwards. I started waking up at 3 or 4AM, totally clear.

2.) Crush a super hard workout first thing in the morning. A lot of people who are "fast" have untapped energy reserves. Literally you get frustrated because you can't express your energy completely, everywhere things are stopping you, or slowing you down. Not in the gym. You can go as hard as you want. Not at a hot yoga class. That will take the piss out of anyone, believe me. If it's your first time you'll be close to blacking out. But AFTERWARDS: you will be chill. I bet you $100 USD if you crush a hot yoga class before 8AM, you will be zen as fuck afterwards. You have to burn through your energy reserves first thing in the morning. It sets up a victory mindset in your subconscious - you've already crushed a major goal, so you don't need to rush toward accomplishing something more vague - and you've actually used your body and gone close to your limit (hopefully) so you get the satisfaction of having used your full power.

3.) Gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal, called the five minute journal which is a very minimalist approach to doing morning journaling. You write 3 things you're grateful for, and hopefully you truly feel that gratitude in your body. You write 3 things that would make today great, and you write 3 affirmations. That's it. You can do it in less than 5 minutes. Then, in the evening, you do the process in reverse. 3 great things that happened (hopefully you feel grateful for these), and a spot to write how today could've been better. It's really awesome for setting an emotional tone for the day - it actually conditions you to appreciate little details in your day, which will help when something stresses you out - you'll be able to find the flip side or the upside in anything. Somebody cuts you off? Now you feel grateful he didn't clip your car and take your mirror off. Drop your groceries? Now you feel grateful that cute person helped you pick them up. Etc. Having a gratitude practice is really important for learning to master your emotions, and a gratitude journal actually helps you track how you're doing across days, weeks and months, to see if you're making incremental progress.

Listen closely: Gratitude can actually make you invincible. If you can feel gratitude at will, literally nothing can take you out. You might receive a glancing blow, but as soon as you activate the gratitude, you're back on your game. This is why I practice Gratitude more consistently than anything else in my life.

and finally, the overall mindset of gradual progress:

THE ULTIMATE MODE I got this from James Altoucher's 1% Rule for Creating Habits. You have to take a view of your life that you're getting better 1% every day. This is so, so important. It's very difficult to make positive progress rapidly. Elite people understand this principle. You can do something Destructive rapidly - you can end relationships, ruin your reputation, shave your head, blow up your car - destruction is fast. But creation takes time. Look at nature, the way plants grow. It's gradual, incremental progress that eventually begins to spiral into exponential growth. Finance people call this compound interest.

If you make 1% progress every day, that doubles every 72 days. That seems like a lot of days until you're actually doing it. My workout routine, for example: I hit the gym at 4:30AM every morning and I bring my tiny pocket journal with me. I write down my workout that morning, usually only about 30-45 minutes. But then, the next day I have to beat my previous workout. I alternate parts of my body, so if I do abs and chest on Monday, then on Wednesday I flip back, see what I did, and I have to beat that, even by 1%. It doesn't seem like much. If I do 100 pushups on Monday, I have to do 101 pushups Wednesday. But it's not really that slow. I go for 200 pushups, even if I have to take breaks and grind them out, because again, I'm like you, I'm a hyper creative person, so I'm going for full burn first thing in my day. I love the feeling of totally destroying my previous record.

so you can see how, months from now, I'll be crushing 500 pushups before 5AM, that's nasty by anyone's standards. But I don't start by forcing myself to torture myself in the gym for hours going for those 500 pushups. I just take the 1% mentality, that I'm gradually upgrading everything, and down the road a ways, I'll be totally killing it. It's the same way a bamboo plant grows. You have to water bamboo sometimes for a year or two, and meanwhile you see no growth whatsoever. But you can't dig the plant up because it's not apparently doing anything. It's building an intricate network of roots down there. And then overnight it grows 60 feet. Did it really grow 60 feet in one night? No. It had to build that steady, incremental foundation first.

hope this helps.

tl;dr, wake early to establish yourself in a chill vibe. practice gratitude. go hard on a workout first thing in the morning to set up a victory mindset, and make incremental progress every day knowing that weeks and months down the road you'll be crushing whatever you've come here to do. stay on the ball.

u/HamLuke · 2 pointsr/EDC

Maxpedition Organizers:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

    There are tons of videos on YouTube showcasing size and items most people like to put in them. This would be worth looking into. Some other reputable brands I have seen are Vanquest and Condor. Personally, I use the EDC organizer from Maxpedition in my 5.11 Rush 12 backpack. I highly recommend it.
u/shth0mas · 2 pointsr/notebooks

Tekukor, hard cover, A5, 100 gsm, dot grid, Amazon Tekukor A5 Notebook Hardcover Dot Grid - 100gsm - Dotted Pages For Bullet Journal - Black

Tekukor, hard cover, A5, 160 gsm, dot grid, amazon Tekukor A5 160gsm Dot Journal Hardcover Dotted Notebook Grid Pages Bullet Sketchbook - Navy

Walmart, Exceed brand, hard cover, 85 gsm, dot grid 5x8.25

Michaels, artists loft, 6x8, 80 gsm, dot, lines or plain, stiff soft cover or floppy hard cover, it’s kind of in between.

u/NotARiver · 2 pointsr/loseit

Whoa, more details on the soup please!

Also, amazon has little ring things you can wrap around the base to avoid getting them resized. Like this:

u/Dejena · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

You've gotten excellent advice on inks, and some on notebooks. You mentioned being overwhelmed by the choices, but wanting a sturdy notebook that can handle fountain pen ink. There are a few choices mentioned in here, but perhaps I can help summarize this. Key thing you will want is a high gsm (Grams per Square Meter), since a high gsm means thicker paper.

  • Red and Black: 96 sheets, standard ruling, 90gsm, casebound, hardcover. Personally, no experience with this, but I've heard there's no bleed through with fountain pens.

  • Seven Seas "WRITER" A5 Journal: 240 sheets, ruling is 7mm, 52 gsm Tomoe River paper, thread-bound for binding, cover is impregnated cloth (but you can buy a leather cover). Also no experience with this either.

  • Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook: 125 sheets, ruling can be either lined/graph/dot grid, 70 gsm, thread-bound, hardcover with some sort of leather covering. I've been using these since 2013, and in my first notebook, my handwriting hasn't changed from the day I had written in it with Diamine Ancient Copper. You would still want sturdier ink than what I had used. The paper is cream colored, and smooth. Bleed through is rare.

  • Rhodia Webnotebook A5: 80 sheets, ruling can be either lined/graph/dot grid, 90 gsm, thread bound, leatherette hard cover. I've always enjoyed Rhodia paper, and while I haven't used this particular product, the paper is much smoother than the Leuchtturm1917, and there's less ghosting. The paper also appears whiter to me than the Leuchtturm1917.

  • Rhodia Goalbook A5: 112 sheets, ruling is dot grid, 90gsm, thread bound, leatherette hard cover. Throwing this in the options list, since you get a few more sheets. Also wanted to point out that the cover appears to be flexible.

  • Scribbles That Matter, Pro: 100 sheets approx, ruling is dot grid, 100gsm, thread bound, vegan leather hard cover. The sheets are smooth, and a bit brighter than the Leuchtturm1917, but a bit more ivory than the Rhodia. Great paper, and the cover feels more durable and pleasant than the L1917. With fountain pens, I have yet to bleed through this paper, and the ghosting (seeing what is written on the other side of the sheet) is very minimal. If I push you towards any notebook, it'll be this one. It also comes with a penloop that is not useless, unlike the L1917.

  • Lemome Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop A5: 90 sheets, ruling is either dot grid or lined, 90 sheets, 125 gsm, thread bound, leatherette cover. Just got this the other day, and the pages are thick and smooth so far. No bleed through or ghosting with fountain pen ink yet.

  • Lemome Hardcover A5 with Pen Holder: 92 sheets, ruling is dot grid, 100g, thread bound, leather hardcover. Just an option to put in here, it has a pen loop, and the paper seems to be slightly less thick than the prior Lemome notebook.

    Wishing you and your daughter the best during these hard times.
u/nineran · 2 pointsr/bujo

Have you seen the Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner?

I’ll see if I can find a link. It was my plan if I found I couldn’t keep up with bujo at law school, but I find that I like my bujo even more now.

Personally I find the passion planner too claustrophobic but they are super popular. I have to say though that I’m excited to try their new daily version. The hibonachi cousin is pretty awesome too.

Edit: scribbles that matter bullet planner

u/GamerPup · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/T3a8erry · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

This is what I use, the paper is great, it's dotted, and there is a scribble page in the back so make sure you don't have bleeding or smearing

u/TechGeek03 · 2 pointsr/bujo

These two YT videos were really helpful in my decision making:

The hosts did a really good job of breaking down the assessment into requirements and showing off each type of notebook. I ended up going with a "Scribbles That Matter A5 Pro" notebook. (

u/captnmiss · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

There's a lot of resources, but one of my favorite motivational sources of late is just a giant paper calendar calendar

For multiple reasons - It hangs on my wall and every day after exercise I write what I did or relevant info (lift, run how many miles, yoga, injuries, hangovers). It helps me feel accomplished, but also accountable as well as realistic. In addition, it really helps with being proud of yourself and also is a great visualization of your goals (no longer abstract ideas). Also, comparing yourself week to week or month to month is AMAZING for motivation. Trying to do better than you did the week before, that's where it's at :)

I originally got it to track my runs for pacing for a half, because you never want to do more than 10% increase in mileage from week to week.. But now I use it for everything and also to track fun activities and days that I had.

This is bordering on rambling, but good luck ! You'll get back in shape in no time! :D

u/armchairingpro · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

five years now, I have been getting this incredibly unfussy Moleskin weekly planner. I like that it has the days of the week on one side, but then has an empty, lined page on the right where I can write down the address for a place I need to go to that week, or something that I want to look up, or just a list of things I want to finish. I use my planner to write down what I want to make for dinner each night, I'll jot down when an autopay is going to be pulled, and I think when there's too much going on in a planner, like some of those REALLY planned out Erin Condren planners, it actually makes it harder to use.

u/steveXray · 2 pointsr/EDC

Items listed below with links in case anybody is interested:

Persol Sunglasses

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Journal (I try to journal daily)

Distilunion Card Minimalist Card Wallet (This is probably the best slim card wallet i've every had. Hard to beat)

Seiko SKX013

Parker Ink Pen

Leather Journal Cover (I love the smell of this thing! ha)

Explore Notebook (This notebook is more of a to-do list v my daily journal. Helps me stay organized)

Leatherman Squirt (This thing always comes in handy)

Mophie Powerstation

Kershaw Clash

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

Speck iPhone 7Plus Case

iPhone 7Plus (Not Pictured)

u/Keirall · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I have this Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change. I like it a lot, because it helps prioritize things for the day.


Um. That said, apparently the last time I used it was Aug. 27. Thanks for reminding me. It really is good when I actually, you know, make the effort. Luckily, it's undated, so I haven't wasted a month's worth of pages, anyway.


It does work best for a 5 day work week, though, so if your schedule is different, it may not be your best choice.

u/Ktrieu84 · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

Have you tried those ring snuggles?

I have a friend whose ring was getting loose because she was losing weight but didn't want to permanently resize it just yet so she uses these.

u/xnavyguy · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I don't have any mech mods but I do have a 100W Sigelei, a 20W Istick, MVP 2 and a few other cheaper mods....I'm using the Maxpedition Beefy and it's an AMAZING bag.

Has plenty of Velcro holders for my juices, batteries, mods, etc...a large internal zip pocket, outside Velcro pocket and an internal sleeve type pocket. Best price I found it for was on Amazon [CLICK HERE] (

Hope this helps

u/My_Ears · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I just discovered this a few months ago and love it: Nitcoms Stalogy

Well-made and uses Tomoe River paper, or something very similar. I'd show you mine, but the dog "redecorated" it. I have a new one on the way and will post pics when I'm set-up again.

u/spectrophotometer · 1 pointr/udub

Cheaper options include printing on tabloid paper (11" x 17") at $0.24 a sheet or buying a large calendar. Printing on paper of a less common size is many times more expensive.

Per unit area, printing at $12 per foot of 42" wide stock costs almost 19 times as much as printing at $0.24 per sheet of tabloid.

u/pixie_chick42 · 1 pointr/midori

I found that using a pen clip on the outside of mine allowed me to look for cheaper one.
I use this for my cover (I modded for using a closing band).

Pen clip

Travels Notebook with Pen Clip

u/marcus_wu · 1 pointr/rocketbook

The nice thing is that they are spiral-bound so it could easily be unbound and rebound with tougher covers.

Or if you don't want to deal with binding, a leather wrap could work (something like

If you get creative, it could be themed to the games you play.

u/Dradae · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Scribbles That Matter has a notebook with heavy 160 gms paper nowadays, same weight as the Olive & Archer books. Might be worth a try.

u/Ringwe · 1 pointr/notebooks

Only on Amazon marketplace.

Can't say I wasn't tempted, because the total was about 22 GBP, however I didn't want to take any chances with the stupid customs fees.

u/VexingVendibles · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm a big advocate of planners and to do lists and goals. So I have a notebook dedicated to random thoughts/to do lists. I also have a Create 365 planner for my schedule for work, appointments, dates, birthdays, daily to do lists, goals for the week, goals for the month, etc. It helps keep my days from being incredibly overwhelming and let's me know the last time I did certain things. Not just work related, but in my personal life, too.

I recommend the app UFYH(Unfuck your Habitat) or the tumblr site. Those are more for like... Household organization/cleaning/etc. It's been inspiring and has a lot of good ideas for keeping yourself from looking at it and going "IT'S TOO MUCH!"

I like this in my kitchen and on my desk. I like everything having a certain place, y'know. Keeps things from getting too lost all the time. ;)

When it comes to your self esteem and self confidence, I recommend taking up a hobby! Learning something new can make you feel better about yourself, keep yourself entertained, and if you ever want to turn your brain off to what's going on, just go ahead and start looking in to something new. Develop a new skill.

Also, journaling. Even if you're just writing a sentence regarding something positive or small that made you happy with life or yourself, think about remembering it. Or the app Happier! I love that app.

And in regards to making you happy, here's a man proposing to his wife after a cochlear implant. I thought this was way too sweet to not share.

Edited to add :: /r/personalfinance /r/planner and /r/EatCheapAndHealthy are great reddits to hang out in for advice and tips

u/MechaFlamingoCandy · 1 pointr/ADHD

I'm still working out a system of my own, but it right now involves

  1. This planner

  2. These as an on the go planner filler

  3. Notecards that I write lists of things I have to do on
u/MeatFloggerActual · 1 pointr/Meditation

I use The Five Minute Journal. In the morning I find that it's useful to start with gratitude and filling out out for a few minutes helps to energize me before my morning mediations

u/redavid · 1 pointr/AdvancedRunning

I've been using this Field Notes 56-week Planner this year.

It's simple and undated, which fits my needs quite well. I'm just writing down distance, pace, some details for workouts, weather and how my body feels. The only con is that I wish it had more room to write for Sat/Sun, but since I treat Fridays as rest days anyway, I just use that space to describe my weekend long runs.

u/LM818 · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Maybe the Five Minute Journal would help? It’s more focused on mindfulness. (Edited) Here’s a link to it

u/DullKn1fe · 1 pointr/Meditation

My pleasure!

Yes, I certainly couldn’t meditate immediately after waking - that’s a definite invitation for “Sleep: Round Two!” :D

I like to journal ahead of time because it gets my mind going, and sets a positive outlook on my day. I don’t really have a set type of journaling though. I write about experiences, moods, dreams, concepts, goals, etc. It’s more of a “stream of consciousness” journal style. Whatever pops up. I also am working on presentations and writing a (non-fiction) book; so I work on that as well.

I am switching this slightly though; I’ll be writing/working on the book & presentations in the morning for an hour (because that’s when I feel most creative), then meditating. I’ll move my journaling to the evening because it doesn’t require creativity, and I think the brain dump will help me sleep better.

As far as recommendations for journaling, I would say to start with something easy and pre-formatted if you are looking to build a habit. Like a daily journal to build regularity. A gratitude journal - like The Five Minute Journal is a great way to start. I’ve bought these as gifts for my wife and various friends, and everyone has said they have been a very positive change.

I like what Happiness Researcher, Shawn Achor says about gratitude journaling & practices; by taking a few minutes each day to write down/remember specific instances to be grateful of, we rewire our brains to monitor for positive experiences throughout our day, like an app on our smartphones that run in the background. This in turn makes each day more positive and rewarding.

For me, I seem to stick with routines better if I simply schedule the task ahead of time. I have no issue on weekday mornings getting everything done in my routine. Ironically - I have more difficulty meditating on the weekends, even though I really enjoy sitting for longer periods and I have a lot more time available. On the weekends, there are a lot more distractions and I have had more difficulty setting a routine because, well, it’s the weekend. :D

Any way - there’s another novelette for you:D

Feel free to ask more questions - I’m happy to help. I wish you the best.

u/pepita23 · 1 pointr/hobonichi

Pardon my horribly messy handwriting. But this is the current journal I’m using:

Nitoms STALOGY 365DaysNotebook A5

The pages are great and it has exactly 365 pages so one for every day if I want to do a daily planner setup. But that doesn’t leave me with any extra for monthly or weekly layouts which would definitely help plan out school assignments and future plans.

Which Hobonichi would work best for what I’m looking for and it there a huge difference in layouts? This one has a very faint daily time stamp along the right side of each page that I don’t use too often unless there’s an appointment for that day.

u/unready_ocelot · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

It sounds like the Panda Planner weekly would be perfect for you. It's A4, all in English. The downside is it's undated.

u/gardeniaphoto4 · 1 pointr/notebooks

Amazon sells a Field Notes 56 Week Planner
It's a bit misleading because the product name makes it seem like it's for 2016 only but reading the reviews, it looks like the dates can be filled in.

I also found the Field Notes Resolution 3-pack on
One of the notebooks contains a blank, 56-page "date book" which looks like basically a weekly planner with the dates left blank.
I've only ever bought one pack of Field Notes notebooks. I like how nice and portable they are, so I imagine that the calendars will be perfect for carrying with you. Good luck!

u/OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO333 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

i literally typed in "productivity planner amazon" and it was number 1. come on mate.

u/SaoilsinnSuz · 1 pointr/productivity

I'm gonna throw this out there, but try a Panda Planner weekly. Like you, I'm an ex-bullet-journaler, and this physical planner has solved all my problems. It's undated, but goes a whole year so you can get it whenever. I love literally everything about it: the weekly review, the monthly habit, the lists functions, the gratitude, the Top 3 priorities... If you are thinking of digital this isn't for you, but the last two months have been nothing short of amazing for me using this planner.

u/aethordad · 1 pointr/EDC

It contains two Fieldnotes actually. I keep one for work and one for personal in it. Perfect size. Amazon.

u/PseudonymNumberThree · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Try this link

Seems to match the item description from the post there OP !!

u/brisull · 1 pointr/sysadmin

When I got the MBP with USB-C, I had to get multiple dongles to connect. A friend turned me onto this bag:

Great bag for small cables, dongles, flash drives, etc. Very roomy.

u/juleess · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

This is the planner I use, happy planner. they are pretty decorative and can be cluttered for some. I know staples has something that are much more similar in looks to yours pictured. That planner I linked is the monthly then weekly spreads, I buy a separate daily docket from the same brand that I stick in for days I feel I need the whole day planned, it's this one- here.

u/AlmightyWaffles · 1 pointr/infertility

This specific journal lays in out in a page per day format. It's nicer in person than it looks. Has a linen cover and ribbon page marker.

u/pandaishcake · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

Here . It says shipping to Australia is available but when I log in to actually buy it Amazon says third parties can’t ship to Australia :(