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u/cardinal29 路 235 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I saw a "Festival Season!" article once and every single model was wearing open, strappy sandals.

Like, the LAST thing you'd wear, your feet would be trampled, have these people ever even attended a concert?

The clothes were all bo-ho and sweet florals, tiny cross-body bags, big brimmed sun hats. Yes, we get it, it's a very cute look.

NOT what anyone would actually wear!

BTW, most valuable festival accessory:
Stand up female urination device! 馃槉

u/La_Lanterne_Rouge 路 103 pointsr/videos

If you are a male, in the future you could carry one of this. Works great, the urine solidifies in the chemical powder that's inside. You can put a coat over your lap or a blanket and do your thing.

u/anononaut 路 61 pointsr/AskReddit

Get a PO Box immediately so youhave a place for your mail to go. Don't check "commercial or business use" or the post office will be obligated to give out your contact info for anyone who asks. They are about $30 for six months.

Buy a little urinal jug for $5 or pack of disposable ones for $12.

(You have to pee when in a car a lot more than your tire goes flat so why do you have a spare tire and no pee jug in your trunk?)

Here is one with a female adapter for $5. everyone should have one of these in their car trunk anyway.

here are some disposable cardboard paper ones 6 for $12 if you want something smaller.

You don't want to exit a car at night to walk the woods or city streets to find privacy. Aircraft supply stores came up with these women's pee jugs which are used in small airplanes flying for several hours when no one wants to land just to pee.

Other practical things from a friend of mine who has camped across the country:

If you have a car to sleep in find the neighborhoods with lots of apartments becuase they usually have a lot of apartment dwellers who park overnight on the streets so your car won't get hassled.

IF you live near a swimming pool park, beach or lake a lot of them have open showers.

If you have a sportsclub membership you can usually shower and change clothes there (might be worth the monthly purchase for national shower privileges alone.) If you go to a 24 hr one in work out sweats no one will think anything of it if you "accidentally fall asleep" on a floor mat "doing your exercises".

Buy a small wind up or battery powered alarm clock.
A plastic jar of peanut butter, a half gallon jug of spring water, a multivitamin and aspirin bottle, cold cans of chicken based Progresso soups with rice or veggies (which taste like high end gazpacho cold) and a spoon or fork and a can opener a wash cloth, deodorant, hairspray, toilet paper are wonderful things to have in a car at all times whether or not you are homeless/camping whatever.

A wool blanket is a wonderful thing for warmth and window privacy. A Sunday newspaper and tape makes great car window privacy (but also alerts police you might be sleeping in your car which is illegal some places.) An alternative is some of those sun reflectors for car windows which you can get at the 99cents store. Lots of people leave those on windows when they aren't sleeping in a car.

Even an out of service (with canceled monthly bill etc) cell phone can be used for emergency 911 calls if you keep it charged.

Get a thing that plugs into your cigarettes lighter that lets you pull in regular electrical plug devices to do things like run your cell phone and small's one for $25

WARNING they CANNOT BE USED WITH HAIRDRYERS or HEATING THINGS becuase those use to much electricity.

for that you need a heavy duty one 1500 watt one which will be a few hundred like this

no 2000 watt hairdryers if it's 1500 watts! (you should really not use a hairdryer in your car)

Even the smaller ones for cell phones and laptops will run down your car battery within an hour if the car isn't running and the larger one may even run it down when the car IS running becuase they pull so much electric juice.

If you are ever sleeping in your car, the easiest way to stay warm is to get a 2 liter soda bottle and empty it and fill it to the top (no air) with the hottest tap water you can find from a public sink, screw the plastic lid back on tight, and then put that bottle in a blanket or sleeping bag with you. You will stay very warm all night. You probably will need to wrap the hot water bottle in a pants leg or blanket becuase it will be hot on your skin otherwise. Don't leave air in there or it will expand and pressurize the bottle as soon as the hot water gets shaken. got o an aquarium store and buy two clear hoses like in aquariums.
One small diameter and one larger.

The small one can fill jugs from sinks etc when you can't get the jug under the sink faucet.
The large one can be used to route fluids outside your car without opening the door or to help fill radiators etc.

Get a $5 led flashlight and bunches of batteries for 99 cents

Those are all good things to have in your car anyway.

u/HierEncore 路 54 pointsr/vandwellers

i've sadly got a good amount of experience with that, and yes, the horror is quite palpable when dealing with a failed system.

I recommend a standard porta-potty. they run between $50 and $150 depending on quality and size. They all work the same way... waste is all contained airtight in the bottom part, which you just fill with 2 cups of water and a half-cup of blue solution. The top of the toilet has a small compartment for regular tap water to "flush", along with toilet paper, with the press of a manual button. With this setup, you can have slightly more comfortable "emergencies", around 10 comfortable poops, and you have plenty of time to empty it in any toilet at your convenience (the bottom part slides out and carries like a suitcase of sorts, so you can even empty it in a public restroom toilet). This setup is pretty clean and very low odor as long as you're using the right solution. emptying it out at a toilet will be stinky for a minute or two, but thats the worst part.


u/KiplingRudy 路 29 pointsr/vandwellers
u/averageshortgirl 路 19 pointsr/backpacking

This won't be interesting for all you hikers, but I always bring my pStyle. It's seriously the bomb. Peeing has never been this easy.

u/BallsOutKrunked 路 18 pointsr/preppers

There should be a lot more discussion on this topic. Bullets and beans don't mean anything if you can't dispose of waste in safe manner. My solution / thoughts below, and I live in a rural area but on a municipal system so this may or may not be as applicable.

For urine, pee in something like a bucket , or build a urinal that drains into a french drain. In general urine can be disposed of fairly easily. Gallons and gallons can go into a rather small area which you can cover later with dirt. Except for the fertilizer burn there's really no issues here. As others have noted keep the urine and solids separate.

For solid waste, relatively easy is:

  • a 5 gallon bucket (which you probably already have for storage).
  • a lid kit for the bucket.
  • some biodegradable bags that fit into the bucket. You can just clean out the bucket each time but this makes a little easier and you can just bury the whole bag.
  • some type of absorbing material to dry out the solid waste, and handle any urine that gets in there too. I have a pellet stove so I literally have tons of wood pellets which absorb a lot of water. Other good ideas are coir, sawdust, shredded cardboard, or kitty litter.

    Regarding the municipal system, eventually it will back up, it's a question of time. Where I live it's a straight downhill shot to the municipal waste treatment center, no lift pumps required. The waste treatment facility has backup generators and overflow ponds so provided they can still operate things will work. Shit flows downhill, as it was.

    In an extremely prolonged sort of situation where the crews weren't out doing maintenance or a large earthquake actually ruptured the pipes, things will back up. The folks at the bottom will experience it first.

    You can install a backup prevention device. It has regular maintenance and the install could be easy (in the crawlspace) or terrible (you have to dig). If you're preparing for generalized disruptions it's probably overkill but if you're on a municipal system and want to isolate yourself, it's a good idea. /u/parametrek 's PDF post is terrific, that's something every prepper should have.
u/whiskeyjane45 路 18 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Something like this. There are reusable versions that are great for camping but i feel the disposable is better in the festival setting.

u/roseflower81 路 15 pointsr/UlcerativeColitis

Many states have passed the Restroom Access Act (Ally's Law) for people with specific medical conditions to have access to bathroom. You can also request for a card here.

In any case, I too have a similar set up, but in my car in case of an emergency in the middle of a drive. It's a bucket but with a toilet seat that you can get on Amazon

u/poidogs 路 15 pointsr/preppers

What is your plan for going to the bathroom if there is no running water/toilets/privacy? At the least get a bucket toilet so that you have some place to put it all.

If you plan on doing some clean up, get face masks/respirators and protective eyewear appropriate for that. If you are wearing work gloves, put latex/nitrile gloves under that. There are gloves that are a bit longer than the usual wrist length. Any cut/wound becomes an opportunity for infection. Make sure you have enough first aid supplies to both thoroughly clean and bandage any cut/wound.

Have good "hand awareness" -that is be mindful of not touching your face. All the gloves and ppe in the world won't do any good if you rub your gloved hand over your eyes/nose/mouth and directly administer cooties to yourself. That is another reason for some sort of mask/eyewear -so that you don't rub gunk in places you don't want gunk.

Be careful! Stay safe! I hope your house is ok.
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u/firstmanonmars 路 15 pointsr/BurningMan

This comes off completely as them making up a fake story in desperation, to get BMorg to turn around their decision. Why would you try to sell tickets on eBay? To catch a "rat" from the organization you claim to have friends in? The fuck?

Also raising my bullshit meter: selling on eBay is a contractual obligation. They would have legally HAD to sell those tickets to the highest bidder.

Sorry, this is a clear matter of fucking up鈥攂adly鈥攁nd trying to cover for it. Poor show.

Here is what my wife bought for her pee funnel this year. Cheap. Reusable. Doesn't add to the landfill of plastic cups after BM. Sorry, PFC, you do a good service but this phony CYA gives me a poor feeling about you guys.

u/Meowzebub666 路 14 pointsr/OSHA

I got one of these for camping and festivals and tried it at home first.

First, peeing standing up is incredible, 11/10 do recommend.

Second, my aim was perfect but splash back is a bitch!

I get it now, I'm not so up my bf's ass about sprinkles around the can anymore.

u/sea_of_clouds 路 12 pointsr/hulaween

I've tried those, but have had...less-than desirable results. Apparently I lack the sort of coordination needed to use one without peeing all over myself. 馃槅

So I did the next best thing and created my very own Whiz Palace! It's essentially a large bucket with a toilet seat on top; I secure a small trash bag inside and fill with cedar shavings (like you'd put in a small pet cage), to mitigate any noise or smell. The toilet is then placed inside a pop-up shower tent and voila! I also include toilet paper and other accouterments. I change the bag and cedar daily. It's not pretty, but it beats the heck out of stumbling to a porta-potty at 5am.

u/Qacer 路 12 pointsr/ExpectationVsReality

Amateurs. This is what you bring to a festival: TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (6 pack)

u/UMFreek 路 12 pointsr/BurningMan

I just use a jug for the tent, but when I'm out and about I keep a Travel John in my bag. It turns your pee into a gel.

I had to leave the man burn a few years ago cause I was about to pee my pants. I almost had to stop and piss on the open playa it was that bad (I made it to the portos somehow). They are cheap insurance and they make them for men, women, and kids.

u/Teerlys 路 11 pointsr/preppers

This is probably the most realistic advice for the vast majority of folks. Though they sell ones with seats/lids for not very much. The pool noodle idea is a new one for me though. Presumably to put around the rim for cushioning? That's clever.

u/jjmoreta 路 11 pointsr/Parenting

I can give you peace of mind for a bargain price of $20 (from Amazon, may cost more from a store).

  1. Waterproof seat protector for your carseat. Piddle pad is one brand. $10 (or less depending on brand)

  2. Portable potty, in case you are miles from civilization when nature screams. I like mine because it also doubles as a potty seat for dubious rest stops. Inflatable versions also exist. $10 and up

    For anyone reading who has boys (I have 2 plus a husband) I keep one of these in my glovebox at all times..

  3. Time regular potty breaks, taking into account how much she drinks and when she normally poops. Every few hours find a place to stop and declare that everyone needs to go potty whether they feel it or not. Free

    You're now enabled for emergencies, protected from accidents and she won't have to revert to pullups.

u/Kwazimoto169 路 11 pointsr/gaming

Geez, man! At least get a toilet seat for the top of the bucket. That looks bloody uncomfortable.

u/Spongi 路 10 pointsr/AskReddit

Unless he's got some kind of weird complex about girls and poop just forget about it.

If you need to go to the bathroom, then just go. Don't worry about it. Spray a little air freshener if it makes you feel better.

Reminds me of the time I was at my grandmother's and took a massive shit then sprayed some pine-sol scented air freshener. My grandmother walks in a few minutes later and starts sniffing the air then say's "Smells like someone shit on a pine tree."

If it makes you feel any better. I don't even have a bathroom. I just have this and a bag of pine shavings.

I even had a lady friend come stay for a bit. Whenever she needed to use the bathroom I just left for a few minutes while she did her business.

u/jaweeks 路 10 pointsr/news

Not even with this?

u/Pufflekun 路 10 pointsr/AskReddit

Or this, for when you need to pee in a public place, regardless of gender! Only $12 for four of them!

u/MsKnee 路 9 pointsr/BurningMan

twitch Nooooooooo.

My preference? Get a pStyle, and a carrying case to go with it. Keep the plastic ziplock bag the pStyle comes in, stuff it inside the carrying case, clip that to your bag, and pull it out whenever you need to use it. Then wipe it down with some TP (if there's any left in the porto), put it back in the bag, and you're good. Normally you wouldn't want to keep a funnel in the plastic bag, and you'd want the breathability of the fabric carrying case to keep it dry, but I'm not so keen on playa dust being all up in my business, so I just wipe it after every use, keep it sealed in the plastic, then baby wipe it daily when I'm back at my tent. to make sure it's clean.

u/RidingElephants 路 9 pointsr/AskWomen

I spend a lot of time peeing outside, and this is a lifesaver. (link is to a device that lets you pee standing up)

u/Doodah18 路 9 pointsr/TumblrInAction
u/sometimesineedhelp 路 8 pointsr/TinyHouses

I lived in a little potting shed for a year, it was chilly, but fine. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket and one of these: and a 5 gallon water container that you fill up at the spigot every day or so a bowl and a sponge and you're set up for a make-shift sink/ sponge bath...

Haven't you ever been camping? If you are homeless and broke and someone is offering you a warm, dry place to sleep why are you wasting time freaking out about building a loft? That looks like about 300 sq feet of space there and you'll be able to set up a basic "camp kitchen" and sleeping area NO PROBLEM. Get a WARM sleeping bag and a mattress to insulate you from the floor because baseboard heat is going to be EXPENSIVE. If you can't shower at the gym or at a friend's place, get a solar shower and a big pot and heat water on a camp stove and fill the bag that way. You need a place to prepare food: camp stove/microwave/folding table/minimal cooking and eating utensils. A place to sleep: floor mat/warm sleeping bag a place to bathe: a friend's place or a camp shower setup. A place to toilet: fast food restaurants/a friend's house/a camp toilet setup. A place to store clothes: fold neatly on the floor/get some cheap shelves like this and that's it! Anything else is extra and unnecessary

u/buttonmashed 路 8 pointsr/todayilearned

i have been told that there's actually a special tool girls can slap onto their junk (technically it's for pissing into a urinal), but the same drunk girl who told me about it said it was garbage for aiming

edit this is the thing. i am seeing so much contortion and hip thrusting, trying to stay legible. /edit

u/parametrek 路 7 pointsr/axesaw

Is it better than usual? You have to be right next to your vehicle.

$70 is pretty expensive compared to simple 5 gallon bucket seat.

u/minuteman_d 路 7 pointsr/Lightbulb

Get one of these and a "privacy poncho" and the entire road system is your outhouse.

u/dash-80 路 7 pointsr/Outlier

I use Granger's Performance Wash whenever I clean my SD's. I've used their combination Wash + Repel to restore DWR on a pair of mine that I accidentally washed with regular detergent.

After using either/or of those products, putting them in the dryer (after thoroughly hanging to dry) really brings the DWR back to life, from my experience.

u/Wytch78 路 6 pointsr/hulaween

You can still do GA and have flushable toilets, but it depends where you camp. There鈥檚 a 鈥淛on condo鈥 between the amp and meadow stages at the heart of the venue, for when you鈥檙e enjoying the shows. If you (arrive early enough to) camp near the bath house by Spirit Lake or the Grand Hall you can have access to flushing toilets, but there will be lines at peak times.

I fest and camp with my 8 year old daughter and we have one of these for just in case. Dudes piss innawoods but that鈥檚 not always possible for womenfolk, so we travel with one of these. #1 only.

u/F--K_the_mods 路 6 pointsr/Truckers

Use a garbage bag before sitting down. Then take bag to dumpster.

Get a real seat. Much easier.

u/Err_Go 路 6 pointsr/camping

I live in Monroe Washingon and routinely take the exact type of trip your talking about in the Snoqualmie National forest. While it may not be best practice, here's what I do:

  1. Scout the area ahead of time and try and find at least 3 good spots.
  2. Camping next to a river will yield tons of good fire wood and minimizes mosquitos. Avoid heavily shaded areas. Wood may be damper and mosquitos love it.
    3.I never worry about bears. We have virtually no brownies and blacks are skittish. I keep my food in a cooler in camp, cook in camp and never change my clothes because I may have gotten some bacon grease on them.
  3. I use a machete to hack down firewood to manageable sizes.
  4. Bathroom. I use one of these with a 5 gallon bucket.
u/alaskaj1 路 6 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I took my wife backpacking for the first time this year.

See if she would be interesting in one of the stand to pee devices like the freshette or pstyle. They can take some practice to use but helps avoid having to squat to pee.

If she isnt used to camping then a nice inflatable pillow might make things a lot more comfortable, similarly a nice air pad would probably be preferable and make the whole trip happier.

Extra socks, especially if her feet got cold at night would be a plus.

Extra hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

Extra hair ties, even pack a few in your pack.

Those are the big things that we can think of right now.

u/Whipet 路 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I own one of these, which has been useful for a few hiking/camping situations because it lets you pee standing up with your pants on. It's kind of high stakes urinating, though: fuck up and you're pants are covered in pee. And no matter what you end up with a pee covered funnel, which is non-amazing.

u/lowlife9 路 6 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

The freezing thing is just a myth. As for not washing it that's also completely not true, washing your rain gear is very important to remove dirt and grime cought in the Gor-tex porous membrane, if clogged the garment won't breath correctly. You do however have to use a side loading washing machine and specially formulated detergents like Nikwax or Grangers, Also putting your rain garments in the dryer on low will reinvigorate the original DWR coating.

u/cmae34lars 路 6 pointsr/thesims
u/IGnuGnat 路 5 pointsr/financialindependence

I'm in the process of slowing converting a Ford E150 into a stealth camper. We basically used it like a metal tent initially, but I'm slowly customizing it. The toilet is this:
It fits on a Rona bucket, with a double bagged garbage bag. Almost never need to use it. We'll eventually upgrade to a composter or something like what you linked, but for now it meets our needs.
We find that anything within a few hours drive of our city is pretty booked months in advance, but this way we can leave on a camping, hiking or fishing trip any time we like with basically no notice. When we camp on old fire roads we find that firewood is so easy to find we're thinking about putting in a small RV woodstove to extend the camping season. I wouldn't want to live this way but it's lots of fun in short stints, we'll go for 10 days or so at a time. To be honest, we often park in a hotel parking lot and when you get up in the morning and walk in the staff will just point you at a free breakfast, they assume you're staying there.

u/Mistacowman 路 5 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

My bad it was 3 hours I looked up the arrival about it. These are the buckets. They were filled with emergency packets of water and something else like a emergency blanket and we conveniently had gotten them like 2 months before it happened.

u/Copenhagen23 路 5 pointsr/battlefield_4 people buy this prodcut for "SHTF". It's the perfect shit bucket.

u/jimjoekelly33 路 5 pointsr/wallstreetbets
u/troyemcintosh 路 5 pointsr/bugout

I like your organization on those shelves! I need to do something similar.

What's your sanitation plan? I see Lots of people with > 72hrs of food / water but no way to handle 72 hrs of human waste.

Can I recommend you throw a cheap 12-pack of toilet paper and some disinfecting wipes in there? maybe store a portable toilet & supplies or ensure you have a shovel & knowledge to dig a latrine ?

u/diatho 路 5 pointsr/washingtondc

bro. you should be there TONIGHT! just grab one of these and a case of power bars.

u/flyingprairie 路 5 pointsr/flying

Lots of questions here about headsets, etc. Dad here, have researched this, info incoming!

Age of children - if you can put them in a back seat and have another adult back there with them, it depends on how soon they can wear a headset. Every baby is different.

Headsets. For the little babies, this is the toughest. We couldn't find any true headset, and looked into simple sound-blocking earmuffs. We tried several brands before landing on small Peltor Sport Earmuffs from . For babies with larger heads, you can probably start them on short flights at 4 months. For smaller heads, they may need to be 6-12 months for their head to be big enough for a proper seal.

For the older kids, get one of the Sigtronics Youth headsets . Durable, and they're not $1000 if they misuse them. I have the S-58Y and they've worked fine. The headbands swap out for adult headbands too, so they can grow with them.

Ages - if you've got an adult to sit with them in back (especially if your audio panel has a pilot isolate button), you can take them at just about any age. My wife rides in back with my little one. I am much more selective about who can ride in front. My own older kids, whom I know real well, I let. EAA wants kids to be at least 8 for Young Eagles, and that's probably as good a guideline as any for other kids.

Get them excited about it before you take them up. My little one likes to watch 5-minute segments from One Six Right with me. We put on our headsets and watch them, and she jabbers about the airplanes. I started her out just letting her hold and feel the headset. I'd show her how I always wore one and waited for her to ask for one too. It only stayed on a few seconds at first, but she wanted to try it briefly every time. With the real little ones, your life will be easier if they are used to thinking about wearing headsets and thinking of planes as exciting things.

The older ones love to watch the GPS. They are interested in how fast we are going, how high up we are, etc.

Keep your climbs and descents shallow. Kids don't know how to clear their ears. I aim for 500FPM max. You don't want them screaming in agony. For the infant/toddler crowd, have them munching on or drinking something during the climbs and descents to help with the ear popping.

Don't be that person that insists "we've gotta make time." When the family wants to stop for a break, you stop for a break. Especially if someone needs to use the bathroom. I bring Travel Johns on longer flights for the males on board. My wife has looked at everything on Sporty's and didn't want to try any of their products that claim to work for women, so I got nothin for you there.

Finally, the best compliment you can get as a pilot is when they stay asleep during the landing.

u/grass_fed 路 5 pointsr/Lollapalooza

It's better to pee before entering a crowd.. and I know nature calls sometimes but don't go peeing on people's feet. Bring one of these at least.

u/Pubics_Cube 路 5 pointsr/AirForce
u/korukyu 路 5 pointsr/trashy

I own this one, the pStyle in multiple colors. It's great, and because it's not a full funnel, you never have to worry about it filling up or removing your pants entirely.

Camping? Music Festivals? Anywhere with terrible port-o-potties? The pStyle is amazing.

u/rsyoo 路 4 pointsr/vandwellers

I purchased a brand new thetford toilet with the water flush and holding tank, I think it was around $150. When I finally finished my build I ended up just using one of those $10 bucket seats, and the thetford is just sitting in my storage unit, never used. In other news.. new thetford toilet for sale :P.

u/Dessertcrazy 路 4 pointsr/preppers

I have a camp toilet. It鈥檚 a 5 gallon bucket, lined with a compactor bag (those are pretty much unbreakable and no leaks). Add a handful of the blue crystal kitty litter (no clay or clumping, just blue crystals). Top with a toilet seat (made to fit 5 gallon buckets), and you鈥檙e good. Change it once a day. You shouldn鈥檛 get any smell with the compactor bag/crystal litter combo.

I鈥檇 also have some formula, just in case you get injured.

u/ZLMom 路 4 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Get one of those portable camp toilets, hand it to her at the door, and point to the backyard.

u/Third_Man_In 路 4 pointsr/bonnaroo

The ground, water bottles, or Travel Johns

u/_Stinky_ 路 4 pointsr/ftm

My old standby is the p style. Its just a hard plastic stp. It is a purely purpose built product so it excels at allowing the user to stand to pee and that is it, no packing, no passing at the urinal. I mainly rely on it for outdoor activities or travel and I've never had any issues. Its $13 so even if it doesn't work out you're not out much.

u/Cranky_Monkey 路 3 pointsr/preppers

ah...pretty easy. I've done some extreme camping/festivals and had to pack out everything.

Either a compostable toilet, or simply a honey bucket. Luggable loo lid on 5 gallon buckets. Place in biodegradable bag, then a cup of absorbent kitty litter. Do your business, and each time give it a pump of orange citrus freshener and a cup of kitty litter. Ue until bucket is 1/3 full and tie off bat and toss in garbage or a hole.

Repeat. The luggable loo lids actually snap tight down when not in use, sealing off all odors, etc. Feels just like using a regular toilet.

u/SleepNowMyThrowaway 路 3 pointsr/AskWomen
  1. A 5 gallon bucket from Lowe's - $4.
  2. A snap-on toilet seat - $13
  3. Being able to take a dump beside a gently burbling brook like a normal human being - Priceless
u/Inigo93 路 3 pointsr/camping

Alternatively, for those who are more interested in a bit of comfort I recommend the Luggable Loo. Combine that bad boy with a trash bag and some kitty litter and you're set!

u/TheDragonzord 路 3 pointsr/Battlefield

Well we PC guys sometimes have to just make do with what we have on hand while we save up money for what we need, but, if you really want to get efficient I'd suggest one of these maybe on some sort of custom wooden platform. Desk height and all that.

u/Yeti_or_Not 路 3 pointsr/preppers

A five gallon bucket with a snap-on toilet seat is a good idea. Wag-Bags are a compostable liner for the bucket that comes with the neutralizing powder to treat about four uses before needing to be replaced.

u/[deleted] 路 3 pointsr/Truckers

Feel free to bother. I'm home and bored out of my fucking mind.

Dont tell the school or the company anything. They dont need to know that. might be an inconvenience. you'll be able to stop at truck stops or rest areas 9 times out of ten just about whenever you want. But I'd reccomend you buy something like this

And keep a few strong trash bags on the truck in case of emergencies. Set up the bucket, line it with a trash bag, do your business and then throw away the bag asap.

I have one but I've only had to use it a couple times.
It's a life saver.

u/SnapshillBot 路 3 pointsr/MGTOW

Archived for your convenience


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  4. MC3 MC4 Solar Crimping Tool -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  5. 10 Pack MC4 Male Female Solar Panel... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  6. 1000W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Contro... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  7. 100' Black bulk #10 Copper PV wire -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  8. 600W (12V / 24V) (50A / 25A) Wind T... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  9. 6 Gallon Samson Stackers, Natural, ... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  10. Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toil... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  11. 8750 Max Starting/7000 Running Watt... -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  12. 2 gal. Home and Garden Sprayer -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  13. 7 Gallon Mixing Tub -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  14. One-Way-Trip Shipping Container -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

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u/photobanana 路 3 pointsr/popups


We have this one. Use kitty litter in the bottom and trash bags.

u/isitdeadyet 路 3 pointsr/orangecounty

Travel John and a blanket....just make sure he doesn't shake it off more than 3 times.... otherwise he's playing with himself.

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (6 pack)

u/auntietrex 路 3 pointsr/breakingmom

I got these during my first pregnancy when I had a brutally long commute with no easy bathroom locations. They're not perfect and can't hold a, "my bladder is exploding" amount of pee but they're better than nothing.

u/prometheus5500 路 3 pointsr/hammockcamping

Well there's this type of thing. But honestly, a hose wouldn't work well anyway. Once you're done, you'd have a ton of urine still in the hose.

My recommendation would be to just ALWAYS pee right before bed, helping your bladder make it through the night. If that isn't good enough, then, well, you may have to deal with getting up.

u/ilbd 路 3 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Just get one of these, or something similar.

u/FlagBattery 路 3 pointsr/ladycyclists

this thing. I feel so wrong posting this here because I am not a woman, I feel like I've just joined a conversation in the ladies restroom when sneaking to use one of the stalls because the guys bathroom was at capacity. I swear I'm not a creep, bye.

u/mountaingirl1212 路 3 pointsr/Yosemite
u/nnja 路 3 pointsr/BurningMan

cloud 9 bike seat for 25 bucks - your butt will thank you!

If you have sinus problems & access to power running a small humidifier with essential oils (Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint) makes a huge difference.

If you're sensitive to noise (or camp with a sound camp on the esplanade) silicone ear plugs are amazing for sleeping. Instead of sticking them in your ear, you use them like putty to seal your ear canal. Way more comfortable, and lets you lay flat against a pillow. Usually they're reusable, on playa each pair tends to last one night.

For you ladies... a sheewee and a pee bottle is the way to go. No more late night trips to the portapots. I have this one because the open design lets me clean it with a baby wipe. Make sure you practice at home first.

u/ThanksForAllTheCats 路 3 pointsr/AskWomen

This is the one I got. I tried three different types, and settled on the P-style because it's the most portable and easiest to use.

u/wishforagiraffe 路 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Get one of the camping things, like the pstyle, it would probably fit through the spanx slit?

u/startittays 路 3 pointsr/Austin

Order one of these babies and you too can pee anywhere!

u/nbaaftwden 路 3 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I have a pstyle and LOVE it. Use it for hiking and backpacking. Keeps me from peeing on my boots or mooning the world. When I first got it, I hopped in the shower for a practice run. Peeing standing up was the hardest thing in the world! Totally against all my instincts, haha. May have to try snow-writing this winter.

u/bearontheroof 路 3 pointsr/preppers

I bought one of these to use for festival camping, and that + contractor bags + kitty litter is what I'd use for an extended loss of sewage service.

u/SystemFolder 路 3 pointsr/funny

It would be an option if she had a female urination device, like this one.

u/thorium007 路 3 pointsr/talesfromtechsupport

I'm sure that one of these would work disturbingly well.

I'm a bit more disturbed by the fact I know they exist.

u/weirdb0bby 路 3 pointsr/RoomPorn

I'd be using it with an adapter for my anatomy. This one, specifically, so I'd have gotten tubing that would fit into. I've done it with my camper van so I don't have to go outside when it's cold. And I know it works.

Maneuvering that funnel bit while holding a bottle in place and not spilling is enough to fully wake me up, so no real advantage over going downstairs.

u/glass__head420 路 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

This is what you want. It turns any liquid into gel and comes in a sealable container. My question is do you feel comfortable peeing surrounded by people? I can feel my urethra closing just thinking about it

u/joelfriesen 路 3 pointsr/VictoriaBC

I'll be a lot easier in Victoria, than where it snows. However, this was a choice quote from /r/vandwellers that I just read that strikes a chord. I localized it for victoria

>February. Imagine waking up at 3am in that van with diarrhea, 8c inside, -10c outside, and trying to hop out and thru the rain, into the slush on the ground fast enough to make it inside some building's restrooms in time without going into shock? I'd strongly recommend a porta-potty.

The recommended picking up one of these for emergencies

u/shitsberries 路 2 pointsr/vandwellers
  1. You can check out the female funnels for urinating. That might allow you to pee in a bottle like one of the guys. For numero dos, find a public toilet like the rest of us.

    This girl (blog is no longer active) set up a pretty smart way for either gender to pee through her plumbing. If you go this route, just be sure you won't get in trouble or ruin anything when you use it.

  2. That's really going to be up to you. Do you have the time and willingness to build your own rig? My personal suggestion is to get a newer van, but not brand spanking new. Everyone has their preference, but I've read that the 2000's and up Econolines with a 5.4l V8 are solid. You'd want a E250 or E350 to ensure that you have the payload to hold everything you want. Even investing in tools and spending a bit on a newer van, you will be nowhere close to what you'd spend on a new class B (sportsmobile, winnebago). Plus, you'd be able to customize it to your liking. You'd also have the satisfaction and pride that comes along with building something of your own. Even if you had a 4x4 conversion (roughly $10,000), you'd still be far under the cost of a new class B. Another option would be to buy a used class B. For example, this. It may be over priced, I don't know, but I think you can see what I mean.

  3. Diesel. Simply put, better gas mileage and longer engine life. The diesels have a higher compression rate, IINM, so the engines normally have twice the life(in miles) as their gas counterparts. However, the maintenance costs are typically much higher. Oil changes alone can be 3x as much.

    Do a bunch of research on vehicles. Sprinters typically cost a fortune if they need a lot of maintenance and some years are better than others. However, some come stock with standing room and are much easier to build out. Chevy's are easier to build out than Fords due to the walls and Chevy's get better gas mileage than Fords, but I've heard Fords are more reliable. You'll hear many contradictions, but do your best to weed through all of the information for a general consensus. There sure is a lot of info on this subreddit alone, and then you've got that web that is world wide too :)

    Hope to see you on the road!

    Edit: I suppose there is more that goes in to deciding to build your own. Time is probably the biggest. Time is money, as they say. Do you have someone who can help you and would want to? That has been the most frustrating part for me. My friends are flaky and unreliable. Fuckers they are! If you're willing to absorb all of the information at your disposal, (youtube, blogs, general webpages about building & 12v electricity/solar) the other person doesn't have to know much, but, man, it helps to have another set of hands. For some projects, two hands aren't enough.

    And back to the toilet, I have an emergency toilet that I hope to never use, but it's a luggable loo on a 3 gallon bucket
u/Encinitas0667 路 2 pointsr/vandwellers
u/jpflathead 路 2 pointsr/vandwellers

If you already have the 5 gallon bucket, what's the advantage of the hitch?

The toilet lid itself is as low as $13

u/jrfish 路 2 pointsr/AskReddit

And a portable toilet to go with it

u/catsasss 路 2 pointsr/legaladvice
u/jarenmorris 路 2 pointsr/overlanding

Pooping in the woods tho is so liberating! There are some portable toilet options and they make little pop up tent style bathrooms that you can also use to shower in.

Tent - WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent Green

Toilet - Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

While trailer might be super comfy, you might end up limited in exploring back roads while you are out.

u/BootyTrain716 路 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

They make seats for buckets too btw. Or you can buy the full kit.

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

u/NoNotTheBeeeees 路 2 pointsr/preppers

A very important thing people forget about when prepping. Especially if you are hunkered down/bugging in, you're going to need a place to do your business. Multiply that if you have family.

I got this, although I'm sure there are plenty others just as good. A rigged up 5 gallon bucket could probably do the trick, as well.

u/StarvingIsVerboten 路 2 pointsr/CrohnsDisease

Terrible idea, unless your idea of a good idea is getting diarrhea spatters all over your tires, legs and shoes.

A 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid and a biodegradable plastic liner would be a much better idea for a road trip.

u/ShoegazingStardust 路 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

I always bring my own toilet. I have this one:

Nothing is nicer than to use the bathroom at your own camp. We have a huge tent, so we can set up the bathroom in there. We've also brought a pop-up shower and used it to set up a bathroom, kinda like this one:

u/unbalancedmindx 路 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I'd say forget what you see on youtube, thats some made up fantasy shit. If you try living on the beach prepare to be rousted every time you try to sleep.

Mosquitos will destroy you, be ready to deal with that. Mosquito netting over your bed area is a good idea(I use a king sized bed sheet and a clothes hanger rope over my cot). Also I have one of these I run if unwanted biting insects get into the van, I just full charge my battery before I go to bed and leave it on all night.


You will need a minimum of two 100w solar panels and a 100amp hour deep cycle battery if you plan to have any kind of electronics. I run a laptop(acer e5-575-338m) two cell phones and a 27" monitor on this all day every day. Once the sun goes down I unplug the laptop from the charger and can get ~6 hours off the laptop battery and the deep cycle will run my cell phone(internet) and my 27" monitor all night with power left over. The 27" monitor uses 28w of power(acer K272HL).

Currently I use this so I can have the panels out in the sun while I'm in the shade:

Y connectors to combine the panels:

This charge controller(I wish I had spent the $200 to get a really good one but it works)

I went with poly panels, did a ton of research they seemed to be the best option for me.

A couple of these so you can plug in 12v chargers:

1000w true sine inverter:

much cheaper 150w inverter(not true sine):


Honda generator for when there is no sun or emergency electricity, get the honda its more expensive but I originally had a cheaper generator and it only lasted like 6 months before it broke.


You will need a commode, I have tried them all and this works best in my opinion. Use either dirt or mix black water deodorizer in a gallon of water and poor it over the waste. Pee into a separate bottle, combining pee and waste is what cause most of the smell. Then tie off the garbage bag and put it in a gallon freezer bag and store that in a 5 gallon bucket from home depot with an airtight lid. This way you can throw out the waste with your regular garbage.


You will need the best cooler you can afford, ice is a serious pain in the ass to keep having to get every day. A Yeti knockoff will work and you can get one for under $200 but a dometic compressor cooler/freezer is best, but it will cost you like $800.

This is the one I have:


Another thing I found very useful is a salt shotgun for flys and other annoying insects(its a never ending battle). They make one you can buy but I made my own instead, you just cock the bolt pump it up and then use a funnel to poor a pinch of salt down the barrel. It will kill any bug you shoot as if it was hit by a mini shotgun.


I would recommend a cheap propane burner instead of the fancy coleman butane burners, personal preference but when I had the butane burner I would go through butane like crazy and its kind of expensive. Not to mention you can't always find butane in store but you can always find the little propane canisters.


Wet wipes are your friend.

Apple cider vinegar with water works for a diy sponge bath.

Keep a well stocked medical kit

Get a big can of bear spray or two for self defense, just know it won't work on mountain lions. I keep bear spray and a marlin guide gun for large animals(moose/bear) and a 9mm for two legged predators. I have had death threats and all kinds of crazy shit happen so just be prepared.


Locking gas cap is a MUST, lost one of my vans due to some asshole pouring water in my gas tank.


A Verizon phone with the cheapest unlimited tethering plan($70/mo), Verizon has by far the best coverage in the USA.


I'm probably forgetting something but that is my advice, been on the road over three years now.


It is going to be hard, extremely hard, you will suffer. Don't expect it to be a vacation, its a survival skill not some pretend shit you see on youtube unless you have unlimited money to spend.


Gas will be your biggest expense, I spend more on gas that it would cost to rent an apartment. The only way to cut down on that is to find a spot you can stay long term(which is VERY hard, people do NOT want homeless guys in vans living outside there house).

u/rznfcc 路 2 pointsr/nfl
u/PabstyLoudmouth 路 2 pointsr/preppers

For pooping, I would recommend something like this, at least it is all contained to the bag and can use pretty much any bag you need to.

u/211logos 路 2 pointsr/vandwellers

The most space efficient solution is to use wag bags. If not familiar with them, they're used extensively by campers and hikers; basically a couple of bags with some absorbent material inside. Can be used alone or with a toilet seat that folds up into a very small space like this one:

Some have entirely biodegradable bags, most can be just tossed in landfill. NOT in pit toilets, etc. Folks make their own with bags and kitty litter. Urine goes into a pee bottle.

Some camping areas now require a system where all human solid waste is carried out, so useful in those scenarios.

You could also look at cassette toilets, kind of an improvement over the bucket-and-seat, but a bit easier to use to dump the waste, and sometimes even smaller. Like this:

u/SeanColgato 路 2 pointsr/aclfestival

Week 2! Sorry, haha. I'm actually gonna bring portable urinals (which sounds gross, but apparently more people use them at festivals than you'd think) and offer them to my fellow GNR campers around me so no one feels like they need to leave. Since you're gonna be camping, here's the link if you're interested.

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (6 pack)

u/djuggler 路 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Add one of these to the nightstand and she's golden! (not an affiliate link)

sidebar: I really do recommend the Travel John. I put them in the glove boxes of our cars and my wife gave me such grief over it. "No one will ever use that!" It's designed so that men, women, and children can use it. Holds 28 ounces of liquid and has a solidifier in it that turns the liquid to a gel and deodorizes. Can be used for vomit in a crunch. But I recommend these for vomit Anyhow, I put the Travel John in the car and my wife chides me. One week later, the 5th grader (three years ago) was returning from a school trip to Washington, D.C. and the students are getting off the charter bus with yellow eyes because someone had clogged the toilet. No bathrooms in the parking lot where the buses gather and my son refuses to water a tree begging for a restaurant. We barely get the car down the road and he declares, "I'm not going to make it." I grabbed the Travel John and was immediately vindicated. My wife is totally on board and even complained when I took one camping and failed to put it back in the car.

u/sarcasmdetectorbroke 路 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

The trash bags are essential! I forgot to mention that, you are more prepared than me though I should really put some TP back in my stash. I need to add a bottle of water or two and hand sanitizer though for sure. Great tips. It's unfortunate we even need these things but it's better to be prepared. When I was pregnant I got these and I carry them with me too: - I don't know if they'd hold a poop but they give me comfort in knowing if I was really really desperate and could find a secluded place I didn't want to leave a trace behind in then I might try.

u/PP4life 路 2 pointsr/flying

> I have to divert if I need to pee. Men can just use an empty Gatorade bottle.

I admit, not as easy for a girl as for a guy, but still maybe an alternate to a diversion. TravelJohn

u/dog_in_the_vent 路 2 pointsr/flying


u/chadcf 路 2 pointsr/funny

We live in a golden age. You are in luck.

u/bingbing20 路 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Tip for girls- Buy a P mate off of amazon it was a life saver for me last year. Instead of having to sit on dirty seats in the port a pottys. I also used it at my campsite since we were far away from the bathrooms I just pissed in a water bottle with one of these.

u/whimsicarol 路 2 pointsr/Coachella

Got these and used them the past two years (whenever I wore a difficult-to-pee outfit):

Just takes a while to get used to it

u/interiot 路 2 pointsr/AskReddit

There's lots of products that are made for this (Uri-Mate, Urinelle, P-Mate, Freshette, etc).

u/Einsteins_Cat 路 2 pointsr/AskReddit

You can always use this.

u/postmodgirl 路 2 pointsr/pics

Challenge accepted, with one if these

u/thesneakymonkey 路 2 pointsr/backpacking

My husband and I carry the same weight. We split gear but keep it mostly even. At most his bag is 2-3 lbs heavier. For reference I am 5'5"/130lbs and he is 6'/230lbs. We keep our bag weights around 20-25lbs with food and water (2-3 nights). She should be more than capable of carrying the weight if her bag is well fitted to her. I use a women's specific pack and love it.

Also she can pee while standing if she wants to. I carry a pstyle that allows me to pee without removing my pack. I just had to get used to peeing while standing. Also sure beats squatting in poison ivy or getting mosquito bites on my butt.

So I guess just make sure she doesn't over pack, make sure her pack fits comfortably (mens/unisex packs may not work depending on her frame), she can carry her share of the weight, and peeing while standing as a girl is possible :)

Have fun, hope this helps.

u/bannana 路 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I love this ONE

Easy to clean, no small holes or tubes, pull forward and wipes the drips off too. Rinse with water and stick it in a ziplock. It's also the smallest and lightest I've found.

u/ZangiefThunderThighs 路 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Not at all fitness related, but have you thought about how you're going to pee??
Get a P-style and practice, practice, practice!! Its basically a funnel that lets you pee standing up. I highly recommend it.

u/olivinefromspace 路 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Lots of good info here already, so I'll just add this: get one of those pee funnels so that you can pee upright without having to take your pants all the way off. My favorite is this because it is hard plastic so easy to shake dry and store. They seem silly but I've found it to be one of those little things that make my outdoor experience a lot more enjoyable. The days of squatting in the woods and splashing pee on my boots are over. It makes having to pee outside a tent in the middle of the night much less unpleasant as well. Not to mention pit toilets - They can sometimes be super dirty and filled with flies. Not having to squat over that is a huge plus!

u/photorganic 路 2 pointsr/AskWomen

You can with pStyle! :)

u/cellblock2187 路 2 pointsr/crochet

Not quite the same thing, but I just made a very similar 'sock' for my pstyle stand-to-pee thing ( I use while hiking. I hated having to put it in a plastic bag without having a way to immediately clean it so I made a cover out of wool, and I plan to lanolize it like a diaper cover.

u/tarrasque 路 2 pointsr/flying

There are plenty of female urinary devices on the market for camping and hiking - essentially specially-shaped funnels.

I got this one for my wife.

u/eelwheel 路 2 pointsr/worldnews

Sure you can say it's one more thing to carry, but it's a tiny item and goes to show that women could very well stay in the vehicle and 'pee like a man.'

u/tacopuppy 路 2 pointsr/ftm

The pStyle seems to be the most univerally beloved. Super cheap and very easy to use.

u/rkobo719 路 2 pointsr/Coachella

Buy a 5 gallon bucket and one of these . They were a lifesaver when I was in one of the far ass lots that rarely got cleaned. I remember seeing people puke after going to pee in there.

u/XCryptoX 路 2 pointsr/youtubehaiku

She needs one of these so she doesn't have to squat in the urinal.

u/dynabike 路 2 pointsr/ladycyclists

I use a freshette for when I'm kayaking and don't have a good place to squat. I like it because the hose lets you direct your pee flow easier. I have even used it inconspicuously with my shorts on by sliding the hose part down my pant leg. I would definitely recommend it! Easy to use and no spills!

u/USSDoyle 路 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Theres always this

u/rib-bit 路 2 pointsr/aviation
u/flyawaylittleone 路 2 pointsr/arcteryx

THIS is the detergent, and

THIS is the DWR restoration product I use for my Arc'teryx gear.


\^ Should do the trick, though keep in mind a garment bag is best practice. A wash-in DWR restoration + detergent product also exists, though this method is a bit less effective than a standalone product.

\^ As far as dryer heat goes, I'd avoid full heat and take to a laundromat if your dryer doesn't have a "medium" or "low-heat" setting. Better safe than sorry, especially with a Beta SL!

u/Aisakura7 路 1 pointr/camping

I'm hoping to snag This soon, with This for camping out this summer. I know my teenager is grumbling already but this should at least provide some comfort while we're camped out in the middle of nowhere.

u/azreal156 路 1 pointr/redditguild

You may find this useful then.

u/divingdoc 路 1 pointr/vandwellers

so first of, I am a dude and it is a lot easier to pee in certain situations being a guy... If I was a girl maybe I would be more inclined to install a bathroom, but I can't speak for everyone. But anyways.... I will be working in healthcare facilities that have locker rooms including showers that I will have access to 24/7. I also plan on getting a planet fitness membership and can also use those facilities 24/5 (24hrs during weekdays). I already workout every day at a gym so going to a bathroom and showering in a gym is more normal than using my bathroom at home to be honest. Regardless, I will also have a non translucent bottle with me in case I really need to pee but can't find a place to go. If something is going on with my stomach and I really can't make it somewhere to take a crap I might get something like this but I really really only want that to be for emergency situations..... My friend just started vandwelling and he decided to go a little more luxurious and he got a portable toilet similar to this for emergencies and apparently they are pretty odorless and emptying them isn't that bad....I may end up getting one but I want to see how well I can deal without one. The benefit of those portable toilets is that they prevent you from having to deal with black water plumbing which adds complexity to your design and increases maintenance a lot. You also have to empty the black water tank at specific dumping locations. But some models of the portable toilet are not completely odorless and I've never personally emptied one so it might suck. As for showers, besides the health center and planet fitness I may get a camping shower or just get one of these and rig it into a jerry can or something for outdoor showers.

u/IronColumn 路 1 pointr/financialindependence
u/mlchrist 路 1 pointr/GhostAdventures
u/AbsolutelyPink 路 1 pointr/DIY

One of these. You can get the bags with the bio gel in them or buy bio gel on the cheap and potty bags.

u/borgchupacabras 路 1 pointr/USPS
u/FERRISBUELLER2000 路 1 pointr/vandwellers

The Porta makes a good seat but emptying it is a nono. Use plastic bags and paper towels to create a virtual absorbant diaper. The end product will be about the same size as a diaper and is easily disposable with ur daily trash.

Having said that, the Porta potti is going to take up permenant space in your vehicle. It may be best to go with a handicap assist seat like this one. Or just go completely minimal with a space saving bucket that can also hold extra bags, tp, and paper towels while remaining completely innocuous.

Although, looking at it now, I don't feel comfortable with a permenant toilet seat in my rig (that I have to look at). Or anyone else for that matter. So it may be just as beneficial to go with a home depot 5gal bucket and possibly modify it with a pool noodle lol

I think , for emergencies, this is the way to go

u/klevenisms204 路 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

if doing it all at once, i suggest getting one of these

u/RickyShade 路 1 pointr/homeless
u/thehauntedgod 路 1 pointr/ElectricForest

You're going to want more cars/spaces. 2 years ago my group had 12 people with 4 cars (so 4 spots) with around 9 tents and an EZup. That was full to the brim. No spots for shower or potty.

Last year /u/rubbersoul93 built a shower for our camp out of PVC pipe, connectors, a few shower curtains, duct tape, one of these, and a big tub of water.

I guess you could use the stall for a bathroom too and get something like this to use, but then you'd either have to dump it at the portapotties, pack it out, or live with it for 4 days.

u/writer-lane 路 1 pointr/LosAngeles


No seriously. What if you don't have access? Sawdust (or biogel/bags, etc.) and this bucket will allow you use the restroom comfortably if the water gets turned off or you have no access for some reason. And until you do need it/use it, it can store all your other items.

u/jon909 路 1 pointr/pics
u/Wasney 路 1 pointr/CrohnsDisease

So, my fianc茅e and I had to cave and get a 1 bath (no kids any time soon). Been pretty good the last 3 years.

But...flair is starting...very much considering one of these.

u/DrTom 路 1 pointr/vandwellers

Internet No idea. When I'm out I tether from my phone but I don't have near the data requirements you have.

Bathroom You definitely don't need it in town. Get a membership at a national chain gym and you can use the shower/bathroom in any major city pretty damn easily. Plus, you can always stop by a Starbucks or the like to use the restroom during the day.

In the wild, you might want to add a few things to your cargo area to make things easier. Pour some warm water in this bad boy and you'll have a surprisingly good shower alternative. You could also get a small composting toilet. Both that and the shower are pretty small and easy to tuck away, so even in a van you should be alright toting them along.

Driving: My advice here depends on where you think you'll be spending most of your time. Since you're new to driving, I would definitely advise against getting a larger vehicle if you're going to be hanging around urban areas a lot. If you're planning on spending most of your time in national parks and the like, then it shouldn't really matter.

Gas: I couldn't believe how much money I was spending on gas when I bought my van. 15 MPG doesn't sound that bad, but my god, it is. I don't know what RVs get, but if you're going to be on the road a lot, I'd sit down and calculate out the cost difference. It might be more than you'd expect.

Price: If you're willing to spend $10,000, you can get what you want, for the most part. Even with a small RV you should be able to get a quality vehicle in that price range. You just gotta be patient and keep your eyes open for deals.

Sound proofing: Neither are very sound proof. If you peruse through the posts in this sub, you'll see a disproportionate number of them are on adding insulation. That's because stock, these all have almost zero. Think about someone sitting in a normal car and talking on their phone. Sound transfers about the same amount in a van/RV.

u/danydin 路 1 pointr/vandwellers

so can you re-use the trash-bag for multiple times without getting it stink? also no need to close the nylon bag after being used??
and last question are we talking on something like that?:

u/baroldgene 路 1 pointr/VanLife

The only way I can think of to do this in an Astro van is with a portable shower with maybe a hose to your van's water supply and a portable toilet where you poop into wag bags.

u/djonesx 路 1 pointr/glastonbury_festival

I can't recommend these enough for those early morning urges that wake you up and you can't face leaving your tent and staggering around in the dark trying to find the toilets...

Travel John Unisex Disposable Urinal Pack of 6

They may seem grim, but they are silent, absorb all smell, and instantly turn your wee into a gel so you could turn the pouch upside down with no leakage. Chuck them in your rubbish bag when done.

Each Glasto a new friend in the group thinks it's a weird and disgusting concept, but inevitably come begging for a pouch or two when they get desperate!

They work great for male and females. Haven't had the need to test it's vomit absorbing capabilities yet thankfully!

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I live and drive in the Midwest. I put a telescoping shovel in my trunk at the first snow.
I always keep these within reach:
Bathrooms are not always available and puke just happens.

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People in the wilderness. Rock climbers, rafters, kayakers, canyoneers, etc. Enough people that it's a a full section of the NRS webpage including seats and bags specifically for shitting in 5 gallon buckets. For rafter it is also common to use a Rocket Box. Bags for peeing in also exist but you don't have to use those most places.

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I actually think this would be better for you, since it provides more information on how it works and has reviews you can draw from.

But in regards to your back pain, that may or may not be connected to your urinary problem so ask your doctor if there might be any correlation. Since one poster said in the other post that it may be due to a pinched nerve, they may possibly be connected. I think finding a neurologist is a good idea along with using a product like the one described above so you don't have to worry about your conditon.

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You may want to stock up... travel john

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here's the product on amazon, there's a video icon along the left hand side where the photos are.

basically its a small bag (starts small, then you unroll it) with a rim that you pee into, and magically your pee turns into gel and doesn't smell. works multiple times until it's full. no joke, depending on where your campsite is compared to the porta potties, these could be useful.

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OMG i started to look online for these cups and i found something even better. these must be made in Australia

or if you want a reusable.

or one in your favorite color

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Last year there were girls passing out these awesome 1 time use funnels in the womens porta potties. Peed standing up! it was so cool and I think you can buy them on amazon and carry a few around a day. I def plan on it. I am a little too short to do a proper hover. TRY THESE

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I desperately want one of these, for this very scenario. And camping. I think it's time to order one, actually.

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I use a p-style for backpacking. I've been considering bringing it on long rides, too. It's never fun to peel off the bib shorts and expose my backside to the world...

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Came here to post this. I got a pstyle for hiking, but use it anywhere I have to go in a portapotty (road trips for example).

At airports, malls, etc. I just use the seat liners and sit my ass down.

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I'n not a pilot. The pilots have bags that they can pee in if they absolutely have to. The pee turns to gel so it can't get all over the place.

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Time to switch to disposable urine bags!

You won't regret it! :D

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Maybe a little more comfortable:

Emergency Zone聽 Honey Bucket Portable Toilet Seat Cover, Fits Standard 5 Gallon Pails

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On big wall rock climbs overnight you have to do sort of this. However, climber normally go in a lunch sized paperbag. Then put paper bag in plastic bag. Then put plastic bag in pooptube. Typically, a pooptube is a 4" PVC pipe capped on the ends with screw caps. You could just use a 5 gallon bucket.

Or just do what whitewater rafters do and get a 5 gallon bucket and buy a seat. You can line the bucket with trash bags so it's reuseable.

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If theres room alluded for a bucket in said vehicle they make toilet seats that snap onto them and can make all the difference. Being stuck on the side of the road sitting on a seat wile dealing with cramping during a flare up is sooo much better than squatting or leaning against something. And in some cases you may be stuck there for a little longer than planned so all the more reason to have a seat. Make sure to have bags aswell. Also a can of ozium spray never hurts to have for smell incase theres an accident in the vehicle.

Emergency Zone Brand Honey Bucket Emergency Toilet Seat, Single Pack

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Hahaha dude ditch that cat toilet thing. Get a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat lid like this for it

I use mine probably once a week or so. Often prefer it to whatever public toilet is available. But of course mainly just go before showering at the gym as then it doesn't matter much how dirty the public toilet seems.

Anyway, just that, some black trash bags and the kitty litter makes for a pretty decent toilet. No smell really gets out with the lid closed either so you could even use it a couple of times before changing the bag if you had to.

Or use that tiny one for cats lol!

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this may sound crude, but if you are at a desk or cubicle or office how about an emergency Gatorade bottle

or something like this

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Did you go to Banff? I've lived in Alberta most of my life and you are right, the area is gorgeous.

From what I understand and see from the amazon reviews, the pee funnels work pretty well. You would want a good anti bacterial soap to clean them probably.

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I'd recommend a female funnel like this, and hose clamp a tube onto the end that feeds into a container. It'll be easier than a large mouth nalgene.

I try to keep one eye closed if i'm trying to go back to sleep, I find it helps a bit.

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$18 on Amazon

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But according to that, even if he had a portable urinal and used it in his car he'd be equally guilty. Sometimes laws are stupid.

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You don't need some crazy Ranma 1/2 events to occur to be able to pee standing up.

I present to you, you go girl! (it comes in Khaki

as well as a disposable urine director

or the Freshette

or even the pStyle

or the P EZ

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Bring some garbage bags, a 5-gallon bucket, and one of these

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Lots of people here have obviously never gone camping, hunting or working in the wilderness for long periods away from sanitary facilities in a leave-no-trace environment. Pooping/peeing in bags is easy, private, and not the slightest bit degrading. Check out these products (you might even want to pop them in your car or van for long road trips -- especially with kids):

If this is what the employer is supplying, it's all good.

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You should put a biodegradable plastic bag with/without kitty litter inside that plastic? bucket. Then you can throw the plastic bard over board, save the bucket, and won't litter anything.

Something like this

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this is why there is a stereotype of people who live in a van.

I saw in your other thread you need a toilet idea. This thing works great. Keep an eye on the price, I bought mine in the low $20s