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u/hawps · 17 pointsr/DIY

Solar shower! But I'm sure you already knew that.

u/zNNS · 13 pointsr/ElectricForest

There are showers there. I think they cost $10 and they're usually not the warmest.

I don't think I've ever taken a shower at fest (gross I know). What a lot of people do is buy solar showers and use those. Yeah, they're not quite as thorough but they do the trick.

I'm basically married at this point so I have nobody to impress.

u/Amator · 12 pointsr/preppers


I'd set up somewhere in a National Forest in my general area (NC/SC/TN) with plenty of water sources, some fish and game, and an escape route if wildfires get too close.

I have enough Boy Scouts and armchair bushcraft experience to work with an axe and cordage to put together a decent enough shelter--it probably wouldn't take more than a month--and I'd try to setup a decent camp latrine away from water sources.

In addition to my BOB gear*, I'd spend some of the money on a used wheelbarrow, shovel, axe, splitting wedge, $50 worth of cheap cordage/bungee cords/carabiners/tarps/duct tape from Harbor Freight, $10 worth of BIC lighters (can still be used as firestarters once the fuel is gone to supplement the fire gear in my BOB), a gallon of bleach (santize the latrine, backup water purification), a decent cheap WalMart fishing rod/tackle (plus the license). Let's estimate $200 for all that.

Can I scrounge? I'd get a dozen or so free 5-gallon buckets from food service operations and several Arizona tea jugs out of recycling bins. I'd hit up the bulk Goodwill office to grab extra clothes/blankets/bandanas/towel for $.80/lb. I could probably even score a decent pot/pan and plate/flatware/coffee mug to go with the minimal cooking gear in my BOB, maybe even a grate from an old rusted grill. If you're going to be there a year, it's probably worth the couple of bucks.

I don't know much about trapping, but a handful of connibears and steel wire snares aren't too expensive and I'll be there a while so it might be worthwhile to spend $25 on those and a cheap bottle of musk. While I'm at it, let's get a couple of spring-loaded rat traps while we're at Harbor Freight to nail to trees and try get some tree-rats for dinner. At this point, I'm probably going to have to get a hunting license so let's upgrade to the annual premium fishing + hunting license for $50 as it has more privileges.

Let's add some speed-fishing hooks for $11 as well, assuming they're legal in the area.

Oh, I'd better total up what we have so far - $200 for misc tools, $75 for licenses/trapping stuff, and let's drop $25 on a basic cheap slingbow, $5 for an extra band, and $25 for a few cheap arrows from Walmart. Let's guesstimate we're at $300 at this point on tools and food procurement.

I don't plan on catching a lot of meals this way, but I need something to do with the time and if I can catch one critter a month it'll be great for the fresh food to supplement the beans and rice. Another guy in this thread did a cost analysis for a year's supply of rice/beans/oil for $227.88. Let's add a few iodized salt containers and cheap multivitamins from Dollar Tree and then go hit the salvage grocery store for cheap spices/teas. Say $250 for my food supply.

That leaves around $450 left. At this point, I feel like I have some of the basics covered and can start spending money/effort on a few things to make that year go by easier. I love coffee, but it's an expensive habit on a tight budget. Since I'll have an abundance of time, I'll get my coffee fix by buying green unroasted coffee beans - the cheapest bulk bag of green beans from Sweet Maria's is $5.50/lb but is $87.70 for a 20 lb sack and they have a 15% coupon code so let's estimate $90 shipped for 20 lbs. That gives me just under an ounce a day so it's a splurge but I'm willing to spend $100 to get the beans and a $10 french press from Ikea and I'm pretty sure it won't take me too long to find a couple of river rocks that would work as an impromptu mortar/pestle.

I also like to smoke a pipe maybe once a day which is maybe an ounce a week. I already have a spare pipe and tobacco in my EDC bag so this would go with me, but I'll make do with the cheap drugstore pipe tobacco marketed for RYO cigs at $14/lb shipped. We'll grab 3 of those 1 lb packs for $42 to keep me in my daily smoke.

I have a handcrank radio in my BOB and I could kinda cheat and say I already have that folding solar charger I plan on buying someday, but let's not and I'll cough up the $38 for this one. I'll have my battery bank and flashlight that's in my BOB plus my iPhone in my pocket and my Kindle I keep in my EDC backpack. The plan will be that I'll find a nice sunny spot to permanently mount the charger and I can go plug in the battery bank each day to keep my phone topped off. That way I have a radio for news and I can load a lot of music/audiobooks/ebooks/games to help keep me sane. I'm also going to buy an extra pair of earbuds from DollarTree as well as a few bars of Ivory soap a $9 Solar Shower from Amazon. Gotta stay clean and having a shower is a huge morale boost.

Speaking of books, I'm probably going to hit the library on my way out of town and check out a few survival/homesteading books. I'll have plenty of money to pay the late fines after I win the boatload of money from my uncle.

At this point, I've spent:

$350 on Tools/Food Procurement
$250 for boring basic calories food supply
$100 on coffee (important)
$50 in tobacco (likewise important)
$50 for electronics

So $700 total. Do the rules state I have stay in the woods, or can I walk into town from time to time? If so, I'll keep the rest of the money for a weekly walk into town to spend my $3.85 allowance and visit the library. If I can't, I'm going to probably spend the rest on a cheap used rifle and as many rounds as I can buy. I'll have my 9mm Glock and a few clips of ammo from my BOB, but that's no fun to hunt with. I'd also try to figure out a way to get a cheap guitar from somewhere if possible - I could probably figure out a song or two in a year.

Let's say the above plan is approved, and I'm going to the woods for a year. Hoo-rah! That's a lot of sacks of beans and rice - I'm glad I bought a used wheelbarrow! Once I get to a campsite I like, I'll start divying out enough rice/beans/salt into empty 5-gallon bucks and dig a pit to bury them in--probably two or three to make sure it's not all in one place if I didn't bury it deep enough and a bear smells it. The next order of business would be setting up a semi-permanent lean-to glamping shelter, cooking pit, latrine, a sand filter for pre-filtering water before adding into my Sawyer and storing it away in the Arizona tea containers.

I'd spend my days playing around with the hunting/trapping/fishing gear, reading, playing guitar badly, and writing in my journal. Once a week or so, I'd shower, put on my best shirt, and hike to town for a visit to the library and to buy a beer or some other treat. If could access Wi-Fi it'd be great to set up a blog--I could take pictures and write on my phone and upload to a free WordPress site whenever I'm in town. I'm pretty sure I could get a book deal out of this as well.

u/tatertom · 10 pointsr/vandwellers

> It's not so great when it's cold outside

Does its accompanying literature warn against filling with warm water? I use a camp shower pump like this in a big, sturdy dry bag, and it does a lot more than take the edge off. All I really need to do is stop wind from hitting me, and it's downright therapeutic at times.

u/M7_DJ_Sona · 9 pointsr/LatinoPeopleTwitter
u/JoeIsHereBSU · 8 pointsr/preppers

Although I think 6+ months is unlikely, but here is what I would do.

  • Cook
    • Over the fire
    • Make a fire over
    • Buy one for the house beforehand, currently in the worlds smallest house but want to build in the next couple years
  • Shower
    • Camp Shower
    • You can also make something like the camp shower using a 2L bottle or 2.
    • Good old boil water and add it to a tub
  • Wash Cloths
  • go to the toilet
    • This is a whole subject on its own. Hard to say just dig a hole because where does that hole go? How do you get your water? Will disposing of waste contaminate your water? Will it contaminate your neighbors? Making a septic tank is hard, but you might have to do it by hand.
u/makingbathtubgin · 8 pointsr/VanLife
u/IHateTomatoes · 8 pointsr/Coachella

Each Lot has its own shower station or one adjacent to it. Earlier is better for showers and the guys line is always a lot shorter that the girls.
I would really recommend getting a portable shower in case one morning you sleep in or, you know, the showers in your lot light on fire. Then just do quick soap and rinse in your bathing suit.

u/i-hear-banjos · 8 pointsr/FireflyFestival

USE SUNSCREEN. Wear a hat. Wear sunglasses, bring extras. Bring several pairs of comfortable shoes, flip flops or worn out shoes are going to be a bad time. Carry extra socks with you, amazing how refreshing it is to change your socks in the middle of the day.

Earplugs are a must, for loud music areas and for trying to sleep.

Bring a larger tent than you think you need. Room is nice. also bring a luggage lock - a small combo lock that can fit through your zippers and make it a bit more secure (but lock real valuables in your car.)

In addition to your tent, bring a 10x10 canopy like this to shade your tent or the area in front of your tent. It will keep the sun off of your skin while chilling, and if used over your tent can cool it off inside.

Get some solar powered lights to put in or around your camp. Find a way to put the solar charger outside, outside lights can help you find your tent, light the interior on under the canopy I suggested, and makes it look pretty cool.

If you are worried about juicing your phone, clip one of these to your backpack as you walk around all day. A good one can keep your phone topped off pretty well. Get one per phone, they aren't that heavy. Beats having to visit charging stations.

I posted elsewhere about using a camping stove, these are really good - make sure to get some JetFuel for each one. Bring old pots and pans, a kettle to make hot water, and butter cooking spray is the bomb to keep things fairly non-stick. To make coffee, use a simple pour over device with cone shaped paper filters. Bring reusable cups for each person.

Bring bags for garbage. Try to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away.

If you don't want to pay for showers, bring one of these camp showers. I also bring another 5-gallon container to refill your bag and for washing dishes etc, and a folding wagon to carry it in because I'm too old to struggle.

u/SmokeyTwoPeaks · 7 pointsr/OffGrid

Great discussion! I could definitely use one of those. I have to pump about 15 times to fill a glass of water with my hand pump.

I bought this shower two years ago and it was worth every penny and is still working great. Besides showeing, I have used it for many purposes like transferring rainwater from one conainer to another rinsing dishes and watering my garden. I have a bad back and this little beauty is by far my favorite off grid purchase.

u/cathredal · 7 pointsr/Tucson

I do long runs up there and camp nearly every weekend... I just bring a solar shower and put it on my dashboard or hood of my car, hose off afterwards... It's one of these, you can get them at Miller Surplus for 10 bucks or something:

Edit: forgot to mention, there's also an ice cold spring just down the way from the Mt. Lemmon fire lookout. Take the Mt. Lemmon trail west from summit, stay R/straight at fork for Lookout trail, you'll see a metal building on your right, pipe sticking out of the hillside offtrail to the left -- flows hard year around. Maybe .2 miles total from parking area.

u/CitizenBacon · 7 pointsr/FireflyFestival

Elevated camping is just a hilarious concept to me. As if one person in a planning committee was like "I want to do everything identical to regular camping, but sleep 2 feet higher", and since they were a generally nice person, everyone else politely nodded their head.

Like I'm legitimately confused as to its merits over an air mattress in a regular tent. Feel like it just dramatically increases the probability of accidentally falling onto the ground during a groggy morning or drunk night.

That being said, I'm confident that whatever camping option you have, you're going to have a BLAST! Firefly is an awesome experience- great people, great music, and great vibes all around. In addition to what other people have suggested, I'd highly recommend a reusable water bottle to bring into the festival, as well as a handkerchief in case it's dry and dusty. Also a cheap camp shower works wonders if you don't want to wait on line for a shower!

u/thirtynation · 7 pointsr/Coachella

Copied and pasted from my reply in a related thread a few weeks ago about camping showers. This is a bit more involved than most people probably use, but it doubles as a both a camping shower and a misting setup for your canopy to provide cooling all weekend.


>We buy gallon jugs and a flat of water bottles for drinking, but our "utility" water comes from the water fill stations, or melted ice, depending on the use.

>Our shower is different than most camping showers you'll see people bring. We use a pump action garden sprayer like this one connected to a misting hose like this one that is clipped around our EZ-Up for general cooling purposes. When someone wants to shower, they disconnect the pump tank from misting hose and take it in to a small camping shower enclosure like this one to take a quick wash with the sprayer. The enclosure is lightweight and pops up so it's very quick to throw out and fold down as needed. It's a great combination system to get clean without the wait/walk, and also to keep your campsite refreshingly cool with the misting hose. Neighbors are generally impressed by the mist.

>More commonly, you will see people use bag showers like this one hung within something like this. Take down and set up as needed, or leave it up all weekend if you find yourself with a corner spot. Enclosures that are stable enough to hold the water bag can be expensive, though, so that's why I think our system is a little better and more versatile.

u/TOGTFO · 7 pointsr/legaladvice

Came here to suggest taking every bottle of water they had - enough to fill a bath at least.

I'd also ask them to buy a camp shower for you to use the water so at least you get something out of it and you possibly might even end up using it in that time.

Then go give the homeless free bottles of water. Or the local charities that deal with them.

u/Catxolotl · 7 pointsr/FireflyFestival
This shower is the best thing ever! I just bring two 5 gallon containers of water and it gets two people through two showers daily with extra.

u/Ace-of-Spades88 · 6 pointsr/ElectricForest

Tip: Bring earplugs for getting rest at the end of the night/morning. We Foresters can be a rowdy bunch.

Trick: A couple car batteries and a power inverter works wonders for charging small electronics throughout the weekend.

Tip: make note of the cleaning schedule for the porta-johns near your campsite. (Hint: early morning seems like prime time.) Nothing like getting an early morning shit out of the way in a freshly cleaned john. Also, they wont have hot-boxed in the sun yet.

Trick: I bought one of these electric shower heads last year and brought a 5-gal bucket for water. Thing worked like a charm! It's less than $50 and rechargeable. Could easily split the cost among your group. Everyone in my camp loved it.

u/noreallyitsme · 6 pointsr/wayhome

[Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower] ( is currently on sale for $9.97

u/milesahead89 · 6 pointsr/Coachella

My own means to shower. The line in Lot 4 last year was brutal. I'm thinking I will just buy this and a bucket.

u/insert_comment · 6 pointsr/vandwellers

I'm in the UK. It needs a bucket. I typically boil a kettle & mix that with a bucket of 'cold' water to make it not freezing. Works... OK :)

u/hamslamwich · 5 pointsr/vandwellers

I have the RinseKit, as its gaining popularity down here in SoCal. I love it for its purpose - I keep it in the trunk of my car to hose off diving/surfing gear. But debating whether to make space for it in the van. Like others have said, after a quick few minutes, its just a waste of space until you find another spigot.

I've also seen this which is intriguing.

u/mightychip · 5 pointsr/Shambhala

They're usually hot. Sometimes, the hot water runs out and they are... er... mountain fresh. Quite cold, but it's exhilarating. There are also times when the showers are shut down because the water table is low.

If you're one of those, "I must shower every day" people (I certainly am!) then you should invest in a solar shower. These bad boys are super cheap, hold about 10L of water and can... kind of substitute for a shower. You'll need a tree or something tall too strap it to.

u/jaredschaffer27 · 5 pointsr/Drama

>How much did you save up for this trip?

About 15k. Can theoretically go 18 months or longer on that.

>Is it safe?

I mostly hang out with friends who live rurally and camp in the woods, so yeah. Every now and again I have to park somewhere in a major city where I'm not 100% comfortable leaving all my shit, but I've only had one confrontation where I was in personal danger, and it was because I got "too close" to a homeless guy stacking things in a trash can in Portland.

>Where do you shower?

I usually get 2-3 showers a week, in between my solar shower, hot springs, friend's houses or (last resort) truck stops.

u/jMathews547 · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

That's the shower tent I have. It's super sturdy and can hold a 5 gallon bag no problem. The bladder that comes with this tent sucks. Intex solar bags are about $7 each on Amazon and much higher quality so we ordered 8 of them so we have 40 gallons of usable hot water, not only for showering, but also for washing dishes and whatnot. There is nothing like having the freedom to shower at a camping festival.

u/sometimesineedhelp · 5 pointsr/preppers

>You have to be frugal to get an adult clean on one tank

We used to use a garden sprayer camping too, but then discovered this incredibly simply little gadget and found we got more thoroughly rinsed and cleaner "feeling" on even less water than we used with the sprayer. That plus one of these = the most efficient camping shower that actually gets you feeling as clean as your regular shower at home can, the garden sprayer just never had enough pressure or volume to make you feel like the soap and grime is actually off your body, you know? :)

u/daruri · 5 pointsr/vandwellers

Our solution here. We use "Bottle Blasters" for water and a waterproof material strategically draped for a shower pan when showering. We just carefully pick up the edges of the pan and toss in sink or outside. It only takes about 1.5L each of water to rinse off. We pre-wet and lather our wash cloths in a cup. The curtains give us larger than normal potty/changing/shower area than those tiny hard-sided commercial bathrooms.

u/1984Society · 5 pointsr/vandwellers

The shower builds I've seen in smaller places usually consist of a metal basin you can stand in, with a hole drilled down through the floor for a drain, with basically a shower curtain however you want to hang it (hula hoops work nicely) and then using some sort of pump (electric or manual) for the shower.

I don't have a shower IN my van, but I do use this - - With a 5 gallon bucket and it works great

u/WildThunders · 4 pointsr/povertyfinance

You can always get a portable shower and fill it with warm water (use the microwave or stove).

u/SenorJoseDirte · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

One of my best purchases ever. Limitless showers

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

u/_dnky · 4 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

I use this pump and a random tub/container for water storage. One gallon makes for a decent shower and the pressure it supplies makes a big difference. See ya in the portal 🌀!

u/dotchianni · 4 pointsr/vandwellers

Clothes: 5 gallon buckets and a laundry plunger wand.

Or, if you are going to be driving for a while, this will work well if your shocks aren't the best and the road is bumpy... 5 gallon bucket, add clothes/water/soap/spiky drier ball thingies. Put a lid on the bucket and tighten it, put it in the back. Drive.

When you are done driving, rinse, spot check, wring, and then hang dry.

I have a piece of rope going across the van that I used when doing laundry.

Or you can use a laundry mat but that kind of kills the adventure.

Showering and bathing.

Highly love the solar shower bag by Coleman. You might want to get a pop up shower stand but you can totally bath in your vehicle. A tarp on the floor is helpful.

I took a lot of bucket baths too. Fill a small bucket with soapy water (not tons of soap) and wash up. Then rinse in fresh water. I think that bucket was a gallon bucket.

Wipes are helpful also. When we traveled a lot, some days were crotch and pit wash days since we couldn't shower. It happens. These made that easier for us.

u/Jordan-5 · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

Add this shower head for extra credit. I had the pocket bag already so now I'm just gonna put the one end into the bladder of water and boom I have an almost fully functioning shower.

Ivation Portable Handheld Shower - Turns Water from Bucket/Sink Into Steady, Gentle Stream

Here's the tent I just got. Doesn't support the weight of the pocket bag but nether did my last one that claimed it did, and actually just collapsed in on itself

Faswin Pop Up Pod Toilet Tent Privacy Shelter Tent Camping Shower Potable Outdoor Changing Room Dark Green

u/base698 · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

Went looking for vans yesterday. Think we want a crew style Sprinter (Dodge 2003 - 2009, or Mercedes 2013 - 2015) with 144" wheel base and high top. Is the 144" wheel base ok as a practical car? A friend with the 170" says they get hard to maneuver. I don't have to drive to my job every day, so was debating just getting rid of my current car and using it around town when I need it.

Do people use memory foam mattresses? How are the outdoor showers?

Shower I was looking at:

Seems like a lot of people put cabinets in, was thinking of trying to go more like the Cricket Trailer and use carabiners and rails for storage?

u/Basraok · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Bathrooms are super chill, never really a line. Showers are a different story, if you can early enough there is no line. other times youll be in line for an hour. Ive never used the showers cause we have a couple shower bags(ill post below) also get some baby wipes. those work pretty well but give you a refreshed feeling which is more what you want
fill that bad boy up at the refill station and put on your car and itll heat up in like 30 mins and just shower in some swim suit and youre golden

u/minkgod · 3 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

I bought one of these and one of [these

after leaving the grove at 1 am, showers are closed. I'm not going to bed gross

i bought the tent and shower thing on ebay for way cheaper. I assume you do the same.

u/nicbrown · 3 pointsr/Survival

My parents were surf hippies, and we spent literally months camped out at surf beaches with no power or running water. Solar showers are brilliant, and make a big difference to hygiene. Admittedly no good if you are in the Canadian winter, but for most of the year in temperate zones, they can provide a hot to lukewarm shower after a few hours in the sun.

MSR make a shower attachment for their Hydromedary water bags (a good compact option vs jerry cans). Dedicated solar showers are cheap, or you can go for a deluxe model like this one from Amazon

u/get_up_get_down · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

My solar shower is seriously the best investment I've ever made for festivals. It paid for itself in 2 days ($25 total vs $10/person/day) and honestly, I prefer it to the shower trucks (although I haven't tried the permanent ones). One of my very favorite parts of the day is standing on the grass in the warm Bonnaroo sunshine with a beer in one hand taking a cool shower and thinking of all the awesome stuff I'm gonna see and do that night.

It's big enough for 2 people to use back-to-back but small enough that I can easily carry it back from the water station. Plus it's great for brushing your teeth or washing your hands during the day. 10/10 totally recommend.

u/gpuyy · 3 pointsr/DIY

You can get 12v showerheads which have a pump built in...

u/scumteam14 · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Hey, I was in a very very similar situation. I don't know how intense you want to go with it, but here are some things that I've done at various points:

  • For face cleansing, use gallon water from the grocery store (costs ~$0.80 where I'm at and honestly a gallon lasts a long time)

  • Or fill up a small water container (if you have a spot to fill up at that has good water) - plastic or a lemonade dispenser both work well, depending on the counter size

  • If you're having issues with your scalp/body, you can try rinsing with gallon water after showering with the sketchy water (will take about a gallon or two)

  • This one is more long-term very-very-bad water type situation (brown water, no water, etc.), but if you have a good water spot to fill up at you can fill up a large water container, get a camp shower (pricey but very good, charges very quickly and holds a charge for a while), and a bucket. Boil half your water, use cold water for the other half, bam. Sounds terrible if you're used to having safe running water, but honestly isn't half bad

    I know there are water filters out there, but idk if an affordable system would fix the issues you're describing.
u/crispychoc · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

Do you have the regular planet fitness membership or the black one?

If you have the black one you're golden ;)

Other than that, get a good portable stove so you can make some food and boil water for tea or coffee.

Buy a jerrycan for water with a little tap on it, fill it up regularly, it also means you can wash yourself even if you don't have access to showers etc.

A small camping spade is good for number 2s in the woods :)

Get a mosquito net hammock, and maybe a cheap tent it means you can sleep outside or on campsites on hot nights.

Your biggest expense will be gas for the car.

Planet fitness is a good idea, but it's urban areas, I would do some (wild) camping more often.

I have no idea what campsites cost in the US per night, but if you do that every other night, or even once in 3 nights, it beats sleeping in a car park, and is cheaper than a hotel.

Have a look at some of the national parks, some of them have basic (cheap) camp grounds too. Campgrounds are really cool places to meet people, much better than a Walmart car park ;)

Shopping list:

Solar shower

Water carrier

Folding spade



Camping canister stoves are cheap, between $10 and $50
Cheap tent is around $50

Total expenses before hand, around $150-200 max.

I just went for the first items I found on amazon, there are probably cheaper or better products out there.

Source, I did a 6 month trip by bicycle through Europe, so not the same, but the basics are the same. You have the advantage of not being restricted by weight or size of items, which makes it cheaper.

If you need more ideas, packing tips or anything else, I'll gladly help ;)

Have fun, explore and enjoy, it's fun!

u/subzero421 · 3 pointsr/justneckbeardthings

Hanging solar showers and drugs will make your musical festival much more festive.

u/sentientmold · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

This foot operated shower has good review.

u/cr0ft · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

You can build a van with underbody tanks and a shower, but that's much more involved. You also need a heating system to keep those from freezing, etc.

But there are any number of ways you can keep clean between showers, and in the states Planet Fitness (as has been mentioned) lets you both work out and shower almost everywhere.

Washcloths and basins of water would be plenty to get clean, if not as luxuriously as a shower.

Put room temperature water in a bucket, pour in a pot of boiling water to get it lukewarm, and use this: (drop the pump into the bucket and shower away. If you get a wider basin you could even stand in it and let the water circulate a couple of times and extend the shower time.) Or combine with a drop-in bucket heater, to shower in hot water. Just have to get creative.

People have kept clean for centuries without showers. It's not as nice but it's doable.

u/mfanyafujo · 3 pointsr/peacecorps

It is a bag that you fill with water and leave out in the sun. It's designed to heat the water pretty quickly, and it has a little nozzle and can be hung so you can take a hot shower... or at least be dripped on with hot water, anyways. I just used mine to heat water for my bucket bath.


u/0102011 · 3 pointsr/Plumbing
u/saucyrooster · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

Shower for your campsite - This attaches to any water bottle and creates a shower like flow to help you keep... relatively cleaner than you were before. It's been a huge help the last two years for me and I highly suggest it.

u/crisnavarro23 · 3 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

Unless you wanna pay whatever money it is for showers then i suggest you get one of these bad boys! Partner it with some bio degradable soap or whatever and you can shower at your camp. While it wont be the best it'll definitely help get you clean and feeling fresh.

u/Tomcat87 · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

I highly recommend the Nemo Helio. It gives great water pressure, heats up nicely, and won't spring a leak after a handful of uses like those Coleman bladders do.

Also, depending on the size of you campsite, consider getting one of those 5 gallon water carriers for $8 and spray paint it black. That way you can refill the Helios with hot water over and over. Also, make sure to have that 5 gallon container someplace where the sun will hit it early in the morning.

u/Glittrsweet · 3 pointsr/FireflyFestival

Bring rain boots just in case. Last year's mud fest turned into a shoe graveyard and I ruined several shoes that I brought.

Also Walmart /camping stores have solar powered shower bags for real cheap (like under $20) bring a big jug of water and dedicate that jug solely to shower water, its not the cleanest feeling (if you don't have a shower tent you can wear a bathing suit and wash up outside of your car) but i certainly hope youre not going to a camping festival thinking you're going to be clean anyway, its definitely better than waiting in a long line and paying for a shower

*sorry about the links I'm on mobile

u/packtips · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

There aren't really solutions for heating that large a quantity of water because in general this isn't something people do in the back country. You can look into solar shower (it's a black bag you hang in the sun and it warms up the water). Cleaning: cold water. Cooking: one person is most likely only going to need to boil 2 cups of water for a meal so 600 ml titanium cups are the standard. If you want more for cooking, look into the backpacker tea kettles, or if you are car camping and or don't mind hauling the weight...a kelly kettle (you feed in sticks and it boils a lot of water fast).

u/Electrogypsy1234 · 2 pointsr/cigars

Who need a hose when you can get one of these ?

u/kmung · 2 pointsr/Coachella

We buy one of these $9 portable showers fill them up and throw them on top of our cars. It gets so hot the water is plenty warm and you don't have to wait in lines.

u/bostonwhaler · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Stepped up the game this past June in my buddy's boat...

50gal fresh water tank, but it's cold, and the wet bath is mostly for storage.

Fill a blue 5gal Lowe's bucket with water and it's hot tub temp by noon in the sun. Bought a rechargeable nozzle for $35 and it was a game changer.

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower, Battery Powered - Compact Handheld Rechargeable Camping Showerhead - Pumps Water from Bucket Into Steady, Gentle Shower Stream

u/Serial_Buttdialer · 2 pointsr/dogs

Handheld portable shower

Ends 13 hours from now. Was $40, now $28.

Wahl nail grinder &
Scruffs bed

Both start at 7:30pm UK time, an hour from now.

u/MulletWhip · 2 pointsr/surfing

I recently bought one of these portable showers, and i fill up a soft sided ice chest with warm water. The water seems to stay fairly warm when I get back to my truck after dawn patrol sessions

u/GenericUserLogon · 2 pointsr/DIY_tech

You could get (or build) something like this -

Use the hot water from your dispenser to fill up the bag and then use the bag to shower with.

u/AbsolutelyPink · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Agreed. Those propane units are awesome.

You could also use a camp shower bag. Hang outside during the day to warm. Now, those aren't going to be very long showers, but enough to get a person clean. I suspect you'd need a bag per person.

Another option is this added to this. Again, it's going to be a short shower, but it will work.

u/plastrd · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

If you still have cold water you could heat it on the stove and hang a camp shower in the shower stall. It's basically a water bag with a shower head under it, fill it with warm water and you have enough time for a very brief shower.

u/starkraver · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

Right. The shower is the killer. Showers make the burn soooo much more tolerable, but logistically it doesn't scale well. Evaporator systems clearly have limited effectiveness. They can evaporate enough water for a small camp, but there's no system that effectively evaporates the shower water for 50 people. (if somebody else has a different experience, I'm always happy to be contradicted). But with 50 people the need to evaporate is greater.

Here are my two solutions to the problem:

  1. Conserve on shower grey water. Instead of using a traditional gravity fed solar shower bag use a pump pressurized garden sprayer set on coarse mist. You will be amazed at how clean you can get with just a liter of water when its under pressure, and pumping it up tends to last half of the shower. Just re-pump and finish.

  2. Make camp members responsible for hauling out their own grey water. If everybody takes out a few gallons of shower grey water with them, its really no burden at all. Many hands make something something. This has the double effect of encouraging conservation and engages your whole came in resource management and planning.
u/FairleyGoodRead · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Dude showers. A friend brought some to middlelands a few weeks ago and they were clutch. Basically a wet wipe but it's enormous. I used 2 and was completly clean head to toe. Also purchased and used this solar shower. Was hot enough to not even care if it heated up so we never had it in the sun. Held enough for 4-5 showers if you use it sparingly.

u/BLUMPKINFORCE · 2 pointsr/surfing

I have an electric one that plugs into my ac adapter or can use batteries similar to this: ($39)

I bought one of those big blue camping jugs and I fill it once every couple weeks. Works great for rinsing off my kids after a day at the beach too. I leave it in my car all the time and it's like a hot water shower.

u/the_disintegrator · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

that looks pretty cool - just stick the inlet in a bucket of water, and no plumbing required (well other than a drain for the used water).

u/TripAndFly · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

something like this

paired with this

and you're set for like 30 bucks

or you could just bring a black 5 gal bucket, fill it up in the morning and let it sit in the sun to warm up and just dunk a washcloth in there to wipe down and use wet wipes on the naughty bits. that would cost you like 4 dollars.

or, you could skip the tent part all together and just plop that bag on the roof of your car and spray yourself down in your underwear/swimsuit or naked if that's your thing...

edit: never tried the shower trailers, heard they aren't too bad though.

u/kormyen · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Yep, heated.

You can have:

u/211logos · 2 pointsr/CampingGear
u/ssirish21 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

They're a little pricey, but a solar shower always did me well. They're like $15-$20 at dicks or target. It's a black vinyl bag with a hose that you fill with water and leave in the sun. It's not a perfect replacement, but for rinsing off the grungy bits, it beats 10 bucks a day

u/MrWanderlusst · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Understood. You should be fine using that method/setup.

I use mine for both, it’s the tallest most durable I’ve found.

Clean Solar Water

u/mlbruno93 · 2 pointsr/Sasquatch

The biggest recommendation: take care of yourself. I.e. listen to your body. Picture yourself as a Sim character. When you feel like your levels are depleted, respond to that. I've known numerous people who had a bad trip or a rough day because they a. forgot to eat food or b. didn't drink enough water.

Now water is plentiful in the Gorge. There are like a million places to fill up your water bottle. But food is - sub par. It's like carnival food. Be sure to bring a lot of healthy protein and carb rich snacks - think nuts, bars etc. Even if you don't feel hungry you should always be refueling your body - particularly when you are enjoying yourself on goodies.

I would also recommend bringing a camping shower:

For those who don't want to wait in line, it's very useful and can provide you a quick wake up. Plus if you leave the shower on top of your car, the water will get nice and warm.

Have fun!

u/HonorRose · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I have this one, 82 bucks!

u/jleviathon · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Here is my secret list shhhhhh... It's not cheap options that's for sure but I like being comfortable I guess, and it's stuff that will last for years of festival fun!

  1. A deep cell marine battery: Available at any auto parts store for about $120. You can then buy a cheap cigarette lighter hook up and intall it onto the battery. Then get yourself a decent 200watt power inverter, about $30. Then you can get some decent sounding speakers that plug in or a bluetooth one. Then you can charge your phone, power the speakers, or charge the bluetooth. With these speakers the battery will last 16 hours! This will also prevent you from ever messing with your car stereo or battery for any reason. Then you can just recharge it with this for next year.

  2. Blackstone's The Dash Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo is a great grill to cook every meal you would ever need.

  3. Not to get controversial but these and these have always done me right.

  4. Then this and this will leave you fealing like a million bucks or like someone in GL!
u/dr_mrs_the_monarch__ · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

/+ a bucket + a shower curtain to direct water back into the bucket is a very simple DIY recirculating shower. I'm planning on using upgraded versions of those parts in my more permanent build. All the other recirculating showers I've seen seem wildly overcomplicated

u/jneems1025 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

For staying clean, I definitely second getting a solar shower! The showers are expensive and freezing, with a solar shower you actually get a semi warm shower which is amazing. My husband and I recently bit the bullet and bought on of these and it was life changing, not just for showers but for cleaning dishes at the campsite as well. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to hang it up, and it’s so easy to control the water flower with the nozzle.

I also love these exfoliating wipes, I actually keep them in our cooler so they are even more refreshing after a long day in the forest. The exfoliating texture of them was great for removing any dirt from the day. Even the guys in my group started using these, which ended up being a god send in a group with 9 (at times stinky) guys and 3 girls 😂

I’m not sure if you’re into essential oils, but we also keep a couple of spray bottles in the cooler with some of our favorite blends so that we can spritz ourselves throughout the day. It’s refreshing and it smells wonderful!

For moisturizers I definitely recommend going for something light, this is my personal favorite. Also batiste is the best dry shampoo, every single other dry shampoo I’ve used feels like I’m putting hair spray in my hair, but batiste makes my hair feel clean and soft.

For footwear, I lived in my Tevas last year. I also highly recommend bringing a pair of rain boots. Last year was an absolute mud fest, and I wouldn’t have brought my boots if my husband didn’t recommend it at the last minute. With all the rain we got, standing water 6-8 inches deep gathered in front of the porta-potties, which meant less people were inclined to use those except me with my glorious rain boots. It seriously saved me from having to use some nasty porta-potties in the mornings last year. Plus it was super satisfying to be able to just trudge through any mud pit in my path without having to worry about slipping or having wet feet all day.

I hope you have an awesome forest!!!

u/trippy-vibes · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

this one has worked well for us. it's a pain to dry out, but for $9, it does the trick. it's easy to fill up, put on top of your car, and wash from there. I don't know about the tent set up though.

u/mysickfix · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

or one of these for under 10 bucks...... solarshower

hold 5 gallons, need no running vehicle (promise that thing will kill the battery after 2-3 uses, if not one with a weak batt, without the engine running)

feel free to church it up with a sponge or something like that.

u/Trainwreck15 · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water. Take it into the privacy tent. Throw the pump into the water. And there it is. if everyone in the group throws in, it's super cheap.

Did this last year and took full on, legit showers. Even came back at night and heated water on the camp stove and took a hot shower before sleeping. Absolute game changer.

u/nootay · 2 pointsr/camping

These Solar Showers work fairly well and small enough to pack.

u/cospaceman · 2 pointsr/FireflyFestival

I think I may be in the minority on this, but the shower bag never really did it for me. I brought one like this and it was really lack luster. Im 6 feet tall and after hanging the bag, the nozzle was below my waist. That would have been fine, if not for the fact that the shower head just barely dripped, Placing the bag on the roof of the car got the water nice and hot within an hour or two. But if you want to get clean I might go with one of these with some kind of wash basin, or a kiddie pool and a bucket work really well for a quick cleanup

u/tomstaplez · 2 pointsr/preppers

The best way I have come up with to heat water for a shower is warming water on a portable induction cooktop, then drop in a battery powered shower head Any ideas out there to heat water when wood campfire is not available? Without propane. Thanks!

u/zprater1 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I know this is a little pricey, but it was well worth it for me.. I use a ZODI instant hot water shower, comes with a carrying case which can also be used to hold the shower water, a pump, propane heating unit, and shower head/hose... I bought one that was barely used off eBay and I'm soo happy I did. Who can beat instant hot water??

u/DjSpectre · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I have this one and it's worked fine. Just take care of the nozzle, it's fragile.

u/tektonic_bits · 1 pointr/camping

This [Helio] ( shower packs small. pump with foot. dont have to hang in a tree. put in 1/3 hot water. 2/3 cool

u/MmmmBeer814 · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

I got something similar to this last year and it used it as a camp shower. If you split it with one other person it'll be cheaper than using their showers with no line. I also got this to use along with it, but you could just use water bottles.

u/_Zeppo_ · 1 pointr/vandwellers

Not cheap, but built like a tank. It should last a very long time. Amazon has 'em.

u/Notchimusprime · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I used one of these (included with the van) in order to keep things simple:

You could also added a full water system or get one of these: Mr. Heater BOSS-XCW20 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System

The sink is a manual hand pump faucet connected to a 5 gallon aquatainer.

The drain from the sink and shower combine and exit in the back corner. I've included some fittings so you can connect it to a bucket or a long drain hose or just let it drain right there which is what we usually do. It's positioned next to a big open area in the underbody where you could install a grey water tank of you wanted to.

u/bingbing20 · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I don't recommend the shower bags.. Buy this off of amazon..

Me and my crew used this last year and filled up buckets of water at the water stations. Its like an actual shower head but you need to charge the battery. We also had a small shower tent for some privacy. All our neighbors were jealous of our shower set up and were offering us money to use it. We also had one of the shower bags but it was a complete fail.

u/dravack · 1 pointr/camping

I know this post is 3 months old now. But I find myself in need of a shower now too and figured this could help others who might be looking in the future.

Zodi Hot Tap Portable Instant Hot Shower

I still like the Eccotemp L5 better since it seems more durable and like it will provide hotter water easier. But, you'd need a water hose or a separate water pump. Plus somewhere to hook it up IE wooden post.

I also really hate those small bottles but apparently there's an adapter for a normal propane tank. Which the L5 comes with standard.

EDIT: Also @dangerousdave2244 I haven't been yet but the SCA has camping events that go for a week see Gulfwars or Pennsic. So that's one reason for a "shower". But, the hot water can also be used for cleaning your dishes and other things.

u/MRCBOB · 1 pointr/outdoorgear

I bought a campimg shower, it is good. Maybe you can got one~

u/m00f · 1 pointr/sailing

This seems like it would stow in a smaller space. It's also US$30.

u/MostlyBullshitStory · 1 pointr/battlestations

You can always get a couple of these:

There are battery powered ones as well.

And this for privacy:

u/OtoNoOto · 1 pointr/seattlebike

It’s not downtown, but The Bikery ( has community service / tool area.

As for washing might look into a cheap portable water solution and find a decent place outside your apt to soap and wash down.

Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling (Army Green)

u/Way-a-throwKonto · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I'll copy paste something I wrote elsewhere just now. What do you think?


My plan is to use a shower pump like this:
Then boil some water on the stove, and mix it with room temp water and put enough in the floor of this to cover the pump:

... set up underneath the roof fan, with some velcro holding up a hula hoop holding up the shower curtain tucked inside the tub. Get a thing to stand on so my feet aren't soaking, attach the shower head to the hula hoop, put a cloth bag over the pump as a rudimentary filter... Voila, recirculating, hot shower, for as long as I want, for just a few gallons of water.

Bonus, the shower water can be used to wash your clothes if you separate it from your regular gray water.

u/cheezypooofz · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

Buy one of these. Fill it up stick it on the roof of your car and you should be good to go. We bought two and filled them once and it was enough for 4 guys to make it through the festival washing every morning.

u/hedonistichippie · 1 pointr/Coachella

I highly doubt anyone is going be creeping on you, they generally have better things to do. But I still recommend bringing a portable shower like this. My group has been using it for the past 6 years and its a savior.

u/VanLifeCrisis · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I bought a thetford curve for my van, tho i did the bucket too. The curve is the most like a regular toilet. It isn't hard to empty but it isn't exactly pleasant either but that goes for all rvs really. Thee bucket is easier to empty, you just toss in a trash can somewhere.

I shower by truckstop or in warmer weather solar shower (black bag). They make propane hot camp showers. If i need privacy, i make a tent with my tarp off my van, but normal sized people can get these cool little shower tents.

u/Goodbutt_istaken · 1 pointr/AirBnB

Get something like this.But, I think your space should be rented out as an office/ art studio/ or storage but not as accomadations, if guest can't take a shower there.

u/lazytortle · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

You can also just get one of these. Its a solar shower bag.

I never used them myself but last year I went with friends who brought one, they said it worked pretty well in conjunction with dry shampoo.

While I wouldn't say firefly is specifically an LGBT friendly festival, its basically like all the others in the north east area. In my experience I've never seen any homophobia or transphobia at these festivals. Even times when I saw gay couples who were all over each other I never noticed anyone harassing them, even saw a rainbow/LGBT totem some group carried around last year. I think she should be okay standing in lines for the showers but a portable shower/shower bag would be a good way around running into potential assholes.

u/chastrength · 1 pointr/aves

I understand. My girlfriend and I brought a portable shower to Coachella this year to use for our hair. Other than that, we really just didn't want to waste valuable sleeping, eating, partying festival time on waiting in line at the showers. If it is the first world amenities you need, then a hotel is your way to go.

u/mrCloggy · 1 pointr/SolarDIY

Square-plastic-bag + lots-of-water + gravity = spherical-blob + stress-points = fun-for-audience = safety-requirement-for-self (steam explosions are 'not funny').
You can try one of these (example) to experiment with.

Even with a simple 'flat plate' collector it is possible to reach 200⁰C+ temperatures, a pressure relief valve is mandatory (in my opinion), having some way to control to about 90⁰C maximum is a lot smarter.

u/butterbal1 · 1 pointr/scuba

Cheap, work perfect, and I just bring a 5 gallon water cooler of hot water that stays warm all day.

u/rumpie · 1 pointr/homestead

Do you have game on your land? Maybe check reddit, craigslist, the bulletin board in town, and see if anyone would be willing to help you for a few hours in exchange for a place to hunt? I saw that offer on AirBnB a while back, you could camp for free for a week, with 2 hours of help per day.

Maybe empty out the qounset hut and make that more habitable, so you aren't all cramped together in one room all the time? Make it a simple retreat, just somewhere that you can decompress, sit in a chair and drink a beer, maybe take a solar shower out back and spend a few minutes naked in nature? Maybe she could read a book for an hour, or listen to the birds? Smoke a doobie and listen to Adele? Yall need to carve out some space for your emotional state and have a retreat from EVERYTHING - or else you're going to get so snappish and short with each other as all the stress is piling on. Good luck man, you're long on heart and grit, and you'll handle stuff. Baby steps. You're learning.

u/nearlyclever · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

In the past, I've gotten used electric water heaters off of craigslist for about $20. A little temporary wiring and plumbing, and off you go to a warm shower. This isn't going to work for a rental though.....

In your situation, the best short term solution is to shower at a friends house or the gym. If you're really desperate to shower at home, you could boil water on the stove and use a camping shower

u/MHershey68w · 1 pointr/army

Beats the hell out of a leaky shower bag hung under a M119 tube

NEMO Shower

u/ohm3rta · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

So ya dont get too too wookie on weekend 2!! 😛 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower

u/jhams13 · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

You'll definitely be roughing it in GA. Portapotties only and $10 a shower. My friends and I brought a portable camp shower this year and it helped tremendously

u/kittleherder · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower (Grey)

I bought one of those and haven't looked back. Unless you get there first thing you're going to get stuck in a line in the hot hot sun. The water will be ice cold and the pressure will suck. Like turning on a garden hose a half turn. And after a day or two the stalls get downright nasty.

The advantage of the Helio (or similar) over the basic solar bags is that it is pressurized. With the bags you have to find a way to hang them. They are heavy and awkward.

This thing you just put on the ground and it has a sink sprayer. Pump it a few times to regain pressure. There are people who hack those garden sprayers for a similar effect for much cheaper, but they take up a lot more space in the car and not everyone is as handy.

I can't imagine not showering. Even when I was your age and festivals didn't have showers or even clean portolets, I would put a 2.5 gallon water jug with a spout on my tailgate and squat under it to bathe. That's a real cheap option actually if you have room for it, just don't let them leak.

u/becksftw · 1 pointr/bisco

Pro tip: Buy a camp shower. They work like a charm.

u/DrScientology · 1 pointr/Coachella

For $10 these are so fucking money. They heat up in the sun in an hour or two, although cold isn't too bad. 1 bag is good for about 2-3 showers. We brought two for a campsite of 9 last year and it was perfect. Highly recommended

u/nineknives · 1 pointr/Coachella
u/Broglesby · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I bought a NEMO Helio Pressure Shower last year.. it worked like a charm, and is a good investment. For a warmer shower, let the tank sit in the sun for a little bit and it will heat up. -- Providing your own water can be done fairly easily if you remember to grab a few gallon jugs while you are grabbing food/supplies.

Edit - Currently on sale at 25% off

u/sam_fujiyama · 1 pointr/DIY

I'm still using this Zodi i got:

It's great, you can get two showers out of one fill, and they are hot and pressurized. I have 3 - 55 gallon rain barrels behind the cabin i plan to get hooked up this summer and have something more permanent. I've seen some interesting versions people have built with a 12 V RV water pump and a small on demand unit... that would be great !

u/overmyIThead · 1 pointr/Coachella

that's an interesting take on your own shower, i had only seen people using these

u/doublestop23 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Item I'd never buy for myself: It would be [this] ( It's on my "Other" wishlist, and it's $9.98. While I like it, I already have several flash drives. If someone bought it for me, I would simply add it to my collection (I might even use it for a specific class, so I could have one flash drive for each class).

Alternative item: [This] (, for emergencies (I'd keep it in my car emergency kit). It's on my "Car Stuff" wishlist, and it's $8.97. I could use it to take a shower if the power went out, and if my car broke down in an area where there was no running water.

All my exes live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee.

u/hcshock · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I bought a solar shower like this for my first year. I never used it. All the girls in my camp would use up all the water before I got a chance. I don't really like it anyway. It's fucking heavy when it's full and a bitch to carry, especially if you're far from water. I wouldn't recommend it.

I've seen some people hook up showers like mine in little tents like this, which is probably nice for privacy's sake, but if you're gonna spend all that money, you may as well just buy a shower pass and use the showers at Roo.

Someone at our camp bought a garden sprayer like this, which I thought was genius. It works great, you just need a buddy to spray you down.

In all honesty, I just use water jugs and pour them over my head in the mornings. Two gallons is exactly how much I need and it's simple and cheap. Plus, you never really want hot water anyway. It's so fucking hot out all the time that cold/room temperature water feels fucking great.

u/davito93 · 1 pointr/overlanding

Portable 12V DC Powered Water Pump & Shower Unit

It's Amazon Canada if you're in the states.

u/karrachr000 · 1 pointr/pics

Get yourself several 5-gal water jugs, and a camping shower and you should be set for a while.

u/Impudence · 1 pointr/florida

Check out solar camp showers. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. I have this one it takes a fairly long time during the day for the water to get warm and it will never be as hot as it would coming out of a water heater, but if you just want something for warmer water for soaking dishes or bathing, most of them will do just fine. btw- with the coleman one, the hose and "showerhead" are absolutely awful. Make sure you look at reviews.

Aside from that a camping stove or rigging up coffee cans or something over a fire.

u/1ellehc · 1 pointr/vandwellers

We've used a pump up garden sprayer with an extended hose and it worked great.

We eventually changed to this "Simple Shower" due to its compactness. It screws onto a 1 or 2 liter water or soda bottle.

u/smashtheqube · 1 pointr/BurningMan
u/AspiringVoiceOver · 1 pointr/LightningInABottle

Way to much work. Just buy this and this. 8/10 on the shower scale, + no weird foot fungus living in the trailer.

u/BleachOrchid · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Depending on the car you have the back seat can fold down making a comfy spot to sleep. Just make sure to pick up a cylindrical pillow, or a small foam wedge since the drop off into the trunk can be drastic in some cars.
Edit: For longer trips these are invaluable.

u/walters-walk · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I was taking a shower the other day and I thought about all the chemicals (including fluoride) coming into contact with my face, ballsack, mouth... and I decided to do something about it. I'm fortunate enough to own a RO water system, but not for a whole house. So I made a portable shower using this and this. I'll likely be using less water, so there's at least one plus. Will check my hormones next month to see if using RO water to wash affects anything.

u/cajungator3 · 1 pointr/blackfriday

It runs off a USB so if you have a USB adapter that fits in the cigarette port, it'll charge.

Edit: Sorry, this isn't the one I have. Mine is similar.

u/be_to_the_bop · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

Buy a shower tent and a portable shower, acquire something to stand on like SMALL wooden pallet so you're not standing on mud, bring a few 5 gallon jugs of water (empty or filled, you can fill it there) and you can shower right at your campsite. It won't be the best shower you've had but it'll do.

u/ErinWisneski · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

We have this one and it is amazing!

and get a collapsible bucket to put the one end in.


But honestly last year I saw a girl taking a shower using a small watering can. That actually seemed even easier than my shower set up.

u/hagermah · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

Absolutely! We bring something along the lines of this:
Just have to fill it up with water, let it sit on your car in the sun and in a few minutes it warms up and you can use the spigot to hose yourself down. It was perfect last year

u/Freonr2 · 0 pointsr/bonnaroo

I bought this setup for this year:

I tested the Helio, it works surprisingly well if you can do a Navy shower (wet your skin, lather, then rinse). You have to pump constantly to get flow and it isn't exactly a strong flow, but it works as advertised, and the ~3 gallon fill is plenty for one person to take a Navy shower. Unfortunately, it's super expensive at nearly $100.

There are "solar shower" hang bags that are only like $8-10, but the problem is getting those in the air so the gravity feed works. They need to be above head level more or less or water won't flow. Water weighs ~8lbs per gallon, so even just a 3 gallon bag needs a lot of support to hang above your head. I took one last year just to try out and didn't really use it. Kinda rinsed my hair once with it on top of my car, but the hose isn't long enough to have stretch from my roof to one of those shower stall tents, the flow was SUPER weak, and it definitely weighs WAY too much full of water for a shower tent to hold it up. Maybe one of the super sturdy looking shower tents could do it, but those are expensive and still seem questionable to me to hold up 20-30 lbs of water, and after hanging on the supports you'd have to really stoop down to wash your head and shoulders. Or you could try to find something like a bird feed pole to hold it up, something like this:, but you'd still have to spend some time getting it dug into the ground well enough to hold the weight without just tipping over. You could anchor it with guy lines and tent anchors to help, but this is starting to get really complicated.

One of the solar shower things on the roof of a very tall car with a longer hose might work. There are also some battery power pumps you just throw in a bucket for maybe $25-30, and a 5-gallon bucket is like $2.

Or buy some body wipes. ex.
This is what I actually did last year. I told myself I'd go pay for a shower once or twice, never did.

Or just wook it out like most people. Everyone is dirty, no one cares.

u/day1patch · -2 pointsr/vandwellers

My thought was something like this (probably hooked up to a bigger container) and while I fail to find one I know outdoor shower curtains exists that pop up like a tent. A back alley or dirt road isn't hard to find either, but I get the point that it compromises stealth for those who need it.