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u/sierrabravo1984 · 115 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

I bought this one for that very reason. I have come to the point in my life where I have to do weeks of research on a big purchase just to make sure it doesn't have some insane level of DRM like this. I have a coworker that has a cat box that will only accept a brand new cartridge of catter litter crystals, you can't trick it either. Mine, I can use any clumping litter and a shopping bag in the receptacle.

u/unstoppablenow · 43 pointsr/cats

The automatic litter box from Amazon. The one with the purple privacy hood. Get it. Life changer. Set up the crystal litter on subscription. Change it once a month in 2 minutes.

u/Ask_Me_Who · 21 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

You can get things like ScoopFree or other self-cleaning trays for older cats to use. You still don't need to clean it that often but they can cost a little more in maintenance.

u/far2frail · 18 pointsr/cats

One of our kitties had this issue too. He'd passionately kick litter all over the bathroom. I got a high-sided litter box like this and put a litter mat in front of it, and it was no longer a problem.

u/k9centipede · 14 pointsr/lifehacks

Nice! That is a good idea.

I personally have THIS electric litter box and LOVE IT.

I got it last year while it was on sale for $80. It was that price just a few weeks ago so I guess it varies (it's $100 with prime currently).

I had to replace the lower motor a few months ago because I didn't realize litter dust was getting into the gears and stripped them, but it was still under warranty and now I realize to check it now and then to clear that out.

Now my cat always has clean litter, and I can dump out the tray once a week. I even line multiple grocery bags in the tray so I can just pull out one and go. (and I also place dryer sheets between each bag to pretend it gives a bit of air-freshner magic, lol).

I've never used any other kind of electric litter box so I don't know how it compares to them, but this one is so simple in it's design. The round bowl part rotates very slowly 24/7, sifting any clumps to the conveyer belt part, which carries it to the dump tray.

You have to use the right kind of litter. Quick clumping litter doesn't provide strong enough clumps, they just kind of break apart on the upward conveyer belt. I personally buy a tub of litter from Sams and it works perfectly, keep the tub by the litter box and refill it as needed. Then when I run out of litter in the tub I consider that it's time to clean out the whole thing (3 months or so).

The thing they gave with to make a higher wall doesn't stay in place at all so I just leave it off. So if your cat is prone to kicking up a lot of litter it might not work well for you.

I had two 12lb cats using it regularly with no problems.

I just really love this thing so much, I tell everyone. No more scooping or sifting. So awesome.

Of course, my cat prefers to poop in a bed of pine needles in the yard, because he's a cat and can't appreciate nice things.

u/jhonotan1 · 12 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

My cat is the same, except he'll poop in the box once per litter change. I could go and scoop the turd seconds after it lands, and he still will shit on the floor until I change out all of the litter. All of that would be manageable if I could just use a small bit of litter, but noooooooo...Princess and the Poop needs a thick and lush pile, otherwise he'll pee everywhere. So, we've had the choice between picking up turds off the bathroom floor, or dealing with pee anywhere in the house.

The real game changer was this litter box, for some reason. I don't even clean it more often, but somehow he's able to poop in it three days in a row without cleaning it, so that's nice.

u/starlight0229 · 10 pointsr/BabyBumps

We have this one and have it on a timer so that it only runs for 2 hours a day to save the motor. We love that it just uses grocery bags.

u/StrahdVonChairovich · 10 pointsr/functionalprint

This is what we have for our 6 cats. It takes me less than 5 minutes to clean all 8 of them.

u/howtokillanhour · 9 pointsr/Pets
u/The-Dudemeister · 9 pointsr/pics

Price of owning kitten: $60 to buy includes all shots

flushable litter: $34 for 32 lbs at local shop; last for 4 months (called worlds best litter: ) This is the best litter you can get. Trust me on that; plus you can flush it and it won't go bad over time like others.

food: Evo cat food $35 for 15 lbs at local pet shop. Feed 1/4 cup twice a day. This will last 2 months according to food regulation. Note: you shouldn't let your cat gorge, it will get fat and poop alot so regulating it will make poop duty easier and save you money on litter and food. I recommend this because it has very little grain which is why the cat doesn't have to eat much. It's also as healthy as it gets, so you save money in the long run vs friskies or something.

Litter box: top entry Top entry causes the cat not to make a mess using the litter (when it kicks it up)

I'd go with an adult cat for your first so you don't have to deal with the kitten phase plus usually they are already housebroken. So all in all its actually affordable if you can commit to it.

u/reddit_is_not_evil · 9 pointsr/therewasanattempt

> Mine puke when I put more food in their bowl.

One of ours did this. He would gorge on the new food and vomit it up five minutes later, to the delight of our other one. This fixed that. Now he only vomits hairballs and people food, when he is able to sneak some.

>My gfs cat pisses high in the litter box

We had this problem too, and one of our cats rejects covered litterboxes (probably the same little shit who pisses too high). These fixed it.

u/LHoT10820 · 8 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/sethra007 · 8 pointsr/hoarding

> What brand is the best?

What sort of cat litter are your cats used to?

For example, my cat liked the clay based cat litter, and wouldn't use the wood or paper based litter. I used Tidy Cats with a litter box liner.

If your cats are used to a certain type of litter (like, your mom buys different brands, but it's always a clay-based litter), make sure you stick with that material.

I also used a covered cat litter box and a litter mat.

Finally, I scooped 2x/day: once in the AM, once in the PM. And that was for ONE cat. Overkill? Maybe, but my house never smelled of cat urine or poo.

As a rule, cats don't like to pee/poo where other cats have gone, so I highly recommend you get two appropriately-sized boxed, box liners, and litter, and see how it goes. You might get lucky, or you might need to get a 3rd box. And start scooping on a regular schedule: I scooped right before I went to work, and right after I got home.

u/Danyn · 8 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks
u/bunnysoup · 8 pointsr/Wishlist

I was determined this weekend to find a better litter box solution, and I have the satisfaction of having done so. It's magical. I recommended it yesterday but I feel so strongly about it I'm doing it again. This is the litter box in question.

They should pay me to advertise, because I am passionate about this product.

I think I get a half day tomorrow as compensation for staying late last week. Fuck yeah.

u/Ali-Sama · 7 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have enough funds to adopt my cat but not enough to ge ta good litter box. So this would help me!

u/hadesflames · 7 pointsr/aww

Outside cats usually have a shorter lifespan. As for the box of poo thing, it's really not that bad. You can use a litter box like this one:

The crystals are really good at concealing odor. Just need to put the box in a corner somewhere that you won't see, and if you throw in a little of this each time you replace the crystals box it'll make it even less likely that you'll be able to smell it. If all of that fails, you can always spray a little of this to make it go away in-between box changes.

But even with all that I can see how the litter box thing might be a deal breaker for some people. I had a friend who always had semi-indoor cats and that's worked out well for him. Basically the cats are always inside, then he lets them out to take care of their business from time to time. I don't really know how often he'd let them out, but he definitely didn't have a litter box and there were never any accidents. I imagine their life span would be about the same as an indoor only cat, but not really sure. Would depend on how often they'd remain outside once let out, environmental factors etc. Something to ask a vet.

u/CatPower23 · 7 pointsr/yoga
u/Brady_scorned · 6 pointsr/Dogtraining

We use a litter box with a lid. It's the "booda", it think the dog is too scared of the lid to get too far into it and the cat seems happy I have the privacy.

u/Aleriya · 6 pointsr/Pets

I bought one of these and really like it:

I put it in a corner and point the entrance toward a corner, so most people don't realize it's a litter box.

u/Sophia_Forever · 6 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I got this new automatic cat litter box that you only have to clean once a month. My cat uses it but you can tell that he doesn't fully trust it since he always watches it from about ten feet while it runs. Works great, isn't too expensive.

u/flyingbarmitzvah · 6 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

Cats are like people. There's always the RISK you won't get along. But if you treat them with respect they will generally eventually warm up to you. It's all about trust. It may take a while but one day you'll wake up and they'll be purring on your chest and you'll be like "what the fuck changed".

If you want to try cat ownership without the risk of getting stuck with a bad roommate, try fostering one. If you guys turn out to be compatible, adopt the little bugger!

Edit: Additionally, litter boxes are probably the biggest downside of cat ownership, but this litter box I've found is an engineering marvel that has made dealing with stinky kitty poopies super easy.

u/ecofriend94 · 6 pointsr/Rabbits

I am very confused by this photo, why is there a plastic bag in her enclosure?


I am not a fan of the corner litter boxes like that is because I do not think they have enough space for them to move around, even the large ones. My buns is a high-top cat litter box, with a big pile of hay stacked in front of the "entrance." I like that it is large and a rectangular so the hay can be inside the box and the bun doesn't have to reach for a bowl or rack. :)


My bun sits in his box for a long time munching on hay, I personally wouldn't want him to have to stand on a grate that long. Unless your bun digs in the hay or pushes it out of the box I wouldn't recommend a grate. If you let them roam outside of their designated room, say in your living room, a grate set up could help with the mess. I wouldn't put the grate set-up in boxes that they use often such as the one in their enclosure and in their room.

u/hindler2010 · 5 pointsr/cats

I would recommend this litter box. Looks awesome and is excellent for keeping in the litter bits. For litter I use ones that are low dust and made for small spaces and multi cats even tho i only have one :)

u/TheSoundAurora · 5 pointsr/MEOW_IRL
u/corneconomy · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

I know this is less a tip, but, maybe you should think about a self-cleaning box. Not one of the automatic robot boxes that i assume eat a lot of energy & can be very expensive, but i love this one from from Target & this one seems to be the same concept but covered.

u/echointexas · 5 pointsr/aww

Enter-through-the-top litter boxes are the best (and only) solution I found to my kitten being a litter digger/player. I don't have this brand, but you get the idea:

u/All_that_I_am · 5 pointsr/Pets

We have a CleverCat top entry box for our 15 lb digging maniac. He's a pain in the ass and gets cranky if the litter isn't at least 6" deep, but it's a deep enough container that it can be deep and still leave plenty of room for him to get in there and get comfortable.

u/vetgirl8 · 5 pointsr/Pets

I don't know about the rest of your problems except to say that every cat is different and she needs more attention than your other cat. But for the litter box, this saved my feet from litter in the bathroom. Worth every penny. I read reviews of people who tried to make their own and they said it just wasn't as good.

u/GammaTainted · 5 pointsr/TrollXFunny

The package for the pellets says "Breeze". This looks like the one.

u/thinkforaminute · 5 pointsr/cats

You can get inexpensive boxes with a sidewall like this:

It's a little small for big cats but will do for kittens and regular sized cats. Catboxes with hoods are generally not recommended because they tend to be small and capture dust from scratching. Plus, it's not fun to hunch over while shitting.

u/wpk1990 · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

We got a litter box that you literally flip over and empty the clumps. No scooping required!! I think it's this one

u/mal9000 · 5 pointsr/lifehacks

I like that idea, though, for me, I dreaded cleaning the box, tried automatic ones, which sucked, and then found the Omega Paw worked flawlessly, cleaned the box daily, great box for the lazy. I did have to periodically have to take it apart and hose it out...

u/bammyhammy · 4 pointsr/Pets

My cat has had this litter box for about a year and a half and I only have to vacuum once a week or every other week. The stairs help get the litter off his feet and compared to the mess of the standard litter boxes i say it helps considerably.

u/JulieCakes · 4 pointsr/Pets

Have you looked into Top Entry litter boxes? Not sure if that would work for your space, but they work great keeping EVERYTHING in. Litter too, since the cats have to jump out, there's less tracking!

u/TheBlowersDaughter23 · 4 pointsr/AskMen

We have this litterbox and it works well! It doesn't store a whole month's worth of poop like it advertises in the little slot, but we have a litter genie and clear that spot out every week. No smell, and the cat doesn't mind it.

u/orangething · 4 pointsr/breakingmom

It's this! So basically it's got a disposable tray with crystals that you swap out once a month. You plug it in, the cat goes, it waits about 20 mins and then auto scoops all the waste into a little out of sight area. Now, I can't speak to how the replacement process smells but I don't smell it as I walk by and I don't have litter getting into the floor anymore (our cat is a messy lil thing). There's a lid for it if you are concerned though.

I was pregnant and trying to keep away from the litter box and found that it rarely got cared for. I struggle to fit it into my day too so though it's an expensive up front cost, I absolutely feel like it was money well spent at this point.

u/hackjandy · 4 pointsr/indianapolis

We also have three cats. We have big ass litter boxes

To get an idea of how big they are, look at the pictures in the reviews of kids sitting in them.

We also use crystal litter

We found this litter lasts a ton longer. It's no barrel, but maybe worth checking out.

u/lalizabk · 4 pointsr/Frugal

Sure, I'd love to help. :P That's actually one of the primary reasons why I started looking into flushing the litter. I couldn't find any litter that didn't leave behind a rancid smell even hours after they had used it. I have multiple litter boxes and 3 cats and was always cleaning and emptying litter boxes.

So I looked into different types of litters. A lot of the flushable litters are environmentally safe, for example. There are mulch based (which are fucking terrible, btw), corn based litters (which are decent but can still smell if you have more than one cat and aren't completely diligent with emptying it everytime they go), and fine grained clay based litters.

I tried a few different kinds, ordered some off the internet, specialty pet stores, pretty much everything. I ended up loving this one. It doesn't hold odor at all, has 3 ingredients, it doesn't smell chemical based, it dries quickly and thoroughly and it doesn't leave the room dusty. I have a rug under the cat box that catches anything that they might track away even, but it's never an issue.

As far as disposal, I use this thing (called the litter locker), which seals off the smell in between taking it outside. It has a plastic liner, but I just loosely knot the bottom, empty it into a double stacked paper bag, staple and throw it into the trash can. I've never had a problem with any kind of bag seepage because it's completely dry when I empty it from the cat box anyway-which solves the plastic problem. I also use this litter box, which means I don't touch the cat crap at all (except when I empty the boxes and litter locker completely for sanitization).

There are lots of options. :P

u/abruptmodulation · 4 pointsr/yoga

Thank you! And yes - totally a litter box; very favorable to my cats.

I got it from Amazon

:) After looking at the promo pics, I realize the branches and leaves have gotten a bit janky over time. I'm brainstorming how to replace, which should be fairly easy. I'm feeling inspired to get all sorts of fake foliage now.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

Buy a Furminator from amazon. there's like 5,000 5-star reviews and it really is amazing. medium size is good for cats. I also bought a litter box that has side walls for $9, so the litter stays in, and if you put a plastic litter liner, then clean up will be a breeze. No litter comes out and you pick up the mess easily.


Yikes! the Furminator is going up for $26 but you might want to look into the cheaper alternatives

u/Viper999DC · 3 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I bought one of these and it really reduced the amount of litter outside of the box:

The ramp does a decent-enough job of cleaning her paws on the way out.

u/VironicHero · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

We have a litter digger so we got this covered litter box:

Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box, Brushed Nickel

He can dig all he wants and it stays in the box. The stairs also seem to catch most of the litter they would normally track put.

You should think about getting a roomba, it helps with any litter that gets put and picks up the massive amount of fur they seem to always be shedding!

u/Prahksi · 3 pointsr/Parenting

This helped cut down on my litter everywhere problem: Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box, Brushed Nickel

u/problemcat · 3 pointsr/Pets

I have an Omega Paw which tracks a lot less than regular boxes. Only drawback is it doesn't have a lot of doodie space (because of the portion devoted to filtering clean litter), so I have found some dingleberries just outside the opening. In this case the top-entry box is better. A litter mat helps a bit also.

I ended up fashioning a closet under the stairs into a kitty pooroom with motion sensor light so they have privacy and the smells are contained. If you have any small closets, you can rig them to have a self-closing latch and motion-sensor light also. That brief pause of the cat having to exit out the closet door stops about 95% of his littery paws from tracking around the apartment (and 95% of the smell, if used in conjunction with a covered box).

u/danxoxmac · 3 pointsr/cats

I live in a 1 bedroom with a kitty monster. I use something like this, kitty box roll it often with decent litter.

u/rowenharu · 3 pointsr/cats

=) we love to help fellow kitty owners!

I have found that if you play with your kittys paws while they are very sleepy or asleep you'll have a much easier time clipping their nails as they get older. Of course, I always recommend nail grinding over clipping because its smoother, lasts longer and it tickles vs pinches however, shes a baby and that will take some training!

get lots of toys! and play with her often. remember, just like your puppies need walk and play time, she does too! you can even train a cat to talk on a leash so you can take her with you on your walks with the dogs.

i have found my cat likes moving water and will absolutely NOT drink water from a bowl or anything thats sitting still. I use this fountain instead. Makes for happy kitty. hydration is very important!

as others have said, scratching posts are important. don't forget your flea, tick, and heartworm medications. Also, kitties should be brushed. My cat is scared of brushes so I use this which he adores and gets very excited when he sees it.

dogs like to eat cat poop for whatever unexplainable reason. please do yourself a favor and invest in a closed litter box sorta like this. its worth it!!

u/lordofthederps · 3 pointsr/cats

Have you ever thought about getting one of these?

u/e_claire · 3 pointsr/Pets

For the litter tracking problem I'd recommend a top-loading litter box or just buy a large plastic bin and carve a hole out of the top if you're handy with tools. This almost completely eliminated the litter tracking problem in my house with two cats.

As for spilling water, I would suggest getting a heavier ceramic water bowl with non-slip feet and placing it on a feeding mat. You could even invest a pet water fountain like this one (which are large and virtually impossible to knock down) if you find that your cats enjoy running water more than standing water.

u/smigbop · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

They make some like that, we had this one for my old cat (rip gilbert). He loved to toss litter around and this helped a lot but it was a bit of a pain to clean, but then what litter box isn't?

u/carissalf · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This unsightly thing actually worked surprisingly well. Generally, dogs hate sticking their heads in small spaces like that. So, even when she's older, she'll likely leave it alone.

There are a plenty of others, but they can be rather costly. If you're crafty, you could always design something around it too. I'm not, so that was out of the question.

u/cordial_carbonara · 3 pointsr/Parenting

I do the same, I've got mine in the laundry room with cat door. I use one of those litter catching mats, combined with an extra tall litter box (you might even consider a setup like this). I also vacuum the room regularly, because my cat is just ridiculously messy no matter what we do.

u/sumwaah · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Use the Clevercat litter box:

I switched to this when I had my cat track litter all over the place from his usual front entry litter box. The top entry for this prevents him from throwing litter out while burying his poop and the grooves on the top scrape off litter that is stuck on his feet. Pair the litter box with a mat/pad and you will have little or no litter in the rest of your house. Bonus: If you have a dog, this box will stop them from getting into the kitty litter for treats.

u/Beemorriscats · 3 pointsr/daddit

Ever seen a top entry litterbox? Your son might be compelled to toss a toy into the hole, but he himself wouldn't have access to it. Plus it keeps cats from flinging litter everywhere, win-win.

u/meNmyFLEA · 3 pointsr/aww

This is the one I have. I don't use their trays though, they cost too much. I got a Forever Tray off Amazon and use whatever brand of silica crystals I can get at Walmart. Overall it was a great purchase, we've had ours for almost 2 years and I love it. They say it's good for a month, but I try to check it every weekend to at least clear the poop container and stir the crystals.

u/Gatorgirl007 · 3 pointsr/lifehacks

These aren't cheap and the refills are pricey as well but you only have to change them once a month, it sweeps the crap immediately, and doesn't have a smell issue. It's like replacing your A/C filter.
ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

(Edited to fix link.)

u/NotClever · 3 pointsr/funny

I have this PetSafe one. It's kindof infomercially, but it works quite well. I've never had the rake get stuck or mess up or anything. There is kindof a weird thing where the little lid that covers up the poop-holding compartment sometimes will get stuck open, but I can't figure out if that's a design flaw or if my toddlers are messing with it. It could even be the cat messing with it (he likes to clean his paws after using the litter box by rubbing them really hard on the sides of the box). Also, it doesn't make a big difference because the silica gel litter takes care of the odor well enough that I don't notice any difference in that.

The only catch is that you must use silica gel litter for it to work (clumping litters will fuck up the rake, I think). And the only issue with that is that stepping on tracked-out silica gel litter is one step below stepping on Legos. Otherwise, it contains odor very well.

On that note, their official refills are basically just cardboard boxes filled with silica gel litter (and lined with a liquid-impermeable material). I bought the reusable plastic liner along with the official litter packs and it's worked great. I initially was buying a different silica gel litter in larger bulk quantities to save a little money over using their official refills, but I never found a source that was that much cheaper than the official refills, and the convenience of (1) having the refills be measured out to a good amount to just dump in the box and go and (2) setting them up on Amazon Prime subscription is worth the premium to me.

u/WorseThanHipster · 3 pointsr/CatsAreAssholes

We had house pooping problems with both our cats, and we got one of these litter boxes. The cats loved them more than their old clay so much they never pooped in the house again! And it uses these blue crystals which are actually desiccant. Keeps the smell waaay down, and the best part is NO POOP/PEE DUST when you’re cleaning.

The litter refills last quite a while so we end up spending about the same amount on litter as before.

u/1bdkty · 3 pointsr/Pets

Thanks for responding. Good to know the shelter is no-kill, that is important. A few things I would recommend but most of them do cost money so its up to you if you want to give them a shot.

  • talk to the vet about behavior meds. Maybe prozac isn't right but there are others that may help. As you pointed out, she is obsessively licking. Obsessive licking to the point where fur is gone is a huge warning sign and the cause of that could be the cause of her litterbox issues.

  • try the feliway, probably the room diffuser. People I know have had mixed results but maybe it will help your cat (the idea is that is puts out "happy cat smells" so they don't pee everywhere - people can't smell it) Put it in the rooms you don't want her peeing in.

  • Try a self-cleaning litterbox. If your cat is extra concerned about cleanliness maybe scooping the litterbox once a day isn't enough for her. Sounds like a hassle but there are some cheaper solutions out there now. I suggest the Simply Clean or the Littermaid.

    good luck, whatever your decision. :)

    EDIT: saw your post about the feliway above, sorry for repeating. responded to your post before reading other replies.
u/reallyjustsam · 3 pointsr/blackcats

So when I hit 6 cats, I stumbled upon these:

I now have eight cats and 5 auto litter boxes. I use lightweight litter and buy maybe one 17lb bucket a month (~$20). Clean up involves emptying the little buckets like once a week. I built a little shelving unit to create a wall of litter boxes. Works great.

u/specialgreenonion · 3 pointsr/RATS

OH I forgot to talk about litter and litter boxes! Ratties can indeed be litter trained. Its a bit harder with peeing because ratties just love to mark everything and anything they can get their grabbies on, so thats something you'll have to accept unfortunately lol

Poops are easily controlled though. They might have the odd accident here and there but in general, it makes cleaning their cage a lot easier! Here is one example of a litter box. This is another type that uses a grate so that it isnt as messy. I personally prefer it without grates just because Im super paranoid about my ratties feet getting hurt haha

The type of litter people generally use is fragrance-free, dust-free recycled paper pellets. Many people swear by this litter. However, if youre in europe, its hard to get your hands on that stuff so I use this litter. It's pretty much the same thing - recycled paper pellets, fragrance and dust free. Its absorbent and controls odours very very well. Clay litter isnt recommended since if your rats ingest it, it will clump up in their alimentary canal which can be fatal. This is why I stopped using Critter Litter although many people like it. I dont since I find it doesnt control odours as well, and I hate how it clumps up and gets super pasty and smelly when it gets urine on it. Its hard to clean out and it smells awful. Paper pellets are the way to go in my opinion.

Another little thing people do with their litter boxes to help control the urine a bit better, is put some stones in the litter box. Rats, for whatever reason, love to pee on stones and rocks. I just picked up like 6 flat, smooth, large stones when I was at the beach. I froze them for 48 hours, then boiled them, sanitized them and now theyre in the corner of my boys' 2 litter boxes. My boys love to climb and perch on them and they pee on them. The cage odour is so much better and way more easily controlled that way. I highly recommend it! Just make sure when youre cleaning out their litter boxes, that you put the stones somewhere sanitary and boil them out with hot water. I usually put the stones in my sink, drench them in apple cider vinegar and antibacterial soap and let them sit there while I clean out the litter boxes. Then when I finish with the litter boxes, I pour boiling water from a kettle all over the stones and let them cool down. Then just dry them and they're ready to use. It's very easy and very effective!

Okay I think that's all, if I remember anything else I will add it on here haha

u/StargateGuy · 3 pointsr/RATS

MidWest Critter Nation Single Level, two level optional depending on budget.

u/thesonofapreacherman · 3 pointsr/Pets

Fight the power! Buy your own freaking plastic grocery bags. 2.5 cents apiece!

We have 4 cats too. Best goddamn litter box ever. Just roll it upside down, roll it back, and pull out drawer full of perfectly sifted cat litter.

Also, î fill the empty plastic tubs of litter with used litter. They seal up pretty well and get taken out to garbage once full. This works because the litter boxes are in basement and away from our living area. Might be gross in a small apartment.

Hell, here's one more kitty life pro tip. Install cat doors on interior doors to rooms the cats are allowed into. We have one for our bedroom and one for the basement. Cats can get to basement for litter boxes and food and to get away from dogs. They can get out of bedroom if trapped so they don't piss on the bed.

u/mischiffmaker · 3 pointsr/cats

Cats are like people, they do have preferences. Generally they go for the person feeding them (they are little predators, after all).

'Play fighting' is how cats learn to hunt--kittens do it with each other to learn how to stalk and pounce on their prey.

When they lick you after grabbing and kicking, it's what cats do with their prey once they've caught it--kicking simulates disemboweling their prey.

My new cat likes to bite--I've been having to caution her to go "Easy!" which she's getting better at. Once she's given a couple of 'love bites' she bites once more, gives her head a little shake while she still has my skin in her teeth, then lets go and licks the spot. What she's doing is simulating giving the death shake to a small prey animal.

If your cat turns out to be a hunter, and brings you dead animals, that's not so much a gift, as such, as her teaching you how to hunt, like she would a kitten. They do this even though you're the one putting food down for them.

Litter changing depends on the cat. Some cats go more than others and the litter has to be cleaned more often. I use the Breeze litter system, which I like because there's significantly less smell than the sand or clay systems, even the clumping kind. Plus not having to hump heavy buckets of sand around is nice. There are lots of reviews in that link, and some people use inexpensive pellets used for pellet stoves, but I haven't tried that.

Enjoy being a cat-dad!

u/619shepard · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Start by getting this litter box which will change everything forever.

Keep your house very clean, but avoid using harsh chemicals. Vinegar cleans like 90% of things amazingly. The smell is distinctive and sharp, but fades very quickly especially for well vented areas.

Then get essential oil burners or reed infusers. Decide what smells you like. Very popular smells around spas include lavender, eucalyptus (careful, you may be allergic), sandalwood, sage.

If you can grow some house plants that are known for cleaning the air just be careful, as some of them are not very good for pets.

u/fauxcrow · 3 pointsr/randomactsofamazon

Awwww...that is a super - gorgeous kitty!!

I have had rescue kitties and fosters for years, this changed my life and made kitty ownership 1000x more enjoyable! Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, 1 Kit

Enjoy that pretty kitty!!

u/Jacollinsver · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

So I got this cat box for a while, and its great, but I've moved into a new place where it sits near my toilet so I was hoping I could flush the turds instead of eating them like I normally do. The litter isn't normal though: its little ceramic pellets so that the pee can trickle down to the pad below.

u/PJsAreComfy · 3 pointsr/Pets

A litter box with higher sides might help. (My cat did the same thing with low-sided boxes.) Here are two examples: #1, #2.

u/MinnowG · 3 pointsr/mainecoons

You could try a litterbox that has high sides, but is open at the top. Sort of best of both worlds. Here's an example:

u/BrickGun · 3 pointsr/CatsAreAssholes

Please, for all that is right and holy in the universe, get a covered litter box. (Not just for the scatter, but for the sight and smell as well)

u/Hameen · 3 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

I had something similar and it worked okay. It really wasn't tall enough for them so they always ended up going in the same spot with their head poking out the top hole. When they were done they would launch themselves out like a rocket spraying litter EVERYWHERE. Maybe if our cats weren't spazzes and daintily climbed out it would have worked better.

What I ended up doing was chucking those and getting [this litter box]
( (I'm sure any one with a front flap would do just as well) and I already had purchased these mats. I put the boxes in the corners of our spare rooms pointing at a wall with a foot or so of space between the box and the wall. This stopped them from running out of the box into the room making a mess and forced them to exit the box a little slower. It still doesn't catch ALL the litter, but the amount sprayed/tracked all over the room has significantly decreased.

u/tehpsyc · 3 pointsr/oddlysatisfying
u/autieab · 3 pointsr/ABDL

If the item comes in a marked box, Amazon tell you. I just bought this tonight:

See where it says "This item's packaging will indicate what is inside. To cover it, select Ship in Amazon box on the checkout page"?

There's an option during checkout to have the marked box put inside a plain box:

So there you go, no worries needed. Selecting that option doesn't add to the cost (I tried it, for science)

This will probably only apply to "sold by and shipped from Amazon" and "fulfilled by Amazon" items FWIW.

u/Lereas · 3 pointsr/cats

Almost everything has been covered, but may I suggest this litter box?

At first, I had one of those boxes where it has the mesh segment that you lift up to sift, but then you have to pour all the litter into the other tray and stuff. It's a mess. It's one of the reasons I had never really wanted a cat to begin with until my wife brought home our two little furballs; I hated scooping litter.

I got this one and it's fucking genius. All you do is flip it over and all of the poop and clumps are in the little pull out drawer. It's goddamn magical.

u/draxcat · 3 pointsr/knitting

Over the weekend, my bf and I drove to a huge hunting and fishing store (Cabela's) to try on chest waders for our fishing trip with my dad later this month. The bf was able to find some that fit, but the entire store did not contain a single small chest wader for me to try on. The mediums were much too big, but I really wanted to at least try on a small to make sure it was the size for me. :(

Got my cat a new litter box. It doesn't seem to be living up to the glowing reviews at the moment, but maybe I'm doing it wrong or put it together wrong or something.

At least I got the KAL hydra mitts cast on and going strong this weekend.

u/Deaths_Desire · 3 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

I'm sorry for the dad comment. That was really not my place even though that bothers me because my cats are the only thing in my house to keep me sane from nMom.

Here's the link. Sorry, it was cheaper in December ):

u/oie3000 · 3 pointsr/seniorkitties

Maybe her change in behavior is caused by her medications (vidalta, antibiotic) interacting with each other and causing dementia-like symptoms. I know for sure that this can happen with older people. For her peeing outside the litter box, try a box that's easier for her to enter, such as Best of luck!

u/Ritz527 · 3 pointsr/aww
u/HoBamaMo · 3 pointsr/rolltide


You'll save money over time by spending less on cat litter. It eventually pays for itself. Totally worth it. Get the cover if you have a dog that like to eat shit... I may or may not be speaking from experience... 👀👀

u/MeishkaD · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am saving for a glorious Cat Genie! If you are not familiar with these, you hook them into your sewer system and they do all the work for you. Once a month you switch out a cartride, amazing! We have three cats, a dog, and a baby. My days are endless loops of poop maintenance. I would love to have less poo to deal with in my life. I am sure you understand.

u/SWGoodToes · 3 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA - get a small, nice-looking top-entry box like this one, and she probably won’t even notice it:

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, White & Beige

The top entry prevents all that litter tracking all over the floor and contains a lot of the smell (though it’s still important to clean regularly)

u/fleshyflowers · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I have a sifting litter box (like this one) and have been using Exquisicat Pine Cobble and it has been working out great!

(Edit: My bad for the double post! Meant to reply to comment above!)

u/FestiveFerret · 2 pointsr/cats

Or one with a lid? They make this one box with little stairs that turns into a dome...let me see if I can find it....this one!

u/LyphBB · 2 pointsr/cats

This is the litter bin that solved our problem, having to go around a corner seemed to stop the litter being spread around.

Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box 3 Colors

u/Lush_Fusion · 2 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

Recommend the Booda Cleanstep it means they have to go up some stairs and round a corner so the cats can’t pee/poo out of the box.

u/dorenello · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

are you sure she is pooping in the box? if so, a Booda Dome Box might work and an automatic box should work. maybe any hooded box would work.

u/sneaky_dragon · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Try covered cat litter boxes. Bunnies can use cat pans, and covered litter boxes are basically a cat pan with a cover. Take a look at this section of the litter box wiki article we wrote up.

edit:// just realized you said you wanted a lowered entrance. haha. you can always do some DIY and cut out part of a box to make your own entryway. :) it's only plastic.

edit 2:// looked on amazon real quickly, what about this? and bunnies like to hop, so you shouldn't really need to worry about non-lowered edges until your bun is old. :)

u/kittensinadumpster · 2 pointsr/Pets

A booda dome. I have a couple and I love them for reduced litter tracking.

u/Daff0dillpickles · 2 pointsr/Parenting

One of the things we invested in was [Buddha boxes](Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box, Brushed Nickel It's a litter box shaped like a dome with an opening only big enough for a cat. It has a filter on top to helo with smell! Litter boxes are in the bathrooms with flushable litter. Just scoop once a day and flush it!

As for hair and throwing up, it sounds like stress. You're stressed out, baby is stressed out, cat is stressed out! Our cats get this way whenever they see moving boxes :( We switched to Authority brand cat food, specifically the brand for stomach issues/hair balls. That and lots if brushy posts/scratchers! I'd also make sure there is a space/room where the cats go that little feet can't! That way they have a calm space where they can relax.

Stressed/mean cats are no fun, so no wonder you don't like them right now! They may not like you for bringing a little typhoon into their house :P If the problems persist, you may want to think about rehoming them :( It sucks, but it might be best for all involved.

u/something____wicked · 2 pointsr/puppy101

There are a few solutions to this.

One, you can install a baby gate across the doorway of the bathroom. They make baby gates with cat doors, like this one:

So you can leave the cat door open but your dog won't fit through (assuming he isn't a tiny dog).

You can also, if you think your cat will tolerate it, switch to a covered litterbox. I use one like this:

It contains the smell MUCH better than open litterboxes and a dog won't fit up the steps. My cat isn't fussy about her box and will use open or closed ones, so test that out on your cats.

There are also a variety of top entry litterboxes (e.g. that you might want to experiment with.

u/sparrowmint · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfPetFood You might want to add this one to your wishlist instead. It's available through Amazon's free shipping, and the one on your wishlist isn't. People on here seem to prefer the Prime shipping, usually.

u/Lemoncow · 2 pointsr/Pets

It's relatively dusty (we're talking when you pour it in, right? It's not dusty besides that) but I use FreshStep. You can get it from Sam's Club for less than $16 for a 42lbs. bag. It actually smells pretty decent. For a while I wondered why my cat smelled like cologne. I dump the litter once a day and only have to replace all of it once a month. Also, I highly recommend getting this litter box:
You'll never have to scoop again and if you're too lazy to take the litter to the trash, flipping it over at least separates the clumps.

u/Bonkers54 · 2 pointsr/trees

This is the greatest litter box ever created:

No batteries, electronic, etc., but it takes about 30-60 seconds to fully clean it. You roll it upside down, roll it back right-side up, and magically all the shit is in the pull out drawer, and you just dump it in a trash bag. Done.

u/FogWalkerWithaBag · 2 pointsr/cats

This one has been pretty good with my Maine Coon (he's a 23lb cat that doesn't bury his either). You'll want to tip it slowly to prevent straining excess litter. But if that doesn't look like it will work, I second the DIY idea, you could even attached a cat door to a storage box if you wanted to.

u/Ctrl-Z · 2 pointsr/Pets

It's too small for him as far as I can tell. It's one of these, and it's weird because I just cleaned it not even a week ago. It may still be unsuitable in her eyes but she would normally go somewhere extremely obvious, somewhere I would notice and make a point to clean her box.

u/bitterred · 2 pointsr/waiting_to_try
u/sara_shortcake · 2 pointsr/dogs

We had the Clever Cat top entry litter box for a long time for this same reason and it worked awesome. But when we decided to try the Breeze system we just installed a cat door so the cats could get in and out of the bathroom without dog interference.

u/censorinus · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Yeah, she uses a vertical entry one, it's down below in the link. works really well, much less mess to clean up. She will go outside from time to time when I take her on walks but usually uses the litter box.

This is it on Amazon, I've found it for less in Mud Bay Granary tho so check around. Cleanest litter box I've found.

u/charcuterie_bored · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I've been thinking about getting a top entry litterbox for when my son gets mobile

u/schaefer · 2 pointsr/Pets

If I'm understanding you properly, I had a similar problem. I took down the baby gate, got a Clevercat litter box that the dog can't get into, and got a small ikea end table to put the cat food on. So now the dog can get in the room, but can't get into the litter box or their food. Clevercat:

u/DoctorMrsMonarch · 2 pointsr/Pets

Sometimes things changing can make cats poop outside of their litter boxes - has anything happened in the house that has changed? Baby, new person, other cat, etc.?

Also, I know it seems weird but with cats with a history of not-using-litter, vets are starting to prescribe Fluoxetine (Prozac), so you may want to discuss that with your vet in case it may make a difference.

It's best to keep the litter box in the same places - quiet places that are away from the normal pathways of people. You could even try a top-entering litter box, like this one: CleverCat. This would create his own little confined poop area.

Keep us posted! Let us know if you have any more questions.

u/dmcindc · 2 pointsr/cats

Well, until she stops peeing outside of the litter box, I would advise you to take the covers off all of them. She's not going to want to use one uncovered box if the other cat is bullying her near it. Best to make sure she has options, just in case.

Look into getting a Clever Cat litter box.

You can take the cover off and the sides are high, to prevent a cat from bothering another cat inside, and the high sides is also good for high female pee'ers. But overall, without the lid, there's not just one small opening to get trapped inside with and lots of room to get out. Over time, you can slowly try putting the lid back on, or just put it on top when you have company over.

u/hoppierthanthou · 2 pointsr/MEOW_IRL

I didn't pay $40 for mine, but these are the shit.

u/koalapants · 2 pointsr/aww

Ever considered a top entry litter box? There are cheaper ones than this, or also DIY, but it would save the constant cleanup if he took to it.

u/CorporateDroneStrike · 2 pointsr/cats
  1. An adult cat can probably tolerate for it about 3 days, on an infrequent basis. It is pretty dependent on the personality of your cat - some cats might act out destructively or gobble all their food. Most cats can regulate eating dry food so you can put a lot out at once. They definitely won't guzzle water for fun, so just put out an extra bowl. Destructive behavior from boredom can be managed with some interactive toys - maybe a Kong treat ball ect. Unless your cat has some issues, 1 litter box scooped once per day should be fine. I have 2 cats and we sometimes skip a day- nbd.


  2. I spend about $10 a month for food (Taste of the Wild) and maybe the same on litter (Tidy Cats clumping) for each cat per month. So $20. I would plan on some start up costs for scratching posts, toys, and a litter pan. I tended to go high end on these:

    But it's not a requirement. That scratching post is great though because it's nice and big, and indestructible. Also, I urge you to get sisal scratches because the texture is more unique. Carpet style scratchers teach your cat that similar fabrics are for scratching... As for vet visits, I would just make sure you have a credit card. A healthy cat, who doesn't go outside or get fleas/worms from other pets, is probably not going to cost you much. Spaying/neutering is a one-time expense, that may be taken care of by the shelter, and there are groups that do it for around $35-60.


  3. Domestic mongrel 100%. They are going to be healthier in expectation, and I'm not a fan of the breeding industry. As for adult vs kitten - it's hard to say. Adult cats have more fixed personalities, that can include bad habits. Kittens have random personalities but you have a chance to influence them and for the two of you to gel. Look into local shelters to see if you can foster - that way you can make sure you have a good fit without committing. If you foster kittens, get at least 3. If you get a pair, you have a higher chance of keeping both.

u/deathweasel · 2 pointsr/Dachshund

My old guy was way too interested in the cat poop too. I would suggest you get or make a top entry litter box like this one.

u/horsewish · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Ours started digging out all of the litter onto the floor and using it there. I was so pissed! After 3 weeks of dealing with it and scrubbing the floor with natures miracle every couple of days, we bought one of these. It has definitely helped quite a bit with their bathroom behavior.

u/Aloof_pooch · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

We have one similar to this.

u/mallybear69 · 2 pointsr/Pets

Definitely invest in a top-entry litter box. You can just take the top off and your cat should be ok to use it. We tried this with my cat and it made a world of difference.

u/WhoAreYouWhoAmI · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I use the Clever Cat box.

u/robnelle · 2 pointsr/funny

Ha! Friendly need a new litter box with taller walls. Something like a Clever Cat litter box.

It's not cheap but it is worth the money!

u/GeekAndDestroy · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

This wouldn't work for me. One of cats loves to dig. Before I started giving her access to the back yard, she would spend up to a half hour at a time just digging in the box. Even the boxes with a flap couldn't keep the litter in the box. I ended up making one of these ( out of a $5 Sterilite container, and it works perfectly. Very little litter gets out of the box at all.

u/Cherryapplefox · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice
  1. he needs to clean that box 1 to 2 times daily. Cats won't use dirty boxes. Having a second box may help but must be cleaned daily. Or get an automatic litter box cleaner

  2. Half water half vinger solution in a spray bottle will remove smells from fabric and carpet. Spray the house down. It will smell like vinegar until it dries. Then no smell.

  3. Get a cheap couch or futon and a sofa cover if they pee on the cover you can put it in the washing machine with any laundry detergent and a half a cup of vinegar.

  4. Spay and neutering cats can reduce kitty smell because makes have a habit of marking their territory.

  5. Kitty might have a urinary tract infection. Will pee everywhere until treated.

  6. Cat litter deodorizer can help out tremendously.
u/moonchic · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

the box is just a little bigger than our old box, but it's really cute. It's grey and purple and the litter are these cute little light blue crystals, hehehe.

He first bought the Litter Maid one... DO NOT get that one! It's so loud it will wake you at night and it broke a lot.

This is the one we have now...

It's very, very quiet... I can't even tell when it's cleaning unless I'm looking right at it :)

(edit: we also have three cats, so I would imagine you'd have to actually actively clean it even less than once a week if you just have one)

u/GingerWoolfe · 2 pointsr/cats

This is the one I was looking at that worked with clumping litter. I was considering the crystal one too but what put me off was the replacement tray. But I might consider it based on your review 😊

u/DavidWaldron · 2 pointsr/DIY

Yeah, my cats would refuse to use a small enclosed box like this. They use the Giant Litter Pan from Petmate.

u/WHUColin · 2 pointsr/ragdolls

My guy is incredibly fussy about there being ANYTHING inside the litter box. In the end I bought a giant litter box that allows him some space. Granted, it is cleaned multiple times a day but nice if we are out a couple hours. Very happy with it, and he seems to be as well.

u/Tiver · 2 pointsr/DIY

I recently got this "self-cleaning" litter box. By self-cleaning they mean, you can roll it over and back, and slide out tray and dump it. It's not perfect, but if you actually stay on top of it daily, it is a lot better than scooping through.

Maybe not good for your situation, but one option.

u/katrav · 2 pointsr/mainecoons

Not sure of your budget, but I love this one.

Check the measurements vs your current though. If she's a really big girl, it might be too small.

u/canofpotatoes · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

This is the one I have in my 420 sq ft apartment. It's angled in a corner and you would never know it's a litter box. Many people ask where I keep mine. It is pretty large though, not exceedingly large but bigger than I expected. Holds a good amount of litter and is easy to clean, two halves split at the equator. I've gotten a fuller fake plent to rest on top, the one it comes with isn't terrible but I wanted to find something that was more life-like.

u/Pixielonic · 2 pointsr/Pets

It’s kind of pricey but we use these boxes and they help ALOT. Keeps the smell minimum and also helps you keep up the maintenance, making less invasive, and less chance for it to stink as much. Petsade Scoopfree Auromatic self Cleaning Box on Amazon

There’s also a cheaper model without the hood, you should be able to see show up in the search results.

u/Busterthebob · 2 pointsr/Pets

First, you're not a dick for bringing this to your roommates attention.That's disgusting, and inhumane not scoop a cats litter box in 3 weeks. You guys are lucky if those cats haven't starting pooping and peeing on furniture and other places around the house in an attempt to find somewhere clean to go.most cats will refuse to do their business in messy litterboxes. Can you blame them? I'm sure your roommates wouldn't want to use a toilet that hadn't been flushed in 3 weeks.

Is there anyway they could get a self scooping litterbox?

I don't personally use one of these, but I've heard they are good.

We have 6 cats here and 4 large litterboxes (I know, i need 2 more) ..I make sure to scoop them twice a day once before I feed the cats breakfast and after I feed them dinner.there are no cat litter box odors here.

u/Blurgas · 2 pointsr/funny

That's been considered, but she never hurries to do anything.
She'll turn around a few times and seems to sniff around the litter before taking a piss, and when she poops she hops in, digs her mound of litter, then poops on it, taking her time to ensure her bowels are fully empty.
The weird part is she does this pawing of the ramp and sides before she goes off to do other kitty things
Other weirdness she does is she'll squat to pee, but to poop she kinda stands and arches her back

We've got this Scoopfree box, but privacy hood removed because she's never been shy(was changing tray once and she hopped in and started peeing before I'd put the box back down) and litter wasn't drying out properly(research implies it's an issue with the privacy hood trapping humidity)

u/TehKarmah · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

did you have a long hair bun? I have an Angora a d got her a cat litter box that allows the urine to drop onto a wee pad below. It's super easy to keep clean. They're less than $30 on Amazon and you can get wee pads at Costco for cheap.

Edit: Here's a link to the box Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Starter Kit - (1) Box

u/eaktheperson · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I wrote this a while back... referencing this system. Essentially, it's almost dust free, and almost odorless.

"This system is actually fantastic. Minimal smell compared to regular cat litter. Moreover, easier (although a bit more complicated) set up. Not to mention almost no tracking (outside a rouge pellet).

Now I'm going to sound like a shill, however I swear by this system, it's helped me become more tolerant of cats. Once while we were having a party my Mother-in-law comes up to me and asks me where we hid the cat litter? It was a new place and at first she thought we left the cat behind (and was giving me hell about it), however there he was. She couldn't smell it at all, meanwhile I pointed down and she was pretty much standing right next to it. As long as it's clean (solid waste) it has almost no odor. It only smells shortly after he's gone, which is a trend that seems to span the entire animal kingdom."

Likewise, maybe a pc fan with a bit of filter element strapped on via a rubber band and for extra points a occupancy sensor.

u/FF0000it · 2 pointsr/StLouis

Well, you can go through the regular stuff and see if it helps:

Dr. Elseys Cat Attract
Breeze Hard Clay Litter Box System

u/purebredginger · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A new litter box! My kitty has some intestinal issues that make his poops smell pretty rank, and he drinks a lot of water to help his tummy making him pee A LOT and he is a big cat so these are like big urinations. Regular litter just doesn't cut it after only a couple of days of changing it. Plus he tracks it EVERYWHERE. I hear this litter box is great for odor control AND tracking. It would be absolutely wonderful to have it because the normal litter just isn't working anymore. Plus I think my roommate would appreciate it as well.

u/RadioPixie · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

This one with the pull-out tray that houses a pee pad. I didn't even know I felt strongly enough about litterboxes to have a favorite until the house I catsit for got this.

u/geekykitten · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Amazon! I have a couple, they are great! Sunny is a pole-vault-pee-er; he lifts his butt up like 10" to pee, and goes over the side of every other box I own. These are perfect for his messy little habits.

u/Draco_Dormiens · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sports bra from my needs wishlist :D so I can work out without my boobs flying all over the place haha.

Nevermind the bra :( turns out the sizing on them sucks, happy i read the reviews real quick. I'm going to go back to my one from the last contest, litter box so Albus doesn't kick his poo everywhere :D

Yeay lobster, All Hail the Lobster!! bows down to the lobster

thanks for the contest, you're awesomeeeee

u/RiceCakes4IBS · 2 pointsr/Pets

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray

u/Luidaeg · 2 pointsr/cats

Mine used to the same thing. When he was younger, he sprayed litter all the way across the kitchen floor once when he was doing his combination kitty dirtbiking and treasure bury. He's calmed down some since then, though still spends a long time burying. I have a combination litter mat in front of the box, and bought these, which helps a lot. There's still a little tracking because paws, but it's nowhere near the mess that it used to be.

u/lilj0nyeah · 2 pointsr/cats

I have a recommendation from a vet-student of mine: Purina Pro-Plan. It encompasses extremely high-quality ingredients, affordable prices and various flavors/specialty blends. The dry food or wet variant are both excellent for your kitty, but the dry food will be cheaper. I would use the wet food if the kitty doesn't adhere well to drinking water as the wet-food contains high amounts of water. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Congratulations on becoming a kitty owner!

Here are my recommendations on supplies:

Litter box:

Litter scooper:

Litter: (cheaper if you buy this one at PetSmart believe it or not)

Kitten food:

Litter mat:

u/tasunder · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

With one small litterbox and two cats inevitably they will be stepping on clumps as they pee unless you scoop at least 3 times per day. I assume you scoop when you vacuum but if not, you probably will need to.


There are litterboxes with high sides that aren't top-entry. Here is one well-reviewed unit. That's what I currently use now that I have only one cat. I did take the door off, though. Here's another one.

u/moregrits · 2 pointsr/wholesomememes

Yep! It's this one

u/andersleet · 2 pointsr/cats

I have one of these, while not "auto cleaning" in the sense that you have to physically rotate the box it eliminates the need to scoop. Coupled with a Litter Genie it takes me less than 30 seconds to empty my (2) cat's litter box.

Eventually I'll get myself a Litter-Robot but for now this is just fine.

u/Laoracc · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

For those of you, like me, struggling with cleaning litter, this catbox changed my whole experience.

Just roll it upside down, pat the bottom (now top) of the box, bring rightside-up, and all the litter has been collected in the scoop to dispose of. Bam.

u/biscotti_monster · 2 pointsr/ttcafterloss

My husband took over the job but he bought this litter box from amazon and we love it! It has a filter inside so all you do is roll it to the right and the clean litter sifts through the filter while the clumps collect in that scoop thingy. Then you just take the scoop out and trash it and that's it. No contact with anything.

u/Marksman79 · 2 pointsr/shittyrobots

For everyone who says it is too expensive, here is the litter box I use which has the same sifting and turning process for $40, the only difference is that you turn it yourself instead of having a motor turn it for you. The litter all sifts into a long scooper for you to toss out.

u/SoullessGingerCat · 2 pointsr/cats

I have a covered box you just roll over to scoop. It's great, and it won't break like the automatic boxes.

u/dontcryferguson · 2 pointsr/cats

This is the one I'm referring to to avoid.. Good luck in your search!

u/emperorko · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Buy this. It is the best thing to ever happen to cat owners.

u/BravesMaedchen · 2 pointsr/Pets

My cat was having a similar issue. I got a litter box with high sides and a walk-in opening like this and a really large base for a dog crate like this to put underneath the litter box. It really helps keep the pee inside the box and off the floor.
Old cats require a lot of maintenance.

u/cas_hills · 2 pointsr/cats

I’ve seen a lot of people post about using pine pellets with great success (apparently even the wood stove pellets would work). They’re cheaper than the feline pellets that are marketed for cats and do the same thing. I haven’t used them (I will be though!) but that seems like a good solution for you to mask the smell without the fake smell and not being a mess. They disintegrate and the sawdust will sink to the bottom so it shouldn’t be as messy.
Also I’ve read that sprinkling some baking powder in the litter box also helps with the smell.

You could also try a litter box like this. Should help from getting litter everywhere especially if you use it with the pine pellets. Good luck!

u/bellossomraptor · 2 pointsr/cats

I have a top-entry, not that exact one but one like it. Of my 3 cats, one of them prefers the top-entry to all others, one of them will use the top-entry but it's not his go-to, and the third won't use it at all. The one who likes the top-entry best is my big boy who is not only large for a domestic shorthair but also, despite my best efforts, fat. He fits in it just fine, I think the top-entry box I use could fit my parents' Maine Coon comfortably.

I would be more concerned about your senior and the kitten. The kitten may not be big enough to handle the jump out of the box, and the senior cat's abilities depend on their condition. My senior is the one who won't use it.

u/astanix · 2 pointsr/mechanical_gifs

I started using these sifting litter pans and they make doing the litter so much faster and easier.

u/cannibalkoala · 2 pointsr/Pets

Don't get me wrong, I hate scooping the litter box as much as the next person, but those things are so expensive! If you're looking for convenience, why not try one of those trays that you put in your litter box that once you pull back out catches all the chunks? Like this for example :

Seems cheaper and about as useful

u/becauseineedone3 · 2 pointsr/EOOD

This new Arm & Hammer litter box is pretty awesome. No more scooping.

u/hermitsociety · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

I suuuuuper love my sifting litter box because it makes the job fast and easy. I don't remember the brand I have but it's just like this:

I got one at Walmart and it was cheap. It takes literally ten seconds to get every clump. I sift it daily, and on weekends I dump the whole thing, hose it, start fresh. I will never buy another fancy one again.

I rent and the only good spot for a box is in my kitchen, where a dishwasher should be. It turns out that having it there is great because I can't ignore it and the trash is right there. "Out of sight out of mind" isn't helping you so maybe consider moving the box or moving one of your regular chores or hobbies to the basement so you have to go down there more. Tie it mentally to something else you already do. I sift mine when I'm waiting for tea water to boil in the AM and dump it when I start laundry on Sundays. You just have to find a way to get it in the routine is all.

u/larry_pancake · 1 pointr/felinebehavior

Oh man, have I been there. One of my furballs was determined to pee out the side of the litterbox. Every. Single. Time. I fixed this by getting one of those dome-shaped litter boxes (like this: with a built-in stair case that leads into it. Now she has to walk inside the litter box in order to get to the litter, and she can't pee out the side.

If you don't suspect mobility problems, you might also try a litter box with a top-entry--enclosed on all sides, and the cat has to jump down into it to use it.

u/onomatopria · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

Oh, an igloo like this might be a good choice. You might have to clean the sides and steps every so often, but if it helps get the poop off the feet, it might be easier than your entire bathroom.

Even though your cat’s poops appear normal, it might be worth bringing it up the next time you see your vet. They might have food recommendations that would result in more solid cleaner poops.

u/david_edmeades · 1 pointr/cats

The Tidy Cat Breeze isn't covered but it has three high sides and uses large hard clay pellets that don't spread as easily as litter does.

Alternately, I use a big dome box with a staircase, but that might be too complicated.

u/Bittums · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Pine! and Booda Dome = you have cats?

u/homehealthgirl · 1 pointr/dogs

Honestly? I put it in area where the dogs can't reach. It's facing the wall so the cat jumps on the lid, then goes in. It works for her, but wouldn't for all dogs.

When I lived with my roommate's cat she had good luck with using the Booda Litter Box. The entrance is slightly curved with stairs so it's harder for the dog to access.

u/Blanchetastic · 1 pointr/Wishlist
u/AjKawalski · 1 pointr/dogs

I use one of these for my cat:
Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box, Brushed Nickel
Very useful and without the top entry issues

u/gibed · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Just unscented Fresh Step (not that my cat cares too much if it's scented, but the smell of the scented litter everywhere drives me crazy). Some of the odor is also trapped by the litter box we use.

u/contradictionchild · 1 pointr/sexover30
u/TheLawIsi · 1 pointr/firstworldproblems
u/Etunimi · 1 pointr/amazon

You say import fees are $4.45, so shipping is $181.69? Have you checked by actually going to checkout to see if the shipping is really that high instead of being just a display bug on the product page?

In case it is helpful for comparison, for me to Finland it shows $35.99 + $82.10, with the shipping being $59.24 and Import Fees Deposit being $22.86, and that seems consistent with shipping rates to Finland, as $12.99 + 10.3 lbs * $4.49/lbs = $59.24.

So the issue seems to not be universal as I'm seeing the correct rate. Maybe it is specific to Canada.

u/giam86 · 1 pointr/cats

Me and you are in the same boat! As of about 2 weeks ago, one of my siamese (I have 2) has started pooping right outside the litter box. The litter box is in a cabinet, so literally he or she is pooping 2 steps away from the actual box. The cats are only 5 so getting in and out of the box isn't the issue. I'm wondering if mine has to do with the fact that I had to throw away a scratch post that one of my cats loved. The one cat will only use a carpet scratch post whereas the other cats likes the rope (I still have that one). I cleaned my litter box yesterday (soap, water, the whole works). Within 12 hours, poop outside the box! So I know cleanliness isn't the issue. I'm seriously wondering now if it's because she's frustrated with having nothing to scratch on? I'm also wondering if it could be from the new baking soda deodorizer I'm using. I guess I'll have to hide that at the bottom of the litter until it runs out and see if that solves it.

Honestly, it's a guessing game. I'm going down a list basically. New scratch post. New litter mat. Different deodorizer. New litter box. Different litter.

I'm going to go through each one of those until something works. Since your cat is older, I'd definitely wonder if his mobility wasn't effecting him getting in the box. They have a cute little box with stairs if that is the issue.

I'm also taking the person's advice below of cleaning as best I can the spot where the cat has been going to eliminate the smell. I will say though, I took out the litter mat which the cat had been going on and it didn't fix the issue. They just went directly on the cabinet instead, so I'm not sure about the whole being able to smell where they went previously since it was a waterproof mat, so I wouldn't think there would have been a big smell. But I'm going to try to get rid of any smell regardless.

ETA: litter box

u/SecularNotLiberal · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I love the Omega Paw non-scooping box. Here is the Amazon link to it. It's super cheap, super easy to clean, and yeah, no scoop.

I buy $10 40 lb box of clumping kitty litter once every few months or so at Wegmans and I'm good.

u/glanmiregirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bunnicula - what awesome books those were, I use to read them to my son when he was little.

I think you should get yourself this because cleaning boxes out is gross and why can't cats just use the toilet, gawd!

I would love this because I really need to know what everyone is talking about all the time.

u/ooryl2 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should really get your Self-cleaning litter box Very useful, and nothing cooler really than no longer having to scoop cat poop! I mean sure you could get some fun game to play, but really, not having to scoop anymore? That's totally bunnicula cool!

As for my item, Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi because new book, yay! Can't wait to read about this time period!

Or the 100+ Random dice now that school is out for the kids, we'll be able to do more family game nights together and there's about a million things we could do with these!

u/KlueBat · 1 pointr/Pets

I'm a new cat owner and I've done a ton of research into automatic litter boxes myself. The only conclusion that I've been able to come to is that they all pretty much suck. They either jam up, don't clean well, break after a short life cycle, or have other issues. Even expensive units like the Litter Genie or the top end Litter Maid units are not without significant issues.

If you have questions about specific brands I'd be happy to share what I've learned.

Right now my cat is using the closest thing to self cleaning I could find, the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter-Box.

If you have a cat that does not mind a covered box this thing is amazing. Cleaning the litter box is a 60 second process and I never have to touch pet waste. I can not recommend this product enough.

I'm no expert on dogs and litter boxes, so perhaps someone else in the community can help you out. My best guess would be to put the box of your choice in a location where the cat can get to it easily but the dog cannot get to it at all.

Best of luck with your kitty!

u/watsoned · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The Martian ($15 at time of posting, was $23 before): Why should you want it? Well, it's based on a amazing book and it has Matt Damon. And he's going to science the shit out of this movie, which is about an astronaut marooned on Mars. Yes, Mars. Hence the name 'The Martian'. Struggling to survive against all odds while the government spends even more money trying to save Matt Damon.

Self-Cleaning Litterbox ($25): Cause who wants to actually scoop poop? Instead, you can just roll this box around (preferably without a cat inside) and dump the conveniently gathered waste into the disposal unit of your choice.

Jack of All Trades DVD ($17.50): Look, it's Bruce Campbell and it's cheesy. But apparently very good. What more can you want?

The Evil Dead BluRay ($7.50): Again with the Bruce Campbell, but this movie is a classic. I'm not even big into horror and I consider this movie a 'must-have'.

Star Wars Pub Glasses ($22): Are you Resistance or First Order? Well now you don't have to settle for a glass with a faction that is not your own! You can choose and drink in style. And since they're pub-style glasses, they hold a fair amount of liquid and are also easier to wash than traditional glasses, if you are a poor schmuck like me who has no dishwasher. No more excuses for the men in the house why they can't wash their own damn drinkware. Your hand will fit in there, buddy.

u/CommissarSmersh · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

I reproduced one of these and put a small Omegapaw inside. It current doubles as a countertop for her food and water dishes and with the coating it has, it wipes off easily. Granted I only have a small, 7 pound cat but I only have an odor issue when I wait a few weeks to clean it. If I don't end up replacing it when I replace the dining room furniture, I'll likely install a plywood back to further trap odors.

u/SugarSugarBee · 1 pointr/Frugal

I order a hell of a lot from amazon, but I have amazon prime for free (student). So 2 day shipping is free. I order most everything on there that I can wait 2 days on.

The only thing I don't order a ton of is clothes. Even if I like it, it's always tough to tell if it will fit properly. I only get clothes if it's cheap enough where it won't be a huge loss if it doesn't fit right or I don't like it. I'm talking 10 dollars or less. But recently I just invested my time into honing my wardrobe into a "capsule wardrobe" so I don't feel the need to buy new clothes anymore unless it's a size issue.

I got my macbook air, just 1 generation before this one, for 700 dollars on Amazon.

Recently I got: (this was .89 cents when I ordered it)

So much more on my wishlist too.

u/NotSuzyHomemaker · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Me too! And that's a big reason why I just got one of these. I've used them before. We only got rid of ours when my middle daughter moved in because I'm sorry but there's no way a 24 lb cat can fit into those. BUT they work really well and make cleaning the litter box way easier.

u/Supervisor194 · 1 pointr/AskReddit
  1. They can run free, just make sure there's nothing the cat can tip over by climbing on that could potentially hurt them.
  2. Some cats can free feed some can't help but overeat. Free feed unless your cat can't help itself.
  3. Don't bathe a cat, they will hate it, hurt you and they just don't need it. They keep themselves studiously clean.
  4. A laser pointer. Feathers on a string suspended by a wand. Be careful not to hurt their teeth with these though - they REALLY like them.
  5. A nice cat condo is much appreciated by all cats and if you say nice words when they scratch it and mean words when they scratch your couch you can train them to use it exclusively (usually) saving your furniture.
  6. One plop in a litter box will be all that's necessary. This is probably one of the most amazing things you will ever witness. They just know. Also, get one of these (you will NOT believe how awesome they are)
  7. Probably.
u/Rivermelodies · 1 pointr/cats

What a cute kitty!

I use a clevercat litterbox:

It's a significant improvement over the classic litterbox shape. The height and lid really minimizes litter mess and odor.

u/TrueGlich · 1 pointr/Pets
u/ammolite · 1 pointr/cats

Since you said you cat just turned 1 y/o, I assume you got him as a kitten. This may sounds weird, but sometimes as cats grow they don't compensate mentally for the added size when they pop-a-squat in the box. This results in them hanging their butt over the edge of the box and pooping RIGHT at the entrance of the box. The solution is to this is (usually) to get a larger litter box. If you're already using the largest size, you can try using a large rubbermaid container with the lid removed or a hole cut in the lid. You can also look into one of these:

u/wintercast · 1 pointr/RedditForGrownups

the litter box is located in a open area of the laundry room, and there is hardly ever anyone there sothe cat has privacy. the cat has two litter boxes. they are the top entry type but i take the tops off. i have thought about getting even larger storage boxes and using those instead.

the cat generally goes right next to the litter box. he has been to the vet. in the past he did have a UTI, but that was about a 2 years ago. He is not acting like he has a UTI. i can place him in the box and he will urniate. i think he just wants the box to be totally clean. if there is even the hint of a lump he wont use it.

I was fully cleaning the boxes (as in soap and water and new litter) ever 2 weeks. now i am going to do it every week.

at this point, i am taking him to the box myself at least 2 times a day and cleaning the boxes 2 times a day.

i have used the hormonal vaporziers and noticed no change.

u/Literacy · 1 pointr/videos

Anyone happen to know the brand/model of this litterbox?

For anyone looking, this is called Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox.

u/currer_bell · 1 pointr/cats

Not all cats resonate with covered litter boxes, so your mileage may vary on this, but we are big fans of the clevercat litter box. It's a little irritating to pay $35 for a tupperware tub, but the zigzagging channels on the lid do catch quite a bit of the extra litter our cat tracks out of the box.

u/ARsignal11 · 1 pointr/Pets

I use this one:

It's another covered box. I know you mentioned that your other cat will pee on the cover. Hopefully they won't with this one. Works well for 1 of my cats who likes to raise her butt up when she pees. It used to spray outside the box sometimes. This covered one solved all of my problems with high sprayers. I believe it's also cheaper from Walmart if you're interested in saving a few bucks.

u/VyrCossont · 1 pointr/cats

Top entry litter box might help. Worked for mine.

u/tobisowles · 1 pointr/Truckers

If your cat will tolerate it, get her this(amazon link). We got one for the spare box, a few of our dingbats can't figure it out but the ones who do use it, oh man so much less mess. They come in other sizes as well, you should be able to find something that fits your truck.

u/stupidhusky · 1 pointr/aww

Not all cats will adjust to it well but have you heard of the Clevercat litter box? It can help keep the dog out:

u/salietfidet · 1 pointr/AnimalsBeingJerks

Might I make a suggestion?

u/Go3Team · 1 pointr/rva

Are you using indoor cat food? If so, cut the shit and get them regular food.

We use this fancy ass box. The dogs can't get treats out of it, and the cats like it. I should have an extra one here if you want to try it out.

u/goldfish_king · 1 pointr/dogs

My parents' dog is too big to get in the litter box but one of their cats is an inveterate litter kicker and kept making messes, so they got one of these litter boxes. Might be worth a try.

u/MorleyDotes · 1 pointr/funny

Clever Cat or you can make one for half the price out of a storage container from Home Depot.

u/Buy-theticket · 1 pointr/Pets

The Clevercat top entry box is the only thing that keeps our cat from kicking litter all over the bathroom. It's annoying to pay $40 for a box with a hole in it but it works really well.

u/literallynot · 1 pointr/LifeProTips
u/Beefourthree · 1 pointr/cats

I've been thinking about switching to a top entry litterbox to cut down on the mess.

u/heyjoob · 1 pointr/dogs

I don't have advice about the dogs that others haven't already said, but check out the Clevercat litter box. It's not fullproof and not all cats will use it, but mine have no problem with it. My last dog would get get in, so we just put things on either side of it and the hole close to the wall so it was harder for her to reach. She left it alone after that.

Edit: You could probably also make a similar design yourself for a fraction of the price.

u/FancyDressKitten · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

You can get a litter box that your cat enters from the top. One with a flap might work as well.

u/samolotem · 1 pointr/cats

Not a type of litter, but this litterbox has been great for reducing tracking in my apartment:

u/amaqqq · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Try a different litter box.

Or the litter-robot (which is a lot more expensive but automatic).

u/fidibro · 1 pointr/Pets

Even if not daily, there is zero excuse not to clean it out for 2 to 3 weeks. My sister uses this automated cleaning litter box for 2 cats and cleans it out once a week:

u/Josie324 · 1 pointr/cats

PetSafe ScoopFree Original...

This one.

Crystal litter.

u/zephroth · 1 pointr/aww

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic with Disposable Tray, Purple

This one. We have two of em. One is 4 years old not a single problem.

u/puterTDI · 1 pointr/AmazonTopRated

I've used the scoop free for two years:

and it's fricken awesome. We got a plastic insert rather than buying the replacement cartridges. You don't really have to do anything for a month (just stir it once or twice) then you take everything out, dump it in a garbage bag, hose the insert off with the hose, and refill with litter and you're good to go.

It has yet to jam or break (unlike the stupid litter maids...I went through two of them and they were breaking every couple of weeks. Their bins also filled up like every 3 or 4 days).

u/shesmadeline · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Sure, this is the one I use :)

u/digitaldays · 1 pointr/AskNYC

I had the same issue for too long. I recently got one of these "scoop free" litter boxes and put it in a cat bench thing and it's honestly been a dream. 2 cats and I can go 4-5 days without smelling anything.

u/OV1C · 1 pointr/melbourne

I skimmed it and didn't see it the first time around but I do now and I've since read Amazon reviews and can fix those issues through some DIYing. Cheers!

u/Ezl · 1 pointr/pics

Scoop Free Self Cleaning - life changing.

u/zimirken · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

I have this one:

It is a dream come true. You line the little bin with a plastic bag, and every week or so you empty it and top it up with cat litter. One of the best hundred dollars I've ever spent.

u/leelee1976 · 1 pointr/Wishlist

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with Clumping Cat Litter
This one. I wanted the robot but I dont have that kind of cash.

u/terradi · 1 pointr/cats

Definitely not. If you look up circular automatic litterbox the style will be one of the first hits.

... does Amazon get auto-blocked?

Definitely a circular litterbox like this but I cannot say for certain which brand, honestly. With almost a track of clean litter, the idea being to scoop out all the waste and the clean stuff would be left. Worked slowly but steadily over the course of a full day.

u/Feistybritches · 1 pointr/cats

Amazon sells a litter box that self cleans. It's awesome! We had our litter box in our dining room at our last place and never smelled it! You still have to empty a basket at the back, but with 2 cats, I only scoop and change the bags 2x maayyybe 3x per week and there's no stink. We plugged it into a basic aquarium type timer so that it runs twice per day to keep the motor from over working and it's been great for over 3 years!

Here's the link:
PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with Clumping Cat Litter

u/windsong5309 · 1 pointr/RATS

I use one that's similar to this. My rats tended to poop in a corner anyway so I initially put the litterbox there. As for pee they generally just go anywhere and everywhere - hence the fleece.

u/james_archer · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Rabbits are very neat and clean, they tend to poop in one corner of their cage and stay out of it (except when pooping). If you want to keep the cage neat and easier to clean get a [corner litter pan] ( They keep everything contained. Just put it in the corner she normally poops in, be sure to but hay and stuff in there too, they like a little snack while they are pooping

u/Killicillin · 1 pointr/RATS

I bought this one: Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan for Small Pets, Colors May Vary but I might get a smaller one since it takes up soo much space. I take off the entire wired cage part and put the litter box in on the bottom (the metal part) after cleaning then put the wire cage back on top if that makes sense? I just use the top shelf for their food and water since like you said it is too tiny for anything else.

u/sharks_cant_do_that · 1 pointr/Rabbits

I just got this box and zip tied it to the side of the cage. He figured out after a couple of weeks that he couldn't move it any more and just stopped trying.

u/kidneysforsale · 1 pointr/RATS

Well I think you're definitely gonna want a litter box if you want them to not poop everywhere else. They make several different kinds that attach to the cage- I like this one which pretty much costs the same as a regular litterbox. You can also try using zipties as suggested, but you are definitely going to need a box of some kind. Any kind. That is why they are pooping everywhere.

Also why can't you just vacuum the rat poops daily? I mean you should be doing daily spot cleaning and poop removal anyway.

u/OopsIArted · 1 pointr/aww

Someone else commented about getting the biggest litter box you can find. Can confirm. My Maine Coon is a monster. Order this one.

enormous poop pan

u/rolante · 1 pointr/cats

The advertising says this one is Giant. I have one and it's not a lie. That indentation on the side is so you can hold it against you like a laundry basket, the thing is 3 feet wide. One of my cats has short stubby legs but given the choice of a "normal" sized box, a slightly bigger covered box, and this giant box... the giant box is her favorite by far even though she has to climb into it by stepping on the edge.

u/integralspants · 1 pointr/Pets

I use this for my two cats. It can fit an entire 40lb of cat litter with room to spare. My cats love it. If I had more room, I'd have two.

u/crglrsn · 1 pointr/funny
u/ZubinJohnson · 1 pointr/cats

Scoopfree uses Crystal litter trays which are disposable (3 trays are 45 bucks). As an alternative, you can get a permanent tray and use Fresh Step or other cheaper crystal brand.

It is a tradeoff between convenience and cost.

Regarding Cat Genie, you can check the following video that covers the setup and overview:

Finally, Omega Paws is a "mechanical" self-cleaning litter box. You need to manually roll-it to collect the feces in one place. It is not smart or automatic, but it costs under 50 bucks.

u/zachm · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

You want this:

Same idea, doesn't need disposable liners. I have one and it works great.

u/Kogasha · 1 pointr/Mommit

Just a heads up, I have this for my cats: Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

u/grundelstiltskin · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

I researched all the automated cleaning litter boxes but never bit the bullet. They all had complaints about them breaking down. I ended up spending a fraction of what they typically cost on one I roll myself like this and I have no regrets.

I might get the litter robot one day if I can justify it because it's the only one with decidedly great reviews (and a ridiculous $450 price tag).

u/mostoriginalusername · 1 pointr/funny

We have this and our kitties love it!

u/Aenerb · 1 pointr/DIY

I remember that article. It was something like this. That's what got me wanting to do this in the first place so many years ago. I'm just now getting around to it. :)

u/Xub543 · 1 pointr/Pets

I don't have experience with building or buying cabinet to hide litter box, though you may do some googling around with diy searches for your specific box.

I do have experience with two other options of concealing litter boxes which I thought I would share based on past experience with old apartment, and recent experience with new apartment. They may be helpful if you don't mind switching.

Top entry box hidden in a hallway closet:

This one minimized litter being kicked out. This option was great solution in old apartment which I had extra space to keep the box in a spare hallway closet. It can also be kept in a utility closet with a door cracked open as it takes up minimal space. I threw in motion sense lights in the closet so my cat could see to more easily navigate getting around.

The option I use now in my living room is a covered litter box which looks like a plant: and I bought a tub to go inside of it so I could easily dispose of used litter:

I didn't want a cabinet because to make it look acceptable in the room, it'd need to be a side table and honestly I didn't want to smell cat s*** while sitting on the couch. This plant litter box is nice looking and it's easy enough to spray paint it another color. So far, so far with it. My cat hasn't even knocked off the fake plant on top.

It does an ok job of containing the smell. A good litter will help and so will cleaning daily. It does even look good in my living room and you wouldn't pick out that it's a cat litter box. I face the opening towards the wall so you "litter"ally cannot see the litter or entry opening.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. It's no fun having an exposed kitty box out in the human living space so I hope you figure something out!

u/primus202 · 1 pointr/tea

Good luck. We have these litter boxes that have fake plants on top and our plant lover still chews on the plastic leaves for no reason while waiting for breakfast. I guess it's a pretty deep instinctual thing!

u/The_Sven · 1 pointr/cats

Unfortunately the cheapest litter robot is $349. I think I'm going to go with the ScoopFree.

u/-Rick_Sanchez_ · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Buy your "neighbor" a fully enclosed litter box. They are a little pricey, BUT they help with the smell so much. I have one in my tiny apt and you can't smell a thing unless you're standing right next to it. I know it sucks having to spend money for someone else, but just think of the benefits. You won't have to creat tension and you're offering a solution. Here's a link if you're interested

u/kaett · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

we got something similar when we moved out of our apartment and bought a house. the crystals do a phenomenal job of trapping the odors and the automatic scoop moves the poop away to a covered section of the tray. one tray will last our 3 cats about a week, and the only downside is that once the crystals become saturated and change color, it'll start to stink fairly fast.

we just came home from vacation and the box went a day or so too long, but it's insanely easy to change so that was the first thing my husband did after we got back.

u/terpin · 1 pointr/videos

We tried this one, it was pretty good and gifted it to a friend when we couldn't use it because of our luddite cats.

The only bad thing about that one is that it uses special litter, I bet there are other ones that you can use regular litter for though! Have you tried putting one of the litter boxes in the spot they're eliminating on? Sometimes my cats want the box moved a foot away and will start pooping/peeing in a new spot and I'll just clean the spot and put the box there, no more going outside the box.

I don't know what your scooping situation is but if you haven't heard about it check out the litter genie! I still scoop every day but I only have to run litter to the trash once a week now, which is great in the winter. It's basically a diaper genie that you scoop poops into, I wish I'd found out about it sooner. Don't buy the refills from Amazon though, buy them at Walmart it's half price and a three pack will last you for months. Some people even hack them to just use regular 13 gallon trashbags but I like the odor protection of their refills.

I just realized I've become a cat box expert, haha. Good god.

u/BoopBoop20 · 1 pointr/cats

Look into getting this litter box system for your little guy.

I hope this doesn’t get flagged and I’m not a product pusher (check my previous posts and comments) but this is an amazing litter box system. We used to find litter EVERYWHERE; our bed, on furniture until I just had enough. This is awesome. It’s a dehydration system that the pee passes straight through to the weewee pad underneath and the poop’s moisture is pulled out by the dehydration pellets so when you take it out it’s just a dry log. Also, there’s no smell, so easy to take care of and really cheap. I’ve turned 3 coworkers onto this system and they will never go back to regular litter.

Also, there’s a $7 manufacturer coupon on their website so it makes it super affordable.

Cute kitten!!

u/fleurette00 · 1 pointr/cats

I have a Breeze cat box. I love that the cat doesn't track litter all over the house. It also keeps the smell down. I rotate the pad 1/2 way through the week and change it at the end of the week.

u/nerdscallmegeek · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Change your cat litter to something that doesnt smell so strong.

also as a multiple cat owner: I have this litterbox and it's fucking awesome. the pellets are hard clay so they have no scent.

u/DarkHydra · 1 pointr/cats

Oh!! well...if you don't mind spending a bit you can get this!!!

Tidy Cat

i use it with 2 cats, it costs more but it's much less of a mess. I use more pellets than normal cause my cats like to really cover everything if they can.

u/ninepoints · 1 pointr/Parenting

This experience sounds very familiar, although our baby girl just turned three last month and she and our cat are like besties now. It's really incredible how much of her abuse the cat tolerates!

In terms of litter, we switched to one of those litter pellet systems and it helps a bunch: Not perfect, as the pellets still get out occasionally, but significantly better than the old type of litter. I hope that helps!

u/BauceSauce321 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

This has been the best litter for me in my one bedroom apartment. We tried regular litter but it always tracked everywhere. I am not sure why this is never more recommended, its been perfect since day 1.

u/thelegendofgabe · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Fwiw I have a dustless cat litter that’s simply ceramic pellets and looks nearly identical:
Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter Box System

Not toxic but not something a pet should eat.

Agree with other posts mighta been in a blanket or chew toy for weight?

u/goatsickle · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

When my fiance said she wanted to try this for our cats I figured it would be disgusting, but it's actually a pretty good system. When I see poop I scoop and flush it down the toilet right away, and with one cat you'd probably only have to change the pad every 4-5 days. I haven't found it to be smelly, but we'll see if a hundred people follow my comment by saying they tried it and thought it was horrible. Regardless, it would completely solve your problem with litter getting all over the place.

u/elzeus · 1 pointr/xboxone
u/etchedchampion · 1 pointr/santashelpers

This is amazing. So is this, and this.

u/CritFailingLife · 1 pointr/Pets

If they and any other pets you have definitely wouldn't eat them (some pets are weirdos and they can cause intestinal blockage), we've actually had mostly decent success with the breeze system and its pellets, which we've also used in a litter box that uses a drawer to collect urine, which you then pour into the toilet, rinse, and put back. I wouldn't use them in a regular box, though, since they aren't absorbent and are designed for urine to pass through to an alternate collection method. The downside is the poop doesn't get buried, so it's more noticeable when they go, which could be a plus if you need motivation to clean the litter box more regularly, I guess. Another option might be to get a cabinet to go around the litter box to reduce the amount that leaves the immediate area of the litter box.

u/cambrewer · 1 pointr/Rabbits

I use the yesterdays news litter in a breeze system litter box. It's the only thing that controls odor for me. All of the urine is soaked up in a puppy pad underneath the box, and then the litter disguises any excess smell whole also allowing urine to fall through the grate so my bun doesn't get yellow feet. I also put hay on top of this. Maybe you just need to try a different litter?? In the meantime, consider giving him so laxatone to allow passage for any foreign materials through his GI tract.

[yesterday's news litter ](Yesterday's News Cat Litter, Non-Clumping, Unscented, 30-Pound Bag, Pack of 1

[breeze litter system ](Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, 1 Kit

[](Laxatone (2.5 oz) by Vetoquinol

u/multithrowaway · 1 pointr/washingtondc

Yeah it seems like your cat knows where to use the bathroom, but thinks both boxes are full. If he pees in the closed box, that would make sense because the smell would build up faster than an open box. In either case, there might be litter that's better at hiding the pee smell for him.

My situation was different, my cat didn't know it was a litter box because it didn't smell like a litter box. It's this one that uses pellets. I had to mix some scented litter in there before she started using it. I highly recommend the box, it hides pee smell very well because the pee sifts to the bottom and soaks into a scented piece of cloth that you change out every week.

u/ariel6753 · 1 pointr/Parenting

I use this and this for my cat and it helps keep the litter pretty contained. I even took the door off the litter box because my cat didn't like it and the litter still isn't bad.

u/hiways · 1 pointr/AnimalsBeingJerks

I bought this cat litter box and it's the best one ever! I wish I had found it years ago! It's built good, not a cheapo.

u/PurePerfection_ · 1 pointr/Pets

I think they mean something like this, with the lid removed obviously:

Roughly how large is the cat now in terms of height/length? Does your vet have an estimate how much more it will grow?

This one has a removable lid and can be used without it: It's pretty big.

My 16 pounder uses this with space to spare. Lid/door removable:

EDIT: On the second one, you can actually remove the plastic door and the gray flap on top to create a semi-covered box that partially open on top, which maybe a good compromise for a cat who needs some extra headroom.

u/SareBoGreen · 1 pointr/catpranks

I just do not understand open air litterboxes, dirty litter and faeces and awful cat pee spray everywhere!!

If you do use a covered litter box, dont get those tiny shit ones from walmart or the booda dome, they WILL shit on the stairs lol. I personally have 2 of these and the smell is nonexistent if you scoop every 2 days like you should. Plus you dont have to take the top off to scoop, theres a panel on top that folds up!!

u/unicorndanceparty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I swear by this one.

You don't necessarily need to get the jumbo one (my cat is just a fattie) but I've lived in 3 different places with 3 different dogs, and none of them have tried to enter this litter box once I added the little door thingy to it.

u/letitburn22 · 1 pointr/cats

I second the closed litter box. I had two of these that come with a clear flap and a carbon filter. I upgraded to a Litter-Robot but kept these just in case because they really are great. This style might be rather big for a bathroom though.

Baking soda absolutely does wonders too. I also have some charcoal bags that I keep close by.

Air purifying plants are great too. Some require low light which makes them perfect for bathrooms. Just make sure they’re non toxic. Here’s a list of safe for pet plants. Just because they’re non toxic doesn’t mean they still can’t get a tummy ache if they eat a lot of the leaves. Just don’t let them munch on them :)

And of course the obvious. Just scooping every day, changing the litter and washing the boxes makes a huge difference!

u/rabidstoat · 1 pointr/cats

Yeah, you need a dome on those boxes. I have a litter mat in front of mine, but old carpet would probably work as well.

Edited to add: I bought this jumbo-sized domed litter box off Amazon a few weeks ago for a new kitten. It has a clear door flap on it but I fold it back to make it more open. The foster mom warned me that she was very messy with litter and this has done the trick. It's also, as I said, jumbo-sied. I've also been using this litter mat which I suppose is okay, I'm neutral on it. It does seem to work.

(I included some Amazon links to give you an idea since you mentioned Amazon, no affiliate links just the smile URL for donating to your charity-of-choice if you've set it up. You can get domed litter boxes cheaper if you click around, I just mentioned the one I got because I've been pretty pleased with it.)

u/therollingtroll · 1 pointr/videos
u/BarkingLeopard · 1 pointr/childfree

So long as your cat is not too big (say, ~12ish lbs or lighter), you want this box. Get the large size, as the litter box's biggest flaw is that it the usable inside area is a little small.

There is a reason that this is the #1 selling litter box on Amazon. Roll it over 180 degrees, roll it back, pull out a drawer, dump the drawer into the trash, replace the drawer, and you're done. No scooping, ever.

u/Theupixf · 1 pointr/breakingmom

To be fair there isn't a screen between her and the waiting room.. her desk is off to one side. She did start out nice about Al being loud, but her expectations of little kids is too high. She did say nice things at first, and then proceeded to get worse about it. She did say "aren't you going to do something?" And huffed whenever Al climbed on top of the chair and I was holding Levi..... I wanted to snap at her, but I refrained because I really like my dentist.

We've been thinking about getting something closer to this ( ) for the litter box because of space... I dunno. She only does this with fresh litter. It could be month old nasty litter and she won't do it... the clear storage box would be cheaper but we have no wear for it to go.

u/zumawizard · 1 pointr/funny

She has this it's not too small. Cats are weird
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

u/luxurysedan3030 · 1 pointr/aww

Since it looks young, you can get pet insurance really cheap (we use Nationwide) and they can help with the cost of shots and all that stuff. Basic coverage is like $17 a month or something.

Also, another person mentioned scooping the litter box every day, and I recommend that as well. Or you can get this awesome litter box in the Amazon link below and all you have to do is roll it over slowly and all the clumps fall into a bin. Roll the thing back over and empty the bin and you're done. No scooping for poop. Oh and don't waste your money on a litter genie. Get a Tidy Cats 35lb litter pail, and when it's empty, just put the poo in there. Congrats, saved you money.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

u/albiet · 1 pointr/Pets
u/Nerobus · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I highly suggest this. Holly shit this thing is a lifesaver. Worth every penny.

As for fur, dogs shed too, but it helps with both species if you brush them daily... get the fur onto a brush rather then all over the house. I use this thing works pretty good, but I'm betting there are other ones on the market that work better.

Hope this helps!

u/runaround66 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I use these because then I don't have to worry about a motor burning out or the motor freaking out the cats.

u/kate_L019 · 1 pointr/petsitting

The box looks like this :

I don't know how to clean something like that lol it looks so complicated with so many nooks and crannies inside to sift the sand. I'll try wiping it down.

The client lives in a condo, so it's a relatively small place. Good idea about the extra pair of footwear. I commute, but I can bring over some flip flops that I can leave outside the door.

u/verdegrrl · 1 pointr/russianblue


We found this litter box to be very useful. Our guy has been an only cat most of his life and he likes it that way. I work from home so could interact with him a lot during the day. A second cat may help if you aren't going to be there a lot of the time. Ours had his rambunctious moments when young (lost count of unrolled toilet paper rolls), but since they are pretty sensitive it seems fairly easy to train them (I'm on my 3rd 'Blue) if you are consistent. Get the sticky paws tape early on so he doesn't pick up furniture shredding habits. I used the same tape on countertops when we went away and he learned to stay off kitchen surfaces quickly. We've never fed him "people" food so he has no interest in sampling stuff he shouldn't be eating anyways. I do regret not leash training him.

u/starbird123 · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

I bought one of these and it broke so fucking quickly. Even when it did work, half the shit missed the tray it self-scooped into and just fell onto the floor. Extremely regrettable purchase.
I have 5 cats and this is the litter box that I personally use. This isn’t an ad or anything (lol) but I really love this box so I tell everyone about it! It’s not completely self-cleaning (its not a robot, you have to roll the box onto its side and the clumps fall into a drawer) but you don’t have to do any scooping either. I recommend them to everyone, I bought 4 myself.

u/TypewriterKey · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I have one of these:

It's really easy to clean once a day. Next to the litter box is a litter genie that I dump it into.

Use clumping litter and every couple 'cleans' toss a bit of baking soda in the litter and mix it up. Keeps it from getting too funky. Remember to completely replace the litter every few weeks as well instead of just adding new stuff to replace the old.

u/RedditorsareReRe · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

>Note that we only accept orders from Canada. If you want to have your order delivered to Yukon,
North-West Territories, Nunavut or Nunavik, please contact us to make delivery arrangements.

I use this which is pretty fuckin' sweet (and way cheaper).

u/Brook5861 · 1 pointr/FortWorth

Exactly right on both points. It seems like overkill, but 1 box/cat is totally worth it to avoid issues.

Get a couple of these. Takes 10 seconds to clean out a day's worth.

u/GahWtf1336 · 1 pointr/AskMen

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

Sorry for no link but this works really well for me. No more scooping!

u/HangInThereBaby · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm planning to adopt my mom's cat as a second addition to my feline family soon, so this would be very helpful.
Good luck, and stay safe!

u/Fantismal · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I got an Omega Paws litter box for my cat. I had my doubts that it would work, but cleaning the litter is now actually my favorite chore and I wish I could do it more than once a day (but she doesn't use it enough).

Cleaning up squished garbage bags, though, can't help you with that. That is yuck.

u/Bladelink · 1 pointr/aww

For anyone looking to make their life way easier with the litter box business, get one of these. It's motherfucking magical. I've barely scooped that thing in the year since I got it.

u/ichigogo · 1 pointr/Pets

Start out with a normal litter box, definitely. That storage box is way too high. If after she adjusts to the normal box, try something like this, which may or may not work out for your cat.

Cats in general like to see around when they're doing their business. They also like to have/need to have an escape route.

Try meeting your kitties needs and she should be much happier :)

Also I'm slightly worried about the two animals sharing a box. "A disease seen in ferrets called Ferret-FIP that is similar to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) The virus that causes this disease is found in many cats and normally only occasionally causes a transient diarrhea. The virus is carried in the cats saliva and feces. The virus does not seem to be as infectious as was first thought and will not survive long outside the host, is killed with disinfection agents."

u/jonathonbarton · 1 pointr/GoRVing

We had the cats out with us on our weekend adventure last month.

They yowled and bitched while we were underway, but were completely used to it by the end of the trip.

We use this litterbox at home.
It works like this...

u/DrunkBotanist · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think this is what we had, actually. Worked pretty well.

u/AmberTheHermit · 1 pointr/Rabbits

I've got a 10lb rabbit bonded to a 4lb, I use something this size, but not this exact box since the one I ordered is no longer in stock.

I line the litter box with generic puppy pee pads, but newspaper works too! If you change it out regularly it leaves minimal cleaning of the actual box itself.

u/latusthegoat · 1 pointr/cats

Pretty late to this thread, but saw you were/are having issues with litter all over the place. This litter box doesn't eliminate the problem, but it really really helps:

I believe it's available at some PetSmart locations too.

u/Trexy · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

We have this.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

u/Krynja · 1 pointr/pics

When looking at the time and the stink of constantly cleaning a litter box, this doesn't seem that bad a price

u/Shaftway · 1 pointr/Python

I feel like you're going to spend at least $150 on printing material (also, will it be urine-tight? Don't want that leaking). Another $40 on sensors and stuff. Another $40 on a raspberry pi and the odds and ends.

A CatGenie is far superior. $270 and you don't have to replace the litter. Just top up the granules once a month. It plumbs in, so no emptying waste bags or anything. I literally haven't had to think about the cats litter for more than 30 seconds in the last year, and that was just to put a new box of cleaner in.

There's also a large hacker community, so you can flash your own programming to it.

u/B0Bi0iB0B · 1 pointr/shittyrobots

What about the Cat Genie? I love the concept and execution and reviews are mixed between 5 and 1 which can indicate good product, dumb users.

u/chooter · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Hey, at least it's not a cat genie.

u/msgsquared · 1 pointr/Portland

Cat genie! An automatic cat toilet.

u/NgBling · 1 pointr/Pets

They’ll be about 9 weeks old when I’m able to take them home in two weeks! They are siblings. I’m thinking of getting a box like this if this helps. They’re currently sharing a litter box with no problems at the foster person’s house.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box, White

u/Seeschildkroete · 1 pointr/AnimalsBeingJerks

My cats use this box: I use walnut litter, so I still have to sweep up a bit around the box every once in a while if they violently jump out of it, but it keeps everything in really well 95% of the time.


I really like Method's spray cleaners for surfaces. A harsher cleaner is not going to sterilize your surfaces unless you're willing to scrub them to death anyway, so just any cleaner that's a decent surfactant is fine. If I want to prep food, I'll spray the counter, leave it for a few minutes, wipe it off, and then go over it with a clean wet towel to get off any residue. 5 minutes, does the job. If I'm having people over, I clean more thoroughly and make sure to keep the cats off of counters and tables. You want people to be comfortable with food you serve them. Only one of them gets on counters, and she's easy enough to keep off of them if I bother to.

u/questionable41 · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

I have this litter box and love it! Occasionally, litter will get on the lid, but it’s great overall. I use Arm and Hammer Slide with no smell issues, whatsoever. I keep the litter box in the closet with the doors open and I use a litter genie to store the dirty litter.

u/PM_PLANTS_TREES_BEES · 1 pointr/catcare

Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

That’s what I have!! Works amazing and it’s cheap.

u/robbiemoe · 0 pointsr/Catloaf
u/mishugashu · 0 pointsr/videos

Is it this?

u/BradlyL · -1 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Here's a link to the product.