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u/TexasDD · 217 pointsr/aww
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Our cat hardly goes for the post. Far prefers the cardboard scratchers. Must be a texture thing. Hasn't scratched the carpet since we switched to cardboard.

Cheap, don't last long, but good to start.

More expensive, but last much, much longer. The cardboard is much tougher

u/salire · 53 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Your questions aren't silly! It's great that you're thinking about how you can make you both comfortable before you dive into a new situation. Always set yourself up for success! :)

> do I buy a litter box/food/scratch-post before I plan to bring a cat home?

That's generally a good idea, yes. Means less stress for both of you as you're scrambling to get everything ready for him. You might ask the shelter what food the cat has been eating, as cats can get an upset tummy when switching brands/types. Not a big deal, but he will have poops that are a bit stinkier/liquidier than normal poops. That should alleviate within the week. You can lessen the tummy troubles by doing a more gradual change, mixing the food he is currently on with the food he will be on more and more, until he is eating what you want him on. But you can honestly just do the change, too, and just deal with the sadpoops for a little while.

I suggest a couple of different scratching posts, if you have the space! Cats like having options, like a horizontal post and a vertical one. Cats also like being high up, so if you can swing a tall post with platforms, he will probably like that.

Get two litter boxes! A lot of people don't realize it, but the rule of thumb for number of litters you should have is NumberOfCats + 1. So, 1 cat + 1 = 2 boxes. Clean them often. Cats are very clean creatures (especially compared to dogs) and are MUCH more likely to have accidents when they feel they do not have a better option than peeing in your bed. That's not their fault. You wouldn't want to step on your own pee/poop either! If you have problems with litter getting kicked out of the box, a litter mat can be helpful.

> Do I need to buy a carrier for the cat?

Yep. You'll eventually need to take him to a vet in all likelihood, and a carrier will make that so much easier, as most cats despise the car. I recommend a hard carrier. The softer ones seem nicer in general, but the hard carriers are easier to clean out, and you never know how a cat will be in the car until... well. They're in it. One of our cats poops and pees every. single. time. So he always gets the hard carrier.

> Should I contact a vet before I get the cat?

The shelter might require you to have a vet already, so I'd probably at least pick one out from google search. They might require you to go get a checkup, but probably not. That's more of a rescue thing, I think. Most shelters have their own in-house vet, so it's not really necessary. Don't be afraid to contact the shelter if he seems to be coughing and wheezing. Upper respiratory infections are very common in shelter environments due to the crowded nature of them, but they are also very treatable, and the shelter will be able to give you medication for him.

> How do I train a cat?

Someone mentioned Jackson Galaxy, who I generally agree is pretty good for training if you have some problems. But most of the time, cats are pretty out-of-the-box ready pets. That is to say, if you have an environment that is good for cats (where you let them have some space, where you don't make a huge amount of loud noise, where they aren't prodded and poked at constantly), they generally don't need training. We've fostered tiny kittens that automatically knew how to use the litter box. We also have boy cats who were not fixed until well into adulthood and have never had problems spraying.
It's instinct to go in the box, especially once they're fixed and don't need to mark territory really.

> For those of you who own a cat/cats, any advice for this first-timer?

Give both of you time to get to know each other. Don't force it. He will come to you, given time and space, and you'll be able to cultivate a better relationship built on trust and mutual respect if he knows that you won't force him to do things that he doesn't want to do (especially at first--think about it like building a friendship with a person; you would trust your friends to do things that you would never trust a stranger to do, and it's the same for him).

Cooing and gentle words are generally pretty good for coaxing, as is letting him smell your hand/something that smells like you before you approach for pets. Think about it like introducing yourself. You wouldn't go up to someone you didn't know well and just touch them without at least saying hi.

Every cat I have ever known, male or female, fixed or not, will pee in a pile of anything if it is left long enough. They see it as 'trash,' and I think it just registers as litter. So, if you are the type to leave clothes on the floor... I would try to stop that.

Keep nails trimmed. Scratching posts are for sharpening nails, which is an instinct that they have to fulfill, and you're giving them an outlet for. Some people think it's for 'filing' the nails down, but it's not. It's for keeping them sharp enough to get prey. You'll have to trim them.

And this is just my own personal opinion, but... young--but not kitten--boy cats are best for first timers. I have one girl, and I absolutely adore her, but she is very high maintenance/prissy/touchy, whereas my three boys are all pretty chill. Each cat is different though, so obviously your mileage may vary! It's just something I've noticed in general in my time of owning and fostering cats, that boys are more laid back/forgiving than girls (and thus I think a little easier for a first timer). Young adults are also great for first timers because you have less accidents (though that's generally not a big concern anyway) and they're more able to be on their own for longer periods of time. Older adults/seniors are great too if you want a really, really chill, more stand-offish cat, or if you want a cat that you'll have for <10 years, but if you want a little more energy and time, a cat that's about 1-2 years old is a GREAT way to go.

Some toys that are great for cats include the classic laser pointer, the feather toy, catnip toys, and crinkle balls.

Cats prefer to drink away from where they eat, so place his food bowl and his water bowl apart from one another! Some cats also prefer running water to still water, so if you notice your cat likes drinking out of the faucet (or if you just want to spoil your cat like I spoil mine...) you can get a water fountain for him!

Finally, if it's not working out for some reason, like your personalities just don't mesh well... take him back. I know it sounds hard, but it's best for him if he is in an environment where he is understood and his needs are met. There's no sense in forcing both of you to be miserable. Some shelters let you do a foster-to-adopt sort of thing, where you sort of try each other out for a bit. I like this option, because you hope for the best, but it feels a little bit easier to tap out if you need to. Either way, there's no shame in tapping out. Sometimes things just don't work the way you thought they would.

Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to be as thorough as I could. My parents recently got their first cat, and it's been... an ordeal for them, getting used to it.
It's great that you have some experience with cats though, so I think you'll be fine! Seriously, cats are sort of the next level up from a goldfish as far as easiness. Should be fine.

I hope you and your new furbaby are super, super happy together! :)

u/wisker_biscuit · 23 pointsr/instant_regret

I put the sticky tape things on the edges of my new couch and my cat's have not touched it once.These They are clear so you really cannot seem them.

u/CarRamrod1229 · 19 pointsr/news

My cat had to see a veterinary behaviorist and one thing she suggested for our house was taller scratching posts. If you watch a cat scratch, they usually stretch up to do it, and most scratching posts aren't the right height.

There are instructions online to DIY it, or Amazon has some, like this one!

These are also a cheap and easy way to protect your furniture, I have one couch that my cats were hell-bent on destroying and these totally saved it

u/WompaStompa_ · 14 pointsr/cats

My cats have never once chosen a bed over a box. But I bought them a scratch lounge and it's their favorite thing ever.

u/Sniperman · 14 pointsr/aww
u/starsinmymind1 · 14 pointsr/Pets

She wants in to sleep with you. You can put a door mat, i use this one. Solved my problem

CarPET Scratch Stopper 30 - Stop Cats From Scratching Carpet at Doorway

u/DinkaAnimalLover · 14 pointsr/Rabbits

Hahah what a darling and your question made me laugh, but I have just the thing for you. :)

For flooring I highly suggest this indoor/outdoor rug - it is easy to clean, inexpensive, and due to a tight weave hard to chew. A lot of bunny parents on here use it and love it. :)

  1. If he loves to dig though don't deny him, provide a good alternative instead on top of the rug below in one spot - these seagrass mats - they are safe and awesome.
  2. Giving toys and things that are actually meant for digging and chewing will prevent the carpet digging (as in more targeted toys) - try to provide a box full for shredded paper to dig like this in or a cat scratcher like this one or something like this.
u/gutterboy · 13 pointsr/audiophile

I have that same cat bed. The rest of your equipment is better than mine, but on cat beds we are equals.

u/ArsenicGerbil · 11 pointsr/Pets

ask the roommate about opening the window for the cat during the day. Alternately, you could buy the cat something like this

u/imdethisforyou · 11 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

This is the one I use that looks the same. Cat loves it and lasts about a year.
[PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher] (

u/Homomojojojo · 11 pointsr/chicago

Yep. Get some soft claws. Declawing cats is inhumane. Would you like the tips of your fingers cut off so you didn't scratch anything?

Some vets in Chicago will even put them on the cat for you.

It's just like having a nippy dog. Do you want the dog to nip your child? Of course not, but you wouldn't pull it's teeth out to prevent an accident. You'd train it to either not do it, or do it appropriately... As Vultras said, get scratching posts... or soft paws at least.

My brother was bitten by our dog when we were younger, because he also wasn't trained to not mistreat the dog. He pulled on the dogs ears a bit too much and the dog nipped him. Unfortunate, but he was okay, and it never happened again.

My cat seriously loves this thing, both for sleeping and scratching:

If your cat is scratching "anything and everything" it hasn't been trained well. Pets are a responsibility, and it's your responsibility to train them to correct behavior.

Don't cut off your cats fingers to fix a problem that was caused by you.

u/djs758 · 10 pointsr/funny

These have saved my furniture....I go through a few per year.


u/boswellsboswell · 9 pointsr/blogsnark

I find it very difficult to locate non-hideous cat paraphernalia, so I was delighted to get a somewhat mod-looking cat scratcher to entice our cats away from destroying our couch. I have this one in white

I set up their new scratcher, which they are now using as a couch. They refuse to scratch it. Instead they continue to use our new couch for all their scratching needs. Cats!

u/littlewootiewoo · 8 pointsr/BabyBumps

Okay, first of all, if you genuinely think she'll make you more miserable and stressed when baby arrives, you won't be a horrible person if you can find someone else to take her. Any pet is a lot of work... and an infant is even more.

That said, I want to offer my 2 cents because I feel really bad for you and I've worked with a lot of problem cats (both mine and others')!

I'd say priority one is discouraging the sleep attacks. Try keeping a can of compressed air by the bedside and spraying it when she attacks you. It's pretty effective with our cats as an immediate "no way" reaction for very bad behaviors.

You can also adopt some cat body language if you're not afraid of looking silly. Just like dogs, cats have communication behaviors that you can take advantage of with a little patience. Jackson Galaxy (the cat whisperer) has a ton of resources on this if you're interested; my husband and I have used a lot of his techniques with positive results! There are several, but one example is the "slow blink." Next time she's just staring at you, stare back and then slowly blink your eyes. This is a way of communicating you're not a threat and it tends to calm really wild/anxious felines.

It definitely sounds like she has some pent up energy, too. She's still pretty young and kittens can be pretty wild (all of my cats have mellowed out considerably as they've gotten older). Different cats like different toys, but some that I've noticed have been favorites of all have been those little fuzzy mice that come in multipacks, feather teasers, and this turbo scratcher cat toy. The last one is nice because they can play with it without any help from humans.

Finally, if there's ever a time and place where she's sweet (even if those moments are few and far between), keep a few treats handy around the house and try to just reward her occasionally when she's chill, nicely sitting in your lap, etc. Just like dogs (and people!), it's often more effective to train them by positively rewarding good behavior than just punishing bad behavior.

Sorry for writing a book! I really hope you can work things out with your psycho little fluffball.

u/dmcindc · 8 pointsr/AskVet

He was in the shelter in a cage or a small enclosure, yes? And now he is in a BIG NEW WORLD and it is most likely scary and stressful to him, and he feels no sense of his own space and territory. Try moving him to a bathroom for a week or two. Put in a litter box and a small bed and some toys (interactive ones if you can, like the ball track). Try a bed that is enclosed, like a cube bed or similar. Then when you bring food and water in to him, or when you use the bathroom, spend some time talking to him and petting him. It seems weird and all, but cats usually have to acclimate to new spaces, and starting out small is best. Even a small bedroom might be too big for some cats. You'll know when the cat is ready to leave the bathroom, as he will start to be curious when you open the door and try to see what else is out there and try to get out. When that happens, leave all his things in the bathroom and just leave the door open for him to explore as he feels he can. He will go out for a bit and explore, probably mostly when you are asleep, and eventually he will start making the outside rooms his new home and feel safe.

u/postc88 · 7 pointsr/SiberianCats

Congratulations! Our siberian is about 1.5 years old now and has been an incredible cat and great experience for us. Here's a couple points from my perspective and experience:

  1. Establish a consistent feeding schedule and plan for how you'll approach food with your kitten. Your breeder should be able to help with this - understand what food to start them on initially, how frequently and when to give them food, and then in the next 6-9 months where you're trying to take them food wise (off kitten food, to what kind of feeding plan). Changes in diet can impact their stomachs and behavior so it's good to have a plan here.

  2. Change their litter box daily. Having this clean will help ensure the kitten uses it. I've never had any issues with our kitten on this which is a great breed trait.

  3. Get a good combing comb for grooming. You'll want one that is specific for dematting, they tend to get matts in their fur due to their long coats. Something like this one: You'll also likely want to find a local cat groomer as their matting may require an occasional grooming and this will avoid any issues with their litter box and long fur as well. We have ours groomed on a 3x per year cadence and have found a groomer that will come to our house which is nice.

  4. Early on, if you're bringing just one kitten home, give them a ton of attention. Siberians are very social and will look to be around you all the time and to ensure the kitten develops to be social and friendly i'd recommend adhering to this. Between my wife and i and our 2 roommates, for the first 3 months or so we tried to have someone with the kitten at all times more or less. Get some good toys - a mix of bird like toys (with feathers on a string) and balls they can chase are likely best. They all love this thing too:

  5. After 1-2 weeks at home, gradually begin to increase their interaction with
    strangers and introduce them to people. This worked well with our kitten to make him very social and unafraid of visitors at our home.

    Those are my thoughts! Feel free to post any specific questions as they arise.
u/littlestray · 7 pointsr/Pets

Lil Bub doesn't have teeth either! So she has a celebrity to look up to.

In every case I've experienced of transitioning a cat to indoor-only life after being allowed outdoors, there were verbal protests. They did subside. Cats don't naturally vocalize to communicate with one another after the mother-kitten rearing period (they rely more heavily on scent and body language) and tend to become vocal because humans react to it. Failing to react can discourage meowing, but that's not always true when the cat is really trying to say something and isn't getting what they want, so you'll probably have to suffer it out until she adjusts and the indoor atmosphere becomes habit/normal. I definitely sympathize with how taxing it can be when you're trying to sleep.

You might find some success with something like a Turbo scratcher for play, and if she doesn't find it engaging at least it can double as a bed and scratching board. My family's older female cats love those things, even the generally non-playful ones.

Also, when do we get adorable pictures?

u/llamacolypse · 7 pointsr/AskWomen

Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife which I got for my husband, we needed a better kitchen knife and this one was rated pretty well by america's test kitchen

Chooka rain boots I have thick calves and these rain boots are fantastic, they're a bit wide too so I can wear wooly socks with them.

My Asus laptop

This cat lounger my cats love, especially my chunky one

And my air purifier

u/peaf-the-gamecube · 7 pointsr/Pets

Buy this shit! Worked for my cat CarPET Scratch Stopper

u/MordacthePreventer · 7 pointsr/aww

Fyi, the link is dead. Reddit hug.

Here's one on Amazon

u/jsmith2447 · 6 pointsr/SiberianCats

The Molly and Friends tree looks nice but if you're going to spend $350 on a cat tree you could also check out Contempocat:
We splurged on our floor to ceiling cat tree for the same reasons Odow mentioned: Our Siberians are rowdy and play rough on it, plus they're around 10 lbs already and they're only 9 months old. If you chose this breed for the hypoallergenic factor then you can get the planks without the carpet material which is nice, and it's all handmade from actual wood so it will last a long time.

For a scratching post we picked up this one:
They both love it and seem to favor it over the vertical one we bought.

I second the window hammock! We got a similar one:
The girls will often jump from the top of their tree (ceiling height) 4 feet down onto the window hammock and so far it has held up, even with both lounging in it at the same time.

Another thing to check out is an exercise wheel. We don't let our girls outside so they tend to have a lot of pent up energy. We picked up this cat wheel for around $450:
It was really easy to train and it gets used daily, plus they sleep much better once they've had a run!

Another great "hunting" toy is this fishing pole type retractable wand:
They go straight up COOKYDOOKS for this thing! I also picked up a pack of feathers so they could have some variety as well as the inevitable destruction of them:

The FURminator works well for one of my girls but not so great for the other one. I found a comb called the Greyhound comb:
There are lots of "Greyhound Style" combs out there so it's up to you if you want a knockoff. That website also has some nice grooming products. I just picked up the Essentials Travel Kit to try and I gotta say, they looked quite glamorous!

I hope all of those links work, I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to commenting on Reddit cause I mostly just lurk. Congrats on your new floof, they are SO affectionate and fun!!

u/limonhead · 6 pointsr/Pets

If your cat is into vertical scratching then I recommend the Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post. I bought one 3 years ago when I adopted my cat and it still looks good. Yes, it is pricy but I looked at it as an investment. It's the only cat scratching post that I've bought in 3 years except for a toy, the Bergan Turbo Toy, that came with a cardboard scratch pad. The cardboard insert was long ago destroyed but I haven't bothered replacing it because my cat prefers the Smartcat post anyway. The post looks good and is really sturdy. My cat has only managed to tip it over once when she went crazy and performed a wall (post) jump off of it.

u/EntropicTempest · 6 pointsr/needadvice

Please don't declaw your cat. If you decide that you cannot have a cat unless it's declawed, then don't get a cat. Even if you plan to keep it indoors, you're pretty much cutting off part of their finger. I have two adult cats in a 750 square foot apartment. Just get a cat tower and a scratching post like this, and your cat won't scratch up your furniture as long as you train them what's OK to scratch and whats not. Don't. Declaw.

Cats are pretty low maintenance and inexpensive. I would recommend avoiding clay based litters, as those tend to kick up a lot of dust when pouring and when the cat is scratching around in it, and it's bad to breathe in for both you and the cat. Food can be pricey if you want to get what's best, but it's still pretty cheap when compared to a dog. I spend $30 on a big bag of blue diamond that lasts for about 6 weeks for two adult cats. I get a pellet based litter that also uses a pad for urine and it costs about another $20 every 6 weeks.

So other than the upfront costs of getting the cat its shots and buying those toys/scratch posts, cats are pretty cheap.

As for gender, it does not matter so much. Cats each have their own personality and it really just depends. Males sometimes have issues with spraying, but if you get them fixed early on it's almost always not a problem. I would do some research on different cat breeds, as they each have their own traits that tend to run through the breed that affect their personality.

u/buffalolsx · 6 pointsr/malelivingspace

It's a cat lounge.

u/genomecop · 6 pointsr/bengalcats

Buy a cat wheel, it's a must with a Bengal, lots of scratching things, a running water source, lots of toys.

My Bengals love this scratching bed.

u/itsronnielanelove · 6 pointsr/Pets

I thought this post did a fairly good job talking about costs.

A couple of notes: Please, for your sanity and the health of the kitten, spay her when appropriate. Unlike dogs, cats go into heat monthly until they become pregnant. During their heat they are loud, needy, and trying to escape to find a mate. Especially at night. Cats have a lot more health problems when they aren't spayed like Pyometra. I've read dogs need to wait until after their first heat, but this is untrue for cats. Most vets try to do it before the cat's first heat.

Also, please don't declaw your kitty. If you can start her early trimming their nails isn't hard and you can ask the vet to show you how. If her scratching is bad you can use soft claws which make it impossible for them to destroy things. We get a completely flat scratch box thing from walmart for like $10 that we can flip and it's pretty much the only thing she scratches.

Other things: All window blind strings are now toys. We tie ours up/ hide them behind the blinds so that our little lady can't mess with them.

Cats love to be higher up than you. I'm in a super small space so this cat tree is perfect for us. She can survey her kingdom without it taking up valuable floor space.

She ignores her bed at this point. Oh well.

Keep any of your supplies that are small enough to eat or toxic out of reach. Strings can be very dangerous for kitties too if ingested.

Good luck :)

u/sonenmaiss · 6 pointsr/CatAdvice

You can buy one of those things: . In any shape you like.

Some cats also need to be trained. If you see the cat is near the furniture and wants to scratch, take the cat ant put her paws on the scratching post. She will get used very quick. I recommend to change the toy once a year or sooner (depending of what type do you buy), because it will be deteriorating.

Edit: ate some letters

u/PrettyPunctuality · 5 pointsr/cats

All of the cats I've ever had were like this, including the 3 we have now. I buy them so many toys, especially when I feel bad for buying the dog a new toy and not them (even though they won't play with it). They prefer playing with bottle caps, pens, the milk rings off of milk jugs, balls of aluminum foil (but not the premade crinkly balls you can buy), basically all of the non-toy things they can get their paws on. I can't even leave nail polish bottles on a table because they'll jump up, knock them off the table, and start batting them around on the floor.

The only actual cat toy they'll use are those round scratching pads that you put on the floor that have the ball that goes around the outside, or regular scratching posts.

u/randomuser43 · 5 pointsr/Unexpected
u/animaladvocate · 5 pointsr/Pets

2 months old? And you are wondering how to "tame" him?! I rescue cats, mostly kittens and there is only one way to "tame" a rambunctious kitten-PLAY WITH HIM! Wear him out. He is a little body with all of this energy that he needs to get out...he is doing what every kitten does if someone doesn't play with them...he knocks over plants, he tears stuff up, he is a terror. Find some toys that are interactive for when you are not there but play with him twice a day for 15-20 minutes or more. I recommend a laser pointer for playtime with him. That wears a kitten out more than anything.

Use a spray bottle, squirt him when he does something you don't want him to do-BE CONSISTENT and don't let him see it come from you. You want him to think...gee, everytime I step on this table, water comes from somewhere and I don't like it. If he knows it comes from you, when you aren't there he will do it.

Here are some toys I like to use for these little guys.
Only use this one under your supervision since he's so small...I have had a kitten get their head stuck and it took a vet to get her out after putting her under anesthetic and using a saw to cut her out.

Also, do you realize that he will be this way for a few more months? Don't play with him using your hands (he will think they are toys and might bite you) and get him a scratching post. He is at the point, if he is two months old, that he can be neutered as well.

Good luck

u/anthrogeek · 4 pointsr/ragdolls

This toy? My little guy looooves it. Best toy ever. I got the ball that lights up for it (mostly so I can see it in the dark). I now gift them to all of my friends with new kittens because they are amazing.

My guy loves catnip mice and leaves them everywhere; like the bathtub, my bed ala godfather style under the covers, in purses and shoes mine and visitors.

u/juicejohnson · 4 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction].

My cat loves it and doesn’t scratch anything else

u/googlefeelinglucky · 4 pointsr/Catswithjobs

They have them on Amazon for anyone interested.

I have to say, I wish the base was plastic instead on cardboard. One of my cats likes shredding cardboard so that thing would be toast within a week or two in my house :(

u/MacTaker · 4 pointsr/cats

But we spent a lot on toys for him! Cool toys and all, like this turntable but he likes to steal, I need to face it, he just has the eeeeevils...

u/sillybelcher · 4 pointsr/youseeingthisshit

Cats aren't difficult at all - that "aloof" personality many attribute to them is simply that they are not needy or always looking to be micromanaged. All you really need to do is: keep the litter box clean, keep a full bowl of fresh water, keep scratching toys around (I have both scratching posts, and these rectangular "pads" made of thick cardboard that they climb on and scratch on, throw around a few toys (and get some they can use to keep themselves entertained when no humans are around), and if possible, give them window(s) to watch the birds/squirrels, etc. They're extremely low-maintenance. For mine, even getting them as kittens, they didn't need to be trained to use the litter box since they instinctively feel the urge to dig and squat, then bury. It was literally as simple as bringing them home, making sure they know where the litter box is, then playing with them/giving them attention and snuggles and that's it. Use a squirt bottle to deter unwanted behavior (keeping them off the kitchen counters, etc.). They pretty much take care of themselves.

u/Sylvene · 3 pointsr/Pets

Try a tower with sisal rope instead of carpet. I generally don't recommend carpet as that often makes them think clawing the carpet is okay - same material.

As for furniture, get double-sided sticky tape and put it on the furniture. Works a treat on fabric furniture.

Keep his claws clipped regularly and if he likes flat upright surfaces like walls, get one of those flat planks that are covered in sisal. :)

u/aquanautic · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

My kitty loves this thing. I got her the "starchaser" one, which basically means that the ball lights up when it's moving.

She's suuuuuper playful for a 7 year old cat. She's got her claws and previously had a regular cardboard scratcher that she loved. This thing takes the cake, though. She plays with it at night when I'm sleeping (and leaves me be!) and I can play with her with it too, by cover it with things (tissue paper is a favorite) or spinning the ball. She tears up the cardboard and loves the ball. It's like kitty crack.

Luna with her toy after about 2 months of play.

u/higgs-boson · 3 pointsr/aww

It's called a Turbo Scratcher! Amazon link (no referral code):

u/WeFosterKittens · 3 pointsr/TheCatTrapIsWorking

Good catch!

Just wanna add: it's a great trap AND a great toy! We've fostered hundreds of kittens through the years and that toy Bergen Turbo Track with Scratcher has consistently been the most popular toy in the house and it cannot be broken. It's solid and well made and the kittens go crazy for it. Only about $10-12 and you can buy replacement scratcher pads too. Pro tip: buy an extra couple of twinkly ballsat the same time. They light up and twinkle when in motion so pop one into the track and now it went from a good toy to a great toy. They're cheap (<$3) but are only sold as "add on" items.

u/MattieShoes · 3 pointsr/holdmycatnip

That (or variants) is the best cat toy I've found.

u/theRacistEuphemism · 3 pointsr/Pets

I second a more elaborate tower or tree!

I replied to a post similar to this so I'm just gonna yank that answer because these products might be handy for you to consider too, especially if you don't have the time, space, or funds to get a second cat (it's also not a guarantee they'll get along):

What about toys you can hang off door knobs or the tops of doors that mimic you on the other end?

Then there are some good play toys that can be enjoyed solo or with you. Our cats love these Sproket straws because they're woven and bouncy, so the weave can catch in their claws as they bat at it, which lets them toss it around in the air and chase after it on their own, which is like a step up from normal straws (which can also be a good time):

Tracks like these can be a lot of fun for cats even on their own:

If weight/diet isn't an issue and he is food motivated, you can get a treat ball:

We got the purple Kong one with one hole from Petsmart for $6. I "reinforced" mine with tape so it takes longer and more rolling to get the kibble out, but a palm full (0.5 oz) of kibble keeps my younger cat busy for half an hour, and then she stops and goes back to it occasionally throughout the night for short bursts. Definitely keeps her busy.

Our cats really like hanging out and chasing toys in and out of this too:

u/lazespud2 · 3 pointsr/depression

You're not a bad pet owner; as the former director of the world's largest cat-only adoption organization and sanctury, I hereby absolve you of your concerns about being a bad pet guardian.

If you need some alone time and he's driving you nuts temporarily, puting him in his own little playroom (your bathrooom) is totally appropriate; especially if you leave a few fun things in there for him to play with.

Toys like this:

and this:

are great options to keep him entertained.

As they get older, cats tend to spend the vast majority of their time sleeping; he'll get there. Enjoy him as much as you can; and when you need a break, let him have a few hours recess in his playroom.

It's all good...

u/contradictionchild · 3 pointsr/sexover30

Oh man...! Interactive toys? Until she got older and lazy, my cat loved her [scratcher ] ( And those little plastic [jingle balls] ( She likes those hartz ones, I guess because they are easier for her to pick up and carry. We used to find them in bed with us all the time!

Anyway, those two things really helped us get through those kitten crazies. Now we just have to deal with her stealing our pillows and kicking us in the head while we try to sleep!

u/slkwont · 3 pointsr/aww

I've had many cats over the years. Before I knew better I would get them declawed, but haven't done that in well over 15 years. Once you know better, you do better.

We have three clawed kitties and we had trouble getting them to scratch at cat scratchers until we got this one. It even comes with catnip that you can sprinkle in and the cardboard insert is replaceable. Plus the cats love the toy.

u/PutYourDickInTheBox · 3 pointsr/Thisismylifemeow

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors may vary

I bought one for my cat. She did not play with it. But she prefers to play with leaves and dryer sheets. She liked the box it came in though

u/LoverlyRails · 3 pointsr/Pets

First of all, let me say that you're doing a good thing. So many people abandon pets when they just don't fit into their ideal lifestyle anymore. It's easy to get jaded when you constantly see that. (So ignore downvotes- What's important is that you recognize the issue and are working to resolve it.) You're clarification does help.

Trying a different type of scratching post may work. For example, my current cat adores one made by Kong that has little rubber bristles like this, but he doesn't care for any other scratcher.

Another thought would be a cardboard ball chaser like this. Every cat (other than my current one) always loved to scratch these... plus, ball to chase. And, quite frankly, I've found babies/toddlers to be fascinated by the balls, too.

Plus, as you know, once they find a place they like to scratch- it can be very hard to break that habit. You can also try putting a sheet of tinfoil over the couch (where she likes to sharpen her claws) when you can't be there to monitor it.

The cat quiet space is a great idea! I'm sure she'll appreciate places that she can go to be alone with her kitty thoughts. (I've even used an upper cabinet above the refrigerator to give my cat a break from the children. He could reach it and survey the land, but the kids' couldn't touch him.) High spots are always good. Cats feel safe there and can see (and enjoy being with the family) without having to endure unwanted attention.

u/lazer_potato · 3 pointsr/catproblems

The first thing to resolve is playtime. It's possible she just loves plastic, but the fact that she doesn't want to play with you at all suggests either a picky cat, or one that doesn't yet trust you. You're the food provider, but playtime is also quality bonding time for a cat. She's already fully grown, so maybe it's a learned thing, but it's something that you should be able to correct to some extent.

There are some motion cat toys that you could try using to get her playing more on her own.

like this



or this

It's also possible that you aren't playing with her the way she wants to be played with, cats can be very fickle about this. My own cat is very picky about how my SO and I play with her, and she picks one of us based on how she wants to play. She'll pick me when she wants to chase a stick toy, and my SO when she wants to wrestle, that kind of thing.

Have you tried using the straws to play with her? Maybe try hiding a straw under a blanket where she can see it move from wiggling it. You could also try new tactics with the stick toys like this, hide them under things and move them. My cat only likes the stick toys if I alternate between moving them very slowly while in her line of sight, slowly moving out of her line of sight, and then moving it quickly to get her to chase it when she tries to pounce it.

I'd also suggest looking up different playtime techniques for cats online, like on YouTube or what have you, especially related to more wild/feral cats, as they also don't really like playing with humans. I'm not saying she's wild of course, but because she's more standoffish from you it may be along the same lines.

If you can get her to play with you consistently, then you can very easily tire her out and get her on the schedule YOU want her on. The idea is that cats hunt/play and then eat the reward of the hunt, and then sleep.

My own cat used to be very similar with waking us up very early for food, usually by making lots of noise and biting if that didn't work. Once we were able to get her on the hunt/eat/sleep schedule with her timed meals, we basically stopped the bad morning behavior entirely.

Sorry for the long post, hope this helps!

u/ksjayhawk · 3 pointsr/videos
u/WhoDatJoebear · 3 pointsr/aww

Sadly, it looks like the tank's been discontinued (as far as I can tell), but I found several more options here.

u/earlsmouton · 3 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

Well you are in luck!

u/Ostrichcakes · 3 pointsr/aww
u/mostoriginalusername · 3 pointsr/NonZeroDay

Dude, THIS

100% this. This is the absolute most loved thing by every cat that we've had in our house, and my mom had to get one for her kitties too.

u/mvaughn81 · 3 pointsr/funny
u/peoplebuttspongecake · 3 pointsr/Pets

There's also this stuff called sticky paws tape. You can put it on your furniture as a deterrent, and it doesn't harm the furniture.

u/Pasteque · 3 pointsr/Pets

It is normal for cats to be active in the early morning since their vision is best in low light. You can try to get her to sleep longer by wearing her out at night with an interactive play session right before bed. If my kitty is being particularly annoying the morning, I'll get out my cell phone and put a bird video on it for him to watch. That will calm him for at least 10 minutes, haha.

For the scratching, I would place double sided tape (like this: on the couch and put the thing you want her to scratch on right next to the arm of the couch. She won't like the feeling on the tape on her paws and with the post right there, you can quickly redirect her to scratching on the desired object.

u/MrsSmartyPants · 3 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I’ve been watching a lot of “my cat from hell” on YouTube for tips - so? Anyway, I bought him these exact 3 things 🙂 he really REALLY likes the scratcher lounge so that’s why I bought the 2nd cheaper one to place on the other side of the room.

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower,...

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge...

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip...

u/ecofriend94 · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Do they still have that bed in their enclosure?

It can actually be quite dangerous if they ingest that fabric. Ingesting even little bits of fabric is GI stasis and blockage waiting to happen... I would remove that bed immediately and replace it with something else they don't chew


not sure how big the bunnies are, but many people get an IKEA doll bed and line it with a fleece blanket.


Otherwise I would try to get something with a stronger material that they can't chew through and/or put a blanket/towel or something they don't chew over it


Do they have enough/different types of chew toys? Giving them other things to chew will stop them from chewing things they shouldn't..


Advice from user DinkaAnimalLover:

Try these seegrass mats.

Try to get him lots of chew toys and dig toys and really reinforce that playing with them is good. Giving toys and things that are actually meant for digging and chewing will prevent the bad habits (as in more targeted toys) - a cat scratcher like this one or something like this.

For a dig box, try to get a covered box and fill it with dirt for him to dig and see if he might like that and not pee into it.

Also provide plenty of exporting type toys to keep the bun occupied - tunnels, cardboard houses, and treat puzzles will keep the bunny entertained. The two thread below have examples:

If they do have chew toys... try to actively train the bunny overtime not to chew and dig the bed. Anytime you see digging, immediately try to offer a toy or some alternative instead and reward with a small treat when it works. This does need to be done very very diligently each time you see them do things like that... redirect and rewarding does work but takes effort and diligence.

u/JoeyJoeC · 2 pointsr/funny

You really should look at getting cardboard scratches. Our two cats don't scratch any furniture at all since getting a few and putting them around the house.

Edit: These are the ones I bought:

u/iownakeytar · 2 pointsr/DIY

I think Sticky Paws might work, or any large roll of double sided tape. Put it on top of the cupboards.

u/mst3k_42 · 2 pointsr/raleigh

This is another cheap option. You can get it at Walmart or petsmart and such. It gives them a place to scratch and a ball they can paw at.
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors may vary

u/jai151 · 2 pointsr/cats
u/eravyn · 2 pointsr/Pets

There are some automatic toys you could try, like Cat's Meow

That's their TV ad, but it's in a bunch of stores around me, too. Growing up, my cat's favorite toy was just a ball stuck in a plastic ring that he could bat around. It would spin around the ring, so he'd catch it and bat it the other way. It was kind of loud, so we just kept it away from the bedrooms. My cats now just love anything red and fluffy that they can toss around.

If you google interactive cat toys, there's a few things that could work, depending on whether or not you want something that takes batteries. Something he could climb on with different things to bat at might be good for your cat. And don't underestimate their love for boxes and paper bags (no handles!).

u/ediblesprysky · 2 pointsr/aww

Ooh, my cat is obsessed with carpet (because at first when I got her I had a trash rug that I didn't mind her scratching), but she doesn't love scratching posts for some reason. But I got her this scratch pad and she's OBSESSED. I just had to change out the cardboard for like the fifth time because she just DESTROYS it. Which is fine, because she does that instead of the carpet now.


u/imalittlepiggy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

YAY! I love cats, and am commonly described as "a cat lady" if that helps you take my suggestions a little seriously... hehe.

First I recommend figuring out the species of the cat, and look up personality traits of them. Sometimes cats are super attention whorey and some keep to themselves mostly. Just be prepared for whatever yours is, and don't try to force it to be otherwise. Not that you would, of course, but yeah.

My cats loooooooove to play with balls. More so than cat-nip mice and stuff. They like the little tennis balls and basketballs (those are made out of the stress-ball type material) and they like them because they can use their claws to throw it around! Also any wand, but they looove feathers. My cat will eat rubber bands so she's not allowed to play with them. Make sure to keep an eye on what she eats/plays with! Also they love the sit n spin it seriously is their favorite. Our cats also love bags of all types, and boxes of course, but I think they just like small spaces. We usually keep a few of these tent like things around, the ones we get at walmart are less than five dollars and usually last a few months before being destroyed.

Some cats really like to climb or be up high. You just gotta let them. Usually if you have a few spots they can get at, they'll keep away from the no-no zones. Try not to punish the cat for doing cat-things. It's sad when I see friends who I thought were great with animals yell at their cats for just doing their thing. I also recommend getting a specific scratchy thingy for her, whether it's just the cheapo cardboard ones (as low as $3 at walmart) or a fancy pants tree thingy. But usually if they have a designated space they won't scratch much else. If they do instead of spraying them with a waterbottle, pick them up and place them in front of/on their designated scratcher. That's the best way they learn that.

Also cats don't respond well to being punished like dogs do. They don't understand that their actions correlate with what you're upset about. They just think you get scary is all. The best way to "punish" a cat or "train" it to not scratch/swipe/bite is to blow in their face. It's not super threatening but will establish you as Alpha (they do have a "pecking order") and it won't scare them like yelling does. My cat was abused and a little shit to people, but in less than a year she shaped up with the blowing on her face thing. She responds well to it now still, and she's warmed up to people. I recommend you make sure everyone who visits your house knows your rules on how to treat the cats- I've yelled at people before for fucking with my kitties too much, that's how cats get mean!!

Also the cat will probably take some time to get used to you. Don't push it. That's the best way to become besties really fast! Let her come to you, let her decide when she's done being pet or sitting in your lap. It'll build trust between you too. :) And also be careful with picking her up, some cats hate it (my bf's cat haaaates it, when he was a kitten my bf's friends wouldn't let him escape so now he freaks out every time someone grabs him. Definitely should not do that haha).

Also be wary that cats are suuuper allergic to garlic. Therefore people food is extremely dangerous to them. Chocolate doesn't really bother them, but most cats won't eat it. Also lots and lots of cats don't actually like fish or tuna flavors! My kitty only eats chicken flavor treats, but she'll drink the water from a tuna can (not the meat, she's weird) so just be watchful when you start buying her food. They won't eat if they don't like it. Little shits (hehehhehe) Also along that topic, they have super super sensitive tummies and often puke just from eating too fast! So be careful of that too hehe. But treats and nip will make the kitty know you're someone to warm up to really fast, hehe. Even if it doesn't seem like it at first and is shy from you. Also try and get it in the same room as you when you feed it for the first bit, they'll realize you control food then too.

Only other thing I can think of is to "cat-proof" your house. My kitty tears up anything paper, including my ex roommates homework if left out, toilet paper, newspapers, posters, etc. Bf's cat just lays on paper but they both have eaten through plastic bags and attempt to open cupboards and doors, we had to get child locks for our pantry. Consider those things and remember a cat is ornery and mischievous so don't get too mad at it for it's nature. (once again, not that you will, but sometimes people forget!) just blow on it and get it away from the area it's been naughty in if it does get into something. Also if it's a boy and it sprays, ask your vet what you can do to help that. Some cats are hopeless once they start, but some only react when upset/nervous/sad/scared/angry. Also, clean the litterbox as much as possible. even with one cat everyday is best, but every other day or every three days can be enough. cats will poop on the floor only as a last resort, but will as opposed to a messy litterbox. maybe consider even getting two boxes if you have the space! to cut back on smell use extra baking soda in the litter, clean often, and get the tall box covers for the litter boxes. my cats won't poop without them too, they like the privacy as well hehe.

Really cats that young adjust well, and once you build trust they should be pretty great little friends. You should like you're totally set for this, I'm sure you'll be a great kitty mommy!! And holy WOW, Sorry that this is like a hundred years long.... I just really fucking love cats. Also watch "my cat from hell" because it's funny and usually you can learn a thing or two. Also doing any other research on cats/your cat is good. Of course. :) YAY HAPPY NEW KITTY BABY DAY FOR YOU!!!

u/jonilholt32 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Baby Josie is beautiful! I had a Maincoon named Tiki. He lived to be 16! BEST CAT EVAH!!!!

She would love this:

A Mini me for her to snuggle with:

A Kitteh tunnel!!!:




And more toys:

Maincoons LOVE to play and have that kitten play aspect to them for YEARS!!!Mine loved balls, and a good old laser pointer was the best thing ever. He would get running after that red dot, and couldn't stop well on our hardwood floors and would slide in walls....

Oh and a cat bed on top of the Fridge would be great for your girl. Tiki always slept on top of the fridge :)

u/zangelbertbingledack · 2 pointsr/SiberianCats

I've bought a ton of toys for our kitten in the last few months, but these are his absolute favorites: Bergan Turbo Scratcher, a crinkle tube like this one, Cat Dancer, and the Go Cat mouse on a string toy. With the Go Cat mouse toy especially, he definitely lets you know he loves that toy. It's the only one he never ignores and the only one he will pick up in his mouth and carry to his "den" like it's real prey.

We also got him a fluffy mouse puppet that he loves to wrestle with. I might just be projecting, but it seems like it kind of makes up for the lack of another furry companion to play with. Bonus points: it lets you play hands-on without getting your hands scratched up.

The bitter apple spray doesn't seem to deter our cat much, but liberal application of Sticky Paws (double sided tape) and taping loose cords to the wall helps keep him away from scratching and biting things he shouldn't be messing with.

Also, if you have house plants, look them up to make sure they aren't toxic to cats. The kitten's interest in chewing on plants may vary, of course, but ours loves chewing and climbing on plants. The ASPCA has the most comprehensive list of plants that are toxic to pets.

u/Ki11erPancakes · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors May Vary

Yup. Right here

u/NeedALittleSweetness · 2 pointsr/Pets

My cats enjoy something like this:

I also have a puzzle feeder so they can work for their food.

u/onlymostlyinsane · 2 pointsr/cats

Your only option is to order silly things from Amazon so the package man will come and bring more boxes. Our UPS driver is incredibly hot, so this is now my go-to approach.

This product helped us out a lot. If it doesn't work, at least it came in a box???

u/Draco_Dormiens · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Winter is coming D:

I already love you because of your username, which I always read as accio-corinne (hp related is my assumption but i could be wrong) and then I went and looked at your wishlist and I'm enamored with you. Rittersport??? and cat toys???? and all this other awesome stuff? Yes please.

Anyways, I think your wishlist was definitely lacking is this awesome cat scratcher I know my kitty likes to scratch furniture and I think every cat owner needs one :)

Thanks for the contest!

u/margalicious · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Apples don't make great pets.

This is for my cat!

u/JTK89 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about Bobby?

The guy who voices baby Bambi was named Bobby Stewart. And "Bobby and Bambi" has a cute ring to it.

I also really like Eddie because of Fraiser's Dad's Dog Eddie

Ten dollar item! Sorry it's just above 10.

just above five dollar kitty item!Again, sorry it's a little over!

u/littlemisslexi · 2 pointsr/catpictures

You can get it off of Amazon!

KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

u/aimeenew · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh wow. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to look at it. A celebration that you two had each other in your lives. Pets are the best things ever.

My cat Weasley would love this scratch board


u/megangigilyn · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My highest priority item on my apartment list is this couch because I'm moving into my own place soon and don't currently have a place to yeah....thats....thats an issue.

My highest priority item on my painting list is this book because I really enjoy oil painting and want to learn how to get better at it!

My highest priority item on my hobbies list is Skyrim because my boyfriend really loves The Elder Scrolls and I think he would really love this as a moving in gift.

My higest priority item on my cats list is this cat scratcher because my current one is falling apart and I feel awful about it D:

My highest priority item on my college list is this MCAT review set because I'm hoping to get into medical school and really could use this to study!

My highest priority item on my Owls list is this set of salt and pepper shakers because like I said earlier, I have literally nothing for the apartment, plus owls are my favorite and I really love this!

My highest priority item on my Makeup list is this palette because I really love the colors and everyone keeps gushing over how amazing it is!

Finally, my higest priority item on my Add-On list is cat odor eliminator because let's face it, my cats stink.

Thanks for this fun 'discussion'

u/PinkyandzeBrain · 2 pointsr/news

I've read it's an emotional/physical stress release for cats to scratch objects. I have a large cardboard scratcher (PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge for two brothers, plus scratching posts with carpet and sisal rope, treated with catnip. We have leather and fabric furniture and the cats never touch them because they have comfort objects they can scratch on, and are encouraged to do so. Plus this scratching helps to naturally shorten their claws somewhat. We adopted these brothers at five and gave them plenty of things to scratch. I can't imagine anyone declawing their cat. Vets should be the advocate for education, and explain cat behavior in this regard, and how it's not an option.

u/Gtownbadass · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

Buy this and only this one. Not the cheap version ( I learned the hard way).
PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge (Walnut Brown)
I have three cats and they like it so much they don't scratch anything else. Also cut it in half for two scratchers.

u/moorspede · 2 pointsr/cats

All my cats have loved this:


u/heatsensitive · 2 pointsr/aww

It's THIS magical lounger.

u/catnipfarts · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

It really depends on what your cat likes scratching on. Some cats prefer cardboard, some sisal rope, some other surfaces. Some cats prefer horizontal scratching, some prefer angled scratching, and some like to stretch as high as possible.

If you're looking for a "buy it for life" kind of purchase, I recommend this one:

I've had that one for four years with three cats and it looks the same as it did out of the box.

When it comes to my cats favorite scratchers in the world, their absolute favorite is this one, but it doesn't last as long as the plastic ones because it's corrugated cardboard. You have to replace it about every nine months.

If you want to test out whether they are cardboard scratchers before investing you can get a $7 flat cardboard scratcher here. These will last about 3-4 months.

u/laicnani · 2 pointsr/gardening

Only the best thing ever. It's helped save the corners of my sofa
PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard an...

u/NetJnkie · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

And an FYI...

We have a new adopted cat and got her one of these.

Best damn scratching thing ever. She LOVES it. For some reason cats prefer to scratch things that are flat instead of vertical. She sleeps on it...scratches it..loves it.

u/dennycee · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Lasers! My cats (and dog) go crazy for lasers! They are relatively cheap and provide hours of fun. My absolute favorite item for cats has to be this because I find it hilarious: Any cardboard scratcher will work though. My cats love theirs and it keeps them from scratching on the couch.

u/capslion · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I grabbed a bunch of things off my various wishlists that were added for being neat and/or kinda weird. Some are silly things to just look at, and others are things I might actually get one day.

Coolest decoration: Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Coolest Clothing: Surrender Sweater

Coolest Skincare Item: Milky Piggy Bubble Mask or Twoosong Proplis Sparkeling Ampoule

Coolest Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill (it's $30.30, sue me)

Coolest Pet Toy: Cat DJ Deck

Coolest Book: The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

Coolest Shoes: Floral Pumps ($30 after shipping oops)

Coolest Food: Gjetost Goat Cheese

u/sketti_time · 2 pointsr/funny
u/sigamalito · 2 pointsr/Pets

Walking is an excellent idea, particularly for an active breed like a manx!

I would also suggest a few extra things :

  • interactive feeding toys. She will have to use her brain to get food out of a toy, and that will make her less bored and get some energy out. Just be sure to adjust her regular feedings so that she isn't getting extra calories, or even replacing the food dish with an interactive toy or interactive dish.
    Example 1 .example 2
  • The SSSCAT training aid these work well to set boundries within the house for some cats. You could consider placing these next to your vents.
  • Try to wear her out mentally and physically. I'm betting she would probably be a good cat to try to clicker train to do tricks. Clicker training can be excellent physical and mental stimulation. It sounds weird to train a cat and I've never done it with mine, but I see people who do it all the time online. Karen Pryor (she popularized clicker training) has a ton of cat training tutorials.
  • This tape : Sticky Paws can be put on the slats of your vents. Most cats don't like the sticky feeling on their paws and will stop messing with what you put on them....this didn't work for my cat. My cat just licks the tape.
u/Downsouth_ · 2 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

They come in different sizes. Our cat can only go in the box from one side so we didn't need that big but they have wider and longer ones.

u/hearthewindblow · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

I'm really glad to hear things have improved. Yes, it's very likely he needed time to adjust to his new home. With any luck he will continue to improve over time.

Are you going away over the holidays? I ask because you said he got more destructive after your trip this spring.

This product might help with his scratching at the carpet outside the door.

Does he have any scratchers near the sofa? It's great that he stops now when you tell him to, but you could take it a step further and redirect him to the scratcher with lots of praise when he uses it. Even if he already has scratchers elsewhere, sometimes it really helps to put one right next to the object they're scratching, since they apparently feel the need to mark their territory in that particular area.

Do you trim his nails regularly? If not, that can help control the amount of damage. There are also nail covers that you can try.

>sometimes it really is like it's some kind of attention seeking behaviour.

One of my cats (the passive one I mentioned before) will tap me with her front paw to get attention, which sounds ok except when she gets really anxious (or hungry), she'll follow me constantly, getting underfoot and repeatedly tapping my legs and screeching, and if I can't deal with her directly, she will begin adding a scrape with her claws when she taps. Is he doing something like that?

Oh, one more thought: he might like the toys that dispense kibbles or treats. That would be another thing to try for when he's alone during the day. If you're not familiar with them, it takes work (both physical and mental) for the cat to get the treat out of the toy, which helps satisfy cats' hunting instinct.

u/chrissesky13 · 2 pointsr/Pets

I bought these to place under doors for the very reason you described..

u/PeteyNice · 2 pointsr/corgi

This is always a favorite for my corgis. There are lots of similar ones, I use this as an example and not an endorsement.

They will destroy it, but will have a blast doing it.

u/xooxanthellae · 1 pointr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Sorry to be judgey... I just can't fathom getting rid of my cats. To me that's like saying "My son messed up the furniture so I'm putting him up for adoption."

Here are some options for [kitty caps] (

Also, you have a [scratching post] ( for them, right? Cats need to scratch, so if they don't have a scratching post they will scratch the furniture.

Another option is to put this [double-sided tape stuff] ( on the furniture where they scratch. They hate sticky stuff so they'll avoid it. After a while they learn and I think you can take it off.

u/IFoundTheF · 1 pointr/cats

Adult cats (1yr+) should be totally fine with that schedule, so I would encourage you to adopt adults rather than kittens.

Something like these could be effective for your radiator problem, though I've never used them myself.

u/dooflotchie · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Take a cushion cover from the couch with you to a fabric store and find a piece of upholstery fabric that is a similar texture and thickness, then use that to cover a scratching post. Cats choose their favorite scratching surface by what feels the best on their claws and it seems your couch is perfect. Make sure the scratching post is secure enough so they can rip on it with all their strength and it won't move. It also needs to be tall enough so they can get in a good stretch while they scratch too. Once you get the post set up (AWAY from the couch!) find a scented spray that is agreeable to you but not the cats. For me, lavender works best but not all cats hate it as much as mine so you might need something else. Spray the couch with it so it becomes less appealing than the post. Then put catnip on the post and show them that this is their new, human approved scratching place. With a little patience and training they should now use the post and not your couch. If that does not do the trick, double sided tape or Sticky Paws can help reinforce the idea that the couch is off limits, as can a spray bottle when you catch them in the act.

They don't deliberately pick the most expensive piece of furniture in the house to claw on and destroy, it's just that our comfy, thickly upholstered couches are often the perfect scratching surface that cats love the best and for some reason the pet furniture makers of the world think that all cats love scratching on carpet.

u/Bearnadette · 1 pointr/cats

There's this. I would apply it to a piece of thick cardboard or something, and then place that on top of (and around) the router.

u/RockChicken · 1 pointr/cats

You know, I'm not sure; I personally haven't tried it on leather. I would probably stay away from anything like packaging tape and try something gentler. There is special furniture tape that is packaging tape-sized but less harsh, though it is more expensive than other tape. It would probably be a good idea to google a good method to clean sticky residue off leather just in case.

Edit: Link

u/TheUnorthodox · 1 pointr/cats

Whatever you do, don't declaw him. Soft nail caps do work and are not expensive. You can also try kinds of double-sided tape on favorite scratching areas to dissuade scratching (
Cats do need to scratch something though. Make sure you are providing the cat with a place that he/she can scratch appropriately (scratching post, cat tree, etc.) and clip his/her claws regularly. Sometimes, just spending some time playing with the cat on top of or near a scratching post will be enough to encourage him/her to use it.

u/Banjophooee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I went and looked and I'd have to say my Nalgene. I kinda drink stuff just to have something to do more than being thirsty a lot of the time, so sugary drinks can be dangerous. I carry it with me all the time and drink a ton of water!

Btw, for any cat owners, [this thing](The Original Scratch Lounge - Worlds Best Cat Scratcher - (Includes Catnip) is awesome! Was kinda sceptical that the cats would enjoy it, but they scratch the hell out of it and are always sleeping in it. We have 3 actually

u/xxlemonchan · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Allourah Lou! I just think it sounds sweet, especially if she's a munchkin darling.

I love kitties! I just adopted my second one not too long ago. The things you need: Litterbox (I prefer clumping litter) a litter mat, litter liners.... Something cool to get her is one of these or just a feather toy- kittens love those!

u/emmaetcetera · 1 pointr/cats

My cat did something similar until I bought one of these
(Adding some catnip helped too)

u/cavalier_queen · 1 pointr/cats

Cardboard boxes are definitely the greatest thing ever according to many cats. You can get some of those plastic jingle balls as well - unless your cat is a compulsive chewer, they are more than sturdy enough.

My cats are huge fans of the Turbo Cat Scratcher toy. The round scratching pad can be flipped over and replaced easily.

A good scratching post or cat tree is a must, if you have the space.

Stay away from toys that involve long strings, or cloth that can fray into threads she can swallow; cats don't really have the ability to spit things out the way humans can (wrong muscles and mouth shape), so if she gets a thread in her mouth and swallows it, it can lead to really serious problems for her and expensive vet bills for you. Of course, fishing pole toys while she's supervised are great!

If you want cloth toys or blankets, microfleece works well - it's strong and stretchy, and doesn't fray easily. You can even make your own catnip pillows out of small scraps of fleece!

u/Carelinus · 1 pointr/cats

My kitten loves this. We flip it over at night so she doesn't disturb us, but then as soon as we turn it back, she will come sprinting over and will immediately pounce on it.

u/squirrelgirl18 · 1 pointr/cats

If you don't already have one of these, I know a lot of cats really enjoy them, my own included.

u/hazel919 · 1 pointr/cats

I buy my food from Costco and get the 40lb bags it last him about 6 months minimum. I get dollar store toys and cat trees from online. mine also like any catnip toys.
I would recommend getting one of these ( )
Also I keep extra Sissel rope on hand always to repair the trees if needed. Mine only has a couple bed but other then that he just sleep on the furniture or floor. For blankets we just buy small pet ones from any place we can find.

u/BeckyDaTechie · 1 pointr/cats

The Bergen Turbo Scratcher.

One of the cats here likes these itty bitty tennis balls meant for dogs I found at Walmart (3/$1). He's also very into glittery pom-poms he can carry around in his mouth like prey. I usually don't buy a lot in terms of cat toys, though. They tend to find their own stuff whether I want them to or not! My little boy cat likes plastic drinking straws and my pony tail elastics. My girl cat brings me the big twist ties from bundles of lettuce if I put them in the garbage so I can hold them while she bats at them. They'll always hop right into any cardboard box or plastic bin I bring home, that kind of thing.

u/PenguinsGoMeow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Share The Love

On my pets wish list there is this:

Turbo Scratcher

My cats love this thing and we haven't been able to find one anywhere else!

Thank you for the contest!

u/P-Delta · 1 pointr/bengalcats

For the cat wheel, check craigslist, letgo, offerup, etc. Buy it second hand and get it for under $100 (list price is $200). I introduced my Bengal at about 18-20 weeks.

My kitten also LOVES these dollar toys:
They have a little jingly piece in there. They are without a doubt his favorite. He's destroyed 3 of them so far, but thankfully they're so cheap I can afford to replace them at will. is a great scratcher/toy combo

u/ETL4nubs · 1 pointr/kittens

Thank you for this thorough reply!

"Are you able to sleep in the room she currently is comfortable in? Maybe put a sleeping mat or cot in there?"

Yep I can actually. Currently there is a futon bed on the floor that I lay on when I'm in there with her. I could sleep on that one night or take a long nap on the weekend. I do agree with getting her used to me, it makes sense because she will be more trustworthy in the other rooms.

Great point with the food too as I was a bit iffy on that. Currently I put the food in her bowl and swirl it around so she hears it and her bowl isn't always filled.

It's been exciting. Those 2am spazz wake up calls when playing with this are reallllllll.

u/valiantdistraction · 1 pointr/ragdolls

I got stuff to set up a cat agility course for my kitten. He loves the tunnel and the hurdles, but isn't so keen on the weaving. He screams at me multiple times a day for me to let him into the room where it's at and take him through the course. I bought orange cones for the weaving, a cheap tunnel, and these hurdles:

I have a feather toy I keep in that room to lead him through the course. It's the only feather toy I have in the house and he only gets to play with it when he's successfully done what I'm trying to get him to do. So it adds a mental challenge as well, and by not letting him use the toy unless he does things right it keeps the toy more special.

If I forget to take him through the course on my schedule, he screams at me until I do. He loves the hurdles most. We just started this around two weeks ago but he's already learned pretty well (again, not the weaving, lol). I just have the hurdles at about six inches but will eventually raise some of them up. I have a dedicated room for this but I think keeping the stuff in a closet and pulling it out twice a day would be fine.

For toys they can play with by themselves, both of my cats like sparkle balls and the captive ball on track toy. I can hear my older cat playing with the latter right now. He's lazy so he likes that he can just lay down and play. He recently had a leg injury so I haven't tried the agility course with him yet but will when the vet says it's ok.

u/lsabo129 · 1 pointr/CatTaps

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors may vary

u/ski3 · 1 pointr/dogs

I have a Golden Retriever puppy, Summit (8 months old tomorrow, he came home at 8 weeks old) and an indoor-only cat, Sprocket (1 year old). The big thing is to be patient and monitor all interactions.

Our cat is very tolerant and go-with-the-flow. He has never hissed or clawed at the dog. Thee was one time the dog did get too rough with him, and the cat meowed loudly for help, but never fought back (which in a way, makes things harder for our situation). Our dog is extremely playful and although he doesn't mean to harm that cat and just wants to play, he doesn't understand that the cat is too little, is not a dog, and cannot be a wrestling buddy.


  • Start by sequestering them in separate parts of the house/apartment. Let them get used to each other's smells. Since we live in a small apartment, we couldn't exactly close them completely out of certain rooms, but if you can, this can be a good step.
  • Invest in an exercise pen for the dog. Let them sniff each other through the pen. This allows them to see and smell each other without physically interacting with each other. (It's also extremely useful for keeping the dog and your home safe when you can't 100% of your attention to the dog).
  • Until you begin to trust the dog, make sure she is leashed for all interactions. We still only let them interact when Summit is leashed because he still doesn't understand that he's bigger than the cat and could potentially hurt him. Reward both animals for reacting calm around each other. Initially, reward the dog of nicely investigating the cat as well. Be ready to separate them if one of the animals gets overexcited, or if the interaction is becoming dangerous for one of the pets.
  • Create a safe space for your cat. Shelves and high-up places for her to go to escape the dog. Maybe even invest in a baby gate similar to this one so that the cat can access a room that the dog can't (note that the dog will have to grow a bit before the size of the door will prevent her from entering the room).

    Additional Tips for living with a puppy and a cat

  • Contain the cat's supplies. Find a way to cover the litter box or place it in a room that the dog can't get to. Move the food to a place where the dog can't get it as well (we put Sprocket's food bowls on some shelves that the dog can't reach).
  • Many Golden puppies will eat anything that can fit in their mouths. This can cause fatal bowel obstructions. Put away all small cat toys and keep them in a place where the dog can't get it. Also, if your cat enjoys toys, invest in some larger ones that the dog cannot easily swallow such as the [Kong Kickeroo](,, and the ball-track type toys.
u/thehostilehobo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, I've always been a dog person. But about a year ago, my boyfriend convinced me that we should get a kitty. Although she destroys everything, I still love her!

Here is Taarna (Bonus points if you know where that name is from!)

I honestly still don't know much about kitties, but I think she would like this or this. If anyone knows something their cat loves, please share! :p

u/bookworm326 · 1 pointr/cats

On the note of eating things. Definitely spray or get kitten proof wires or various charges. My Ganon was a kitten managed to chew through my phone charger. I replaced it and sprayed it with a bitter apple. Also be sure to play with them quite a bit to help tire them out. Also maybe look into scratching posts and something like this should help too.

u/pixis-4950 · 1 pointr/doublespeakgutter

mistanddry wrote:

cat nip your cat areas, and give the cat a place that you respect as hers and not yours (for me this meant blocking up under my bed with a small cat-sized entrance for the cat to hide in, so she can go somewhere she knows I won't annoy her at.) The cat nip will help steer her towards the areas you want her in, and giving her her own space will curb her resentment towards you and your things ;)

Also put a scratching post or plank or whatever in every major room your cat hangs out in. I use the cheap cardboard ones and my cat loves them.

u/derpinWhileWorkin · 1 pointr/Pets

We have resolved to play with jack more. He's a machine though. He has a metric shit ton of energy. Right now we mostly use this thing to play with him because he absolutely loves it. We also have one of these but he is hit or miss on it. Do you have any suggestions for interesting fun toys?

u/PurePerfection_ · 1 pointr/Pets

This approach may take some time, but my cat eventually learned that if I am in the bedroom with the light off and fan on (its an oscillating one that makes a fairly strong humming sound), I am down for the night and it'll be at least a few hours before I come back. After a few weeks of this routine, he gave up on screaming outside my door. The bedroom is off-limits to him at all times, as well. If I'm in there with the light on, he will meow at me, because he knows I'm likely to come back soon.

Mine's a door-rattler, too - he can fit his paw in the crack under the bedroom door and wrap it around the door. To protect the bottom of the door from his claws, I put some rubber weatherstripping on it. For the floor, consider getting a protective film to put down where she usually scratches. Hardware stores sell them to use during painting / construction, and many of them are affordable and tear-resistant.

It may be inconvenient, but do your best to cat-proof the house so you can ignore her acting out with minimal collateral damage. Keep anything fragile in drawers or cabinets unless you're actively using it. Consider making the bedroom a no-cat zone and putting as many valuables as possible in there. Don't leave food or drinks unattended - if you have to step away, stick them in the fridge or a cabinet while you're gone.

Also consider an electronic toy that moves around or something more interactive that will keep her engaged at night or while you're busy without the need for a human to facilitate playtime. Here are a few ideas::

Also, if she ignores the scratching post but loves to tear the crap out of your floor, she may prefer a horizontal scratcher. One wasted $30 scratching post later, I figured that out about my cat. Something like these would be worth a try: - doubles as a toy - this one is nice because you can lay it flat on the floor, prop it up at an angle with the cardboard flap, or hang it from a doorknob to see which works best. Also comes with catnip to sprinkle inside it. These have corrugated cardboard surfaces and don't last as long as carpet or sisal rope, but my cat seems more satisfied with something he can actually destroy. He'll jump on it, attack it with his claws, then roll around in the bits he tore off. You will vacuum a lot of cardboard flakes off the floor as it starts to wear out, but for me it's worth the trouble. If you don't like the mess, you can buy this one to test whether horizontal, inclined, or hung against the wall works best, then invest in a similar style of scratcher made from more durable material. That was my plan, but he just loves this stuff so much I order one as an add-on every month when I buy litter.

u/M0nyz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Honestly? the boxes the stuff comes in lol My boy will go into any box he can fit in. But hmm, cats seem to like this a lot especially if they're kittens/playful. A pet water fountain is also nice esp if they only eat dry food, I wanted to link the one I got in 2012 that's still going today but it isn't available anymore. Definitely get a cat tree of some sort so they have somewhere to claw and climb. A nail trimmer. If they have long hair a cat brush. And of course some sort of string toy, my cat went nuts for this one and it's so simple: but any kind should do it.

u/betacatenin · 1 pointr/cats

You'll want this, trust me. It's good for him to play with and entertain himself when you're away. Both our cats love this and come running when they hear the noise of the ball rolling around the track.

u/Meow217 · 1 pointr/cats

I have two scratching posts .. both can be sit on. One is upstairs and one is downstairs, and she rarely scratches on either. She prefers to just kind of lounge on them. But I have one of these and she loves that one! Not sure why, since it's nothing fancy. The way I found out was because I got her this: and she is OBSESSED lol.

u/skyblueandblack · 1 pointr/cats

Cats bury their waste by instinct, so they're technically born litter-trained. ;) You'll want to have two boxes available (if you have the room in your flat, of course). Open boxes are supposed to be way better than ones with covers, but mine actually much prefer the enclosed ones. *shrug* There's a bunch of different litter box designs, too... take a look at the selection on Amazon, if you get a chance (I recommend this one).

Some cats are much messier than others with the litter; one of mine flings pawfulls of litter out of the box. Another one of mine finishes, and races out, tracking little grains of sand as far as she can. We have litter mats in front of all the boxes, which helps a lot, but you might want to invest in a dedicated little hand-held vacuum to keep nearby.

And you'll need something for claw maintenance -- a scratching post or pad. Don't go for expensive, fancy things, because it'll need replacing periodically. I tried a bunch of different ones, but ultimately, mine prefer the cardboard ones (specifically, this one). Well, that, and one of the living room chairs. *sigh*

An adult won't be as hyper and needy as a kitten, but play is still important. A laser pointer does wonders. If you're crafty, you can make some little catnip-stuffed toys (I crocheted some little mice and things that mine love, although they usually bat them up and down the hallway around 4am).

Another thing I noticed, and others have similar stories, was that a couple of my cats would bump the water dish before drinking. Another would dip her paw in. I'm pretty sure they couldn't tell where the surface was when the water wasn't moving. I got a drinking fountain for them, which solved that, and has the added benefit of filtering the water, keeping it fresher -- and cooler (so important, here in California).

u/hipatrothfuss · 1 pointr/catcare

Definitely ask the cat sitter to hang out for at least half an hour - even if they're just watching TV it's good for the babies ot have them there (but if you're paying them they should be happy to actually play with the cats). In terms of interactive toys, my cats LOVE this. Even my grumpiest cat goes wild for that guy.

u/jwallwalrus26 · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

I actually just wrote a post on my new shiba facebook page on my top 5 shiba toys that offer great exercise and stimulation.

  1. Flirt Pole - my go to and my shiba's favorite toy, don't know where I would be without it.

  2. Kong Wobbler - great way to help them if they are fat too.

  3. Hide a treat puzzle toys - so many different types of puzzle toys to choose from!

  4. Cat toy with ball thingy - my girl loves cat toys

  5. Kong - which is pretty much universal to all dogs.
u/atouchofyou · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So sorry you had to let her go. :( It's never easy, and my heart goes out to you. I will give Polly an extra cuddle for you. <3 I love that you are choosing to do something so selfless in her memory!

  1. Puppy all the way!
  2. This is my Polly-Wolly Big Bang Doodle Cat. She likes to climb on shoulders and perch there like a pirate, hence her name. I didn't post a picture of that, though, because I don't think the people in those photos would be okay with their picture on Reddit. I am also a fan of really stupid nicknames for animals. The more ridiculous it is, the more you clearly love your animal, right?
  3. My kitty would love an inclined scratching box. My furniture would also love it if she had one.

    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
u/Cassiemeow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Reading this made me cry!! I am so sorry for your loss!!! :( :( hugs hugs hugs hugs!

I'd pick the first photo (so cute) & the trip to the groomer. Love the bows awe! ❤

These are the Pictures of my kitties.
We had to put down our family cat, Noiro last year on March 6th. It was very heartbreaking as we had him for almost 15yrs.

I lost my own first pet, Coco on April 10th 2010. Since he was the first I had of my own & first to pass away (I gotten him when I worked at the pet store and he was around 5yrs old and very aggressive but we bonded lol).

I still cry over them sometimes. =/

Kitties would love this because they love scratching ... a lot. I know they'll enjoy the cardboard feel too, it'd be different from their cat posts carpet. (:

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. This is so so so true...well for animals. I've never had a dog yet. I want to wait till I have my own place because it's way more difficult to move around in rentals that allows dogs and I refuse to ever give up a pet so it's easier to not get a dog till I can 100% know I can keep it for their whole life. (:

u/hmousley · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really really love the adorable puppy and favorite adventure day pictures!

This is my kitty, Akuma Prometheus Butters Caruso Zucati on the way back from the vet. I gave up on the carrier and just let him hang out on my shoulder (I wasn't driving!)

We are moving soon and Mr. Kitters would love a new scratcher

u/salziger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gimme S'More!

My favorite thing about summers in Arizona are the sunsets. Sad to say, but the smog and dust in the air makes for some pretty amazing evening skies. This would be a wonderful toy for the kittehs. Thanks very much for the contest!

u/PickanickBasket · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Double-sided sticky tape on the blinds where she can reach (temporary). Rub delicious foods or catnip on the scratching post, and scatter treats on and around them. You should have MULTIPLE posts out for them- tall ones, "loungers", wide ones. What kind of scratching posts do you have right now? We have a mixture of the cardboard ones and rope and one of these carpet ones and our cat prefers the rope and mostly ignores the cardboard, but other people swear by the other kinds, so I think some cats just have a preference. This cat house is my cat's FAVORITE thing to claw on, but she also likes her lounger which can be easily mounted to the wall instead of we wanted to switch things up.

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ohhhh this cat scratcher would be amazing--my cat would just love it :) It's on my kitty wishlist. Glitter :)

u/DivisionBell_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For your viewing pleasure, [a T-rex with Nifty Nabbers roaring victoriously in front of an erupting volcano, a la MS Paint] (

T-rexy would love a [scratching post] ( for rex-cat!

u/LadyOops · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this is what i want for my kitties.

and this is so super cool

u/nerdalertdirt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really need a cat scratching post. We just got a new leather couch that I'm worried my cat will scratch up. I want to give him plenty of other places to do that. :P

u/LordChelt · 1 pointr/aww

If too lazy:-

Fiteen quid for a flat-packed bit of cardboard?

u/cyanpineapple · 1 pointr/mainecoons

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge (Walnut Brown)

Our cats are just obsessed with it. One of them is very protective of it; this is like the one thing in the house that he's decided is HIS, so he lays on it when he wants to be left alone. Considering you never know if your cats will like something you buy, it's surprising when you get two of them to agree so much.

u/Shufflebuzz · 1 pointr/Pets

We adopted two kittens from a litter of seven, born to a barn cat, who had no human contact until about 8-weeks old.

The male came around quickly. The female, however, would just hiss and run away.

Here are a few things that have helped:

I got my tablet, sat on the floor with a "husband pillow" and played YouTube videos of cats meowing. She came over to investigate the sound and sat on my lap. It was like magic. I can't explain it. My hypothesis is that the sound reminded her of being with the rest of her litter and maybe she thought I was her momma?

Try to avoid making direct eye contact. I guess it's a sign of aggression. When you do reach out to pet her, bring your hand from the side or behind. Reaching toward her head from the front or above can be perceived as an act of aggression.

Next step: get her to sit on the couch with us.
We have a large cardboard lounger she likes to sit on. This one. So I bought a smaller one that would fit on the couch between us. Then we bribed her with treats to get her on there with us.

The couch/lounger thing has taken a while, but now she jumps up there on her own, waiting for us to join her on the couch for dinner and TV.

She still doesn't like to be picked up or held. Next on my to-do list is to get her to sit on my lap.

u/LadyVanya · 1 pointr/PetBehavior

The cat sounds like it's bored and has pent up energy. Pets are like little toddlers: If you dont entertain them, they will do it themselves and it can be destructive at times. Here are some things you can help redirect and expand say energy:


Perches/things to climb/scratch

These are just some ideas. Also go to your local pet store. If the cat doesn't like the new toy, usually they will let you return the toy for a full refund.

u/skyrocker_58 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I got one of these: PetFusion about 3 years ago and my cat hasn't lost interest in it yet. In fact we got a kitten about a year and a half ago and he started using it immediately. Well worth the money and seems like it will last at least another 3-4 years.

u/likewh0aa · 1 pointr/cats

My cat loves sisal posts but won't touch cardboard apparently! I bought her this fancy scratcher 2 months ago and she's only scratched it like twice lol


The reviews rave about how their cats love to scratch it and are laying on it all the time. My cat never does either. But she loves playing with toys in the holes so atleast its not a total waste :p

u/catnamedbasil · 1 pointr/IFseniorclass

My dogs love their bed by Bessie and Barnie. It's so damn expensive (think about 125) but it's got a washable cover and it's super luxe. [see website here] (

[Favorite treats] (

Also we got a [KitNipBox] ( and also the dogs love a [BarkBox] (

[Cats fave scratcher] ( This thing lasts around 6 months! Love it so much.

And if I may state, I do love our Roomba. It's pet related right?
*edit to add pure Roomba love ;)

u/auditory · 1 pointr/cats

In my experience, cats kind of do what they want but you can do some things to curb their behavior. If he likes catnip, you can put catnip in the places you want him to go. Also, you might find it beneficial to get him some more places that are "his" like a cat tree and a laydown scratcher. My cat is partial to this one and will lie in it all the time.

The key to getting him to know that you don't really want to hang out is to humanely give him signals that cats understand to say "hey don't get in my space." Yelling, setting him down somewhere else or scolding won't work because cats down understand that. You can try things like blowing air in his direction if he's on your lap, or get a squirt bottle to mist water at him if he's somewhere you don't like. Make sure it's a mist, and not a directed nozzle squirt.

As an aside, you should probably talk to your GF about this.

Hope this helps, good luck.

u/million_dollar_heist · 1 pointr/cats

Try getting one like this one, this one or this one

Using catnip or catnip oil will make it more attractive to her. I can't guarantee that she'll never scratch the furniture, but most cats prefer things like this that have a better texture for scratching.

Owning two cats is really in many ways easier than owning one. They become lower maintenance. Of course you have to spend slightly more time feeding, cleaning the litterbox, grooming etc, but the cats are happeir, better behaved, and much more pleasant to spend time with, which in my opinion is worth the small amount of extra effort.

u/jacob_the_snacob · 1 pointr/u_jacob_the_snacob


make sure to check out the pictures in the customer reviews section:

u/jynnjynn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

my cats needs this her existing scratcher is mostly just a box of cardboard dust now.

Chuck Finley

u/SayuriSati · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 and 2a) We BOTH desserve this! Why? Because it is the greatest Studio Ghilbi film ever!

1 and 2b) And our kitties BOTH deserve this! Why? Because you can never have enough scratchy stuff in your home!

3) Here are my baby kitties to make you smile.

u/NotSuzyHomemaker · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/tisaconundrum · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing

X (in case you want it)

u/kyoukoku · 1 pointr/cats

Here's the product's Amazon US & UK pages.

There's plenty of reviews there so you should be able to decide from those. I suspect it's more form over function judging from the wide ranging opinions.

u/audionaught · 1 pointr/vinyl

Found it here! My cat would love one too!

u/eternalpancakes · 1 pointr/funny
u/moxiecontin714 · 1 pointr/BestOfAmazonPets

You're supposed to link to the Amazon listing and include the price with shipping.

Edit: $27.20

u/Luidaeg · 1 pointr/cats

There's a double sided tape called Sticky Paws that can help. It doesn't harm surfaces, and cats find it unpleasant to walk on the sticky so they eventually learn that going there is not a fun place to be. It worked when I wanted to discourage my cats from jumping down from the top of the fridge to the stove, so I put it on that side. I like it because it's much more subtle and looks much less unhinged than tinfoil everywhere.

u/Msc2117 · 1 pointr/CatTraining

Personally, I'd say the cat can tell that you don't like him in that you're actually paying more attention to him than you think you are. Every time you pick him up and move him or talk to him or shoo him away you're interacting with him, which is what he wants, attention. And now he's afraid of you so he matches your frustration in some actions and you apply your feelings to him for the other ones. So first things first, ignore him completely. Don't look at him don't pet him don't react positively or negatively to his actions. Especially the peeing thing, don't just stare at him. If you do want to play with him pick a room or a place and only play with him there and ignore him the rest of the time. That way he associates playing with you with that spot. A bell on his collar might be a good idea if you want to be able to tell where he is so you don't accidentally pay attention to him.

Secondly, for the peeing. Make sure you clean that spot with an enzymatic cleaner. Nature's Miracle is a really good one. Clean that spot OBSESSIVELY. As soon as he pees there. Then provide better alternatives. How many litter boxes does he have? Are they in a private calm spot? How often do they get cleaned? Have you tried putting a litter box over that spot and then slowly moving it to another room if he starts using it? is often linked here. Check it out for litter box help (and help with the other stuff too).

For keeping him off furniture I would try remote methods. That way he has bad associations with those surfaces and NOT you or his owner. Something like the scat mat or sssscat.

Eventually he'll get the hint and stay off those surfaces. You can also reward him for hanging out where you want him to hang out by leaving treats hidden in "his spots". And same for the peeing problem, you have to provide preferable alternatives in addition to the negative reinforcement. If you don't want him on your surfaces you have to provide higher surfaces that are HIS. Cats like to be high up. You're never going to get him off the surfaces without providing an alternative for him. Look into Jackson Galaxy's Cat Super Highway or "catification".

Finally, this cat seems bored. I would make sure he has plenty of stuff to play with on his own or that his owner is putting at least an hour a day into playing with him (think of it like walking a big dog. The dog needs that activity or else it goes nuts cooped up). You don't mention how old he is but younger cats or high energy cats need A LOT of play time. He's looking to you for entertainment and interaction because it seems like you're the only option he has. If you don't want to be his source of attention, provide positive alternatives. (Also I would keep some treats on hand to bribe him out of your room if he gets in there again. You could probably train him to come when called no problem)

I'm a relatively new to cats myself so this is just stuff I've picked up in my research. Hopefully some of the more experienced cat people on here can help! Check out those links and just search through the archives on this subreddit for more ideas.

u/Allimack · 1 pointr/Advice

Tacks could hurt the cat, and cause the cat bloody paws, making a mess. More likely, the cat will just swat the tacks onto the floor and you or your roommate will step on them.

One idea is double-sided tape. They sell rolls of it to put on furniture to deter cats from clawing the furniture. It would also deter the cat from walking on your scanner. Cats HATE sticky tape. Something like this. Or just take some regular tape and put it on, sticky side up.

u/sanecatlady_90 · 1 pointr/CatAdvice
u/bettyellen · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You are so nice, OMG. I'm too new to enter, but was looking at your list and realized I have an never used grey cat litter mat - it's a "Purrfect Paws" and I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like! Take a look and PM me, okay?

u/JaggBoom · 1 pointr/CatTraining

I haven't tried this yet, but it seems like it would work, just make sure to find the right size or cut your own. CarPET Scratch Stopper 30 - Stop Cats From Scratching Carpet at Doorway

u/octaffle · 1 pointr/dogs
u/FunElled · 1 pointr/cats

My cats like scratchers more than toys.

Kitty City XL Wide Corrugate Scratchers, 3 Piece(Longer Lasting Cardboard)

u/jungle_potato · 1 pointr/cats

Try isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge Corrugated Cat Scratcher . My friend’s cats love it and it looks good too!

u/White_Trash_Mustache · 1 pointr/cats

something like this

Or a heavy / outdoor / beach-y braided type rug.

u/ZubinJohnson · 1 pointr/cats

Maybe a scratching mat like this one?:

u/experfailist · 1 pointr/AnimalsBeingDerps

VIVAGLORY Reversible Cat Scratcher Cardboard with Box, Cat Scratching Pad Kitty Corrugated Sofa Lounge with Catnip, 3 Pack, Regular

This is the business. Happy kitties.

u/Akajou01 · 1 pointr/cats

You can try some cardboard, or even some sisal carpet like this.

And you know, showing him how to do is the right way to proceed ! ;)

u/missmurrr · 0 pointsr/Pets
  1. not sure what to suggest, but maybe try picking her up and bringing her to bed for cuddles? i'm pretty lucky, and my cat just sleeps with me until i get up or does his own thing.

  2. sprinkle some catnip on her scratching posts! a water bottle to break her habit of scratching the couch. you can also get anti-kitty scratching furniture tape,