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u/Mathochistic · 28 pointsr/books

If you want to break your mind into tiny, little, mostly mad pieces, I recommend pairing House of Leaves with Haunted.

The author and musician, respectively, are brother and sister. Both projects stemmed out of dealing with the death of their father.

u/IM_IN_YOUR_BATHTUB · 27 pointsr/indieheads

Arcade Fire - Funeral

>OK, I give: if you like this, who or what is the "other" to your "us"? What music is TOO milquetoast and TOO lame for your sensibilities? Is anything? A couple decades ago even the soccermoms this would have been marketed to back then would have preferred something with a little more teeth, like light classical music or Kenny G. I've never met a human being who likes this music. Who are you? Could your attire be described as "complicated"? Do you assume a nickname that nobody actually uses of their own volition? Do you weep in gentle resignation as kittens nibble your toes? I'm reminded of the dodo. It just doesn't seem evolutionarily advantageous to not be immediately repulsed by this band.

>I didn't think the generational divide that would create "kids these days" for me would come so soon. The fetishization of fussiness & weakness, men and women switching genders, precious affected anti-showmanship as its own stuck-up pose--it's not that I don't get it, but it's stupid and it all goes against nature. You put food in your mouth, you poop out your butt, you start agreeing with your dad politically by middle-age; this is nature, and at the end of the day you can't outsmart nature.

Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel the Illinoise

> The government could replace waterboarding with forced listening of this CD. Sufjan Stevens is the John Tesh of college radio.

u/ThereisnoTruth · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

Compilation from the Firefly Soundtrack - music composed by Greg Edmonson. I believe most of that was from The Funeral track.

Firefly was extraordinary television in so many ways - including the cinematography, as you can see from the video.

u/mrbooze · 6 pointsr/seashanties

Not the answer you're looking for, but Great Big Sea's Rant and Roar is something of a Newfoundland version of Spanish Ladies.

In addition to the versions in your link, there's a version of Spanish Ladies on Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (Sea Shanty Edition, Vol. 2).

There's also an odd version of Spanish Ladies by Bill Frisell on an odd album of somewhat modern interpretations of Sea Shanties called Rogue's Gallery.

u/KKKKlaus · 5 pointsr/quotes

Listen to Poe's Haunted when you read the book

u/foursheetstothewind · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/pyres · 4 pointsr/books

Allegedly his sister Poe (Anne Decatur Danielewski) has an album Haunted which is related.

u/Melephant13 · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Some ideas for you:

Litographs makes some pretty neat literary gifts with the text as part of the design. Like this T.S. Eliot scarf.

Given her taste in music, she might enjoy Nick Drake if you want to introduce her to something new.

This Etsy shop makes jewelry from repurposed typewriter keys that she might like - especially if you can find her initials.

Hope this helps!

u/slim1962 · 3 pointsr/bobdylan

Depends on your taste, but for me just about everything on the I’m Not There soundtrack is great:

Changing of the Guard by Frank Black and Catholics is also a personal favorite:

But nothing compared to Bob doing Bob. I don’t like when someone tries to cover Dylan and make it a PoP song.

u/andrewswafford · 3 pointsr/vinyl
u/tomparker · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

Leonard Cohen thanyouverymuch. Once roomed with two football players who couldn't go to sleep unless Cohen songs were playing. You can get started here

u/PriceKnight · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

Price History

u/Twenty20k · 3 pointsr/houseofleaves

Check out Haunted by Poe. It's a companion piece and its mood and lyrics provide a ton of insight. I listened to it a ton of times while reading my second time and it made for a more pleasurable experience (and is probably the closest thing we'll ever get to an audio book).

Edit: AND DON'T STOP. It's tempting...there are parts that are purposefully dry as hell, but keep pushing through them because the rewards happen and happen in ways that I have yet to find in any other book.

u/ad1ae67f-16e2-4974-9 · 3 pointsr/firefly

Firefly: A Celebration is a book with all the scripts along with a collection of anecdotes, pictures, interviews, and a couple short stories.

There's the 1:400 scale model of Serenity at QMx, ThinkGeek, and Amazon, but it's pretty expensive.

There's also the key chain model of Serenity, also available at QMx, ThinkGeek, and Amazon.

If neither of you already have it, you might want to consider getting the DVD or Blu-Ray versions if you like commentaries or the special features (though, much of the latter have been re-uploaded to YouTube). Same goes for the official soundtracks (Firefly & Serenity).

u/Bakeshot · 3 pointsr/Christianity

Does Sufjan Stevens's Illinois count?

u/FredWampy · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I am a husband and father of one handsome little man. I am an engineer. I play ultimate frisbee. I used to play video games, but I gave that up to pursue a side business of selling things on Amazon.

  2. I own three white water rafts and a pole vault setup. I am a part time inventor of kitchen gadgets, and my dog helps me keep prototypes clean with her tongue.

  3. I love board games and music. I'm a homebody, but love having friends over. I watch Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (finished book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire last night), Impractical Jokers, and my guilty pleasure TV show will always be The Joe Schmo Show. Ben Folds has been my favorite musician for nearly a decade. A little over 6 years ago, I got to be one of ~40 people to play guitar with him in a concert that was held in his Nashville recording studio and broadcast live on MySpace. I made the cover of the DVD (I'm in the blue shirt).

  4. At one of the "You can find DIAMONDS!!!!11! here!" places in the midwest, I found a 1.84 carat diamond. Not bad for a $7 adventure! I had a chance to go with a friend to his friend's skybox at the Super Bowl a couple years ago, but I passed it up to be with my wife as she gave birth to our son.

  5. At a live televised wrestling show about 10 years ago (NWA:TNA), I got a full screen shot of one of my signs. It said "Jerry Lynn says, "Jerry Lynn is a sex god!'" The sign was inspired by a conversation with him the previous week, and when he saw the sign, he pointed at it and gave me a huge thumbs up and smile from the ring. About 7 months later, I brought the sign to a different live show and a friend of mine talked him into giving me a kiss on the cheek while I was holding the sign. The picture still cracks me up.

  6. I'm allergic to peanuts and gluten, but luckily my son doesn't have to worry about that. It's made life a pain.

  7. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Except Tom Bergeron. I can't stand him.

  8. I have a 20 year old goldfish in my bedroom. I won him at a carnival when I was little. His name is Mr. Peepers, and no one expected him to live more than a couple days. I will be seriously crushed when he finally dies. He can't talk back to me or cuddle with me, but he's been an emotional rock during tough times.

    TL;DR Odd numbered paragraphs have only true statements, even numbered paragraphs have only false (or mostly false) statements.

    Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Karma level?

    Thanks for the contest!
u/revmamacrystal · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love them. Not sure how to prove by this link that it's been up for a while unless you go to my main amazon wishlist.

u/purebredginger · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your item!

My item!!

I love kevin!!

u/jcwitte · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Yup. I have "Our Endless Numbered Days" and it sounds fantastic. It was only $11 new on Amazon when I bought it. Couldn't pass it up.

Just checked. Still is!

u/w33z312 · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals

This US Version has a terrible amount of surface pops and crackle.

Amazon France has a different version for about $20 shipped. I ordered mine on the 23rd of this month and should be getting it today. I can report back if anyone's interested.

u/axe1509 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

James Bay Vinyl

Hopefully that link works, I think this is where she bought it from.

u/jasonzx · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Found the album to purchase on but no download :/

u/Metcarfre · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

What I've been musing is collecting some of the albums I loved in my youth like this and this plus all time classics like this and this. So, not exactly cheap.

u/DejaDoink · 2 pointsr/firefly

Yes, and it's amazing! (just like the show)
It's on iTunes for $10, but for 25 songs it's not too unreasonable.
It's also on Amazon for a little less.

u/WolfmeetsMoon · 2 pointsr/listentothis
  1. The physical copy is a bit pricey but it's worth it. If you can't get hold of it, let me know.

    (sorry for crap formatting)
u/Jenwith1N · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That shirt is hard to miss on the cover :P. I looked it up on amazon. Lol

u/raddit-bot · 1 pointr/indie

| | |
|name|Sufjan Stevens|
|about artist|Sufjan Stevens (pronounced "SOOF-yahn"; born July 1, 1975) is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Petoskey, Michigan. He is known for his lyrically focused and instrumentally rich songs that often relate to faith and family. He has enjoyed wide critical success in the United States. He is considered part of the folk revival through indie pop, but his influences are very broad, including experimental electronic music, the jazz of Vince Guaraldi, and the academic minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. ([more on]( Stevens))|
|album|Illinois, released Jul 2005|
|about track|The lyrics of "Chicago" are a particularly striking aspect of the song, in Pitchfork's review of the album Illinois it was said that "[the song] "Chicago" cagily celebrates the innate (and deeply American) tendency to employ highways as escape routes, ditching old mistakes for new swatches of land, new plates of eggs, new parking lots."|
|images|album image, artist image|
|links|lyrics, wikipedia, allmusic, discogs, secondhandsongs, official homepage, myspace, facebook, track on amazon, album on amazon|
|tags|folk, singersongwriter|
|similar|The Welcome Wagon, DM Stith, Rosie Thomas, St. Vincent, Owen Pallett|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 1,570,539, lastfm plays: 91,045,903, youtube plays: 230,331, score: 26.25|

Please downvote this comment if this data is incorrect!
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u/PUTTHECOKEONMYDICK · 1 pointr/VinylCollectors

Artist | Album | Price (with shipping)
The Antlers | Hospice | $18
Brand New| The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (White) |
Bright Eyes | Digital Ash in a Digital Urn (sleeve has minor wears around, but record in pristine condition) | $15
Bright Eyes | Every Day and Every Night | $15
Bright Eyes | Letting Off the Happiness | $17
Broken Social Scene | You Forgot It In People | $19
Childish Gambino | Camp |
City and Colour | Bring Me Your Love |
Crash of the Rhinos | Knots | $19
Death Cab For Cutie | Plans | $25
Death Cab For Cutie | Transatlanticism | $30
Foxing | The Albatross (Grey with Red Splatter) (out of stock) | $18
Explosions in the Sky | All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone | $21
Explosions in the Sky | The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place | $15
Explosions in the Sky | Take Care, Take Care, Take Care | $25
From Indian Lakes | Able Bodies (Grey) (out of stock) | $18
Iron & Wine| Our Endless Numbered Days |$16
John Mayer | Continuum | $20
Local Natives | Gorilla Manor |
Local Natives | Hummingbird Deluxe Edition | $25
Manchester Orchestra | I'm Like A Virgin Losing a Child |
Modest Mouse | The Moon and Antarctica | $22
Owen | At Home With | $13
Owen | L'ami Du Peuple | $15
Owen | New Leaves | $15
Owen | Owen | $14
Sufjan Stevens | Greetings from Michigan | $18
Sufjan Stevens | Illinois | $18
Sufjan Stevens | Seven Swans | $17

90% of these were cheaper (some even $10 cheaper) *BRAND NEW including shipping from Amazon. This is not a deal at all, this dude is severely ripping you off and profiting.

/u/watchinglightning and /u/deadbodydisco just look over this list and see what I'm saying. Also, when you purchase from Amazon Smile, it donates to a charity of your choice.

u/Morefunnorule · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

i study to this album and relax to this album. i just love it cover to cover

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

:D Congrats!! Really? That long? I'd love this CD if I win.

u/Carlyweena · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Howdy, hmmm I have to say We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by the one and only Tay Tay. (taylor swift) please don't tell anyone! lol

Civil Wars: Barton Hollow CD


u/Puzzlecuts · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/NekoStar · 1 pointr/videos

Not as powerful without seeing everyone do various duties on the ship.

However, still awesome minimizing the tab. :3
For anyone interested, try this album: Rogue's Gallery I have had it for years and love the crap out of it.

Not saying you gotta get it from amazon, and not saying you CAN'T get it like... well like a pirate! (See what I did there?) but get it nonetheless.

u/captain_slack · 1 pointr/bobdylan

Closest thing you'll find to Dylan is Woody Guthrie. And even that's not entirely accurate. I'd recommend this album. Bob is in a class by himself.

However, if you're feeling that "great songwriter who can't sing a lick" vibe, I'd second the recommendations of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Townes Van Zant. (I think all those albums are on Spotify, BTW.)

u/graffiti81 · 1 pointr/Music

Another oddball country-esque album is Greg Graffin's Cold as the Clay. It's weird to hear the frontman for Bad Religion singing old time gospel.

u/capgunfunk · 1 pointr/Music

Absolutely the I'm Not There soundtrack. A phenomenal array of artists doing Bob Dylan covers. Even if you don't like Dylan, you should be able to appreciate and enjoy this soundtrack. Seriously. Go listen to it.

u/eileensariot · 1 pointr/Wishlist

I'm not sure what I want to add to the list, but I really like the sound of it. Books & movies & music. Maybe like.. Fear. :) haha. Or Simon & Garfunkel.. I'm gonna need to go get myself that vinyl actually.

SPEAKING OF, thanks for the vinyl from you!! (in advance.)

u/caitlinwoodward · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Also, listen to Haunted by Poe, Mark's sister. The album was written sort of in conjunction with the book.

Amazon link. You'll recognize some of the track titles from the book. It's a creepy album.