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u/ronito · 3 pointsr/classicalguitar

I was, of course, being sarcastic.

I'm there with you. I think this is a bad decision that only succeeds in people patting themselves as they take the classical guitar to an ivory tower to fawn over.

It's stupid.

We're not the piano, or violin. Hell, we're not even the Cello. We don't have an immense repetoire written by hugely talented composers. Like I said earlier the classical guitar does not have the repetoire nor the following to be snobby about what they play or talk about.

Don't agree with me? Look at all the important guitarists out there. After recording the "staples" eventually they all went to non-traditional classical guitar music.

Look at LAGQ, they're essentially the perfect example of this. They did about 3 or 4 albums of classical music but then the rest of their stuff is non-traditional like this:

Christopher Parkening did a few cds of church music

Barrueco did the beatles:

Sharon Isbin, chair of the guitar department at Juliard which by rights should be all about the Ivory Tower has several recordings of non-traditional classical music

Even beloved John Williams would not be up for posting under these rules

In essence nearly every important classical guitarist would come here and be told to go somewhere else. I guess this reddit knows more about classical guitar than these guys and girls.

u/heavysteve · 3 pointsr/Music

Alot of it was done by Alison Krauss' backing band. Check her out, especially the album she does with Robert Plant, its rad. Some others off the Top of my head would be Old Crow Medicine Show, or this compilation album There is No Eye which is absolutely phenomenal.

u/nufandan · 3 pointsr/baseball
u/kickinthefunk · 3 pointsr/mormon

These might be better "mormon-specific" ideas. If your friend is into more classic music, this rearrangement of Mormon hymns was really refreshing:

If your friend is into more contemporary music, and likes more "indie" or pop music, I've really enjoyed this more modern re-interpretation of hymns: "The Lower Lights" - lds and gospel hymns with a indie sound (see here:

u/TheSlyPig04 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One of my favorite songs on this CD - [Summertime] (

Thanks for the contest, and Summertime and the livin' is easy

Me at the ocean.

u/raddit-bot · 2 pointsr/listentothis

| | |
|name|The Bear|
|about artist|The Bear is a dreamy folk/pop-rock/indie band from the Shoals area of Alabama. The Bear is the brainchild of husband and wife singer/songwriters Louisa Murray and Nathan Pitts. Based in the Shoals area of North Alabama, the couple began The Bear as a duo, but gradually added an ensemble of multi-instrumentalists. Kyle Minckler, Ben Stedman, Daniel Stoddard, and Ben Tanner accompany Murray and Pitts, rotating on drums, upright and electric basses, guitar, pedal steel, banjo, ukulele, flute, and a variety of keyboards and percussion instruments. ([more on]( Bear))|
|album|Overseas then Under|
|track|He's Not Mine|
|images|album image, artist image|
|links|album on amazon|
|tags|folk, americana, alabama, pop|
|similar|belle adair, Bohannons, Some Dark Holler, Through the Sparks, Kent Goolsby|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 942, lastfm plays: 6,289, youtube plays: 1,611, score: 6|

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u/piejeff · 1 pointr/Music

The Great 1955 Shrine Concert...

Some of that early Sam Cooke shit.

u/DaaraJ · 1 pointr/folk

Songs of the Civil War is worth checking out. Essentially the soundtrack for Ken Burns' Civil War documentary.

u/ErichUberSonic · 1 pointr/community

It's called Ashokan Farewell- I think I got the version of this CD -