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u/DoctorVenkman · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Sigur Ros' Ágætis Byrjun is excellent, along with the soundtrack to The Fountain.

u/Corix · 4 pointsr/AskReddit
u/JD_91 · 4 pointsr/funny

Oh my. I cant believe this, nostalgia overload!!
I clicked on the link and it was like I was back again, sitting in class sneaking a read through the fantasy land of Mossflower woods with the gallant hares and the crazy otters through the sunlit woods and swamplands, to the crashing shores of Salamandastron where the drinking songs float through the air of long ago battles. These books seriously made my childhood. Growing up in dreary, rainy old Lancashire they opened my mind up to the imaginary and the fantasy like never before. I wonder how I would have turned out now without them. I remember the Pearls of Lutra was one of the first true novels I ever read and this series was what really got me into reading

It makes me so unbelievably sad that Brian is gone. It was always my dream to meet him and talk to the man behind my late childhood.
Once more for Redwall!!!!


"It is a full length CD (43:52) with 10 tracks in a blend of large scale orchestrations, choir, and ambient electronic music. Each track represents a place, character, or event that is in most of the typical Redwall books with the intention to be a sort of imaginary soundtrack complementing the books. The music ranges from peaceful, happy, exciting and adventurous to sorrowful, dangerous, and downright evil."

u/hlep · 3 pointsr/circlebroke

the album which is called () which the song "Untitled 6" is from is a concept album where neither the tracks or album itself has a real title, and the booklet that comes with is blank, and the idea is for the listener to interpet the songs for themself.

The language is what the band refers to as Hopelandish, which is a made up language.

But I could recommend pretty much any album of Sigur Ros, also lead singer Jónsi Birgisson's solo album is really good.

Both albums are avaible on Spotify as well.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woo, congrats! I'm always terrified of presentations.
The best one I ever did was a synopsis of Act I of MacBeth in my 11th grade English class. I was the only one that was actually prepared. It felt pretty awesome. :3

Know what else is awesome? Tulips ...

And CDs.

u/A_Polite_Noise · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

They are one of my favorite groups to put on for traveling; this (Untitled album, though amazon has it as self-titled, and I've also seen it referred to as "Open Brackets, Close Brackets" because that's what is on it in place of a title; a pair of brackets: "[ ]") is my favorite album of theirs; which one did you get? I posted an amazon link because the album does have a

u/interface2x · 2 pointsr/depechemode

Totally agree. It sounds nothing like him to me. I’ve been online friends with Brian (Color Theory) for almost 20 years so I remember when he first recorded it. He once got into an argument with someone online who said that they were “100% sure” that it’s Martin singing this track. He couldn’t get it through this guy’s head that it was HIM.

You can also find the track on Color Theory’s album [Life’s Fairytale] (

u/raddit-bot · 2 pointsr/listentothis

| | |
|name|Das Pop|
|about artist|Das Pop is a band founded in 1998 in the Belgian town of Ghent by schoolfriends Reinhard Vanbergen, Niek Meul and Bent Van Looy. They were initially called Things to Come, but changed later their name to Das Pop. They have a considerable fanbase in Europe. In 2007 the line-up evolved with the addition of drummer Matt Eccles, a 23 year old from New Zealand. Shortly after Eccles joined the band they played a showcase at Manchester's In The City music industry conference and were then signed by Sony BMG imprint Ugly Truth Records. ([more on]( Pop))|
|album|Das Pop, released Nov 2008|
|track|Never Get Enough|
|images|album image, artist image|
|links|mp3 on amazon, album on amazon|
|similar|Daan, The Van Jets, School Is Cool, A Brand, Arsenal|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 107,302, lastfm plays: 1,191,056, youtube plays: 658,628, score: 9|

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u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price History

u/TheMenk · 1 pointr/vinyl

Anyone buy the new
The Very Best of Enya album?
I got the Shepherd Moons repress last Christmas, and it was okay in quality. Wondering how the compilation compares.

u/Brian4t7 · 1 pointr/PlanetCoaster

This build really doesn't serve much of a purpose, other than simply to be. It's great to just pick a spot and watch the day drift by.

For best effect, disable GUI sound effects.

If you're looking for ambient soundtracks for your parks and feel like dropping a few dollars here and there, you can pick up some albums by Dan Gibson on Amazon.

The purely ambient albums are ones like...
Solitudes: Volume 1,
Woodland Rain, and
Songbirds by the Stream

There's also a myriad of albums that have music combined with ambient tracks; both types are great for stress relief.

u/Rockman-X · 1 pointr/pinkfloyd

Here, unless you are REALLY against physical copies.

u/Rang_Dipkin · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I've been listening to this sleep hypnosis mp3 for a week now, it's only 20 mins and I have yet to make it through the entire thing without falling asleep:

u/gkanai · 1 pointr/podcasts

Not a podcast, but I can recommend this for $.99

Gentle Rain

u/Instantflip · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

I used this by getting it off Itunes. It is helpful in slowing down the brainmix.

u/UniqueMumbles · 1 pointr/Music

I have a stressful job. I want lyrics that actually make me think about things (and that don't just sound deep - I'm looking at you Rush) so when i camp or use the telescope I want the soundtrack to The Descendants, anything from early Silly Wizard, early Clannad, Christian Kane (Leverage,The Librarians), Kim Boekbinder, I Am The Morning, Marie Souix, any of Gary Stadler or all of Jon ten Broek. Oh, and Bruddah Iz to cap the night off.